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Sex: This story contains scenes of two women making love. <smile> If this offends you, please don’t read my story. There are plenty of other wonderful stories out there.

Violence: There are discussions of war in this piece. If that offends please move on.

Language: Set during the United States Civil War there may be language and less than PC reference to race.

This is a follow up piece to "Southern Comfort".

Returning Home

By T.Novan



I’m not even going to try and contain the smile on my face as I pull Rebecca into my arms and kiss her.

Oh I’ve missed her.

Missed her beautiful face, her gentle voice and these wonderful sweet lips. As my arms wrap around her waist and I lift her of the ground, I remember how much I’ve missed her body too. I groan as my tongue darts across her lips. She knows what I want and she doesn’t disappoint me. Her hands wrap around my neck and she pulls me in for more.

Oh good God yes.

As our mouths explore each other again and I taste her sweetness, I pick her up in my arms and head back up the steps of the house. Never for one moment willing to give up this wonderful kiss, but I want and need more from her. As we reach the door I managed to get the screen door open by bending at the knees and grabbing it with my fingertips and throwing it open.

As it bangs against the house, I feel Rebecca’s hands leave my neck and we are jerked to a sudden halt. I give up the kiss with a groan and look at her. She’s gripping the frame of the doorway.

"What?" I lift my brow.

"Um Charlie where are we going?"

"Where do you think we’re going Rebecca? I’m gonna take you to bed and make love to you."

"Oh no Charlie, no way."

"Huh?" Now I’m really confused. "I…I…Rebecca…." I start to put her down. Maybe she has realized this is a bad idea and changed her mind. I certainly couldn’t blame her. I’ll just gather my things and leave.

She laughs as she nuzzles my neck. It’s almost as if she has read my mind. "Oh Charlie don’t be silly. It’s just that I’ve been outside working all day and I really need a bath."

"No you don’t." I argue as I try to continue into the house.

"Yes I do Charlie Redmond. Now put me down this very minute."

I sigh as I put her down on her own two feet. She looks up at me and laughs as she caresses my face.

"Now don’t pout Charlie, it’s not becoming. I won’t be long. Why don’t you take your things to our room and get settled."

"If you insist."

"I do. There is no way I’m going to let you get close to me while I’m in this condition. You’d leave me if I did."

"Never Rebecca. You’re stuck with me now." I grin as I give her backside a little pat. "Now get going woman, before I refuse to accept the bath excuse."

I watch as she winks at me then heads off for her bath. I sigh once again, happy to be home and so happy to be back with my sweet Rebecca. I head for the foyer and retrieve my bags. Then I take the staircase two steps at a time anxious to get settled into my new home.

As I step into our bedroom I can’t help but smile. I’ve never had a home before. It’s going to be an interesting change for me. I’m going from soldier to farmer. I’ve never been a farmer before. I’m not even sure I can do it. I have to try. I have to help Rebecca rebuild and repair the house and the plantation.

As I unpack, I look around our room and find the dresser and the wardrobe. I’m not surprised the find that Rebecca has already made room for me. I wish I could have been here sooner. Removing my hat and coat I place them in the wardrobe, then remove my vest and toss it over the back of a chair. It feels good to be able to take my coat off without fear of being discovered. Even though I’ll have to continue this charade for the rest of my life, I now have a safe place to be myself. And someone who loves me for who I am.

After my things are put away I remove my boots and stretch out on the big bed. Ahh I’ve missed this too. Yes, I love this bed. I smile for all the reasons I love this bed. I smooth my hand over the quilt. Suddenly as I continue to stroke the blanket I feel my eyes slipping closed. Just a little nap while Rebecca bathes.

I relax.

I sleep.

I feel soft lips on my cheek and I inhale. Ah honeysuckle and lavender. My lovely Rebecca has returned to me. I open my eyes and turn my head to find her green eyes staring at me.

