Forests of Eyulf: Instincts of Blue

Part 5

by Tammy

Part 5


This is a fantasy story in which the main characters may follow the archetypes represented by Xena and Gabrielle. Xena, Gabrielle and many of the characters are characterizations that are owned by Renaissance/Universal. The author of this story is merely borrowing them and their personalities . This story depicts a loving relationship between characters of the same sex. Violence occurs within the context of good fighting evil.

Thanks go to "Wishes", Barb and Linda who helped with the editing.. I also those wish to thank the many readers who encouraged me to write and continue to write this different piece of fantasy uber fiction.

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Blood’s vengeance dripped from my mouth,

Draining drip by drip in cruelest agony.

My foe is vanquished before my feet,

Staining my footprints permanently.

The path I walk is hidden neath the blood,

My quest for justice drowned in my anger.

Wounded beneath my blood stained soles,

Darkness envelops and numbs my heart.

Miraculous healing from mortal wounds,

Gentle love bathes and soothes

Green eyed innocence touches my soul,

Capturing my heart and making it hers.

Fading the stains that mark my feet,

Her lifeblood flows within my veins.


Chapter 21

Zya let out a sleepy sigh soaking in the contact of skin to human skin. She let her consciousness drift just below clarity and enjoyed the sensations. A sleep warmed cheek reached upwards to hers nuzzling it in morning greeting. The soft stroking it gave, similar to a cat marking its territory,woke her drowsy mind up just enough that she smiled. An opportunity to enjoy human form and its potential for sexual pleasure was a rarity. She had almost always performed in wolf form in previous sexual encounters. Her blood began to surge and her heart began to pound. The instinctual urge to mate called to her waking body.

Her mating cry was stifled when a warm wetness dripped down onto her chest. The wetness seemed to flow directly to her heart where it doused her primal urges . Her own blue eyes threatened to water as she lifted her mate’schin to stare into forest green eyes. It reminded her of the rushing waters of the Kildr. These tears that tore her heart like no other beast or man could ever do."Hey, little she wolf," she crooned in a whisper as she reached to wipe a tear with her tongue off of her mate’s cheek. "Me thinks this wetness does not taste of happiness or pleasure" the blue projected as she swiped the rest of the tears off of her mate’s cheek with her tongue. "Tell your mate what is bothering you so early in the morning."

"Who am I, please?" a timid voice cracked then whispered further, " you call me mate and little she wolf. Is that who I am? I don’t remember."

The older woman’s eyebrow shot up quickly. Zya had to force her face not to betray her relief by breaking into a smile. No reason to tell her a thing now is there?, she reasoned. Why risk the younger woman’s leaving her. Why risk her anger at the deaths of her foster family or this blood bonding she had not consented to?.

"You are Brielle, my mate, but I like to call you my little she wolf. Its an endearment," Zya projected. She reached out her hand and grasped the younger woman’s fingers that were rubbing her temples vigorously. "Tell me what you remember, my heart"

"Head hurts," Brielle murmured . "I remember you, your blue eyes, your warm breast’s feeding me. Is that right?"

"That’s right young she wolf. My body nourishes yours, just as your green eyes trust and feed my darkened soul," Zya spoke aloud. Her keen blue eyes quickly noted that her mate was beginning to perspire. Brielle’s green eyes also seemed to dart like the rabbits of the forest. The leader of the blacks had learned this as one of subtle signs her mate needed to feed.

"Time for breakfast, my little she wolf," Zya spoke maternally. She sat up and pulled her mate carefully onto her lap. She sensitively maneuvered her mate’s healing shoulder. ‘Ahhh", she felt and thought to herself as warm lips began to suckle and give attention to her milk filled breast. "The old Brielle of the Nadireans is no more", she thought assuring herself. Zya stared deeply into the green eyes that had so captured her heart. "She is mine now and I will kill any being that does anything to take her away from me."

{Later that day}

Large hands rotated arm and shoulder through the steamy hot waters. "Verrrrrry goooood," Zya mentally purred to her young mate with a seductive feel. Zya leaned forward in the waters into her mate’s back luxuriating in the feel of her own nipples against Brielle’s slick back.

She was intent on reaping her own rewards for this "therapeutic" session.

"Again," she whispered aloud, letting her warm breath blow into her mate’s ear. She smiled as the young innocent shivered in response. "This is to fun," she thought to herself. Brielle’s green eyes had become clearer as the day went on as well as more attentive. Zya was quickly finding that her own disciplined body seemed to awakening more as her mate’s did. Not that she was complaining"about it, she grinned. Zya picked up her mate’s wrist lifting the arm to rotate the healing shoulder once more.

"I just hope I can control it a little longer," she thought to herself encouraging her mate to lean back into her frame for a moment of rest from the exertion. She let her hand wrap around the smaller body so she could gently stroke the soft stomach.

