Trouble in Paradise

by: Gabangel

Disclaimer: All the characters that you know and love are owned by Universal and other companies. The others, well, they’re my creation. So, HA!

This story takes place right after “A Family Affair.”

If the love between two women bothers you, then don’t read this. No sex actually occurs, but it is implied at points.

This is what I believe should happen with Xena and Gabrielle. No one is forcing you to read this. It’s my first attempt at fan fiction, so I hope that you like it.

And the story begins..............



“Could Hope still be alive? asked Gabrielle as they lay in the barn where Hope and her child, the Destroyer, just died.

“Maybe, but I highly doubt it.”



“How did I get here if I’m supposed to be dead right now?”

“I don’t know,” said Xena, with a quizitive look on her face. All she wanted right now was Gabrielle next to her and she didn’t care how she got there. She wanted her best friend next to her forever. “Why?”

“Well...” said Gabrielle, as she went and laid by the warrior, “what if I don’t have that much time here and I have to return to Hades, or what if I’m just a spirit and I can’t stay here with you, or what if.....”

“What if? Gabrielle, you’re here with me and I’m not letting you go anywhere. I told you once that we were always going to be together and I’m keeping that promise. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful that you returned.”

“Oh. Yeah, I remember that day.” Gabrielle snuggled in closer to Xena as they both started to fall asleep. Gabrielle gently played with Xena’s dark hair as she tried to calm herself down from all the events that happened in the last few weeks. She just found Xena and they had a tearful reunion, but also found Hope, who was posing as Gabrielle in order to kill Xena. In the end, the Destroyer killed Hope and Xena killed the Destroyer. Things were starting to feel right to Gabrielle.



“Can we leave tomorrow? I want to move on. I feel that there is something that I must do and we have to find it, okay?”

“Whatever you say, my little Gabrielle. Just, don’t leave my sight ever again.”

“Okay. I won’t as long as you don’t leave me.”

Xena took her arm and put it around Gabrielle’s waist and allowed her hand to be under the warrior’s head. They soon drifted off into sleep. They knew that the day ahead would be rough because of Gabrielle leaving her family once again to go with Xena, only this time, they knew that they had to be together. They were soul mates.

The next morning, as always, Xena woke up at dawn, preparing for the talk she must indure through to take Gabrielle away again. Carefully removing the bard from her body, not waking her, Xena dressed into her armor and left the barn. She took a walk into the woods to the place where both her and Gabrielle had taken the bodies of Hope and the Destroyer. She had to make sure that both were still dead from the night before, even though she had carried both of them to the gravesight. When they were buryi

Xena was right; both were still in their graves. Good for them, thought Xena, as she traveled back to the barn. I hope that Gabrielle never has to go through anything like that again. She’s so innocent and caring that I still don’t understand how she could have brought such an evil child into the world. She deserves more than that. Someday, she’ll find her match, but what will happen to me when she does?

Back at the barn, after she realized that she didn’t need to catch breakfast, Xena went up to her friend and blew on her ear. Usually, the bard would awake at this point. Oh, are we being a little brat this morning. Fine, I’ll try another tactic. She leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Still, no response. You leave me no choice, thought Xena, as she brushed away the hair on Gabrielle’s lips. I guess that I’ll have to actually kiss you to wake you up now. Just then, she saw Gabri

Then, without warning.......


“Gabrielle,” she said as she grabbed her friend’s hand. “I’m right here. What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“Xena, they want to take me back, but I told them that I couldn’t leave you. So they started beating me with clubs. Make them stop.”

Xena took her into her arms, almost in a bear hug. “Gabrielle, no one is here but you and me. I won’t let them hurt you. Whose doing this to you?”

“Xena, stop them. Can’t you see them? I never thought that they would do this to........”

“Gabrielle, who is doing this to you? Tell me and I’ll help you fight them.”

Just then, she woke up with tears in her eyes. “Xena,” she said as she put her head into Xena’s shoulder, “someone wants me dead......and they’re part of the Amazons.”

“Gabrielle, what would they have against you. You’re their Queen.”

“I don’t know. In that dream, the Amazons were beating me with sticks and clubs, but I couldn’t see who their leader was. What am I going to do?”

“I don’t know, Gabrielle. We’ll just have to go and check it out. We’ll leave after we talk to your parents.”


After they went back and talked to Gabrielle’s parents about her leaving again, her father looked at Xena and with a snort said, “I won’t allow you to take her out of our lives again. Being with you almost killed her, and has killed her. I won’t allow it.

“Dear,” said Gabrielle’s mother, “we can’t run her life anymore. Gabrielle is a woman now. You have to let her do what she wants to do. Gabrielle,” she said, with tears in her eyes, “if you must leave us, then I’ll support your decision. Just be careful.”

“I will, mother. Thank you for everything. We’ll be back once everything has been straightened out.” Gabrielle hugged her mother and then left with Xena.

“We will be back, won’t we?” Gabrielle whispered to Xena as they rode off on Argo.

“Yes, of course. I can’t keep you away from your family that long. Your father would send out a search party to kill me and bring you back.” Xena chuckled after her last comment about Gabrielle’s father.

“He doesn’t hate you that much. I mean, you have kept me alive for 3 years. Just give him some time, and he’ll see in you what I see, sooner or later.”

“Thanks,” said Xena, as a tear rolled down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away so that Gabrielle wouldn’t see it.

“So,” Gabrielle sighed, “where are we off to now?”

“We’re going to visit the Amazons to figure out who or what might be causing your nightmares. Maybe Ephiny or Solari knows what’s going on.”

“I can’t believe that you’re taking me there, after what happened last time we were with them. They will probably want to kill you for almost killing me like you did.”

“Gabrielle,” Xena said with a smile, “things change after time.” Xena didn’t want to bring up her experiences with the Amazons while trying to find Gabrielle. She would tell her once she was ready, and when Gabrielle could maybe understand why she did what she did to the Amazon leaders long ago. “Just trust me.”

“Well,” Gabrielle said, “you’ve never led me astray before. Let’s get there as soon as possible.”

And with that, Xena lead Argo is a dead run for Amazon Territory. Gabrielle held onto Xena tightly as they rode like lightning down the trail. Soon, Gabrielle was fast asleep against Xena’s back. All the nightmares she had been having kept her from sleeping at night, so now that she had Xena to hold onto, she felt safe. Xena felt Gabrielle go limp with sleep, and held on to her arms as they continued to travel fast, trying to make up for lost time from the family feud.

As sunset approached, Xena saw that they weren’t going to make it to the Amazon village before nightfall, so she decided to try and find a clearing for them to camp. Slowly, she slowed Argo down, while trying to let Gabrielle sleep as much as she could. She knew how nightmares worked. She was expecting another sleepless night for both of them, so she let the bard sleep as much as she could.

“Gabrielle? Are you still with me?”

“Huh?” Gabrielle lifted her head to see Xena starring at her with her blue eyes. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t think that I would fall asleep on you like that.”

“Well, you might want to take a bath after that because now you smell like leather and you have lovely strap marks on your face.” Xena laughed under breath as she spoke.

“Oh, well, shoot then.” Gabrielle blushed red as she slowly got off Argo. “I never thought that you were going to wake up,” said Xena as she started to set up camp.

