Irrefutable Evidence Part Two by CN Winters

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Morning rush filled the station house as Angie searched for Denise through the crowded precinct. Human chatter around the water cooler and clicking keyboards invaded her ears as her eyes wandered around the busy room for her partner.

"Where’s VanCook?" Angie asked one of her colleagues.

"I ain’t seen her all morning," he replied.

Angie rolled her eyes and continued her search. An uncooperative perp, fighting his way into the lock up cell almost knocked her over. Angie, side stepped the commotion, as if nothing happened. It was a testament to how long she had been on the force. Just another day in the life. She was on her way to the front door when the desk sergeant stopped her.

"Hey Michaels!" he yelled, halting her movements. "VanCook called. She’s at the 12nd. They got your shooter. And they’re bringing him back here."

"Great!" Angie said walking back toward him. "Anything else?"

"Yeah," he answered, handing her a folder. "Here. She needs you to call the witness. She’s going to stop by her house after she wraps up the details over at the 12th. She needs the witness ready to go."

Angie took the folder with a small grin. "Okay, I’ll be in the office until she gets in."

The desk sergeant nodded and went back to his duties.

Angie rushed back through the traffic in the office and dialed Sara’s number. After the third ring, she got an answer.


"Hello, this is Sgt. Michaels with the Detroit Police Department. Is this Sara Langforth?"

"Yes," Sara replied trying to hide the sleepy tone in her voice but failing.

"Sorry to wake you but I wanted to inform you that we have a suspect in custody and we need you to come to the precinct to make a positive identification. Lt. VanCook is already on the way to your home . . . Do you think you’ll be ready when she arrives?"

Sara was still in her black satin nightshirt. She was about to answer when she heard a knock at her door.

"No," Sara replied, rising from the bed. "I think she’s already here. Can you hold on Sgt. Michaels?"

"Certainly," she replied graciously.

Angie paused impatiently and then heard a door open and two feminine voices begin talking.

"It’s Lt. VanCook," Sara spoke into the receiver. "Would you like to speak with her while I get ready?"

"Please," Angie answered.

With that, Sara handed the phone to Denise, who was still mesmerized by the sight of Sara, half dressed. The nightshirt was short, exposing her smooth thighs and curvy calves. She was shorter than Denise but Sara’s legs looked like they made up most of the blonde’s height.

"It’s Sgt. Michaels," Sara said as Denise took the phone. "I’m going to hop in the shower. Make yourself comfortable.""

Without a word, Denise took the phone and watched Sara depart to the recesses of the apartment. Denise studied the sway in Sara’s hips and the way the shirt rose as she walked, exposing her cheeks. Denise knew Sara was totally nude underneath and the desire to follow her was overwhelming. Her thoughts however were interrupted by Angie’s voice on the other end."

"Denise? Are you there?"

"Hey!" Denise greeted. "What’s up?"

"I was about to ask you the same question," Angie teased.

"Oh right," Denise replied a bit dazed. Sara may have left the room but she possessed a large portion of Denise’s attention.

"Are you okay?" Angie asked concerned, sensing something amiss with her partner.

‘Damn’. Denise thought. ‘That woman knows me too well’. Instead of giving any details to her momentary lack of focus, Denise stuck to business. "I’m great actually. Uniforms picked up DeVittem. They should be there any second. They found the weapon on him but I think we’re still waiting on the forensics report from the M.E. to match the bullet."

"Well I haven’t heard from the M.E. yet. I’ve been looking for you."

"I’m sorry," Denise apologized. "I got an early start this morning. I told Wagner to tell you when you came in today but he must have missed you."

"That’s okay," Angie said. Denise could hear the grin in her voice. "I’ll call the examiner’s office and see if they have anything for us. When do you think you’ll be here?"

"As long as it takes Miss Langforth to get ready. I’m hoping not long."

"Well I’ll get started on this end. I’ll see ya soon. Bye Den."

"Bye Angie."

