Frustrations- Amazon Games 1

by: Xenaslaves

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It was the hottest day of the summer, when I found myself overwhelmed with sexual fantasies about my best friend. It all happened so naturally that there wasn't enough time to be shocked. It was a day when my sexual energy was out of control and needed a release. A release that only a certain warrior princess could fulfill.
It had taken me months to adjust to my new title as Queen and to understand the responsibility that came with it. It was the last dinner before the ceremony and I sat in my usual spot at the head of the table. It was an evening of celebration for the union of my Regent and the tribe healer. Xena and I had arrived two weeks prior to help with the preparations.
To my right sat my "protector," formally known as the warrior princess. Beside her sat Ephiny, the Regent of the Amazons and Sarina, my tribe's healer. To my left sat my cherished guard Shae and her lover Kris.
Through the middle of the celebration our attention was drawn to the stranger who walked through the door. They all stood up, wary of the intruder's motives and ready to protect me. I remained seated, and locked eyes with the green-eyed stranger.
"Queen Gabrielle I assume?" The warrior spoke in a stern voice.
Before I had a chance to respond, my protector answered for me. This somewhat bothered me. I didn't appreciate it when she treated me like a child in front of my Amazons. I was now a leader of a nation, and deserved to be treated accordingly. I made a mental note to talk to her about this later.
Xena's eyebrow raised giving her that intimidating, yet adorable look.
"Why do you ask stranger?"
Her firm voice matched perfectly with the mystery woman's. I lowered my eyes, taking in the sight of this gorgeous stranger. Her jet-black hair extended to the middle of her back and she was quite slim, yet muscular, wearing tight leather pants and a leather strap that covered her luscious breasts. Her black boots were impressive, reaching up to her knees giving her a dominating look.
"My name is Cyrin, Queen of the eastern village." She half smiled crossing her arms to her chest.
"I'm here for the joining of your Regent."
Before any further questions couldn't be asked of this royal stranger, two women resembling Xena's build walked up to take a place beside her. Cyrin looked over and smiled at the woman to her right. " This is Clara... my Regent and protector." Clara nodded, a stern warrior expression kept upon her face. She was a bit shorter than Cyrin, but not by much. She was a beautiful woman with long brown hair and green eyes. We all took a deep breath after seeing her professional poise and demeanor.
Cyrin looked over to the woman on her left.
" And this is Marina, my royal guard. "
Marina smiled briefly then returned to her serious demeanor. The woman was taller then me, with shoulder length black hair, and dashing blue eyes. She was wearing a leather warrior top that covered only her breasts, revealing her toned muscular waist. Her leather pants fit tight and snug against her body allowing the shape of her curves to be shown clearly.
I realized the conversation was solely directed towards Xena. I can't recall what the conversation was about, but it was intriguing enough to catch our attentions. All eyes remained fixed on the three beautiful women, and their attention on *my* warrior princess.
"May we join you for dinner?" Cyrin asked in a lower tone.
Xena turned to look towards me for approval as did my Regent. I nodded my head, presenting my hand to the empty seats. She smiled back at me and moved to take her place. Clara and Marina remained standing, although seats were available. It wasn't until Cyrin patted her hands on the chair that they simultaneously fell to their knees beside her. Interesting it was, but I thanked my Regent silently that we weren't treated as so. It was obvious this tribe worked differently than ours, based on a different code of respect then we were use to. Our tribal codes didn't include having Shae and Xena bow down to me whenever I asked. However, the thought of having Xena under this control did kind of excite me. It launched my mind into a whole new world of fantasy.

