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kglasgow 2000


Love in an Elevator

By Kandis Glasgow


The building was relatively quite when the tall blonde entered. It was the night of the annual "August Needs a Holiday Bash/Costume Party" established 5 years ago by the company's founder and CEO. Wendy was hoping that people were already at the event and not just staying home this year. The party always seemed to be one of the most well received of the year short of the company cruise for the execs and their wives. The executives all got a vacation and the employees got them out of their hair for a week. It was all around good. The software replication company had grown by leaps and bounds to the point that the higher ups had made the big decision and placed the main offices in the new down town Executive Suites. Her boots clicked across marble floors sending gentle echo's through the almost empty lobby. It was void of human habitation save for the security guard behind the stand.

"Hey, Stan. How's it hangin'?" The blonde smiled broadly at the tall dark man.

The security guard looked up from his row of monitors. "Hey, Ms. Burris. I am doin' great thanks. Are you alone tonight?"

"For now. Hopefully not by the end of the night. If you get my drift."

"I most certainly do, Ms. Burris. So who are you this evening?"

"Why I'm shocked, Stan. Don't you know James Dean when you see him?"

"Of course. How could I have missed that?" The man laughed heartily.

Wendy stood quietly by one of three elevators, waiting pensively. "Uh Stan? Is there anyone else up there?"

"Oh yeah, It's a packed house!"

"Great." The doors opened and she stepped in. Just before they closed she heard a feminine voice calling out.

"Hold the door! Hold it please."

Wendy stopped the closing door and held it for the running figure. A breathless brunette jumped in and grinned at her with straight white teeth. It was the kind of smile that could melt the polar ice cap.

*Oooh nice.* The small compact woman was dressed in a costume with which she was not familiar, but it was.....revealing. Soft kid skin boots led to a short rust colored skirt that was quite short. The length showed off very well cared for legs. Muscles quivered and shifted under the tan skin. A studded leather belt wrapped the skirt around and held it in place. What followed was as close to Nirvana as anything she had ever seen. The flat plane of stomach rippled with definition. It was enough to make the taller woman swallow hard and collect her libido. The small top she wore was nothing short of breathtaking. Soft leather barely contained the ample breasts that threatened to fall out any minute. Her slim neck was trimmed in a feather necklace dotted with small glass beads. Wendy let her gaze wander to the woman's eyes. Striking was an understatement. Clear green eyes glanced back at her and she caught her breath. A slight blush crossed the fair cheeks and Wendy thought that it was the most attractive blush she had ever seen.

"Thanks. I hate waiting."

"Impatient are we?"

"Yeah. I have that driver personality going on." She giggled causing the woman with her to smile.

The doors closed and the elevator began it ascent. The party was in the penthouse on the 51st floor. It would take a minute and Wendy stood nervously not sure if she should introduce herself or wait for the party.

"So, I've seen you around. I'm Amber. From accounting. Actually I'm the new manager."

That took care of that question. "Wendy." She presented her hand. "It's my pleasure. I'm sorry I don't think I have seen you before. Congratulations on the promotion." *I am SURE I would have remembered.*

"Thanks. You know you executive types kind of see through people sometimes. Your mind is always on work, work, and work. No time to socialize."

"I have definitely been missing something." Her tone was obviously flirtatious.

The young woman blushed deeply and let go a nervous laugh. "I don't know about that."

"Well, I do. My apologies." Her blue eyes sparkled at the scantily clad woman.

Amber laid a soft hand on the executive's shoulder causing a spark to shoot through the tall woman. "You are sooo forgiven. Thanks." She removed her hand and faced forward again.

"You are welcome."

Amber turned her head again and took a very long look at the woman with whom she shared this small space. She had admired her from a distance for a very long time. The tall blonde was very attractive and built like a nasty brick house. Her heart jumped whenever she laid eyes on her. The athletic sway of her body when she walked had a predatory feel to it. It was seductive and powerful. Amber's eyes would light on that body and her hormones would almost scream in her ear. Standing this close to her and the flirtatious speech a moment ago had made her slightly light headed and undoubtedly wet. *God. I would pay for her. I swear!*

There was a sudden jerking motion in the car and Amber was flung into Wendy's body. The tall woman caught her deftly in strong, long arms.

"What the hell?" Wendy voiced her concern.

The car had stopped between the 20th and 21st floors. The emergency lights came on and she looked down to catch green eyes looking back at her. They had a small amount of fear in them, but more than that, and to her immense pleasure, they held a certain degree of desire. The body in her arms was small but solid and smelled edible. She reluctantly released her and grabbed for the emergency phone.

"Stan? What the hell is going on?"

