Ode to Gabrielle

The Face of Faith

By Jeff Schubert


A girl from Portedia                                                                         

The fates would foretell                                                                 

A beauty for the ages                                                                     

Once she came out of her shell                                                       

Offering the gift of light                                                                 

She lives for peace

But is ready to fight                                                                        


With a guide she walks along the path                                           

Sincere in her virtues                                                                       

Though tested, they last

A new friend is a friend forever                                                      

She’ll offer everything she’s got                                                     

Just don’t wipe your ass with one of her scrolls                              

Or give away her pots!                                                                     


Finding “The Way” is hard                                                                         

Filled with wonder                                                    

Is our Bard                                                                

To learn and grow                                                                

Is to have to let go                                                                

Because none of us know                                       

The things that we know


So she questions, she asks                                                 

Her curiosity is relentless                                                    

There is a fine line between confidence                                         

And the arrogance of a young apprentice


With a heart purer then gold

And a Mentor made of steal

She falls and is helped up

Their bond of love

Is realer then real


But questions persist

And doubts are inside

Am I on the right path?

 And then along came Eli


Love was to be the way

Until a demon was about to slay

Then with one look in her eyes 

She and her soul mate

Became synchronized 


Caterpillars become butterflies

The circle is complete

A new warrior steps forward

As her Mentor wins one last time

By accepting a noble defeat


Who is this angel

That has been to hell?

She is kindness incarnate

And her name is Gabrielle


 Renee, thank you for creating a character that inspires so many

Warmly… Jeff Schubert… 12/10/07