It had been a quiet day really for Zya and Brielle. The green eyed one had stayed awake longer today but she had made no direct mental or verbal communication. It reminded Zya of a young cub taking in its surroundings. Zya had also noted that her young mate’s forest green eyes followed her blue ones more intently today when she was awake and that they appeared distressed when Zya was out of their sight for very long. Quiet was nice for a change. At home there was always a flurry of minds wanting her attention. If not that, then there were human voices calling for her ruling on something.

This young one really knew how to bring all sorts of emotions and responses out of her. Where a moment ago it was desire, now a soft, contented relaxation had seeped deeper into her body. " I did stay up pretty late talking to Mother last night," Zya thought to herself. " Maybe I will just shut my eyes here for a minute," her thoughts abruptly ended with a drowsy sigh. Her hand which seemingly had a mind of its own, drifted upwards off the stomach onto a perky round breast and settled there. Soon, the Lupus, the leader of the blacks,drifted into a light doze..

Zya felt herself be taken up into a swirl of air... round and round it took her body higher and higher. Instinct caused her to grab hold of the blonde haired body that was lifting up above hers. Zya wrapped her strong arm around the small waist pulling her mate’s chest into her own. Zya tensed as she felt her body begin its transformation into wolf form and her sharp blue wolf eyes shot open in surprise.

She was feeling some type of change in her mate as well. Brielle had developed a soft white coat of fur unlike anything she had ever seen in the Forest of Eyulf. Whiter than the snow capped mountains of the Ravi Mountains. Zya wanted to dive into the green depths of her mate’s wide wolf eyes. By the waters of the Kildr, Zya thought in awe as she mentally memorized every curve and muscle of her mate’s wolf form. Zya let her teeth nip lightly at the soft white ear under her neck. A cry louder than the rushing winds emitted from the white Ulf’s mouth causing a disturbance in the wind that held both of them aloft. Lightening flashed sending both of them downward and downward their bodies changing to human form.

Water bubbles swirled around their naked bodies and hissed from the springs where the two women sat. Zya opened her eyes cautiously. Her arms instantly clutched the smaller head that was falling into the waters below. What just happened here, Zya projected to no one it particular. "What just happened here?" she asked herself as she scanned the perimeter of the cave. Aura bounded out from the sleeping furs and danced around her nervously. "Aura," she spoke aloud reaching out a wet finger to touch the ferret’s nose. "Yeeess," she clucked reassuring the small animal, "go tell Nyka everything is ok… go on…," Zya encouraged the small creature. She watched as the small furry creature scurried outside the cave. It chattered noisily at the big horse who responded by calling to Zya in understanding.

Zya turned her attention back to her still non-responsive mate. She gently rubbed

her mate’s soft cheek. "She wolf," she crooned causing blonde eyelashes to blink and then open. The naked form slipped her body closer. Zya glanced upwards. The rock walls glowed red . "It was not a vision," Zya thought to herself. " Such power," she murmured. remembering touching Brielle’s mark . The leader of the Blacks turned her mind to focus totally on the waking half ulf in her arms. "Relax," she projected into the younger woman’s head,

"Can you hear me my little she wolf?" The younger woman turned her chest into Zya’s and burrowed her head into Zya’s breasts.

"I was, you were … then you were…then the beasts.. large, big teeth," Brielle mumbled without looking up her body trying to scoot impossibly closer.

"Oh, my heart, there is nothing to fear," Zya projected kissing her mate’s head softly. Quickly Zya projected the vision in Brielle’s mind , "Is this is what you saw?" Zya felt her breasts jiggle as her mate nodded her head. "Have you not noticed how I call you she wolf?" Zya tilted the younger woman’s chin so there eyes met. "Answer," Zya commanded in a gentle projection.

Brielle hesitantly nodded.

"You and I carry two forms, dear one. Do not fear or try to understand. Just accept," Seya spoke aloud as she started stroking her mate’s hair. "I am a blue eyed wolf as dark as night. And you my dear one are my mate, my bonded one, who also has blood of a wolf. One day, as the vision showed us both, you will be a beautiful white wolf, as white as the stars above."

"I am so confused, I don’t remember, The beasts seem so scary."

"Do you fear me Brielle?"

"No!" Brielle spoke emphatically. This caused Zya to smile a big smile. "You are so dear to me little she wolf," she thought to herself.

"Then trust me and don’t fear the blue eyed wolf and the white of the vision. You and I come from a long line of wolves . Everything will be ok. This, and your wolf self you will come to understand and accept with time. For now, don’t fear me… because both in this present form that holds you tight and the form of the dark wolfof the night love you very much."


"Ok." Zya repeated lowering her lips down to kiss her mate softly. In the back of her mind now she let her mind ponder. "Brielle and I must be like some kind of conductors because of our signs. There is such a power there," she thought. She bent her head down and kissed her mate’s forehead once again.


