Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: this story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This is my third installment of my ‘Tribe’ series. Please read Parts 1 and 2 before proceeding. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.

The Tribe That Time Forgot

Part 3

By: Teagen2

I stood listening to his words, but could not believe it. "Summon the council now!" Alla ran quickly to do so. I ran back to my hut and grabbed my headdress, this was war.


I sat and listened. The men and woman around me chattered and bickered until my arm went into the air, dead silence. I took a deep breath before addressing them. "Pull all of the tribe into the village. No one will leave until I return. Half the warriors go, half the warriors stay. I want watches posted at all times. We will track them into the forest and bring the women back. That is all."

Not one person disagreed with my plan. What followed was a flurry of activity. I selected my best warriors to accompany me. I will get my love back at all costs. There was no mistaking our purpose. We were in war paint as we moved through my people. Worried looks and expressions of fear were everywhere. I sat stiffly on my horse as we made our way to the beginning of the trail. My face was in my family’s colors. From my forehead to my nose, black. The lower half of my face, red. I removed my headdress. The cries of encouragement reverberated around the village until we disappeared among the trees.


These people tried to hide their trail, but they failed. As we neared an overlook, my nose picked up the scent of people. My hand raised, stopping the warriors behind me. I dismounted. I motioned for Horseback to come with me. We carefully moved to the edge and looked down. They seem to like the location of a valley. Two men, painted from head to toe, wearing only something similar to a breech cloth were conversing in a language I did not know. I observed them carefully. They had small spears, but no bows. The two of us moved down quietly. We lunged on the two, knocking them unconscious with very little sound. I stood over the prone figures, studying them. They gave an appearance of hostility, proving it in their actions.

Horseback and I returned to the party and continued on their trail. It wasn’t long before we came upon their camp. We all crouched in the bordering foliage, waiting. The structures were crude and tent-like. I recognized one of my people carrying a load of wood and being shoved violently in front of a man. Slaves. They wanted slaves. One of my warriors, Hoken, saw his wife being forced to sit on one of the men’s lap, while the others around them laughed. The two warriors on his sides kept him from leaping out at them and revealing our location. Their were a total of eight missing. Three were visually accounted for. My wife was nowhere to be seen. I motioned everyone to follow me and we stepped away from the perimeter of the camp.

"What will we do, my queen?" I thought for a brief moment.

"We outnumber them it would seem. Circle the camp. We charge in full. Do not kill unless you are threatened." I motion with the spear in my hand. They nod. Hoken, Running Buck, and Saber stay hidden. Use your arrows. Aim for those looking to hurt our people. Go." The three move to take their position. "Get my horse. I will ride into the camp, make our presence known." I knew they would object to that, but I was the queen.





I have been sitting in this tent since I arrived here, crying. The man that seems to have claimed me is constantly yelling, yet I cannot understand what he is saying. I heard a commotion begin. I moved to the hole on the side of the tent and looked out. My breath caught in my throat. It was Kalla! I was both relieved....and worried. She came up on her horse at a causal walk. Her face was stone. Even with the paint, I knew it was her. She came to a stop in front of the men standing outside. They yelled unknown phrases at her, gesturing with their hands for her to leave, but she remained still.

A hand came around my mouth and a knife at my throat. It was my ‘owner’. He must have seen the markings on Dark Sky’s leggings and knew they were the same as mine. He knew she was here to take me away. He breathed heavily at my ear as we both looked out of the opening.

Kalla’s face never twitched or faltered, even when her horse jerked and steadied as the men spooked it. A steady chanting sound began around the camp. I smiled underneath my captor’s hand as her warriors began to walk out of the bushes and surround the camp. They too stood, unmoving. The men were confused...and scared. A movement by Dark Sky caught my eye. She reached behind her and produced a knife. Within a moment she threw the knife at the man holding Roosa, brought one leg over the horse, and jumped down on top of the nearest man. The warriors immediately began their assault. I watched as some men fought and some men ran from our people.

I felt my ‘owner’ pull me towards the back of the tent. Holding me firmly with one hand, he began to cut a hole in the back of the tent. I tried to run, but was struck in the face for my efforts. He pulled me through the tent and began to pull me away from the sounds of the battle, into the forest. I tried again to get away, biting his ear when he pulled me to him. He grunted in pain, then proceeded to punch me. "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" We both turned to see Dark Sky, riding hard towards us. If that was not my wife, I would be terrified. My captor was. She produced her bow, seemingly out of nowhere. He did not begin running until she was almost upon us. He didn’t get two paces before an arrow hit him square in the back. Surprisingly, he did not fall. He continued to run, staggering now. Dark Sky passed me and continued at a walk after him. Her horse was merely walking as she took aim again. This arrow going into his right leg, dropping him. She circled him once before dropping off of the horse’s back. She reached over her shoulder and retrieved another arrow. My attacker’s hands flailed in front of his face. He was saying something, probably begging her to spare him. The aligned the arrow with the string and pulled back.

