Violent Content Warning: This story does contain scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Content Warning: This story does contain scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This is part 2 of my series. Please read Part 1 of "The Gang’s All Here" before reading this story. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives, I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com

The Gang’s All Here

Part 2

by: Teagen2

I awoke to see Gabby still sleeping soundly next to me. She didn’t stir in the slightest when I extracted myself from her grasp. I readjusted the blanket around her and quietly slipped out. After feeding Ares, I gave the department’s physician a call. She agreed to see Gabby later this morning. Hanging up, I quickly dialed Richie’s desk. "Rich, any word on Janet Dasson?"

"Yeah, she only suffered a flesh wound. They released her last night." I had to admit I felt frustrated upon hearing the news that Big J was fine. I wanted this bitch out of Gabby’s life. Looks like that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

"Is she pressing charges?"

"No, I don’t think so." Most people like her are wanted by us, they don’t usually want our help for anything. What’s worse is the fact they take care of their own matters. In other words, I hope Allison’s cousin lives far enough away or she’s in for trouble.

"Thanks, Rich. Bye."

As I hung up the phone, I turned to see Gabby standing in the doorway. "Hey, how ya feeling?"

"Like the floor of a taxi cab." she chuckled as she limped over to the couch and sat. Ares was immediately at her side.

"I think my dog is smitten with you." I smiled as I started my coffee maker.

"Ahhh, Who could blame him?" I smiled, at least she has her since of humor back. "I’m just so darn irresistible." She said rubbing behind his ears. I moved over the couch.

"You got that right." I said as I lowered my head for a kiss, which she humbly gave. "We have an appointment at eleven, okay?"

"Okay, can I take a shower?"

"Babe." I sat down and pulled her to me. "This is our home now. You don’t have to ask, just do it."

"Oh really?" she smirked. She moved in for the kill and latched onto my mouth. I loved it when she kissed me like this. It was forceful, but at the same time gentle. Gabby stopped abruptly and stood. "Well, time for a shower." she turned and left me speechless.

Gabby was terribly nervous as we sat in Dr. Keller’s office. Danielle Keller, or Danny for short, has been my doctor since my first follow up exam for my gun shot wound to my chest. I really liked her demeanor. Hopefully Gabby will to. "Gabrielle Taylor." Her head shot up from her hand as a nurse called her name.

"Do you want me to go in with you?"


"Okay, come on." I smiled as I helped her stand.

Gabby seemed a bit calmer as we waited for Dr. Keller. As she entered, she greeted me happily. "Hey, Zena. How are you?"

"Great. Danny this is my friend Gabby."

"Hi, nice to meet you, Gabby. So, what’s the problem?"

"Well, I tripped over this big chunk of concrete a couple of days ago and its really hurting, lately."

"Okay, scoot back against the wall for me and let me have a look see." Gabby scooted back as she was told. She gently lifted Gabby’s pant leg up to her knee. "Okay,what I can do is give you a creme to rub on your shin to help healing and I’ll give you some pain medication also. Sound good?"

"Okay." she said softly.

"Is there anything else?" she said as motioned that Gabby could get down from the table.

"Nope. Thank you."

"That’s what I’m here for. You can see the nurse at the front desk. Nice to see you again Zena." She reached and shook my hand.


As I finished with my shower, I returned to the living room in my LAPD shorts and a black tanktop. I saw Gabby on the couch, just as I had left her. With her legs on the couch, crossed at the ankles, she was commanding Ares with her hands. She extended her hand, palm down and lowered as she said. "Down." Ares immediately went down into the ‘healing’ position. "Good boy. Come here." He went to her without hesitation and got a nice rub behind the ears.

"How do you know K-9 commands?" I asked amazed.

"Hey I watch COPS." she laughed. "Its pretty cool he still knows them."

"Yeah, he’s the best." I said taking a seat on the floor and leaning against the couch.

"How come he doesn’t work anymore?"

"Well, his handler was killed in the line of duty last year. They usually retire them after

something like that. I asked the commissioner if I could take him, he said yes."


"He’s really latched onto you." I smiled, reaching out and giving him a good rub.

"He’s a good companion when your not around."

"Well, your in good paws." I laughed at my lame joke and so did Gabby. Ares gave me a ohh please look, cocking his head to the side.

"You want to take a walk?" she asked me.

"Sure, let me grab a pair of jeans."

"Look fine to me." she called after me, watching my posterior until I disappeared.

I grabbed Ares’ lead out of my hall closet and we all jumped into the jeep. Ares was a typical dog when it came to riding. He hung his head as far out as he could get it.We decided to head for the nearest park. Gabby knew they had great hot dog venders there. Ares was pretty fond of them to. No sooner than I parked, Ares jumped out of the backseat and waited patiently for Gabby and I to exit. "Come here, boy." I latched the leash to his collar and off we were. Ares has always been a very energetic dog. He trotted out in front of us as far as the leash would allow. Sometimes I’d have to plant my feet to get him to slow down. As soon as I had Ares under control, I motioned for Gabby to come closer to me. She had previously had been standing several feet away, watching with great delight as I struggled to keep Ares from dragging me through the park. As soon as she was close enough, I draped an arm around her shoulders. She smiled and I felt her hand slip into my back pocket.

We continued to walk toward the ‘no leash’ area. It was basically a big open space with plenty of grass. I unclipped the leash and produced a tennis ball from my front pocket. "Let’s see how much he does remember." I grinned. When I had his attention, I raised my hand, palm facing him. "Hold." I threw the tennis ball. He didn’t move. "Go get it, Ares." He turned and headed at full speed, retrieved the ball, and brought it back to me. "Good boy."

"Neat." Gabby smiled.

"Up for some jogging?"

"Huh?" she asked questionably.

