Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This story is the second installment of my ‘Tribe’ series. I suggest reading Part 1 before proceeding. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.

The Tribe That Time Forgot

Part 2

By: Teagen2

I crouched behind a stand of bushes, listening, waiting. Harpers were fast. If I were to catch one, I would have to listen. I heard the distant call from my warrior. Gantan was forcing the Harper herd closer to the waiting ambush. The first to appear was mine. I lept from my hiding place and followed. Harpers were a valued food, many of the reptile life now roaming in our woods. Their biggest advantage were their swift legs, abling them to reach high speeds. Their biggest disadvantage, size. Standing only a mere two feet, they were easy prey, once captured.

The Harper swiftly lept over a boulder in our path. I jumped. Landing on top of the rock, I launched myself off and landed on top of my prey, pulling my dagger as I lept. One strike through the throat and it was mine. I heard the victorious cries of my warriors as they held up their catches. I did not believe in such yelling. My cries meant battle, not victory. Tying the feet of the harper, I swung it over my shoulder, ready for the next attack.



The sun was ready to touch the land when I returned. I was most successful, with four harpers. I am a skilled hunter, but not an arrogant one. Vernas, an old woman of the village, was the first to receive one of my catches. "Thank you, Child." bowing her head. I nodded. The young must protect the old, my mother’s first rule of a warrior. I moved to Alla’s hut and presented him my second catch.


"Thank you. Kalla."

"You are welcome, Alla."

"Sit. You must be exhausted." I did. He looked at me intently.

"What?" I asked.

"Someone has changed your eyes." An expression, meaning my mood has changed.

"Do you of Golden Sun?" I asked.

"Yes. She is a smart young woman. If memory serves, your playmate as a child." I nodded. "You seek her for suitability?"

"I said nothing of the kind, Alla."

"You do not have to. Your eyes speak for you. They smile. Your father will not look fondly upon your choice." My head snapped up and Alla immediately countered, "Not that he matters of course."

"I must go now."


The other fruits of my labor were going to Garland. I am sure being a field worker, she has hardly had a chance to eat a harper. She will get the best of what I am able to catch. I received glances as I moved in this section of the village. Commoners mostly lived in this section because it was near the fields of the farmers. A warrior in this section was a site to behold, especially me. I moved into Garland’s hut. It was empty. Surprisingly so by the lateness of the day. I moved to her firepit and lit it.



I sat and leaned my back against the wall as I sat on her sleeping furs. The sun was down, the torches were lit, and Garland was not in her hut. I heard a light footfall outside and I stood quickly. I placed my hand on my knife, ready to draw if need be. Garland stepped into my view. I smiled. My smile quickly faded to a look of horror. She had crying. Golden Sun’s left eye and cheek were red. I moved to her. "Who did this to you?" I asked. Her head dropped. "Garland," I raised her chin. "Who hurt you?" She continued to cry.

"Meelo." she whispered.

"Come." I took her hand. I lead her through the village. My stone stare was enough to stoke the attention of my people.


We came upon Meelo outside a warrior’s hut. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed, making them turn in alarm. "You did this." I hissed. I gently placed Garland away from us. "You will not touch her again." I drew my knife. "Ayyyiiiyyyiiyyyii!!!" I launched myself at him, giving him no time to react. We collided violently, bringing us both to the ground. The chanting of the onlookers were all I could make out as I wrestled my former suitor. We got to our feet. I caught the wild punch that was aimed at my head. Spinning him around I brought the knife to his throat. With one swift cut, his miserable existence was no more. I angrily tossed his body forward. Silence. I held up my now stained knife for all to see. No one moved. No one dared. I pointed to my chosen. "There will be no violence against my betrothed or...you will die by MY hand." We are all people, no matter class. Mother’s second rule of a warrior, one many don’t recognize.

"TALONE!!" the crowd shouted, while raising one arm in unison. Our tribal chant. It was the equivalent to ‘Hail Kalla’ and ‘We understand.’



I was scared. Kalla killed Meelo for touching me. Now all of the tribe knows of our relations. No matter. She gently wiped my face with a damp cloth, all the while apologizing for not being here. I was speechless. Dark Sky DID love me. She proved it tonight. It was only a matter of time before King Mondon finds out about the death of one of his best warriors. "Thank you." I say quietly.

"For what?" she whispers as she continues holding a cold cloth to my bruised cheek.

"Everything......I have never eaten harper meat."

"You will eat like my queen." Those words had meaning behind them. She leans forward and kisses me softly on my lips. I have never been kissed by anyone other than my family and it felt wonderful. Her tongue raked across my lips and I opened my mouth. To my surprise, she deepened the kiss. This was a whole new experience. I wanted more. I boldly copied her actions in her mouth, causing a wonderful moan to come from her throat.

