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The Secret Journey

by Zeta

It was a soft rainy afternoon. The wind brushed through the leaves, waving hello. The sunlight was glistening through the clouds and the forest piano played a captivating melody.

"Look Xena", said an excited Gabrielle, pointing to the most breathtakingly beautiful rainbow!

"It’s almost as beautiful as you", said Xena, looking at her sweetheart’s angelic face and auric golden halo of hair.

Just about the time Gabrielle was going to give her soulmate a big hug; a fierce storm set in. The velocity of the furious wind carried them somewhere over the rainbow to a magical land studded with grass and wildflowers, a lush forest with a canopy of trees and a beautiful green meadow.

"Where are we", asked Gabrielle, entranced by the beauty of her surroundings?

"I’m not sure Gabrielle, but I’m getting tired of this! First Illusia, then Aidan’s yukey island paradise, then the mendhi - now this place! Watch your step and don’t fall down any more holes either", groaned Xena!

"Xena! Wherever we are, thank the gods that we are safe and here together", chided the bard!

Suddenly, there appeared in the sky, a radiant bubble of pure white light. They watched in wonder as it floated closer and lightly touched down. Emerging from this satiny soft bubble was a beautiful and enchanting celestial entity.

"Who are you, where are we, and why are we here", demanded the Warrior Princess?

"I am Isis, Goddess of the Rainbow. You have embarked upon a sacred journey into the mystical realm of your imagination. The search for the answers you seek is almost complete. Insight and clarity will come as soon as you have mastered the secret of your journey. Remember, this present moment contains a hidden message of what already lies deep inside of thee."

More mysterious language and mumbo jumbo, thought Xena.

All of a sudden, a glowing stream of universal energy emanated from the goddess, Isis and orgasmically caressed the astral travelers. Drifting through time and space and transcending conventional boundaries, their bodies resonated with pleasure and burned with bliss. Leaving the world far behind, they willingly surrendered to the harmonic vibrations, perfect oneness and sensual serenity.

In a flash, the light was gone, the glowing aura faded, and reality smacked Xena in the face.

"How do we find our way back home", beseeched Xena, now gazing upon a perplexing maze of paths?

"There is only one path. I can show you the way, but you must carry the torch. Follow the light. It will lead you to the great and powerful Seer of Secrets. Stay aware and accept where you are if you dare! Now go…go with the flow and don’t wait until the dream of life has ended until you realize the way", said the goddess of the rainbow.

Lost in a bewitching fog, the seekers were loosing sight of the celestial goddess. Her bubble of light took her over the meadow, above the forest and into the sky.

"Gods Xena, wasn’t she radiant", said the mesmerized Amazon Queen?

Zeus, here we go again, thought Xena. She had had just about enough of this spiritual quest nonsense, the enlightened beings, the light, the way, karma, and Gabrielle’s crushes. Been there, done that. Give me the Greek gods any day, she mumbled under her breath.

"Wake up, Gabrielle. You can’t live in a dream world forever!"

"Hmmm…", exclaimed the bard!

"Well, I see only one path – let’s just move on down that road", mumbled Xena.

Stepping upon the moss-covered path, they journeyed deeper and deeper into the eerie forest. Afraid, Gabrielle cried out, "Xena, do you think we are on the right path? Will we ever find our way to the Seer, let alone our way back home?"

In a burst of fiery flames, Drag Queen Evil Scowlene invaded their plane.

"You will find no joy, no peace, just pure darkness on your journey. You will never reach the Seer", she scowled. "I will destroy all your dreams and make you as psycho as me!"

"Xena, what are we going to do, will this nightmare never end", cried the bard?

"It’s ALL LIGHT, Gabrielle", said Xena as vibrant rays of sunlight pierced through the dark, ominous fog like a beacon to guide them from the darkness. The powerful light blinded Drag Queen Evil Scowlene and they were off to see the Seer.

Nourished and healed by the sun, they decided to let go and move on down that road. The majestic journey continued and the energy began to flow.

Almost magically, they reached the gate of the Castle of the Crystal Fairies. They knocked on the castle door.

"Ring my bell…I mean ring the bell", said Yasmin, one of the glowing nymphs of the castle.

"What bell? We’re here to see the Seer of Secrets", said Xena.

Yasmin opened the door unto them. Yasmin was nurturing, loving and supportive - mirroring the essence of Gabrielle’s soul. It seems they had met before, but who knows where or when.

"Xena, I perceive a sparkling aura of peace, joy and serenity, don’t you", inquired the bard?

"Gabrielle, you are too trusting, does the name Najara enlightenment you any", quipped the Warrior Princess?

"You are so jaded, Xena!"

