To a Glorious Moment

by: Xenaslaves

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I sit back on this beautiful hill, peaceful, and content with the conditions around me. The sun is warm against my skin, heating it quickly, the sensation marvelous. The sky above me is so clear, it's almost breathtaking. If only it could always be this peaceful.

I bring my knees up to a bent position so that I'm able to wrap my arms around them. Only now am I able to relax and watch my gorgeous companion working hard through her training drills. She stands across the lake, proud and victorious against the outside world. For only she and I exist at this very moment.

My mouth drops slightly from the sight of those powerfully muscled thighs, flexing aggressively with every movement. Her well defined shoulders moving swiftly with every thrust of her weapon.

I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with nature's life... But more than that, I feel her essence, her energy that tears through my very existence.

I watch as she smiles over at me, content with the realization that I adore watching her as much as she enjoys being watched. She molds her weapon into her own salvation, twisting and turning her developed body to match the speed of her weapon. She raises it up in the sky, before doing her cry of freedom. The cry of complete accomplishment and sanctuary. I smile back at her, my insides overjoyed with emotion. I swear to Zeus that if someone were to ask me how I felt, I couldn't explain. It's like a feeling of beautiful bliss and peacefulness. How I've longed for it to stay this way, never wanting to see her in danger and always by my side. I want her close to me, protected by me, forever loved by me.

I can't help but sigh at the sight of her soft pale skin, which seems to radiate perfection, utter beauty. I'm still at a loss for words, sitting with crazed admiration for this woman that stands before me.

Her body is heaven sent, just for me to admire and hold. I know my thoughts are selfish, but they're true. I want her close enough to feel her heat against mine and those lips of hers all over my waiting skin.

I laugh quietly at the direction my thoughts have taken me. It seems today, all I think about is our passionate lovemaking.

I think I'm making up for those years I've lusted for her every touch, her soft embrace. Maybe I'm rationalizing it too much, but I worry that my mind's working overtime. That I constantly feel so jealous and overprotective about my companion. I suppose these are genuine feelings, ones I know she's had for me close to a summer now.

I watch as she lowers to her knees, gasping for that breath of fresh air that will free her. I like that she shows her vulnerable qualities around me and only me. She grabs the jug of water by her side and takes her long deserved drink. Her chest instantly expands from her every breath reminding me of how she looked the moment I climaxed at her touch. Ahh here I go again, but I can't ignore it.

There's something so beautiful and sacred about hearing her reach that level of erotic pleasure, that *I* alone bring her. It starts with slow jagged breaths, soft whispers, and quiet moans. I need to stop this! I tell myself and focus back on her. She hadn't moved since I last checked on her. She's sits there taking in the amazing view around us. She seems so lost in her own world that I wonder what she thinks about? She remains on her knees, her hands softly placed on her lower thighs. Her breathing seems to have returned to its normal pace, and she's relaxed. Her eyes are closed, with her head slightly tilted back. Now I truly wonder what she thinks about... Maybe she's thinking about our time together last night... That moment of ecstasy only we together were able to reach. It was our first night together as lovers, yet today seemed so normal. As if we had been lovers all this time, yet hadn't realized it.

Mmm… That glorious night will forever be branded into my memories. It all seemed to happen so perfectly...Maybe if I closed my eyes and thought about it...I could remember every detail... Just maybe…

It was a cold evening last night, forcing us both to come to the agreement that getting a room would be better then sleeping under the stars.

I admit I had a slight problem at first agreeing with her reasoning but after her clever convincing I gave in. I personally enjoyed sleeping under the stars, having her body snug up against mine. However, the thought of a soft bed did sound nice.

Once we arrived, she told me she was too tired to eat, and just wanted to lie down. I myself was hungry but figured I could order from our room, and complied with her request. We were both hesitant as we entered the secluded quarters. Maybe it was due to the air that seemed to have an uncomfortable feel to it. Or that both of us were fearful on what we knew would probably occur.

Once the area was safely secured, I took my place on the bed, sitting with my back against the strong concrete wall. I sat crossed legged, as I watched her slow adventure with the removal of clothes. She looked over at me a few times, with a questioning glare as to my motives, but I didn't react. Although it seemed lately that I was getting better with my feelings and expressions.
So that seductive glare that radiated so powerfully off my body, wasn't unnoticed by my soon to be lover.

She knew I enjoyed watching her undress, as much as I enjoyed everything else. We were both less inhibited about expressing our love, even though physical affection hadn't yet ventured into our lives.
Well that's not entirely true, we had already had our first passionate kiss by the lake, our soft caresses as we slept, and exchanged words of commitment and love. The only element missing was the symbolic act of lovemaking that we both were afraid to cross into. To my surprise, she was the one that took initiative that night.
I sat on the bed patiently waiting as she undressed out of her daily wear and slipped on her light colored shift. She did this with her back facing me, which left my eyes free to wander against the curves of her muscular back, tight waist, and wonderfully sculptured thighs. I know she felt my stare burning through her, but it didn't matter. I knew from the depths of my soul that tonight would be our time of complete binding.