"Did he hurt you?" she asked as she lined up her target. If I told her all the things he did, he would be tortured first, I was sure. I didn’t answer. "Did he hurt you?" she asked again. I closed my eyes and whispered,

"Yes." I heard the grunt from the man as the arrow found its mark. I opened my eyes to see her walking towards me. I looked around her. She left the arrows within him, meaning the kill had purpose. Removing the arrows would have meant that the man was nothing to her.



I replaced my bow on my back. Garland reached for me as I came closer. I hugged her as hard as I dared. She was terrified. Golden Sun latched onto me. "Shhhhh." I whispered into her ear. "Are you alright?" Her head nodded, still buried in my shoulder. Our moment was interrupted when cries from my warriors filled the air. The battle was over. "Come." I said softly, taking her hand. I led her over to where my horse stood. I swung myself onto his back and reached my arm down to help Golden Sun. I swung her up behind me. She instantly wrapped around me, placing her cheek to my back. I placed a hand on the ones around my waist. Guiding my horse with the other, I heeled him towards the camp.

As we reentered, the wives of the warriors who came were now reunited. Two of the women were commoners. They stayed off to themselves as we prepared to go back. None of my people were killed in this battle. Over a half of the mysterious people were.


I made sure everyone was accounted for before leaving. The warriors chattered about the victory and told stories of encounters during the battle. I rode in silence, stroking my wife’s hands around my waist. She has not uttered a word since we left. I can feel the wetness on my skins on my back. She had cried. I whispered my love to her. Garland moved her hands to one of my thighs and stroked it. "I love you, Dark Sky." she said softly. I smiled and patted the hand.


It was soon nightfall and we pitched camp, not far from the village. Golden Sun refused to let me out of her sight. Well it was only fair. I would not let her out of mine. She ate very little of the rabbit we caught. I just simply held her. She would speak to me about the men, nor would the other women.



We arrived back in the village early. Everyone greeted us upon return. I decided to take Garland back to our hut and rest. I chose not to go and update the council. I will do so in my own time. I helped her down and led her into the hut. She sat down on the sleeping mat. "Will you hold me?"

"Yes." I stripped myself of my weapons. She grabbed a cloth and dipped it into a bowl of water.

"Kalla." I turned and she motioned for me to join her. I kneeled in front of her. Garland placed the cloth on my face and began to remove my war paint with gentle strokes. I remained still as she did so. She smiled at me when she was finished.

"Better?" I ask.

"Yes." she smiles. She stroked my cheek gently. "Thank you for coming for me."

"Always. I will not let anyone take you from me." I laid her down and covered her with the furs. "Sleep, Love."

"Will you join me?"

"As soon as I make a fire to keep you warm. Winter is almost upon us."

"I know." she yawns. Her eyes close easily. I am certain she was too terrified to rest with those men. My blood boils at the thought, but smiles at the memory of staring down an arrow shaft at the man on the ground. I carefully move into the furs with her. She curls up to my back.




"Kalla." I rub her back.

"Mmmm." she moans as she wakes.

"Can we go away?"

"Where?" she yawns and turns over to face me.

"Is there anything beyond the forest?"


"What?" She smiled at me with a glint in her eye.

"Magic." she whispers.

"Will you take me?" She looks at me intently.

"Why, Love?"

"To be alone...To get away from the village. Please?"

"Alright, but it will be quite a journey." I nod, understanding.



Kalla appointed Alla temporary leader in her absence. The council did not look fondly upon her decision to leave. However, she was determined in her actions. As I sit on my horse, holding the reins to her stallion, I look around the village. I want to be with Dark Sky, alone. The weight of my position here is too much to bare. She rubs my hand as she takes her reins and mounts. "You think your warriors will follow?"

"Maybe, but no warrior can trail us." she smiles and I believe her.




A full days ride in the forest was uneventful. We stumbled upon a Harper herd, but decided to keep riding. As nightfall approached, we made camp and my lessons began. I want to be warrior. Dark Sky forbids me to be battle, but has opted to teach me to take care of myself. She showed me how to make a simple structure to sleep under. Using a large Pono skin, she tied the two top corners of the square skin to two wooden branches in the ground. I watched as she pulled the skin taunt and staked the lower corners into the ground. It was simple enough. Unrolling our blankets, she placed them in the shelter. Afterwards, she grabbed another smaller square skin and the tied the top corners to the stake. "What is that?" She answered by letting go of the skin and it dropped down, covering the open end of the shelter.

"In case of rain." she smiled. Dark Sky picked up the corners of the cover and placed it on the top of the shelter, opening up the inside of the tent again to view.


She let me make the fire, a skill every Talone knew. We sat next to the fire listening to the sound of wildlife around us. "Golden Sun." she said quietly. She reached over into the blanket in the shelter, producing something wrapped in a skin. She handed it to me. I looked up into her eyes. "Open it." she said shakily. I did. Inside was a beautiful knife with our family symbol on the hilt. "It was my mother’s. I want you to have it."

"I can’t..."

"Yes you can, Love." she whispered. "It is a gift from me to you." I grabbed the hilt and unsheathed it. The blade was sharpened to perfection. I could not believe I was holding the former queen’s knife in my hands. I looked up into my wife’s face once again. She was bathed in firelight.

