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Romantic love between consenting adult women


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Continued from The Way of Treachery.

The Way of Destiny





"ÖThere are four people back there whose destinies are to save the world. What of yours?"

When Wolf awoke, she quickly sat up and looked around. The Healerís hut was gone. She was assaulted by the scents and sounds of a forest. Wolf cocked her head to listen to the woodland alive in the bright of day. The memory of a dream was replaced by the more recent ones of earlier that day. Looking down, she saw that the arrows had been removed from her chest and a dressing was bound tightly over the wounds. With a wince of pain, she stood unsteadily to her feet.

"Have I crossed over?" she questioned softly.

"No, not yet."

Wolf turned to see Artemis stepping from the forest. "Goddess," Wolf greeted as she bowed slowly to a knee.

"Rise, Little One. Walk with me."

Nodding, the demi-god stood and fell into step with the goddess. She was grateful that Artemis was showing deference for her slow gait.

"My Chosen did well today," Artemis said after a few minutes of silence. "She would have died, though, if you had not taken that arrow meant for her."

"I took an oath to her," Wolf replied. "I didnít even think before I did that. Although I had been planning on catching it."

"Your mortal blood flaws you, Wolf, which is why you are lying in Naglaís hut while your life-force drains from you."

"So I am dying," the demi-god whispered.

"You will be dead within the hour."

"How am I here with you, then?"

"Your spirit is between realms right now. This place is one of my Sacred Forests. It is neither on the plane of mortals, nor within the reach of Death."

"If just my spirit is here, then why does my chest feel like someoneís gouging hot pokers into it?"

Artemis looked sideways to Wolf and smiled. "Because in your mind, you know that you have been injured and you carried your wounds with you to this place."

"Silly me," Wolf muttered with another wince.

"Actually, I brought you here for a reason, Wolf," Artemis explained as she stopped to watch a doe and two fawns cross the path in front of them. "I have a proposition to make to you." When the demi-godís brows rose in question, the goddess continued. "It is, of course, totally up to you whether you accept."

Unsure whether she should be wary, Wolf pinched at her bottom lip in thought. "Whatís the proposition?"

Pointing to a small boulder, Artemis indicated for Wolf to sit. "I am going to be honest with you, since either way, it does not matter. You will either end up on the Other Side or you will accept my offer and the details will be a necessary knowledge." The Goddess sat down next to Wolf and frowned. "There is great turbulence on Olympus right now. Ares and Athena made a foolish bet and now the mortals have this war ravaging their lives. Most of the gods have taken sides. They argue among themselves about who the victor will be. What they do not understand is that mortals have no need of us in the Afterlife. The longer this war rages and the more mortals that die, the less we gods will be necessary. We will quietly fade into myth."

"I would think that the gods would enjoy a rest after eons of mortal voices calling out to them."

Artemisí wry grin was visible for only an instant. "Some gods thrive on the attention. I myself only need my Amazons. I never was one to interrupt much."

"And now?"

"Now," Artemis sighed, "I can see the end of the gods of Olympus. Not that we are going pass into oblivion, but we will be replaced by the gods of those that conquer whomever is left after this war." The goddess turned to study the demi-god. "While I may be displaced, I will not abandon my Daughters, especially my Chosen and her Consort."

"So where do I fit in?" Wolf asked with a frown of confusion.

"I saw Gabrielle as my Chosen before she was born. It is not easy to manipulate the Fates, I should say."

"You led Xena to her?"

"In a roundabout way, yes," Artemis admitted. "She needed Xena to help shape her into the queen that she is today. The two of them have been linked since timeís beginning, and will be so until timeís end. She and her daughter will be strong queens that the Nation will need in this trying time. And even after that, Gabrielle and Xena's destinies will always be to better the world." The goddess looked at Wolf expectantly. "That is where you come in."

"Iím sorry, Artemis," Wolf interrupted with a sigh. "Iím still not following you. I think I hit my head before I passed out."

"I once asked you what your destiny was."

Wolf nodded as fragments of the dream came back to her. "I remember. Before we fought Dahok, you came to me on the beach."

"And do you know what your destiny is now?"

"I guard Gabrielle," Wolf answered simply. "I try to keep her safe. Thatís the path I have chosen in life."

Artemis nodded. "Aside from your flight to Amphipolis," she began with displeasure that changed to satisfaction, "you have placed the well-being of my Chosen above your own."

"I thought I had good reasons for that, Artemis," the demi-god replied defensively, referring to her running away from the Nation. "But now, she is my duty and it is my honor to serve her. I canít see myself doing anything else."

"Your honor," the goddess repeated quietly. "I have waited a long time for someone like you to come along, Wolf."

Forgetting all sense of propriety, Wolf asked, "Are we getting to the point now? I donít know how much longer I can stay upright here."

Flashing the demi-god an amused smirk, Artemis chuckled. "Yes, I have waited a long time." The goddess stood once more and clearly laid out the proposition. "I have a stake in the bloodlines of the Chosen and her Consort, as well as their souls, which will travel the strands of the Fates for a long time to come. They are mine now and I will not tolerate any other gods or mortals tampering with their destinies. Sometimes, their meetings will be simple and the path easily traveled. Other times, it will be full of hardship. I cannot take the risk that they might fail to connect with each other for whatever reason."

"But I thought you said that their lives are intertwined," Wolf pointed out. "If that is so, how can they fail to connect?"

Artemis shook her head. "I am not the only one that has interests in them."

"You mean Ares?"

"He would love nothing more than to see Gabrielle out of Xena's life. Without a balance from my Chosen, Xena would walk a fine line between the warrior and the warlord. And a permanent slip towards warlord could have devastating results on the world. But Ares is not the only one that will try to come between them. There are others that would take great pleasure in keeping them apart."

"So your motivation is the preservation of yourself and the good of mankind?" Wolf tried to stifle a snort and failed. She winced, as a bolt of fire seemed to pierce through her wounds.