“Well, that’s the first good sleep that I’ve had in a long time. Now I know what it feels like to be you when you have bad dreams.” Gabrielle brushed herself and started to find firewood to make their fire.

“I’m going out to find our dinner. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Alright. I’ll start the fire and start the stew.”

Xena went off looking for their dinner while Gabrielle started cooking. Soon, Xena returned with two fat, skinned rabbits. Gabrielle slipped the carcasses in the pot while Xena took off her armor. She then took out her sword and began to polish it while Gabrielle finished dinner.

“Xena.” said Gabrielle, after they had finished their dinner and was cleaning up, “do you know of anyone that might want to kill me? I mean, I haven’t done anything to anyone in the Amazon village that would make them want to do such a thing, have I?”

Xena went over to her and placed her arm around her shoulders. “No, not that I know of. You haven’t even seen the Amazons in at least a year or so. If there is someone after you, they’ll have to get through me first before they get to you.”

“Oh, so now you’re my bodyguard? Only the one that is my mate can be called my Champion in the Amazon village. Are you willing to go that far?”

“Gabr.....I meant that I will protect you from everything I can before I let anyone lay a finger on you. You know what I mean.”

“But, have you ever thought of maybe becoming my Champion?”

Gabrielle sat there waiting for an answer, not really expecting one. Xena wasn’t one to admit her feelings to anyone about anything. Sitting beside each other for a while in silence, Xena got up and went to check on Argo. Gabrielle just sat there, wondering if Xena would ever talk to her again.

Little did Gabrielle know, Xena was walking over to check on Argo when she decided to take a sidetrip to a nearby log and sat down. How am I supposed to answer a question like that, Xena thought to herself. I mean, I would love to be her Champion because I love her so much. I can’t tell her how I feel, especially with all that is going on right now. I just got her back from Hades again, and I don’t want to lose her, not to my own greed. I have to keep to myself, but I have to tell her sometime. Oh,

“So, you have a small problem with your little bard now don’t you?” he said as he moved closer to her.

“You leave her alone, Ares. Me and her aren’t your business anymore.”

“Well, if you would have listened to me in the first place, your precious Gabrielle would have never had to deal with Dahak and had Hope in the first place.”

“That’s all in the past now. We’ve forgiven each other and you know that I’ll never come back to you. She has my love now; no one else ever will.”

“Alright, fine then. I just thought that I could help you or something with all that’s happening with Gabrielle and all.”

“You’re not giving her those dreams, are you?” Xena never trusted Ares, after what he did to her by sending Gabrielle ahead to Chin and helped her betray Xena.

“Now, why would I do that? You know that I don’t have any say in the world of dreams. All I know is that someone in the mortal realm wants her dead.”

Xena looked puzzled at Ares as he started to leave from the clearing. “Why do you want to help us now after all the trouble you’ve caused us?”

“Let’s just say that I owe you and some of the gods some favors. Just listen to me this time. Remember what happened last time you didn’t listen to me?” Then, he left in a cloud of blue fog.


Xena slowly left the log she was sitting on and returned to the fire, finding Gabrielle already laying down on her bedroll. She heard some light snoring from the bard, so she went over to her and found a scroll near her side. Xena was never one to read Gabrielle’s stories because she usually told them to Xena as they traveled. But, Xena looked at the parchment and saw that it wasn’t a story, but a poem. Gabrielle rarely wrote poems, and when she did, she never told them to anyone but Xena herself. T

Xena quietly picked up the paper and started to read:

I see my soul inside of her Why can’t I tell her my feelings now Everything is different than it was before I gave my heart to her the first time we met But does she know that it’s still within her?

My love for her is stronger now For I know when I came back that we needed each other But why won’t she let me through the walls she builds inside The ones I can almost reach now Is she afraid of showing herself to me?

I must find a way to reach her again Rebuild the friendship first that was torn apart by hate I need to find the heart that I left in her I wish to tell her the way I feel about her But will she have the same feelings for me?

Xena looked up at the night sky, tears streaming from her eyes. No one could ever make the warrior cry, expect for Gabrielle. She knew that she shouldn’t have read the poem, but now that she knew Gabrielle’s feelings, she tried to think of ways to bring their confessions to light. Silently, she replace the scroll to its place and laid down beside Gabrielle, between the fire and her. She watched Gabrielle sleep, which always calmed her down. She knew that Gabrielle would probably be up with nightmare


This place is so dark, Gabrielle thought as she passed through the forest. I thought that I was supposed to meet Xena here by sundown, but obviously, I was wrong once again. I thought the letter she sent me said to meet here. Oh well, I can take care of myself. I’ll just go gather some firewood, then...........

Six Amazon warriors jumped out of the trees and surrounded Gabrielle. Each had her sword drawn on her and she dropped her staff.

“Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you? I’m your Queen.”

“You’re not our Queen any more. You left us to die in the villages. You must now die because we have found our new Queen.”

“Who had taken my place?”

Before Gabrielle could get an answer, she was hit by a huge sword in the back of her head. Then, another hit to her stomach. These Amazons wanted her dead, and they wanted it to be long and painful.

Finally, she cried out, “Xena. Where are you? Help me.”

No answer, not even a small movement in the trees. All she saw was more fists and swords flying to get a piece of her small body.



Quickly, Xena woke up to hear Gabrielle’s second plea for help from her. She rolled over to the bard and started talking to her, trying to find out what was happening. She knew that the bard had a prophetic gift, but wasn’t sure if this nightmare had anything to do with it.

“I’m here, Gabrielle. Who’s hurting you?”

“Can’t you see them? They’re all around me, six of them.”

“Amazons? Gabrielle, what are they doing?’ “By the gods, Xena. Can’t you see them? Yes, and they’re beating me to death. Xena stop them. I can’t see you. Help me.”

And with that, Xena took Gabrielle in her arms. “Gabrielle, wake up. You’re having another nightmare. Please wake up!”

Shaking and sweating from all the torment of her dream, Gabrielle opened her eyes to find a pair of blue, loving eyes staring down at her. “Xena?”


“Someone wants me dead. Someone who wants my spot as the Queen.”

“Shhh. You just stay quiet now and I’ll be here to protect you. Remember, no one is going to hurt you as long as I’m around.” Xena gently kissed the top of Gabrielle’s head.

“So, are you going to be my Champion then?”

“Now, wait just a.....not right now, okay?”

“Alright. But can I ask you one more thing?”

“I guess, just not that same question.”

“Hold me. Please.”

It didn’t take long for Xena to comply with that request. She gently put one arm around Gabrielle’s waist and the other around her chest. She could feel Gabrielle’s heartbeat as it started to slow to normal speed. Gabrielle felt the comfort from Xena and quickly fell back to sleep, hoping that the comfort would hold her dreams at bay enough to get some real sleep.

If I could only tell you how I feel, it would have been automatic to be in each other’s arms, Xena thought to herself as she held Gabrielle close. I love you so much, and I want to protect you for the rest of our lives, but I don’t know if I’m willing to commit fully to you yet. As soon as I’m ready, Gabrielle, you’ll have your Champion to be by your side forever. Soon, very soon. Then, Xena fell into a deep sleep.