Denise grinned as she turned off the cordless phone. She and Angie had been partnered ever since they were uniform. In all their years together they had seen just about everything on the job imaginable – some things unimaginable. But through it all they each other’s backs. Denise felt lucky, even blessed, to have Angie on her side.

Denise took her surroundings as she heard the shower running. Pieces of ancient pottery sat on a few marble tables. White carpeting lined the floor. Black leather furniture gave a brilliant contrast to the room that was illuminated by standing halogen lights.

Across from the sofa stood a huge bookcase. A large assortment of books, ranging from Greek mythology to contemporary society, filled the shelves. Dickens, Poe, Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Rice, King – They filled the case along with books on psychology, autobiographies, plays and various non-fictions.

Denise, in her keen observation skills, noticed not only was Sara well read but all the books were hardcover – not a single paperback. She pulled down a book called "From Rape to Reverence." The binding was bent, indicating that the book had been read – perhaps many times. So she picked another and another and another. All the bindings were bent. Many people had large libraries; mostly for show. This woman, however, seemed well versed on nearly everything in life and literature.

"Death of a Salesman is one of my favorites too."

Denise turned around to see Sara tiptoed over her shoulder, cloaked in nothing except a wet towel. Denise hastily shoved the book back into its proper place.

"I’m sorry," Denise replied, flustered for prying into her library and her sudden arousal at the sight of Sara.

"That’s quite alright . . . Do you see anything you’d like to take home?" Sara asked. Her suggestive tone didn’t go unnoticed by Denise. She could feel the hair on the back of her neck rise to attention.

Denise lost her breath. With Sara dripping wet, with only inches between them the officer felt her temperature rise and wondered if it showed on her face. She watched as Sara licked her lips waiting for a response. To say one million erotic thoughts ran through Denise mind in those two seconds was an understatement. Her libido however couldn’t rule her actions or judgement. Sara was important, too important, to her current case. She could not by any means be involved with the key witness who might testify against one of the biggest suspected drug dealers in the city.

"It’s a hard decision," Denise replied, facing the bookcase again.

Sara stepped even closer. Close enough that Denise could smell her recently strawberry shampooed hair.

"May I make a suggestion?" Sara asked softly.

"Sure," Denise answered, trying her damnedest to keep her voice even but failing miserable.

Sara heard the effect she was having on the officer. She couldn’t contain the satisfied smirk on her lips. She reached past Denise, her breasts lightly inclined on the back of the lieutenant’s arm. Without conscience thought, Denise found herself leaning back, straining to get closer to Sara’s body, under the guise of giving the blonde more room to search the bookcase.

With quick, nimble fingers Sara found the book she was searching for. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around the spine and pulled it from the case – gently handing it to Denise.

"This is my absolute favorite," Sara commented as she handed the large book to Denise. "I love ancient Greek literature."

Denise began to thumb through the pages, stopping at the table of contents.

"As you can see, nearly every great Greek story is in there. Some written by Greeks and some stories by ‘outsiders’ who’ve written tales about ancient Greece," Sara explained, still looking over Denise’s shoulder. "Everything from Oedipus to my personal favorite, is inside."

Sara’s index finger skimmed down the page stopping at a certain page number. Denise smiled when she looked over at the title – "The Isle of Lesbos."

"I assume you’ve heard of this one," Sara said bewitchingly upon noticing the smile on Denise’s face.

"Yeah . . . It’s one of the first, if not the first, literary and historical references to lesbianism."

"I’m impressed," Sara replied with both surprise and admiration.

"Please, don’t be impressed. I had to take a course in lit at college . . . It just kinda stuck with me I guess."

"Well, I’m still impressed. Not everyone knows that," Sara complimented, placing her hand on Denise’s shoulder.

Quicksilver shot through Denise’s body by the simple contact. Suddenly the book felt like a ton of bricks in her shaking grasp.

"Well it’s been a while since I read it. Maybe I will take this one," Denise replied. She waved the book up and down, trying to disguise her unsteadiness.

