Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Alternative Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of an alternative nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber: This story is an uber.

Author’s Notes: I felt my third series was incomplete. So, I have expanded it by adding new scenes to each part and the epilogue. Hope you enjoy it. I urge you to first read The Gang’s All Here and Arresting Behavior before this story. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Let me know what you think. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.  

 "Two Cops and a Baby"

by Teagen2

Part 1

Megan woke me from a sound sleep. I got up and switched on the lamp next to our bed. Our screaming daughter was unhappy. "Shhhhh. What’s the matter, Princess?" I whispered, trying not to wake Gabby. I could see the sun beginning to peak through. I picked Megan up and cradled her on my shoulder. I reached into the bed and picked up her pacifier, sticking it in that mouth of hers. She quieted and leaned sleepily into me.  

"You better stop all that racket." I whispered. "Or Mama will have us both in the doghouse." I walked her for several minutes before I returned her to her bed, kissing her on the forehead. I quietly shut off the light. 

Poor Gabby has not slept decently since Megan arrived. I think it mainly has to do with that damn aunt of her’s, Big J. I swear if that bitch tries to hurt Gabby again, I’ll rip her throat out. I could tell Gabby was getting a case of burnout. She’s just working and working and working. Plus taking care of Megan while I’m gone. 

Cameron and Jenny can’t get enough of our daughter. When Gabby took her over for the first time, it took three hours to pry them away from her. Jenny happily volunteered as our baby-sitter. Thank the gods. Well, might as well head to work. I’m already up.  

I snapped on my gun belt and picked up Megan, wrapping her up snugly in her blanket. "Gabby." I rubbed my hand across her cheek, the quickest way to get her up.  

"Yeah." she croaked.  

"I’m leaving okay? I’m taking ‘super lungs’ to Jenny’s." 

"Okay. Be careful." She sat up and kissed Megan on the cheek. "Bye Sweetie." she smiled at the infant. 

"Hey, what about me?" I pouted. She pulled me down for a ‘kiss’. Her lips left mine with a smacking sound. 


"Yes. Bye Babe."  

"Bye, Ze." she yawned.


I cut across the lawn to Jenny’s and knocked. She answers with a rather sad face.  

"Everything okay?" 

"Yeah." she sighed. "Come on in." 

"If you don’t feel up to it, I can take Megan to the daycare across the street from the station." 

"No you won’t." she smiled. "Come here, Princess." she started to pull Megan out of my arms. Once again that tiny hand grabbed my badge. She’s getting in the habit of doing that. "Trying to choke Mommy huh?" Jenny cooed. I pried my daughter away from her latest toy. For a six week old, she’s gotta grip. 

"Are you sure your okay?" 

"I’m fine, Zena. Just been doing some thinking." We sat on the couch. "Having Megan has been great. I mean I really love taking care of her for ya. Its just....you guys are so lucky to have gotten her. Cammy and I would never be able to adopt. I asked her if I could get pregnant. She said she wasn’t ‘sharing’ me with anyone else." 

"I can understand that logic, Jenny." 

"I know Zena, but its the only way. It’d be just long enough to get pregnant, but she can’t stand the idea." 

"Hang in there. You guys will work something out....In fact I was thinking of something last night." 


"Well I haven’t ran it by Gabby yet but.....I was thinking if something were to happen to us...." 

"Don’t talk like that Zena." she interrupted. 

"Jenny, we are police officers. One of the most dangerous jobs on Earth." I smiled. "It doubles in Los Angeles. What I’m trying to get at is, I want you two to be Megan’s guardians. If I die, I hate to think my daughter would go back into that system again." She smiled widely and looked down at the sleeping baby in her arms. 

"I’d be honored Zena and I’m sure Cammy would feel the same way. Let us know okay?" 

"I will. Well off to work." I reached over and kissed Megan goodbye. 


I was looking over my latest files when Tori sauntered over. I haven’t seen her since my leg surgery. Not long enough if she still wants my ‘affections’. "Hey long time, no see Zena." 

"Hey Tori." 

"How’s your leg?" 

"Fine." I said without looking up.  

"Heard you tied the knot." I raised my left hand and wiggled my ring finger. "Ohhhhhh. That’s beautiful." She took my hand and began to examine my ring. After a minute, I yanked my hand back when she started to rub my knuckles. "Zena." she whispered. "Can I talk to you in private?" 

"I’m busy, Tori." 

"You’re always busy." she snorted and stalked off. Only then did I look up. Suddenly, for some reason, I felt sorry for her. I got up and dragged myself over to her desk. 

"What is it?" 

"I’ve got a.....problem." she whispered. I sighed. 

"What kind of problem, Tori?" 

"Can we talk in private or not?" I thought for a moment. I am the head of this department. Something tells me this ‘problem’ isn’t work related. I motioned and she followed. 

I closed the door to the conference room. "What?" She just looked intently at me. 

"Why did you marry Gabby?" 

"Gods." I sighed. "You know Tori, you are about two seconds from not being my friend anymore and three words away from getting your ass kicked.....My personal life is none of your business. You seem to have forgotten who your superior officer here is." I was about to lose it. 

"Zena, I love you. I didn’t choose you. I just fell head over heels in love. You of all people should know you can’t choose who you fall in love with." 

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" 

"Well." she shifted uncomfortably. "I’m sure you really didn’t want to fall for street scum and end up raising someone else’s brat when you could have...*punch*.  

All I heard in that room was my heavy breathing. Tori looked up at me from her spot on the floor, holding her nose. "Don’t you EVER talk about my family. So help me, I’ll make you wish you were never born." I never raised my voice, but I seemed to have made my point. "Get up." I motioned. I grabbed her arm and helped her to her feet. I walked over to the table and grabbed several tissues out of the box. "Here, tilt your head back." I placed the tissue in her hand and placed her hand on her bleeding nose. "I’m sorry." I apologized. I’m growing soft. 

As I walked down the hall towards the cruisers, a hand yanked me by my shirt into the captain’s office. "Sit." he pushed me to the chair in front of his desk. I’ve had it now.  

"Why did you strike Officer Devin?" 

"I’m sorr....." 

"I didn’t ask for an apology!!!! Just a reason!!!!" The captain’s bellowing voice was enough to make rookies wet their pants, but I’ve grown accustomed to it. Really doesn’t bother me anymore. Besides, he is the best man I have ever served under.  

"She made an unpleasant remark about my wife and daughter, Sir." He smiled, then laughed. 

"I don’t care what she said, Walker. DON’T ever strike your subordinates....while your on duty." he whispered that last part through his hand. 

"Yes sir."  

"Now get outta my office!!!!" I lept up and hauled ass before I got another lecture, slipping on my shades as I walked out.


I hated serving search warrants. We got a call on a narcotics dealer on Giller. BIG surprise. I slipped on my vest and got into the transport van. We waited patiently until the GO was signaled. To the average onlooker, it would appear we were running through a house yelling "POLICE!!" and waving our weapons. That was the long and short of it, but it never fails to amaze me at how smooth and organized a good raid is. A raid is always good when no one gets hurts, suspects or us. This one went off with out a hitch.  

After searching everywhere else, I pulled the door to the attic down. "Be careful, Sarge." I nodded as I lept and grabbed the ledge hoisting myself up into the hole. I wasn’t surprised to find two teenagers hunched in the corner. I drew my gun and pushed them face down. When my comrades heard me yell. "POLICE!!! GET DOWN!!! DOWN NOW!!!" They skittered up into the attic to assist me. One of the little basterds spit in my face. He better be glad I was in a somewhat mellow mood today.  

I walked the length of the attic. I searched several boxes, finding nothing. I turned and caught something shiny in the right corner. I moved over. "Burke." I motioned. He came over and looked down. He whistled. 

"Whoa." Several guns lay scattered. TEK 9, AK47, SKS, among others. 

"Pretty heavy arsenal for small time dealers." I said to myself. "These little shits can’t use these weapons, Burke." I whispered. They’d blow themselves to pieces." The oldest looked to be about fourteen. 

"Then whose are they?" I have a pretty good idea given the location of this house. Giller Hell Cat side, need I say more. 

There was no doubt in my mind those weapons were Hell Cat property. Judging by the reactions we got they were scared of something and it wasn’t us. "My guess is those dealers stole those weapons from Janet Dasson." the captain commented.  

"But we have no proof." I sighed. The captain had been trying for literally years to shut Big J down, with no success. 

"Get it, Walker."  

"Yes sir. My team is good, but Big J is not that easy to catch. With her loyal following of delinquents, junkies, and runaways she’s too slick to be caught ‘holding the bag’. There was only one person I know that might be able to shut J down." 

"Who’s that?" 

"My wife." I watched as he sat back in his chair.

"Do you think Gabby would give us a hand with this? She may be just what we need to nail Dasson.

"No." I said sternly. "With all do respect, Sir. I don’t want Gabby anywhere near Giller.

"I understand." he sighed. "What if I partner her with you? You can keep an eye on her twenty-four seven." I didn’t reply right away. "Come on Walker. Don’t you want this killer off the streets or not?"

"Gabby’s call." I said defeated.


I was glad to finally be done today. I grudged in to find Gabby and Ares in the living room. "Hey, Baby. How was your shift?" 

"Tiring." I sighed. I decided not to ask just yet about my idea. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. "Where’s Megan?" 