Gabrielle woke up the next morning before dawn. She didn’t sleep that well the night before because of the dreams she was having. The first thing she noticed, though, was Xena’s arm still clinging around her waist and the other under her head. Then, she remembered when she woke up during the night, when she asked Xena to hold her. Oh my gosh! She knows now how I feel about her. Gabrielle started to breathe heavier. What am I going to do? I can’t stay here with her now. What will happen to us? I

I have to get out of here before she wakes up, thought Gabrielle as she walked around the camp. Maybe I’ll go look for a stream nearby, so I can wash up. She grabbed her staff, that was near her bedroll, when she noticed her scroll on the ground from last night. I thought that I put this away last night. I hope Xena didn’t read it. She quickly placed it with the others and walked out of the camp.

Xena woke up a few minutes after Gabrielle left camp. She looked around for her young companion, not finding her in her arms. “Gabrielle?” she called, trying to find her around the camp. Oh great. Now what am I to do? I know how she feels and they’re the same feelings that I have for her. Now, she’s left because of what happened last night. You really screwed it up this time, didn’t you, Xena? She continued to curse at herself as she started to get up and put her armor on.


No answer.

Well, maybe she went to find a stream to clean up. She looked around and noticed that her staff was gone, along with the scroll that Xena had found the day before. At least she took her staff with her this time. I guess that I better go and find her, maybe take a short bath myself. She went to their saddlebag and got out the soap and went in the direction Gabrielle had taken.


“Gabrielle?” Xena called as she entered the clearing in front of the lake in front of her. It’s not like Gabrielle to leave like this without telling me, she thought as she began to take her clothes of for her bath. I guess that I have to wash my hair by myself, she smiled as she remembered the first time she let Gabrielle wash her hair and back. It was like she had told Gabrielle that she could make love to her. She jumped a foot in the air and gladly started to wash the warrior’s hair. It was like

Xena walked into the water. Oh Hades! she exclaimed to herself as she entered the water. The water felt like ice. She got the soap and started to wash herself. She’s starting to worry me now. She’s never been gone this long before. I wonder if she’s mad about last night. I mean, I thought that she wanted me to hold her. I’ve wanted to do that for so long, but I’m afraid that I might hurt her. What am I going to do?

After she had her bath, Xena got back out of the water and dried herself off with the blanket that she brought down with her. She put her leathers back on and started back to camp. Maybe she just went for a walk. I’m sure that she’ll be back soon.

As she got closer to camp, she noticed something in the bushes next to her. She went to see what it was laying there, when all of a sudden, her breath was sucked out of her.

It was Gabrielle’s shirt. What is this doing way out here? she thought as she also thought that the bard might have left it on the trail on the way back to camp. Guess that I should pick this up and take it back to her. I’m sure that she doesn’t want to go around naked. She laughed at the thought of Gabrielle walking around half-naked as they went to the Amazons. Boy, those Amazons would love to see her like that! She again started to walk back when she also found Gabrielle’s skirt and staff. That

As she examined her staff, she noticed that there were several sword marks on that weren’t there last night when they were sparing. Then she saw something that made her blood stop running and her face went pale.

She saw a huge pool of blood right next to Gabrielle’s staff on the ground. She hadn’t seen it before because of the darkness that was in the trees. When the sunlight shown through the trees, though, she saw the blood.


Xena struggled to maintain herself as her heart sank and she felt her knees weaken. She sank down next to a tree and started to cry. Gabrielle was right, someone was out to kill her. Now, she was gone, again. Xena couldn’t control herself. She took out her breast dagger and looked at it with lust. She wanted to die and be with her soulmate. Then, she remembered that she never found Gabrielle’s body, and that Gabrielle had said that in her dream, that it was an Amazon that wanted to kill her.

She ran back to camp, carrying Gabrielle’s clothes and staff with her. I won’t let go of you yet, Gabrielle. Not until I see your dead body. This time, I have faith, she thought to herself as she cleaned up camp and prepared to leave in a hurry towards the Amazon camp.

Xena bolted out of the woods in a dead run on Argo. She had to find Gabrielle. “Don’t worry, girl. After this workout, I’ll give you plenty of rest.” Argo seemed to know her owner’s pain and ergency, so she ran even faster.

They reached the Amazon village about 3 hours later. She was greeted by Ephiny, the Regent to the Queen. “What’s wrong,” she said to Xena as she dismounted Argo, “and where’s Gabrielle?”

“Actually,” Xena gasped as she hit the ground, “I was wondering if you could tell me a few things about that. This is what I found in the woods this morning after I woke up.”

Xena showed Ephiny Gabrielle’s clothed and staff. “Also, I found a pool of blood next to her staff. I have to talk to you, but not here.”

“Of course. Solari?” she called to her friend as Solari came running to Ephiny. “Take Argo and take care of her. Xena and I need to talk, alone.”

“Okay. I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry Xena.” Solari took Argo off to the small stables as Xena and Ephiny headed towards Ephiny’s tent.


“Where am I?” Gabrielle asked as she looked up toward the ceiling. Or, at least, what she thought was the ceiling. She looked around and found that she was in a big, dark cavern.

“You’re in my domain, your highness,” said a voice out of the darkness. “You thought that you were undefeatable, with your warrior friend by your side. Ha! Now, you have to answer to me if you want to stay alive.”

“Who are you?” Gabrielle exclaimed as she tried to get up. Pain suddenly shot up her leg and into her whole body. “What have you done to me?” Gabrielle cried as tears fell down her face.

“That was your own fault. You decided to be brave and tried to fight back. You injured two of my best warriors, but you couldn’t take down all 6 of us. I told them to fight back, but without killing you. That’s my job, should you not behave.”

Gabrielle tried to remember the battle she had with these people. Her head hurt so much that she could barely stay awake to talk to her captor. “WHO ARE YOU?” she yelled into the darkness that surrounded her.

“You’ll find out soon enough. For now, you stay here. Besides, you wouldn’t want to disappoint me by misbehaving to where I have to kill you, now do you?” The voice trailed off as Gabrielle held footsteps leading away from her. Then, she heard the call, “Throw me the rope.” Obviously, she knew that she was in a deep cavern where she couldn’t escape without help.

I can’t remember what happened, Gabrielle asked herself as she tried to lay back down on the hard floor. I remember leaving Xena at the campsite......oh no, Xena might think that I’m dead. What am I going to do?” Gabrielle started to cry. Her cries went unheard as she fell into a deep sleep. The head wound that she received from her battle took over her as she fell into unconsciousness.


Xena and Ephiny walked into Ephiny’s tent. Xena sat down at the table, unable to stand anymore. Ephiny stood in front of her, looking at her strangely. She swore that she saw a tear in Xena’s eye.

“Xena?” Ephiny finally said after all the silence, “what happened to Gabrielle?”

Xena couldn’t hold it anymore. She looked up at her friend and Ephiny saw the tears streaming from her eyes. “I lost her, Ephiny. She’s dead and I’ve lost her forever.”

Ephiny went to her friend and knelt in front of her and took her hand. “Please, Xena, tell me what happened? You didn’t do this, did you?” Ephiny remembered what happened last time Xena came to the village looking for Gabrielle. But, she knew that their hatred was gone for each other. Xena wouldn’t have cried so much at the chance of Gabrielle’s death.

“No, of course not. I love her more than anyone else in this world.” She tried to calm herself down again. “I found her clothes and staff near our camp, with the pool of blood. She left early this morning, even before I woke up.” She felt herself about ready to start a new set of tears, but held them back for later.