"I suppose it is somewhat hypocritical, charity and vanity," the goddess conceded. "But my question to you is, if given the chance, by your honor would you rather die or live to continue serving my Chosen?"

Wolf narrowed her eyes with suspicion. She had heard enough from Gabrielle to know that one never took anything at face value when the gods presented it. "Iím sure there are strings attached. There always are," she commented.

Artemis spread her arms out from her sides with her palms up. "It is simple, really. You would become my Guardian of the Blood. You would watch out for the Chosen and her bloodline."

Still not ready to consider the offer without doubts, Wolf raised an eyebrow. "And?"

"As you would be mine, you would have to forsake the godís blood that already runs through your veins. You will be mine and not Dahokís."

"What? You can remove hisÖ my evil?"

"You are not evil, Wolf. We have already covered that. I mean the gift he has given to you."

"The Dragon."

"Yes," Artemis replied, crossing her arms. "If you are going to be mine, you will carry my gift, not his."

Curiosity piqued, Wolf asked, "What would be your gift?"

"Immortality, of course. I had been saving some ambrosia for a time like this. But unfortunately, that was destroyed. However, since you are already half god, it would not take much." Reaching into a pouch at her belt, the goddess pulled out a small bottle and showed it to Wolf. "Straight from the table of Zeus. He will not miss just a pinch."

"Donít let him hear that," Wolf advised as her voice began to tremble.

"I told you, we are between realities. He could not find me even if he did know."

"Thatís a bit arrogant, donít you think?" Wolf asked in a shallow voice as she felt a cold sweat break out over her body. She doubled over when the pain in her chest became too much to bear. She exhaled slowly as the wave of agony passed. "So if I accepted your gift of immortality, what exactly do I have to do?"

"Keep them safe as much as you can. Make sure that they find each other in their times. Once their threads have joined, you can move on to the next couple."

"I think Iím on the path to insanity already," Wolf mumbled. "And how long will I have to do that? If theyíre supposed to meet until the end of time, thatís a long tour of duty."

"Is my Chosen not your destiny?"

Wolf gritted her teeth against another wave of pain. They were getting worse the longer she stayed with Artemis. "Iíve already told you that she is," Wolf groaned.

Artemis laid a hand upon the demi-godís shoulder. "You are dying, Wolf," she explained. "Death is already on her way to guide you over to the Other Side. You donít have much time." The goddess then kneeled before Wolf and gripped her arms urgently. "Think about it now. Would your honor let you walk out on her again if you had the chance to remain?"

"No," the demi-god gasped, as she remained upright only by the strength of Artemisí hold on her.

"Will you be my Guardian of the Blood?"

Darkness began to slowly close in on Wolf. She blinked her eyes to keep it at bay, but it was relentless. She thought of Gabrielle and Xena. She thought of her own children. She thought of the specter of her fatherís blood, which she had always resented.

"Answer me, Wolf!"

"Yes," the demi-god finally answered brokenly as her head limply rolled back onto her shoulders. She felt Artemis pull her into an embrace. Her body felt like liquid fire, as if she were melting into a puddle; she was being consumed by pain. As insistent fingers forced her mouth open, she took a deep breath. Then, the wounds on her chest exploded in a blinding white light.

She screamed when the pain far surpassed her endurance.


Her own scream was still echoing in her ears when Wolf jumped up off the cot. Frantically, she tore at the dressing over her wounds. Once she had them off, she studied her chest, expecting the arrow wounds to have consumed her. A memory of the intense pain flashed through her mind and she laid her hand over the healed wounds; all that remained was a scar.

Finally realizing what had happened, she looked around the Healerís hut to find everyone staring at her with mouths agape. It was then that she heard the commotion in the square. A scuffle had broken out, from the sounds of it, and she rushed to see what was going on.

She moved quickly through the throng until she stood inside the Queenís circle. Again, she found herself the center of attention. Even Phelisya, who had taken advantage of the confusion to struggle with her guards, had stilled.

Gabrielle pushed her mask up on top of her head. Her eyes grew wide in disbelief. "It canít be," she whispered.

Instinctively, Xena moved in front of Gabrielle to shield her from any harm, but the Queen pushed her aside to approach Wolf.

"You were dying," she said as she reached out to touch the scar on the immortalís chest. The scar was a perfect circle encompassing a crescent.

"Long story," Wolf explained before noticing the renegade Amazon, who had regained her feet. "Excuse me," she said as she charged Phelisya.

The guards keeping hold of the renegadeís arms let go. Phelisya had the air knocked out of her when Wolf tackled her to the ground.

Splitting the renegadeís lip open with a right hook, the immortal growled. "That is for trying to kill the Queen." Another punch broke the cartilage in Phelisyaís nose. "That was for killing me."


Wolf looked up at Gabrielle from where she was straddling a dazed Phelisya. "What?"

"Did you die? How can you be here? What in Tartarus is going on?"

Wolf glanced at the dagger that Gabrielle still held before regaining her feet; she understood its purpose. "Did I interrupt something?"

"Understatement," Xena muttered, as Wolf proved to be an effective anti-climax to Phelisyaís punishment.

"Answer my questions," Gabrielle demanded, still not believing her eyes.

"I didnít quite dieÖ not all the way, at least." Wolf remembered Artemisí deal and was about to explain to Gabrielle, but a calm voice interjected.

Aratha stepped out of the crowd of Amazons and approached the Queen. Bowing her head respectfully, she pointed to the scar on Wolfís chest. "She carries the mark of Artemis, my Queen. She has been blessed and favored by the goddess. Artemis has stolen her from the arms of Death and returned her to us."

"Why?" Gabrielle asked, still not ready to accept the lack of information.

"My Queen," Wolf began as she held her hands out to show Xena that she was no threat. She approached Gabrielle and dropped to her knees, tilting her head to look up at Gabrielle. "She sent me back because of you. I am to be your Guardian, just as I have always been." Wolfís eyes remained on Gabrielleís, even as she sensed the bard raising the dagger. With a soft exhalation, she was relieved when the Queen merely sheathed the weapon.