"Good!" Sara said, giving Denise’s shoulder a pat before moving away, "I’m going to get ready. I’ll be back shortly."

Denise gave a mute nod and she moved to watch Sara walk back down the small hallway. When Sara was near the bedroom entrance she ripped the towel away, dragging it along the carpet. Her naked hips swayed back and forth. Enchanted by Sara’s firm derriere, Denise remained mute. Sara knew she had Denise’s full attention and she turned to face the officer before entering her room.

"I’ll be out in a second."

That’s all she said. That’s all she had to say. Denise saw Sara’s nude body for a total of five seconds and she was utterly engrossed. The officer dug her nails into the book, willing herself to stay in the living room. Denise knew the beautiful blonde wanted her to follow her. She also knew from the short glimpse of Sara’s body that the woman was a natural blonde. Her hair color wasn’t from a bottle by any means.

Denise began to pace. Her desire for Sara was growing into an inferno. It felt unnatural to Denise. Intellect – that’s what always attracted her to people, not so much physical appearance. And she silently wondered why this beauty had her hormones of the verge of eruption?

You’re being shallow, Denise told herself silently. You don’t know this woman. You’ve only spent an hour, hour and a half tops, with this woman. It’s illogical to think of her as anything but a witness. Denise took a deep breath, a calming breath. But then she reminisced about Sara’s dripping body. Who am I kidding? Denise finally conceded. She’s sexy beyond belief.

Just as soon as the thought came, Sara reemerged from the bedroom, fully clothed. "Are we ready?" Sara asked casually.

"Don’t you want to dry your hair?" Denise asked, looking at the damp, combed strains. "It’s kinda chilly out today," she added. Denise chastised herself silently. What the hell am I now? Her mother?

"It’s dry enough," Sara replied, enlightened by Denise’s concern. "Besides, it’s a low maintenance style."

"Okay then," Denise said stepping outside, as Sara locked the door. "Let’s get moving."



The precinct seemed more crowed than usually as Denise led Sara toward her office where Angie waited. Angie rose from the desk when they entered the small glass confine.

"Good morning Lt.; Miss Langforth!" Angie said happily. Denise could tell things were proceeding rather nicely so far this morning.

"You must have good news?" Denise asked, just to be on the safe side.

"That depends," Angie smiled. "What kind of weapon did they find on Mr. DeVittem?"

"A twenty two," Denise replied. "We’ve sent it to forensics already."

Angie swung an evidence bag that held two empty bullet casings. Denise took the bag from Angie and held it up for closer examination.

"Those were taken from the victim at the M.E.," Angie explained. "Seems the victim was shot at close range in the cranium."

"Yeah a twenty two is a favorite – just as deadly but not nearly as messy," Denise added.

"I’m not sure I understand," Sara said taking a seat as Denise sat down.

"The bullet is a small caliber," Angie explained.

"Size - length and width," Denise explained further, holding up her fingers.

"Right," Angie continued. "Some bullets are bigger and do more ‘damage’. They do better when shooting at longer distances where in this case . . . DeVittem had a very clear intent. He wanted to kill that man in the ally but he didn’t want to ‘blow his brains’ out so to speak. So he used a smaller round…"

"Bullet," Denise corrected again as she swung the bag.

"Yes," Angie replied toward her partner a bit agitated. She was starting to get annoyed by Denise’s interruptions. "He used a smaller bullet." Angie paused to see if Denise was going to stop her explanation again. When Denise didn’t, she continued. "It did the job and it didn’t create much noise or mess . . . but he’s got a big problem he didn’t consider. He’s got someone who saw him do it," Angie said winking to Denise and Sara.

Sara grinned for show. The words of caution that Denise spoke to her the night before seemed very real now. This wasn’t a ‘random’ act. DeVittem – who apparently was a very dangerous man, would stop at nothing – had a mission that she interfered with. And if he was that conniving to lure that man in the ally then chances are he would stop at nothing again in order to see she never makes it to the testifying stand.