"Boss, you are not going to believe this. You are in a car that is scheduled for maintenance on the pulley system. They just called me and told me to close the car. By the time I got the message you and Ms. Caulder had already gotten on."

"So bring it back up!"

"They can't. It's on computer. By the time the get they override approval the car will be released."

"How long?"

"Uuuhh. Two hours."

"TWO HOURS? You mean we're stuck here for two hours?"

"I'm so sorry Ms. Burris."

"So am I." She looked to the woman in the car with her and was suddenly not so sorry after all. She hung up the phone and turned to face her.

"We are shut down for maintenance. Two hours."

Green eyes grinned at her. "We'll live. We'll miss the party but we can have one here."

"We can?" Wendy wasn't so sure.

"Sure! We can play get to know you games. Like, I don't know.....Truth or Dare."

"I haven't played that since high school!" She laughed. "Why don't we just talk instead?"

"We could do that, too." Amber laughed. She perused her companion's long form stopping at an inconsistency in her frame. Her eyes raise up in surprise. "May I ask you something personal?"

One eyebrow shot up in question *Why not?* "OK."

"Now, I see that you are James Dean, right?" She got an affirmative nod. "But, you're a woman, right?"

Wendy could see where this was going. "That's an odd question, but yes I am."

"Well...How do I put this. Are you trying for authenticity?" That was good.

"S'cuse me?" She knew what her fellow captive was getting at but wanted to make her say it.

"Never mind. So, how 'bout them Av's?" She blushed again and tried to change the subject.

"Don't watch too much hockey, and don't change the subject. What do you mean by authenticity?"

"Ummm...you have a....a bulge. There." She pointed at her groin area and tried to be nonchalant.

"Yep." That was as far as she was going.

"Yep? That's it yep. Well, what is it? A sock."

"No." She smiled like the cat. The Cheshire.

"'T" shirt?"

"Nooo." This time it was the one that ate the canary.

"Well, what then?"


Amber was in a state of shock. "Beg pardon?"

"You heard me."

"You're serious!" Amber was incredulous.


The small woman thought this scenario over for a few minutes and started to overheat. *Mind focus now!* "Why?"

"You said it yourself. Authenticity."

"Huh." She thought for minute and then made her decision. "May I see it?"

Now it was Wendy's turn to be shocked. She choked on her own air and cleared her throat. She tried to speak but nothing came out.

Amber smiled at that. She had flustered the tall businesswoman. *That's a good sign.*

Wendy cleared her throat again and squeaked out a reply. "See it? You mean look at it?"

"Seeing usually entails looking in some fashion." Oh this was fun. She grinned wickedly.

"I.I.I don't think that is such a good idea." The normally stoic businesswoman stuttered.

"Why not?" The reply was so innocent and yet frocked with seduction.

"I....you see it's...umm....I.." She never finished.

Amber threw out the challenge. "I never took you as one to be so shy, Ms. Burris. Hum. Guess is was wrong." She turned and looked for a spot to sit.

"I am not shy. "She defended her fortitude. Thinking, she paused for a minute and then acquiesced. "Alright, you can see it."

Amber watched patiently as the athletic blonde unbuttoned her 501's. Watching her grasp the phallus and pull it out was so sexy that Amber was having to tamp her hunger into submission. This was hot scene. She licked her lips slightly and the tall woman caught her eye. Electricity filled the small chamber and they both started breathing a little faster. Amber moved closer to the pinkish object eyes filled with wonder. It's not that she had never seen one, but she had never been in this...position before.

Wendy pulled the strap-on out of her pants and watched the look on Amber's face. A slight smile crept across her countenance and she licked her full lips. All Wendy wanted now was to possess those lips with all she had. She stroked the length absentmindedly and she heard a gasp escape the throat of the brunette.

Amber's eyes fixated on the hand grasped around the latex and sighed. "May I touch it?"

"You've seen it. You might as well." She smiled and grasped the smaller hand of the woman so close to her.

Amber watched as her hand was guided to the smooth surface of the phallus. "It's softer than others I've felt." The large hand grasped hers a little tighter and started guiding it, getting her used to the feel and the length of it.

"So you're not a 'virgin'." Blue eyes gazed down knowingly.

A sweet smile lilted on Amber's face and she moved her body dangerously close to the executive. She placed her free hand on Wendy's chest. "Not hardly." Her voice was low and seductive.

Wendy glanced down at the cleavage in full view and swallowed hard. Her eyes raised back up appreciation shining from them. Amber leaned in further until those breasts touched the tall blonde's chest.

Wendy looked up and around for a possible way of escape where there wasn't one. She took a very deep and nervous breath and looked back down into the eyes that wanted to steal her soul. In doing just that she was lost. Amber's lips touched hers softly and a small tongue brushed across her bottom lip. A cool hand made its way around her neck pulling her deeper into the kiss. The short woman broke her assault and gently whispered on her lips. "What do you want, Ms. Burris. Tell me."

