Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story does contain content of an alternative nature.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: I got so many requests for a sequal, that I wrote one. However, to me personally, I don’t think I could top the original. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.

Phantom Love 2

By: Teagen2



The summer heat was almost intolerable. I kept most of my windows open to keep the ocean breeze blowing through. I’ve gotten to where I talk to Xena as freely as I talk on the phone. I just wish I could hear her voice. I hear faint whispers, but nothing solid. Every time I walk by a mirror, I linger. One advantage to not having friends, is the fact they don’t see how ‘crazy’ I am, at least to the average guest. Xena is no where near average. The phone made me stop my thoughts. "Hello."

"Ms. Marks, this Harry Baxter."

"Oh hi." Hope he doesn’t want the house back.

"I know you bought the house from me, but another prospective buyer came by. I wouldn’t have mentioned this if she hadn’t told me her situation. I told her you already purchased the house and she asked me if you’d be interesting in renting her a room. I told her to talk to you."

"I’m not interested in borders, Mr. Baxter. I love living alone."

"I know, but she was....different to me somehow."

"Huh?" What the hell was this guy talking about? "Look just tell her no."

"I would Ms. Marks, but I don’t know how to reach her."

"Oh fine. I’ll tell her myself. Goodbye."


I was a little upset now. I certainly didn’t want anyone else in this house. Xena wouldn’t like it and might try to scare her. No sooner than I said that than the doorbell rang. "Oh great." I sighed. I walked over and opened the door. I dropped the cordless phone that was in my hand.

"Are you okay?" the woman asked. "I’m uhhhh.."

"Xena." I whispered to myself.

"Uhhhh no." She looked at me sideways. I finally snapped out of my daze.

"Come...come on in." I stuttered. "I’m sorry about that." I said picking up my phone.

"I’m Dalana Marks." I extended my hand. She did too. Her hand was warm and soft, but firm at the same time.

"Logan Johnson. Nice to meet ya." I continued to stare. She was a walking, talking, living copy of...Xena. Same hair, same eyes, same height, same everything. "I realize you already...." I held up my hand.

"Mr. Baxter just called. I usually don’t take in borders." Her face drooped. A sadness was behind those eyes.

"Oh okay. Worth a try." she said defeatedly. A sudden motion pushed me forward, almost nailing me to her back. It was Xena. What was she trying to tell me? I watched as Logan opened the door and walked out, closing behind her. Another push, this one harder.

"Xena, stop it." I whispered. Then I heard it.

"Go get her." I yanked the door open.

"Logan." I called as the woman started to get into a car. I jogged up to her. "Do you have somewhere to stay?"

"If I did, I wouldn’t be here." she smiled. "I’ll be fine."

"Wait. Listen, you can stay here until you find something."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yes. I said I usually don’t take borders, but I can make an exception." I smiled. Oh gods was I flirting?

"Okay. Thank you, but you have to tell me to leave if I get on your nerves."




Logan seemed a lot like myself. She didn’t have a whole lot of belongings. I gave the bedroom farthest from mine. I sure hope she doesn’t stay in the house every night. "You don’t have to pay me rent. Just whatever phone time you use, food, stuff like that. That okay with you?"

"More than okay. Come on. Let me pay you a little something in rent."

"No, no that’s okay. I’ve got cable so you shouldn’t be bored."

"Great." she smiled. I was once again looking at her.

"Either I’m really gorgeous or I remind you of someone."

"Ohhhh I’m sorry. I really don’t stare at people usually."

"So which is it?"

"How about both?" I smiled and left her to her unpacking.


I sat down at my computer to try and finish up the last two chapters, but of course Xena yanked the keyboard away from me again. "What?" I asked. I felt an arm come around my shoulders.


"What about her?"


"She looks like you." I smiled.

N O G A B R I E L L E Who is Gabrielle? Was she calling me Gabrielle.

"Who’s Gabrielle, Xena?"

M Y H E A R T M Y B A R D M Y P A R T N E R M Y L O V E The last

description came several seconds after the rest. Gabrielle was Xena’s lover in life. Bard? What the hell is a bard? Suddenly my screen went blank.