“Did she say anything to you the night before about something she had to do?” Ephiny continued to question her friend, as well as comfort her.

“No, but she had a nightmare last night,” Xena exclaimed, trying to remember what Gabrielle told her when she was holding her.

“What did she tell you about the dream?”

Xena drew a huge breath. “She said that someone, who was an Amazon, wanted to kill her. She said that she had a vision that 6 Amazons were surrounding her and fighing her. She said that someone wanted her spot as Queen.”

Ephiny tried to think of someone who would want to kill their queen. “Xena, there’s only one person I can think of that wanted to kill Gabrielle and she’s stuck in the lava river.”

Xena looked at her friend. “It’s not Velasca. Gabrielle said that it was someone that she didn’t know. Do you know if Velasca had any followers?”

Ephiny looked at the ground. Of course she knew that Velasca had her followers, but she thought that she had all of them banished. “Yes, but I thought that we got rid of them all. I’m sorry, Xena. We’ll find her.” She squeezed her friend’s hand as Xena looked like she was going to cry again. “I promise that we’ll find her, or I’ll died trying to find her.”

“Or we’ll die trying to find her,” Xena added in as she returned the squeeze from her friend.

“We’ll leave in the morning,” said Ephiny, as she turned to ask the guards to prepare Xena a place to stay for the night. “You need to rest. With all that you’re going through inside, you need to sleep.”

Xena wasn’t about to argue with her friend. Ephiny knew Xena almost as well as Gabrielle did. And, she knew that Ephiny could tell her feelings for Gabrielle, and trusted her to keep them to herself. She got up as she started to leave the tent.

“You’ll stay in the Queen’s tent tonight,” Ephiny said, not leaving Xena any room to say ‘No’ to her. “I’ll have the guards bring in food and a bath. You’re all hot and sweaty from your rough journey.” Ephiny went in close, so only Xena could hear. “And I don’t think that you want anyone else to know about your feelings,” she whispered as she wiped off Xena’s cheeks with the back of her hand.

“Thank you so much, Ephiny. Why are you so nice to me after what happened that last time I came here?” Xena looked at her friend as she started to head toward the Queen’s hut.

“I know what it’s like to lose a good friend. I don’t want you to lose Gabrielle.” Ephiny said as she walked away to go to dinner. “And, I can see that you’re not that same warrior.” She smiled at the warrior.

Xena slowly made her way to the Queen’s hut. She passed the purification hut, the place that Gabrielle went to after Hope had died the first time. This is where Xena went and took Gabrielle and dragged her around and almost threw her over a cliff. She glanced at it, then turned away. She couldn’t look at a place that held so much of her friend’s pain. You can’t die, not now, Xena thought to herself. Not after we just fixed everything.

She walked into the Queen’s hut. She looked around, seeing the dinner layed out on the table in front of her. This tent was huge compared to Ephany’s tent, which was next door. It had a huge bed, with a beautiful quilt on top. The room smelled of roses and incense. Man, she thought as she laid down on the bed, no wonder Gabrielle came here after our fight. They treat her right here. She should stay here with them more often. Then, she remembered Gabrielle’s comment about Xena becoming her Champio

Being in the Queen’s tent also made her think of Gabrielle. How could she not? She was sleeping in the same bed that Gabrielle slept in many times. Quietly, she started to cry. Gabrielle, I’ll find you and then, we’ll be one. She wished that Gabrielle was there with her, talking to her, or telling her a story. She heard nothing but silence.

She took off her leathers and slipped into her nightshift. She ate a few bites of dinner, but she could barely eat anything. She laid down on the bed, trying to find sleep. She started to cry again. Gods, she thought, as if she was praying to them. She better be alive, or I’ll find each one of you and kill you like I did Callisto. She remembered that fateful day, the day Gabrielle saved her life. The pain Xena went through to find Gabrielle, ending up finding out that she was still alive. Then, f


Gabrielle woke up in the same dreary place that she fell asleep in. She woke up a few times during the night with the nightmares of her being tortured and ridiculed, but nothing of her dying. She tried to find Xena’s arms to cuddle into, but she wasn’t there. Then, she realized that she had been captured and thrown into this deep cave, with no one to comfort her. She still felt the pain in her head that went throughout her body. She couldn’t tell where she was hurt, but wherever it was, it was prett

She sat up against the wall of the hole she was in and tried to remember what happened the day before. I remember, she thought to herself, I went to go and take a bath. Then, after I had gotten in the lake, two Amazons started to walk towards me. I thought that I knew them, considering that they were calling to me. I went over to them and then......Her head started to throb. And then.......I was dragged out of the water and brought to the shore. They found my clothes and took me to their leader.

She noticed that a light from above was coming towards her and she quickly sat up straight. She remembered what Xena told her about not looking afraid, even if you were. “Who’s there?” she said, almost expecting an answer.

“Well,” the voice said coming closer, “I thought that you would never get up. Well, now that you are, I guess that I should tell you a few things.” The voice called for a torch. When the light came towards Gabrielle, she looked up to the voice that was speaking to her. “Things look a little different now,” said the Amazon warrior, standing in front of her.

“Yeah, who are you?” Gabrielle said, as she squinted at the light.

“Well, many call me the terror of the Amazons, some call me the leader of the followers of Valesca, but my actual name is Carnel.” Carnel stared at Gabrielle as she told her of her story. “When I heard that you and your friend killed our beloved leader, I knew that I had to find you and carry out her plan. It took me a while, but now that I have you, my mission is almost complete.

Gabrielle looked at her with a stern face. “What are you going to do to me now that you have me?”

“Well,” stated Carnel as she walked around Gabrielle, “Velasca was going to kill you, so I suspect that I’ll just do that....but not just yet. I have to wait for your friend Xena to come and look for you. Then, I can get my revenge!”

“I never did anything to you, or Xena. Why do you want to kill us?”

“You killed my leader, and I don’t care if you’re the Amazon Queen. I only obey my true leader, the one who should have been the Queen.”

“She had to die, or she would have killed all of the Amazons with her love of war.” “Well, Gabrielle, we have to have war, or the Amazons will never survive! Now, I’ll leave you and hopefully, you won’t die on me here in my little room for you.” Carnel began to leave. “I hope that Xena won’t take too long. I don’t know how long you can actually survive with the beating we gave you. And.......that was only starters.” Carnel called for the rope to be dropped. She then vanished, along with the torch.

Gabrielle sat there in awe, wondering how Xena would get her out of this one. I hope that she has a good plan. Carnel thought of everything. I didn’t think that Velasca had any followers. Well, I know that they are at least six of them. They look like some of the best warriors. I hope Xena comes soon. Gabrielle felt herself slip back into blackness, mostly from the head wound that she felt behind her head.

“Hurry, Xena, hurry........” Gabrielle whispered to her friend as she fell back to sleep. It was getting easier for her to fall asleep, which told her that she didn’t have much time.

****** Xena woke up the next morning with the sun shining through the small opening in the flap of the tent. She woke up several times that night with different nightmares than she’s never had before. She dreamt that Gabrielle was being tortured in front of her and all she could do was watch. When she woke up, she had tears streaming from her eyes. I have to find her, Xena said to herself. Gabrielle was right when she said that neither of us could live without the other. I have to find her, alive or dead

As she left the Queen’s hut, she found that a group of warriors, led by Ephiny, were standing outside waiting for her. She was shocked to see that they were all prepared to go and fight for Gabrielle. Why wouldn’t they, she thought to herself, she is the Queen.