If I had this control, I would order the Amazons to clear the table, and place the lighted candles near my seat. I would look over to Xena and ask her to stand before me, and she'd comply. Standing up from her chair, she'd turn to face me. Our eyes would briefly meet before the next order was given. She would express no hesitation in her behavior, showing she completely trusted me to protect her.
Her eyes would remain locked onto mine, ignoring the observing Amazons in the room. I would tell her that I'd have to punish her. Punish her for her disobedience when she answered for me earlier. I would tell her how much I'd enjoy teasing her, driving her over the edge. She would remain serious, but it was obvious she was tempted by my words. With the palm of my hand I'd pat the end of the table, then advise her to sit. When she was directly in front of me, I'd glide a lingering finger over her armored covered breast. With a gaze to my right, I'd let Kris know I wanted it removed, without ever saying a word. My eyes would tell the Amazon what I wanted, and she would understand.
Moments later, Xena would have her slightly flushed breasts exposed to my gaze, and her nipples would harden in response to my own desirous glare upon them. I'd pat her shoulder and tell her to lie down. She would ease her body back to lie flat on the wooden table facing up. She'd remain quiet, despite her raging desire, as I thought of ways to punish her. She'd battle her own nature to control, so as to become completely submissive to me, and I would become extremely wet.
My mind would race into different ways to discipline her making her completely mine. Show her the devotion I have for her willingness to give herself to me in such a way. I would see the wondrous struggle going on within her. Gods!! can I even make it to the summation of my passionate daydreaming, I'd have to wonder. Taking a shaking breath, I would continue.
I'd raise my right arm and once again Kris would be the one to carry out my unspoken order. She would grab Xena's wrists to secure them to the table. She'd know from prior experience to hold her tightly while Sarina grabbed the other wrist. Xena's natural instinct would come to bear, but my eyes would hold hers and she would inhale her own shaky breath as she released the strength that was hers to call upon when needed. Her mind would force her limbs to relax, show them who was in control. I would grit my teeth, trying to maintain, my passions rising higher each time she'd submit. I would have to struggle from that moment on, for I'd see that wry smirk pull at the corners of her mouth. Not apparent enough for anyone to see but me. She was satisfied with some secret knowledge, that I was yet unaware of. My mind would race to determine the meaning, but I could not let it deter me from her punishment. Once my warrior's upper body was secured, I'd raise my left hand and Shae and Ephiny would take hold of her ankles, pulling them apart. I would smile down at her, and see that lustful face she alone could make. The beads of sweat running down her forehead would express to me how much she wanted this. Yet it would show me the strain my warrior Princess was under to suppress her controlling nature. Gods! I'd feel lightheaded at the thought of that fierce struggle taking place right in front of me, because of me.
Her eyes would be so beautiful as she stared me down with seductive expressions. She wouldn't dare break contact, for she knows the game stops if she looks away. I would bend over the table and lift the skirt that usually shields her muscular thighs. I would play with her, use my tongue to protect her from the cold breeze. I'd feel the reflexive response of her hidden peak as my tongue teased it. The warmth of her skin would be enough to fill the room, and I'd know she was ready to play. She wanted this...Gods how she wanted this.

I'd reach down for the candles left by my seat and grab my favorite one. A candle used regularly in common rituals. I'd take it, and place it above her waist. She'd close her eyes and let out an intriguing moan, which would excite us all. We'd all take the same breath, for our arousal would match hers. As I'd trail the candle along muscular legs, the wax would fall in its usual way upon her skin, and she'd react. She'd arch her back, pushing her breasts towards the heavens. She'd show no signs of struggle, her only struggle would be to keep imprisoned her raging need to control. My eyes would continue to be the sentinel that held her. She'd have mixed feelings about being held down by my women, my Amazons, knowing she could escape if she wanted to, but she'd play. Play the game of allowing me to capture her control, with the knowledge that she can have it back if she complies.
She'd like the warmth of the flame against her tight leathers. The rush it would bring her as the heat lowered to find her flesh. I'd feel her test her restraints as the wax slid down her inner thighs, and she'd jerk. Gods how I'd want to take her right there and then, but I wouldn't. I couldn't. I would not spoil the game. So for now, it would only be a game of sensations. A test to see how good of a girl she could be. I'd ask her what she wanted from me and she'd moan. A moan extracted as the wax melted against her skin. She'd start to slightly squirm and tilt her head back, close her eyes. Just the sight of her would make my own desires apparent. I'd ask her once more what she wanted from me, but she'd mutter a reply as my hand slid up her right thigh. I'd softly chuckle, loving the response I was getting from her. I'd think to myself... How much torture could she take? She'd lie there, struggling for patience, awaiting my next move. I'd locked eyes with her as my face moved closer to the apex of her thighs. She would thrust her hips hoping to reach me sooner, and I'd comply. My lips would find the soft flesh of her inner thighs, taking in the sweetness of her skin. Her body would tremble and her plea to satisfy her would become louder. She'd whisper how much she wanted to feel me deep within her, my thumb on her swelled sex. "Do you now?" I'd smile down, teasing her center with my palm.