"Just watch. Come Ares." I jogged lightly for a few seconds, with him right beside me. Signaling with my forefinger and index together in a downward motion. Ares immediately dropped to his stomach, when I dropped to my knee. When I dropped to my stomach, he dropped his head, flattening out on the ground. When I began to crawl, he crawled right beside me. "Good boy." I said standing. I reached into my pocket and gave him a treat. "What do ya think?" I asked as Gabby rejoined us.

"He’s smart." she reached down and rubbed his head.

"What about me?" I said mock whining.

"Ahhh. Do you need a treat to, Sweetie?" she said in a motherly tone. "I think I spotted one." I turned to see a man selling frozen lemonade.

"Sounds good to me."

We each got one and sat on a nearby bench, watching other park goers pass by. Ares laid lazily at our feet. "Hey, Zena."

"Umm." I said as put another spoonful into my mouth.

"Do you carry your gun when you go out?" I swallowed the contents in my mouth, wondering what brought that question.

"Sometimes. Why?"

"Just curious. I mean there’s so much about each other that we don’t know."

"Feel free to ask." I said continuing to slurp at my dessert.

"Well I do have one question."


"Who is James Walker?"

"My dad. He was a detective with the LAPD for thirty-two years. He died of a heart attack two years ago."

"I’m sorry." she said sadly. "He must have loved his job."

"Oh he did." I smiled, recalling my father’s happy demeanor, even after a trying day. "I remember when I went into the academy. He was so proud of me. He was a bit mixed in his feelings about me being a cop."


"Well, he didn’t want me to get hurt, which is understandable. Its always a possibility. I graduated number two in my class. Ryan Conner only beat me by one tenth of a point." I

laughed. "That still bothers me."

"That’s still great."

"Yeah, I know." I looked over and threw my container into the trash can five feet away. "Ahhh nothin’ but can." I smiled as it went in flawlessly. "What about you?"

"Nothin’ much on me. I did great in school. I wasn’t an Einstein or anything, but I did pretty good. When I was ten, my whole life went into the crapper. That’s when my aunt and two of her cronies started the Hell Cats. At first it wasn’t that big of a deal, until they got into drug sales and doing illegal stuff. I always was a hard ass, according to my aunt. When my sister jumped in when she was fifteen, they expected me to. Well, I wasn’t about to carry a gun and sell weed."

"So, they just said okay?"

"No." she chuckled nervously. "I was seventeen at the time. She just thought if she could just stay on me about it, I would give."

"I take it you didn’t."

"Nope, but I came close. One night Big J started beating the hell out of me, until I started fighting back. I cracked her jaw bone when I punched her. She told me I was finally ready to be in the club. I told her no and she just hit me again."

"What did she do to you?" I asked quietly, putting my arm back over her shoulders.

"My left eye was swollen shut for two days. I broke two knuckles when I punched her out, but it was worth it." she smiled.

"Good girl." I smiled.

We continued to cuddle on the bench until the daylight began to fade. "We better get back before the freaks come out." I said standing, grabbing Ares leash. Gabby stood and stepped into my personal space. Her face was mere inches from mine.

"I am the freaks." she said in low, almost scary tone. Her smile at the end took my fear away. She reached for Ares leash and took it.


"Ohhhhhh, Zena." Gabby was straddling my hips with a vengeance. Every thrust she made brought brought waves of pleasure. "I love you, Ze." she harshly whispered between her moans of pleasure. "Ohhh gods, your so wet." I squeezed her butt as she continued to rock her hips. Her palms resting on my breasts gave her the angle she needed. She meaded what was under her hands. I forced my eyes open through the intense pleasure I was experiencing. I felt it as it moved in and out of me and then I saw it. Its hardness was stretching me and I loved it. I fingered the leather on her hips. Gods this was so erotic, but I was loving every minute of it.

I awoke suddenly. I blinked, recognizing my bedroom. What happened? I rubbed my eyes, seeing Gabby on her side facing away from me. As I got up to move into the bathroom, I noticed a renewed wetness in my boxers. My hormones were raging it would seem. That was three nights in a row I was having these nightly dreams. What the hell is wrong with me? I went years without any contact with anyone. Now here I am lusting over my girlfriend.

I switched on the light and sat on the downed toilet seat. My skin was even flushed as I continued to sweat. Gabby and I had made love over a week ago. It lasted well into the night. I was careful not to overwhelm her. I wanted her to set the pace, but in the process I only had one orgasm. Apparently, it wasn’t enough. Gabby’s pleasure was all I cared about, at the time that is. Now that she returned to me a couple of days ago, she hasn’t made any kind of advances towards me. My body is screaming for attention. I am not going to give into this. If I scared her away, I would never forgive myself. Its been a long time since I’ve been this ‘horny’ before. What do I say to her? I know what I’d like to say, ‘Gabby ride me like a cheap saddle!’ Oh yeah, that’d go over well. She’d probably leave skid marks on her way out the door.

When I returned from my very cold and very sudden shower, I noticed for the first time that something was wrong with Gabby. Her face was switching violently. She was having a nightmare.

"Gabby." I said, softly stroking her cheek. Her eyes flew open so suddenly, I was startled.

"Hey, its all right." She sat up quickly and rubbed her eyes. "You alright, babe?"

"Yeah." she said shakily. "Just a dream." I slipped around and reentered the bed.

"Want to tell me about it?"

"Nah. It was nothin’." However, she did allow me to hold her. I decided not to press her. If she wanted to tell me, she would in her own good time.


I awoke to the sound of my alarm. I reached over to stop the damn noise. I turned over and wrapped my arms around my love. She was still sleeping peacefully. I kissed her on the neck in an attempt to wake her. I smiled when I was unsuccessful. Oh well, she definitely earned the right to sleep late after the ‘dream lovin’ she gave me. I rose and looked around. Walking into the bathroom, I took another quick shower.

I returned to find her still in bed. I proceeded to get dressed for work, finishing off with my gun belt and badge. I was so glad I didn’t have to wear ‘blues’. I loved my T-shirt and black cargo pants. They were so much more comfortable. I reached down and kissed her soundly on the lips, while caressing an exposed thigh. She yawned and opened her eyes.