“Well,” said Ephiny, as she walked toward Xena, leading Argo to her, “are you ready to go? We’ve been waitng for at least a candlemark for you to come out. I asked our best warriors to come with us to help us fight these Amazons. They deserve to die if they hurt our Queen.”

Xena looked at her friend and said to all of them, “Thank you for everything. I wish that I could have the courage that you all have. I don’t think that I could forgive someone who almost killed your Queen and be able to go and kill some of your sisters, like you’re ready to do.”

Ephiny came over to Xena and put a hand on her shoulder. “They are no longer our sisters if they hurt our Queen. Anyways, we won’t kill unless we have to.”

“Well,” Xena said as she mounted Argo, “let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s go.”

And with that, the Amazons followed Xena into the woods, looking for the cave that held Gabrielle captive.


Gabrielle woke up on the hard ground of the cave with a huge headache. She felt the back of her head and felt blood oozing slowly out of her head. She knew that she didn’t have much time before she would meet her fate. She felt around the dark hole, looking for the “rope” that Carnel kept asking for when she came down to torment Gabrielle. She couldn’t find anything.

She laid back down on the floor and waited for the end of her life to come. I’m sorry, Xena, she said to herself, I held on as long as I could. She could hear the Amazons above her, preparing their plan when Xena would come and attack. I hope Xena got to the village and got some help, Gabrielle thought. I hope that she gets here soon, if she wants to save me........Gabrielle slipped back off to sleep, the head wound giving her more trouble than she thought possible.

A few minutes later, Carnel came down into the hole to check on her prisoner. “Wake up! Wake up, I said!” She kicked Gabrielle in the stomach in order to wake her up. Gabrielle turned over and groaned. “Huh? Xena?” she said, in a whisper.

“No, but I would love it if your precious warrior would get here to save you. I want to kill her so much because of the pain she gave my leader. Gabrielle, you’re going to die, but much, much faster than Xena will. I just came down here to make sure you were still alive.” Carnel looked at her with an evil gleam in her eyes. “I hope that you stay alive long enough to see Xena fall by my sword.”

Gabrielle looked toward the voice. “You can’t kill Xena. She’s stronger than you’ll ever be. She’ll save me and kill you.” Gabrielle took a deep breath and laid her head back down on the ground. She was fading in and out of conciousness. Her life was also fading fast and she was coming to grips with that.

Carnel just laughed at her. “I think that you give Xena too much credit. You don’t know the power that I have. I’m stronger than you think, and the warrior princess will be the crowning achievement of my life. Oh, I’m just waiting for her to get here.” Carnel walked off, but before she left the hole, she said, “Don’t worry. You’ll see Xena again, just not in this world.” And with that, Carnel called for the rope and left.

Gabrielle just laid there and cried herself back to sleep. Be careful, my warrior, she thought to herself. I know that you’re coming for me.


It didn’t take long for the Xena to find the cave where the renegade Amazons were hiding. She could smell the blood from Gabrielle along the trail, plus found it on the trail itself. “These Amazons aren’t very good about hiding their trail,” Xena said to the other Amazons. “Make sure that you don’t ever do this when you hunt, or someone can find you very easily.”

Ephiny looked over towards Xena. “Maybe they wanted us to find them.” She looked at Xena with a worried look.

Xena kept on walking towards the entrance of the cave. “No,” she stated to Ephiny, “they don’t expect you. They want me. You stay here and when I give the battle cry, you come in and help. First, I’m going to deal with the leader, then, I’m finding Gabrielle.” She slithered into the cave and got ready for the worst. I’m coming Gabrielle. Hold on. She fought back the tears that were held in her eyes as she came closer and closer to the light in the cave.

She heard the voices of the women in the cave. She counted six voices. Gabrielle was right. Six Amazons attacked her. If only I would have listened to her, we might not have gotten into this mess. She quickly wiped her feelings of guilt away from her mind and continued to press forward.

The Amazons were sitting around a fire, discussing how they would take over the tribe once their leader became Queen. They were talking about all the people they were going to make war on, starting with the Centaurs. Xena was behind a big boulder by the side of the wall. She looked around the group, trying to decide which one was the leader.

“Hail, Almighty Carnel,” said five of the Amazons in unison.

Xena saw as one of the women got up and started to talk about all of the joy she would bring to the Amazon nation as they conquered Greece. This must be Carnel. Xena looked at the Amazon, seeing that she looked a little like herself. She wore leather shielding and had a sword at her side. She had large arms and legs and Xena could tell that this was one tough warrior. She knew that this was going to be a tough battle.

Xena stepped out from behind the boulder. The Amazons, stunned by her entrance, got up and drew their swords. “Now ladies,” Xena said in a sarcastic tone, “what’s all the shouting and talk about? I could hear you down the road.”

“Oh, hello there, Xena,” said Carnel, as she walked over towards Xena. “Get her!” she yelled to the other warriors. “We’ve been expecting you.”

Two of the warriors charged at Xena. She easily knocked them down with her chakram and hit a third in the stomach, falling to the ground as she grabbed at the wound now embedded in her abdomen.

The fourth and fifth warriors came at her with swords raised. Xena fought both of them, stabbing one in the back and the other, sliced her shoulder. The fifth warrior fell to the floor in pain as she tried to get back up to defend her leader. Xena found her chakram and slit the woman’s throat. Xena was left with one warrior left, Carnel.

“Well, I knew you were good, but to take on five of the best warriors, I must have misjudged you,” Carnel laughed at her fallen comrades on the floor. “Well, now you have to fight me. And I think that I have the advantage, seeing that I didn’t waste any energy on anyone else.

Carnel and Xena circled each other for a while. Carnel lunged at Xena and cut her hand. “Wow, so the great Xena does bleed.” Carnel laughed at her as Xena looked at her wound.

“You won’t win, Carnel. Give up now, before I have to kill you.” Xena looked at her with a hope that maybe she would give up. Not likely, Xena thought to herself.

“Do you really think that I’m going to just give in to you? After what you did to our leader.” Carnel swung her sword at Xena a few times. “After you trapped her in that lava river.” Carnel lunged at her again, this time, barely missing Xena’s leg. “I will never give up for what should have been done two years ago. You and your bard are going to die, and I will become Queen.”

Xena and Carnel started to fight each other, each one knocking the other over time and time again. Finally, after intense fighting, Xena had Carnel knocked on the floor and without her sword. “I should kill you right now, for what you did to my friend. But, I don’t deserve to kill you. You’re an Amazon, so I’ll let the Amazons deal with you.”

Carnel yelled, “Kill me now! Why don’t you just kill me, like you used to do to all of your victims! Do it, Xena! You know that you want to punish me for what I’ve done.”

Xena was tempted by her offer, but she knew that killing Carnel would do no good. “No, Carnel. You’re going to face your crimes before the Amazons. Have a nice life.” And with that, Xena knocked her in the head with her sword and knock her out.

Xena went out to get the other Amazons. They walked in and saw the dead, as well as the living, Amazons lying all over the cave. Xena walked over to Ephiny. “I killed three of them, but the other three are alive and well.” She walked over to Carnel. “This was their leader. I just knocked her out. Take care of them how you will.”