Wendy pressed her lips to the brunette's again for a quick kiss. Placing her lips close to the mouth of her captor she asked, "What will you let me do?"

"Everything." The whisper was inviting and full of promise.

The words sent shivers racing down Wendy's spine and she growled. "Well. I guess this is my luck day."

"I'd say we both lucked out." Amber smiled enticingly and removed her hand from the phallus between them. "Watch or help?" She moved her hands to caress her breasts through light leather.

"Watch.......for now." Wendy took a small step back and waited.

Amber raised her fingers to the hasp holding the covering on and pulled it out. The fabric popped slightly but didn't fall. She dropped the key to the floor and placed her fingers on the material. She waited short moments making sure she had Wendy's full attention. She did. No doubt about that. She parted the leather. Letting the top drop to the floor, she presented the perfect flesh to her observer.

"God. You're beautiful." Wendy reached out a hand to touch her and then stopped. Looking up she sought permission.

Amber nodded and moved into the touch, craving the heat. Her nipple was instantly taut with need. Wendy reached a long arm around her and pulled her close. Sure fingers closed around the puckered flesh, rolling it expertly and eliciting a moan of pleasure. Her mouth sought out the soft neck of the half naked woman. Tantalizing in its flavor, she feasted on the offered flesh.

Amber felt the soft length of the phallus rubbing against her naked thigh, teasing her without mercy. She wanted to feel it, let it fill her up, satiate her need. The touch of the woman that held her lit her on fire. Wendy spoke against her flesh, "You taste so good." Large sure hands made their way all the way down her back ending at her ass. A sure grasp pulled her closer and her mound was pushed solidly against and strong thigh. She ground herself into the strength of it. Needing. Craving. Hot.

Wendy pulled the tight body to her grasping the round shape beneath her hands. She wanted this woman so desperately. Never in her life had she felt a need so strong. She brought her hands up to the Velcro that held Amber's skirt in place. Without a single thought she ripped the fastening loose and tossed the offending clothing to the floor. To her great delight the brunette was with out under garments. She picked the smaller woman up and Amber threw her legs around her waist anchoring herself tightly against the blonde. Wendy backed to the wall of the car and stabilized them against it. Full swaying breasts were face level with her and she captured them with her mouth.

Amber felt wetness spread across the taller woman's jacket. She ground against her with abandon. A warm tongue and a hot mouth seized upon her sensitive breasts and literally mauled them. It was heaven. "That's it. Ah yeah. Suck harder! Mummm. Oh God! Come on suck 'em! Shit."

The sound of Amber's desire in her ears increased her confidence and whatever barriers that may have existed were now demolished. She pulled the rock solid nipple she was attacking hard and the small woman in her arms screamed. "FUCK! That is so goood." At least she wasn't shy. Wendy grinned into the flesh and pulled again.

Amber moaned loudly again and then whispered. "I need you."

"Tell me." Wendy was loving this. There was moaning and a growl. "Tell me, Amber."

"I want you to fuck me." She didn't mind asking for what she wanted.

"What do you say?"

"Please. Oh God. Please. I need you to fuck me." She ground that need hard into Wendy.

Wendy smiled and balanced Amber on her knee. She moved her hands from around the small waist down to spread firm cheeks. Amber's sex was exposed to the air and she hissed. Wendy kept one hand in place and grasped the jutting phallus in the other hand. Moving it to its appointed destination she teased the head along the brunette's swollen outer lips. Amber pushed toward it, but Wendy moved it away. "Not yet." A whimper fell from the throat of the small woman. She was in such need it was aching.

Wendy continued her teasing moving the head gently nudging Amber's very swollen, very needy clit. Amber jumped. "Yeah. You need it don't you?" The small head against her shook the affirmative. The blonde moved the tip to the brunette's heated center. She pushed slightly and let Amber do the rest. The petite woman slid down the shaft allowing it to fill her.

With both hands firmly on Amber's butt, Wendy began moving the smaller woman up and down the shaft. Amber closed her eyes and threw her head back. The move exposed her breasts fully to her partner. Wendy watched the orbs bounce before her eyes. She took in the sight fully. The passion that possessed the woman in her arms was overwhelming. She was getting off just watching the joy on the woman's face. "Yeah. Oh you like that, don't you? Yeah." She pushed and pulled at the same time increasing the penetration.

Amber snarled in reply to the action. "Harder! Push harder! I like it hard!"

"I'll bet you do." Wendy grinned and stood to her feet.

