Violent Content Warning: This story contains one scene of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of a loving relationship and of a sexual nature between two women, though nothing too graphic.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This story was loosely based on one of my favorite ghost movies. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com  

Phantom Love

By: Teagen2


The moment I saw the house on Kinney Road, I knew I had to have it. It was definitely not what I had in mind. A house on the beach was something I never thought of and it was not in my price range. Luckily when I expressed an interest, the owner was so thrilled to have a buyer he lowered the price by five thousand. I just felt a sudden connection to this house I couldn’t explain.

It was a roomy two story home right on a secluded section of beach. Only three homes were down the beach. It provided the perfect place to relax. It didn’t take long for me to move my junk in since I had none. The house actually came with some furniture, the basics. I stood on the second story balcony, watching my first sunset. A sudden breeze blew through my hair. I turned around. It was coming from the bedroom. I stepped back in, closing the glass door behind me. I flopped onto the bed. A warmth came over me, maybe I finally found a permanent home.


Morning found me at my computer, as usual. I typed GRAVEYARD MESSANGER BY DALANA MARKS. I was no Mary Higgens Clark, but I took pride in the two mystery novels I managed to crank out last year. Now on my third book, I was determined to make this one count. I was lonely because of my intense passion to write. Dates I did go on, I just sat and thought about my next chapter, not whether she would get to second base or not. I sat back in my chair and stared at the first paragraph. Not bad, could be better.

My second passion made itself known to neglect as my stomach rumbled. I moved down the stairs to the kitchen. As I bent down to look in the near empty fridge, I suddenly felt something brush my shoulder. "Ahhh!" I turned, stunned to see nothing. It felt like a hand caressed me. "I’m nuts." I chuckled to myself, grabbing a yogurt and a spoon.

I sat down on the couch and flipped on the television. I settled for The Simpsons and curled up for a night of T.V watching. As I started to lie back, I connected with something solid. Again I jumped and saw nothing. I felt something wasn’t quite right. I nervously switched off the television and started back to my bedroom, only to have it come back on. I ran back and again turned it off and bolted up the stairs, slamming and locking my door. I curled up in the middle of the bed, terrified. For what reason, I didn’t know.


I didn’t sleep all night. I was scared. As soon as the sun came up, I took off down the beach. "I’m insane." I smiled. I’m alone all the time. I need to get out. As I walked back towards the house, I saw an elderly man sitting on a lawn chair.

"You must be the young lady next door."


"Yes sir."

"Ahhh I’m not your father. No need to be respectful to me." he smiled. "I’m Nathan Hopper." he extended his hand.

"Dalana Marks." I shook his hand tentatively.

"Nice to meet ya. Like the house?" he pointed. I looked at it and then back at him.

"Yes. Its really nice."

"Need anything, give me a hollar."

"Thank you. Nice to meet you." I walked up the staircase to the backdoor.


Man, I’m starving. I walked to kitchen and grabbed my bread and popped a piece into the toaster. As I leaned on the counter waiting, the water suddenly came on. I gasped and looked around, nothing. With a shaky hand, I reached out to turn the faucet off only to be splashed with water. "Ahhhhhh." I brushed my wet hair out of my face. The water turned off by itself. Someone was playing with me. I don’t know why, but I started laughing. Probably to keep from crying.

Throughout the day, something was playing with me. I started to like it, rather than be terrified. Something was here. I knew that. A ghost? Never much believed in them, but anything’s possible. As I wrote on my computer, I would sit back to rest and suddenly a bunch of letters would appear next to my last sentence, like someone just pressed their hand down on my keyboard. After a few times and I became annoyed, it suddenly stopped and I was able to finish what I was working on. If this...ghost or whatever wanted to hurt me, I would have already been hurt.

As I finished up for dinner, I heard a thump from my bathroom. I slowly walked in and looked around. The two towels that I had hung on the holder were on the floor on the opposite side of the room. Great, it has a sense of mischief too. I’m gonna have my hands with this house guest. I decided to pay Mr. Hopper a visit.



"Come in. Come in. Can I interest you in some beef stew. Just made it."

"No thank you. I don’t want to impose."

"Nonsense. Sit." He began to fill a bowl. Oh well. It smelled good."Here ya go." He filled one for himself and sat.

"I was wondering if I could ask you something about the house."

"Sure." he said taking another bite.

"How old is it?"

"Oh three years I think. The man who built it for himself decided to sell it when his wife took him back."

"Did he have any...problems with the house?"

"Problems? Need something fixed? I used to be a damn good carpenter in my day."

"No. I mean strange things."

"No. Harry never mentioned anything. Why?"

"Did anyone die in that house?" He stopped chewing for a second.

"No. He lived there by himself until he got back together with his wife." I nodded and swallowed another bite. You don’t think its haunted do you?" he said with a bit of teasing in his voice.

"Nah." I lied."What did Harry do?"

"History professor at the University."

