Spoilers for Seeds of Faith below so if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoilt...don't read!

Genre: Comedy (well my brand of it anyway). Sometimes you just have to laugh and try not to apply logic to this show.

Callisto, Baby X, Xena etc belong to Rob Tapert/Sam Raimi - I just got the urge to borrow them for a very short time. There be no Subtext here.

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"Look kid, I can be a mean warlord (if I had my dark side...) so make it easy and scram!"

Artwork by Lucia

No Vacancy
(Seeds of Faith skit)

by MaryD


In a nice warm womb, Callisto The Good decides to pay a visit to Baby X who is quite comfortable and content.

Callisto: Hey kid

BabyX: Yeah?

C: Look sweetie, I have a thing about making up with the Big Xe...

BX: Mummy!

C: Yeah, well I need to be reincarnated to give her back someone I took away from her...so you have to move.

BX: I thought I was the one who was to replace Solan!

C: Er...no I will replace Solan.

BX: This is so confusing...I was scheduled to be reincarnated!

C: Life isn't always easy kid...by the way I put you there so don't complain, okay?

BX: So why did I go through that torture with that evil Alti?

C: Call it a learning experience for your next life!

BX: I don't wanna move!!

C: Look kid, I can be a mean warlord (if I had my dark side...) so make it easy and scram!

BX: (looking disgusted) I want to speak to the One God! <grumble> This is SO unfair!

C: Yeah yeah yeah, just scram will ya!

BX: You are mean!

C: No I'm not, I'm an angel and we don't get mean...we get even!

BX: That is SO bad!

C: I said I was an angel not a comedienne!

BX: You got that right...

The EX-Baby X trundles off to find a new body to be reincarnated into whilst Callisto settles down for a short wait.

Fanfic Disclaimer: One used baby soul was harmed but only a little and it was a learning experience anyway!


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