Chapter 22

The young adult brown shifted nervously on his paws. Cocking his brown ear upwards, he listened to the creatures of the forest say farewell to the night. A juju cricket hopped in front of him startling him. Tree frogs serenaded him in excited chirps. The effect was that Knutt, son of Nalek, shoulders tightened. and he began a light pant. "Pull yourself together," he chided himself.

The moon had already passed through three quarters of it’s cycle. The moon’s descent illuminating the sacred tree’s long straight limbs. With sunrise approaching, Knutt knew if he lingered here much longer, he would raise attention to himself when entering the lair of the blacks. Knutt paced in the pine needles back and forth. The son of Nalek also knew if any of his brothers or sisters saw him here in a secret tryst with a red, he would be killed on the spot.

Knutt’s brown eyes widened in suprise when he heard a thud behind him. Before

he had time to react he felt an excruciating pain as jaws clamped down on his bony shoulder.

It sent him down on the dew wet ground with a quick thud. Being held down in a subordinate

position, he struggled to see who held him down. He was unsure if he rather it be a red or

one of his fellow blacks.

"Son of Nalek," Drad of the reds projected before he released a dangerous growl. His actions showing clearly his power and the belief of his superiority. "You take great risk with your own brothers. You either are a fool or a Ulf with a death wish. Your information better be worth this meeting or you will be dead before full sunrise," Drad continued. He nipped at the other ulf’s paws ignoring his yips of pain. "Such a weakling" he thought to himself.

"Mighty Drad," Knutt projected as he whined in obvious discomfort. "If you release me, we may conclude our business sooner and waste no further of your precious time," Knutt hoped his choice of words would cause the red leader to release him. Drad bit down hard then released him. The red had a tendency to be rough with subordinates. Blood matted in the brown Ulf’s coat. "Your word of honor as an Ulf, information for our pre-arrangement?"

"Yes, yes, go on CUB!" Dad ‘s projection was crisp and loud. "Tell me why Zya does not lead your pack these last moonfalls?"

"She has taken a mate and is with her in the secret place of the blue," Knutt projected. He sighed with lessening anxiety as the older ulf stepped backward. The leader’s distance made him feel less threatened.

"It is not yet the spring mating. What has caused her to move in such haste?" Drad projected

not looking up at his informant.

"The sign of Ulf," Knutt projected with a gleam in his eye. He confidently felt not only he would live to see sunrise but he would gain what he sought.

"Explain yourself," Drad projected his heart pumping. His tail swished back and forth in long swishes.

"Not until I have proof of your end of our arrangement," Knutt projected unable to mask his growing nervousness. He began to question whether Drad’s temper might be released upon him. Knutt barely had time to react as he dodged a slash from a long red paw.

"Listen to me you impudent piece of scat, I should tear your head from your neck with my jaws," Drad projected his threat with a red gleam in his eye. Knutt started to pant at the ulf’s demon eyes. The leader of the reds charged pushing the black with his muscled shoulder sending him sprawling on the ground. The leader sniffed the air scenting his brothers. He looked over to yellow eyes in the bushes.

"I see my father first," Knutt projected desperately, "You kill me and you learn nothing more."

"You try my patience, scat," Drad projected then loudly thumped his tail. After he then flicked his right ear, a red wolf trotted out of the bushes with a bloody cloth in his jaws. "Smell," Drad commanded at the same time the bulky other red dropped the bloody cloth.

Knutt leaned over wary and snuffed. The fur that was standing on end relaxed as he

smelled his father’s familiar scent. He glanced at the horizon with the corner of his eye. The

crickets songs had ended. Dawn approached. He hurried with his information, he needed

to get back. "The girl, the one Zya challenged you for, the Nadirean, she carries the sign

of Ulf."

"So, Zya had bonded with her to tap into her powers. She plans to use them against

me, to take over the reds.," Drad projected to the son of Nalek.. "Sign of Ulf,"

he repeated to himself. The leader of the reds spun around and trotted at a relaxed

pace into a thicket of tall pines. His form was quickly camaflouged. " Fool", he projected

as he began a faster pace. The leader mused at this young black’s naive nature. He had personally killed Nalek this morning as the black traitor stumbled into red hunting grounds.

As the sun rose over the horizon, he stood erectly on human legs. "Kill him," the leaders

voice echoed through the forest to his subordinate fighters. Drad’s keen hearing located the

scream of a mortal blow. He nodded and yawned heading to his lair to sleep and plan his next


Knutt’s barely conscious body heard the leader’s loud voice, "Join your father in the stomach of the Reds."


Chapter 23

The mother Lupus sat regally on her golden war horse reflecting on the information that she had received since moonrise. She fingered her knife restlessly. Tensions between the Reds and Blacks were escalating to the point a challenge for control of both territories It was merely a matter of time. She had seen that it was inevitable even before her spies returned at about a half moon descent ago. Reina grimaced as she thought of the causalities, though two of the three black spies had returned with minor injuries. One Red had been killed in a skirmish. Not only had her spies confirmed the suspicions that Nalek had made his way to Red territory, but they had returned with Nalek’s severed head.