"Rise, Wolf," Gabrielle ordered.

When the immortal regained her feet, she was pulled into a crushing embrace.

"When are you going to realize that I donít like it when you leave me?" Gabrielle asked as her eyes swelled with tears. "That was a stupid thing you did."

Wolf shook her head solemnly. "No, it was the right thing to do. You are the Amazon Queen. You are the Nation. My life is yours. And yours is invaluable to our people."

"No, Wolf," Gabrielle argued. "Iím just like everyone else."

Smiling at the Queen, Wolf again shook her head. "No, you arenít, Gabrielle," she whispered for the Queenís ears only. "You are our survival." When no more contention was forthcoming, Wolf stepped back and faced the crowd. "Now that Iím feeling up to it," she shouted to be heard, "I challenge Phelisya. It is my right since Iím the one that was hit with that arrow she ordered to be shot."

"Wolf," Gabrielle began impatiently as she grabbed the immortalís arm, "This is my duty, recant your challenge."

"You donít need to do this, Gabrielle. I can take this out of your hands."

The Queenís eyes bore into Wolfís. "Iíve already passed judgment and it is time to deliver the sentence." For a moment, Gabrielleís features softened with understanding. "I have to do this myself."

Recognizing the determination in Gabrielleís eyes, Wolf conceded to the Queen. "Iím sorry, Gabrielle. I hadnít realized." She took a step back and crossed her arms over her chest, realizing belatedly that she was topless. She watched Phelisya carefully as Gabrielle approached the renegade once more. Her keen hearing heard the Queenís soft words.

"I wish things could have ended differently, Phelisya," Gabrielle stated quietly. Nodding to the guards to tighten their hold on the traitor, Gabrielle refused to flinch under the hateful glare of the warrior who had not spoken at all during the judgment. "Do you have any last words?" Gabrielle asked.

Again, Phelisya spit upon the Queen and swore. "Go to Tartarus."

Gabrielle closed her eyes as she lowered her mask back into place. "I hope Hades shows mercy on your soul."

Collective murmurs ran through the crowd when Gabrielle unsheathed her dagger and concluded her judgment. When it was over, the guards released their grasp on the renegade and let her fall to the dirt.

"Take her from the Nation. She will have no Amazon pyre," the Queen ordered as she handed the dagger to Xena and walked stiffly back to her hut.

Xena and Wolf turned to watch Gabrielle duck back into the Queenís hut. The Consort turned to Wolf and studied her intently. "So do you plan on giving me the rest of the story?" she asked. "The gods do nothing from the good of their hearts."

"Later," Wolf replied as her fingers absently traced the scar on her chest. "After you see to Gabrielle and things settle down a little, Iíll tell you both. Right now, I need to get my things from Naglaís. Iím beginning to feel like a roasted boar at a feast with all the battlelust running rampant around here."

Xena looked over Wolfís head at the warriors that were slowly walking off in couples and small groups. "Come back to our hut when youíre finished. Gabrielle will appreciate you being there."

"Donít you two want to be alone?"

"Nah," Xena answered with a sad look. "Today has been a day of too many big firsts for Gabrielle. Sheís going to need time to get back to herself."

"What about the children?"

"Theyíre at the Caretakersí Hut. Theli and the others are going to keep them all for the night. No one is fit to watch after their children right now." With a small shove, Xena started Wolf in the direction of the Healerís Hut. "Hurry up and get what you need to get. Iím going to Gabrielle."

With a smart salute, Wolf followed her former commanderís orders. She was about to jog to Naglaís, but refrained. There were still too many warriors milling about in the square and it would not do her any good to entice them down a path that had a dead end. Instead, she walked slowly with her arms crossed over her chest.

When she stepped back into the Healerís Hut, she located her armor and weapons. Clutching the armor to her chest, she slung her swords over her shoulder. A blushing Rhena, who held a basket out to her, brought her up short.

"Hereís the rest of them," she said with awe for the woman who had practically bounced away from Deathís embrace.

Wolf smiled crookedly and thanked the apprentice. She spared a glance to the cot that was covered with her blood. Suppressing a shudder, she left the hut and made her way to the Queenís.

Knocking discretely on the doorframe, she entered to find Xena aiding Gabrielle, who was hunched over the chamberpot. Dropping her gear just inside the door, she rushed over to them. "Is she all right?"

"Sheís just sick," Xena replied as Gabrielle retched again. "Itíll be better," the Consort said softly as she rubbed Gabrielleís back.

Wolf went to retrieve the washbasin so that Gabrielle could splash some water on her face. When she saw the bloodied water, she frowned. Without a word, she left the hut to dump it outside. She returned a few minutes later with clean water. Taking a scrap of linen from the shelf above the basinís stand, she returned to Gabrielle. "Here, my Queen," she offered, "for your face." Dipping the cloth into the water and squeezing the excess out, she handed it to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looked at the linen then up into Wolfís eyes. Slowly, she took it from the immortalís hand and wiped it across her face.

"Rinse, Gabrielle," Xena prompted as she handed Gabrielle a waterskin.

Obediently, the Queen did as she was told; her eyes never left Wolfís.

Unprepared for the Queenís springing launch, Wolf fell back when Gabrielle grabbed her in another fervent embrace. On the way down, she cracked the back of her head on the bed frame and she cried out.

Gabrielle pulled back to see Wolf rubbing the back of her head; her smile was tremulous as she finally felt free enough to give her emotions free rein. Silent tears began to fall from her golden lashes and she sobbed just before smacking Wolfís arm. "I feel like Iím on a wild ride in Apolloís chariot with you sometimes," she cried as she wiped at her tears.

"What was I supposed to do, Gabrielle? Let Estra shoot you?"

"You werenít supposed to die on me."