"Yeah, I’ll be home by seven." I said quietly. "Need anything, Love?"

"Can I borrow your jeep? I thought I’d take Ares to the park again, if that’s okay?"

"Sure. I’ll leave twenty dollars next to my keys on the counter. Fill up the tank for me and whatever you don’t use, buy lunch okay?"

"Thank you." She reached up and kissed me softly.

"Sure. His toys are in the hall closet with his leash. He really loves to play Frisbee."

"Great. I’ll get a workout today." she smiled.

"Well, I gotta move. I love you."

"Love you too." We shared one more kiss before I departed.


I can’t believe how my life has changed. Here I was with a gorgeous girlfriend, money, a place to live, and all without the HC’s around me. I stopped at the closest gas station to the house. As I filled the tank, I petted Ares as he hung his head out watching me from the back seat. Its unbelievable that I found happiness in the very people I was told to stay away from, cops. I began to wonder what my aunt was doing now, when the sharp click of the nozzle signaled the tank was full. When I went in to pay, I grabbed Ares a bologna sandwich, one of his favorite snacks, along with a soda for myself.

It was around noon when we made it to the same spot we were at yesterday. With a tennis ball in my pocket and Frisbee in hand, I proceeded to keep Ares busy. He was incredible. I never had a dog that could do this much stuff before and he enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, he wore me out. We stopped briefly enough for me and him both to have a water break. Afterwards, he was ready to go again. What have I done? I’ve created a monster. It was nearly two o’clock when I finally gave up and sat down in the grass, Indian style, to rest. He faithfully layed his head on my knee as I stroked his head. It was so peaceful here. The only thing missing was Zena.

I was thrown out of thought, when Ares suddenly sat up. "Well, well." I turned to see two Switches, Ronnie and J.J, both sporting green bandannas. "How’s it goin’ Little G?" J.J smiled. I studied him for a moment and stood, brushing the grass off of my jeans.

"Goin’ fine. I guess." I said warily.

"Heard Big J got blasted."

"Yeah." I said steadily.

"So, the bitch lived though, right?"

"I guess." I shrugged, trying to play it cool. "I don’t know what she’s doin’."

"Nice puppy you got there." he gestured to Ares. I looked down to see him intently watching the two guys in front of me. His body posture told me he was ‘guarding’ them. I reached down and took a firm hold on his collar, to make sure he wouldn’t lunge at them.

"Anyway," Ronnie spoke up. "We’re goin’ criusen’ tonight. Wanna come?"

"No thanks." I said without hesitation.

"Come on, Gabby." he stepped forward. I heard a menacing growl come Ares. "Whoa, easy buddy." he said to him, laughing. Ares answered with a loud bark. As J.J tried to circle around me, Ares lunged at him, teeth showing. If I hadn’t held his collar, he’d be all over him.

"Heal, Ares." He obediently dropped onto his stomach and watched both men. "Look guys. I’m not interested. Leave me alone." They laughed. Ronnie stepped forward and grabbed my arm. "Let me go or I’ll tell him to attack." He looked down to see Ares growling menacingly at him. Until I told him otherwise, I don’t think he was going to move.

"Oh yeah right." He started to pull me in one direction.

"Get’m Ares!" I yelled. He lunged forward, latching himself onto Ronnie’s arm.

"Call him off! I’m sorry! Call him off!" he yelled as he fell to the ground, with Ares still attached.

"Break!" I grabbed his collar. He immediately let go. "Don’t touch me again." I said angrily. J.J helped Ronnie to his feet. "Get outta here before I let him go." They scrambled out of sight quickly. I couldn’t help, but chuckle. "Good boy, Ares. Thanks, pal." I scratched his ears as I reattached his leash. "Come on." As I began walking back to the jeep, I began to wonder what the Southside Switches are doing over here? Their terf was twenty miles away.


I heard Zena letting herself in. I knew it was Zena because Ares lept up and ran for the door. I turned my head to the hallway. "Hey, Buddy." I heard her say. "How’s my man?" she asked as she entered the living room. "Hey, Sweetie."

"How was your day?" I asked as I looked up from my movie. She kissed me on lips.

"Pretty boring actually. You?" I sighed and sat up. "Uhh oh, what’s wrong?" she asked.

How can this woman read me so well?

"The good news is Ares can still attack on command." I smiled.

"What?" she asked. "Who’d he attack?"

"I ran into two Switches at the park. Ronnie tried to grab me, but Ares jumped on him." She turned to the object of the conversation and smiled.

"Good boy, Ares."

"Zena, I’m sorry. I can’t do anything without getting into trouble." I sighed.

"Hey, it wasn’t your fault they chose to harass you. I’m just glad you had Ares with you. So, you knew these guys?"

"Yep. One of them was a friend of my sister’s before they killed her." I said sadly.

"I’m sorry."

"Ahh. Don’t worry about it. Its fine. So, you had a boring day? I didn’t think that was possible in LA."

"Big J’s back on the street. I saw her at the Daco market today."

"Did she look okay?"

"Yeah, mean as ever." she smiled.

"Did she say anything?"

"Nope, she just flipped me off."

"What did you do?" I asked with a smile.

"Threw it right back, of course."



"I don’t know why you watch this show?" she asked, smiling.

"I thought you liked it."

"I do, but don’t you see this everyday?" She was referring to the COPS marathon we were watching. I did enjoy watching it. I get a big kick out of it.

"Yeah, sometimes. I don’t get in many car chases though. Its fun to watch."

"They’ve filmed here before, haven’t they?"

"Yeah, not at our precinct. They like to go were there’s thousands of calls. Our division is specialized so we get less field calls." She nodded her head in understanding.