My fingers would move over the breeches and enter her wet center. I'd feel the warmth within her inner walls. The warmth that would drive me into a frenzy like no other. I would slowly penetrate her, first with one finger only to tease her. She'd have to beg me to add another. I'd order my women to hold her tightly as I played my game with her. She'd have to call me her Queen... her protector. Then and only then would I allow her to release around my fingers. "Do you like this?" I'd ask her as I entered her with two more fingers. "YES...Gods, Gabrielle YES!"
I'd feel her tense, squeezing my fingers with her muscles. "Wrong answer Xena."
I'd withdraw my fingers and start to move away. When suddenly she'd break free and wrap her long legs around my waist. She'd remain held by her wrists, knowing that I enjoyed her restrained.
"Please.... don't leave "
She'd beg me, with an extreme look of need I couldn't resist. " Relax Xena..."
I'd forcefully push her back on the table and I'd quickly join her by straddling her lower hips. Then I'd move to kneel between her legs and continue with my penetration. "How much do you want this Xena?" My fingers would enter her roughly and she'd scream up at me.
"I need this..I want this...I want you!"
I'd smile down at her, as I felt the tightness of her center capture my fingers.
"You need release?" I'd tease her, slowing my pace within her. "Please Gabrielle!"
My left hand would reach up to grab her face, and our eyes would meet. I'd continued to play with her inner walls, stopping just before she climaxed to ask her the same question.
We would play until she understood what I needed from her. I'd want her to cum, soaking my fingers with her release as she called me her Queen!! I heard the sound of my name as Ephiny called me out of my daydream and back to the meeting. I was a bit embarrassed for spacing off the way I had.

"Yes Ephiny?" The Regent just smiled, returning her attention to the food. "Nevermind." She said, noticing my flushed cheeks.
I looked over to Xena and saw a smirk pulling at the corners of my own mouth as her brows knitted slightly questioning my strange expression. I licked my lips ever so discreetly, making my warrior blink in surprise, before joining the others in the conversation.

A few candlemarks later we regrouped by the training grounds. There was an obvious tension in the air, perhaps from nerves, but probably from our new guests. I took my seat on the stage area, next to my equal who had already taken her place. As usual her protectors took their positions on the ground beside her. All I could do was look over and wonder what kind of relationship they truly had. What else did Cyrin have them do behind closed doors? I found myself raising an eyebrow, a habit adopted from my warrior princess and smiled. I bit my lower lip and looked away to concentrate on the sparring taking place in front of us.

Xena and Shae were fighting next. Something I never missed, because I loved watching them fight. Maybe it was the way they looked at each other as the swords struck. The orgasmic expressions that presented themselves as one defeated the other. Maybe it was the sweat that rushed down strong biceps that made my insides melt into nothing. My body would react as if I was having small orgasms. My knees would become weak, my heart sped, and I'd feel the trail of excitement run down my thigh. I know I wasn't the only one that felt this way. During every fight I'd look around and find the lust driven expressions across the bystander's faces. I'd feel the privilege in knowing I could have both if I wanted. Or was it just wishful thinking? Only the Gods knew.
I should have realized earlier that it wasn't the thrill of the fight that made my breeches wet, and my nipples hard, but the unconscious want to have them sweat all over me. Have them take me to the ground and use my body in whatever way they wished. I would give them that victory of a battle, after they made me climax all over their bodies. The taste of me would have them worked up all week, and no opponent would escape them unconquered.