The kiss was suddenly broken and Dark Sky stood quickly. I never heard my mother enter. "Forgive me, Princess Kalla." she bowed. "I mean no harm." Dark Sky had no problem with making my mother bow. I rather enjoyed seeing it myself. "I wish to speak with my daughter." Dark Sky looked down at me with compassionate eyes.

"It is okay, Kalla." I say.

"I will wait outside." I nod. We both watched Kalla step out into the night air.



I gave that old woman a look to remember as she stepped out of Garland’s hut. She did another overextended bow. I simply waved her off and returned to Golden Sun.

"Everything alright?" I ask.

"Yes." she smiled. "She is jealous of the meat I think."

"Let her be." I smiled. I glanced back to the door. "It will rain tonight." I commented.

"Are you staying?"

"Of course."



Golden Sun lay in my arms as we listened to the pounding sound of the rain on her hut’s roof. "Why do you stay with me?" she yawned.


"It is cold." True, the royal hut had three fires. "You must have mats to sleep on instead of the floor. Why stay here?"

"Simple. The royal hut does have those things, but it does not have you." I kissed her temple, tightening my arms around her waist.



There is no feeling that comes close to waking up in strong arms. Arms that are attached to the leader of your people. No one in this realm is luckier than I. Dark Sky, fierce warrior, honorable spirit, loves ME. No, there is no feeling that compares, and one I hope does not fade.

I move carefully, trying not to disturb her. I move to the fire and sit, crossing my legs. It is still well into the night. The rain still pounding on my roof. My thoughts were loud enough to keep me awake tonight. I want to be with Kalla. There is no question of that. However, the consequences can be hard. I will not have any power over the Talone, I will merely be her mate unless she determines otherwise. Still the weight of the role of mate to the royal family, is heavy. If Kalla falls in a hunt or battle, I will become queen. King Mondon was merely Ana’s mate, until she was killed.

"Garland." I turn to see Kalla sitting up. "Is everything alright?" I smile. She smiles back.

"Yes." I move back to her and she immediately covers me with the furs. As I lay down, I look up at her. "I will accept the role of your mate." A smile that would melt a snow covered mountain spreads across her face. She leans down and kisses me gently on my lips.

"I love you, Golden Sun. I will do all I can to make you happy." She sighs. "Are you sure?" She has to ask.

"Yes." I smile.




As she took my hand and led me through the village, I knew my life would change quite dramatically. As she stopped, I knew we were at our destination. I looked at it in awe, the royal hut. In all of my days, I have never seen it before now. She squeezed my hand and led me in. It was four times the size of mine. It was beautifully decorated with paintings and weapons. Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "Father." I looked over her shoulder. King Mondon stood. I began to shake.

"What is the meaning of this, Kalla?" he bellowed.

"To show you who I am to bond with." Her face remained stoic as he walked towards us. He did not stop until he was mere inches from her face.

"No. I forbid it." he said sternly. He struck her full force. Her arm kept me from advancing.

"It is okay." She turned her back on her father, something I thought was unwise. "I am alright." She tried her best to calm my fears. She turned again back to her father.

"From this day on, I am the ruler of the Talone." He reached behind him and picked up a battle club. I felt Kalla plant her feet firmly as she pushed me behind her.

"Get out of the way, Daughter. I will finish this common scum."

"No." I watched Kalla’s hand come behind her back, raising her shirt. She produced a knife. I grabbed her wrist before she could bring it into view of her father.

"Kalla please." I whispered. She was going to kill again to protect me. "Let us just go. I love you, Dark Sky." I whispered. Her head never turned to acknowledge me. King Mondon raised the weapon. Kalla yanked her wrist from my grasp. Just as Kalla was about to lunge at the king, two highly decorated men caught our attention.

"Mondon, son of Denna." It was a holy man. "Dark Sky, daughter of Ana." One moved forward, towards us. "Golden Sun, daughter of Doma." He knew me. Who was he?


"Dark Sky is the rightful ruler of the Talone.....Mondon, you will reside in the warrior’s huts from this day forth." He circled all three of us while the other man remained at the entrance. "Dark Sky, you do accept Garland as your bond mate?"

"Yes." she said without hesitation.

"Fine, it is done. You are now together." He continued to circle around us. It suddenly occurred to me that this was the mediator, one who held a position of great weight.

"Mondon, gather your possessions and leave before the setting of the next sun."

"She is not ready!" Mondon bellowed. "You can not allow a commoner on the throne!"

"She is not on the throne, Mondon. Only Dark Sky can say that." The man smiled at me before turning and leaving, the second man remained.