Denise and Angie were both wrapped in conversation and hadn’t noticed the slight uneasiness that settled over Sara.

"Were any more found?" Denise asked.

"Yes – one by the dumpster – similar to a dumpster where they found the body. Three total, just like our witness said," she smiled.

Denise put the bags back on the desk and turned to Angie. "Where’s DeVittem now?"

"Downstairs, in lock up."

"Okay," Denise said rubbing her hands together, ready to get to work. "Have Wagner start the line up. I’ll take Miss Langforth to the examining room."

"You got it!" Angie said collecting some papers and making her way out. "I’ll see you downstairs Miss Langforth," the partner added before leaving.

Sara gave a nervous grin and nodded. Soon Denise and Sara were alone in the small space of the office. Sara’s anxiety grew and a deep sigh seeped from her mouth.

"You’ll do just fine," Denise encouraged optimistically.

Doubt still clouded Sara’s crystal blue eyes. "But what if I can’t identify this man," Sara asked. "Or what if I do and he makes an attempt." Denise could feel Sara’s passion in wanting to help catch the killer while fighting her concerns of safety.

"If you can’t then you can’t. It’s as simple as that. But I have to say," Denise added more positively, "In the short time we’ve spent together you strike me as a woman who pays great attention to detail. I think you’ll do just fine."

"I kept seeing his face all night . . . and the way that innocent man died . . ." Sara looked out into the precinct, away from Denise. The murder disturbed Sara but, try as she may, Denise couldn’t conjure up any sorrow over the loss of DeVittem’s victim.

"The man we found dead worked for Mr. DeVittem . . . Trust me when I say he was far from innocent," Denise explained.

"Perhaps . . . But he didn’t deserve to die," Sara replied, meeting Denise’s eyes in challenge.

Denise met it head on. "Miss Langforth," she began formally, "it wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘victim’ killed another person exactly the same way he died . . . He was far from a model citizen."

"Don’t you have any compassion for the dead?" Sara argued, her temper starting to get the better of her.

"Yes I do," Denise said soft and sincerely but not backing down a bit. "The teenage boy who O.D.’ed on drugs the ‘victim’ helped push makes me very compassionate . . . But the murder of that boy’s supplier doesn’t make my heartache one single bit."

Denise’s sarcastic reference with the word ‘victim’ enraged Sara. "How can you be that cold?" Sara asked in astonishment. "We’re talking about another human being."

Denise didn’t want to argue. But she couldn’t conjure up some fake grief to please Sara.

"I believe in human rights," Denise began. "But I think you should act like a civilized human to receive them. The dead man had a rap sheet as long as the Ambassador Bridge. He spent many years of his life victimizing others when he wasn’t in jail. Now that he’s gone that’s one less person the courts have to spend money on."

Sara sat slack jawed in complete amazement. "You really feel that way about it, don’t you?" she asked in disbelief.

"One hundred and ten percent."

The words were spoken direct and to the point. Both women found themselves facing off in silence. Finally Sara shook her head.

"I think you’ve been a cop too long."

"I think you’ve been too sheltered."

Their eyes locked in silent battle once more until a knock at the door made Denise turn. It was Sgt. Wagner from the front desk.

"We’ve got your line up ready downstairs," he said poking his head inside and leaving just as quick.

Denise and Sara took a few more moments to look at each other and wonder what the other was thinking. Denise pondered Sara’s argument a few seconds longer before speaking.

"Perhaps you’re right," Denise began, "Perhaps I do feel some remorse for the man gunned down. But believe me, if he wasn’t dead now, he would have gone on to victimize people far more innocent than himself."

Sara looked at Denise, her challenging demeanor replaced by curiosity. "Did he deserve to die?" Sara asked in a sober tone.

Denise paused, reflecting on many of the things she’d seen over the years. Perhaps in some way, however minuet, Sara was correct. "I don’t think anyone deserves to die by another persons’ hand . . . But it happens," Denise added.