"Gabrielle?" I turned my attention over to the Queen beside me.
Cyrin half smiled, aware that I was drifting off once again. I had a feeling she knew where my mind had been. But then again, how could she miss it, my face felt hot, and it wasn't from the air. She brushed the strands of hair from her face.
" You and Xena..."
Her eyebrows raised into a questioning expression, and I remained innocent as ever. I quietly whispered back to her.
" What about us?"
My curiosity was high and I worried what she would say in front of her guards. I kept my cool and watched as she got the courage to ask me.
"Will you and Xena be joining anytime soon?"
I know my mouth dropped at the questioning and my cheeks became even more flushed. I could feel my temperature instantly rise, and my body began to shake.
"I think you two would make a great team."

Oh yes... I knew we would...but I wondered why Cyrin would say such a thing.
My head shifted over to Xena who had Shae pinned down to the ground. Her skirt was raised to reveal her developed thighs and muscular legs. Her body was tensed up into fighting stance, making my mouth water with want. I wanted to step down off my pedestal and rush over to her. I'd help her with the pinning of my Amazon as she struggled beneath us. Then I'd take my warrior's lips within my own. I'd kiss her passionately, feeling the thrill of restricting Shae from any movement.
I'd play with her tongue, then progress to her neck, and all the observing eyes would watch us. They'd be shocked that Shae had stopped struggling as I played with my warrior lover. All would know to leave us alone, dreading the wrath of my princess if they didn't.
We'd look at each other with lustful eyes, excited that we had Shae under this control. I'd be on my knees beside her, holding my Amazon's hands down while Xena held down her legs. My warrior would quickly straddle my Amazons hips, making Shae moan from the sensation of having Xena control her. I'd shift my attention and look over to Shae. She would look up at me, "What are you doing Gabrielle?" Her voice would be so seductive that my insides would start to stir. I would just smile, and enhance the pressure on her wrists.
"Call me your Queen Amazon!"
She would involuntarily close her eyes, due to the sudden impulse that raced up her spine. This would cause her to inhale sharply, obviously she would be extremely turned on from our game. "Yes my Queen."
I'd hear the submission and the heat between my thighs would intensify. I'd talk to her as I readjusted my body, "I'm letting your hands go Shae...Don't fight me."
I could see she understood my meaning immediately. The desire burning within her soul matched Xena and I. Her breathing would rapidly become more erratic for many reasons, the excitement, the fear, the utter need. A need that sent miniature shivers racing through her. With our eyes locked I would use my power as Queen in an order.
"Do not struggle...understand?"
She'd nod her head yes, practically drooling with want for me. I'd quickly straddle her chest, facing my warrior. Shae's hands would reach up to pull me closer into her. My lips would connect with my warrior's, as hands massaged my breasts and Xena kissed me. Xena would pinch my nipples through the thin fabric and I'd become extremely frustrated. Her hands would slowly begin to undo my short top. Once open she'd slide it off my shoulders to reveal my firm breasts to all that watched. She'd grab them, immediately protecting them from the observing eyes. I'd toss my head back and moan from the pleasure of feeling her skilled fingers against my skin. Then she'd push me back until my center straddled Shae's face.
All three of us would moan from the implications of what we were doing. Xena's arousal was obvious through her eyes. She wanted to see me satisfied by the lips of another woman. She wanted to see me cum with another with my eyes locked into hers. Shae's mouth would lunge up to press against my wet breeches. I'd almost overload on sensations. Xena would move to kneel between the Amazon's legs as I watched. My mind burning with intriguing interest and desire. I'd want to see her please another. I'd want to watch her bring my Amazon to a drenching release. I'd want to see her cum all over her face and fingers.
My hips would begin to rock against the lapping motion of Shae's tongue. My hands would rest on my Amazon's waist and I'd reach over to kiss my lover's lips. Her blue eyes would look up at me, momentarily ignoring Shae's sex as she kissed me. Then I'd tear away and watch as Xena entered her. And I'd feel Shae's speed against my sex intensify.
"Faster Shae... Faster."
I would look down and see how forceful Xena would be penetrating Shae and moan. I'd only wish she would do this to me as Shae worked her glorious tongue. I'd watch my warrior penetrate, thrusting with abandon into Shae's overflowing wetness. All the while my Amazon's lips would be working magic as they sucked against my sweet sex, her fingers teasing my warm entrance. Her tongue would drive me crazy, as Xena's hand massaged and scratched her inner thighs. This would be a perfect team effort, that all would watch. Watch as my lover's fingers hid within Shae's tight walls. Watch as Shae thrust and rocked her self into Xena's hands. All three of us would lose control. The moans would instantly increase, and Shae… well Shae would begin to plead. Her frustration would be obvious to me by the amount of force she'd use on my throbbing sex. I'd be at a point of no return. My sex would feel as if Shae was trying to swallow it, as to enjoy it from within. My insides would begin to melt into nothing and suddenly Xena would grab me by the hair, and pull me up to her. "Cum for me Gabrielle!" Her voice nearly a growled command. My excitement now charged further from the way that tone rung in my ears. An audible gasp escaped my trembling lips.
I'd hold her tightly by the back of the neck, staring straight into her eyes. As my quick yet powerful climax eclipsed me. I'd release all over my Amazon's face.
Shae would hear my tremendous orgasm and her mouth would instantaneously cover my center completely as she tasted me with her hungry, aggressive, sucking and licking, thereby forcing my orgasm to extend longer than I expected. My body locked in blissful release as my senses were allowed to overload. Shae's own excitement could not be hidden any longer, and she'd suddenly treat us with one of her own body coiling orgasms, screaming the names of our goddess'. The end of her climax would be the sound of my name upon her cream covered lips. Sweet Aphrodite it would be marvelous!