"I didnít die," Wolf exclaimed as she sat up and took Gabrielleís hand. "See?"

Gabrielle let Wolf lead her fingers to the steady pulse in the immortalís neck. "I still donít understand why."

"Well, if itís all right with you, Iíd like to get up off the floor and get something strong to drink. Iíve had a really long day," Wolf said as she pushed herself up. "Get comfortable and strap yourself in," she said as she retrieved a wineskin and grabbed a chair by the table. "The ride is going to get even wilder."


"I understand that the ambrosia made you immortal and not a god because she just gave you a little bit. But why didnít Xena become immortal when I gave the ambrosia to her?"

Wolf narrowed her eyes at the Queen. It took a while for her brain to process Gabrielleís sluggish words.

"Because I was dead at the time, Gabrielle, and Wolf had a bit of a head start on me. One, she was already half goddess, and beta, she wasnít quite dead yet," Xena answered. She was a little more sober than the Queen and Guardian and had to repeatedly explain things to the both of them as the conversation grew longer into the small hours of the evening. They had already consumed two wineskins and were working on the sweet ale that Gabrielle kept in her Queenís Chambers at the Meeting Hut.

Gabrielle upended the skin of ale to only have the last drop fall upon her tongue. "I think we are going to need to send some Amazons to Corinth for more wine," she said as she dropped the skin forlornly into her lap. "Who would have thought that Amazons could go through so much wine after a battle."

"I think weíve all had enough for tonight, Gabrielle," Xena admonished as she took the wineskin from Gabrielle and tossed it on the floor with the other two.

"Weíre going to have to wash all the bedding tomorrow," the Queen mumbled as she rolled over to snuggle against Xena. "You and Wolf forgot to change before you got into bed."

"Weíll take care of it, love," Xena promised as she wrapped an arm around her wife. Closing her eyes, she tenderly kissed her bardís forehead. Looking over she found Wolf watching them with an unguarded wistfulness. Xena smiled softly. "Good night, Wolf."

The Guardian blinked drunkenly when she realized that she had been caught staring. She blushed as she rolled onto her back and gazed at the ceiling instead. "Night, Xena," she whispered.

Shortly afterwards, Xena was still awake. She was listening to the sounds of the other two women sleeping as she contemplated Wolfís story. As the hours crawled by, her suspicions grew deeper.

The next morning, Gabrielle woke with a dry mouth and the hammer of Hephaestus pounding in her skull. Opening her eyes a fraction, she slowly rolled her head to the side. She saw Wolf curled on her side, still asleep. Gabrielle studied the Guardianís face relaxed in slumber. Her experiences of the day before were not evident save for the vivid scar on her chest. As hard as Gabrielle tried to consider Wolfís new relationship to Artemis, she could not think past the throbbing of her head.

Gabrielle sighed when she heard Xena's voice outside of the hut. Assuming that she was talking to MíEru and Darlea, Gabrielle closed her eyes once more. She waited patiently for her Consort, regretting the wine she had consumed the previous night. She squeezed her eyes shut against the sudden brightness in the room that penetrated her eyelids.

Xena shook her head as she entered the hut. Seeing the pained look on Gabrielle's face, she approached the Queen. She deposited a mug on the table before sitting gently on the side of the bed. Tenderly, she brushed a stray lock of hair from her wifeís forehead. She smiled when the Queen looked up at her. "I stopped at Naglaís and got this for you," Xena said as she gave Gabrielle the other mug she had brought into the hut. "Drink it all down as quick as you can."

Gabrielle frowned and struggled to slowly sit. Once upright, she accepted the mug from Xena. With a deep breath, she raised the mug to her lips. Following directions, she drained it. She grimaced as she handed the empty mug back to Xena. "Gods, that is the most vile concoction. It tastes like goat poo."

"Youíll be glad for it when your hangover goes away." Xena reached out and took Gabrielle's hand to offer comfort.

Doubting the Consortís prediction, Gabrielle merely gave Xena a suffering look. She did have to admit to herself, however, that the hammer was pounding a little less insistently. "How long have you been up?" she asked as she leaned against the ornate headboard.

Xena shrugged as she saw that Wolf continued to sleep. "I went to feed Eponin at dawn."

"What time is it now?"

"Three marks past," Xena replied.

Managing a sardonic lift to her brow, Gabrielle asked, "What else have you been up to?"

"I checked the northern perimeter, made sure all the snares had already been tripped. Then I stopped over at Naglaís to see how things were going and to pick up your goat poo."

Gabrielle made a face for being reminded, but she smiled her gratitude for the relief. "Are the sentries up?"

"Theyíre on duty."

"And how are things at Naglaís?"

"She lost two overnight, but she wasnít counting on any more miracles, so it was expected."

Gabrielle closed her eyes in sadness. "How many did we lose overall?"

"Eighteen," Xena softly replied as she stroked Gabrielle's hand, which she was still holding. "We did better than expected, considering the Greek losses."

"Are there any Greeks left on the field?"

"Just one," Xena said. She was grateful that Gabrielle did not see the feral gleam of her smile. "Melaethenes wasnít claimed by any of his conscripts."

Gabrielle opened her eyes in surprise. "The conscripts took all the other Athenians with them?"

"There werenít any Athenians besides Melaethenes. Ephinyís already sent out another squad to check again."

"Where is Ephiny?"

"Sheís with Xenan, getting a late breakfast."

Gabrielle held up a hand for mercy. "I am not ready to hear about food just yet." She closed her eyes again and frowned. "I canít believe I got drunk last night. That was not me."

"Youíve been under a lot of stress lately, Gabrielle," Xena slowly answered after a momentís thought. "After the dust cleared yesterday, you just needed to let go for a while."

"Still," Gabrielle continued with a shake of her head. "It is my responsibility to lead this Nation, not hide in a wineskin when I start to fall apart."

"Gabrielle, Iím not going to say that you did or didnít do anything wrong, and neither is anyone else. Ephiny made sure that things were taken care of."