When she turned to face me, I quickly raised my eyes to meet hers. She did her usual adorable smirk and softly chuckled, making me respond with the same gesture. She moved over to the bed and took her seat, leaving her legs dangling off the side. She reached over and softly brushed her face against my cheek, before whispering in my ear. "What are you staring at love?"

Her sweet voice, those carefully thought out words, made me feel like I could melt into the walls. My body shook from the closeness of her heat mixing with mine. What was I supposed to say back? "I want you! No I couldn't say those words. My best friend, my companion, couldn't handle those words. I shook my head at my reasoning and said the only thing that came to mind.
"You.... Who else?"
She smirked at my response before looking away from me. Her mind seemed to enter into a state of meditated thought once again. She brought her hand up to the back of her neck, and started massaging herself. How stupid of me not to realize she was sore from our last week's adventure. Without giving it much thought I moved from my comfortable position to sit behind her. She slightly moved to see what I was doing, but I was too quick for her. I sat directly behind her, my legs open and wrapped around her lower waist. She sighed at the contact. It was obvious she felt the same heat I did. My body melted into the feel of my legs wrapped so securely around her body.
My hands that were supposed to be on her shoulders found their place around her waist, pulling her closer against my center. I remember wondering what I was doing, but disregarded my thoughts, closed my eyes and sighed.
"Mmm.... That feels nice love."
The sound of her words made me know she felt the same about me. All I was doing was holding her closely, selfishly forgetting the original motive to my relocation. I wanted so badly to reach down and kiss the side of her neck, but I hesitated. I knew she wouldn't reject me, but I was scared. I remained frozen in the embrace, wanting so much more. Her hands that were placed over mine slowly lifted, allowing her to slightly turn her head to look at me. When our eyes finally met, I felt like crying from the passion that scorched through my body. I opened my mouth to speak when I felt soft lips pressed against mine. I must have acted like a naive fool at the touch. I remember my body shook briefly from the initial contact, but I couldn't help it. We had kissed before but never this romantically. I opened my mouth, inviting her to explore me further and she obeyed. Her tongue ripped though my lips forcefully, accompanied by a soft moan.
That moan... Mmmm… I will never forget how my body felt at the moment of contact. That's when I realized my mission would be to make her moan like that again. I remained still as her hands explored the sides of my waist, up to my breasts, where they took there designated spot over my nipples. Her mouth still remained intertwined with mine, as our souls began their journey of complete interaction and love.

I melted from that one kiss alone which sent scorching passion through my wanting body, yet I couldn't react the way I wanted to. My body seemed to freeze from her touch. I was so lost in that sensations of newly found love that I hadn't realized she had pulled away and remained sitting there, staring at me. I opened my eyes at the sound of her voice.

"You ok love?" Those simple words ripped through my soul so abruptly that I could only reply with a simple 'yes' and a nod of my head.
She smiled back at me before moving in to capture my lips once again. She raised her hands and reached for my face to softly caress the sides of my cheeks, as we kissed. Our lips connected so perfectly as if their only purpose was to unite together. My tongue entered her waiting mouth, and found warmness completely foreign and unique. The soft moans began to come into play, making the experience much more seductive than expected. I was so lost in her passion I didn't realize our bodies had shifted so naturally. I now lay on the bed, with her body comfortably placed above mine. We kissed for what seemed to be an eternity, touching and feeling each other's hidden treasures. When suddenly she pulled away from my embrace and remained gasping for breath above me. Her hands started to remove my outfit, slow at first then quickly like a crazed animal. Her husky voice was full of desire and she used such passionate words. "I love you..." was all she had to say to completely gain control over me. I love you... Never had those three words meant so much to me, until I met her.

I remained speechless, finding it hard to breathe with my heart pounding so erotically. I touched the side of her face with the palm of my hand.
"You're..." A long breath was taken in my attempt to speak. " You're so beautiful."

That's all I was able to say and do, for my body still remained paralyzed from the utter joy of being with the woman I truly loved. I relaxed as she slowly removed my top layer of clothing, leaving my breasts fully exposed for her pleasure. I watched as she placed a soft delicate kiss on my forehead before she slowly ventured down to lick my nipple for the very first time. Gods I thought I would die from the sheer pleasure of it.
Instantly my hands found the sheets on the bed and grabbed them, as she gracefully studied my breast with her mouth. Her lips and tongue took turns trying to avoid the neglect of the other. I didn't think I'd be able to handle any more of this, for it was too much already.