Finally when I realized I had spaced off again, I quickly regrouped and came back to the situation at hand. I was a bit flustered and severely wet.
I knew Cyrin was waiting for an answer and returned my attention to her. I calmly lowered my eyes to the ground where it would be safe and answered. Answered the question that I wished I had a better answer for.
"Someday... Xena and I still have to discuss it." I heard Cyrin take a deep breath as I looked up at her and said, " Why do you ask?"
The dark hair woman with those dashing green eyes smirked over at me.
" No reason..." was all she said to drive me into an angry mood. I decided not to play into the games and returned my gaze to my warrior. A gaze that remained on her through most of the fight, but found it's way over to Cyrin several times. I was wetter than usual and questioned the odd response. Was it Cyrin that caused this? Or the train of thought she had placed me in. My insides ached for release, and it would be a while until I could go back to the hut and satisfy myself. I guess I would suffer for now.

Once the match was complete, Shae and Xena sat on the dirt field. They were both filthy and sweaty, yet seemed so attractive to me. Ok, at this point I knew something was really happening to my mind, and the funny part was I enjoyed it.

My concentration was broken when I heard Cyrin talking quietly to her guards. I couldn't make out what was being said but moments later they rose and walked off towards the Queen's hut. I watched as they descended on their military-like marching, and softly chuckled to myself.
In the meantime Xena and Shae had rose and were closely chatting. Their faces were only inches apart, which was exciting, yet irritating. Then Ephiny appeared beside me, breaking my obvious stare. My biggest mistake was losing contact with Xena as I looked up to catch the Regent's eyes. Cyrin stood and sped away. I watched as she crossed through the training area. There was arrogance about her as she took those long strides. Her body was an object of perfection, if only she didn't have that attitude. She had a personality that tried to intimidate me, one that left me wondering what she really wanted from this trip.
We all watched as she descended into the woods, alone. This struck me as odd and I questioned my Regent. She advised me Cyrin had asked to be left alone, and that her guards were sitting in the hut.
"What? Why would she ask to be alone?" Ephiny smiled. " Seems to me Cyrin has quite a liking to Xena."
This sent me into sudden panic that struck like a wave, a slap across the face.
" Where's Xena?" I immediately stood, inches away from my Regent's face. Ephiny placed her hand over my shoulder and took a step back.
" Don't know... Wasn't she with Shae?"
I didn't answer her, instead I rushed over to my royal guard and Ephiny followed. Shae was on her knees re adjusting her leather boots when I surprised her. She turned, lost her balance, and fell back onto her bottom before looking up at me.
"Yes Gabrielle?"
It was obvious I was furious with no reason to be found.
"Where's Xena?"
I tried to calm myself, worried about what the others might think.
Shae looked around confused yet complied with my weird questioning. She looked over towards the trees.
"Xena went for a swim. She was going to tell you but... "
I took off towards that direction, disregarding any and all looks given by the gathering bystanders. I was clear across the training area and entering the trees when Kris stopped me. " My Queen... "
Her hand was placed in front of her, a nervous grin across her face. Kris was definitely a good looking woman with charm that could manipulate anyone.
" I need your help with Natalie. She's feeling ill, and I'm afraid Sarina is tied up at the moment."
Tied up at the moment? I thought silently. Images of the healer tied up in the queen's quarters overtook me. This was really not helping my present condition. But my mind entered into yet another day dream.