"Asleep. Just fed her a little while ago." I dropped down onto the couch next to her.  

"Work tonight?" I yawned.

"Nope, but I gotta go to the station for a couple of hours. Mandatory meeting." 

"Don’t you just love those." I placed my head in her lap, lying down. The last sensation to register was the fingers trailing absently through my hair.


I got up carefully, placing Ze’s head on a pillow. She was worn out. I decided to just let her sleep where she was. I sat down with Ares on the floor, propping back against the couch, to finish watching my movie. 

It wasn’t very long before a strong arm snaked down and stroked my shoulder. I turned my head to see lazy blue eyes looking at me. "What time is it?" 

"Uhhhh seven. I gotta go in a bit. You going to be okay with Megan? She’s been kinda a fussy all day." 

"Yeah." She yawned. "What time are you coming back?" 

"Around eleven." Ze finally found the energy to get up and get undressed.  


The meeting was horrible as usual. I was happy to get home. I opened the door and walked into the living room. I stopped in my tracks when I saw Zena on the couch in her boxers and a T-shirt with Megan lying on her chest. I smiled and walked over quietly to her desk drawer and pulled out Ze’s camera. I had to get this. I snapped two shots and put it back. "Hey." she croaked before I was able to get close.  

"Hi." She rubbed her eyes carefully. I stroked our daughter’s head softly, making sure not wake her. I smelled something. I sniffed again. 

"She’s got a little cough. I gave her a vapor bath." Ze said softly as she cradled Megan as she sat up. 

"Is she okay?" 

"Yeah." Ze smiled down. "She’s okay."

On cue, those little blue eyes opened...and so did that mouth. It started as a quiet fussing noise and gradually escalated into a full blown wailing. "Shhhhhhh." Ze soothed.  

"Here...." Ze held her out for me. "Your turn Mama." she yawned. Ohhhh boy. End one shift, start another. I love it though. I cradled Megan and began to walk her up and down the length of the living room while Ze looked on.  

"Is she hungry?" I asked.  

"Just fed her....."Ze looked over at the clock. "forty minutes ago. Check the diaper." she smiled. My wife is getting a kick out of the teasing for the diaper changes. I checked my daughter and sighed in relief, dry as a desert and clean. I could almost make out a frown on my wife’s face because I got off easy.  

"I ALWAYS have to change her." Ze pouted. 

"You do not." I countered. "I’ve changed her too." I smiled. Megan decided she was done with her screaming...for the moment anyway. My wife’s expression changed.

"What is it?"

"Gabby, can I ask a favor?"


"The captain wants to know if you’d be interested in a temporary transfer." My eyebrows raised.

"To Crash?"

"Well, he wants your help...with your aunt." I sighed heavily, looking away from her. "It won’t just be that. You’ll be helping us with other stuff too. You’ll be my partner for awhile."

"And you expect me to believe you’re okay with this?"

"I wasn’t...at first. Ultimately, its your decision to make." She stood. "Let’s go to bed."


"Yeah?" She turned around. I looked down at my daughter in my arms.

"I’ll do it."



I awoke alone as usual. Zena amazes me with that ‘up with the roosters’ attitude of hers. I’m glad she lets me sleep in. It was almost ten. I got up and drudged lazily to the living room. I found Ze feeding Megan. "Want me to do that? Give you a break." Ze wordlessly handed over the baby. She yawned loudly. "Seems I’m not the only one missing sleep." I sat down next to her on the couch. 

"Not much. Hey Gabby?" 


"Can I ask you a few questions about....Big J?" I looked up immediately.  

"Sure I guess." 

"Is she involved in weapons dealing?" 

"Yeah. Not real heavy though. The Cats usually buy their own pieces." 

"What about heavy stuff like automatic rifles, stuff like that." 

"Well." I sighed. "if she has any, its for profit not for her own personal use. Why? Did you find some on her?" 

"Not exactly. We found them in an attic on Giller. The kids that had them weren’t the owners. So I just thought they might be J’s." 

"Its possible." I shifted Megan onto my shoulder and gently rubbed her back. "The kids were probably fronting them for her. If times get rough, she trades the guns for angel dust, crack, whatever she wants." 

"Do you don’t think she’d use them herself?" 

"No. She’s more...discreet than that." My wife nodded.  

"Thanks, Sweetie." she kissed me and Megan before picking up the phone and walking into the bedroom.



Man, I wish Gabby and I could spend more time together With us both working different shifts, I only see my daughter and wife in passing. I hate it. At least we’ll get to work together for a little while. I was a bit uneasy about working with my wife, but Gabby is a good officer. Something tells me we’ll make a good team.

After speaking with the captain, he began to put together an undercover gun buy. Whether we caught her or not, I want her off the streets. As I turned the corner of Mason, I got a call. 

"Unit 344." I picked up the radio mic.  

"344 Go." 

"We have a report of a 647. North Fowler." 

"Roger, Dispatch." I hit the lights and sped up. I was only a few minutes away. 

It wasn’t hard to spot the suspect. The man was wobbling/walking in the middle of the street, still holding a beer bottle. I stopped my cruiser several feet away. For some reason. I reached into the seat and grabbed my L.A.P.D baseball cap, slipping it on my head as I exited. "Sir. Step over here please." 

"Suuurrrr Maaaaaddammme." He slurred.  

"How much have you had to drink today? Put the bottle down." I gestured as I walked around behind him. 

"Abbbbout two." He held up four fingers. Ogggggg. I unclipped my mic from my belt. 

"Dispatch. Send me a wagon for transport. I’m at the North end of Fowler." 

"Roger 344." 

"Put the bottle down." I said more sternly. He still didn’t reply. He suddenly turned and struck me in the side of the head, shattering the bottle and causing me to stumble. Burns was the first I saw tackle the man as I shook the cobwebs. 

"You okay, Sarge?" he asked. 

"Yeah." I winced rubbing the side of my head. "I’m okay." The man continued to rant. 

"I kicked your ass, Lady. Woommmaannn shouldn’t be copzzzzz man." he smiled.  

"Shut up." Langley pulled the man to his feet.

"I’ll kick your ass, Man." the man bellowed at him. I assisted him in pushing the man across the hood of a cruiser. I began to empty his pockets one by one. 

"I got you good, Lady." he smiled. 

"Yeah ya did." I said softly as I frisked him. "Is there anything down your crotch?" 

"You bet. Want it?" I pushed him farther onto the hood.  

"It won’t be there much longer if you don’t shut...the...fuck..up." I motioned Burns and he checked. 

"Hey I wanted her to doooo itttt." he smiled.  

"Oh no." I smiled. "You would be minus your little friend, Mister. Let’s go." It was a job getting him into the wagon. For a moment I though we’d have to tether him, but he finally cooperated after another threat to his ‘anatomy’. 

"Better be lucky you had on your hat, Sarge. He coulda gashed ya pretty good." 

"Yeah I know. Take it easy."


The hat remained in place, even during my lunch hour. As I passed a shop, holding my lunch, a hamburger, in my hand I saw a cute toy in the window. I smiled and decided to make a little detour.

I couldn’t help it. I had to run home with my newly purchased items. I dashed into the house. "Baby?" 

"Yeah." Gabby called from the kitchen.  

"I got you guys something." I smiled. I pulled the Winnie the Pooh plush toy from behind my back. "This is for Megan and...." I pulled the Tigger out from behind my back "this is for you." I smiled. I knew how much she loved Tigger.  

"Ahhh baby. Thank you." she smiled and hugged me. "You didn’t have to get me anything." She kissed me soundly on the lips. "Wait a minute. Shouldn’t you be at work?" 

"Yeah so." I walked over to our daughter’s crib and placed the Winnie the Pooh next to her other favorite toy, my teddy bear that Josh gave me. I reached down and tenderly rubbed a tiny fist that was peaking out from the pink Baby Minnie blanket. "Bye Sweet Pea." I whispered, before turning around and kissing my wife goodbye. 

"You are so sweet, Zena. I love you."  

"Love you, too. My lunch ended ten minutes ago. Gotta haul ass." 

"Be careful." she called as I jogged out as quickly as I had come in.



I returned home with Gabby’s paperwork. Her supervisor approved a temporary transfer to the L.A.P.D. With a stern warning from Randy to ‘Bring her back in one piece’, we were all set. "Gabby?" I called.

"Yeah?" I tossed her a pair of our cargo pants that I swiped today. She looked up at me, wanting the answer.

"You come to work with me tomorrow." I smiled.

"Cool." She looked at the pants with a grin. She hates her ‘blues’.

"You can wear one of my shirts. I’ve got a few smaller shirts than the ones I wear now. Should fit ya. You still have your boots from your assault training?" She reached around my neck and gave me a peck on the cheek.



Dressed almost identically, Gabby and I headed out for patrol together. I could not believe how good it felt to have Gabby close to me. "You wanna go to the police seminar Tuesday?" I asked.

"What is it exactly?" She turned her head to me from the passenger window. I had to smile. We both wear shades when we work, at least during the day. Its scary how many habits you can pick up from your spouse. This one would be mine.

"You walk around and look at the new weapons and stuff. Some the crap they come up with is hilarious." I smiled.

"Sure, why not."

"Unit 344." Gabby grabbed the radio.

"344 Go."

"Respond to a domestic disturbance on Easten Street. Suspect is white juvenile female. Blue jeans, red T-shirt."

