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Subtext: I guess with my writing so far we'll just quit calling it subtext and call it maintext. Yes they are in love with each other.

Sex: Implied.

Violence: Just a little.

Language: Mild


Other: Part two in the series "Legends Legacy". Takes place about a week "Another Begins".



Wives, Warriors and Gods

By T.Novan



I cross my arms as Xe stands behind me with her hands on my shoulders. "Do you think we should give them a hand?" I ask, with a quick glance over my shoulder to my Warrior.

"Nah they got it. Besides, Mel will probably get all bent out of shape if I go over there and show up in front of the wife."

I chuckle and nod as we continue to watch our daughters beat the living daylights out of the six bandits that tried to sneak into our camp. "True. Then again, Bri might get bent out of shape too. Look at her." I gesture to Mel’s partner. She truly is a little ball of Greek fire.

"She’s really good. Mel chose very well."

"Mel didn’t have any choice. The moment they laid eyes on each other it was over."

"Umm-hmm." I turn as I feel Xe move away from me. She kneels down, pouring two cups of tea. "I’m just glad they didn’t waste two seasons being afraid of it."

"Are you insinuating I was afraid of you?" I drop down in front of her, taking my mug. Then offering her a glare. "Hmmm?"

"Terrified." She grins at me.

"In your dreams." I nudge her, making her slide over to give me a seat as we return our attention to the remaining moments of the fight. "Oooo that’s going to hurt." I grimace at the sound of the nose breaking. Bri landed a beautiful right jab to a very surprised young man’s face.

"Un-huh." She nods, then whispers. "I remember a time when I intimidated you."

"Hate to break this to you," I pat her leg, "If you had intimidated me, I never would have followed you. I was young, not stupid."

She laughs as she wraps her arm around me. I feel her kiss the top of my head. "Okay have it your way."

"I will, thanks."

"You know the younger you get, the mouth…."

"Yeah? Finish that sentence Xe and you’re sleeping with your horse."

"Not a word out of me. Nope, not a sound."

I laugh as I watch the bandits gather their wits and take to the road. "Well that’s not like last night then."

"Behave!" She nudges me playfully.

"You started it."

"I didn’t not. What has gotten into you today?"

"I’m just in a really good mood. By the God Xe this feels good. On the road with you, watching Mel and Bri together. It’s wonderful."

"I’m glad you’re happy my love."

"Very." I sigh, settling into the crook of her arm, sipping my tea.

Mel and Bri take the time to clean weapons before returning to camp. Mel stands over us with her arms crossed. "Well, don’t you two look cozy?"

"We are runt, thanks." Xe chuckles.

"Appreciate all the help." Her hands move to her hips.

"We discussed it." I offer. "Decided you didn’t need our help."

Bri gives Mel a nudge dislodging her hands from her hips. "We didn’t Mom. Ego here is trying to be difficult."

"She comes by it naturally." I grin at my own Warrior.

"Hey!" Xe defends. "I resemble that comment."

Mel turns to Bri, leaning in toward her, growling. "And you, Shorty, just stay out of this."

"Make me." She grins, taking a step back.

I smile. I know what’s coming next. Xe hums contentedly, giving my shoulder a squeeze, she knows it too. Very soon we are alone as the chase begins.

Xe cocks her head slightly, smiling. "Well that didn’t take long. Bri isn’t as fast as you were."

"They just got married. Maybe she wasn’t trying as hard as she could."

"Are you saying you were?"


"Trying to get away from me?"

"Never. I just really liked making you work for it." I laugh.

"So, what you’re saying is you’ve always had an evil streak?"

"Just a little one," I show her by holding my thumb and finger apart just a bit, "but you always seem to enjoy it. I know I do."

"True." She puts her mug down, turning to me, caressing my cheek. "I think they’re going to be tied up for a bit…."

"Only if they’re lucky." I can’t help myself for some reason today.

She just shakes her head. "Ah, my point being, would you like to join me over there in that nice soft bedroll?"

"Warrior, I’ll join you any where."



Mel and Bri are riding just slightly ahead of us. Just watching them, you can tell they are newly married. They’re just trying too hard not to look too obvious while they steal glances and little touches. This is why I choose to ride with Xe and not on my own horse. I have to touch her to hold on. Bri may figure that out one of these days.

"You’re awfully quiet back there." Xe gives my leg a little slap. "You sleeping on me?"