"Thanks for dinner, Mr. Hopper. I need to get back."

"Sure. Anytime."



Big fat nadda. I walked into my bathroom and removed my shirt and bra. I leaned against the wall as I waited for the tub to fill. When it came time to turn off the faucet, I couldn’t move. I was pinned. I looked over to see the first of the water start to spill onto the floor and for the first time, I spoke directly to the entity. "Come on. Let go of me." I squirmed and....it did. I moved over and shut off the water and opened the drain to remove the extra water. I felt shy about removing my clothes, but I did anyway. I slipped into my bubble bath. I closed my eyes and sighed. This is the life.

I felt like I was gonna fall asleep for a minute and probably would have if I didn’t feel a hand run through my hair. I was suddenly scared again. It was the first personal gesture made on my body and it didn’t stop. I felt fingers trail to my shoulder and down my arm draped on the edge of the tub. "Oh gods." I moaned. 90% in fear and 10 in pleasure. I felt it...twice. It blew breath into my ear.I opened my eyes. No one, but I still felt the hand, now on my cheek. I stared straight ahead and only saw the tiled wall of the shower, not a set of eyes. I swallowed hard. As the hand traced my lips, I realized it was the hand of a woman. A larger hand than my own, but it was definitely a woman’s. Why wasn’t I running and screaming right now? Why?

I took a deep breath and summoned all of my courage. "Who.....Who are you?" I said shakily. The touch disappeared as quickly as it had come. I reached down to grab my towel when I saw a circular impression on the rug next to the tub, as if someone had been kneeling on one knee. I reached for the towel, intentionally covering myself as much as possible as I dried myself. I didn’t bother with any clothing and slipped into bed, wrapping myself up in the thick comforter. Another sleepless night coming right up.



I was awakened by the sun, from the few hours of sleep I squeezed in, and I sat up. "Oh shit." I scrambled out of bed as quickly as possible, trying hard not to run. I moved around the bed and looked again. A deep impression was on the other side of my bed. Whoever this person was, they invited themselves into my bed. I couldn’t tell whether the other occupant was still there. I reached out and layed my hand down on the sheets. I felt nothing there. Of course that proves absolutely nothing. I grabbed my robe, realizing I’m putting on quite a show for her. I studied the impression carefully. Tall, she was tall probably six feet or so. That concluded it wasn’t my own impression. I’m only five three. "Hello?" Boy, talk about stupid. Your not answering a phone, Idiot.

This was getting too weird. I decided the best way to forget it is to sink myself into the novel. I worked for three hours until I heard a crash, again in the bathroom. I opened the door, which I didn’t close and stepped in. The shower was running full blast. I turned off the water and turned to the fogged up mirror. I grabbed a towel, intending to wipe it off, when I saw writing begin. X......E.....N......A My breathing began to get out of control. "Xena?" I breathed. She spelled out the word Xena. Her name is....was Xena. Something so familiar but I couldn’t place it. The word was suddenly wiped away, leaving a clear swipe across the mirror. I walked out leaving the mirror the way it was.

Well now my guest had a name. A unique name I’ve never heard of. I logged onto the Internet for a little research. I found a name database and typed in XENA. "Greek?" It was a Greek name, ancient Greek it would seem. Well that got me nowhere. Ohh man. This is silly. I was starting to dread nature calls. My bathroom seems to be her favorite hiding place. I got up and reentered the bathroom. The vapor was gone and an outline of the swipe mark remained along with something else, a hand print. I placed my hand into the print. Just as I thought, it was bigger than mine. "Xena?" I turned around calling to the air. "Xena, what do you want from me?" I asked. A breeze came out of nowhere and ruffled my clothes and hair. I heard a word, but couldn’t make it out. It was whispered too softly. After waiting a few moments with no response, I quickly took care of my business and left the room.


I grabbed my wallet and car keys. Getting away from this house sounded like a good idea. I used the time to grocery shop and walk around town. I found myself home sooner than I wanted. Could she leave this house? Did she want to leave, but can’t?" I’m terrified, but not of her rather the idea that she’s a...ghost not a real person. What did she want from me? I switched on my computer to my latest chapter. As I rested my hands on the keyboard, it was pulled away from me. I quickly retracted my hands and watched as the keyboard slid back into place. A dull click from the monitor, made me look up to my work....

The butler had no idea how to get out beforLOVEhe mistress returned from the garden.

Love appeared in middle of my last sentence. She wanted love? From me? "Why me?" I asked. Oh like she’s really gonna answer ya. Suddenly my screen went black. Just as I started to check the power button, it returned...blank. B E A U T I F U L I smiled. "Thank you." Oh now I’m talking to ghosts. A ghost that is typing to me. Man, I AM loosing it. N O S C A R E D She was telling me not to be scared. I couldn’t believe this!!! I smiled widely. "I don’t think I am anymore." I said quietly. Again my screen went blank and returned....with my chapter, minus the LOVE in the last sentence. I sighed heavily, contented and I proceeded with my work.