Reina made a conscious effort to think positively noting that at least Nalek would no longer be a threat to her daughter, the reining Lupus, or to her blood mated, Brielle. Now, the older blue sat waiting on her niece, Maya. Maya had projected as the moon was two thirds down into the trees that she had spotted Knutt, son of Nalek, covertly making his way towards the Black’s territory line with theRreds. With Reina’s blessing Maya had made pursuit.

Reina sat squared her shoulders looking to the treeline. She thought of her niece who had a reputation of having some of the keenest senses.

Though still relatively young, Zya had appointed her to the second highest position as a guarding wolf. A position Maya took very seriously, thus earning respect of even the older guarding wolves. The older blue spotted a tall, muscled naked female running in long strides toward her. Reina’s stern expression softened as her brother’s middle daughter cleared the thickest of the pine trees and dashed to her aunt. The young woman paused respectively waiting Reina’s bidding. Reina patted her Palomino affectionately as she nodded to her well mannered niece to come forward to her. Reina, known respectively as the Mother Lupus, was respected and revered for her strength, cunning and sharp mind. The fact that she had officially passed on the title of Lupus to her daughter was of little consequence. Reina still was a strong leader among the Blacks and a direct advisor to her daughter, the reining Lupus. Maya, like all of the clan of black’s, followed Reina’s leadership without question. Reina had proven over time her service to her people in both the healing arts and that of leadership. The young women with long brown hair knelt lowering her eyes at her Aunt in reverence. "Mother Lupus," Maya spoke not looking up, her body tense and sweaty.

"Rise, Maya," Reina spoke in a voice as serious as her niece’s. When Maay’s head rose, Reina sent her niece a familial mental caress. Her niece’s response was to exhale the breath she had been holding and roll her head trying to relax. The older blue tossed her niece a fresh white tunic and handed down her own waterskin. Maya nodded a thank-you and lifted the skin high in the air taking large gulps.

"Knutt has turned traitor to his own," Maya spoke after handing back the waterskin. She was unable to repress her emotions and a low growl erupted from her mouth.

"He and Drad met at the border of our mutual territories," May’s bared her teeth, her anger becoming less restrained. "Young one," Reina spoke, "the heat of your boiling blood bubbles very closely to explosion.

Your emotions will then project to the whole pack and incite them to violence if you don’t reign in your emotions." Reina hopped off her horse’s back then grasped her niece’s hand with both strength and love. "Let us reach to Zya with a mental connection so she may hear your words, too." Reina motioned her niece onto the soft grass and sat beside her.

Reina touched her index finger to Maya’s temple and then contacted her daughter. "Ok, Maya go on with your report, "Reina mentally projected to her niece.

"In the belly of the Reds, my leaders," the guard projected much calmer now, "I watched him be strangled by reds and torn to bits."

Reina nodded feeling her daughter’s strong response.

"Fitting justice to a traitor," Zya projected to her mother and cousin.

"I was unable to hear much because of my need to stay downwind," Maya explained.

"I could easily read his lips though as he changed at day break."

"Your keen eyes are a blessing to our clan, Maya," Zya projected her compliment, "Tell us what you understood."

"I was to far to hear much of what was said. But I clearly watched his mouth movements say Sign of Ulf. My leaders, it seems Knutt had traded information in hope’s of guaranteeing his father’s asylum to the Reds."

"Nalek was killed sometime in the night by Reds," Reina quickly filled her daughter in as she jumped quickly onto her horse. "Drad will surely attempt to acquire Brielle to tap into her power. If Knutt discovered that there was only a blood bond," Reina’s projection ceased as she thought to herself.

"If Drad were to mate with Brielle first, while she is in her virginal state all ownership would become his," Zya finished her mother’s thought.

"Zya, you are the strongest of the Eyulf and the most talented fighter," Maya projected to her cousin, " But you alone can not defeat all the Red’s if they attack you for Brielle."

"Maya is right daughter. There is defense in numbers. Our clan will loyally defend and protect

your blood mate to safeguard the Sign of Uulf. It can not be left to be abused by our unhonorable

Red cousins," Reina projected her mind already refocusing it to plan their next move. "Maya, have Kern and several volunteers go to the closest Nadirean settlement. I believe one was discovered just yesterday by one of our patrols towards the border with the Reds. Tell Kern to make sure they inflict some damage to the village’s livestock and to lead the Reds towards the settlement."

"To keep Drad busy tonight," Maya grinned as she projected.

"And tomorrow night or the next if we are lucky. The Nadireans have recently entailed a lot of losses by the Blacks, Reds and Silvers. The gods will surely be with us in this full moon tonight. The Nadireans will give chase to the Reds." Zya finished her thoughts.