Sara felt a little better that Denise reached down deeper, seeing she did have some compassion, no mater how small, for the man who died.

"Let’s get going," Denise said interrupting the silence that was growing again between them. "You have a criminal to identify."

Sara rose and Denise escorted her to the stairwell, leading below the first floor. Denise took her to a dimly lit room and Sara took a seat next to Angie who was waiting for both of them. Denise grabbed another chair next to Sara. Denise gave Sara a light pat on the hands for encouragement. Then Denise leaned over to Angie.

"Send them in," she commanded Angie. The way Denise spoke was so professional, almost regal and Sara had to smile.

Angie spoke into a microphone and six men lined up behind a height board. Sara felt her pulse ringing in her ears as she looked at each man facing her.

"Remember Miss Langforth, they can’t see you so relax and take your time," Angie instructed.

Sara looked at one man intensely. Denise watched as Sara’s eyes examined him up and down.

"Which one are you looking at?" she asked.

"Number two," Sara answered.

"Number two," Angie said into the microphone, "Please step forward."

He took two steps and Sara leaned forward in her chair. After three seconds she began to shake her head.

"That’s not him," she replied with certainty.

"Please step back number two," Angie ordered. Then she leaned back behind Sara and mouthed something silently to Denise. Sara was too wrapped up in examining the men that she hadn’t noticed the exchange between partners.

"I don’t see him anywhere up there," Sara said despondently. "I was sure I could pick him out but . . ." Sara trailed off, absolutely disgusted with her inability to see the man who managed to haunt his way into her dreams the night before.

Denise and Angie remained quiet, until a uniformed officer walked in.

"Ma’am, we have another line up after this one," he said pointing toward the glass.

Denise turned to Sara. "Are you sure you don’t see him?"

"I’m sure," she answered.

"Okay," Denise said turning back to the uniform behind her. "Office Kline, send in the next line up."

Office Kline did as he was instructed. The first man to join the new line up looked very similar to the one Sara studied before. But the next man captured Sara's attention immediately. Before he could even stop walking, Sara was begging Angie to have him step forward. Once they were all in place, Angie turned on the mic again.

"Number five, please step forward."

Slowly and arrogantly, the man stepped up. Sara rose from the table and walked around to the front, an arm’s length from the protective glass. She looked at his eyes – his brown eyes.

"That’s him," Sara pointed, the certainty was strong in her voice, "He’s the one."

"Are you positive?" Denise questioned authoritatively. Often witnesses would buckle under at this point. The forceful nature of Denise’s tone would shake their confidence. It was something that Denise insisted on doing, much to Angie’s chagrin. She always wanted to make sure the witness was positive in their assumption, Angie was just grateful to get a perp identified. Between the two of them and their tactics, it always worked.

Sara studied the man for another five seconds, "Without a doubt . . . that’s the man from the ally."

Angie and Denise smiled at each other. Once more the methods they used were at opposite ends – Angie coddling the witness while Denise stayed hard as nails – but the end result was positive. Angie directed the line to exit and once the ‘stage’ was empty the officer returned to the room.

"Office Kline," Denise began, "Please escort Miss Langforth back to my office. And return here when you’re finished."

"Yes, ma’am," the officer nodded to Denise. "Right this way, Miss Langforth," he added politely.

"We’ll be with you shortly," Denise called over her shoulder as Sara was being leaded away. Once the witness and officer departed, Angie turned to Denise.

"Do you realize what we have here Den?" she asked.

"Ohhhh I don’t know," Denise said with a growing grin. "A drug dealer we haven’t been able to convict on any drug charge, who’s just been identified in a murder one case?"

"Exactly," Angie smiled. "Who’d have thought we’d nail a drug dealer on a murder charge."

"If it sends him to prison I’m happy. After all, Ness got Capone on tax evasion. Why can’t we get DeVittem off the streets with murder?"

"Now we can and we will," Angie smiled.