"What are you doing?" The brunette threw her arms around the tall blondes broad shoulders

She pushed the phallus deeper and whispered hotly in Amber's ear, "I'm going to fuck your brains out and I can't do that standing up. Is that ok with you?"

"Fuck my brains out, huh?" She grinned at the thought.

"Uh huh." She knelt to the floor if the car and gently laid her burden to the floor.

"Oh that's more than alright with me!" She growled.

"I thought so."

The length of the probe still buried in Amber's willing flesh; Wendy reached for the other woman's legs. Almost as if reading her lovers mind Amber pulled her legs up and over Wendy's shoulders. Leaning over her on powerful arms, Wendy began a slow stroking motion. Deep. Long. Wet.

Amber moaned her appreciation as the probe plunged again and again deeply into her. She as so filled with the feeling it pushed her limits. She watched the long phallus slide into her while she felt the impact of its presence deep in her canal. She looked up into the wild eyes of the woman leaning above her. Her small hands pulled on Wendy's trim waist. Guiding her impaler in her passionate assault on her being. One hand caressed the face of her partner and blue eyes were filled with pleasant surprise.

"You... feel soo..... good. Ah. Mmm."

"Touch yourself Amber. Touch yourself and come for me. I want to watch you come." She leaned down and spoke quietly in her ear. "I need to watch you."

The small brunette willingly obliged the sweet request and put a small hand down between them. Her own soft touch sent pulsing shivers radiating down her thighs. This wouldn't last long. She stroked herself in rhythm to the thrusts of the woman above her. She closed her eyes and let herself feel all the sensations coursing through her. Fire was eating away at her soul. So close.

"Look at me." Wendy's deep voice broke the plane of her thoughts and she stared up into the sapphire eyes that devoured her. The need she witnessed there ripped her orgasm from her. Her back arched and she pulsed violently. The stretching fullness added to the intensity of her release. She screamed into the air of the elevator car, thankful that no one could hear her but the blue eyed woman that had torn the scream from her.

"That's it. Oh yeah. Beautiful!" Wendy pulled the small woman close to her as Amber shivered from the passion. Wendy's own sex throbbed with matching desire. She wanted this glorious creature to bring her over the same edge.

After a few moments Amber caught her breath. She leaned up and slipped the phallus from her. She hated the emptiness. Green eyes peered at her fellow captive. Innocently she inquired, "May I take your clothes off?"

Wendy smiled at the request and nodded. She was way overdressed. She took off her boots and then let the accountant have her way. Small hands unzipped her jacket, which she noted had a tell tale sign on the waist, and pushed it over her shoulders. She sat up and allowed Amber to remove it from her. Sure and confident fingers pulled the T-shirt out of the loose waistband of her jeans and then pulled it up and over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, much to the delight of the brunette.

Amber paused to admire the full globes. Wendy was truly beautifully built. Strong shoulders held the weight of the executive's confidence with nary a struggle. Her stomach was as toned and flat as her own. She placed a delicate kiss on those inviting abs and the tall woman trembled under her ministrations. Amber slid down Wendy's body to meet up with the tall woman's jeans. She pulled on the offending garment and Wendy arched her back to allow them to be pulled from her body. Amber admired the long solid legs that stretch out before her. This was woman was her fantasy. When she touched herself this was the one she dreamed of. She ran a soft hand along tender flesh of Wendy's inner thigh. The blonde undulated at the touch. Amber smiled and let her hand continue to wander. She released the snaps to the strap around Wendy's waist and removed it along with the tool connected to it. Taking care not to let it touch the floor, she set it on Wendy's shirt. Placing both hands on the prone woman's calves she slid them up to the thighs that had held her up only moments ago. She marveled at the latent power they possessed. Leaning in, she placed a kiss just short of the apex, letting her hot breath skim the surface of the blonde curls hiding the tall woman's sex. Wendy pressed her hips down, begging contact.

"Patience." Amber smiled to herself. Subtle seduction was half the game. She scooted her body along the heated flesh of her victim. She straddled the executive's waist and grabbed her by the wrists pulling them above her head. She laid fully on top of the taller woman and kissed her soundly. Wendy pushed into the kiss and let a moan escape her throat. *Could life get any better at all?* Amber ground her moist sex against her stomach and she determined that it just might. The breathless kiss ended and Amber smiled at the woman below her. "You're mine."

"Really? What do you plan on doing with me now that I'm paid for?"

"This." *Bite* "And this." *Lick* "And this." She reached her hand behind her and ran an errant finger through wet folds and probed the sensitive entrance. Wendy begged for a deeper touch but she was sweetly denied.

"Mmmm. Looks promising." The blonde smiled and her blue eyes flashed.