"I must return home tonight, Mother. Brielle’s and my mating ceremony must occur

on tonight’s full moon.. She is mine and so shall the law of ulf recognize," Zya emphatically

projected to her mother alone.

"Maya,my dear one," Reina projected to her niece. "Go now, have the women start preparations for the mating ceremony of the Lupus and her bride, the new Lupi." Maya nodded and started towards the dens. The young women heard her aunt project to the brother and sister Blacks alike, "Tonight Zya returns to make the one with the sign hers. All Blacks are now on alert. Teldar, you are in charge of the mating platform. I go to my daughter. Tonight will be a special night my people. A night of tradition, desire and ecstasy."

Chapter 24

Brielle stretched out her trembling hand, tentatively reaching a finger to touch the thick  black fur. She had seen with her own eyes Zya change into this large blue eyed beast. But yet, something deep inside her was very afraid. "Its ok, she wolf," the voice of her mate sounded off in her head., "touch me." Brielle, gulped and looked down at the ferret in her lap. "She did not seem afraid," she mused "so why should I?" Brielle said to herself. The half ulf’s green eyes hardened in resolve not to be ruled by fear. This was her mate after all. No matter what she looked like at the moment. Brielle’s hand came to rest on top of the large beast’s head. It was so soft, the hair so thick and lush. "Touch me," the voice echoed again in Brielle’s mind. The large wolf stepped closer to her sitting mate. Very slowly, Zya craned her head upwards her blue eyes calling to the green one’s of her blood bonded. As Brielle’s shaky hand slid to her muzzle,

Zya snaked out her pink tongue and licked her. This caused Brielle to squeal in both delight and shock.

"Tasty," Zya projected snaking her tongue out and licking the wrist of her mate. Zya was intentionally trying to lighten Brielle’s mood. The strong bond she shared with this half Nadirean had made her sensitive to Brielle’s clammy skin and sharp short breaths.

Zya put her front paws on her mate’s lap and stretched her neck upwards. "Smell Brielle,"

Zya projected, "It is Zya, your mate, my anxious she wolf."

Brielle’s nose got tickled in the dense fur and sneezed. "It is YOU," Brielle said aloud. "How, I mean, why, I mean, can I do that, too?" Brielle picked up the ferret and placed Aura on her good shoulder. She sat astounded and watched intently. She marveled as the wolf’s blue eyes blink and the Zya she knew crouch before her.

Zya took her mate’s hand in hers and sat beside her. Zya rubbed her mate’s palm softly in a loving, soothing motion. "So much you want to ask, understand, my Brielle, I see how it effects you so," Zya spoke aloud , "We will take this very slow, ok?"

Brielle frowned in frustration then nodded . She knew Zya was probably right. This whole thing did feel sort of amazing and overwhelming. Troubled, she asked, " Zya, how come I don’t remember? I don’t remember you, our bonding. I don’t feel like a wolf."

Zya’s mind thought quickly. She had to be very careful in her answers. She could not risk frightening her mate . She neither would risk telling her anything and risk loosing this woman who had become so precious to her. It was not merely because of the mark or their undeniable attraction between the two of them. If Zya admitted it, it was love too. A love of such magnitude that she had never experienced with anyone previously. Never in any of her relationships with family,nd a never with any of the sexual encounterst that she participated in when the full moon rose. Such encounters seemed meaningless as she thought of what she felt towards her blood bonded. Zya sighed and pulled her mate close into her naked frame. In the distance, birds chirped .

"This has to be hard for you, I can only imagine your confusion and fear. No memories or remembrances of the past," Zya spoke as her hand reached around to thread through long blonde tresses. "You have been very sick, and had a high fever. Sometimes with fever, there is a loss of memory. Sometimes one has to relearn things, known things. It happened when you hurt your shoulder."

Brielle nodded listening closely. Her cheek fell automatically to Zya’s large breasts. "You and I are mates Brielle. The signs you and I both carry are a testament that we were foreshadowed to be so. When I first saw you, I knew we had a destiny together. You became injured by our rival cousins, the Red wolves. That is what you are still recovering from now."

"I don’t, I’m sorry, I don’t remember, tell me more about us Zya"

"We are still very new in our mating bond, she wolf. I have stood on the sacred rock of our people and declared you my mate. We have ceremonially joined with the mixing of our blood together. But since you fell wounded and ill, there is still a part of the bonding ritual that is yet to be accomplished."

"So we aren’t.."

"No, Brielle, now you listen to me," Zya tilted the soft small chin upwards and stared intently into the forest green eyes. "Calm down and listen carefully. In the eyes of your people and mine, the Black wolves, we are joined and are mates. But in order for nobody to dispute this and seek to claim YOU as there own, you and I must join physically. Do you understand now?"

"No, yes," Brielle uttered. "Zya, what do you mean join physically?"