"Remind me to give Eph another vacation." Gabrielle opened her eyes to look at Xena silently. She was reminded of Wolf when the Guardian rolled onto her back. "What do you think about what happened to her?" she asked with a nod in Wolfís direction.

A flicker of distrust crossed Xena's features before she replied. "You know I donít trust any of the gods and their motivations, Gabrielle. I just donít know what to think about Wolf right now."

The Queen and Consort fell still as they thought about their friend who was now immortal.

A thick mumble cracked the silence between Xena and Gabrielle. "I am awake now, so feel free to share your feelings." Wolf raised a hand to cover her closed eyes. "And one of you had better feel as miserable as I do now."

Releasing Gabrielle's hand, Xena rose to retrieve the mug on the table. She returned to sit on the bed. Holding the mug out towards Wolf, she stated, "I got this from Naglaís. Drink it."

Wolf peeked through her fingers and scowled. "I thought that was the smell that woke me." She covered her nose and swallowed hard. "I think Iíd rather suffer my stupidity."

"Oh, no," Gabrielle exclaimed, "if I drink it, you drink it."

"I donít suppose that I can pout my way out of this."

"No," Xena responded. "I want you to ride with me today."

Wolf gingerly raised herself to a sitting position. Taking the mug from Xena, she stopped breathing long enough to gulp down the mixture. She gagged and shuddered, praying that it would stay down. When she was successful, she handed the mug back to Xena. Carefully, she leaned her head against the headboard and closed her eyes. "Where are we riding to?"

"Back to the river," Xena answered with a look to Gabrielle. When the Queen gave a slight nod of approval, Xena continued. "I just want to make sure that no one stayed behind yesterday." Turning to Gabrielle, Xena's eyes conveyed her concern. "Will you be alright while Iím gone?"

Gabrielle reflected thoughtfully before answering. "I think so," she replied with a smile that lacked confidence.

Xena once more took Gabrielle's hand. She gazed deeply into the Queenís eyes to find the flicker of doubt. "If youíd rather, we can send someone else."

Forcing a more decisive smile, Gabrielle shook her head. "No, Xena. I know it will only drive you crazy unless you do it yourself."

"Itíll drive me even crazier knowing that you need me when Iím gone."

"Iíll be fine," Gabrielle assured her, patting her Consortís hand. "Really. Just donít be gone all day," she added softly.

"I promise that Iíll be back before you know it."


Xena and Wolf rode silently to the Vidari. They followed the riverbank to the shallow where the conscripts had crossed to return north to Thrace.

"Do you think that the Greeks meant to attack us all along?" Wolf asked, finally breaking the silence.

Xena shrugged as she dismounted. "Donít know, but Iím sure that Phelisya played a part in swaying them."

Noticing Xena's distraction, Wolf dismounted as well. She left Beast to his own devices and walked over to Xena. "Whatís on your mind?" She looked up at Xena with concern.

The Consort stared at the ribbons of sun that reflected off the gently tumbling water. When she turned her gaze to Wolf, her eyes were emotionless. "This whole thing with you and Artemis," she answered honestly. "I have trust issues when it comes to the gods." Returning her contemplation to the water, Xena frowned. "Why bother creating a Guardian if Gabrielle and my spirits are going to meet each other without help in all our incarnations? It doesnít make sense."

Wolf shrugged as she replied. "Insurance?" she hazarded a guess. Mentally, she replayed the conversation with Artemis. "I got the impression that the two of you together are destined forever to be a balance against evil."

"Forever fighting for the greater good," Xena mumbled. "And here I hoped that we could retire some day." Turning to look fully at Wolf, Xena studied the Guardian. Wolf had forgone her armor; the mark of Artemis was visible above the low lines of her leather halter. It was a reminder of the suspicions that had been nagging Xena since her old friend had returned from near death. "So how does it feel to be immortal?" she asked.

"I donít know," Wolf answered hesitantly. "I donít feel any different than I did yesterday."

"You donít miss the dragon?"

Unsure of where Xena was going with the conversation, Wolf took a moment to think about her answer. "Iím sure that one day, I will miss it. But it hasnít been a part of my every-day life. So until that day comes, Iíll accept that sacrifice." Wolf sighed as she closed her eyes. "Besides, itís one less reminder to you and Gabrielle about who my father is."

"That was never an issue," Xena stated adamantly.

"Somehow I doubt that," the Guardian argued skeptically.

"Okay, maybe for the first five minutes after you told us. But Iíve known and trusted you since long before you found out. It didnít change who you were."

"And now that my life has been changed completely by another god? Whatís the difference?"

Xena became thoughtful. She withdrew her sword and looked at Wolf. Her expression was unreadable. "Do you trust me?"

Wolf eyed the sword warily, but there was no hesitation in her response. "You know I trust you," she replied steadily. She licked her suddenly dry lips as Xena approached her. The Consort was like a panther stalking its prey. Wolf understood her intentions, but made no move to stop her. She stood with no weapon in her hands; her heart pounded furiously as Xena's stopped a swordís length from her. Wolfís field of vision narrowed to the thin blade that Xena raised between them. She squinted against the sparks of sunlight that danced along the edge of the weapon.

Without warning, Xena lunged forward. Her blade found soft flesh as it sank into Wolfís bare abdomen. She ignored the mask of agony that fell over the Guardianís face.

When Xena withdrew the weapon, Wolf fell to her knees. Nauseating waves of pain lapped at the wound. She fought to hold the Consortís intense eyes. The burning from within, however, forced her to look down at the wound, which was bleeding profusely. Then, as if time was speeding upon Hermesí winged sandals, the wound stopped bleeding. She watched in amazement as the clean edges of the wound began to join and seal. There was no sign of the injury once the burning passed.

"Now you know," Xena said with a grunt. She bent to clean her sword on the grass and sheathed it. Extending her hand to help the immortal to her feet.