"Yeah," I called.

"Thought I’d go down and get some munchies from the store." I heard through my door.

"Can I get ya anything?"

"How about some cookie dough ice cream?"

"Sure. Anything else?"

"No thanks."

"All right. See ya." Logan was unbelievably nice. I was finding myself smiling widely whenever she was around. Even though she had been her for a total of four hours. I waited and listened as Logan’s car pulled out of the driveway.



"Why did you call Logan, Gabrielle Xena?" I asked. As I suspected the screen came back



"Soul? Logan has Gabrielle’s soul?" Sometimes talking to my lover involved great

reasoning skills, trying to piece together what she was trying to communicate. I found out early on Xena is NOT a talker, but a woman of action. Now where have I heard her say that before?’


"I really don’t understand, Xena."


"Logan is the other half of you."


"Is that why you’re here? Half of you is missing?"


"Who carries your soul? You do?"

N O Y O U I sat there in total disbelief. Ever since Xena made her presence known I’ve had dreams of leading men and killing and raiding. Also dreams of love of what I thought was Xena and I. In actuality it was Xena and this Gabrielle.


I started to cry. D O N’ T

"You don’t love me....You love her." I whispered.


"Well you can’t have both can you?" I spat, getting up from the chair. I was stopped by Xena. I fell backwards onto my butt. Now more than a little pissed I looked up and saw....leather. I saw Xena.

"Oh gods I’m sorry Dalana. Are you alright?" My eyes were as wide as they could possibly go. She bend down and started to reach for me and a scooted back. She jumped back. "You can see me?!!!!" she exasperated. I simply nodded my head, confirming I can hear her as well. Just as I thought, she was Logan in leather. "Dalana, give me your hand." I hesitated. "Please." she said softly. I reached up and she hoisted me to my feet with ease.

"Why now?" I asked.

"I....I don’t know. There’s a strong energy here." she said softly.

"Is it Logan?"

"Maybe....Listen I don’t know much time I have before I go in limbo again." She tenderly kissed me on the lips. "I do love you, Dalana. You represent..."

"Gabrielle." I finished. "You want your soul, you can have it." I turned to walk away, but was prevented once again.

"I was going to say you represent us. Something we had together over 3,000 years ago." I could see the pain that was present in those eyes. "I want my love back, not my soul. I was cursed into limbo when Gabrielle’s soul didn’t find me. We were separated. I’m not complete."

"Here sit down. I guided her over to the bed and forced her to sit. I touched her face and began caressing her skin. "Are you.....alive now?"

"No. I don’t feel my heart beating."

"Your still cold to the touch." Well at least when not in the throws of passion. She burns then. "I’ll try and find out a little about Logan. Maybe she knows something that can help us."


"Yeah, us. I’m going to help you Xena. Even if you don’t exactly love me."

"Dalana, I...." I thought she was going argue the point some more except she said, "think you should look to someone...closer."


"Yes. You are the same."


"She shares a part of you just like I do with Gabrielle."



I heard Logan’s return and I told Xena to stay in my room. She was more than happy to when let her play with my remote. I smiled. She’s a kid in a candy store. "I bought Mayfield. Is that alright?" she asked.

"Great." I smiled. This time, she stared.

"Now you are starting to remind me of someone."

"Maybe we were friends in a former life or something." Not one bit joking.

"Maybe." she said quietly. "Uhhh I bought some stuff for dinner. I have two specialties I can make with this stuff, tacos or hamburgers?"

"Tacos." I smiled. "Hope you bought sour cream." She reached into the bag.

"Of course I did."

"Can I help?"

"Sure." she smiled. "If ya want."


We spent a lovely half hour cooking Logan’s famous ‘run for the water, not border’ tacos as she calls them. She promised to tone down on the spices just for me. I began to find myself drawn to her, emotionally. Logan is very sweet and caring. I know nothing about her except the fact her body carries a ‘burden’ just like mine. "Fine body it is too." I whispered.

"Did you say something?" Logan looked up.

"Uhhhh I said looks a little sloppy too." I sighed when she just chuckled and went back to her mixture.