We had been laying in bed watching television for the better part of three hours. I was able to steal a liplock here and there. I could feel her caresses get more demanding as they slid down my thigh. Being only in a pair of flannel boxers, I was highly sensitive to both that hand and the one rubbing my stomach. One of her thighs snaked up between mine. She threw that leg over my hip and sat up. I made feudal attempts to look around her, as if I was ignoring her, to see the car chase of two suspects. That smile rendered me helpless.

"Well, guess I’ll go play with Ares." she sighed and started to move. My hands went immediately to her hips.

"I don’t think so, Gabby." I smiled. "You can play with me." As I kissed her, I became aware of one thing. "Baby, where did your clothes go?"

"Who cares." She descended on my mouth hungrily. Her nimble little hands made quick work of my only article of clothing.


"Ahh damn it." I whispered between her lips. It was my pager. Its seems I am doomed for all eternity not to touch my girlfriend ever again. I willed my shaky hands to stay still

long enough for me to read the number. "Crap."

"Who is it Ze?"

"The station." I sighed heavily as I reached for the phone on the nightstand. I just had to steal another kiss from her before I dialed the number. She,in turn, decided to reach between my thighs and give me a squeeze. "Ohh keep doin’ that and I’ll be able to forget about this call." I smiled.

"Answer it." she said with a smile and turned over to watch the TV.

"Police department. Precinct 12."

"Walker." I sighed. "This better be good."

"Yeah, Dillon wanted you. Hold on." I hate the irritating music that blared in my ear.

What really made me mad was the fact I could be making love to Gabby right now instead of listening to a Kenny G hit.

"Hey Sarge. I wanted you to know that the Southside Switches were in a shoot out with the X Boys earlier."

"Any injuries?"

"None reported. They both were in Hell Cat territory today. The captain thinks there might be an all out gang war happening."

"Damn." I said under my breath. "Just what we need, Dillon. Umm just watch the boundaries. That’s all we can do really. I’ll be in tomorrow morning."

"Alright. Bye."


This was becoming quite the situation. I couldn’t come up with one reason for the sudden hatred for each other they seemed to possess. True, they did hate each other, but full gun battles weren’t the Switches style. They tended to be more sneaky in there activities. More of a hit and run type club. The HC’s are capable of anything and everything, especially with Big J at the wheel. The X Boys however, have just recently resurfaced. They aren’t very hard core at all. This was just getting stranger and stranger.

I was looking for any sign of Big J as I rolled around Giller. It soon became clear that they were no gang members in sight. That could only mean trouble. But the question is, for whom?"



"Hey Gabby. Its Jenny. Wanna go to the mall? I’m bored silly."

"Sure." I said without hesitation. "I don’t have any cash though, but I’ll go with you. You gonna drive? Zena has her jeep at the station."

"Yeah sure. Lock up and come on over."

"All right. See ya."

Jenny lived just next door and was one of the sweetest people I met when I was in high school. She was the one that used to tell me to stay in school, despite Big J’s promises of money and all the men I could want. Ha, that was a big joke. Not only because I was gay, but because no man would have a Hell Cat. I was totally shocked to learn last week that Jenny was gay too. She was getting married next month to another schoolmate of mine. Imagine my surprise to learn that made a total of three lesbians I went to school with. I never would have guessed. I refilled Ares water bowl and headed out.

Jenny was sitting in her fiancee’s convertible. It was a mustang 5.0. I was a little curious as to what she did for living to afford a ride like that. "Nice outfit, Gabby." She was referring to my black Lugz jeans, black cotton tanktop and black hiking boots. The jeans, just a little on the baggy side, made me look tiny. According to Zena, I was already small. I did realize I looked like a possible drug pusher, but that’s exactly what I wanted. My policy was ‘Look dangerous, you will be left alone.’ It worked 99% of the time. The cops are the only ones that usually hassle me.

"Thanks." I got in and she wasted no time in taking off towards the city.

As we neared the police station, Jenny asked. "You want to stop for a second, get some cash?"

"Yeah, but not for cash." I grinned mischievously. She simply laughed as she made the turn into the parking lot.

I hated the smell of this place. I’m glad Zena doesn’t smell like this when she comes home at night. If there was a smell for depression, this would be it. I walked up to the desk. The officer looked older than George Burns. "Yes?" she droned.

"Yeah, could you tell me where I could find Zena Walker?" Her eyes peaked out from her rim of her glasses.

"Who are you? Or should I tell her a white refugee from TLC is here."

"Ahh that’s very funny. I’m her..roommate." I smiled. What the hell did an elderly lady know about rap groups anyway?

"Take the back hall down to the end and turn right. You’ll see Gang Unit on the door. If she’s in there, her desk is the farthest on the left."


I navigated through the cops in the narrow hall. The smell of very cheap cologne filled my nostrils. I peaked my head into the room that I was sent to. It looked like Wallstreet in there. People running around, phones ringing, paper rustling. I spotted Zena. She was looking over something on her desk. I almost collided with an officer twice my size. He mumbled an apology and kept going. "Hey, Ze." She looked up and smiled widely.

"Hey." She got up and moved around her desk. Mindful of her surroundings, she simply said, "What’s up?"

"Nothin’. I’m going to the mall with Jenny. We might not be back by the time you get home."

"No problem." She reached into her pocket and tried to hand me a fiftey dollar bill.


"Ze, I didn’t come here for money." I smiled. I leaned a little closer and said, "I came to see those sexy eyes of yours."

"Thank you for the compliment, but take this and buy something for yourself."


"Stop playing the unselfish one okay? I’m trying to do something nice and you aren’t making it easy."

"Zena, you do something nice for me everyday by just letting me be with you." I smiled, hoping to disarm her. It didn’t work. She reached behind me and placed a warm hand on my butt, caressing what was under that hand. Thank the gods Zena’s back was shielding me from view of her co workers because I was shade redder. Not from embarrassment, but from arousal. She abruptly stopped her actions and whispered, "Come on."