"10-4." Gabby returned the mic as I hit the lights. Unfortunately it was the middle of the morning rush. I weaved through the uncooperative drivers as best I could.

"Get outta the way you stupid...." I said to myself. I caught the smile on my wife’s face.

"Good thing you don’t drive a tank, Babe. There would be some flat cars around here." she chuckled.


Gabby let me take the lead on this one. According to the caller, the two people involved were a mother and daughter. I saw the mother with a rather large stick in her hand, more like a club. We watched as they bickered back and forth. "Gabby, get her." I motioned at the teen walking in the street. I turned my attention to the mother. She was slightly out of breath.

"She’s been gone for a week and we just got her back."

"She ran away?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "Um we came here to get her backpack, clothes, and stuff. Those kids over there.." She gestured across the street at the kids. "are trying to get her to join their gang. I’ve ran all over town trying to find my kid and I’m not going to let her join a gang." She was clearly angry. The daughter yelled something, causing me to turn around and look at them. Gabby was following close behind her as she paced around. I motioned for Gabby to bring her to me. She wreathed away from Gabby.

"Hey." I crooked my fingered, beckoning. "You better come here." I said in my best intimating tone. She took her time, but she came over. Gabby remained behind her. She started to move again, but I grabbed her. "What is your problem? This isn’t some kind of game you know." She rolled her eyes at me.


I watched with almost fascination as Zena chastised/lectured this teen on the negatives of running with those kids. She certainly has a way with people. The girl looked everywhere, but her face. "Hey." Zena waved her hand in front of the girl’s face and pointed two fingers at her own face. "Look right here." I think she can read my mind. Another moment passed and the teen’s attitude had clearly not changed. "You ever been to Ju V?" Ze asked. The girl shook her head no. "You wanna go? Cause I take your little butt to jail right now." she gestured. We escorted her, by the arm, to her mother’s car. "If I catch you back in this neighborhood, you will be going. You understand me?" The girl nodded. We waited until the car was gone before we left.


Zena took us back to the station and filed me in. We walked down the hall to the breakroom. "I’ll buy." she smiled. "You wanna Pepsi?"

"Sure." I sat down to get off my feet. I glanced at the clock on the wall. "Man, its almost one." Zena slid the soda down the table to me. "Thanks." She walked around with her own and sat down next to me, throwing an arm over my shoulder.

"You know what they say...Time flys when your having fun." she smiles. She gives me a small kiss on the lips just before several others file in.

I reconized Burke and Burns. "Hey Gabby." Burns smiled. "What’s up?" He extended his hand and I shook it.

"Not much. You?"

"Same old, same old." He propped his foot up on the table when he sat across from Zena. "You doing the SMPD shoot out?"

"Yeah, I guess. Probably won’t win." I commented. Just then the captain shuffled in. My stomach suddenly started churning.

"Hey, Walker." He turned to the coffee machine and then did a double take. "And Walker." he grinned at me.

"Sir." we said in unison. We both watched as he poured himself a cup of coffee. The chatter that had filled the room only seconds ago, was gone. I noticed right away that Ze didn’t remove her arm from around me. He sat down next to Burns, across from me. The room was quiet until Tori slithered in, that’s actually a good description of her. She shot daggers at me from the candy machine. She too, took a seat. I knew, from Burke, that Tori has been trying to partner with Ze. Now I was here and I knew she did not like that.

"Hey Zena." The only response Ze gave was an unenthusiastic grunt. I smiled and so did a few others. She turned to face me as her fingers stroked my shoulder nonchalantly. "How you like Crash so far, Walker?"

"Great." I smiled, but not at her, at my wife.

She crossed her arms on the table. "I thought married people aren’t supposed to work together." she commented. The captain cleared his throat, almost making me jump.

"Well Devin. Thanks to a very unconstitutional law in our great state, Zena and Gabby aren’t married...officially....So shut up." Ze and the others broke into smiles.

"Yes, Sir."

"Walker...get started on the Dasson file when you’re through." he gestured.

"Me?" Ze asked.

"Nooooo...her." he pointed to me. "Oh man this is going to be so confusing."



The day ended pretty quickly. Even I was surprised. I knew Gabby was enjoying being with me, but she clearly was uncomfortable when we got near her old neighborhood. Tori clearly showed disdain at having my wife around. She couldn’t sneak those glances or make lustful eyes, things I normally just ignored. Gabby made some progress with the evidence file, but not much. It didn’t take long for her to become discouraged, but the captain was there keeping her on track.


The next day started out similar to the first. One thing I did notice right away was that Gabby and I were pretty good friends, even though we’ve been together for over nine months. I admit to coming in and sweeping her off her feet before she got a chance to get to know me. We went from strangers to lovers. Now I know now that I can really talk and laugh with my wife. I was hoping that she wouldn’t miss talking to Randy a whole lot. "Unit 344. Officer needs assistance. Giller and Thompson." I noticed the slight hesitation with the mic as Gabby heard the call, Giller Street.


Part 2

We couldn’t ignore this call. A fellow officer needed our help and she knew it because she did pick up that mic. "Roger dispatch."

"Foot pursuit, three suspects." I’m heading down Giller. Giller." he repeated. I swung the car around to intercept. Gabby unbuckled her seatbelt.

"Right there!" she motioned. I pulled the cruiser closer, almost right behind them. They darted towards a lawn. I stopped, Gabby bailed. I sped up and around the corner. My eyes darted from left to right, trying to spot them. Suddenly, to my great luck, one darted right in front of me. I slammed the brakes. I jumped out. He didn’t get three feet before I caught him.

"Get down!" Grabbing him in a headlock, I tossed him to the ground. I reached behind me and cursed. I twisted his wrists back, effectively pinning him. Leaning on him, I put all my body weight on his frame. "Stay still." I looked around. I saw several backup cars arriving. Jones and Thomas jumped from their cruiser and ran to us. "I lost my cuffs." They immediately took over, slapping a set on him. I got up from the ground. Grabbing my radio, "Gabby..." I waited a second and sent a prayer when I heard a response.


"What’s your twenty?"


"I’m on my way." After looking for a few moments, I spotted my cuffs in the dirt.


As I drove back to the location Gabby bailed and went towards Thompson. I realized how far she had run in a short time. ‘Damn, she’s in better shape than you are.’ Thanks a lot Xena. "Well when you’re right, you’re right." I said out loud. I found her and three others. "You alright?" She was chugging on a bottle of water, understandable.

"Yeah." she said, slightly out of breath. "Got the jerk." she smiled.

"Alright." I congratulated. "Good job."


We were both dragging when we got home. It was a very busy second day together. I cradled a sleeping Megan and put her in her crib, after giving her a small kiss on her cheek. Gabby was sprawled out on the couch. I smiled. "Tired?" I grinned.

"A bit. Yeah."

"That was a nice run today." I sat down on the coffee table.

"Mmmm." She closed her eyes.

"Come on, Baby." I took her hand and coaxed her to stand. In a move I haven’t done since my wedding night, I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom.


I knew her excitement would probably turn to boredom today. I watched from my desk as my...partner sat at the conference table and worked on her reports. "Hey Sarge."

"Uhhh yeah." I turned my attention to Burns.

"Can you look this over for me?"

"Sure." I took the folder and dropped it in front of me. Standing, I walked over to my wife. "Ready for lunch?"

"Sure. Anything to get away from this."

"After we get done, we’ll patrol a little bit." She stood and I let her in front of me. "Break the monotony."

"Thank you." she breathed.



We stopped off at one of my favorite fast food restaurants, Burger King. Xena loves onion rings and I have learned to get used to her breath. And her guys wonder why she carries a roll of Breathsavers everywhere she goes. "Done yet?" I ask. Usually its the other way around. She raised her eyebrows.

"Antsy are we?"

"A bit...Come on."

"Okay, okay. I’m done." I snuck in a brief kiss before we got into the cruiser, me at the wheel. The moment we strapped in, our radio kicked in.

"Unit 344." Ze placed her drink in the cup holder.

"Unit 344. Go."

"537 in progress at 2378 Milner Drive."

"Roger, Dispatch."

"Where is that?" I ask.

"Head down Baker and take a left." I hit the lights and off we were. I didn’t hit the siren because a 537 was simply jipping a bill. Not exactly a high priority, better than filing though.

As we pulled up to the restaurant, Ze stepped out. Suddenly a car ran straight for her. She dove out of the way. I pulled my nine and fired a round into the back glass. I recognized the car. "Ze! That’s Sleepy’s car!" I called. She ran back to me and got in.

"Go!" Slightly out of breath, she grabbed the mic. I know her heart was beating out of her chest. She came a hair’s distance from getting hit. "344. We have an attempted 192. Suspect vehicle is a red Toyota Camery. License plate 4-5-2 John Robert Zebra."

"Roger, 344." We listened as the information was repeated. Her hands were shaking.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. that was too close. She was trying to kill me, Gabby." Anger was taking hold of her. I followed as best I could but, we were losing sight of her. "Turn here." The tires squealed at the sudden movement. I cut down a one way street. I stopped and slapped the steering wheel.

"Damn it!" They were nowhere to be seen. "I lost ‘em. I’m sorry."

"No we lost them. Its okay. Are you sure it was Sleepy’s? She wasn’t the driver."

"I’m sure."

