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Subtext Warning: Yes, here 'tis. This story implies a loving relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18, this type of thing is illegal in the state/country in which you live, or if you are offended by it, read no further. However, that's as far as I am concerned, my stepmother reads it differently, I left it deliberately ambiguous…you may blame my stepmother for this one.

Author's Notes: This very short story is for my stepmother (aka Stepmonster), Christine, who desired a mushy, passionate story with nothing obscene, crude or rude in it, but earthmoving, lights flashing and waves crashing, climbing right inside the soul passion…uh-huh? Now this, people, for archaeobard, is a bit of a challenge, but, I shall give it my best shot. Forgive me if I fail miserably. It's also a first person thing, and you know how I feel about those. She also gave me the title, so don't blame me…Not that I'm trying to divert responsibility here or anything.

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Somewhere in Time


My thoughts drifted listlessly, thinking of the one I had abandoned, left to lie with their own fate intact, dispossessed of my emotion. Why I fled from the best thing that had ever happened to me I will never know. Yet she searched for me, with all the strength and power she had. I evaded her like she was a curse, coming to ensnare me in its clutches. Then she found me and I was helpless to stop the emotions that merely the sight of her instilled in my soul. If I had been stronger, as I always thought I was, I would have walked away. Yet she was my only weakness, a weakness borne of love and devotion. My heart could no more forget her than I could forget myself. If I had been able to do that, I would have been saved. As it was, I was lost. Lost in the green eyes and brilliant smile, the care and obsession. I had run for far too long.

So, as she stood before me the day she found me, my soul was reflected in my eyes, perhaps for the first time. She knew, for how could she not? She understood me more than I understood myself, as an extension of my being. She did not speak, she did not have to, her expression was clear…love.

As she moved towards me over the distance that separated us physically, I must have faltered unknowingly, for she halted, and smiled. Then the remaining barriers fell around me like garments worn too long. I was bare beneath that countenance. Something shattered inside me, never to be repaired. It was my fear. Fear of her, fear for her, yet mostly fear of myself. For the love I held for her was something that if taken away would destroy me, slowly, inexorably. She must have sensed my torment for she held out her hand, soft and small. I dropped my eyes to stare at the life line and blinked away the tears that threatened to shroud my vision. I took in a shuddering breath, the idea of taking that hand would seal my fate. She did not move, yet her presence forced my eyes to her's and I felt her intensity seep into me. I savoured the experience, and I grew strong.

I breathed deeply, the essence of her spirit feeding my senses, my soul, as I gave her my hand, my calluses harsh against hers, delicate and warm. Her fingers wrapped smoothly around the back of my palm, her thumb moving casually over my skin in a subtle gesture of reassurance. I smiled then, a faltering smile that would have gone unnoticed if she had not been so attuned to my existence.

She drew me in then, with more than just her being, lightly caressing my cheek with the backs of her fingers, wiping casually at the tears that had somehow begun to fall. There were no words, for they were not needed. We spoke with the poetry of our hearts, our bodies. We surrendered to each other, for there was no other way, no dominant character in this emotion, nothing lost, nothing gained without ourselves. Two as one, that was the eternity of our situation, love… home.

The End.

Well there you go Christine, yes, I will print you out a copy.

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