I followed her silently down the hall. I was baffled as to where she was taking me. She turned the corner into a very small deadend hallway. It only had two doors, one on each side. She glanced down the hall, before opening the one on the right side. When I stepped in behind her, she closed and locked the door. It was some sort of clerical storage room. The shelves were full of paper, pens, you name it. I suddenly realized we were all alone. Zena was leaning her back against the closed door.


Gabby launched herself at me with a vengence. Pinning me against the door, she devoured my mouth. Her hand went directly to my fly. Once again those little hands made short work of the button on my pants. Her mouth left mine. I suddenly realized, she had dropped to her knees. My underwear quickly joined my pants at the top of my thighs, leaving me exposed to her view. "Ohhhh gods." Her mouth was beginning its torture to my loins. I couldn’t believe this! This has got to be worthy of some Cosmo article. ‘My girlfriend went down on me at work in the storeroom.’ I wanted to open my eyes, but couldn’t. She stopped as suddenly as she started, leaving me crying for release.

As she rose to her feet, she pulled me towards the opposite wall. The small desk had several stacks of packaged paper on it. It was on the floor with one swift motion of her hand. She backed me up to it and nudged me, silently asking for me to sit. Now I was genuinely confused as well as aroused. She made sure my pants had dropped past my feet to the floor after removing my boots, before seating me on a cold metal desk. She wedged her herself between my knees. I was treated to the sight of her removing her tanktop, before she moved to unclasp the black belt holding up those sexy jeans. They dropped away, leaving the last barrier to my prize. They were ancient history before I knew it.

When I felt her against me, it was enough to almost send me into oblivion. I love the way she feels against me. Her hands went into my hair as her mouth went to mine, swallowing most of the moans I was making when she began to grind into me.

"Gods your so wet, Zena. Ohhh. I love you." she moaned. Her face in a moment of passion is enough to send me to my knees. My legs went around her slim waist, electing a loud groan from both of us. After two thrusts, it was over for me and she knew it. "Let go, Baby." she moaned.

"Come for me." She knew exactly when to put her hand on my mouth, when I screamed from the intense orgasm that was ripping through me.

She wordlessly ran her hand tenderly across my cheek. It was our way of saying ‘I love you.’ Gabby readjusted her clothing back to where they were, as I tried to calm my breathing. "What about you?"

"Huh?" she asked as she put her tanktop back into place. "Ohhhh." she said in realization. "I’ll wait." she chuckled. She stepped back into my embrace. "I want to scream out your name when you take me, can’t very well do it here. Besides, I’ve got Jenny waiting on me." I grabbed another handful of rear and gave her a quick kiss.

"I love you. I’ll see you at home. You better be there."

"Oh I will, eventually." she smiled. "If I’m not?"

"I’ll start without you."

"Only if I can watch." she backed away to the door, unlocking it. "I love you." I watched her leave, shutting the door behind her.

As I gathered my missing clothes, the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I just made love to Gabby at work! Ohhh man. I’m glad there wasn’t a sercurity camera in here. Not that is wasn’t great, but I never was bold when it came to this. It took me a minute to compose myself before reentering the rat race.

"About damn time." Jenny smiled. "Fifteen minutes to tell her you were going to the mall." I wordlessly got in the car and smiled at her. "Oh you didn’t." she smiled. "You did. Oh that is so kinky!"

"Kinky? It wasn’t kinky." She started the car with a smile.

"Gabby, you screwed your girlfriend when she was at work. You don’t find that kinky?"

"I didn’t throw her down on her desk or anything."

"Details!" she said excitedly. "Where?"

"No way." I said defiantly.

"Come on. I told you about Cameron and me at my parent’s anniversary party."

"You are sick, Jen."

"I know. Ain’t it great?"

Zamlake Mall was the biggest mall in the immediate area. Being late afternoon, it was unbelievably crowded. Jenny and I are complete opposites. She’s from the Hills, I’m from the streets. She’s very feminine and I’m a huge tomboy. While she loved to walk through expensive department stores with a perfume counter, I was at what she called ‘Street Gear’ stores. They were stores where you could get shoes, jeans, jackets, etc. in one place, usually designer stuff. As I was admiring a leather jacket, I reached into my back pocket. I was actually surprised to feel something in it. "What the.."

"What is it?" Jenny asked. I pulled it out.

"Oh Zena." I smiled. It was the fifty dollar bill she tried to give me. "She must have slipped it in my pocket when she was feeling me up." I chuckled. I almost wanted to cry. She is so sweet to me.

"A butt massage and fifty dollars. Poor baby." she teased.

One thing we did agree on was food. "Hey Gabs, let’s grab a cookie or something. I’m starved."

"You read my mind." I knew exactly where to get the best ones. As we approached one of the water fountains, I saw six Switches. They were all wearing green rags. I recognized JJ right off. My heart stopped when I recognized someone else, Allison. What the hell! She was wearing a green rag on her belt loop and huggin’ up on Vernon. "Oh shit." I whispered.

"Let’s take the long way around them. They won’t see you." Jenny said, thinking I was worried about them spotting me. The truth was it was shock. "That fuckin’ slut!" I said in anger to myself.


"That short blond bitch over there! She sold out." I had no clue why I was so mad, making me slip into my hard bitch mode. I didn’t give a flyin’ fuck about the HC’s but it was the lying that made me mad. I felt like pimp slappin’ her across this mall, but I was outnumbered. Placing a hand on my shoulder, Jenny guided me around them. I held my breath until the fountain was several feet behind us.

"I wonder what they’re doing here?" I wondered out loud.

"Shopping?" Jenny was trying her best to lighten the mood.

As we munched on our cookies, I passed a jewelry store window. I got all the way past it before I realized something caught my eye. I walked back and carefully looked at each display. Then I saw it. "Career Compliments." I said, reading the sign. Each one was numbered. Without thought, I walked in with a smiling Jenny following me. "May I help you, Mam?" Gods these salespeople are nothing short of predators, but for once I had a question.

