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Designs of the Heart

Part 5

By Heartbrkn Bard




Chapter 15


December 1988


   Jack drove Tk crazy for weeks looking for this “perfect ring.” Now that is was in her possession, and a few days before the holidays, she needed to present it in an orderly fashion. She wanted to sound sincere and legit, especially after the ‘card’ incident: the card incident that still hasn’t resolved it self. Neither had she resolved the feelings she still had for Joe. Hopefully they both, in time would be forgotten.


   I so truly love that girlfriend of mine. I hope by proposing to her she will see just how much. I don’t mean to be a fuck up, I really don’t. But I don’t know how to express myself well enough. Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough for Desi, like she deserves more and better. I wonder why she even bothers with me. She is truly a saint.


   Needing to decorate the apartment for Christmas, Jack waited patiently for her babe to get there. She hid the gift in a good place so Desi would find it, if she should decided to snoop. Desi liked surprises but hated the anticipation. She didn’t like it when she felt everyone knew something she didn’t.


   “Who is it?” asked Jack at the knock on the door.


    “It’s me, hon,” answered Desi


   Opening the door, Jack got as excited as she did every time she saw her beautiful woman. “Ready to decorate?”


  After kissing her partner hello, Desi said, “I am always ready for you.”


  Wrapping warm arms around each other, Jack knew truer words were never spoken. Desi was always, and will always, be ready for my shit and me.  Leading her girlfriend into the house, Jack began smelling the inner folds of Desi’s neck and was quite turned on. “I hope so, ‘cause I am so ready for you.”


   “I see that,” teased Desi.


   “I know what you see, but it’s what you are going to show me that will make it all better.” Kissing Desi’s neck and making her way down her shoulders made Jack want her bad. “ I want you in the worst way, and I want you…”


   “Hey Jack, you in there?” screamed Tk from the doorway.


   “I really need to find myself another apartment,” whispered Jack into her lover’s neck. “Be right back, babe.”


   Walking over to Tk, Jack was trying to think of an excuse to not invite her butch buddy in. “Yeah, I’m in here.”


   Letting her self in, Tk walked right into the living room. “What are you guys up to in here?” she questioned. “Is it tree decorating time yet?”


   “Yeah it is, but do me a favor. Will you get the box of ornaments out of the bedroom closet for me?


   “You want me to go into the closet?” teased Tk. “You know I haven’t been in the closet in years.”


   “All joking aside, please get them out for me. I need to talk to Desi inside for a sec.”


   “Will do,” laughed Tk.


   Grabbing Desi by the hand, the green-eyed beauty pulled her lover into the bathroom. “Now where was I?” Pointing to the middle of Desi’s neck, “ I think I was right about here.”


   “Jack, babe, we have a guest in the next room.”


   “I don’t care. I want you, and I want you now!” moaned Jack.


   Most of the time Desi gave in, and this was definitely one of those times. How could she resist? Within minutes Jack was on her knees, head under the skirt, pulling her underwear down with her teeth.


   Kissing her inner thigh, smelling the juices flowing, making her way up to those luscious lips, Jack whispered, “Somebody here is just a little excited to see me.”



   “You know as soon as you touch me there, I get soaked.” Desi always got embarrassed talking about anything sexual.


   “As soon as I touch you where, Babe?” Sliding her hand down Desi’s stomach, into her dark forest, down to her moist wet lips Jack teased, “Here? Is this the spot?”


   Putting one leg up on the bathtub, holding both of Jack’s shoulders, Desi was hot. “Oh baby, yes there, that is the spot,” she moaned.


   “And what do you call this spot of yours?”


   “That’s my private spot, PS for short. I don’t think you have been formally introduced now, have you?” Desi teased right back.


   “By golly, you are right, we haven’t. I think we need to change that.” Kissing Desi’s flat stomach, making her way down to ‘PS’, she introduced herself. “Well hello there PS,” placing baby kisses on the outer lips, “I am Mags, short for magnet. Why magnets you ask? Well that’s simple, my mouth to you is like a magnet to steel, a perfect match.”


   “Oh baby, you are too much. Now please make me come before Tk thinks we abandoned her,” laughed Desi.


   “Did you hear that PS? She wants to come. She wants me to rock her world.” Jack teased PS with a flicker of the tongue, breathing heavy to make the anticipation even stronger. “Do you promise to scream my name in ecstasy if I do?”


   “ I promise…ohh, please don’t stop…Please baby…make …me come!”


   That was all Jack needed to hear. Desi was primed for her. She slipped two fingers into her moist ‘private spot’ and sucked her clit with hard, slow pulls.