I would walk in to find Sarina in shackles against the wall. She would look so helpless and vulnerable, making her intensely attractive to me. Her wrists would be swollen from her constant struggling and yanking. She would seem to struggle harder when she saw me watching her. It was like Ephiny had left her tied up on purpose so that I would find her, play with her how I pleased. Her face would be slightly flushed, expressing to me how much she wanted to be ravished by me. I'd raise an eyebrow and smile before trailing my eyes down her body. I'd admire her voluptuous breasts and see her apparent excitement. She liked that I was watching her. I too would feel the excitement as I imaged the sensation of her hard nipple in my mouth. Moans deep in her throat would be my motivator, as I imagined my teeth biting ever so slightly into the captured peak. A shiver would run through her as she'd push her chest out further, offering more, wanting more. I'd realize the warm feeling between my legs instantly increase. She'd struggle in her restraints silently pleading for me to touch her. I'd ignore her actions and trail my eyes down her muscular waist, perfectly cut like a warrior's body. I'd feel the want to run my nails across defined curves and leave my marks against her skin. Her waist would lead into firm hips and my eyes would focus on her sacred treasure. She'd be so wet with excitement that I'd see it dripping down open thighs. My insides would instantly melt into their own frustrations. I'd fantasize about all I could do with her body.

Then I'd hear my lover's voice behind me. I'd feel mighty arms wrap tightly around me and feel her teeth skillfully sink into my neck. Then she'd ask me, "What do you plan to do with her?"
In a low tone of voice, an almost seductive one, I'd reply, "Anything you want."
Her wet tongue would seduce my neckline forcing me to close my eyes. My level of arousal surpassed all in the room.
"I want to play with her..." she'd whisper. I'd take a deep shaky breath as her teeth sunk in once again. "While you watch."
She'd moan into my ear from the suggestion. It would be obvious to me that her breeches would be soaked from those words alone. Before I had a chance to get into details I'd hear the footsteps of another presence in the room. "Creative idea..."
The Regent would walk past us and over to Sarina. "I'd like to watch myself."
She'd admire the graceful walk of my Regent as Xena fondled my shoulders and breasts. I'd moan as her hand lowered to grasp me on the apex of my thighs, and want more. Once
Ephiny was in front of her lover, she'd grab her face and whisper. "Be a good girl for the princess...I'll be watching."
Sarina's mouth would drop open from excitement and need. She'd be left without speech for that moment, so she would only be able to nod. Ephiny would brush her lips against her lover's nipple, leaving Sarina close to breathless. The tied Amazon would move forward to steal a kiss, but Ephiny would walk away from her. Gods it was perfect to watch how nicely my Regent teased. Ephiny would place her fingers on her lover's lips. "Patience Sarina...Patience." Was all she'd have to say to momentarily calm the Amazon. My Regent would walk over to the pallet and take her seat before patting a spot for me.
"Care to join my Queen?"
I'd turn within my lover's embrace and lock eyes. "Yes Ephiny...I will join you." Xena would move to kiss me but I'd stop her with my hand. I'd brush my palm against her cheek and watch as her excitement built. "You satisfy her well Xena... I want her to cum all over your face..." Xena would lower again in the attempt to kiss me but I'd pull away. "NO...Only if you accomplish this will I touch you. And I'll return the favor 100 times over." The lust in her eyes was tempting but I wouldn't give in to it. I'd smile up at her before softly brushing my lips to hers. "Now go...Entertain me." She'd nod her head and walk away from me. I'd turn towards the Regent and slowly make my way to her. As I walked I'd remained fixed on Sarina's seductive eyes. I would imagine what crossed her mind as I watched her. Probably seeing me tied up against the wall in order for her to play with me. Have my thighs spread open and my center wet and ready for her glorious tongue. I'd smile at the thought, and perhaps make it a reality later.