Amber decided that there would be no more wasting time. She scooted back and pulled a mouthful of flesh across her tongue. The nipple became taut in her mouth. It was so much better than M&M's. Her mouth released the orb but her hands remained in contact as she slid her naked flesh further down Wendy's long body. Dragging her hard nipples along the blonde's heated skin elicited a soft whimper from the executive's throat.

"God, Amber. Touch me before I explode."

"Now that is one thing I never dreamed of hearing from you." She dipped her tongue in and around the grooves of the muscled plane she was exploring.

"Ahhh hha...mmm. What hhhhhave you.....dreamed of? God that's good."

"You'd be surprised about the things that have run through my head about you." She squeezed and stroked the nipples in her hands. She pulled them toward her and released the tension. It wasn't a forceful move but it whipped up the fire already burning deeply in the loins of one blonde executive.

"Ooooooh. Damn. Yeah? Like...w.w.wwhat. That feels ......ahhhhha."

"Mmm humm." Amber moved her face even with blonde curls that glisten invitingly with liquid heat. The aroma reminded her of apricots. It was sweet, spicy and begging to be tasted. "I have dreamed of licking you," She let out her tongue and barely brushed along the outer folds, swollen with need. Wendy flinched. "Sucking you," Her mouth covered the outer region of Wendy's sex and she sucked it gently in playing her tongue across the flesh. The blonde moaned and pushed into the touch, "And making passionate love to you with my tongue buried deep inside of your hot *lick* dripping *lick* mmmm sex." With that she plunged her tongue as far into the passage as it would go. She moved one hand down and ran teasing fingers through the hair above her nose. It was sweet torture.

Wendy pushed out a cry from the depths of her soul as Amber entered her. Her hands, idle to this point, went between her own legs and she pulled her outer lips wider apart. Amber grinned and plunged again and again into the blonde. Wendy thrust with her, seeking release. The hand that played in the curls covering her sex moved a very short distance and sought out the very heart of her throbbing want. Amber's index finger discovered the enlarged nub quickly. It would have been hard to miss. Her deft fingers massaged it lightly up and down. Soon her tongue wanted to caress the swollen ridge. She moved her fingers away and sucked the root of the nerves into her inviting mouth.

Wendy was so close she was shaking. Small trails of perspiration slipped down her forehead. She moved her hands and captured in her fingers the silky hair that covered the accountants head. It was long and luxurious. It tickled her thighs in all the right spots. She flinched when Amber's tongue brushed her clit. The young woman was pushing her to the limits of her endurance. Fingers entered her filling the void within her.

Amber sucked the tight ridge further into her mouth and brushed her tongue slowly across the secreted tip. Her fingers curled up to a very soft swell within the blonde woman. She stroked and licked in a pulsating, seducing rhythm.

Wendy couldn't have stopped the climax that rolled through her with a freight train. Light ripped across her eyes and she screamed her release. Thundering pulses were drawn from her by each stroke of the delicate fingers that slid across her flesh. She arched from the floor pushing herself closer to the woman that tortured her soul. The rapid pulsing of her walls was soon replaced by a soft quivers.

Amber licked her once more slowly removed her fingers. Staring straight at her victim she put her fingers in her mouth and suck them slowly to the tip. "Mmmmm good."

Blue eyes danced with unhindered desire. "Oh yeah?"

"Better than any soup I've ever had." She moved up and laid her naked body against the long form on the floor. It felt right. A soft hand stroked through her hair and she listened as the other woman's heart slowed its rapid rhythm.

"God, that was great." Wendy rolled over and took control of the small brunette's lips. Tongues melded in action. Giving. Tasting. Teasing.

Amber's arms reached around and slid her small hands across the strong back that had held her up. The skin was sticky with sweat and she found it fascinating that she had caused the effect. She stroked the moisture with her fingertips in nonsense patterns, absorbing the force of the skin beneath her hands.

Wendy felt the soft hands on her back and marveled at the touch. So incredibly soft yet so powerful in their ability to seduce her with a single touch. *She is amazing!* The blonde broke the kiss and whispered to her softly, "I'm not finished with you."

"Oooh. Do I like the sound of that!" She pulled the woman closer and traced a small pattern with her tongue on the executives tender neck.

"Hand me that." She pointed to the phallic form laying on her shirt.

"Let me. OK?"

Unsure the tall woman nodded, "Alright." She got up and knelt before the smaller woman.

Amber wrapped the leather strap around the executive's slim waist. Her hands slipped the bands around Wendy's strong thighs, securing a snug fit. She leaned back on her heels and stared at the sight before. The phallus jutted out taunting her. Begging her. Blue eyes sparkled with an unhidden desire that called to her soul. Seeking her.

"Come here." Wendy whispered to Amber's heart.