   By the gods, she makes me feel so fucking good. Desi was riding Jack’s fingers so hard. She was convinced they would break. I don’t ever want her to stop!


   Jack was in a position that she truly loved; on the floor with her girlfriend on top, and her mouth tasting every drop that was let out. “Desi, come for me, come for me honey.”


   “More, I want more…” was all the turned on woman could get out.


   “If more is what you want, more is what you’ll get.”  With the ok, Jack put two fingers from her other hand inside of her also. “Oh my god, you are so hot. Just watching you makes me come.”  Thrusting all four fingers deeper, Jack knew it would be a matter of seconds before Desi would just let it all go.


   Throwing her head back with pleasure, Desi tried to keep her tone down. “Oh… by the gods…. Jack…Jack…I love you….”


   Desi’s whole body trembled in ecstasy. Her legs shook so badly she needed to sit down on the tub. Grabbing her lover’s face with both hands, kissing the sweat off, she just stared into Jack’s eyes.


   “Are you ok? Did I hurt you, my love?” asked Jack.


   “The only thing you hurt was my ego. You didn’t come with me.” Feeling the need to repay the favor, “ Your turn now,” she offered.


   “That’s ok baby, Tk is still out there. I’ll take an IOU for now. Wash up. I’ll meet you outside.” With that, Jack left her lover in the bathroom to recoup.


   “Hey Tk, buddy, did you get the Christmas box out of the closet?”


   As she walked into the living room there was Tk, sitting with the Star in one hand, and the tinsel in the other. There in the corner, by the window, was a fully decorated tree. Totally amazed, Jack didn’t know what to say.  Tk was a very good friend to her, one she wouldn’t trade in for all the money in the world.


   “Well don’t just stand there with your mouth open, tell me what you think. Did I decorate it to your standards? Or do you need to go back in side for round two, so I can decorate it again?” joked Tk.


   “Buddy, I am so sorry.”


   “No you’re not. You don’t have to tell me, when you need it, you have to get it. I understand better than anyone, you should know that,” said Tk. “Now I’m going to leave so you and your girl can finish decorating the tree and you can pop the question.”


   “I never said I was going to ask her tonight. What makes you say that? I said I was going to ask when time was right.”


   “Jack, you wouldn’t know the right time if it smacked you in the ass. What better time, than in front of your first Christmas tree together, after making passionate love? If you ask me, the right time just popped its head out for you.” With that Tk showed herself out.


   As Desi emerged from the bathroom, she heard the front door close. Worried that Tk was mad, she headed toward the living room to find Jack standing in front of the fully decorated tree. “Oh my, what do we have here?”


   “Well, since Tk had all this time on her hands, she decided to use it and decorate it for us. Well, with everything except the star and the tinsel,” Jack laughed. “ She knows how much I love tinsel, so she decided to let me do that part with you.”


   “That was so thoughtful her,” Desi said embarrassingly.


   Splitting up the tinsel, Jack gave Desi half. “Ok, let’s start from the back, you take the left side, I’ll take the right and we will meet up in the front. Ok?”


   Jack knew this was the time to ask Desi for her hand in marriage. I hope she doesn’t think it’s too soon to get engaged. If you love someone time shouldn’t matter, right? Right. Ok here goes nothing. Almost done with her half of the tree, Jack opened the ring box and waited patiently.


   How cute this is, we are decorating our first tree together. I hope we have many more Christmases together. I hope we have many more years together. Jack must be my soul mate. We can work through anything together. As Desi turned to the front of the tree, there was an extended arm with ring in its hand. Jack was down on one knee. She knew how her girl loved being traditional.


   “Desi, I love you. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”


   “Jack, oh my God. I don’t know what to say,” cried the happy woman.


   “Yes, would be nice,” Jack answered anxiously.


   “But…the card…Joe…don’t you think it might be too soon?”


   “Desi, I know I can be a jerk at times. Ok all the time. But I love you and with you by my side I feel we can work through anything. In time all those problems will seem minute, you just wait and see. They will fix themselves.”


   “In time, huh?”


   “Yes,” answered Jack, convinced that her lover would say no.


   “Yes Jack, I’ll marry you, but with one stipulation.”


   “I know, and I promise, in time those problems will fix themselves,” answered Jack.


   Slipping the ring on Desi’s finger, Jack knew she better get her act together, and quickly. Her plan was to get a card in the mail and Joe out of her mind for good. Could she do it? She had no other choice and didn’t have much time to do it in, either. Proving herself and her love for Desi had to be top priority. But would it be?


To be continued…


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