"I’ll put Burke on it. I’m not taking you over there...Let’s head back to the station."


Normally I would be upset about Ze’s pampering, but I had no desire to go to Giller if I could avoid it. I knew they wanted me dead as much as they wanted my wife dead. We parked and stepped out. We saw several of Zena’s officers and the captain outside, on their smoke break apparently. We started towards the building, when we heard yelling. We both turned. "Uhhh Ze."

"Run Gabby." She said calmly. They got closer. "Run!" I still couldn’t believe it. I took off as fast as I could across the street., with Zena close behind. "Get on the fence!" Well I was a great fence climber still. I grabbed the fence and started to climb. Zena leaped up next to me. Halfway up, we stopped. "Oh gods." she groaned. We both looked at each other...and started to laugh. We looked down at our pursuers, Anderson’s two Pit Bulls. They jumped up, trying to grab at our boots. "I’m gonna kick his ass." Ze grumbled. We saw him and the captain running towards us. He grabbed the two dogs and they instantly quieted. "Get your fucking mutts." She hissed.

"I’m really sorry, Sarge." He pulled them away from us. Ze jumped down and reached her hands up, helping me down. "I thought I had them this time and they got away from me."

"Don’t bring those dogs back to this precinct, Mr. Anderson." The captain said sternly.

"Yes, Sir." After we watched an embarrassed Anderson walk away, the captain turned to us, smiling. Oh that can’t be good.

"Well glad you two can move when necessary." I saw it, but the captain didn’t. I chuckled. He looked at me. "Something you wanna say, Walker?"

"No sir."

"Alright then." Zena had extended her middle finger, pretending to wipe the sweat from her forehead. I punched her on the shoulder.

"Got me in trouble." I chastised. She smiled and escorted me inside.

As soon as we were in the Crash room, I knew something was strange. We got smiles and looks as we came back in. "Ladies and Gentlemen." the captain bellowed. "The new champions of the fifteen foot fence climb...Zena and Gabby!" Everyone started laughing and clapping at us. I have to admit, a vision of us running down the parking lot being chased by dogs, now it seemed funny. Ze however, didn’t think so.

"Kiss my ass." she sneezed into her fist. "Sorry...cold." I knew better.


It was in the middle of my aunt’s file, when a hand rested on my shoulder. "Hey Kid."

"Randy." I looked up and smiled. He gave a kiss on the cheek. "How are ya?...Sit down." He was in his normal clothing.

"Truthfully? Bored. Its so boring patrolling alone."

"Well, I only have a few more days." I looked back down at the papers.

"Any luck?"

"Hard to stick my aunt with anything. The paper trail in almost untraceable. I really don’t want to let Zena down."

"Hey. Even if you don’t crack it, you know she won’t hold it against you. Ever since J has been operating, they’ve been trying to take her down. You can’t expect that in one week." I sighed.

"You’re right."

"Of course I am." he smiled arrogantly. I hissed.

"Hey old man." I heard from behind me. Randy extended his hand and shook Ze’s.

"How’s it going?"

"Good, good. What are doing here?" She took a seat next to me.

"Making sure Gabby doesn’t die of boredom." he grinned.

"Ahhh. The only chance of that is if she sits through one of the captain’s war stories."

"Well I’d love to stay and chit chat, but my wife is waiting at my mother’s. See ya next week, Kid."

"See ya, Randy."

We both watched him go. "So, no luck huh?" I threw down my pencil.


"Well, take a break for awhile. I’ll be down in the copy room if ya need me." I nodded. I made my way to the break room for some chocolate. I need sugar. I noticed Burns and few others deep in conversation.

"Do you guys ever go on patrol?" I smiled.

"Hey Gabby." They motioned me over. "We’re giving Sanderson a bachelor party at the Gold Mine."

"The strip club?" I asked as I peeled my candy bar.

"Yeah? You in? Since your....uhhh..." Davis said.

"Gay?" I offered. "You can say it and why would I go to a club halfway across town and pay a cover charge when I have a woman at home that’ll strip for free?" I grinned. I saw something in their eyes. Their probably envisioning their commanding officer with no clothes on. Men. "I’ll pass, Gentlemen." I was content to leave them drooling.



My time is almost up with Crash. I’ve had a great time working with the guys and Zena. I knew that I was going back soon. Today would probably be my last day...and I had nothing. I did manage to outline her pattern of behavior and frequent hiding places for them. At least they’ll have a better chance of catching her if she tries to run from a scene. We took time out from our lunch break to go to the civic center for the convention. Zena was right. Some of this weaponry was a joke. "Now what the hell are you supposed to do with that?" she asked. It was a very bulky looking body armor suit.

"That wouldn’t stop Pee Wee Herman." I chuckled. Zena’s pager went off just as we were about to watch a demonstration. "Who is it?"

"Don’t know." She looked around and spotted a pay phone. "I’ll go find out."



I grabbed the phone and dialed. To my surprise, I heard the captain’s voice. "Walker, I need you down on Seventh."

"Alright. We’re on our way.


I was afraid it was a delicate assignment when we were called in. It was one of the hardest calls to do, especially all that has happened with my family. It seems women need to be present for these calls. The mother, who gave her child away to a friend, wants her child back. We arrived and heard the surrogate mother arguing her point. "I have had this baby since almost after her birth! The mother has not seen her or called or nothing. She’s abusive to her kids. I can’t give her to that woman." I sighed heavily. The men stepped back. I am the sergeant. I have to deal with this.

"Mame. I sympathize. I really do, but the simple fact is the mother wants the child back. You are not her guardian." I spoke in a quiet tone, trying to leave my emotions out of it. The woman was visibly distraught.

"How old is the child?" Burke asked.

"She’s a year."

"Could you get the child for us?" I followed her back to the bedroom, Burke tailed behind. I watched as the woman dressed the small child in a one piece suit, crying the entire time. I bit my lip as a sudden picture of Megan popped into my mind. She hugged the child tightly.

"Its okay." she soothed. The poor baby had no idea what was going to happen. "I’ll get you back." She suddenly looked up at me. "Do you have any children?"

"Yes I do. I have a daughter." I said quietly.

"How old?"

"She’s almost two months."

"Then why can’t you see that you can’t do this?"

"Its my job, Mame. I’m sorry, but I have to give her to her mother. May I have the baby?" I took the small child in my arms. I left Burke to deal with the now wailing woman. I moved into the living room to see my men and my wife. I couldn’t make eye contact with any of them. I handed the baby to the call officer.

"You okay, Sarge?" someone said.

"Come on, Gabby. Let’s go."


I said little on the way home. Gabby asked me several times if I was okay. I simply nodded. I walked straight over and got my daughter. I walked into the house. I sniffed as a tear rolled down my cheek. The tiny person in my arms was awake. She watched me. I smiled down at her as I sat down on the couch. I sat back on the armrest and pulled my knees up. I started to cry as I rocked my daughter. "Ze?" Gabby came from the bedroom. She sat down next to me. "No one will take her away, Baby." she whispered. She reached over and rubbed Megan’s head, then ran her fingers through my hair. "I promise."

"Gabby, what if..."

"Shhh. Listen, we adopted Megan fair and square. No one can take her from us. Okay?" she soothed.

"I’m scared, Baby."

"It’ll be okay."


I knew I gave Gabby quite a scare, but I can’t help what I feel. I’m not going to hide it. Today I was alone once again. Gabby’s Crash stay was over. I miss her already and my shift started twenty minutes ago. I patrolled my usual route until I got a call of gang members loitering around a bus stop, scaring away potential passengers. I rounded Giller and I saw....Big J. She was sitting on a bench with at least twenty Hell Cats around her. She did seven months before they released her. In L.A that’s not unusual. I pulled to the curb. I stepped out to several taunting calls. 

"What’d we do, Officer?"  

"Ohhhhhhh frisk me, Cop." I ignored them and stopped two feet from the seated Big J. "You want somethin’, Walker?" she smiled. "Did my niece arrest you?" Everyone burst into laughter. I sighed and took off my sunglasses. Her smile faded when she caught the look in my eye.  

"I’m going to ask you ladies to move along." They laughed again.  

"Move along." J laughed. "What are we....cattle?" she smiled.   

"With that cheap shit cologne your wearing, you smell like one." She stood, slowly. The women on my sides seem to close in around me. I wasted no time in pulling my beretta and letting it dangle next to my leg, but that didn’t stop them from surrounding me. 

Part 3

I swallowed hard as I ignored the numerous stares from the young girls around me, all wearing their gang color. "You know Walker." J sighed. "That mouth will get you in serious trouble one day. You already turned my niece into a pig, sent me to the lockup.

What more can you do?" she smiled. "Do you know why you patrol these streets everyday, Walker? Huh? Do ya?" I just looked at her, not taking the bait. "Because I let ya, that’s why."

"Is that a threat, J?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Why no Officer Walker, Mame." she said with a fake southern accent. "Back off, Pig before you get hurt." I started to raise my weapon.

Two cruisers pulled up to mine and the women quickly gave me my personal space back as four officers lept out of the cars. "We’ll be movin’ on." J yelled at Burns as she snapped her fingers and each one filed behind her as she walked down the sidewalk.

"You okay, Sarge?"

"Yeah." I sighed. "Thanks." I watched the crowd until they disappeared around the corner. I really hate that bitch." I grumbled. "Come on." I motioned. "Show’s over. Let’s get back at it."