"Tired Colonel Redmond? I could let you sleep." She whispers in my ear as she kisses my jaw near my ear.

"Oh no I’m fine." I finally take a good look and see that she has dropped her robe and is kneeling next to our bed totally naked. "Why Rebecca, you seem to have forgotten your clothes."

"Did I? Hmm, well I suppose I should go find them." She stands, giving me an excellent view of her beautiful body.

"Umm no." I say softly as I gently grab her wrist. "You won’t be needing them." I pull her to our bed.

She smiles as she climbs on top of me, straddling my hips and begins unbuttoning my shirt. "And why not?"

As my hands travel up her sides, I feel her shiver just slightly. "Because ma’am I intend to take great liberties with you."

"Why Colonel how could you think such things of me?" Her hands travel under my shirt and come to rest on my shoulders.

I feel her hands on my skin and I inhale sharply knowing I need to get out of all my gear and I need to get out of it quickly. "Uhn Rebecca?"

"Yes Charlie?" She’s smiling down at me with shear mischief on her face.

"I want…I mean I need…I aww Hell!" I finally just turn sharply, sending her to the middle of the bed as I get up and start removing my clothes as rapidly as I can. Trying to totally ignore the laughter coming from the bed as I slip out of my trousers and pull off my shirt. "Laugh at me woman." I growl as I rejoin her and pull her close to me, our bodies’ come together just as they were meant for each other.

"Oh God Charlie, I’ve missed you." She very nearly cries into my ear as her hands wrap around my neck and her lips find my throat as she presses her body into mine.

"I’ve missed you too my love." I caress her face as pull her back and I look into her eyes. I want her. I just want to take her and make passionate love to her, but I know she deserves only my most gentle touch.

I lay her back on the bed, leaning on one elbow as I allow my other hand to begin a slow loving caress of her body, from her shoulder to her hip.

Our eyes meet and she smiles at me. "You’re purposely trying to drive me crazy aren’t you Charlie?"

"No, but I most certainly do know how to do that and if you don’t behave, I will." I wiggle my brows at her as my head drops to her neck.

As my lips kiss the soft skin under them, I feel one of her hands run up the back of my head, through my short hair. God I love it when she does that. The other travels down my back. I feel her body move against mine slowly, as she moans softly into my ear.

"Oh Charlie…."

The sound of her voice is like the finest silk and it simply sets my body on fire as it settles on me. Her skin is so soft under my rough hands. I’ve handled fine linens from all over the world and I’ve never known anything this soft and perfect.

"Feel what you do to me Charlie." She whispers in my ear as her hand grasps my wrist and brings it to her breast, cupping it slowly, I hear her breathing increase.

My thumb travels lightly over her nipple and I feel it pucker into a hard nub. Looking from her eyes to her breast I see the dark pink flesh and I simply can’t resist taking it into my mouth. I feel her skin heat up as my mouth comes to her on it and the tip of my tongue reaches out for the smallest taste of her I can get.

My tongue is warm and smooth against her nipple. I can feel the roughness of it against the curl of my tongue. The tip of my tongue moves slowly up the small shaft and then swirls at the tip.

I feel her hips jerk when I do that, so I do it again, and again, and again. Now her legs are starting to twitch and I feel her toss her leg over mine, as my lips move gingerly up her breast, to her chest, neck, jaw and then to her lips. My hand travels down her side, to her hip, turning and dipping slightly so that the tips of my fingers might have the slightest contact with her soft curls.

She moans, as her hands clutch my hair and her hips jerk forward to my hand as she plunges her tongue in my mouth. I move my hand back up and allow it to continue to her thigh. With a little pull, I have brought her closer to my thigh and myself closer to hers.

Then I move my hand to her backside and my mouth to her neck. I begin a licking and a stroking that seemed to drive her hips and we began our slow grind against each other. I can feel my own arousal coating her leg and hers on my skin. Our breasts rub together. Nipples harden, skin starts to glisten with our arousal and our sweat as our sounds gather together, louder and louder.