Amber obeyed and moved back to a straight kneeling position. She moved near the blonde and straddled the length of latex, rubbing her wet sex along the measure of it. Wendy's arms circled her as her hips undulated. The blonde smiled at her moves and matched them with her own teasing rhythm.

"Turn around."

It was a soft-spoken request spoken with authority. Amber couldn't deny her. The accountant turned her body so that her back was to the executive. She waited.

Wendy admired the strong back of the woman presented to her now. The brunette's butt was pert and firm. *Nice. Very nice.* She moved her body so that it made contact with Amber's. The small woman shivered at the touch of rigid nipples on her back. "Amber. Bend over for me." Wendy placed her large hand on Amber's slender shoulder helping to guide her.

The brunette felt the strong guiding hand on her shoulder and didn't hesitate to follow the direction she was being given. She bent over exposing her entire flesh to the blue eyes behind her.

"Lean on your elbows."

She knew this would expose her even more. Was she prepared to present herself fully to Wendy? She hesitated slightly and Wendy leaned into her.

"It's OK. I won't do anything you don't want. I promise." Wendy stroked Amber's dark wet lips with her hand and opened them wide. Her middle finger teased the opening and Amber leaned to her elbows. The blonde grinned. *Works every time.* Dark curls and a tight bud were unveiled before her. Amber's sex dripped with want. It glistened for her in the dim light of the car. "That's very nice. Spread a little more." She placed a hand on the inside of Amber's thigh and gave a slight push. The brunette moved her knee and opened totally for the woman in control.

Wendy bent in and dipped her tongue into the heated center presented to her. The taste made her dizzy. The flavor was exquisite on her tongue. Her tongue trailed a hot path up to the young woman's tight puckered opening. She licked it in small restricted circles, pushing rhythmically. Amber moaned loudly and pushed back into the contact. *Later.* Wendy pulled away making the small accountant moan in disappointment. "Don't worry. You'll get everything you need." She moaned in response.

Amber felt the tip tease her opening again and she waited patiently for Wendy to enter her. Every instinct she had begged her to push back and be penetrated but she wanted the blonde to be in complete control of her need. She stayed still as the phallus was stroked slowly across her clit. The touch made her jump but she remained unmoving.

Wendy smiled at the control the brunette was displaying. "Mmmmm. You are so good." Her free hand wandered up and down her back and down to her ass. She spread the cheeks further and watched the opening react to the proximity of her touch. With no warning she entered the brunette's sex to the very hilt of the phallus and began to stroke in a slow passionate beat.

Amber couldn't help but cry out when the length entered her. She craved the feeling so much that when it came she almost did as well. Wendy stroked her expertly as if born to please only her need. Her want. Her passion. Large hands enveloped her bouncing breasts, stroked down and then fingers pulled at her nipples.

This woman had her number no doubt about it. "Yeah. Uuuuh yeah. Fuck me harder! Fill me up."

Wendy stroked faster and watched the length of the dildo disappear and reappear from the depths of Amber's willing center.

"That's it! Yeah! COME ON! COME ON! Ahhhh." Amber growled. She bent her head, her brown hair bouncing across her face and sticking to the sweat beginning to pour from her.

Wendy pumped as deeply as she could. Her long arms allowed her to reach around and down to a very swollen bundle of fiery nerves. She touched it and with one long slide of her finger she sent the brunette tumbling over the edge crying out at the descent.

With unbridled ardor Amber climaxed. Waves of rolling heat ran through her around her and over her. She cried out as her muscles contracted around the fullness within her. Wendy softly stroked her delicate bud, drawing out her pleasure. She felt it jerk under the long fingers of her lover. She smiled at her own reaction to the blonde's touch. Her spasms slowed and she dropped her head to her hands. Totally drained. Slowly, the phallus was removed from her recesses and she was lowered to the floor by sure strong hands. She lay down and was at once wrapped in strong arms.

"My God. You're incredible! So hot! SO Sexy!" Wendy smiled into Amber's sweet scented hair. She kissed the back of her head and pulled the petite form closer.

"You did all the work." She tried to discount her own talent.

"It takes two to tango, babe. And this is a dance I hate to dance alone. I have never had a partner quite like you."

"Is that a good thing?" She smiled and snuggled closer.

"Oh yeah. The best!" Wendy kissed the top of a dainty ear.

"So. Are you sorry you're missing the party?" Amber turned over and faced the blonde fantasy come true. Stellar sapphire eyes captured her gaze and caused her heart to skip beat. Her breathing caught in her throat. The sight of this stunning woman in her arms amazed her. A light sweat broke out on her skin and her desire rose again. She wanted to make the most of this opportunity. It may never happen again.

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't have wanted to miss this for anything in the world."

Amber's lilting laugh filled the small enclosure. "That's a lot of things, ya know."