"Know what?" Wolf asked when she found her voice.

"Whatís it like to be immortal?"

Wolf rubbed the spot where Xena had skewered her. "It hurts like Tartarus."

"Did you think it wouldnít be painful?" Xena crossed her arms and turned back to the river.

"Point for Xena," Wolf muttered. "Why did you do that in the first place?"

"To see what would happen," Xena answered.

"Satisfy your curiosity?"

"For now." Xena glanced down at the tracks that crossed the river. "Letís head back the other way and make sure thereís no surprises that way. Then weíll head back."

After remounting their warhorses, Wolf saw the slight tilt of a smirk on Xena's lips. "What now?" she asked suspiciously.

"I was just thinking," Xena replied without inflection, "that I donít have to take it so easy on you when we spar now. If I accidentally kill you, youíll survive."

Wolfís response was unspoken, as Xena suddenly urged Argo to a full gallop. The Guardian watched for a moment before giving chase.

At the other end of the plain, when the horses became winded, Xena and Wolf slowed them to a halt and dismounted. They continued on foot, walking the horses to cool them down. They followed the ridge that led to the valley below.

"So," Wolf said as she fell into step with Xena, "have I passed your test?"

Xena answered bluntly. "No. But time will prove this out one way or another." Xena reached out and clasped Wolfís arm, pulling her to a stop. She bowed her head, as she loomed over the smaller woman; her tense body language stressed her warning. "I donít know if this change is good or not and I donít trust the reasons behind it. But if something happens to Gabrielle or my girls, and youíre the cause of it, I will find a way to kill you."

Wolf swallowed uneasily under the hard glare and threat. "Xena, Iím still the person I was yesterday before the battle. I took an arrow for Gabrielle. You know that I would never let anything happen to her or the princesses. If Iím the cause for something happening to them, Iíd find a way to end my own life."

Releasing Wolf, Xena continued walking. She slowed her steps until the shorter woman caught up to her. "This really isnít about you, Wolf." Xena searched for the words to convey her complicated reservations. "I still trust you. But Gabrielle and I have been through so much when it comes to the gods, that Iím not going to give them the benefit of a doubt."

"I understand, Xena," the Guardian murmured; her heart was till thumping hard. Never once during the painful time when she accepted Artemisí offer, did Wolf consider the implications to her relationship with Xena. "I wonít fail you or Gabrielle," she whispered in promise, almost as much to herself as to Xena.

"I hope not," the Consort replied just as quietly.

Wolf hesitated for a moment as a question sprung to her mind. "How does Gabrielle feel?"

"I havenít had a chance to talk with her about it, but I know that sheís glad to have you back. She trusts Artemis and she trusts you. She doesnít let doubt change the way she cares for someone." Xena looked away to hide her regret of her own past with Gabrielle. "Come on, weíd better start back."

As they had left the village in silence, so the Consort and the Guardian returned. Not another word was spoken between them about the changes that had altered their lives.


After rubbing down their warhorses, Xena and Wolf stood at the entrance of the stable. The sun was halfway through its descent for the day and a soft breeze ruffled the warriorsí hair.

"Iím going to stop down at the springs and clean up a bit," Wolf said, indicating the dark stain of blood that covered the front of her leathers.

Xena nodded as she turned away. Looking over her shoulder, she called out to Wolf, who began walking towards the springs. "Meet me in the dining hall after youíre done. We can grab something to eat."

Wolf raised a hand in understanding. Though still hurt by Xena's wary attitude, she accepted the invitation. "Iíll see you in a bit." Wolf walked backwards, watching as Xena turned back to the village. Her mind still turning over earlier events, the immortal turned around and slowly made her way to the springs.

Xena found Gabrielle in her room at the meeting hut. The Queen was going over her notes from her earlier meetings with her advisors and the Council. Knocking softly on the door, Xena leaned against the frame. "Things are clear out there, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle looked up from her scroll; her immediate smile dimmed when she saw Xena's eyes. "Whatís wrong, Xena?"

The Consort sighed as she pushed away from the doorframe. Closing the door behind her, she entered Gabrielle's private sanctum. Xena could not meet her wifeís eyes as she leaned against the edge of the Queenís table. "I tried, Gabrielle. I tried to just let it go again, but I canít."

Pushing her scroll to the side, Gabrielle sat back and studied Xena. "What are you talking about, Xena?" She ducked her head to look into Xena's face. "Youíre having a problem with what Artemis did." It was an observation borne of familiarity. There was no judgment in her tone.

"Weíve put up with a lot from the gods, Gabrielle. Why should this be any different than all the other schemes?"

"This isnít Ares, Xena. This is Artemis. Sheís never gotten involved with us in all the time weíve traveled together, aside from Larin."

Xena nodded reluctantly, agreeing with Gabrielle. "I guess we do owe her for that."

"Has she ever done anything to hurt us?"


"Are you just being my overprotective warrior?"

Xena's eyes rose to find Gabrielle's. She could not resist answering the Queenís warm smile. "Maybe."

Gabrielle rose to stand in front of Xena. When the Consort uncrossed her legs, the Queen eased them apart to get as close to Xena as she could. Stepping to press her body firmly against Xena's, Gabrielle raised her lips to press them softly against her wifeís. "Please donít doubt this, Xena. We need to have faith in Artemis and Wolf. I donít think that either of them wants to cause trouble."

"You know I canít do that, Gabrielle. Questioning motives is second nature to me. Itís not something I can just turn off. Itís something thatís kept me alive many times."

"I know, honey," Gabrielle sighed. "But I just donít have any bad feelings about this."

"To be honest, Gabrielle, I donít have any feelings either way. But experience has taught me that the other gauntlet could fall at any time."

"You know that Iíve learned to trust your instincts," Gabrielle began, assuring the woman with whom she had spent the last nine years of her life. "Just this once, though, if you arenít having any bad feelings, could we just take this as a blessing that our friend was returned to us?"