Mouths and tongues meet and battle as we love each other. Feeling as if the world is about to go out of control and the room starts to spin, as the light seems to become reflective. Is that her heartbeat or mine? It’s both.

"Ohhh Char…lie…" I hear her as I feel her arch hard into me and her fingers dig into my shoulders as the shuddering begins.

This sends me into my own fiery abyss. "Love you…." I manage to whisper in her ear as my body begins to freeze up, only making me capable of the quaking that I’m doing now.

I must have her in my arms, as we reach our crests at the same time. Pulling her close to me causes another tremor through both our bodies. We simply put our heads next to each other and rely on the shoulder in front of us to help quell our helpless whimpers as yet another wave washes over us.

I am massaging her back as the pleasure sweeps over my body. I feel her digging into my skin as she moans into my ear, giving it a little nip as she does. "Love you Charlie." She whispers as her body slowly begins to relax. I hold her close, because as we calm down we are so close to becoming one I want to make it possible.

Finally, we are both lying exhausted. The power of the climax has shed us of any ability to do much else but breath, and oh yeah, smile.

As soon as I can, I move my arms and pull her close as close as I can get her. She comes to rest in the crook of my arm and curls in tight against me as I pull a sheet over us. Kissing the damp forehead at my lips I thank my God for letting me have her in my life.

We relax.

We sleep.


I feel her shift and I roll over, draping my arm over her waist. "Love you." I murmur as I kiss her shoulder.

"Love you too." She rolls over to face me and place a soft kiss to my lips. "So very much. I’m so happy you’re home Charlie." She traces my collarbone with her fingertips. "I was so afraid you’d been killed."

"I know love. I came as soon as I could."

"Well, you’re here now and that’s all that matters."

"That’s right Rebecca and I’m never leaving you again."


"Oh I promise."


"We really should get up." I kiss her temple as I stretch and then curl back next to her.

"Give me one good reason." She giggles as she snuggles in close to me.

"Because I’m hungry."

"Hmm that is a good reason. Damn Charlie. Do you really need food?"

"Would you like a repeat performance of earlier, later?"

"Oh yes please."

"Then I need food."

"All right." She sits up pulling the sheet with her, leaving me bare ass naked in our bed.

"Rebecca!" I scramble to my feet to find a dressing gown in the wardrobe as she laughs at me. "What?" I ask as I pull the dressing gown on and tie off the belt.

"You’re funny Charlie. So modest."

"Yeah well I’ve spent a long time trying to hide my body."

She crosses the room and runs her hands up my front. "You don’t need to hide here. This is your home Charlie."

"Rebecca. This is all so new to me sweetheart. It’s going to take time."

She nods as she runs her hand over my shoulders. "Of course it is. I’m sorry."

"Ooooo honey don’t be sorry. Just be patient with me."

"We’ve got all the time we need Charlie. Now let me get a robe so I can go fix you some supper."

"I brought some things from town. I figured you still didn’t have much here."

"Well a little more than I did last time you were here, but not much."

I nod. "I figured. But now that I’m here we can get everything back to normal."

"I’m not sure about that Charlie. I’m just waiting for the tax man to show up."

"Stop waiting." I tell her as I watch her drop the sheet and replace it with a long tan robe. She turns to me with a confused look. "I made sure I stopped by the county courthouse before I came here. The back taxes on the house and the land are paid Rebecca."

She smiles as she shakes her head a little. Then she throws herself into my arms. "Oh Charlie, you mean we’re not going to lose our home?"

"Nope." I wrap my arms around her as I kiss her head. "I couldn’t very well let them come take the house that I intend to spend the rest of my days in, now could I?"

"But how? I mean it must have been…."

"Don’t you worry about that. I spent a lot of years in the army with no one to spend my money on. Then there was departure pay and my pension. We, my darling Rebecca, have a very tidy little sum to invest in our home. So let’s do it."