"Thank you." She smiled, not needing to say anything more. She then stood, brushing the dirt off.

"Come. We will get an early start tomorrow. If we make good time, we’ll be out of the forest in a day or two."



During the journey through the forest, Kalla showed me the things to avoid, the things I could eat, the things I can’t. She said that many Talone never venture beyond the forest because they would die if they tried. So I was going to remember what she tells me so I may do this again someday. With each passing hour, I am becoming more and more attached to my wife. She is so beautiful, so loving. During the third day, I asked to ride with her. I rubbed her thighs, reveling in the smooth tanned skin there. Today was a great day indeed. Dark Sky removed her shirt and leggings. Now only in her breeth cloth and chest armor, I was powerless to keep my hands off of her. My hand boldly ventured underneath and I stroked her. She hissed out a breath of almost alarm. My mouth went to her neck. "Garland." she breathed, bringing one hand back to my neck, pressing my face closer to her neck. Her horse rocked slightly as it turned. One flick of Kalla’s wrist and it was back on course. The horse jerked as it heard a scream from its handler. She pressed into my hand, begging. I cannot believe I am making love to a warrior on a moving horse. As my hand, moved faster, her moans grew louder until I felt the quaking deep within her. I saw the smile that lit up her face as her breathing returned to normal.



When we finally made it to the edge of the forest, I was spellbound. Never have I seen such a huge, clear piece of land. "There is a wondrous place down a dark path called a city."


"Yes, you will see. Do you want to ride alone?" she asked.

"Do you?" She smiled and heeled her horse on. "You said dark path."

"Mmmm." Kalla begins looking at the ground as she moves her horse in a small area.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Looking for the dark path." Suddenly the sound underneath the horse changed. I let go of her waist as she jumped down and began clearing away dirt. She uncovered a black looking ground. She tapped it with a rock, making a different noise than regular ground does. "Mother called the dark path....rr..roads."

"Roads." I repeated.

"This one leads to a city." She swung herself back onto her horse. As she moved on, I turned and looked behind me. The forest was getting smaller and smaller. I suddenly felt nervous without the cover of the trees, but I love and trust my warrior.




Garland was scared. I knew that. In fact, I was too. As I moved in the direction of the city, I am reminded of the journey Mother and I took. I remember everything she told me about this wondrous place. Perhaps the painted men live out beyond the forest. Why come into our forest? Many game live out here as well.

As nightfall approached I put my leggings and shirt back on. I made sure to cover Golden Sun. The cold was felt even more out here. With no trees to buffer the wind, it is freezing. She is asleep now. It took her longer than normal to fall asleep. She absolutely refused until I held her. I watch the sun as it disappears in the distance.




I awoke first as usual and we proceeded to follow the dark path. Today she is guiding my horse as I sit behind her. Earlier, it proved effective in making my wife squirm. The large huts were becoming more visible as we got closer. I heard a gasp of wonder from Golden Sun. I smiled. I pointed to one of the taller, strange huts and said, "Building."

"Building." she repeated. I tapped her leg and she halted my stallion. I jumped down and walked towards the nearest one. I picked up a piece of the sharp, clear material Mother used to use to cut rope. ""What is that, Kalla?" I thought for a moment.

"I believe Mother called it...glass. It’s very sharp." I picked up several pieces and put it in my pack of gear across Golden Sun’s horse.

"What does it do?"

"Cuts things...and people." I smile. I look down at the small scars that remain to this day on my hand. I put my fist through a piece of glass as a child, not knowing what it was.


Something suddenly spooked the horses. Golden Sun’s steady hand kept them from rearing or running. I heard a noise coming from inside a building near us. Something had clattered to the ground inside. "Stay on the horse." I whisper. She nods. I remove my bow from across my back and pull an arrow.

I am taking no chances when I am with my wife. I moved slowly to the opening and peered inside, seeing more darkness than light. I saw a movement in the far corner. I raised my bow and took aim, waiting for my target to appear. When it did appear, I lowered my bow. I walked back to Garland and took the reins.

"What was it?" she asked. She looks up in time to see the baby deer prance out of the building, with the mother close behind.

"Come." I pull lead my horse down the road between the buildings. "Have you seen enough?" I turned and asked. She is still looking around in awe at our surroundings.

"Is there more?"

"Much more my love, but I do not want you to travel much farther from the village. The snows will be upon us soon." I saw her face sadden. "I will bring you back and lead you to more. I promise."

"My father once told me of a lake so huge you cannot see or swim to the other side. Does that exist Kalla?"

"Yes." I smile. "Ocean."

"Ocean. That is the name?"

"Mmmm. I will take you there....some day."

"Ana taught you a lot." she observed. "I wish all of our people could know of this."

"You and I only know of this, Golden Sun." I stop and walk to the side of my mount. She scoots back and I mount. "To all Talone, is all in myth and legend, where it will remain. I heel my horse, turning him back in the direction of home.


To Be Continued......

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