I listened to her level of arousal expressed through various moans as she sucked on my delicate skin. All I could do was breathe and pray that this sensation would never leave me and always stay this intense. Her tongue traveled down the middle of my waist for she now lay straddled against my lower thighs. Her hands slowly moved the bottom half of my clothing, as her tongue tasted the essence of my lower waist. Moments later I remained overwhelmed with emotion and desire, as I lay there completely naked and vulnerable to her control.
My insecurities vanished at the sound of her voice.
"Gods... How I love touching you..."
Her eyes moved up and down my shaking body, her expression one of obvious lust and hunger, seeming to devour me completely. I placed my elbows against the bed and began to sit myself up when she softly nudged me back down.
"Relax… honey… It's ok."
The calmness of her words convinced me once more to trust her, submit to my every desire and allow her to ravish me. My thoughts ran quickly through my mind before she interrupted me, bringing her mouth down to gently lick along my pelvic bone. My hips jerked up the moment the wetness of her mouth reached me. I was taken back by my feelings, lost in my selfishness of pleasure. Gods, her mouth was so remarkable against my skin. She slowly moved down and used her tongue to taste my inner thigh, nudging my legs open with her strong hands. I, of course, complied in fear this rush would discontinue if I didn't. My hands now tore at the covers within my palms. It was amazing the utter enjoyment she could bring me. The feeling of her wet tongue softly massaging every inch of my thigh was so cruel yet so loving. She took her time, looking up at me a few times to see my reaction. Which was funny since my arousal was obvious from the wetness that now ran down my thigh. I adjusted to this inner ache she was causing me, only to have it worsen as her tongue gently moved and found my sweet ambrosia. Gods I know I melted into the covers at this point. I went limp, my only sensation being the electrical waves rushing though my entire body as her tongue licked and teased me.

"Oh Gods!" It was so perfect! My body began to thrust into her tongue as she skillfully played against it. It took all of my will not to release right there and then, because I wanted to feel this forever. This burning ache that possessed my whole body like a curse. The moans escaping both of us surpassed any ones ever heard.
"Mmm for the love of ZEUS." I screamed.
Looking back at it now, it sounded silly to yell but at that moment of ecstasy it seemed fit. I was so close to my release but desperately pleaded for her to slow down, because I wanted us to climax together. I wanted to feel her body as she had felt mine. However she had another plan entirely. Two fingers entered my tight opening, and sent me to the heavens above. A scorching ache ran straight though, starting at my center and extending to my extremities.
She only had to thrust a couple times, matching the lapping of her tongue to send me into the stars. As I came to my glorious release, our moans and groans were evenly matched. She enjoyed pleasing me as much as I enjoyed being pleased. I took long jagged breaths as my climaxed slowed and played itself through.

My hips thrust forward once or twice before I calmed, and small waves of my orgasm struck me like crashing waves. She remained within me the whole way through and slowly came to a halt as I released. I could still remember the sound of bliss she made as I came. It was explicit admiration and love that prompted her to care about me this way. This was something I was not use to.

My body shook for several moments before she finally exited me and crept up between my arms. We held each other for a long while before I realized she remained fully dressed and pressed against my naked body. I could hear from her breathing that she was entering a slow sleep. I gently moved her onto her back and began placing small kisses on the side of her neck. She reached for me bringing me to lie on top of her once again.
"I want to make you reach the heavens," I told her.
She responded, "you do that everyday love," before closing her eyes to me. I admit I was a bit confused by her reaction, so I pressed the issue further.
"But... I want to..."
"Shh No worries... We have forever to please each other..." Her soft hands cupped my face. "Right now I just want to hold you," she whispered.
The sensation I felt when we made love was enough to power me for eternity. I held my lover tightly in my arms, my head resting comfortably on her broad shoulders. My body was sprawled half on top of her and half on the bed.
It's funny to think how this little one hypnotized me into such an adoring love.
I don't know why it surprises me so... I've always known she was mine.
My heart was completely hers when I rescued her from those captives years ago.
I knew I loved her the moment I heard her name. My Gabrielle... So innocent and pure, yet so full of passion, that she took me and captured me forever. Who would have thought our first time together would be initiated by my young bard? Who could have imagined that through lovemaking she was the stronger one and I the submissive. Me, with all my years of intimate love experience compared to her inexperience. Yet she knew how to love me in a way I couldn't match. I guess when two souls meet as one, there's no explaining the connection the two will have with one another. I never knew love could be like this, making me give so much of myself to another. My body and soul were hers only to cherish and adore.

I wake out of my beautiful daydream to find I still remain sitting on my soft hill, with Gabrielle just across the river. She also hasn't moved from her resting position, and remains in her relaxed state with her eyes held shut. She looks up at me and smiles a glorious smile.
The smile alone re enforces that she will be with me forever, and never leave my side. She begins her training drills, swirling around her mighty staff as I watch. However, I'm mostly watching her eyes, which leave me lost within her intense glare. Those eyes of hers that will forever remain, a reminder of a glorious moment. That glorious moment that my soul became hers and hers mine.

The End

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