"Alla." Kalla nodded. He smiled.

"You heard Fox Tail." he said. Mondon slowly nodded.



The entire tribe knew by the end of the day that I was now bonded to Dark Sky. I spend my last night in my hut. I sat staring into the bigger fire, thinking. The life I would give up to follow my heart was not much. As a commoner, I barely existed. As royalty I will thrive. Two hands landed on my shoulders. "Everything alright?" she whispered into my ear. I did not even hear her enter. She fingered the band at the back of my neck. Attached was the symbol of royalty. The only change to her attire was the headdress she was given to wear in her ceremonies, but she refused to wear it all of the time like her father did.

"Do I deserve you?" I quietly ask.

"No." she said. "You deserve better."

"Kalla, I am a commoner..."

"No," she tightened her grip on me. "You are my wife now." I leaned back into her arms.


King Mondon was king no more. The drums beating outside told of the celebration of a new leader, Dark Sky. Now I know our people will flourish. She has the wisdom and compassion of her mother, something not possessed by Mondon. I know my life will be better.



It felt strange being in the royal hut. After Mother died, this wasn’t my home. Now I have Garland. I knew I would cherish the day I would rule. I have the confidence to take on such power. I intend to bestow my power on Golden Sun as soon as she is ready. I love her. Now the hut is our home. No harm will come to her as long as I am physically able to stop it. This, I all vow.

I kiss her. My hands will not remain still. I turn her around to face me. I lift the hem of her shirt and remove it. I smile as I kiss her left breast. She moans. "I want to love you." I say. She smiles and tugs the knot of her wrap, letting me pull it away. She is now naked before me. I lay her on her back and move downward. I look up to her face. She pushes my head down. I kiss her stomach and move lower. She screams as I find what I want.

"Kalla." she breaths. I chuckle. My hands go to her hips. The moans above me drown out everything. I feel her begin to shake. I can feel her body start to react to me. She screams my name as she finishes her journey. I lay my head on her stomach as I wait for her to calm. "I love you." I hear. I lift my head and crawl up to her. I smile as I feel her lift my breechcloth, exposing me to her already wet center.

"Ohhhh." I begin to rotate my hips.

"Yeeeeeeee!!!!!" An alarm comes from outside. I remove myself from her and grab my weapons.

"I am sorry." I apologize. She waves me to go with a smile. I will have to finish what I started.


I jog towards the sounds of gathering warriors. Firestorm is one horseback screaming an alarm. I move to him. "Dark Sky, I heard strange noises coming from the south ridge." I almost want to roll my eyes.

"What noises?"

"Drums." I look at him.


"Yes." I move away towards the stables. I address the warrior on my right. "Get me three good men."

"My queen." he bows his head and moves away. I find my horse and mount. I meet my three men at the mouth of the third wooded trail. We begin our trek. "Firestorm, show me." He takes the lead and we gallop behind. Isn’t wasn’t long before we came to the spot he left so abruptly.

We dismount and crawl on our stomachs to the top of a ridge and look down. "They were probably down there." Firestorm whispers. I look carefully. I see the remains of three fires, long since died out.

"Firestorm, you and Iris stay here."

"But my queen....." I hold up my hand, silencing them. I intend to do the same duties I did as a warrior. I moved slowly and carefully down the embankment, listening for any change around me. I was soon standing in the middle of a broken camp. I picked at the fire with my foot, cold. I had been wrong, four fires. Small holes were made in the ground several feet from the fires. I recognized them as stick holes from temporary shelters, meaning they were here for at least a night. I looked up at my warriors. I raise my hand, holding my weapon and thrust it twice, signaling everything was fine. Iris signals back with one thrust of her arm. I look around one last time and head back up the ridge.


I called my warrior council together. Unfortunately my father is considered a member. Golden Sun sits to my left and Alla, my new advisor, to my right. Mondon was sitting with other warriors around the circle. I am pleased at how the entire tribe has accepted Golden Sun as my bond mate. The change in her appearance is dramatic. She now wears the royal symbol on her neck and on the thighs of her leggings, just as I do.

"I feel they were hear at least a night." I said. "Yet there were no hoof marks of any kind. Either they have no horses or they kept them away from their camp."

"Do you think they are hostile?" Running Buck asks.

"I do not know." I answer truthfully. "All we have heard are drum chants, nothing more."

"I say we ride out and track them." my father says sternly.

"Why, Father?" I inquire. We all look at him for an answer.

"To find out who they are, Fool." The two warriors on either side of him stand. I signal them to sit. Now my father seems worried. He realizes my people are siding with me now.