Wendy put her forehead on Amber's. "I know just how much I'd give."

"Really? And just how much is that?" Amber asked seriously.

Wendy kissed her sweetly and answered with a whisper. "Anything."

"All I want right now is you." The petite brunette pushed closer and kissed the strong executive deeply. Furiously. Wetly.

The blonde pulled away. "Are you sure?"

"Oh yeah." Amber pressed in again. Her lips were taken captive again and the two women melted into each other from the heated touch of their probing tongues. ''

Wendy broke the hot connection and instructed the brunette. "Stand up."

They both stood to their feet. The height difference was obvious when they stood next to each other. It wouldn't hinder the tall executive. "Face the wall."

Green eyes looked doubtful and worried. She looked at Wendy who looked at her kindly. And pulled her into her body.

She whispered gently in the young woman's ear. "Trust me, Amber. I would never hurt you. OK?"

Amber nodded and pulled away facing the wall. She heard a rustling of fabric behind her but didn't turn around. There was crinkling of plastic being torn open. Still she didn't look. There was silence for a moment and then she felt the tall woman's heat behind her. Wendy leaned in to her ear. And whispered words that made her shiver with anticipation.

"I know what you want, Amber. I can give it to you if you want. Tell me."

"Yes." It was a shy whisper but it held confidence. She knew what Wendy was asking and she was agreeing.

That was all the tall woman needed to hear. "I want you to listen to my voice, Amber." The tone was deep, rich and comforting. "Relax and grab the hand rail. Bend a little. That's good. Now scoot your feet back." She shuddered at the sight before her. *Control! God help me!* "Oh that looks so sweet." She gazed at the swinging breasts arcing enticingly. Her fingers itched to caress the tender flesh but she resisted. "Spread just a little more. Perfect." She knelt down and beheld the opening before her. She placed both of her hands on Amber's solid cheeks and parted them, opening the path to her goal. She leaned in and took in the heady scent of the treasure offered to her. The smell of sex permeated her senses. She was overwhelmed with desire. She rested her tongue on the tight opening and waited for it to relax under her. She felt the release and pushed lightly with the very hard tip of her wet muscle. Amber moaned and she pushed harder. The petite brunette pushed back and the tip opened the first ring of muscle protecting the canal. She pulled back and flicked quickly across the bud. Amber hissed. Wendy stood up and opened the container in her hand.

Amber felt a warm lubricant spread thickly across her puckered opening. Wendy's strong hands reassured her through touch.

"Do you always carry lube to parties?" Amber laughed nervously.

"Nope. It's Vaseline coconut lip balm." Wendy dropped the jar to the floor never losing contact with the small woman's flesh. "I'm going to touch you, Amber. If you want me to stop, tell me. OK?"


Wendy placed her index finger against the small opening and pressed in meeting resistance. She waited and the muscle eventually relaxed under her touch. She pushed again, harder and penetrated the opening.

Amber gasped and the feeling that raced through her body was indescribable. Heat sped to her throbbing nerve endings. The need overwhelmed her senses. She pushed back, asking deeper invasion. She felt the knuckles of the woman behind her brush against her tender flesh and knew she was as deep as she could be. Wendy removed her one finger and it was soon joined by another, stretching her tighter. The sensation filled her with fire and a desire for more.

"Mmm more. Please."

Wendy slowly and teasingly slid her fingers free. Amber hissed again. "You want more? Very good." She held the tip of the phallus tightly and rested it against the tight bud. She placed both hands firmly on Amber's hips. The small brunette took a deep breath sensing what was coming. The tall woman pushed slowly. Patiently. Anguishingly.

Amber wanted the phallus deep within her but her body was fighting it. Her fear was fighting it. The tall blonde behind her whispered again. "Push me out." She looked back at the blue eyes smiling at her.

"Trust me. Try to push me out."

Amber pushed at the same time Wendy leaned into her. The sensation was tearing her apart from the inside. She heard herself scream. The intense tightness threatened to consume her. Wendy's gentle controlled push was met with a new assault on her clitoris. She couldn't hold back the rush of feeling. She wanted to reach the pinnacle, to feel the waves of passion overtake her mind, to let this magical person ride her to the peak and send her over. Her empty sex ached for fullness as well.

Wendy knew the way to ecstasy. She would guide Amber there if she would follow. With the hand that was not on the tight swollen bundle she reached to the apex of Amber's sex. She plunged into the wet heat with her long experienced fingers and pushed the phallus deeper into the tight canal.