"Oh Charlie I can let you…."

"Oh yes you can and you will. Now come on Rebecca, feed me before I starve to death."


We eat in the kitchen. Holding hands and discussing our plans for the land. "So what do we grow here?" I have to ask because I don’t have a damn clue.

"Well my brother and husband always tried to grow cotton, but the land around here just isn’t suited for that. So they were never horribly successful with it."

"Hmmm well then what do you think we should grow?"



"Un-huh," She says as she pours me a cup of coffee. "Tobacco. The soil is perfect and the weather is best for it too."

"Tobacco it is then."

"You’re not going to argue with me?" She looks almost surprised as she replaces the coffeepot on the stove.

"Why would I argue with you sweetheart? It’s your land. You’ve lived here all your life. You know best in this situation. Hell I’m just a soldier. I’m not even sure I can be a farmer."

"It’s just that my husband and my brother…." She stops as she takes her seat next to me.

I take her hand again. "Rebecca. I’m not your brother and I am most certainly not your husband."

"Not yet." She smirks a little as she sips from a cup of tea.

I laugh softly as I swallow my coffee. "Not yet. But, really sweetheart things are going to be very different for you now. You’re going to have to take a great deal of responsibility for helping us get on our feet. You know everything I don’t about what needs to be done around here."

"Well I’ve never been in charge of anything more than the house slaves."

I couldn’t help but bristle a little at the mention of slaves. "Rebecca…."

"Oh Charlie I know. I know it’s all over and I know things are different now."

"All right. I may want to hire some hands for the property. They’ll most likely be negroes, is that going to be a problem for you?"

"No Charlie."

"Good. We should go to town tomorrow and get more supplies and see the Justice of the Peace while we’re there."

"The Justice of the Peace?"

I grin as I squeeze her hand. "Yes Mrs. Redmond. The Justice of the Peace."

"Oh yeah." She gives me a nervous little smile.

"Changing your mind?"

"No! No. I just think it’s kind of funny that’s all."

"We have to."

"I know. So my dear ‘Mister’ Redmond I’ll have you know I don’t have a proper wedding dress."

"Well now, actually I thought about that too." I grin a little as I get to my feet and leave the kitchen.

"Charlie Redmond where are you going? Your supper will get cold." She calls after me.

"Just a second sweetheart." I move to the parlor and retrieve the box I had put there earlier. I knew I’d be giving this to her I just didn’t know when or where. God I hope it fits. I return to the kitchen, where she is leaning back in her chair looking terribly annoyed with me. "I’m sorry honey." I realize getting up from the supper table in our household is going to be a big no-no. I offer her the large box in an effort to placate her.

"Charlie what in the name of…."

"Open it."

She pulls the blue bow from the box and slowly lifts the lid, then peels back the paper to reveal the new dress I bought for her. It’s a crème colored dress that I bought her for us to be married in. It’s not the wedding dress my lady deserves, but then again I’m not exactly the husband she deserves either. I just wanted her to have something nice for this.

"Charlie! Oh Charlie it’s beautiful!" She pulls it from the box and stands up to hold it up to her body. "You shouldn’t have."

"Oh yes ma’am. You deserve it. That and much more and I’m going to do my best to see that you get it." I stand up and take her in my arms. "I hope it fits I had to guess and I have to admit I’m pretty lousy at that sort of thing."

"It looks like it’s going to be just fine." She places a tender kiss to my lips. "Thank you Charlie. It’s been so long since I had anything new."

"Hopefully we’ll be able to get you new things very soon Rebecca."

"There are far more important things we need first."

"We’ll get everything we need to get the place put back together. Do you by any chance still have a wagon?"

"I have three wagons in various state of disrepair."

"Well now, see there is something I know how to do something about. I’m betting together we’ve got one good wagon."