As we sat down to eat Logan said, "I really appreciate the use of the room, Dalana. I mean you know nothing about me, but you make me feel so welcome."

"You are welcome." I smiled. "Besides, I like having someone to talk to." All during dinner, we talked about this and that. Towards the end, we did however begin on the subjects of ourselves.


"My parents are from Millano, Greece. I was born here in the states."

"Greece huh?" I commented, Xena and Gabrielle’s home. "Wouldn’t you have some kind of accent?"

"Maybe, if I was raised by them but, they chucked me into an orphanage when they got their green card."

"That’s terrible. I’m sorry."

"Ahhhhh." she waved off. "No big deal. My adopted parents found out the truth from an uncle of mine and they got them deported. So my lazy ass father is probably still picking grapes in the vineyards." she chuckled.

"Still talk to your adopted parents?"

"Oh yeah. They call me every now and then. See how I’m doing. How about you?"

"My father died overseas in a military accident. My mom died five years ago of breast cancer."

"I’m sorry. Have you been alone ever since?"

"Pretty much. My dad was friends with Mr. Baxter when they in service together. A friend of mine told me he was selling a beach house cheap, so I jumped at it. I hate the city."

"Me too. Too much fuss.....Here I’ll clear the table."

"No, you cooked. I’ll clean."

"I’ll help you then."


Logan and I finished cleaning up within the hour. We heard a huge crash in the living room. We both bolted out to see what it was. Nothing was broken or damaged. "What the hell was that?" Logan asked. "Sounded like a train hit the house."

"Well whatever it was, its gone now." Logan and I parted company for the night.


I tossed and tossed as a shadowed figure was attacking Logan in my dreams, choking her. I knew it was Logan because she was wearing jeans. Xena does not. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!"

"Dalana." I heard in the dark. Xena slid into bed with me. She refused to leave my side, so she positioned herself on the floor after saying she didn’t feel, right sharing a bed. "Its okay. It was just a dream." A timid knock on my door.

"Dalana are you awake?"

"Yeah come in." I motioned and Xena got up and moved into my bathroom. Logan entered in just an oversized night shirt.

"Are you okay? I heard you screaming."

"Just a nightmare. Thanks for asking." I said shakily.

"Would you like me to stay with you?" I looked over to the bathroom door.

"Yeah I’d like that." She timidly crawled into bed with me and turned over to face her.

"Do you have a lot of nightmares, Dalana?"

"Yep. I’m sorry I woke you."

"Oh no, you didn’t. I was already up."




I awoke and found myself draped over the top of Logan. Xena was standing, silhouetted in the rising sun by the balcony doors. I rose off of her slightly and rubbed my eyes. I gasped as I looked down. There were several red marks on Logan’s neck. "It wasn’t a dream, Dalana." Xena whispered. "There’s something else here."

"Something else? Like what?" Just then Logan stirred. Xena stepped ‘through’ the balcony doors.

"Morning." she yawned. "Oh gosh." she rubbed the back of her neck. "Man, musta slept

wrong or something."

"Sorry must have been my fat butt draped over you last night."

"Your butt is anything but fat, Dalana." she smiled. I smiled down at her, lowering my head and kissing her. She eagerly opened her lips for me.

"Logan." I mumbled through her lips, suddenly remembering my other guest and my bladder.

"I’m sorry." she quickly apologized.

"Its not you." I smiled. "I have to use the bathroom."

"Oh." she smiled and released me.


The two us, still in night attire, moved downstairs. "You want some cereal, Logan?"

"I can cook some eggs if ya want." Oh this is great, having a cook in the house finally.

"Uhhh, I’ll just have some Fruity Pebbles. You can go ahead and cook if ya want."

"Nah, that’s okay." Logan moved into the kitchen and I dropped onto the couch.

"Shit!" I heard from the kitchen. I jumped up and jogged through the door. Logan was holding her left hand.

"What happened?" I grabbed a cloth and started to dab at the blood seeping from the small gash on the back of her hand.

"You wouldn’t believe me." she winced a smile.

"Try me."