Gabby would skin me alive after a move like that. Big J doesn’t scare me, but what her gang does is another story. I just wanted to get home more than anything. I quietly closed the door. The house was quiet except for the T.V in our bedroom. I glanced into Megan’s bed. It was empty. I slowly walked into the bedroom. I smiled at the sight. Ares was lying on his stomach on the bed, looking at Megan, who was on her back giggling as Gabby tickled her foot. "Hey, Ze." she said without looking up. "How was it?"

"Okay." I smiled and knelt, kissing Megan on her bare tummy, causing her to giggle. Oh I love that sound, ranks up there with Gabby’s sensual moan when I lick her earlobe.

"Hey, Sweetie." I tickled her under her chin. She immediately grabbed my large finger in both of her tiny hands. As expected, she tried to bring that finger to her mouth and suck on it. "Do you ever feed this child?" I chuckled at Gabby, kissing her on the lips.  


"Then she must have your appetite."  

"Is it my fault she can’t stop grabbing everything she gets her little hands on." Gabby smiled. Oh gods. She’s never gonna let me forget last week when I picked Megan up from her bed without my shirt on. This tiny person proceeded to give me the most painful nipple twist I have ever experienced. I literally had tears in my eyes as Gabby laughed her ass off. Megan knew exactly what she did because that smile on her face was priceless. Just for that, I made her change Megan that night, a job I gladly yielded. Now I make sure to have something covering me before I pick her up. She got Gabby too. She grabbed her silver pendant and tried to straggle her it would seem. The glee from our daughter was quite apparent then too. 

We placed Megan in the portable next to our bed and turned off the lights. Ares dutifully positioned himself on the floor between Megan and the bedroom door. A sense of dread came over me again, despite my loving surroundings. Something was going to happen. I could feel it, even stronger now. I laid awake trying to deduce what it was. Was something wrong with Megan or Gabby? They both seemed to be sleeping peacefully. One in my arms and one two feet away. I felt my eyes drifting shut.  


My alarm went off at ten, waking Ze. I reached over and silenced it before it could wake Megan. "Shhhhh. Go back to sleep." I kissed her on the lips and she turned over away from the small light I had just switched on. It didn’t take long for me to dress. I kissed both my girls goodnight before I headed out for another night shift. 

I met Randy next to the message boxes. "Hey Kid. Enjoy your time off?" 

"Hey it wasn’t time off. I worked over there you know." I knew he was just yanking my chain.  I yawned heavily.

"Tired huh?"

"Yeah, I’ve been working day shifts at Crash. Kinda got used to it."

"Maybe we can find someone to switch to day shift with. I won’t mind." We climbed in, me in the driver’s seat.  

"Thanks anyway, Randy but I like our shift. I hate the sun." I smiled.  

"Unit 34. Shots fired. Officer needs assistance. Velnor Apartments.  

"Roger, Dispatch. Hit it Gabby." I accelerated to a reasonable amount of speed. As we pulled up next to Wexular’s cruiser, we heard the gunfire. It came right at us! I drew my weapon and shielded myself with the door. I looked over it the best I could. Several gun men were firing at both cruisers. I shot off three rounds before I heard the sound of breaking glass. I looked down and there was a hole right in the middle of my shirt. I looked over at Randy. He was firing away until he turned. "Gabby?" I just stared him as I felt something burning me, but it wasn’t painful. Then I felt it. I would liken it to being punched in the stomach by Mike Tyson. I dropped. Randy crawled through the car and slid down next to me. "Gabby." He was starting to panic.  

"I’m okay." I breathed. "Just knocked the wind outta me, that’s all." I couldn’t move. He unbuttoned my shirt to find my vest. "Oh." he smiled in relief. "Good girl." He pulled out one of the armor plates, which had a considerable dent in it. 

I heard the order come over the radio to pull back and wait for S.W.A.T. However, I saw a family was trapped between the gunmen and freedom. "Randy?" 

"Yeah." I sat up with his help.  

"I can do it." 


"Take ‘em out." 

"No." he said sternly. 

"98.8, Randy. Best accuracy in the precinct." I smiled. He sighed. 

"Okay, but stay covered. I got your back. You want my 45?" 


"I knew you were gonna say that." he smiled. He reached up and grabbed the gun from the dash holster. "Two shots, you don’t get ‘em......" 

"We pull back." I finished. The gun men had turned their attention on the huddled family, giving my window. "Going for the legs." I said wiping my palms on my pants before taking the weapon from Randy.  

"Okay. Do it, Kid."  

Now that the gun men had moved, they were now a distance away from the passenger side of the cruiser, instead of directly in front of us. I placed my back against the car, counted to three, and turned. Aiming the shotgun over the roof, I fired.

*BOOM* Using the pump, I emptied the shell from the chamber. I squeezed the trigger again.

*BOOM* I saw the two men drop, but couldn’t believe I actually hit them at that distance. "Yes!" I heard Randy say to himself as he ran around the back of the car and proceeded to the fallen men. 

"Dispatch, request ambulance at Velnor Apartments. Two gun shot victims. Officer involved shooting." came over the radio.  


After writing a lengthy report, I went and got a new vest. Luckily I’m given three personal days because it was my first shoot. I can say I felt bad about it, but I did however feel justified. I pulled up to the driveway. I rubbed my chest slightly as I walked to the door. I have monstrous bruise. Well better than a monstrous bullet hole I suppose. It was only twelve-thirty when I got back. As I expected, Ze was up with Megan. "Hon, what are doing home?" She was sitting up, stretched out on the couch with Megan in her arms, being fed. I held up the metal armor plate from my vest. She noticed right away the application of it. 

"Oh gods. Are you okay?" I nodded. 

"Yes." I took off my gun belt and took off my shirt. She saw the almost black bruise right in the middle of my chest. She met my eyes. If she hadn’t have been holding Megan, she would have ran to me and held me.  

"Did you get a new vest?" she said shakily. 

"Its in the car." I said sadly. I picked up her bare feet and sat down, putting them in my lap. Having a tall wife she takes up the entire couch, even when she sitting up. I covered my face with my hands and tiredly rubbed my eyes. "First shoot, Ze." I said through my hands.  


"No, but does it matter?" She smiled lovingly.  

"No, it still hurts." 

"I’ve got three days off." 

"Well I haven’t taken my two days for the week yet. I’ll take tomorrow off too and spend them with you." 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yeah, besides I think we both could do with a little rest. Here. Take this child. I gotta make a pit stop." I smiled and reached over and took Megan, bottle and all as Ze stood and went towards the bathroom. I glanced over to see Ares sprawled out on his side, asleep. Ze had to step over him to get to the door. Well at least he’s getting some shut eye. 

"Ze," I called from the kitchen. "There’s nothing to eat in here." I rummaged through the cabinets. Actually there was a little bit of food, but nothing I wanted.  

"Take my ice cream." she called as she walked Megan past the door. "Its an Orange Cream bar I swiped at work." I yanked the freezer door open and grabbed the bar. The wrapper was barely off before began to devour it.  

I was wide awake because normally I’d be working. Ze was too, but I couldn’t get her to go to bed. We finally got Megan down after a rather long fussing. "We’ll go to the store in the morning." 

"Not the corner store." 

"No." she smiled. "We’ll go to the big one." 

"Oh goody." 

"Ze, aren’t you the least bit tired?" 

"Nope not really. I can go on three hours easy. I’ve always been that way. It didn’t come in handy till we added another member to this ever-growing family of ours.


I awoke, not really remembering where I was. I started to sit up, but I was trapped by five feet of wife. We had fallen asleep on the couch, Gabby sprawled over me. I had no idea what time it was. I glanced over nine A.M. A sudden emotion came over me that I knew I was holding in. I was terrified. I pulled Gabby as close as I could. She showed me the intense bruise on her chest. If her armor failed to stop the bullet, I’d be a widow this morning and Megan minus a mom. I started to cry to myself. If I had lost Gabby, I don’t how I would keep my sanity. She stirred when I sniffed loudly. "Ze, what is it?" she mumbled then raised her head, to see my tears. "Baby, is it your leg?" She looked down frantically. 

"No." I whispered.  

"What? What is it?"  

"I nearly lost you." Compassion spread across her features. She smiled. 

"We both know the danger." 

"That still doesn’t make me feel better." I wiped my face with the back of my hand. 

"I know, Love. Its not supposed to. You and Megan are the reason I wear that uncomfortable thing. Its itchy in hot weather and binding, but I wear it for us." 

"Thank you." I said softly. "I can’t live without you. You know that." 

"I know." she wiped my face with her thumb. "Shhhhh. Don’t cry, Ze." she whispered. "You’re gonna get me started." She tenderly wrapped herself tightly around me. The mere thought of life without Gabby sends me into a dark, pitiful mood that I would remain in until the day I joined her.


I looked over to the crib several feet away and saw a flutter of movement. Megan was kicking her feet playfully. I’m afraid of what will happen when she gets older. With a vise-like grip and strong legs, we’re in for quite a ride. Gabby joined my glance. She looked down at me and I released her. Gabby stood and stretched, moving over to the bed. "Hey Munchkin." she smiled and reached into the bed and picked up Megan, who made a tiny giggling noise. I laid exactly where I was and watched them. Boy am I becoming soft. "Ze?" 