It was hard for Zya not to break into laughter. How could anyone be that innocent?

"She’s a virgin remember, and not raised among the ulf to see copulation take place on full moons when sexual desire run rampant in primal urges. Nor has she seen the mating period of spring," Zya reminded herself.

Zya pulled her mate on her lap and rubbed her mate’s back up and down her spine.

This caused Brielle to moan, shiver and instinctively nestle closer. "Brielle," she projected "How doe my touch make you feel?"

Brielle shyly hid her face in Zya’s breast. Zya groanedto herself knowing that the

Nadireans had influenced her mate’s shyness and ignorance of sex. Her impression of the whole race was a people without the concept of sex beyond anything but procreating children, and then

it was a very closeted secretive subject not a topic of open discussion..

"Tell me your heart, Brielle, I can sense your feelings," Zya said aloud encouraging Brielle’s

acknowledgment of their growing physical attraction. "You like it don’t you?

It feels good, warm, pleasurable?"

Brielle nodded and grinned. "You mean there is more? it gets better?"

Zya laughed aloud, so loud in fact that Aura hopped off of Brielle’s shoulder. The small ferret stood in her hind legs and chattered at Zya angrily for disturbing her nap with her loudness. " Ohh Aura, you sleep to much anyway. Go play with Nyka," Zya spoke laughing. She smiled as the white ferret left chattering all the way towards the grazing horse.

"Now, where was I? Ohh yes," Zya spoke aloud. She absently started working the muscles in Brielle’s healing shoulder as she talked. "My she wolf, yes there is more,and tonight you and I will partake of it together."

Chapter 25

Zya tightened Nyka’s saddle, and patted the ebony mare lovingly. The horse butted her hand and whinnied.. "My strong Nyka I fear you and I will see some battle soon,". Zya projected privately to the war horse. "’There is no horse braver or stronger I would want to ride into warfare."

Zya’s blue eyes scanned from the belongings that were packed for the trip home to the young woman soaking in the late morning sun. She sat on a bear skin gently stroking the chattering ferret’s belly. She knew that Brielle would not go without the small animal.

So Zya had already fashioned a rabbit skin pouch onto Nyka’s saddle horn . She knew better than to separate her mate from the small white ferret. Brielle was going into an unfamiliar,

strange place for her . Zya wanted to do all in her power to place some familiar things around her mate to ease her transition into the pack. Being leader of the Black’s had it’s advantages. There was no way any of her brother or sister Black’s would EAT the rodent without incurring her wrath. Any accusations she was growing soft with her allowances for her mate, she would challenge in combat below the sacred rock.

Zya stared at Brielle with mild concern. She regretted the amount of stresses she had placed upon her mate this day. Seeing her mate change form had been hard enough on the half- wolf. That fact compounded with the knowledge of the upcoming mating and today’s return to a whole community of wolf creatures was almost too much for anyone to bear all at once.

Zya would not overwhelm the girl with the fact that she was leader of these "scary animals" until they reached the outskirts of Black’s territory.

In her own world, Brielle slowly stretched her arms forward and placed them on the bear skin. She then arched her back so that she was standing on all fours. Brielle closed her green eyes and grunted in frustration. "She’s trying to change form," Zya thought to herself as she watched her mate’s actions. While sympathizing with her mate’s situation, she felt her loins grow warm. She was relieved her mate could hold herself up on her knees with arms supporting her back. It would make tonight a whole lot easier to hold to custom followed in the mating bond ceremony. But enough of such thoughts, she told herself.

"She wolf, she wolf," she spoke aloud .

Brielle ignored her scrunching her face up in frustration.

"What’s wrong? why cant I..?" Brielle thought to herself. Beads of frustration appeared on her forehead. Brielle’s thoughts were interrupted by a mental projection from her dominant mate.

"BBBrrr i eeelllllll eee" Zya projected, "Sit down!" The leader of the Blacks could feel her mate’s growing frustration. "So you are the type to block everything out accept the goal at hand," Zya thought to

herself. It wasn’t that she was both pleased by this fact, but, Brielle was ignoring her

physical limitations. " That was something one could not afford to do in the forest if you

wish to survive," Zya murmured to herself.

"Feisty one, isn’t she? " Zya heard Reina project as she pulled Andromada to a stop "It reminds

of a certain blue eyed daughter of mine." Zya raised an eyebrow up at the older blue and rolled her

eyes. "She’s definitely got that Ulf stubborn sprit," Reina added patting Adromada’s side before she soundlessly dismounted from the golden mare.

"Not now Mother," Zya projected. The younger blue really was in no mood for her mother’s amused bantering. "Well she better learn right now to listen to me or she could end up dead!"

the younger blue thought. Zya’s hands unconsciously balled into two tight fists.

