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Subtext Warning: Yep, sure is, so if you are under 18 or the subtextual display of affection between two consenting adult women is illegal in the state/country in which you live, or if you are offended by it, read no further. If you are lucky, you might get the raunchy sex scene in this one…Although one thing I am trying to do is stay away from the crass, let me know if it works.

Author’s Notes/Acknowledgments: Well, here’s the fourth in the series. Sorry about the title people, but it came to me in a spurt of inspiration. I do so love innuendo! No seriously, I have to thank Willowluvyr for the title for making me think about Shakespeare. Remember, I am uncouth, at least according to Kamouraskan. No mozzies in my middie Kam.

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Nipple IV – Therein Lies the Nub



"A hand?" the bard croaked, the sensation of the warrior wrapped around her was intoxicating.

"Yes," Xena breathed against Gabrielle’s ear, sending shivers down the small woman’s spine, "a hand Gabrielle." The warrior drew the bard’s name out in a sensual plea.

Gabrielle sucked in a breath and gritted her teeth as a shudder of desire threatened to overwhelm her.

"Here?" she asked, her voice sounding thick to her own ears.

"Of course." Xena whispered, bowing her head to drop a feather light kiss against the bard’s jaw line. She felt Gabrielle shiver once more and she turned the smaller woman’s face to her own. The warrior captured Gabrielle’s half passion closed gaze with her own brilliant blue and willed the woman to agree.

"In…in the tavern?" Gabrielle continued, gasping slightly as she felt Xena’s hand move against her.

"Don’t you think it would make a good story?" the warrior groaned as she understood the effect her touch was having on the woman by her side.

"At this table." It was not a question. The bard’s voice had taken on a guttural intensity that Xena had never heard before.

The warrior nodded and dipped her head slowly to capture the bard’s lips against her own. The warmth and softness of the kiss fueled the fire that was building between the two of them. Each touch of lips, every clash of tongues conflagrated into an inferno that drew them both in and smoldered with such intensity that it could almost have be considered painful.

Xena pulled away first, not daring herself to continue the amorous embrace for fear of where it may lead too soon.

"You want me to make love to you at the table?" she asked, to make certain her desire was not running away with her.

"Yessss…" the bard shuddered, reaching up with a hand to caress the side of the warrior's face.

Xena closed her eyes at the bard's action and moaned softly, her breath teasing against Gabrielle's skin in a fiery blush.

"I want you to make love to me at the table." Gabrielle grated out, as her body demanded more of the warrior's electric touch.

"How?" Xena asked as Gabrielle's fingers trailed a blaze down her neck and across the top of her exposed breasts.

"Touch me, ever so slowly." The bard whimpered, delighting in the feel of the warrior's flesh.

Xena let out a shuddering breath. She did not think she was capable of going any slower based on how she was feeling. She assumed the bard was in a worse state than she was, but then, that was the challenge.

Gabrielle nestled closer to the woman, moving enticingly against her hand. The bard's breath caught momentarily in her throat as a jolt of pure power surged through her. Regaining some form of control, she glances lewdly up to the warrior before bowing her head to the woman's breasts, kissing a light trail across the warm flesh.

Xena gasped as moist lips grazed against her. She shifted slightly on her chair as she felt a small hand meander up her thigh. The warrior shivered and closed her eyes against the passion welling within.

"Oh Gods…" she groaned as Gabrielle's fingers teased beneath her leathers in a delightful distraction.

Slowly, she eased her own hand further beneath Gabrielle's skirt until she found what she sought. She felt the bard shudder violently at her touch, the small woman's hips shifting forward slightly at her action.

"Xenaaaa…" the bard breathed against the woman's flesh, uncertain as to how long she could endure the exquisite torture being dealt her.

"Slow enough?" the warrior grated as Gabrielle's fingers finally made it beneath her breeches. The warrior inched her hips forward and let her head loll back as the bard searched her.

"Not for you warrior." The bard gasped as she nuzzled Xena's breasts and ran her free hand down the woman's side to knead slightly at the flesh of her backside with lust driven fingers.

Xena felt the passion rage within her as she was powerless to stop the pull of desire that lashed out against her body.

She buried her hand amid the bard's flesh and cried out harshly as this produced the same move from Gabrielle. They stayed like that a moment, neither willing to move as they simply felt the torrent of sexuality engulf them in its loving embrace.

Then, ever so slowly, as Gabrielle had requested, the warrior began to move, caressing the bard with her touch as she never had before.

The bard's body responded as her hips moved against the chair and the warrior. She gritted her teeth, the cords in her neck standing out against the sexual tension. Her own hand dared the warrior to stop what she was doing. Yet they moved against each other as it was meant to be, each clinging to a desperate sense of control, neither willing to give out before the other.

The damage was extreme. Just when Gabrielle thought that she could take no more of the overwhelming sensations, her body proved her wrong by lifting her to greater heights, taking the warrior with her.

Xena's breath came in harsh gasps as her mind lost track of its true function, and her body took over the final climb to oblivion.

Both women moved together in a fluid motion, extolling on each other their own virtues until finally, they shuddered violently on release, neither willing to let go of the other.

After many moments of silence, tinged only by grating breath, Xena opened her eyes to stare at the enraptured expression on the bard's face.

Gabrielle looked up, a completely feral mask glazing her eyes. She glared at the warrior briefly before raising her lip in a sneer.

"On the floor…so you can really give me a hand." was all she said.

The End

Well, I was hoping that this was going to be the last of the Nipple series, I've had it up to here with nipples. However, it seems I have proved myself wrong. Why do I do these things? Stay tuned for Nipple V - The Second Coming.


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