"Was your first shoot a fatality?" 

"Yeah." I swallowed. "Rodney Hamon." I smiled sadly. He tried to grab my gun, we wrestled, it went off. "It was an accident, but.....it sure didn’t make me feel any better. He died that night in the OR." 

"I’m sorry, Ze." I smiled.  

"Long time ago. I still can feel the kick of the gun when it went off." 

"Who was he?" 

"Southside Switch. He was only fifteen." Gabby, with Megan, moved to me and sat down. "His father tried to strangle me, but my boss stopped him." 

"Baby I’m sorry. I’m just stirring up..." 

"No its okay." I smiled. "I’m over it, but it did take awhile. Just don’t hold anything in. It’ll take time. Just don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement." 

"I won’t. I feel....bad about what I did, but I don’t think I did anything wrong. I was protecting....." 

"Hey. No one said you did anything wrong, Sweetheart." 

"I know."


That sense of dread was still with me. Something was going to happen. I thought Gabby being nearly killed was bad enough. I took extra care with Megan when we traveled to the store for Gabby’s survival supplies. Gabby perched Megan on her shoulder as we walked down the aisles. Suddenly two young men tapped my wife on the shoulder. "Hey Gabby." one smiled. 

"Hi guys." she smiled.  

"Hey cutie." the man smiled at Megan. 

"Ze, this is Tad and Gary. They work with me at the station." 

"Hi." I shook the offered hands. 

"This is my wife Zena." 

"Hi, heard a lot about you. Hope that leg’s better?" 

"It is thanks." I watched as Gabby smiled and talked to the young men. They were around her age maybe younger. Suddenly I was a bit jealous, but in a good way. I took in Gabby’s jeans and basketball jersey, which Megan had two tiny handfuls of. She was laughing causally at something one said. It was times like this I wonder what brought us together and thankful that it did. It wasn’t long before they parted company.  

"They were nice." I gestured. 

"Oh yeah their pretty cool.....Ze what’s wrong? You seem kinda distant today. Are you alright?" 

"Of course." 

"Zena please don’t lie to me." I sighed heavily. 

"I feel like something bad is gonna happen and I can’t shake it." 


"I don’t know, Baby. I just feel.....frustrated." 

"You know what we outta do?" 


"Go home. Curl up in bed and just enjoy each others company. I think both of us need to relax."


No sooner than we got home and put away the food, it began to rain. Not only rain, but storming. The sky began to darken, almost to the point of late afternoon. It was only eleven. We three curled up under a blanket and began to watch The Blair Witch Project.  

"I’m glad we don’t have work today." Gabby commented as she glanced at the window, seeing a torrent of rain falling. 

"Me too." I smiled. I placed Megan on my right and Gabby cuddled up on my left. I could tell the temperature had dropped a bit because Gabby’s feet were freezing. "Ahhh. Do you have rub those things on me?" I smiled. 

"Yes. If I wanna get ‘em warm I do." She kissed me softly on the lips. "I love you, Ze." 

"I love you, too." 

"Are you feeling less distant?"  

"No actually I feel strange." 

"Strange? What do ya mean?" 

"I don’t know. Its a combination of nausea and dizziness." 

"Baby, you might have flu or something?" she chuckled. 

"Maybe." I knew it was more than that. I closed my eyes and cuddled into my wife. Just as I thought, ‘This is bliss.’my pager went off, waking Megan and causing a major wailing. "Sorry, Sweetie." I whispered as Gabby reached over me and took our daughter, while I called the station. "Baby, turn the T.V down." 


"Precinct 12." 


"Hold on..........Hey Zena we have some trouble of off Madison. The Hell Cats are moving into Switches territory. We’re mobilizing. Can you meet us?" Madison was very close to the house, six blocks or so. What the hell.  

"Yeah, I’ll be there in twenty." I scrambled out of bed and threw on a workshirt and pants, tucking my shirt in as I looked for my boots.  

"Where ya going?" 

"Over to Madison." I shouldn’t be gone long." I kissed both of them as I snapped on my gun belt.  

"Do you have to?" I turned and looked at Gabby.  

"I told them I would be there." I said softly. If I knew it would upset her, I would have never agreed.  

"I’ll be back in a little while. Okay?" 

"Okay." She sounded detached somehow. "Please be careful." 

"I will. I love you, Gabby." 

"Love you."  

Just as I was getting into the cruiser, my stomach literally flipped over. I thought I was going to throw up. 


The rain had slowed to a mere drizzle now. Hopefully this won’t take long. I listened to the conversation on the radio and that led me to Big J and her group. They were hurling beer bottles onto an inhabited house. I took a deep breath. "Dispatch, I need some backup at Langing Circle. Suspicious activity." I stepped out the cruiser. Seeing Big J and about ten girls, I drew my weapon. J suddenly turned and saw me.  

"Hey Walker." she smiled as if I were a friend. "Come to join the party?" She and the others began to move forward. I raised my gun. "Tsk, Tsk. Now I don’t have a gun, now why should you?" For the first time in my entire career, I was scared of a situation. I was outnumbered and probably out gunned. Something just wasn’t right. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind, I was hit from behind. Whatever it was, it hurt. I instantly dropped to my hands and knees, letting out a yelp of pain. I looked up. Big J squatted in front of me. "You know this is a position I’ve always wanted you in, Walker. Down on your knees."she smiled. "Bowing before me." I mumbled my insult through clenched teeth. "What was that, Walker? I couldn’t quite her what you said?" 

"I said FUCK YOU!" I used every bit of wind left to me and struck her full force in the face." I was hit again, this time by more than one person. I began to the hear the sirens from the my place on the wet asphalt.  

"Pick her up....Come on!" J yelled. I was hauled to my feet, my weapon left at the spot I dropped it as I was dragged by two woman. 

I wasn’t walked very far because I recognized the alley as being about a block from Madison. I was deposited onto the ground and kicked several times. I managed to see that I was hit by a metal pipe earlier, which seems to be the weapon of choice now. "I was just thinkin’ what it would be like not having you around, Walker. I won’t have anyone to hate." J smiled. "Wanna beg for us to let ya go, Pig?" she said looking at the wooden rod she was twirling between her fingers. I didn’t answer. I doubt I had the wind to answer. "Ahhh come on, Zena." She used my first name for the first time. I cradled my aching ribs. Every breath was hard. GABBY!!!


I sat up, almost falling off the couch. "Zena?" I whispered for a reason I didn’t quite understand. I lept up and threw on my S.M.P.D. jacket over my Laker’s jersey, slipping my Nike’s back on. I unholstered my gun, putting it into my waistband of my loose carpenter jeans. "What the hell am I doing?" I didn’t have a clue as to where I was going. I just knew I had to get there. I wrapped Megan up in several blankets, grabbing her Winnie the Pooh toy. I darted across the lawn and banged on their door. Cameron answered. "Cammy you gotta watch Megan for me. I gotta do something." I said all in two seconds. She instantly held out her hands for my daughter. "Here’s the spare key to the house." I didn’t even let her answer before I took for in a full run for the jeep.


That was the third hit I took from the ‘club-like’ stick J was wielding. The last one was to the head and almost knocked me unconscious. "I’m going to kill you Zena." she chuckled. "I just wanna know what you’re thinking right now." I spat out the blood that once again pooled in my mouth. 

"You’ll have to....keep....wondering." I said shakily, barely able to spit out the words. 

"Hard ass till the end huh?"



Part 4

I didn’t want to die. I knew that much, but it seems J has other ideas. "You’ll be happy to know Walker, that we are going to kill that dumb ass niece of mine right after we get through with you." They all raised what object they had in their hand. "That pretty little kid of yours would make a good Hell Cat some day. 

"No." I said with all the strength I had, it came out a soft uttering. "Leave...her...alone." I hissed through the pain.  

"Which one Walker?" she chuckled. "That punk ass little shit thinks she can switch sides and get away with it? I don’t think so, Zena and its all your fault." I received another hit. I heard the cracking of bone. "If you had left her alone, you wouldn’t be in this situation. I bet your sorry now you ever ‘looked’ at her." 

"Never." Another hit. "Ahhhhhh!!!" This one to the knee.  

"You don’t seem to be getting me, Walker." She was beginning to get even more upset.  

"You are NEVER gonna see that kid walk, see that kid grow. I know that’s gotta be tearing you up, right?" Of course it was, but I wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction. 

"If your....gonna....kill me...do it."  

"Oh we’re going to. Believe me." I was hit again in the head.


I had turned on Ze’s scanner in the jeep and was able to find a crowd of cops on Madison. Zena’s gonna kill me for showing up. I moved through, flashing my badge when I was stopped. I moved to the first cop I recognized, Burns. "Burns, where’s Zena?" 

"We don’t know." he said quietly.  

"You don’t know!!!" He pointed to a cruiser, which I knew was Ze’s. 

"She radioed for back up, but when got here, she was gone. We’ve been trying to raise her on her radio, but she isn’t responding." I moved over and looked into the car. Nothing was unusual. The keys were still in the ignition. He tapped me on the shoulder and pointed over to the right. My heart stopped. Ze’s beretta was lying on the pavement.  

"Do you have a cell phone?" 

"Uhhh no. Steve does." he gestured. 

"Can you ask if I can borrow it?" 

"Sure." He jogged over and got the phone for me. "What are you gonna do?" I didn’t answer. I moved to the gun and looked around.