"You ask a lot."

"Is it so hard to just let go and get by on faith?"

"For me, yes."

"What about for me?"

"You mean go on faith for you?" Xena's brow arced high. "You are a ruthless negotiator, Gabrielle, but Iím a warrior that lives by action, not wishes."

"Okay, how about you just resist the urge to go searching for a conspiracy? If there is one, Iím sure it will find us in no time at all. We seem to attract that kind of thing."

"I might be able to manage that."

"Iíd consider it a favor worth rewarding." Gabrielle nuzzled Xena's neck in an attempt to distract the warrior.

"Have I mentioned that you are a ruthless negotiator?"

"I have many skills," the Queen replied as she pulled back; her eyes sparkled with affectionate mirth.

Kissing the tip of Gabrielle's nose, Xena relented for the moment. "Did you eat lunch yet?"

"I managed to grab a little something during the Council meeting, but I could always eat something more."

"I bet you could," Xena replied with a soft smile. "Wolf is supposed to meet me at the dining hall. Can you join us?"

"Letís go." As they were leaving the meeting hut, Gabrielle took Xena's hand. She raised it to get a better look at the warriorís nails. "Do I want to know whose blood this is on your hands?"

Xena's eyes narrowed imperceptibly. "No, you donít."


"Gabrielle, you know me by now. I just had to get a few things off my chest."

The Queen looked into Xena's face and sighed. "You will wash your hands before we eat, right?"

"Of course."

"And how are things with Wolf?"

Xena shrugged as she urged Gabrielle towards the dining hut. "We came to an understanding."

"I canít have my Consort and the Captain of my Guard making a mess every time they need to discuss something important, Xena." Gabrielle stopped in front of the small hand trough outside of the dining hut. She looked pointed at her wife then crossed her arms and waited as Xena washed her hands.

"It wasnít what you think, Gabrielle. We didnít fight or anything." Xena turned away from Gabrielle to shake the water from her hands. "I just wanted to see how this newÖ thingÖ worked."

The Queenís eyes widened in disbelief. "Oh, please donít tell me that you tried to kill her, Xena. How could you?" When Xena did not answer, Gabrielle threw her hands up into the air. "I canít believe this. You tried to kill my Guard? Why?" She struggled to keep her tone even and hushed.

"I was curious," Xena replied with an innocent raise of her brows. She began to fidget under Gabrielle's stern gaze. "She trusted me to do what I did," the Consort continued, defending herself. "And now we both know that a sword wound wonít kill her."

"Itís a wonder I keep my sanity with you two," Gabrielle grumbled. "I hope that you both got it all out of your systems now."

Xena clasped her hands behind her back and bowed her head to lose herself in Gabrielle's eyes. "I promise to not try and kill her againÖ unless I have to."

Opening her mouth to berate Xena, Gabrielle then closed it. She understood the futility of telling a warrior not to kill. "Why you would think that you have to is beyond me. But I wonít argue with you about it any more. Iím going in there to make sure that Wolf is still in one piece."

"Oh, she is," Xena quickly replied. "Damndest thing, watching her heal the way she did."

"No details, please," the Queen commented as they entered the hut.

Inside, they found Wolf sitting on the floor with her twins. Aresha sat at a nearby table, preparing two plates for the children. Upon seeing the Queen, Wolf quickly got to her feet and bowed respectfully. "My Queen," she greeted with a nod. "Xena." She met the Consortís eyes and held them for a moment. "I hope you donít mind that I asked Aresha to bring the girls over to me. I wanted to spend some time with them before I take my shift duty."

"Of course not," Gabrielle answered immediately. "Although I wish you wouldnít start back to work so soon. Youíve just gotten over nearly dying."

"Iím fine, Gabrielle." Wolf looked at Xena again; they shared a silent moment before the immortal looked back to the Queen. "Itís my duty and Iím able to do it. Nothing is going to stop me."

Noticing the look between Xena and Wolf, Gabrielle made a mental note to talk to Xena about what actually happened out on the plain earlier that day. The usual jocularity between the two warriors was missing. There was an air of uneasy truce between them and Gabrielle wanted to know what issue had brought them to that point. "If you say so, Wolf. But I know that you and Xena havenít eaten yet today, so letís sit down and enjoy a friendly meal." The Queen was appeased for the moment that both Xena and Wolf caught the undertone of her order.

Before the Queen even took her seat, the cook had already placed a platter of food on her table. Xena quietly apprised Gabrielle of what was left on the plain; the Queen questioned her carefully, not wanting to miss a single detail.

Wolf listened as she alternately fed herself and Peran. She watched to make sure that Aresha was not having a hard time with Zasha. Every so often, she glanced over Gabrielle's shoulder towards Xena. More than once, the Consort met her gaze. There was very little warmth conveyed, as Xena's distrust was clear. She felt as if she was constantly being watched. She was afraid to make a move that might be construed as threatening. Her usual friendly ease was replaced by awkward uncertainty.

As soon as she finished eating and the twins had their fill, she gained Gabrielle's attention. Excusing herself, she left to spend some time with her children. From the expression on the Consortís face, it seemed to Wolf that Xena questioned the motive behind the quick departure. She found herself growing even more uncomfortable under Xena's intense regard. Gathering the twins in her arms, she bowed her head to the Queen. So occupied with her discomfort, she did not notice Aresha following her out of the hut.


Later that evening, Gabrielle was sitting on the bed with Larin as Xena changed Eponin into her sleeping gown. "She let you do it?" she asked as she ran a soft brush through Larinís fine blond hair.

"She could have stopped me, Gabrielle. Sheís fast enough. But she trusted me. While that said a lot in itself, I still have a problem with the gods interfering with us. Iíve seen too much of it. And you heard what Artemis told her. This whole damn war is because of them. Just like Troy, only a wooden horse is not going to win this war. Nobody will." Taking a deep breath to calm her rising anger, Xena looked down at her daughter. "I wanted our children to grow up knowing something of peace, Gabrielle. I thought that when we settled down, itíd be easier."