"Don’t be too overjoyed yet," Denise warned, shifting in her seat. "This is far from over. Besides, what was the deal with two line-ups? Did you arrange that?"

"Hell no . . . That’s what I was trying to tell you earlier. DeVittem wasn’t in the first line up and I didn’t want to blow it by saying otherwise in front of Miss Langforth."

"Well thank god you didn’t, I’m sure DeVittem’s attorney will be looking for ANY outlet he can find. This one has to be by the book to the letter. This two line up deal will either make us look extremely sloppy or extremely brilliant," Denise chuckled.

"We could be trend setters you know?" Angie teased. "A brand new way to hold a line up . . . I’ve always loved serendipity," Angie laughed.

"That makes to of us," Denise sighed.

Angie ran her fingers through her strawberry hair as she smiled. "You realize if this works out this is gonna look reeeeal good on our records."

"I realize that," Denise agreed, twirling the swivel chair to face Angie, "So let’s not fuck it up, shall we?"

"I’m with ya to the end darlin’," Angie smiled.

"Good. At least somebody is," Denise sighed.

Angie put her arm around Denise’s shoulder and gave a few light taps of support and a warm smile. "Someday your prince will come . . . or princess." The wicked grin on Angie’s face forced Denise to smile herself.

"How about you?" Denise teased wiggling her eyebrows. "You could be my princess."

Angie gave a hearty laugh, "Are you kidding?! Me? Give up men? . . . Besides Denise, after working together all day and seeing each other every night we’d end up killing each other. Remember when I had my apartment fumigated and I had to live with you for three days?" Denise remembered the debate about how to squeeze a tube of toothpaste, which nearly ended in a fistfight after day two. She could chuckle about it . . . now. "Nahhh, I love you but I could never live with you . . . and vice versa I’m sure," Angie added for good measure.

Denise was going to reply but the door began to open and they saw Office Kline return.

"You needed me lieutenant?" he asked.

"Yeah . . . What the hell is the story with two line ups?" Denise asked.

"From what I understand Sgt. Wagner sent the wrong line up in. He had yours and Det. Benners. You got Benner’s line up first. Then he realized what happened and sent me to inform you of ‘another’ line up."

Denise turned to Angie. "Wagner is a dead man," she whispered.

Angie simply smiled at her partner’s antics, "Thanks for the info Kline. We’ll see ya," Angie said cueing the officer to leave.

As the door closed again Denise sat shaking her head in frustration. "Good help is soooo hard to find," she grinned.

"We could always take him to a ball game this spring and throw him off the top of Tiger Stadium," Angie offered.

"It would be too much work for sanitation to clean him off the street," Denise smiled.

"Okay. How about this?" Angie replied, anxiously squirming in her seat. "We could strap him to the hood of our car and drive down the Lodge in rush hour traffic?"

"Nah . . . That’s pretty scary but not scary enough," Denise paused a few moments before brilliance struck. "I know!!" she beamed, "We’ll force him at gun point to bungee jump off the Renaissance Center."

"Yeah but who’s gonna pull him back up. The guy weighs at least 300 pounds," Angie countered.

"Who said anything about pulling him back up?" Denise chuckled. "We’ll let him hang there and go to Greektown for some spinach pie and gyros."

They both began to laugh again as the door slowly opened. Gingerly, they turned to see Wagner.

"There he is!" Denise began, "Just the man we’re plotting against."

"I am so sorry Lt. VanCook. I thought Benner knew what he was talking about. I should have double checked before I sent anyone in."

"You’re damn right you should have checked. You could have blown this whole investigation," Denise replied, her voice beginning to rise.

"I’ll be more careful next time, I promise," Wagner said, starting to cower like a timid child.

"Don’t promise, just improve. And I hope you do for your sake . . . Just . . . Go! Get outta here before I get mad," Denise said with an angry wave of her hand.

He left silently with slumped shoulders as Angie rose.

"Come on," she said, pitching a thumb toward the door. "Our witness is waiting."