Straining my eyes, I saw a drop of blood. I headed in the direction it was from the gun. There were definite signs of footprints going in this direction. Burns followed wordlessly behind me. Once I seemed to have lost any evidence as to which way they went, I dialed Ze’s pager number and listened. I heard a soft noise of running, then it became clearer. Suddenly three girls, wearing Hell Cat rags ran right into us. I ran in the direction that they came from.  

"Zena?" I called, getting no answer. I walked past a fence and I was jerked backwards. I turned, thinking it was Burns, but saw no one. Go Back. I carefully began my trek back when I saw something. "Damn it." I cursed realizing I hadn’t brought a flashlight. When I was close enough to make out it was a person, my knees nearly buckled. I knew this wasn’t a passed out drunk. I knew his wasn’t a homeless person. It was my baby. "Zena?"  

I started to cry as I carefully made my way to her. She was on her back. She had been beaten, badly. "Baby?" I dropped to my knees and felt for her pulse on her neck. She jerked as soon as my fingers touched her skin. "Zena." I said relieved. 

"Gabby?" she breathed.  

"Shhhhhh. Don’t move. I’m here." I saw the hint of a smile on her face before she opened her eyes. Her left eye was completely bloodshot. This was not good.  

"I’m gettinggg.....your jerrrssseyy all bloody." 

"Its okay. I’ll make you by me a new one. BURNS!" No answer. "He knows I’m here somewhere." Ze turned her head and looked at me. 

"Hold me." she whispered. I wiped my wet face with my hand. 

"You might have a broken back or something." Do It.  

"Please." I reached under her head and sat, cradling her head in my hands. "My heart." she breathed. 


"My heart......it hurts." By the way she was trying to catch her breath, she meant it physically not emotionally.  

"Your gonna be okay, Ze." 


"No." I said sternly. "You are NOT dying. Your gonna be fine." A trickle of blood ran down from the corner of her mouth. I wiped it off with my hand. "Who did this to you?" 

"J." Oh gods no. This is all my fault. "Gabbbbbbyyyy." 


"Tell her about me." 



"No. Now you listen to me, you are not going anywhere. Do you hear me?" I looked up.  


"Yeah?" I heard.  

"I found her!" 

"How is she?"  


"I’ll get an ambulance." 

I turned my attention back to Zena. I stroked her cheek, avoiding the cuts. "Tell her how much I loved her." My resolve weakened and the dam burst. My heart was torn from my chest and stomped on.  

"I will. I promise." I whispered. I rocked her gently. I heard the beginnings of a siren in the distance, but I knew it wouldn’t do any good. 

"I love you, Gabrielle." Her eyes began to cloud over.  

"I love you. Always."  

"Don’t let J win."  

"I’ll get her if its the last thing I do." I wiped my eyes again. 

"Gods it hurts." she winced. I soothed her the best I could. "Gabby." 

"Yes Baby?" 

"Take my pendant and ring. I don’t......trust the....hospital with...them."  

"I will." 

"Keep the ring......I’ll wait for you."

"Don’t go, Zena." Another set of tears rolled down my cheeks. "Zena?" For a split second, I thought she stopped breathing. I heard the sound of feet. I looked up to see Ze’s captain and Burns.

"Oh god." He dropped to his knees next to me. "Zena," he was firmly. Her eyes opened. "Damn it, Walker. You hang on...Who did this to you?" She coughed. Several more officers gathered nearby.

"J." She coughed again, causing more blood to seep from her mouth.

"DAVIS!" He turned around. Davis jogged up to us. "GET Janet Dasson! I want that bitch’s head on a stick! GO! Grab every Hell Cat you see!"

"Yes sir." He jogged away taking several men with him.

The ambulance arrived. I was the only one allowed to go with her. I watch as they stuck her with needles, cut her shirt open and placed several monitoring devices on her chest. I watched the heart monitor. Her heartbeat low. I could tell by the slow beep.

"Is she allergic to any medication?" I shook my head no. I closed my eyes and sobbed as I heard the noise signaling a flat line. I felt it in my entire body when she went still. I knew Ze was gone and there was absolutely nothing that would bring her back.


The hardest thing I had to do was remove that pendant from around her neck. It had not been off her body since the day I gave it to her. Now I hold the freshly cleaned star in my hand. I had to wipe several drops of blood off of it. The more I thought about it, the madder I became. Oh yeah. I’ll get J alright. This time for good.  

They let me see her one last time. Tubes now in her arms where they tried in vain to bring her back. I stroked her hair, not saying goodbye, just ‘See you in a little while.’ "Love you, Ze." I kissed her and tried my best to walk away without looking back.  

Anyone who dared step in my way was a fool, a dead fool. My jeans and shirt, stained with my wife’s blood. My mind left me when Ze left. I knew I wouldn’t exist without her. My only problem with joining her was Megan. The only person Ze loved as much as me. I walked to the door of the house and went in. I dropped my keys, not caring where they landed. I began to remove my clothes, dropping them haphazardly on the floor as I walked a straight path to the bathroom.  

I turned on the shower, as cold as I could get it. I didn’t want comfort. I ducked my head and stood, letting the water run over my head and body.

I felt strong arms come around. "What are you doing in here?" I smiled as I continued to lather my body. She answered by kissing me on the neck and latching her mouth there.

"Ohhhhh gods, Ze. That feels good." She turned me around to face the back of the shower. Her back shielded me from the majority of the water. Her hands slid easily down through the soap that was still on my stomach. Now those fingers found the one place I wanted them to be. I groaned loudly as she pressed rhythmically into me from behind. I reached a climax in almost no time. Ze’s arms returned to my waist, encircling me, keeping me safe.

"SHIT!" She jumped to the side. "That’s cold." she smiled.

We had to rinse off in freezing water. I shut off the water and stepped out. Sometimes after a hard night, Ze would put a towel in the dryer and be waiting when I stepped out and would wrap the warmth around me, along with her arms. Not anymore. Those little things made my heart ache with love. 

I treaded to the bedroom and slipped one of Ze’s t-shirts and a pair of her boxers. I climbed into bed. Curling up in a fetal position, I began to cry. Ze is gone. Ares was in the room. He jumped up onto the bed and laid down next to me. He knew something wasn’t right. I reached over and rubbed his head. The T-shirt had the scent of Zena still in it. Now I will have to hope her clothes stay that way. I felt my eyes drifting shut on their own accord. 

I awoke to a sharp knocking on my door. I ignored it. Ares lifted his head, but returned to his position as well. Now I knew I was in no danger. "Gabby?" I heard a call from the living room. It was Jenny’s voice. She carefully stuck her head into the doorway. "There ya are. When you didn’t come for Megan, I got worried. Everything okay?" Then she took in my red, puffy eyes. "Gabby what’s wrong?" I cleared my throat. 

"Can you keep Megan for a little while?" I asked in a gruff voice. 

"Sure. No problem. Gabby you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?" 

"Zena’s dead." The admission brought new tears to my already wet eyes. She gasped in surprise. 

"Oh no." I heard her begin to cry as well. "Oh gods no." she whispered as she put her arms around me. She rocked me gently until she was able to form a complete sentence again. "What happened?" 

"She was....beaten to death....by...." 




Cammy was just as devastated as Jenny upon hearing the news. They ‘moved themselves in’ when they decided I shouldn’t be left alone. They’re right I shouldn’t be alone. I didn’t even trust the frame of mind I was in. Randy caught hold of the news from our boss and immediately came over, but I wasn’t much company.  

I received a phone call from the commissioner. He said if it was all right with me, they were going to give Zena a police procession funeral. I couldn’t deny my love that. I agreed. Zena was a cop through and through. She was not just a cop. She was my friend. I shudder to think what my life would be like if I had never met her. Simple, I would have no life. I would be another wasted youth statistic that the city would shake their head at. I owe her so much. I owe her justice. I want to do something that CRASH was never able to do, bring Janet ‘Big J’ Dasson into a court room and make it stick.  

They had a case. She killed a police officer, one offense they love to throw the book at you for. If J was brought in, she’d easily get life with no chance of parole. With Big J gone, the Hell Cats would not be as fierce an enemy.


I knew I had to go to Precinct 12 and get Zena’s stuff, mostly from her locker. She had only one personal item on her desk. The second I went into the building, I felt eyes on me. I heard quiet ‘Hi Gabby’s and a few ‘Hang in there’s It wasn’t rough until I entered Crash. Everyone I passed stopped working and looked at me. The captain jumped into my path. Once stopped, I was surrounded. "How are you doing, Sweetheart?"

"Okay." I managed to say.


"I just came...." I turned around and picked up the picture off of her desk. It was the picture of us at the zoo. In the corner of the frame was a wallet sized picture of me holding up Megan. "to get this." I saw the tears in their eyes, but mine are gone now. I reached down and picked up the gold nameplate on her desk. Sergeant Zena D. Walker "Can I keep this?" I asked.

"You can take whatever you want, Hon." he said sincerely.

"Thanks....You lost Big J. Didn’t you?" They all hung their heads. I know they felt like they let Zena down. I know the feeling too well.

"Yes, but we’ll get her." I watched as they nodded. "We’ll promise you that, Gabby."

"I’ll get her myself. She’s not going to get away with killing my wife."

"You’re right. She won’t."