"You are so na´ve, Gabrielle!"

"How about some food and a nice warm bath", asked Yasmin?

"See what I mean, Gabrielle, this is deja-vu."

Smacking Xena on her beautiful behind once again, Gabrielle said, "Deja-vu, schma-ja-vu, I’m hungry and a hot bath sounds wonderful." Xena was concerned, but was hungry as well and a hot bath with her love would be a welcome relief after the nightmare of the haunted forest and Drag Queen Evil Scowlene.

After dinner, Yasmin escorted them to their room and in a flash, she vanished from sight.

"My, they certainly do come and go around here, don’t they", questioned Gabrielle?

"By the way Xena, are we that obvious? Yasmin only gave us one room – talk about secrets or lack of!"

With her intense blue eyes, Xena flashed one of her illustrious stares that needed no words, like when Gabrielle asked her if she had hands like a sailor.

Their sanctuary was all white with soft rugs on the floor and overlooked a bright ocean horizon. Hand in hand, they peacefully strolled onto the balcony and were surprised to see the return of the rainbow and a passionate sun. The panorama of the ocean, the sky spread out before them and the sounds of the surf touched their hearts. The energy was airy…ethereal…and erotic.

Spellbound, the Amazon Queen ran her fingers through the Warrior Princess’ raven hair…invitingly turned her mouth toward her…and seductively whispered:

"Xena, let’s embark upon our own journey!" Erotic light shined from her eyes.

"You know the secrets of my heart, Gabrielle". Rocme please, thought Xena.

Like a delicate spider, Gabrielle continued to run her soft fingers down the warrior’s commanding arms, as only Gabrielle could. Xena gasped slightly and her flesh contracted with the passage of her loved one’s delicate touch.

"My beautiful Xena, take off your leather and let me look at you", seductively commanded the Amazon Queen. Gabrielle’s erotic fever intensified as she watched her lover slowly undress and stand provocatively naked before her.

"Ummm…Here she comes, Miss Amphipolis!", moaned the voyeur with delicious excitement?

"G a b r i e l l e…"

Hearing Xena speak her name in that tone possessed a potent aura of appeal for Gabrielle.

Shaking her wild hair, Xena strolled confidently naked over to her lover and stood behind her. With her experienced hands, she unlaced Gabrielle’s top and cupped her firm breasts.

"Oh, your hands, Xena", moaned Gabrielle dissolving under the warrior’s touch. Xena tenderly kissed the back of her lovely young neck and continued to undress and caress from her behind, leaving nothing untouched with her eager hands. Gabrielle’s whole body was on fire and now possessed the rich warm color of her face. She was quivering, yearning to be possessed more completely.

"THERE", said Xena and then she abruptly pulled away.

"Xena, what’s wrong", asked the frustrated bard?

"Remember Gabrielle, it’s the journey and not the destination", said Xena teasingly.


But, Xena had only begun to tease her playmate.

Smiling mischievously, the Warrior Princess effortlessly picked up her playmate, slowly carried her down the steps and into the pool located on the balcony, submerging their naked bodies in the captivating warm water. Gabrielle put her arms around her lover’s neck and like a water dance, Xena rhythmically spun her around. They laughed and their excited eyes met with alluring satisfaction. Xena sought out Gabrielle’s mouth and took her lips between hers.

Unexpectedly, Gabrielle pulled away.

"Remember Xena, wasn’t it Callisto who said patience is a virtue." Gabrielle couldn’t resist getting even with Xena for tormenting her.

"You’re going to bring up Callisto at a time like this? Is there a doctor in the house?"

Running her fingers over the surface of the water and smiling innocently, Gabrielle said, "Well, it could be worse, Minya could be here filling our bath with endless buckets of water."

"Minya has her own thespian now", said Xena. They both snickered.

"Now come here - my body wants you", commanded the Warrior Princess.

Her resistance breaking down, Gabrielle’s hands traveled around her lover’s waist and she offered her blissful body to her.

"I’ll do anything you want, Xena."

Xena was pleased and placed her head in the bed of Gabrielle’s appetizing soft breasts, a bed she wanted to fall into. Gabrielle’s bursting breasts swelled towards her lover and Xena covered them with her hungry mouth and ran her tongue over the glistening tips.

As Gabrielle’s breasts floated in the water, Xena’s fingers followed the downward curve of her back, pressing firmly into the flesh and leaving marks.

"Gods, Xena." Gabrielle’s luxuriant form grew hot and restless; a feeling Xena wanted to inspire.

Then, Xena dove under the water and swam between Gabrielle’s legs. Rising up, she picked up her lover once more and laid her upon the steps leading into the pool. She fell on her knees in the water and glided her hands up the soft skin between Gabrielle’s legs. Her movements slow, stroking back and forth. Gabrielle felt the joy of being opened, every touch arousing new layers of enjoyment.