"Yeah, how much is number 23?" I said indicating the window.

"Umm. 150 dollars."

"Do you do engraving?

"Yes Mam. Right on sight."

"How much?"

"Just an extra twenty." she smiled. I thought for a moment and realized I couldn’t pass it up.

"I’ll take it and I want something engraved on the back." I saw the dollar signs flash in her eyes.

"I can’t believe you talked them down a whole forty!" Jenny said excitedly as I tucked the case in my leg pocket for safe keeping.

"Yeah, I was always good at talking people down a notch or two. I don’t know why."

"Where did you get the money? I thought Zena gave you fifty."

"She did. I sold the rights to one of my stories on the internet. That’s why I didn’t want to take Zena’s money. I haven’t told her yet. So don’t squeal all right?" I warned.

"Lips are sealed."

When we left the mall, I was glad to see the Switches were gone. It was almost nine. I knew Zena would be home by now. I was excited about giving her the gift I bought. It was strange to feel so gitty. I guess I’ve never given anything to anyone that meant so much to me before. I hope she wasn’t gonna hate it. I jumped out of the car as soon as she stopped it in the driveway. "Thanks for the trip. I’ll catch ya later." I turned and waved at the figure standing on her porch. "Hey Cameron."

"Hey Gabby. Nice to see ya."

"Same here. Later."

I checked the door to find it unlocked. I slipped in and bolted the door. "Ze?" I called as I walked down the hall. Ares greeted me in the living room. "Hey bud." I rubbed his head.


"Just a sec." I heard from the bathroom. She emerged towel drying her hair. "How was

the mall?" She then frowned at me. "You didn’t buy anything did you?"

"Yeah, I bought something." I reached into my leg pocket and gave her the small black box.

"What’s this?"

"Its for you."

"Gabby, you didn’t have to buy me anything."

"Ze, shut up and open it." She threw the towel on the couch and opened the box. Her jaw dropped.

"Oh man..." She looked up at me in amazement. "Its beautiful." Zena pulled out the sterling silver pendant attached to a silver chain.


It was a star set inside a circle. ‘Enforcers of the Law.’ was on the top half of the circle. ‘To Serve and Protect.’ was on the bottom half. "Turn it over." I said softly. She did and that’s when she saw, ‘To my Urban Warrior: The Protector of my Heart and Soul.’ I don’t know what made me use those words, especially the word warrior. It just seemed to fit somehow. She did something I never would have anticipated, she started to cry.

"I love you." she whispered as enveloped me in her arms.

"Will you wear it?" Gods that sounded stupid. I sounded like a kid on Christmas Day.

"You bet." she said as she kissed me.

After the shock wore off, the questions began. "How much did this cost?" I rubbed the back of my neck nervously.

"It was on sale for $170, but I paid 130."

"Hundred and thirty. Where did you get that kind of money?"

"I sold the rights to one of my stories. I still have some left over too."

"Your stories?"

"I’ve been using your computer to post my stuff on a website of a friend of mine’s. A publisher read it and offered me $400 for it. I took it." When she didn’t answer right away, I said "I’m sorry. I should have asked you first."

"No what you should have done is let me read the sucker. It must be good for 400 bucks!" she smiled widely.

"Here’s your money back you sneak."

"Ohh no. That is yours. Story or no story. By the way, I didn’t hear any complaints on your end when I was touching that nice ass of yours."

"Your right about that." I took the pendant from her and placed around her neck and used it to pull her into the bedroom.

Zena wanted to thank me ‘properly’ for her gift. My heart was ready to burst. Zena kept my gift on while she made love to me. I was glad I opted for a short chain. It kept it right where I wanted it, right above her breasts.She was sleeping peacefully next to me now and I still looked at the star and fingered it. It was definitely worth every cent. Ze made me almost forget about Allison. I knew what I had to do, go to her cousin’s. I thought it was best not to tell Ze. It would only make her overprotective.


The morning air was crisp. It would almost be pleasant if I wasn’t at Allison’s house. "Little G! What’s up?"

"Hey Forcer. How’s it goin?" I asked as we shook hands. Forcer was the oldest independent I knew of. She grew up on Giller with my aunt. When Big J started the Hell Cats, she said right away she didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Hate crimes and harassment forced her out last year. She was called Forcer because of the three years she spent in the Air Force. After saying no to an unwanted sexual advance by her boss, she was ‘dishonorably’ discharged.

"I came to talk to Allison. She here?"

"Naw. That punkass hoe is bangin’ on Third Street with those damn Switches."

"Yeah, I saw her at Zamlake yesterday. What gives?"

"Come on in." She ushered me through her house. Her twin sons, Tyler and Tommy were sleeping in the playpin. "I don’t know who it was..." she gestured for me to sit. "But some shithead offered her big green to set up J."

"Who? Demon?" Demon was Big J’s arch enemy and the leader of the Switches.

"I don’t know. All I know is he had weight to throw around. She said somethin’ about the cops ignoring the Switches business. Let’m get away with shit the president couldn’t do." she grinned.

"Cops? That don’t make any sense."

"Yeah, who ever it was wanted Big J 187’d. Wanted her faded out."

"Its gotta be a Switch or an X Boy." I pondered. There was something else, I could tell. "Forcer, what is it?" She sighed deeply.

"Allison said that the guy thought of a plan to frame you for shootin’ J."

"That was planned?" I said exasperated. "Allison put that gun in my jacket on purpose? Zena told me she said she was scared. That’s why she did it." Forcer shrugged.

"So, whoever it was knows you and J. Know who it could be?"

"Nope. Thanks Forcer. I think I’m gonna try to find out."

Forcer’s house was in X Boys territory. She moved here because she didn’t want anymore trouble from the HC’s. As I stepped into Zena’s jeep, I saw two guys behind me. "Hey Little G." Allison appeared in front of me. My heart was pounding, but I simply took a deep breath and put on my hard ass face.