"Leave." I beckon. He does as loudly as he possibly can. There is a long journey ahead with him. Perhaps one day, we will meet on common ground. It is highly unlikely. I adjourn the meeting, not coming to a clear decision. Garland and I step out of the hut and start back to ours in silence.



"Do you think these unknowns are a threat?"

"No, Love." I smile, placing my hand at the small of her back "Not until they give me cause to think otherwise."



I lie on our sleeping mat, awake. My mind is heavy with thought of these people. My mother once told me that we were the last...people in this realm. If that is not true, who are they? In all of my travels through the forest, I never seen any sign of people other than our own. That camp came within our hunting grounds. It was possibly a hunting party. But with no horses? Soon we will be fishing for food. The weather is turning colder. We must fish before it becomes too cold to do so. That will mean a trip deep into the forest to the most plentiful river.



The ceremony is elaborate. The dance of success as it has come to be called. I sit on Kalla’s left in my new attire. I have never worn a breechcloth before today. My leggings have been painted with Dark Sky’s symbol. On my forehead, is wrapped a black band. From that band, a feather hangs loosely in my hair. I look like a warrior, but I am not. I am merely Kalla’s mate. Dark Sky holds my hand as we watch several warriors dance. Atop her head, sits a feather headdress that I know she hates to wear, but will when necessary. Soon the dance was over and the preparations for the trip would have to start.

I wish Kalla were not going on the trip, but she is the one of the best fisherman in the tribe. I always hated this time of year. The farmers have to gather all the crops before the cold sets in. The busiest time of the cycle for commoners. They must make sure they have enough for themselves as well as enough to trade to the warriors for meat.

I watch as Dark Sky paints her stallion. "I will miss you." I say. She turns and smiles.

"I will return soon, Love. Then I will not have to leave again for a long while."

"I want to finish what we started." I smile. Yesterday, she made love to me, but I was unable to return the favor.

"I do too...but I must...."

"I know." I rub her strong back softly. "I know." I whisper before kissing her on the lips.

"I will sharpen your blades for you." I reach to her side and unsheathed the knife at her side. I hold out my hand. She chuckles and takes off her arrows, handing them to me.




I hold my forehead to hers. "I love you." she says.

"I love you too, Kalla. Be careful." She kisses me on the forehead.

"Always." She swiftly mounts her horse and turns him towards the other two riders waiting. I wave one last time. I join Soft Feather. She has just said goodbye to her warrior as well. We watch until the three turn a corner and disappear.



The weather was slightly cold, but not enough for me to be uncomfortable. Of course I have been known to wear no leggings and just my armour piece on my chest with no shirt in freezing weather. We will arrive at the river in a few hours. A total of eleven warriors are on this journey. We shall be very successful.

We wasted no time and set up our camp for the night a few away from the bank. I ordered several warriors to begin immediately. Grabbing their reed spears, they waded out into the water. I removed my leggings and shoes to join them. I felt no desire for wet leggings this night.


Sharing a shelter with ten other people was not idea of comfortable. I chose to sit outside of the shelter and watch the stars. The night was cold, but it was clear. "Mind if I join you, Dark Sky?" It was Quick Fox.

"No." She sat next to me, looking up as I was.

"Stars are beautiful."

"Yes...they are."

"Can I ask a question, my queen?"


"You are a better leader than, Mondon." she smiled. "Do you intend to rein as Ana did?"

"Yes I do. My mother was wise in her ways."

"Yes she was. I hope I will get to serve you well." She telling me of her loyalty. It was a comforting thought. Seldom few do so.

"Thank you, Quick Fox." We both return to our stargazing until morning.



The river was gracious to us. We caught enough fish to last a while. Winter fishing, I do not do. This was my last trip until the snow melts. We moved steadily back to the village, hauling three liters. As soon as I was within earshot, I heard the drums. "Quick Fox! Rabbit! Come!" I yelled and heeled my mount to a full gallop. I rode hard until the trail ended at the south end of the village. As we rode through. My people were running towards the main square. The drums and chants of alarm were going. I dismounted my horse almost before it came to a stop. I ran full force to our hut. "Garland." I ran in to find it empty. "Garland." I called when I stepped out.

"Dark Sky. Come now!" Several commoners grabbed my hand and forced me to follow them to the square. I went into the council hut.

"What is going on?" I ask Alla.

"Gone. Several of the women are unaccounted for." he said in one breath.


"Those people. They took them." He gestured to a warrior with a splint on his arm and a gash in his head. "They beat Toman."

"We were all painted. They beat on me while the others grabbed the women."

"Golden Sun?" They exchanged glances.

"They took her, Dark Sky."



To Be Continued.......

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