"Nope. Just thinking."


"Being young and in love."

"They do a pretty good job of it don’t they?"

"Now how did you know I was talking about them? Maybe I was talking about us."

"Hmm good point. All things considered I guess we would be young and in love."

"Oh you better believe it."

Before our conversation can go any further Xe reins her horse. "We have company."


"He, who is, a pain in my ass."

"Ares." I chuckle, sliding off the horse. Xe drops down next to me, sending her horse off with a slap.

I decide just to get out of the way for this one. I take a seat on a tree stump at the edge of the road. Xe gives a sharp whistle, which brings Mel and Bri back to us. They both dismount then join me at the side of the road.

"What’s going on?" Mel asks, drawing her sword.

"Relax. Your Mother is about to play with Ares a bit."

"Oh Gods!" Mel groans, rolling her eyes as she re-sheaths her sword. "What’s he doing here?"

"I don’t know he hasn’t shown up yet, but your Mother says he’s here."

"Ah, excuse me here guys," Bri waves her hand in front of us like we’ve lost our minds, "are you talking God of War? That Ares?"

"That’s the one." I nod.

"And it doesn’t concern you that he’s here."

"Nah." Mel drops down into the grass next to me and pat the ground next to her. "Have a seat this should be fun." She smirks as we wait for him to show up.

"All right Ares!" Xe shouts. "Show yourself! Come on let’s get this over with!"

He walks out of thin air to stand in front of Xe. "Hello beautiful." He smiles at Xe.

"Hello Stupid."

"Xena I’m hurt. Come on now. Is that any way…"

"Oh cut the crap Ares. What do you want?"

"Just to say hello and to let you know that if you need any help getting a handle on things, feel free to yell."

"I’m handling things just fine thanks."


"Un-huh. I’ve got it under control."

"Tell me," He looks over to me. "How did you cut such a sweet deal for the annoying blonde?"

"Hey!" Bri jumps to her feet.

I grab her by the arm, shaking my head. "Don’t worry about it. He’s been calling me that for twenty seasons. It’s almost a term of endearment now."

She grumbles a bit but retakes her seat next to Mel.

"Oh great," Now he addresses Mel. "You got one too."

"Now that was un-called for." Mel gets to her feet.

"Don’t do it brat." Ares hisses. "You might look like your Mother, but you’re certainly no match for me."

"No," Xe steps forward. "But I am Ares, and you damn well know it. So why don’t you just go away."

"Aw come one Xena let’s do a little sparring." He tosses a ball of blue energy at Xe, which she catches and tosses back, knocking him back a bit. "Oh good one."

"I told you I had everything under control. Now if you don’t mind. We are on our way to Corinth for a little rest and relaxation." Xe turns to join us.

Ares, true to his nature can’t seem to resist on last strike at Xe, even though her back is to him. He fires another bolt of energy at her, hitting her square in the back. She furrows her brows a bit at the jolt thumps her between the shoulder blades.

"He’s worse than a small child." She grins at me before turning around and sending back a flash of energy back at him, knocking him from his feet. She saunters over and places her boot on his chest, holding him on the ground.

"You know that all our powers are different in one way or another Ares and the more accustomed I become to mine, the less of a chance you have of doing any damage. Now why don’t you go away before you make me angry and I do something that you’ll regret for days."

"I look forward to an eternity of this Xena. It is a dream come true. To bad the annoying blonde will be along or the ride." He laughs before he disappears.

She just shakes her head, turning around to face us. "The down side to our situation." She lifts a brow at me, offering me her hand.

"Could be worse," I take her hand, getting to my feet. " He could actually pose a threat."


"Whoa!" Bri staggers to her feet, backing up just a bit. "Would somebody like to fill me in on what in Tartarus just happened here?"

I turn to my daughter. "Mel didn’t you tell her?"


"Why not for Zeus sake?"

"You two told me not to tell anyone."

"We didn’t mean your wife." Xe groans.

"Oh." Mel turns to Bri, offering her a hand. "Honey come with me, there are a couple of things I need to tell you."

"No kidding Ego." The young woman says, giving Mel a punch to the arm. "Come on." She walks away purposefully. Mel drops her hand, shakes her head, then follows.

"Heh, she’s whipped." Xe laughs.

"She comes by it naturally." I laugh as I stride ahead of Xe.

"Oh very funny. Very funny!" Xe calls as she follows me back to her horse.




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