This time the elder blues raised an eyebrow. "Zya, Brielle is not one of our hunters, scouts

nor a seasoned fighter. She is like unto a young cub unskilled, curious and innocent. She

needs love in the form of nurturing sensitive discipline and patient teaching," Reina



She gave her child a mental caress and smiled when it was not only accepted

but returned. "Stay where you are and be silent daughte,r" Reina commanded softly.

"Young one?" Reina spoke aloud .She stooped down gently encircling Nali’s child’s waist . She

then lowered herself and Brielle onto the bear skin . Feeling Brielle tense, the older blue started

soft, tiny stokes along Brielle’s upper right arm. She dipped her neck forward so green eyes could

meet her blue.

Green eyes blinked widened then intently stared.

"My little she wolf," Zya sent a projection in a mental whisper, "see you yet another pair of eye’s of blue?" The younger blue sat on the animal skin and gently lifted Brielle to her muscled thighs. "Look at me Brielle," Zya spoke aloud.

Feeling her mate’s displeasure, Brielle lifted her green eyes slowly. "When I speak to you, I expect not only your attention but obedience," Zya spoke aloud. The leader of the black’s visage was sharp, her voice crisp. "It could mean not only your life but your clan’s the Blacks."

Brielle nodded her green eye’s tearing. "I just wanted to....," the Nali’s child whispered in faint

voice. ." Sorry," Brielle murmured. Her green eyes stared off in the direction of the sacred forest.

"My little she wolf," Zya spoke gently. She wrapped her arms around her young mate’s

tummy and rubbed it soothingly. "Just improve, little she wolf, just improve," Zya projected.

She dipped her head and kissed the blonde’s soft hair.

Reina smiled at the interaction. She met her daughter’s blue eyes and nodded. "Brielle is like a young new pine seedling. The seedling has promise of a long life tall and strong but it starts it’s life tender and small.," Reina entreated her child in a mental projection.

Knowing that they all were expected back by nightfall, Reina cleared her throat. She

patted Nali’s child’s leg lightly.. "Its good to see you feeling better little one."

Noting Brielle’s quizzical expression, Zya leaned her head over to the blonde’s ear.

"This is my Mother, Reina," the leader of the black’s spoke. "She delivered you from

your mother’s womb."

Brielle looked at this stranger curiously. Her green eyes opened in wonder at this

woman’s eyes. It was the exact blue her mate had. "If she has known me my whole life, why should

I be afraid?" the blonde thought. Brielle felt a calmness and familiarity with her mate’s mother. With Zya holding her close, feeling their skins connect she let her fear dissipate. She reached

out her hand tentatively to the older blue’s outstretched hand. "Hello," Brielle spoke shyly.

Reina saw the her best friend’s child grimace. "Are you in pain little one?". She placed a warm hand on her daughter’s mate’s shoulder. She felt methodically all over the arm and shoulder. "Your healing arts and your milk are healing her up nicely, my child’," Reina projected to her daughter.

Younger blue eyes connected with her mother’s eyes and gave her mother a slight nod. She was feeling her breasts becoming heavy with milk again. "When Brielle feeds she should sleep most of the ride home," the younger blue projected her thoughts to her mother.

"Your shoulder is getting so much better but you must be patient, little one,its not healed," Reina spoke. She stood up walked to Andromada’s saddle bag and pulled out some salve . Kneeling by her child’s mate

she rubbed some salve on the shoulder. "There, Brielle, that should help the soreness, Just take it

easy ok?" she smiled ruffling the blonde’s hair.



Chapter 26

Teldar motioned to the two young men who stood on the platform above him. Myn gave the elder Black a quick nod, patting his brother, Zyr, on the shoulder. Zyr hammered the last nail in the newly constructed wooden platform .

"We are finished Teldar, two paces above the sacred rock," the older brother exclaimed. He jumped from the platform with a thud . Myn picked his vest from the ground and wiped away a half days sweat.

The younger Black backed down a four steps of the ladder he himself had built earlier

in the day. Standing back a few steps, he took in the contraption Teldar had directed from the sacred scrolls. Meticulously, the older man had inspected every step. A carpenter apprentice to his

older brother, Zyr knew this mating platform ‘s construction must be perfect if the gods were to bless tonight’s mating ceremony. With the trouble with their Red cousins, along with Teldar

looking over his shoulder the whole time hr was working , his blood was on slow boil. In a way he wished he was going on Reina’s commanded mission for moon fall. But, his brother and he had been instructed by Kern that their service tonight was needed to guard their dwellings and lands.

Zyr looked over at his brother and Teldar. Both were nodding at the platform and

pointing to this and that. Zyr wiped his black hair from his sweaty face and did his own inspection. Over the sacred rock, a long platform stood supported by four thick logs. The pine was excellent quality.

it had been cut from the forest on the current leader’s first birthday. This was a long custom of the black clan. The wood had been carefully stored and aged waiting for it’s usage on this day. After tonight’s

ceremony, the platform would be carefully taken apart and stored. It would be re-constructed on the day Zya would present her heir.