When I'd reach Ephiny I'd stand in front of her with my breasts inches from her mouth. My hands would cup her face as I lowered my head to her waiting lips. She'd remain fixed on her lover's eyes as my lips captured hers for a deepened kiss. I'd grab her hands and secure them around my waist. Whispering for her to hold me tightly, squeeze my hips. She'd comply with my request as we moaned into each other's mouth. Ephiny's hands would molest my backside and I'd intrude with my tongue down her throat. I'd feel the rush of adrenaline race through me and I'd submit to it. Without hesitation I'd straddle my Regent's hips and press my sex against hers. We'd kiss for several moments before the rocking of my hips would become faster. The sensation would be too good to stop. My sex would feel the heat engulf it as it pressed into Ephiny's center. Our moans would fill the room, satisfying the lustful eyes of the voyeurs in the room. I'd look over my shoulder to lock eyes with my warrior. "Carry on Xena."
I would say it so huskily yet firmly, that Xena would instantly respond and continue her search for toys to use. I'd lower my head to rest on Ephiny's shoulders as I continued the rocking. It felt so good, I knew I could climax if I continued. I'd allow myself the pleasure of a few more minutes while Xena prepared. "Gods Ephiny!"
She'd hold me tightly against her body, tempting me to release right there and then. However as I'd feel the climax start to overtake me I'd stop. I'd take deep breaths to calm myself and slowly move off her. I wouldn't be ready to release just yet.
But Ephiny wouldn't be ready to quite stop yet. She'd swiftly grab my thighs, tear the breeches of my body and bury her head between my legs to feel my throating sex in her mouth. I'd gasped and my knees would suddenly feel weak. My hands would suddenly wrap within my Regents hair and allowed my Regent to suck on my waiting skin. I'd hear the erotic breathing of our entertainers who also felt my Regents unexpected connection to my sex. I d suddenly pull my Regent's greedy mouth from my hard throbbing peak. My breathing erotic as well, as I tried to calm myself enough so I wouldn't release from any slight touch. This would show my Regent she was not to do that again. Ephiny would be nearly panting but her eyes would lower in understanding. I would give her head a slight push sending her back onto the pallet she once occupied. I'd then take my place next to my Regent, both of us huffing for breath to clear our lungs.
When Xena would turn we would see that she had somehow managed to compose herself long enough to choose her dagger to play with. She'd have it held in her right hand, as her other secured the whip on her belt. Interesting selection indeed. For only Xena knew how to use it well enough to make another cream their breeches when they saw her with it. She'd wickedly smile over at me, excited about her favorite toy. "Is this ok, My Queen?"
Her expression would almost leave me breathless, "Yes...nice selection Princess. Now get on with it."
She'd moan to herself excited about my impatience. She would get inches away from Sarina and become completely serious. Their eyes would lock and Xena would ask, "Do you trust me?"
Sarina would instantly nod her head yes. Her composure still lost from what her and Xena had been privileged to watch. "Do you want this?"
Sarina would gasp for a breath and reply, "yes... I need this." Xena wouldn't be able to stop her cute smirk as her excitement built. She liked having this kind of control as much as she liked trying to relinquish it for me. Xena would move inches from her face. "If you want me to stop, yell out the name of the guards... otherwise I will play how I wish... do you understand?"
We'd all wait with anticipation for the reply. Our games had certain restrictions that must be agreed on before we'd play.
"Yes I understand... please." Sarina pleaded. I'd roll my eyes, overwhelmed with stimulation as I'd watch her and Sarina kiss. I couldn't help my response, I'd raise my skirt and lower my hands to touch my sex. Ephiny would look over at me with complete surprise but I'd ignore her. My concentration would be solely on the scene in front of us.

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