"What’s up?" I said quietly.

"Hey Vernon, Deion we got a Hell Cat here." she slurred. The guys immediately became defensive.

"Al, you’re trippin’." I said trying sound unphased. "You know I ain’t a HC." To prove it, I threw the Hell Cat hand sign, threw it down(pointed it towards the ground), and rolled it up. It was like saying "The Hell Cats suck. They aren’t shit." It was a major sign of disrespect.

"You ain’t claim’n your own set?" Deion asked. "That’s fucked up."

Just as I was about to run for it, I saw a familar figure striding towards me. It was Chocolate. He’s a six foot eight black guy with a bad temper. Three equally big black guys were behind him. All were wearing gray. My three companions backed away from the jeep, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"What the hell you doin’ here, Bitch? he bellowed at Vernon. His voice was like stone and so were those biceps. "You better get your skinny asses out my hood before I cap yo’ ass!" He lifted his shirt to reveal a gun in his jeans. When his three goons moved forward, my tormentors fled.

With the Switches gone, he moved up to me as I started the jeep. "Hey, your Little G aren’t ya?"

"Yeah. You remembered Chocolate." He smiled, showing pearly white teeth. He gave me a buddy shake.

"Yeah I remember. Give me some love." I was more than happy to give him a hug for what he just did for me. "You saved my ass from J that night. She would’ve caught my ass if it weren’t for the green you gave me." Chocolate came from a bad house. His mom beat him all the way up until he was twenty. Big J forced him into Giller one night into an ambush. That’s when I first saw him. They cornered him and his boys and beat the shit out of them. He was in bad shape. I told him of a route I took to the Buckhead bus station. I gave him the money to hop a bus out of town. That was two years ago.

"It was nothin’. Thanks for helpin’ me just now."

"No prob. I owed ya." he smiled. "Those damn Switches have been all up in here lately."


"Yeah. Somethin’ ain’t done. There’s gonna be some dead Switches up in here."

"See ya Chocolate."

"Later. Be safe Little G."

I drove six blocks over and stopped at a payphone. I was so scared, I had to lean on it for a second to get myself together. It finally hit me just how close I came to being shot or worse. With a shaky hand, I dialed Ze’s pager number. I couldn’t remember whether she had to work today or not. I was expecting her to be pissed. I couldn’t sleep at all. So at first light, I got out of bed and drove to Forcer’s. I have never left her in bed after we made love before, but she looked comfortable. I didn’t want to disturb her. "Hello."

"Hey, its me."

"Hey, when did you get up?" Well she didn’t sound pissed.

"About an hour ago. I had to take care of something. Are you at home?"

"Yeah, I’m off today. Want to do something?"

"I’ll be back soon. I’m over in West Town." There was a pause. She obviously recognized the name. It was the turf of the X Boys.

"Alright, I’ll see ya when you get here."

"Cool, Bye."



West Town? What the hell was she doing in West Town?" Oh well, probably none of my business. I intend to find out though. It wasn’t long before she pulled into the driveway. I met her outside. "What do you wanna do?" I asked as I jumped in, opting to let her drive.


"Hooked aren’t ya?" I smiled. I got one out of her to.

"Zena, why don’t you just say it." Gabby was a bit on the agitated side.

"Say what?" She grabbed me by the arm and drug me to the nearest bench, forcing to sit.

"I know what you’re thinking. What was she doing in West Town?" I opened my mouth, but she cut me off. "Come on." She was mad to say the least. Gabby had a destination in mind. I was sure of it. Suddenly I saw several gang members at the fountain. "Look." I followed her finger and saw Allison.

"Oh." I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh indeed. I went over to her cousin’s to ask her what was up."

Suddenly, Allison spotted us. She made a show of walking towards me smugly. "Now what do ya want Little G? You ain’t got that fool watchin’ ya back now." She shoved Gabby backwards. Before I could step in, Gabby pushed her back.

"Who do you think your shovin’?" she said sharply. "Crazy bitch." Allison was a bit

inflated by the fact that her ‘friends’ were watching her pick on Gabby. "Come on!" Gabby said shoving her again. Normally I would’ve stepped in. Not only did this girl set her up, she played Gabby for a fool. She had to keep her respect. "Let’s go." Gabby raised her fists. Allison, needless to say, she was quite surprised at Gabby’s defensive display. She didn’t look like an easy target to pick on now.

Gabby is a master of ruse and disguise. I knew she was tough, but she had a soft heart. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, but she was not above it. "You step to me, I’ll whip your ass." she said angrily. Allison was stunned. The boy that appeared to be Allison’s boyfriend, got a little bold. As he moved towards them, I intercepted him. With a flip on my badge case, he stopped cold. I heard the unmistakable sound of bone on bone. I turned to see Allison punching Gabby.

I saw an anger in my love’s eyes that I hadn’t seen before. This was her survival mode. Her fists connected with Allison’s head and her knee buried itself in her stomach, knocking her off balance. Allison suddenly realized what she had gotten herself into. She latched onto Gabby’s waist, attempting to throw her to the ground. As they wrestled for position, Gabby continued to nail her in the side. That was it. I was about to break them up when I saw three security guards making their way through the gathering crowd. I grabbed Gabby by the waist.

"Gabby, stop." I said softly, trying to pull them apart. I wasn’t sure she heard me. "Gabby stop now." I was finally able to pull them apart, with the help of the guards. "Calm down. Its okay." I rubbed her back softly. Her breathing was harsh and her face was red. "Breathe." When Allison flipped her off, Gabby made a half hearted attempt to get out of my grasp. "Whoa. Hold it."

It took some quick thinking and talking on my part for everyone to walk away from this without going to jail. "Damn Gabby. Remind me never to piss you off." I smiled, pulling her to me. I could tell she was calm now, but she remained silent until we pulled away from the mall.