I was surprised. Very surprised. Over 300 police personnel were in Ze’s funeral procession. A grave site service was the way they did things. Funny....I never even knew where her dad was buried until I had to put Zena next to him. They had the firing of the rifles, everything. Two men folded the American flag that was draped on her coffin and presented it to me. This is the way I wanted Ze to go. Everyone she worked with was there. A few close people I worked with were there. Randy stayed by my side the entire service, holding my hand. I guess I need to consider him my best friend now. I opted for Megan to stay home. I couldn’t face my daughter right now. Knowing I will have to raise her alone is a cold thought.


It took two more days before I had the courage to hold and play with my daughter alone. Talking to her, but knowing there was no way she would understand what I was trying to tell her. Randy knew of my plans for J. Of course she disappeared into the woodwork, but I can find her and I will. "I have to do this for Mommy, Megan. She loved you very much. Just like I do, but I have to do this. Its the right thing to do." I rocked her as she slurped her bottle. I was praying that this wasn’t the last time I would hold her. I placed her back into her bed. Looking around, Cammy and Jenny were in the next room.  

The way I was dressed would tip them off that I was going out tonight. I dressed in my black Cargo jeans and Ze’s black hooded sweatshirt. I opened the bureau drawer carefully, pulling out Ze’s beretta, which was just returned to me this morning. I loaded the clip in as noiselessly as I could. I lifted the sweatshirt and tucked her gun into the back of my jeans. I walked to the table next to the couch and put my nine millimeter into the crotch of my jeans. I carefully moved to the door and slipped out. I started the jeep. The dock.

I knew this to be one of J’s ‘hideouts’. I observed the building. There were several people milling around. Yep. She’s there. I picked up my radio. "Unit 34." 

"Gabby? Is that you?" 

"Yeah, Randy. J is in 123 West Dock. Get me some backup." 

"Whoa Gabby. Hold it. Don’t do anything until I get there....Gabby?....Gabby?" I had dropped the radio. I was the one that was gonna nab J.


I recognized the woman outside of the door. It was one of Tate’s friends. I slipped the hood on, I approached. "Who the fu..." My fist connected perfectly, knocking her unconscious.  

"One down." I whispered. I pulled Ze’s gun out of my jeans. Taking a deep breath and opened the door. At the academy you are taught to access a situation quickly. Jag and Panther in one corner, Sleepy was sitting next to J. No one was behind me, good. I fired several shoots in various directions before pointing it at my aunt.  

"Who the hell are you?" she asked, raising her hands when I gestured with the gun. Using my free hand, I tugged off the hood, revealing my face.  

"Your worst nightmare. Who the fuck do you think it is?" I spat. She was surprised. "You think you can kill my wife and get away with it, I think not Aunt Jane?" 

"Kill? What are you talking about?" she said nervously as I approached. I pulled out my nine and pulled the hammer back. I was now sporting two guns, one in each hand. One pointed at her comrades and Ze’s at her.  

"You know damn well what I’m talking about. Zena told me it was you. So don’t try to deny it you crazy bitch." I moved closer. 

"Wait. Wait, Little G. We roughed her up a bit, but she was alive. I swear." 

"I can’t figure something out, Big J. Why did you feel like such a big dick and threaten Zena, but with me you tremble like your gonna piss in your pants?" I smiled. "I’ll tell you why. I’m crazy and you know it. I’ll kill you in a blink of an eye. You treated me like shit when I was little. It was Lila you liked and you got my baby sister killed for it, too. I never liked you and you know it." I acted like I was gonna pull the trigger, but I didn’t. "You ain’t shit, J." I smiled.  

"Neither are you. Go ahead. Pull the trigger. You think it’ll make your bitch come back?" 

"No it won’t, but you call her that one more time and your blood’s gonna make a beautiful splatter on this couch."  

"Before you come with me J, I want you to know something. You killed my wife, my friend, my heart and I’ll be damned if you are gonna get away with it. You beat her and left her to die like a dog." My anger was building. The only thing to keep me from pulling the trigger was Zena. "Death is too good for you. I want you to spend the rest of your life in prison, where you can’t deal your way out of trouble." 

The Hell Cats will eventually dissipate because of J’s leadership style. No one knew of her plans, shipments, dealings, but her. No member, not even Sleepy or Panther would know a thing about keeping her operation going. "Get up." I motioned. She didn’t move. The hair on the back of my neck did. I felt a hand in my hair. 

"Adios, Little G." *Pop* I turned around to see......Boa. Everyone was staring at me opened mouthed. I reached behind my head, blood. I raised Ze’s beretta and fired two rounds in J’s direction. I dropped heavily onto the floor......One way or another. I kept my promise. 


"Gabby." I lifted my head from Ze’s chest. It had been an incredible honeymoon. I knew it was gonna be over soon. "Can I ask you something?" 


"I know this sounds...stupid, but we never have talked about this before...but I know you weren’t a virgin the first time we made love..." 

"You wanna know about my..history right?" 

"Yeah." she sighed in relief.

"Gabby!!!" Randy hovered over his fallen partner. She was lying face down on the floor.

"Oh gods." he commented upon seeing the bullet wound to the head. He felt and found no pulse. "Not you too. Gabby no!" Pushing down his emotions, he began chest compressions.

"I slept with Jag. She’s a gang member. I was so....confused about myself that I did it as an experiment I guess. She was high on crack at the time." 

"Is that it?" 

"Yeah. Your turn." 

"I uhhh thought I was in love with a woman I went to high school with. After the senior prom, she came over to my house and we.....Well we broke up about two months later. Then I met this woman from S.W.A.T. She taught me a lot about special weapons and she and I slept together. I haven’t seen her since that night." 

"Seems we do have a history." 

"Gabby..." she pulled my chin up, so I looked directly into her eyes. "Past history doesn’t matter. I wanna make a new future with you, now. I want to spend my life with you and I hope I will never disappoint you." 

"You won’t." I smiled. "I won’t let you." 

It was a futile effort after ten minutes, but he kept going until the paramedics took over. He had no choice. After they picked up his partner and left, he looked around the room. He saw the men with ‘CORONER’ written on their jackets, place the body of Janet Dasson onto a stretcher. He didn’t know how to feel. Half said. ‘Ding Dong the bitch is dead’, but the sad part wished that she were alive so his friends would be. "I’ll miss you guys." he said to no one in particular in the room. 

"Even in death Gabrielle, I will never leave you." 




Waiting, waiting, waiting. I sat at the mouth of a river. Not wanting to move despite Xena’s promise she will come. I’m afraid if I move, she won’t. They have since left me be. I looked over for the hundredth time to the meadow behind me. I looked again. "Hey, Stretch." 

"GABBY!" I jumped to feet and she ran to me. Time had no meaning here. To me it felt like hours, but I had no idea. "How long?" I said over her shoulder, squeezing her tightly. 

"Four days." I suddenly let go and looked into her eyes.  

"Fours days?" I asked exasperated. "Why?...Who?....What happened?" 

"Boa." she said quietly. "I tried to bring J in just like I promised, but...." 

"Oh baby. I’m so sorry." I whispered. "Its all my fault." 

"No, Ze. I chose to go." 

"And Megan?" She sighed. 

"With Jenny and Cammy. They’ll take good care of her. I’m sure." I simply nodded.  

"I love you, Gabby." 

"I love you, too."


Xena and Gabrielle invited us to stay with them. Where else are we going to go? I laid down next to the fire with Gabby and just held her. Xena and Gabrielle were across from us. I knew Gabby was upset. "I missed you so much." she sniffed. I reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes. "I failed you and Megan, but I couldn’t live without you...I’m a murderer."

"No your not. How many people has your aunt hurt?"

"Too many." she said quietly.

"Think of all the people you saved, Baby. If Big J continued to go on, she would have hurt more.

"Greater good." we heard from across the fire. It was Xena. It made sense. I sighed heavily and smiled at the fresh air that invaded my lungs. No more smog for us.

"Look." I pointed up. "You can see the stars." Gabby looked up with me.

"You have never seen stars?" Gabrielle asked.

"Well, not this good. The lights of the city block them out."

"I don’t care what you say, Gabrielle. That is not a bear, it is a dipper."

"It is not, Xena." I grinned at both of them.

"Actually, your both right." I think I’m going to like eternity.




I heard from my mothers all my life about my real mothers. I have photos and stories. When I look at the one I was told was Zena’s favorite I think, ‘They are as different as night and day.’ Then I am reminded of the fact, Night and Day are never seen together, but they can not exist without each other. On my tenth birthday, I was given a choice. A choice that would alter the way I see them. My mom asked me whether I wanted to remain a Walker or become a Thomas, or a Manning. My mothers never changed their names when they married. 

What followed were stories of how Mama was found by Mother one day when she was working. How they loved each other. How they loved me. How heroic they were in spirit. I am turning eighteen today and I am proud to say I am Megan Allisa Walker. Today I received a gift, a chain with two identical stars on it. Only the inscriptions on the back differ. I knew what they were and knew what they signified, but never saw them before. My family comes from a proud line. But its sad really that have three American flags, three shields, and three loving people that I won’t meet until it is my time. I thought seriously about becoming a police officer, but it is a lot more dangerous now than it was back then, believe it or not. I know that when it is my time, I have family waiting for me in the form of my real mothers and my adopted ones. I am not scared.



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