Due to the fact that their leader was mating with a non-shapeshifter, special allowances were added to the platform. A small ladder was mounted to the right side. A large sky blue mat would be

placed over the platform. Teldar had requested this after reasoning that the girl, Brielle, would skin her body up if left to mate on the wooden surface.

Zyr was proud of the four posts on the edge of the platform. He had placed them directly over the platform’s legs. They raised upwards to a black canopy. The moon would shine directly through the hole in the canopy onto the couple at high moon rise. The moon was such an integral part of their society, its blessing on the union was important. The moon would also serve as a light so there would be no dispute that the pair had mated.

So lost was he in thought, he did not immediately hear his brother’s distinctive yip. "Day Dreaming about mating that petite female, Eanne?" Myn joked.

The younger brother countered in a growl of warning. "I have just enough time to clean up before our watch starts," Zyr spoke and then walked off.

Watching his brother scurry off, Myn said his farewell to the respected elder black and followed his brother.

Teldar’s sharp eyesight spotted his nephew, Kerri. The boy rolled his eyes and bid his friends to go hunting without him. Kerri had looked forward to hunting for game for the mating feast tomorrow for the newly mated couple. Now it seemed he would be running his uncle’s errands. And he would bet all the stars in the sky that his Uncle would keep him busy till Zya and grandmother arrived

"Kerri, go get your mother and tell her the women can lay out the matting and to bring the canopy also" Teldar projected. He watched the boy say something to one of this companion’s and take off to find his mother. "He is a good boy," he muttered to himself as he walked to the holy cave. That was where all the sacred scrolls were kept. Some ceremonies occurred here. But at the moment he was going after the sacred cape of the blue. Zya would need it tonight and the late afternoon breeze would air it out nicely


Angus’s eyes shifted from the ten pairs of yellow eyes overlooking this Nadirean village to the

men streaming out of their tents. To the young red, the Nadireans seemed to be spewing out of

their lairs like angry fire ants. At this moment he wished they were fire ants instead of

wretched foul smelling Nadireans, who carried clubs, axes and bow and arrow.

Angus twisted his neck to the left as a burning arrow sailed past him. "This is not

what I had in mind when I chased that teenage Black off of Red territory," he said to himself. The eager young Red gave into blood lust instead of common sense when he had chased the Black here to this new Nadirean lair. He could hear his father now warning him to always keep his senses alert. He had

lifted his call of battle when he had left Red territory. At the moment he was not sure he wanted their rescuing by those Reds who responded to his call or if it would be smarter to die here in battle. Least then he would be considered a hero to all Ulf..

Cornered by what looked like farmers, he ran into a pen of goats. He blanched as he took note of all the bleeding or dying livestock. Seeing the many wolf prints he knew he had been set up. He could smell the scent of theBblack Ulf upwind.

"There he is men! " a boisterous voice yelled several paces away. "Come back to finish the livestock,

that beastie."

"I’m a Red damn it, not one of those blithering Blacks on the hillside.," he thought to himself.

He sniffed the air and darted under a wagon. "Gone!" he realized as he checked the hillside.

The bash of a club against the wagon startled him. In the distance he could already hear Drad’s battle cry. Angus could sense his brothers’ lust. It soaked through his red coat into his heart. Burning, Burning.


Drad sniffed he air deciphering his Reds were the only Ulf in this newly discovered settlement. The young wolf was familiar. It hit him that the boy was one of his many bastard sons. He watched the the young Red leap forward grasping hold of a Nadirean man’s neck and clamping down.

Drad signaled attack . Though he had plans to search for Zya tonight, dstruction of all

Nadireans was always a priority. Drad dropped the arm in his mouth. He watched the violent

frenzy before him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the one credited for finding this new

Nadirean settlement. He was dead, an ax rested in his skull. "Such is war," the leader of the Reds

mused to himself. He leapt and arched his body upwards another prey.


The lifting yellow moon rose gracefully on the sacred trees of Eyulf. The night breeze whistled in the branches sending the pine’s song as far as the Adean plains. It was on nights such

as this one that blood of the Ulf erupted in primal excitement. On such nights the Nadirean

people hovered in their homes. The tales from the aged of the mischief of the forest seemed more

believable on such nights. The constant echoes of the wild beast of the forest stirred the bravest to board their windows.

Ten pairs of yellow eyes stood side by side on the Forest’s edge. Their earlier mission complete, they awaited the two blue and the blonde that carried the sign..

"Remember, the warning of the blue, the blood bond of our leader has made the signed small onepart of our own. Her past is no more, and those who speak of her or to her about it will be challenged on the sacred rock in a fight to the death," Kern projected to the standing Ulf. He had spent this day of preparations reminding this fact to all the den, young and old. He pointed his muzzle in the air then sniffed. "They come," he projected to all the black.

Continued..Part 6

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