Ephiny looked at Xena. “Did you find Gabrielle?”

“Not yet. I’m going right now. Take them out of here.” Xena quickly walked off towards the other end of the cave. Before she left, she lit a torch from the fire that was going. I’m coming, Gabrielle. Everything is going to be okay, she thought to herself as she went in search of her friend.

Xena came to a hole in the middle of the cave. I wonder...... “Gabrielle?” she called down into the hole. She didn’t hear an answer. Xena looked around the perimeter of the hole and found a rope. This must be what they used to get in and out of the hole. Gabrielle has to be down there. She quickly threw her chakram into the cave wall and tied the rope to it. She slowly lowered herself into the hole, holding on the the rope and the torch she carried.

When she hit bottom, she shined the torch around the hole. Once again, Xena’s face went pale as she saw Gabrielle’s little body huddled together in a ball next to the wall. Xena quickly ran over to her and felt around her. She found the head wound on the back of her head, as well as many other marks on her body.

“Gabrielle?” said Xena, softly.

No answer.

Xena felt like she was repeating herself. She felt for a pulse and saw that she had a weak heartbeat and was breathing. She knew that she had to have Gabrielle concious before she could move her. “Gabrielle?” she said again as she tried to wake her.

Still, no answer. How did I try and wake her before, Xena thought to herself as she tried to remember. I remember, I was about to kiss her on the lips, then she started to shake and had that nightmare. Xena sat there for a few second. Well, I can’t hide it anymore anyways. Ephiny already knows. She leaned in gently and placed a kiss on Gabrielle’s lips. Suddenly, two green eyes looked up at her. “Good morning,” whispered Gabrielle, as she couldn’t speak much because she was denied water for that

“Shh...” Xena said softly. “You need your energy. Don’t worry. I have you. You’re safe now.” Xena looked at Gabrielle. “I have to get you out of this hole, so I’m sorry if I put any extra pain on you getting you out.”

“Xena.....” Gabrielle whispered, “I love........” as she slipped back into unconciousness. Xena tried to make out what she said, but couldn’t. You’ll tell me later, I’m sure, Xena said to herself.


Xena took Gabrielle out of the hole and brought her back to the Amazon village. She carried Gabrielle into the Queen’s tent and laid her down on the bed. She quickly laid her head on many pillows, and carefully wrapped her head in bandages. Gabrielle groaned as the warrior moved her head. “I’m sorry, Gabrielle, but I have to clean the wound on your head,” Xena whispered as she cupped the bard’s head. After she had looked over Gabrielle’s body, she discovered that she had many bruises and a few cuts hat the next few days were going to be sleepless for her, as well as Gabrielle.

Xena started by sleeping in a chair next to the bed, stirring everytime she heard Gabrielle change in breathing or even moved the slightest inch. Whenever she saw sweat start to make its way to the surface of Gabrielle’s forehead, Xena quickly wiped it off, and placed a kiss in its place. After a few moments of watching her sleep, Xena started to be calmed by the simple rise and fall of Gabrielle’s stomach as she breathed heavy and swallow. She’s either having a very eventful dream, she thought, or th

Xena felt herself starting to fall asleep, but before she did, she leaned over Gabrielle and whispered, “Don’t you leave me, Gabrielle. I can’t live without you with me. You have to fight this thing. You’ve never ran away from anything in your life. Don’t die on me.” Tears were freely flowing from Xena’s eyes. She placed a kiss on her forehead once more and leaned back in the chair and fell to sleep.


Xena quickly woke up to the sound of Gabrielle’s voice. She looked over at her and found that she didn’t have her eyes open. Xena knew that Gabrielle was talking to her from her dream. Xena grabbed her hand gently. “I’m here, Gabrielle,” said Xena, softly as she wiped the sweat away from Gabrielle’s face with her other hand.

“Xena, help me. I can’t see anything. It’s all dark and I’m freezing.”

Xena knew that the fever would make Gabrielle feel cold, but she had her covered with three blankets. “What do you want me to do, Gabrielle?”

“Can you hold me, like you did before?”

“Gabrielle,” Xena paused, as she thought over the consequences of her getting into bed with Gabrielle. She knew what she had to do, whether her reputation was at stake or not. She got out of her leathers and quickly jumped into the bed behind her friend. Xena could feel the sweat on Gabrielle’s skin as she put her hands around her waist. She knew that the heat she was going to supply wouldn’t work if Gabrielle was still in her clothes, wet from the sweat. Xena slipped off Gabrielle’s clothes and gen


“Yes, now what do you want?”

“Am I dead?”

Tears started to form in Xena’s eyes. “I don’t know Gabrielle. What do you see ahead of you?” Xena was hoping that she didn’t see anything but the darkness.

“I see a white light and a bunch of people. They all look really nice and they look happy. Oh, Xena, I want us to go there.”

Xena started to cry, tears running from her eyes.


Xena choked back her tears in order to answer her. “Yes, Gabrielle?”

“Can we go and join them? I want to be with them. I think I know a few of them even. Xena, what’s going on?”

Xena held her tightly, at the thought of losing her best friend. “Gabrielle, did they ask you to come with them? Are you dressed in white, like they are?” Xena started to form more tears.

“Well, it’s still really dark, but yeah, I’m dressed in white, and yeah, some girl came over to me and asked me to come with her. But, she was dressed in Amazon clothing. Xena, let’s follow them, they look so happy.”

Xena just realized what her friend had told her. Gabrielle was dying and was relating the whole thing to her as she sat and watched her friend die in her arms. She remembered that Gabrielle had also become apart of the Amazons, therefore she would go to their fields when she died. Xena couldn’t follow her because she wasn’t an Amazon. Xena kissed Gabrielle on her head, taking in her sweet smelling hair. “Gabrielle, I can’t go with you,” Xena said as she started to cry, no longer hiding her feelings

“Why can’t you come with me?”

“I’m not an Amazon, and I’m not dying. Gabrielle,” Xena sobbed, “you’re dying.”

All of a sudden, Gabrielle opened her eyes and saw Xena crying on her shoulder. Tears start forming in her own eyes. “Xena.....” she whispered weakly.

“Yes,” Xena sobbed, not even looking to see Gabrielle staring at her.

“I’m not leaving you. Look at me.”

Xena looked down at her and was met by a pair of green eyes, full of tears. Xena tightened her hold on Gabrielle as her own eyes filled with even more tears, this time, tears of joy.

“Gabrielle, you didn’t go. Why?”

Gabrielle looked at the warrior. “I need you as much as you need me. I couldn’t live in the fields of the Amazons without you. I felt that you needed me as much as I need you, so I came back. Those fields can wait........for both of us.”

Xena looked down at Gabrielle. Although she was still very sweaty and looked very tired from all that she went though, Xena said, “I’ve never seen you more beautiful than you are now.” And with that, she placed her lips on Gabrielle’s. After the short kiss, Xena gathered Gabrielle back into her arms, the fever still holding on strong to Gabrielle, and laid back down on the bed.



Gabrielle paused a moment, thinking before she asked the question she was about to ask. “Are you ready now to be my Champion and consort?” Gabrielle turned over to look for the answer in Xena’s eyes.