She laughs at me at she folds her dress and puts it back in the box. "Well first things first Charlie. Sit down and eat before it gets cold. Then we go back to bed and get a fresh start in the morning."

I smile as I sit down and take my coffee in hand. "Back to bed huh?" I ask with a smirk.

"Yes Charlie. Back to bed."

"Any particular reason?" I tease as I cut into my chicken.

"You are not a nice person Charlie Redmond." She retakes her seat as places her napkin in her lap.

"I just want to see if you’ll say it."

"You know I will."

"No you won’t." I grin as I chew slowly, staring at her.

"I want you to take me back to bed and make love to me Charlie."

"Well, never let it be said that Colonel Charlie Redmond ever failed to carry out an order."


When I woke up the next morning Rebecca was gone from the bed. The sun was just starting to come up. I stretch as I feel the comfort of having a home, settle in again. As tempted, as I am to go back to sleep I know we have a long day ahead of us and I get to my feet.

Dressed for a day of hard work, I pull my suspenders over my shoulders as I make my way downstairs. Before I am even half way down, I smell breakfast cooking. Oh now if the love of this beautiful woman wasn’t enough she’s going to make me fat with good cooking too. I’ll have to work hard in the fields just to keep all this food off.

I smile as I enter the kitchen. She is setting the table as the food cooks behind her. She looks to me and smiles as I spread my arms and give her a look at the farmer I’m going to try and become. "Well what do you think?"

"Male or female, Charlie Redmond you are the most handsome thing I have ever laid eyes on."

"You haven’t looked in the mirror lately beautiful." I grin down at her as I place my hands on her shoulders and give her a little kiss. I am one very lucky person.

"Sit down. Breakfast is nearly ready."

"Why are you up so early?"

"The stove doesn’t light itself Charlie. Besides I knew you’d be up soon and I wanted to make sure you had a good breakfast before you went off to fiddle with those wagons."

I can’t help but laugh a little as I take my seat.

"And what is so funny?" She looks down at me as she pours coffee into the cup in front of me.

"Nothing sweetheart. Just getting accustomed to having a delightful woman in my life."

"Well thank you." She smiles as she returns the pot to the stove and begins serving breakfast for us.

"So what are you going to do today while I’m ‘fiddling’ with the wagons?"

"I’d like to get that little patch near the barn cleared for a small garden."

"Sounds like we’re both going to be busy today."

"Today, tomorrow and for a long time to come I’m afraid." She agrees as she settles down next to me.

"Good thing neither one of us are afraid of hard work."

"Very true, because we’ve got close to two hundred acres of it waiting for us."

"Two hundred acres? Good God Rebecca that’s a small county."

She smiles and nods. "Yes it is."

"We’re going to need more help than I thought." I sigh a little as I drink my coffee.

"We’ll worry about that when the time comes Charlie." She takes my hand and gives it a little squeeze. "Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold."

"Yes Ma’am." I smile at her as I take a bite of the wonderful meal before me.


I stretch as I stand up from the wagon wheel. The seat and the foot board from the first wagon, along with the front axle and wheels from the second work well in putting together the third wagon, which had the sturdiest bed. I groan a bit as I twist at the waist trying to loosen my back.

"Are you okay love?"

I look over to see her leaning on a rake. I smile at the little smudge of dirty that is running down the side of her face. "I’m fine sweetheart. Just taking a break before I put this wheel on."

"How about a cold glass of tea?"


"I thought as much. Let me go get it."

"No I’ll tell you what. Let me go get it and we’ll both take a break."

"Oh now I like that idea."

"Hmm thought you might." I grin as I head for the house.

Returning a few minutes later I find her sitting under the shade of a large tree. I pull a kerchief from my pocket as I settle down next to her, handing her a glass of tea. "Come’re you little dirt ball."

