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Language: Mild


Other: Part Eighty in the series "Raising Melosa". Takes place right after "Divorce Amazon Style"



Waiting Not So Patiently

By T.Novan



I nuzzle her ear as she snuggles back into me as we lay under the thick blankets. "You can’t stay here."

"Aww Xe I don’t want to get up. I’m tired of sleeping alone. I miss you."

"I miss you too sweetheart, but you can’t be seen leaving here in the morning."

"So I have to get out of this warm bed and go out into the cold night air?"


"Next time Warrior you come to my place." She giggles as she rolls over in my arms.

"Can’t risk it Ri." I just can’t help but kiss the tip of her nose. Well, it is right there. "It’s bad enough that someone may have seen you come in here tonight."

"Okay, okay I get it. So how should I leave?" She nuzzles into my neck, making it very difficult for me to make her leave. "A fight via the front door?"

"No actually I think we’ll try something else. Let enhance my cheating ways shall we?"



She pulls the hood of the cloak over her head, effectively hiding her body and her face.

"I love you Ri."

"Love you too Warrior." She peeks at me from under her hood.

"You ready?"

"As ready as I can be."

"You know we have to move to phase two tomorrow."

"I know. Hey, don’t be too mad at me if I get a little upset with you."

"I’d be disappointed if you didn’t."

"Are you sure you can trust these people?"

"You better believe it Ri. They are our compatriots." I adjust the blanket draped over my body and reach for the door with a deep breath. "You sure you’re ready?"


When I pull the door open I look into the village square there are several people milling about. I grin as I pull my ‘mistress’ into my arms and giving her a goodnight kiss right there on the porch of the house. Letting my hands travel under the cloak to caress her one last time.

"Oh I hate you!" She growls breathlessly as she staggers back just a bit. "Pay backs are a bitch consort." She whispers as she pulls the cloak tight and leaves the hut.

I look up and my little interlude has not gone unnoticed. I move back inside and close the door. Leaning against it I miss her already. This had better work and work quickly. I go back into my sleeping chamber and lay down in the bed where we have just spent several marks making love. At least I have her pillow I can curl around.


The pounding on the door wakes me and I wrap that blanket back around me as I head for the door. I pull it open to find Ri glaring.

"Never again huh Xena!"


"No don’t even try it! I’ve already been told." She has several guards with her, including Mel and Mira. "Get dressed and be in council chamber in half a mark Xena! I’m done with you! I’ve had it!"

"Ri let’s talk about this."

"No Xena you did it again. I’ve had it! I’m petitioning the council for a divorce. You’ve changed. I don’t know why, but you have. I will not live the rest of my life wondering who you’re screwing when you’re suppose to be on patrol. You want to be free to fool around so be it!"


"Don’t." She puts her hand up to quiet me. "Save us both the embarrassment."

She turns on her heals and storms away from me. I look to Mel who just shakes her head at me then turns to follow her Mom. Mira takes a position by the door. "What in Tartarus do you think you’re doing?"

"The Queen said she wants you in chambers in half a mark and I’m staying here to make sure you make it."

"Look you…." I growl as I step forward.

She straightens and stares back at me. "Don’t try it Xena. You are rapidly running out of friends around here. Except of course whoever the little bitch is you keep taking into your bed. I have noticed she doesn’t seem to be coming to your defense. Must not be making her very happy either."

I slam the door in her face as I go to get dressed. If the problem weren’t so serious this would almost be funny.


Half a mark later I’m in council chambers standing in the center of the room facing Ri. The hall has several members of the Royal Guard, all the regents and the entire council. Oh I hope I don’t have to start catching knives.


I step forward only to have a couple members of the Royal Guard put their hands on my arms to stop me. Breath Xena, breath. Remember these people do not have a clue. Don’t hurt them. "Yes Your Majesty."

"I am making a formal declaration to the council, and before my regents for a divorce. You have shamed me Xena. You have broken your vows to me. You have brought disgrace to our home and our family…."

She has tears in her eyes as she speaks these words to me and I feel the sting like the crack of a whip on my bare back with each one.

"Do you understand?" She asks. I haven’t even heard her final words to me.

"Yes." I nod.

"Are you going to contest the divorce?"

"No." I say softly as I drop my head. I push back the tears as I raise my head. "I won’t fight you Ri. Just don’t take our children away from me. Let me stay here in the village so I may be close to them."

She nods. "I’ll consider it. You are…dismissed."

The guards release me and I turn to leave. As I exit the building and the doors close behind me I really feel the need to take a ride. No matter how well constructed this plan is, it still hurts to have to go through it and to put Ri through it. Not to mention what we must be doing to the kids. Gods I hope they can understand when it’s all over.


Coming back into the village two marks later Eph meets me as I walk across the square. "Well," she says as she places her hands on her hips. "You’re divorced."

"By the Gods that was fast."

"The council voted unanimously."

"They do want me out of her life don’t they?"

"Umm yeah. As a matter of fact we’d better get this mess straightened out pretty quickly before they decide to banish you."

"Ri won’t let them do that."

"Let’s hope they don’t overrule her and do it anyhow."