I sleep through the night until a nightmare awoke me. I started to sit up, but I was held in place. I was coaxed to roll over onto my side, still shaking. Arms.....arms I couldn’t see wrapped snugly around my stomach. I let the warmth lull me back to sleep, not caring whether they were attached to a living person or just a soul.


I was pleasantly surprised to see the impression again when I rolled over, with one difference. I could feel a weight on the bed springs. She was there. "Xena?" My palm rested on something solid. I couldn’t stop the gasp from escaping my lips. I felt...a shoulder. The phone rang loudly scaring me. "Ahhhhh." My hand fell to the sheet. "Hello." I said angrily........ "No I don’t want to switch insurance companies!!!" I slammed the phone down. I punched the air in frustration and returned to my reclining position.

Her hands meaded my shoulders, causing me to groan. "Oh I like that." slipped past my lips. One hand brushed my breast. I moaned loudly. I looked down to see my nipple hardening through my nightshirt. I was pulled down to lie flat on the bed. "Xena?" Lips were on my erect nipple. Oh gods. This was not happening. I watched my nightshirt mold around my nipple. A mouth I couldn’t see was there, but that didn’t stop the pleasure that mouth was giving. My arms draped around something...her. My arms were around her. Skin that’s all I felt was skin. I closed my eyes, running my hand down a firm back. Those wet lips moved to my neck, then my mouth. My nightshirt and underwear left my body,almost by themselves. "Ohhhhhh." I felt a weight rest on top of my now nude body. This was definitely happening. I could feel it.


I woke confused. I rubbed my eyes. I looked over to see the doors to the balcony were open. The ocean breeze blew through my bedroom. I was sleeping with just a thin sheet over me, nude. The comforter that was on the bed also was now crumpled on the floor. I rolled over. The sheets were rumpled in disarray. I hadn’t dreamed it. It really happened. A ghost apparently...made love to me. "You are officially bonkers, Dalana." I smiled, hoping Xena would do something to prove me wrong. Of course I heard a noise from my bathroom. I got up, pulling the sheet around me and moved into the bathroom. After several seconds of nothing. I washed my face in the sink. Looking up, I locked eyes with the most beautiful face I have ever seen. It was Xena. I knew it was. She was looking intently at me from behind me. I was afraid to turn around, fearing she may disappear. Her arms came around my stomach and held me. Jet black hair and blue eyes. "And you call me gorgeous?" I joked. I was nearly knocked down by the radiant smile that went across her face. Just as I thought, she towered over me. I watched our reflections and saw her lean down and kiss my cheek and then....she disappeared. I stood for a few moments watching myself cry in the mirror. "I love you, too." I whispered. I noticed a very pronounced bruise on my neck. I wasn’t bonkers.


After a brisk walk down the beach, I returned happier than I have been in days. I climbed the stairs from the beach and entered my living room. I took the stairs two at a time up to my bedroom. I noticed the doors were wide open again. Not giving it a second thought, I started moving towards my computer. I was grabbed roughly from behind and thrown to the floor. A man dressed in black straddled my hips, holding me down. "Crazy bitch. Ruined my fun." I walked in on him stealing from me. "Guess I’ll have to make my own." He slapped me across the face, splitting my lip. The room filled with a scream I never heard before.

Ayyyiyyyyiiiiiyyyii!! My attacker was jerked off of me and to the floor by an unknown force.

"What the hell?" He jumped to his feet, just to be knocked down again. As he did battle with his own attacker, I backed away on my hands and crawled into the corner, terrified. The thief was lifted completely off his feet and thrown through the open doors, off the balcony and I heard his screams as plummeted to the rocks below on the beach.


I shook and as I hugged my knees crying. "Xena." I begged. I wanted her. Almost instantly I felt her arms wrap around me. I turned my head and rested it in the crook of her neck as she hugged me from my right side.



I don’t know how I got into bed, but I had a pretty good idea. As soon as I woke, I went to the doors and unlocked the now locked doors. I ran out onto the balcony and looked down, expecting to see a body. There was none. I did however make out a pool of blood on a rock. Something tells me he won’t be back. Without eating, I sat down at my computer again. Writing will help. When I booted up my story, it was blank, but not for long. I sat back and watched the screen. S O R R Y

"Why? You saved my life." I said shakily. No answer.


"As long as you’re here, I’ll feel safe." I said sincerely.

A L W A Y S I smiled. O K A Y ?

"Thanks to you. I’m sore, but I’ll be alright."

L E A V E ?

"No, I’m not going anywhere. I promise."


"I love you, too." My story suddenly appeared. Her way of saying ‘Work’

What would my parents say if they were alive? Their daughter in love with a woman who died centuries ago. I don’t know what made me buy this house or why Xena is in it, but one word comes to mind. In her own words. D E S T I N Y


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