Gabrielle watched as Xena touched the tip of her flowery flesh with her tongue. Licking gently and then closing her mouth around her flower, Xena melted between her legs. The bard’s hands were on her lover’s head and she pressed it down. Attuned to her lover’s erotic rhythms, Xena increased the movements of her tongue and Gabrielle rose in harmony with her pleasure, dissolving into her lover’s mouth.

Xena tasted her joy.

"G o d s, X e n a", she screamed! The delicate flower collapsed into the pool of her lover’s arms and rested.

The moon rose over the ocean horizon and dimly lit the room. It was now night.

"Gabrielle, you are the first person I ever really loved", tenderly said the warrior.

"Oh Xena, I do love you!"

"I don’t want this night’s journey to end", pouted the Amazon Queen!

Reassuring her of reality, the warrior created by legend said, "It doesn’t have to Gabrielle, because my hunger for you is insatiable and I want more." Xena’s hunger came from every part of her being. In a frenzy of desire, she picked up her lover…carried her out of the pool…into the bedroom…and placed her on one of the soft white rugs.

Gently, she enjoyed drying the moisture from her lover’s wet body. Then, she held Gabrielle’s feet against her face and kissed them tenderly. Xena’s eyes fell upon every part of her lover’s body and her hungry kisses went there. She slid Gabrielle on her side, laid behind her and wrapped herself around her like a ribbon.

Surprised, Gabrielle felt the tip of something slip inside of her and she jumped a little.

"By the gods Xena, what is that?" asked the perplexed Amazon Queen.

"That’s my little secret", said the untamed warrior pushing back and forth, further and further into her lover’s womb causing her to jump again and again. Gabrielle closed her eyes and decided it was best to just go with the flow and let Xena do the probing. Smiling at Xena’s virility, Gabrielle was reminded once again that Xena was beyond man and woman and her whole desire was set on being taken by the legend. Xena closed her hands around her lover’s breasts. Showing her provocative power; she went at Gabrielle with a savage fever. The warrior gave her what she wanted and sounds of pleasure were coming from Gabrielle’s throat with each hard and hot thrust.

Then Xena placed Gabrielle over her face and hid her face between her legs until her lover cried out her name.

Exhausted, Gabrielle laid her head against Xena’s wildly beating heart and melted in satisfaction.

"I love you Xena." I love you Gabrielle."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "The Seer will see you now", said Yasmin.

Oh Hades, thought the untiring warrior. They quickly dressed and followed Yasmin.

Alas, they met the great and powerful Seer of Subtext. (Sorry, the Seer of Secrets.)

She said, "Your journey of self-discovery has led you to me. Remember well the lessons you have learned along the way. So necessary for your spiritual evolution were they. However, you have been deceived by this mythical mirage. For I am not the Seer, you see. I am only the sparkle of the teardrop now in your eye, Gabrielle."

Provoked, Xena’s frustration and rage quickly illuminated the sky.

"Enough lesson already", she shouted! She was reaching for her chakram, when out of the mists of the forest, Isis came into view.

As she lightly touched down, she lovingly said, "Your heroines’ journey has brought you back to me. Many were the moments when you thought you were lost and that the nightmare would never end. Yet, you optimistically surrendered to the flow and the secret has been revealed to you. Dear Gabrielle, do you realize now that you always did possess the power to return home?"

Dazed and amazed, an enlightened Gabrielle said, "For so long now I’ve been wandering down that long and winding road searching for something locked deep inside of me? The dream that I dared to dream really will come true?"

"That’s right, Gabrielle. Remember in the cave when you said that instead of reaching out, perhaps we should be looking in? In the twilight of memory, you knew the secret all along! The secret is yourself. What you are looking for is already here", said Xena!

"Here with you, Xena. I am so grateful for what we have", said Gabrielle, golden rays of love cascading from her heart.

The goddess of the rainbow said, "It is now time for you to return home. Now close your eyes and return home grateful that love returns to its source."

Through the stargate, traces of brilliant neon lights swirled and flowed all around them, as their bubble of light took them up into the air and back to where their journey began.

"Now open your eyes, you sleeping beauties", said Isis, her voice echoing from the heavens.

As they opened their eyes, they were greeted by the glory of a new day. Leaving the darkness behind, they had become the light.

"Xena! We’re home", sighed Gabrielle resting peacefully in her lover’s secure embrace!

"That right Gabrielle, at last. Argo and I want you to know there’s no place like home!"

I hope you enjoyed my story,

Zeta, Warrior of the Spirit

Watch for another.

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