"She was my friend Ze." she said quietly. "She set me up. She wanted to frame me for the shooting. That’s what Forcer told me."

"I’m sorry, Hon." Boy that was lame, but what else could I say.


The two hour meeting consisted of the captain briefing everyone on what we thought was going on. "The Switches are trying to take more terf. Why? We don’t know. They have centered their efforts on both the Hell Cats and the X Boys. I want some bodies in those holding cells." he pointed in the general direction. "I want some arrests before these idiots kill somebody. Everyone get moving." Everyone rose and the captain grabbed my arm and Madison’s on the way out.

"Keep a sharp eye out on your patrols. Keep in close contact with your units."

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir."

I hated when the force is on edge. There’s a sense of anxiety that just hangs in air around you. I opted to keep silent to Gabby about the possible gang war. Chances are, she already knew. Giller was unbelievably quiet. I spotted a few Hell Cats as I rode through, but no one of any consequence. That means the big guns were hiding, afraid of an assassination attempt maybe.


"You are so full of it Gabby!" Cameron laughed as we three walked down the strand of shops near Palamar.

"No, I’m serious. That guy was checking you out big time." For once I was out with friends and actually felt like one of them. Cameron offered to drive Jenny and I to Palamer. With some insistence by me, she agreed to stay. I marveled at the beauty of the ring Cameron gave Jenny for their engagement. It actually made me think of my future

with Ze. Somehow I don’t think she would be the marrying kind. The feeling of missing my baby was increased every time I saw a cop. Man, what has happened to me? I sound like such a sap. I know what happened, Zena Diane Walker happened.

"Let’s check this out, Cammy." Jenny pulled her into the dress shop. When they didn’t see me follow, she stopped.

"Coming, Gabby?" Cameron asked. I spotted something that peaked my interest more than dresses. Jenny followed my gaze.

"Forget it Cammy." Jenny smiled. "Chiro cart. That’ll keep her busy for a few. Come on."

Hey, I love food. What can I say? Especially Mexican food. I never made it to my destination. A firm hand grabbed my arm. It was Jenkins! What was he doin’ here? This was nowhere near his beat. "Let go of me!" I shoved him off.

"What were you doing in West Town yesterday?" I was stunned.

"How did you know I was in West Town?"

"Just answer the question." he said menacingly.

"What’s it to you?" He was mad now.

"Boys!" he turned and yelled over his shoulder. My heart dropped as I saw four Switches. One reached into his jacket and produced a set of brace knuckles. Oh shit. Without thought, I turned and ran as he tried to strike me. "Get her you stupid shits!" I heard him yell as I rounded a corner. I didn’t know this place very well, but I knew I should head east. With a little work, it would put me on the very edge of Ze’s control area. Maybe one of the guys will spot us. I cut through a small open shop, almost knocking down a man buying bananas. The shouts and the stomping told me they were chasing me. Why me? This always happens to me.

"Units within Baker respond to call of Caucasian female being persued by four Caucasian males within the eighth block of Palamer. Possible dangerous situation. Units responding please identify.

"Unit 231 responding."

"Unit 344 responding." As I put my radio back into the holder, I had a sickening feeling in my stomach about this call. Assisting Jenkins wasn’t my idea of fun.

I slowed my cruiser as I approached. I saw nothing. As I swung around the building, I saw Jenkins hastily take off on foot down the side. That was highly unusual. He didn’t signal to me that he was leaving his cruiser. Well, I’ll have to get to the bottom of that later. I heard gun fire. "344, shots fired. Repeat shots fired. I’m bailing."

"Roger, 344. Shots fired within Palamer. All available units respond." I jumped out of my cruiser and took off after Jenkins.

As I came back across the side, I saw four gang members, Switches, moving towards Gabby! Jenkins was with them. He fired again. I watched in horror as Gabby dropped grabbing her side. "GABBY!" I drawed my gun as I ran towards him. He was stunned to see behind him. His face turned white as a sheet as I leveled my weapon with his head. I was still about fifteen feet away.

Zena? I said to myself as I picked up my face from the pavement. I could have sworn I heard her yell my name. Gods, my side burned! I’ve been shot! I knew this would happen one day, I just knew it. I turned as far as I could. There she was! Jenkins and Ze were in a stare down. Their guns trained on each other. "Put the gun down, Jenkins." My vision was beginning to blur.

"Its not what it looks like Sarge. She fired on me. I was defending myself." It wouldn’t work this time.

"You lying son of a bitch." I snarled. "She doesn’t have a gun."

So many emotions were running through my head. One of my own was the cause of this trouble between us all along. I just watched the love of my life shot down on the street like a thug. I didn’t know whether she was alive or dead and I couldn’t turn my eyes to find out. I had to watch the Switches too. None seemed to be bold right now. I heard the sirens as additional units were coming. Jenkins began to fidget nervously as two people came up behind me.

"Jenkins, don’t test me." I said angrily. "You just shot my friend. Don’t do anything stupid." He did though. I saw it, but not in time. He fired. I fired. My bullet hit him right between the eyes. The shot he fired was drowned out by the multiple shots that rang out from behind me. It took me a second to realize that his shot passed right through my leg. I fell painfully to the pavement.

Zena! Oh no. I watched her fall. Gods no. I slowly realized that she was grabbing her leg. It was not that bad. As I tried to reach for her, I actually felt my heart stop beating. I was gonna die.

I turned holding my leg. "Gabby!" She wasn’t moving. The paramedics rushed to my side. "No! Help her." I motioned to my fallen love. They sprinted over and pulled her over onto her back. One listened for breath sounds and examined the hole on her right side. To my horror, I watched as they started CPR. I began to cry. Not for my pain in my leg, but the one in my heart. As another EMT began to work on my leg, I kept my head towards the men hovering over Gabby. A shadow crossed my heart. Something told me that my Gabrielle was gone.

Continued...Part 3

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