“Gabrielle,” Xena said softly, “I’ve been ready to be your consort for a long time. It just took me the right time to ask. But, I’ll ask in the morning. Right now, I would like to get some sleep, just holding on to you.”

“Thanks Xena......” Gabrielle’s voice trailed as she fell into Xena’s chest and went to sleep.

“No,” said Xena, “thank you. I love you Gabrielle....” she said before she fell asleep, holding on to Gabrielle.


Xena woke up the next morning just as dawn approached. Did I dream all that happened last night? she thought to herself before opening her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she saw the most beautiful sight that she’s ever seen before. She saw Gabrielle huddled up against her, with her head on Xena’s chest. Xena moved the hair away from Gabrielle’s forehead and felt it. At least her fever’s gone. Now, I better get up and make her some tea for that huge headache she’s going to have. Xena had forgotten

On her way to the food tent, Xena met up with Ephiny and Solari. “How’s are Queen?” said Ephiny, as they walked into the tent.

“She’s better, although I don’t know much yet about her condition until she’s awake enough to tell me herself.” Xena walked over to the table and grabbed some of Gabrielle’s favorites. “Her fever is gone, though.”

Solari looked at her funny. “How could a fever go away so quickly, especially one night?”

Xena turned and looked at her friend. “Remember, I have many skills.” She took the food and left the tent.

Ephiny and Solari looked at each other. They watched the warrior leave the tent, leaving in a particularly happy mood. “You don’t think something happened last night between those two?” said Solari.

“Well, if something did, it was obviously good. And it’s been a long time coming,” said Ephiny as she led her friend to a table to eat.

Xena headed back to the Queen’s tent. She crept in slowly, as to not wake Gabrielle, at least, not yet. She set the food on the table and got the hot water for the tea. She asked the guards outside, before they left, if they could bring in hot water for a bath. She knew that Gabrielle needed to get all the dried blood and sweat off her. The bath lay at the opposite end of the tent. Then, she turned her attention to the bed, where Gabrielle still lay in the same position she left her. Xena took her

Knowing what they did last night, she leaned down and kissed Gabrielle. Gabrielle moved at her touch and opened her eyes. “Hello there. Can I get this every morning?”

Xena looked at her spent friend. “Of course you can. I wouldn’t want to think of a morning when we weren’t like this.” She gently squeezed Gabrielle around the waist.

“Owww. Be careful, Xena. It hurts there.”

“That’s what I need to know. I need to know where you hurt. I couldn’t tell just by looking at you.” Xena sighed as she looked down at Gabrielle’s stomach. “And, if you can, I need to know what they did to you, so I can see if there is any internal damage.”

“Okay. But first, can I get up and eat. I’m so hungry.” Xena looked at her friend and kissed her head. “You’re always hungry. And yes, I brought you food from the mess tent so that you wouldn’t have to leave today.” Xena walked over to the table full of Gabrielle’s favorite dishes. “Come on, sleepyhead, get up because I’m not carrying you over here.”

Gabrielle slowly got up out of bed and stumbled over to the table to join her, putting on a shift as she went by the chair it sat on. She knew that Xena didn’t have much modesty for going around naked, but she did. She sat down at the table and started to eat.

“Gosh, Gabrielle, don’t eat so fast.”

“Humm....?” muffled Gabrielle as she stuffed her face with nutbread. “I haven’t eaten in what it seems like forever!” She quickly picked up some grapes and ate the whole vine dry.

“Well, I’m glad I got enough food to feed an army, then,” said Xena, laughing at her as she stuffed her face.

“Well,” said Gabrielle as she stopped for a second, “you know that I eat a lot anyways, so what would be different except that it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten?”

“Alright,” said Xena, “you win. Just, take it a little slower. I don’t want it to come back up through your mouth, too.”

Gabrielle just gave her a blank stare as she finished eating.

After she got down eating, she went and sat back down on the bed, feeling very tired again. “Xena, why am I so tired all of a sudden?”

“Well,” said Xena, as she walked over to the bed and sat down next to her, “you just fought off a nasty fever that almost took your life. You’ve been though a lot, and you won.”

“But, I couldn’t have done it without you, Xena. I came back because I needed you and I knew somehow that you needed me, too.” She went and rested her head on Xena’s shoulder.

“Well, now I have to be the healer and check your body for other injuries. This might be uncomfortable, so tell me when you want me to stop.” Xena motioned for Gabrielle to lay down on her back and close her eyes. “Just tell me when it hurts, okay?”

“Okay,” Gabrielle said, shaking a little.

Xena felt around her shoulders and arms, her head and neck, her chest and back. Nothing. “Well, you’re okay so far.” She smiled at the bard as she continued her search.

She felt around her waist. “Owww!” screamed Gabrielle as if Xena had just stabbed her with a knife. “That really hurts, Xena.”

Xena looked at her stomach and around her waist. It was black and blue. “Gabrielle, I think that you broke a few ribs. I’m going to have to wrap them when I’m done.” She smiled at her as she kissed Gabrielle on the forehead. “I’ll take care of you.”

Xena went and felt her legs and around her behind, nothing. Except for the scratches and bruises, the broken ribs and the big knot in the head were the only things really wrong with Gabrielle. “Okay, Gabrielle, I’m going to have to wrap your ribs now.” Xena got off the bed and went to the table, which also held some medical stuff from the healer’s tent. She came back with a large piece of cloth for her waist. “This is going to be painful, Gabrielle. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” said Gabrielle, as she reached out for Xena’s hand for a squeeze. “I believe that you would never hurt me.” She smiled.

Xena tried to make a quick job of wrapping Gabrielle’s ribs. She saw the tears roll from Gabrielle’s eyes as she held back the screams. Tears started to form in her own eyes as she finished wrapping Gabrielle.

After it was all over, Xena slid into Gabrielle on the bed and carefully put an arm around her. She took her other arm and wiped off the tears from Gabrielle’s cheek. “I love you, Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle looked up at her. She saw the tears in Xena’s eyes. She took her hand and wiped away Xena’s tears. “I love you, Xena. Don’t ever leave me or don’t even let me leave you.”

Xena looked at Gabrielle in her arms. “Gabrielle, I always have loved you, I just didn’t know how to tell you. I was afraid that you would leave me. When you married Perdicus, I was ready to leave you, even though, I knew that I was leaving a part of my heart there with you. When you fell into that pit with Hope, I thought that I lost you forever. I wasn’t myself and I just had to find you. Now, I know what I have to do. I don’t ever want to lose you again.” Xena got down on one knee in front of

Gabrielle starred into Xena’s blue eyes and saw what she’s always dreamed of. Tears formed in her eyes. “Yes, of course I’ll join you. That’s all I ever wanted to do in my entire life. When I married Perdicus, I thought that I could learn to love him. It was more of a brotherly love. But, I realize that when I look at you, I see something different. I see love and I see my soul.” She kissed Xena with more passion than she ever did anyone else.

After they parted, which seemed like for hours, they looked into each other’s eyes with a passion that was hard to contain. Xena reached out to take off Gabrielle’s shift, but Gabrielle took her hand away. “No, Xena,” she said, “I want to wait until we’re joined. I want our joining day to be special.” “Gabrielle,” Xena said, looking into her eyes, hungrily, “I don’t know if I can wait that long.” Xena started trailing kisses down her neck.

“No, Xena. If you love me, you’ll wait for me.” Gabrielle looked into Xena’s eyes, with her eyes telling her to wait.