Gabrielle looked over at her wife and shook her head. "Xena, this is peace considering what our life was like on the road. This is our home."

"Iím not arguing that, honey," the Consort explained as she cradled Eponin. Carrying the child to the bed, Xena reclined against the mound of pillows that the Queen had piled up for her. "Maybe our lives were just never meant to be uneventful."

"As if you would be content with the day in and day out of the same thing."

"I could get used to it."

"And I could learn to throw your chakram some day." Gabrielle handed the babiesí brush to Xena and smiled. "Extraordinary people lead extraordinary lives. And you, my warrior, definitely fall into that category."

Gabrielle fell silent as she lulled Larin to sleep by rubbing the childís back.

"What are you thinking?" Xena asked quietly.

"I canít believe she moved back into her own hut already. Aresha helped her move things out while I was trying to talk her out of it."

"Maybe she thought it was time to move past Triva."

"Maybe it had something to do with the fact that you promised to kill her."

Xena winced slightly at the tone of Gabrielle's voice. "I meant what I said to her, Gabrielle. If anything happened to you or the babies, you know that I would do something about it."

"Yeah, action, not words."

Sitting up in the bed, Xena reached across to gently grasp Gabrielle's chin. Turning her wifeís face to her, the Consort allowed her emotions free reign in her expression. She was fierce with a devoted passion. "When it comes down to it, I donít give a damn about Amazons, your Mask, or anything else. My family is everything to me, and Iíll do what I need to do to keep it safe." The Consort swallowed the rising fear that always lurked deep in her soul. "I am a warrior, Gabrielle. I always will be one. Donít ask me to change."

"Iím not asking you to change, Xena. Iím just asking you to accept Wolf as she is now. Accept Artemisí blessing for her."

"I accept nothing but what I can see and feel."

Gabrielle saw the truth in Xena's declaration. She capitulated only because neither of them was going to sway the other. "Is there a compromise here?"

"I wonít kill Wolf unless I have a reason to." Xena repeated her condition once more. "I know sheís still the same woman Iíve known for over fifteen years. I hope to know her for many more. Sheís a strong fighter and a valuable ally. But I wonít go along with this blindly."

Nodding in acceptance, Gabrielle was thoughtful as she put a sleeping Larin into the crib. She returned to the bed and sat cross-legged next to her Consort. "And I suppose that I can stop telling you what you should believe. For as long as Iíve known you, youíve never been one to let people tell you what to do. Youíve always followed your own conscience. That was always something I admired about you." A sudden smile brightened the Queenís countenance. "Well, I wasnít so admiring all those times you fell into self-pity and let yourself be jailed, tried, and nearly executed."

Xena's answering grin was a bit lopsided. "I guess I have better things to do now than to wallow in guilt."

"Making love to your wife would be a start," the Queen suggested.

"After all those mean looks you gave me since I got back today?"

"Just for effect, Xena. Underneath it all, Iíll never be able to stop loving you."

"Youíre still upset about it."

"Not so much since I dragged the whole story out of you." Gabrielle shook her head in disbelief. "I still donít understand you two sometimes."

"Wolf and I understand each other, Gabrielle. She knows why I said what I said and why I did what I did. She probably would have done the same in my place." Xena chuckled softly as she rose to carry Eponin to bed.

"Now you laugh?" Gabrielle watched with open fondness as Xena leaned into the crib to kiss both their daughters good night.

Xena crawled into bed and rearranged the pillows. After getting comfortable and accepting Gabrielle into their familiar embrace, she replied. "You saw what happened when she came out of Naglaís hut. She decked Phelisya for trying to kill you."

"Iíd rather not discuss that right now," Gabrielle responded quietly. "I hope I never have to perform that rite again."

Pulling Gabrielle tighter to her side, Xena offered what comfort she could. "You did what had to be done, Gabrielle. Every one of your Amazons wishes it were her hand wielding the dagger. You merely spoke for them." Tilting the bardís eyes up to meet hers, she asked, "You never thought that being Queen meant making the easy decisions, did you?"

"I didnít know what to think about anything when I accepted the Mask. I had other things on my mind."

"I know, honey. I know." Kissing the Queenís brow, Xena sighed. "I think thatís when I truly fell in love with you. Your thoughts were what made the decision for me to live again. I became lost in you."

"Youíre sweet talking me again." Gabrielle pushed herself up to lean over Xena's chest. She looked deep into her wifeís eyes and lowered her head for a slow, healing kiss. "That will get you everywhere."

As the two lovers fell into the sweet, languorous embrace of passion, across the square, a lone warrior stood in the shadows.

"Do you always just creep around?"

Wolf backed up to look at the Amazon who had addressed her. Craning her head, she saw the familiar face of Arna. "Thought you were bunking in the field."

Arna crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against the support post of Wolfís hut. "Itís a beautiful night. After the past two days, a little solitude is appreciated."

"Well, Iíll leave you to it, then." Wolf turned to enter her hut. She was brought up short by a strong hand clasping her arm. Slowly, she turned to face Arna. Her brows rose in question.

"I never said that solitude couldnít be shared." The tall warrior released Wolfís arm and smiled.

"Thatís a bit of a contradiction, isnít it?"

"Why donít we find out?"

Wolf was about to decline when a soft moan danced upon the wind to her ears. Loneliness chilled her to the bone. She nodded slightly towards her covered door. "Why donít we go inside?" When Arna followed her closely, she warned, "Just keep it down, I just got my girls to sleep."

That evening, as Xena and Gabrielle promised to never forsake their love, Wolf realized that destiny might be a two-sided blade. As Arna held her long into the night, she lay awake. Her mind replayed Xena's deadly promise in a relentless cycle until eyes of ice blue and the whisper of death haunted her. She fell into a troubled sleep when she realized that only time would prove her loyalty. She would have to start all over again.

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