Denise met her and they began to walk to the door. "Wait," Denise said stopping, grabbing Angie’s sleeve. "Just for future reference, you’re still a Tiger season ticket holder aren’t you?"

"Yes I am," Angie smiled.

"Good because we never know when trouble will arise and we’ll be forced to go with plan number one."

Angie smiled and gave Denise a chuck on the arm as they started upstairs.



They walked to Denise’s office where Sara was still obediently waiting for their return. Denise buried her growing smile she acquired just from the sight of Sara.

"We’re back," Denise replied, taking a seat behind her desk.

"I have some forms here that I need your John Hancock on," Angie said showing Sara the paperwork. Angie explained each one as Sara went through giving her consent. After Sara finished, Denise rose from her chair.

"Your work is finished so far Miss Langforth. We’ll turn this over to the district attorney’s office and we’ll get a hold of you as soon as we have more information and a court date," Denise explained.

"I’d like to thank you on behalf of both of us for all your support," Angie said, shaking Sara’s hand. "Often people don’t want to get involved so thank you for your cooperation."

"Thank you," Sara replied, enunciating each word. "I’m happy to help."

"We know you must be busy so we won’t keep you any longer." Denise reached into her pocket as she led Sara to the door. "And remember, if you need anything feel free to call us, okay?"

Sara paused a moment as if to memorize Denise’s face before offering her hand. Denise took it lightly in her grasp, barely moving it up and down. She was warm, soft, and perhaps even ‘dainty’. Sara gave a small nod and gave an even smaller ‘thank you’. Denise watched her leave the office and her eyes never left until Sara was out the station house doors. Angie couldn’t help but notice the exchange and gentle goodbye the two women shared.

"You like her," Angie teased.

Denise was still in a haze but her attention turned quickly to Angie. "She’s a witness," Denise argued, making sure to avoid any eye contact with Angie but trying her damnedest not to look like she was avoiding any eye contact. As she took a seat behind her desk she knew she was failing miserably.

"Sure she’s a witness . . ." Angie agreed. ". . . and you like her."

"Look," Denise began as she searched through a folder. "My relationship with this woman is strictly professional."

"If that’s true then why won’t you look at me?" Angie confronted with a confident smirk.

Denise’s head shot up and she glared at Angie, exaggerating the action. "There. Are you happy? I looked at you," Denise added before stuffing her nose back in the folder.

The look that Denise was certain Angie was still wearing was beginning to perturb her, although she wasn’t about to look up to make sure. Angie’s mocking singsong voice however soon turned her eyes upward.

" ‘Remember, if you need anything feel free to call me’," Angie exaggerated in a lovesick tone.

"I said us," Denise clarified. "Not call ME, but call us."

Angie just sat mute with her hands linked together over her heart while she batted her eyelashes.

"You’re impossible," Denise said throwing the folder down on her desk in exhaustion.

"You’re in love," Angie chuckled, not intimidated in the least.

"I am not in love," Denise argued.

"Okay so it’s not love," Angie relented. "Maybe it’s just lust. But one thing’s for sure . . ."

Denise waiting for Angie to finish but she was forced to ask, "What’s that?"

"You undeniably have the hots for that woman."

Angie’s grin widened and Denise sat back, giving up the battle. Angie collected her papers and placed them back into the folder before beginning to leave.

"Hey Denise," Angie said, standing in the office doorway – a serious nature returned to her face again and Denise could see she was being her ‘all business’ self again. "Let’s not fuck this one up, shall we?" Angie added.

Denise knew exactly what Angie was saying. It was the same things she had been telling herself over and over since she met Sara. Denise just smiled and nodded her agreement.

"Good," Angie winked. "I’ll be back in a few . . . lover girl."

Denise threw a crumpled up piece of paper that was on her desk at her partner but missed when Angie ducked away. Denise smiled and settled back in her chair with thoughts of Sara returning to her mind while Angie’s words repeated in her ears. No . . . she’d keep her promise . . . she wouldn’t fuck this up.



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