“Alright, but this ceremony better not be too far away,” said Xena, with a little impatience in her voice.

“I’ll tell Ephiny tonight. There are several things that we must do in order for the ceremony to be blessed and happy. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.” Gabrielle kissed Xena again, with all the passion of their first. Xena forgot about wanting Gabrielle now, and just enjoyed the time she was sharing with her bard, now that Gabrielle was going to be hers forever.


The next few days went by rather slowly because of the anticipation of Xena and Gabrielle’s first night together. It was hard for both of them to spend three days away from each other, which was the ritual of the Amazons. They both had to go through purification and preparation. One of Xena’s responsibilities was to ask Artimis if she could join the Queen of her nation.

Solari took Xena to Artimis’s temple to ask her for Gabrielle’s hand. Even though Xena wasn’t an Amazon, she had to ask permission from the goddess to take Gabrielle and to bless the joining. When Xena walked out, she had a joyful look on her face, which told Solari that everything would flow as planned.

Both Gabrielle and Xena were fitted for their ceremony attire. They both had leather outfits along with long robes. They went though many baths and meditation, both under terrible stress for not having the other beside them. Then, the day came.


All of the Amazons were welcomed to this joining, considering that it was the Queen. They all stood around the Queen’s hut up to the Queen’s chair at the other end of the walkway. Xena stood up at that chair, along with Solari. She noticed how nervous Xena was when she saw her shaking. “It will be over before you know it,” Solari whispered into Xena’s ear. All Xena could think about was the vow she had to say to Gabrielle. She didn’t really worry about the one she had to make to the Amazon nation a

“Behold, let the joining ceremony of Xena, Warrior Princess and Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons begin.” Ephiny then started to walk up the walkway. Oh, boy, thought Xena. Here we go, me and Gabrielle, together forever. I’ve waited for this day all my life. How was I so lucky to find her? I just hope that I make her happy.

Everyone then turned toward the tent and saw as Gabrielle came out of the tent. She was dressed in white and blue leathers, with a huge headress with eagle feathers. Oh gods, thought Xena, I’ve never seen her so beautiful. All I want to do is hold her for the rest of my life.

Gabrielle walked up the walkway and sat down in her chair. She looked over at Xena, and saw that Xena was nervous. “Don’t be so nervous,” Gabrielle whispered to her as she leaned to her ear. “Everything will be fine.”

Ephiny came up and began the ceremony. “Welcome all sisters and our goddess Artimis above to the joining of Xena, the Warrior Princess, and our Queen, Gabrielle. Through the last three days, these two women have made the sacrifice of separation to join together this day. Queen, with your permission, we’ll begin.”

Gabrielle nodded to Ephiny. “Let the ceremony begin. First, Xena, you must give your vow to the Amazon nation to join the Amazons.” She motioned for Xena to stand and face the nation.

“I, Xena, do declare my allegence to the sisters of the Amazon nation. I vow to protect your Queen and promise to do the duty of any Amazon warrior. I will fight for all Amazons and do my part in keeping Amazonia safe for all forms of evil. I shall stand beside your Queen and watch over her forever. This is my vow to the Amazons.”

Ephiny turned to Gabrielle. “Your highness, does this vow meet your approval?”

Gabrielle simply nodded her head. Ephiny looked at Xena. “The Queen has approved. You are now an Amazon. Sisters, I present Xena, our new Amazon sister.” The Amazons cheered as they welcomed Xena into their fold. Anything for Gabrielle......anything, thought Xena.

Ephiny turned to Xena and Gabrielle and motioned to them to stand and face each other. “Now, you must say your vows to each other and present your token of love. First, Xena.”

Xena took Gabrielle’s hand. “Gabrielle, when I first met you, I knew there was something very different about you than any other person I’ve ever met. After a year, I knew what I was supposed to do. I needed you to be with me forever. I knew that this day would be the best day of my life. I was just too chicken to ever ask you. You are the other half of my soul. My heart lies with you. Even in death, Gabrielle, I’ll never leave you. I love you.” Xena then placed a silver ring on her ring finger

Ephiny looked at Xena, then back at Gabrielle. “Your turn, your highness.”

Gabrielle took Xena’s hand. “Xena, I knew the first time I laid eyes on you that you were the one for me. Perdicus was a mistake, one that I wish I didn’t make. But now I see you, and I see the beauty in your eyes again. The beauty that I saw that first day that made me fall in love with you. We’ve been though lots of ordeals, but always together. You’ve always had my heart, you just didn’t know it. You are my soulmate and I will never leave you. You are my life, my light, and my way, and now, yo

Ephiny spoke again. “These two have pronounced their love for each other. Now let them take the final step. Gabrielle, give me your left hand. Xena, your right hand.” Ephiny took a small dagger from the table sitting next to Gabrielle’s chair. She took the dagger and cut Gabrielle’s palm. Then, she cut Xena’s palm. She then took a white cloth and tied the two bloody palms together. Gabrielle and Xena instantly intertwined their fingers to stop the bleeding. Gabrielle whinced at the pain, but wh

Ephiny held the hands high in the air. “Let all of those here know that these two are now one in mind, heart, soul, and blood. Let Artimis bless this joining and bless us all. Congratulations Gabrielle and Xena.”

Xena then picked up Gabrielle and gave her a passionate kiss that lasted forever. It seemed as if time stopped. When they broke, they only had one more thing to do to make their evening complete. She carried Gabrielle into their tent and untied their hands. They saw that food was left in there for them, along with a tub full of hot water and rose petals. It looked like they could stay in there for a few days, which both Gabrielle and Xena wanted. The night had just begun.


Xena turned to her beloved and looked at her with eyes full of hunger. Gabrielle knew that she was the only one that could satisfy that hunger. She slowly wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist. “What have I done to deserve you, my beautiful warrior?” she said to Xena as she squeezed her tighter. “Sometimes, I keep thinking that this is just one of my dreams. If it is, I hope that I never wake up.”

Xena kissed Gabrielle gently with all the love she had in her body. “Sometimes, I wonder Gabrielle, how I am able to deserve you. You’ve done so much for me and stuck with me in the worse of times. All though that, you still loved me and stayed at my side. This was the least I could do to show you how much I loved you. And, no, this is no dream, and if you’re ready, I’ll prove it to you.” Xena looked at Gabrielle with her hungry eyes again.

“I love you, Xena. I never want you to forget that. I’ll never leave you.”

“I love you, Gabrielle. I’ll always be with you. Now and forever.”

And with that, both went to the bed and consumated their love for each other. The Amazons around the tent could hear moans and screams coming from both women.

“I’m so glad that they finally got over their fear of each other and are now in each other’s arms. I pray this night that they will be happy, for now and forever,” prayed Ephiny as she heard the sounds coming from next door. She was glad that her friends were finally as they wanted, together.

“Come on, Ephiny. I don’t have all night. I am kind of tired tonight,” said Solari from inside Ephiny’s tent. “Come to bed, or I’ll have to come and carry you over to it.”

“I’m just so happy for them, Solari. I remember our first night, and how special that was. This is their first night, also.”

“Well, let’s relive that night, shall we?” Solari went over to Ephiny and kissed her passionately.

Ephiny went to bed, and all you could hear that night was the sound of love, true love.

The End

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