"That knife just...stabbed me." she gestured. I looked up with an expression of shock. "I know. I know. Its sounds stupid, but....." I handed her the cloth and ran back up to my bedroom.

"Xena." She was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling.


"Did you hurt, Logan?"

"What!!" she jumped up. "Of course not. Why would I do that, Dalana?"

"Well something did. She was in the kitchen and a knife just flew over and stabbed her."

"Is she okay?"

"Yes. Just a scratch."

"Come on." Xena moved downstairs. Just as I was about to say something, Xena disappeared at the bottom step.

"Xena?" I whispered.

"Still here." she whispered back. "I don’t want her to see me." We both entered the kitchen.

"Sorry." Logan shrugged. "How’s the hand?"

"Ahhh its nothin’."



It wasn’t long before I actually began to ‘feel’ something was here and it wasn’t Xena. Something....darker. Xena had no clue it would seem to who this ‘thing’ was. As I sat watching T.V, I was literally picked up and thrown several feet across the room. Luckily I landed in my recliner. Logan was becoming just as uncomfortable as I was. I hope she isn’t thinking of leaving. "Xena." She hadn’t answered me since an hour after breakfast. She has never failed to come to me when I called her. Oh gods, I hope she’s all right.


"Dalana! Come here!" I heard from upstairs. I ran into Logan’s room. I couldn’t miss the smearing on the wall. F. O. D. "I didn’t do it. I swear." Logan said quickly.

"I know." I said, walking right up to the wall that contained the letters. "They seem familiar somehow. F-O-D." I repeated. "Follower." I said to myself. "Of."

"Dahok." Logan finished for me. We quickly looked at each other.

"How did you know that, Logan?"

"In my dreams....I’ve had dreams ever since I was a kid about two women."

"Xena and Gabrielle."

"Yeah! You too?"

"Yes." For the first time, I think we really looked at each other. I closed my eyes. The next thing I felt was Logan’s arms around.

"We have to hurry, Xena. Come to me." I heard Logan’s voice, but it wasn’t her words.

"Hope is trying to keep us apart." I said, but not my mind. It was Xena. Xena was within me. Logan pulled me to her, crushing my lips to hers. I felt a mattress underneath me.


How we got into Logan’s bed is beyond me. She was literally devouring my skin as she pulled at my sweatshirt and jeans. "Join me, Love." I mumbled between our lips. Logan stripped me of my clothes as I saw a black smoke rise from the floor and the silhouette of a woman began to form. Logan was trying rid herself of her barriers when an unseen force pulled her off of me. "Gabrielle!" I yelled. She managed to hold on to my leg and began to pull herself back up to me, ridding herself of her jeans. Just as a violent shaking began to rock the house, Logan dropped her nude body directly on top of me.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" came from the mysterious figure now just inches away. I felt something powerful surge between us. I held onto Logan for dear life as wave after wave of energy passed. Something unseen was merging within us. I had a pretty good idea of what it was.



I awoke, feeling like a shuttle bus ran over me. Logan was lying directly on top of me. Her eyes opened. "Their gone." she whispered.

"Gone?" I asked, still a bit hazy.

"Xena and Gabrielle. Their gone." She stroked my cheek with her hand. "I knew there

was something special about you." she smiled.

"With Xena gone..." I sighed. "I’m all alone again."

"No you’re not." Logan smiled. "I can’t leave my....soulmate." she whispered, lightly kissing me on the cheek. We both looked over. No letters on the wall.

"Was this a really bad dream?" I asked.

"Oh no. I found you. How bad can it be?"


Without dressing, we stood and padded down the hall to my bedroom. I tentatively peeked in to see if anything was out of the ordinary. It was just the way I left it. Wrapping myself in my robe and Logan in a towel we stepped out onto the balcony. Logan wrapped her arms around me from behind as we watched the sun rise. "Look." she pointed.

I was sure we were the only ones to see a warrior and her bard, walking hand in hand down a beach. The warrior guiding a palomino with her other hand. They disappeared when the beach ended. I realized I was crying when Logan reached up and wiped the tears with her thumb. "Now they are together forever." I commented.



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