She smiles as I wipe the dirt from her face. Slowly our eyes meet and I can’t help but lean over to her. I am rewarded with a long, sweet, deep kiss. "The wagon is nearly done Rebecca. You should go get cleaned up and put that new dress on."

"We’re really going to do this aren’t we?"

"Unless you’ve changed your mind."

"Oh no Charlie I swear it’s not that. I’m just a little nervous. A bride is allowed to be nervous on her wedding day."

"Yeah well so is the ‘groom’, but you know how I feel about this Rebecca."

"And I agree with you. I’m just nervous Charlie I swear."

"Nervous that we’ll be found out?"

"Well there’s always that fear…."

"Rebecca I love you. I want to stay here with you. But you know as well as I do that…."

She sits her glass down and places herself in my lap. "Oh shut up Charlie." The kiss is nice and I realize who is going to hold the power in this marriage. "I know I love you Charlie. I know that this afternoon we are going to do what’s best for the both of us."

I nod as she kisses me again.


I lift her out of the wagon, settling her carefully to the ground. The dress is a perfect fit and I can’t help but smile as I resettle my hat on my head and offer her my arm. "Shall we, my dear?" I wave my hand at the office of the Justice of the Peace.

She looks at me as she nods her head. "I hope so. I’ve never been this nervous Charlie."

"Aww sweetheart it’ll be painless and over very soon." Then it hits me. I glance around finding what we need. Now I hope they have what we need. "Come on." I offer her my arm, which she takes and we make out way across the street to the local mercantile.

I notice as we go a few people are giving us strange looks. It can’t be me. I know my disguise is in place and they had better not be looking at Rebecca that way. She must feel the tension in my arm. She gives me a little pull and makes me look at her.

"Mourning Charlie. They think I should still be mourning my husband and brother."

"Ah okay."

"I’m not being a proper southern woman, being seen on the arm of a gentleman."

"I’m sorry Rebecca. Looks like I’m still going to ruin your reputation."

"I never was much for worrying about what other people think. Don’t let it bother you."

"Yes Ma’am." I grin and tip my hat at one of the woman who is scowling at my Rebecca. "Beautiful isn’t she. I’m very proud to be marrying her this afternoon." I offer to he woman as I resettle my hat on my head.

"Oh now Charlie that was just mean." Rebecca chuckles as we watch the woman scurry away.

"She looked like she swallowed a sourball." I laugh as we enter the mercantile.

"Good afternoon Mr. Redmond."

I recognize the owner, from my supply trip prior to going home. He seemed friendly enough then, let’s see what he thinks now, "Good afternoon Mr. Chester."

"What can I do for you today?"

"Well sir," I turn and smile at Rebecca. "My fiancée and I require wedding rings. I don’t suppose you’d happen to have any in stock would you?"

He looks to Rebecca for the first time. "My goodness. Rebecca Jackson. Look at you young lady!" He smiles as he comes around the counter and greets her. "When Mr. Redmond was in yesterday I didn’t know it was you he was talking about."

I watch as a slow blush creeps up Rebecca’s face and she nods. "Yes Mr. Chester."

"Well congratulation for landing such a fine young man." He smiles at her. "I’m sure he’ll take very good care of you."

"He already has Mr. Chester. Thank you."

"Now as for rings. I’m afraid I don’t have much. Maybe I can find something here that will work for you."


I face her. Watching her as the Justice of the Peace says words I don’t hear. I see only her. We slip the simple gold bands on and then it’s over. With a little kiss our life together truly begins.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Redmond." The man says to me as he hands me the marriage license. "May you live a long and happy life."

"I’m sure we will." Rebecca smiles as she runs her hands under the lapels of my coat never taking her eyes from mine. "I’m sure we will."

"Shall we Mrs. Redmond?" I turn and offer her my arm.

"Yes," She takes my arm. "Yes Mr. Redmond, we shall. For a very long time to come. And I think we should go home and get started now." She gives me a little wink as we step outside and I settle my hat on my head.



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