"Okay," I sigh as I lower my voice. "Now we set back and see who wants to court the newly divorced Queen."

"Right. The Queen must have a consort by law, which means, she has to consider and potential suitors." She grins as she leads me away to my house. "Are you gonna be able to handle it?"

"I’m not sure. I hope I can. That’s why I’m relying on you and Mel to keep a close eye on things."

Eph chuckles as we take seats on the steps. "I’m almost as worried about Mel blowing up. She has your temper and the same ability, or lack there of, to control it sometimes."

"Well she knows this is important. She’ll behave."

"Yeah right! Until someone touches Gabrielle in a way she doesn’t like then she’s gonna start snapping bones and hurting people."

I laugh at her comment until I see Ri emerge from the council hall. Even though it’s all for show, it hurts to know that I’m no longer married to her. She gives me a quick glance and a very small smile before she and Mel head out of the village.

"I know it’s hard Xena."

"You have no idea. My Gods it amazes me that everything Ri and I have built here can be stripped away with a simple vote. The council has the power to destroy us like that."

"Only upon a request from you or Gabrielle. It’s not like they can just decide to end your marriage. Speaking of which, when this is all over you do realize that you’re going to have to get married again."

I chuckle as I consider her words. "You know I hadn’t thought of that. What do you want to bet that the Queen puts me through my paces before she agrees to marry me again."

"Oh I’m betting on it. Ep’s already taking bets on the side from those of us who know what’s going on." She grins at me.

"Don’t bet against me my friend."

"Oh no one is betting against you Xena. We all know you’ll end up married again. The question is, what will the Queen put you through first?"

"Just don’t give her any ideas."

"Who me?" She points to herself with an innocent look on her face. "Would I do something like that?"

"Oh you know you would."

"Okay maybe I would, but I promise you, I won’t."

"Umm not sure I like the sound of that either."

"The sound of what?"

"The way you said ‘I’, sounds to me like someone has already planted an evil seed in my wife’s mind."

She holds up her hand. "Ex-wife."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ex-wife."


During the evening meal I am seated across the hut from my family. I watch Ri and the girls. Mel is doing a damn fine job of playing her part and ignoring me, but Kessa and Rosa keep looking over to me. It’s tearing me up to watch them. Rosa finally gives a tug to Ri’s sleeve. Ri leans over to speak with her, then looks to me. She smiles and nods. I smile when Kessa and Rosa leave their chairs and come over to my table. They both wrap their arms around me as I return their hugs. "Hiya babies. Come to have dessert with me?"

"Yes ma’am." They agree in unison.

I clear room for them to sit and they each take a seat next to me. "So is everything okay at home?"

"We miss you." Kessa says as she picks a fig from a bowl.

"Are you coming home soon?" Rosa asks as she rests her arms on the table.

"No sweetie I’m not. I can’t."

"Why?" Kessa hands me the fig.

I sigh as I peel the fruit. "Well honey, your Mom and I have had some problems. Did she tell you that?" I make sure to taste it before passing it to the girls.

"Un-huh." She accepts half the fruit from me then I hand the other half to Rosa.

"And well she got a divorce today. We aren’t married anymore. So I can’t live with you."

Kessa glances over to Ri. "So are you going to leave?"

"No. No way! I won’t leave you. Your Mom and I will just have to work out when you can come stay with me over here in the village."

"Doesn’t Mom have to be married to be Queen?" Kessa’s brows come together as she considers her own question.

"Umm yeah she does."

"So is she gonna get married again?"

"Oh yeah I can guarantee it."

"So we’ll be getting a new Mother?" I can hear the tone in Rosa’s voice and she’s not happy.

"Well honey I tell you what," I give her a squeeze as I draw her close. "Let’s not worry about it just yet. Okay?"

She nods against me. "Okay."

I pick up my mug and sip, nearly choking on my juice at the next question. "Are you gonna get married again?" Kessa asks as she picks at the fruit. "Are you gonna marry this woman you’re seeing?"

"Umm, well I…unh….Say, how did you know about that?"

"We still have to come to lessons Mother. Everyone in the village is talking about it."

"Ah I got you." I take a deep breath. "Well, can you keep a secret?" They agree together that they can. "Okay, then I can safely say that yes, yes I will be getting married again and to the woman I’ve been seeing."

"When?" Kessa’s eyes are the size of my chakram.

"Honey, now you have to promise…."

"I did promise and a Princess never breaks her promises, but when?" She tugs on my tunic.

"Soon sweetie." I kiss the top of her head. "Just as soon as I can."

"Do you love her?" Rosa asks.

"Well of course she loves her silly." Kessa chastises her sister. "She loves her more than she loves Mom now."

Oh that hurt. "Okay guys that’s enough of this. What do you say we take a walk?"

"Great!" They both get up at the same time, waiting for me.

"I have to ask your Mom first. Hold on."

Slowly I make my way across the room as I do it goes deathly quiet. Ri looks up at me. "Yes."

Oh she’s really playing it to the hilt.

"Is it okay if I take the girls for a walk?"

"Of course. After you’re done you can walk them over to the house and spend sometime with your sons too. Unless, of course, you have other plans for this evening."

I grin. I didn’t until now.



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