Amber was full. Her body was complete with the connection. She heard the woman behind her lose control of her breathing, a miniscule moan escaping from her lips. Both of them were on the edge. The thought of Wendy losing her control heightened the sensations rushing at her. The heated sweating body behind her thrust into her again and again with fingers and phallus. White heat filled her head and rushed across her eyes. She screamed again at the pain. The excitement. The release. Pulsing fire struck her loins and she contracted uncontrollably. If it had not been for the strong woman behind her she would have lost her footing.

Wendy held the small woman tight and watched her spasm in her release. The sight was too much for her. The phallus rubbed her nerve endings and the final thrust sent her into her own world of rapture. Her sex pulsed in time with the woman whom she filled with her hand. Vibrations rocked through both women as the came together. Voices, unified, wafted up the elevator shaft and into heaven itself.

Wendy held Amber up with what strength she had left. She stroked a strong hand along Amber's small back. "Hold still." She slowly removed the length from the small woman and lowered her gently to the floor. Amber rolled on her back and looked up into the strength of the tall executive. She watched as Wendy unrolled the condom from the phallus and stuffed it back into the packaging. She removed the strap and tool and placed it on her jacket, wrapping the coat around it.

"Now I know you don't carry condoms with you to parties." Amber smiled sleepily.

"Safe sex is a good thing. And you never know what might happen." She grinned wickedly and knelt beside the prone form on the floor. She leaned in a kissed her deeply. "We will need to do this again."

Amber always the one to play hard to get replied, "We'll see."

"Oh I'm sure we will." Wendy laid her length beside the small brunette and pulled the tight body close to her. She placed another soft kiss on the small lips and smiled.

Amber's green eyes looked seriously into the face of the blonde woman. She whispered her heart. "Thank you." Her hand caressed a high cheekbone.

She didn't know what to say. It wasn't Amber who should be saying those words it was her. "Thank you back, sweet Amber." She flashed her winning smile and won the heart of the woman in her arms.

They lay down together, conforming to each other's bodies. It wasn't long, it seemed, that the emergency telephone in the car beeped for attention. Wendy sat up quickly.

"SHIT! Amber wake up! Shit!" She reached to the phone and answered it. "Yeah?"

"Ms. Burris? You have ten minutes until the locks are released. Thought you might like to know."

She sighed with relief. "Thanks, Stan! See you in a bit!"

"Anytime. Bye."

"Bye." She hung up the phone and glanced at the disheveled woman stuck in the elevator with her. "Come on! We gotta get dressed."

Amber stretched and sat up. Running a hand through her errant hair she stood to her feet and gathered her costume. Setting the skirt on her hips and the cover on her bra she realized the key to the hasp was somewhere on the floor. "Damn. My key is missing."

"Your key? What key?"

"The key that keeps my tits from popping out and welcoming people without notice. See? It fits through these eyelets."

"Ah. Hang on and I'll find it for you." Wendy tucked her shirt in and buttoned her 501's. Kneeling on the floor she moved her hands across the carpet. "Found it." She stood up and faced Amber. A sly grin passed across the face of the green eyed vixen. "What?"

"You need to put it in for me."

"Riiight. Hold still." She threaded the key through the loops and pulled back. "There you go."

"Thanks. Ready?"

"Uh huh."

They waited a few more minutes and heard the sound of the motor coming back to life and the car jerked into action. Wendy reached over and pulled the stop button. The car stopped and bells rang. She pulled the small woman into her arms again and kissed her with passion and devotion.

"I love you, Amber. You are absolute magic."

"I love you as well, sweetheart. Now, let's go home. Shall we? Or would you rather join the party?"

"I don't think we are in any shape to be in public at the moment. Besides, you are my party, love. Let's go home."

She pushed the stopper in and the car traveled to the programmed ground level. The two women stepped into the quiet lobby.

"I'll meet you at the car, sweetheart." Wendy spoke softly to her wife.

"Ok. Hurry." The green eyed woman kissed Wendy quickly on the cheek and waved to the security guard. "Night, Stan."

"Night, Ms. Caulder." He smiled at the blushing brunette and waved.

"Nice show, Ms. Burris." He grinned.

"You think so? I thought that wasn't really your cup of tea."

"It's not, but I can appreciate technique. Maybe pick up a few pointers." He smiled at her.

"I'm sure your boyfriend thinks your technique is just fine." Shining blue eyes sparkled at him. She cleared her throat. "The tape, Stan."

The guard reached under the desk and ejected the videotape from the machine and handed it to her. "Here you go. Enjoy it, Wendy. Have a good night."

"The night was already wonderful my friend, thanks to one enchanting woman."

"You're the lucky one, for sure."

"That I am, Stan. That I am. Good night. And many thanks my friend." She waved at him on the way out the door.

The executive smiled and walked to the parking lot where her fantasy girl waited for her. Yep. Life was good. Very good.


The end (no pun intended:)


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