Zeta, Warrior of the Spirit



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Note: This is the first time Iíve written in a little over 3 years. I know how much you all have missed my romantic stories Ė lol! I hope this story inspires you and I dedicate this story those of you who are facing a difficult period in your life, are sick, in pain and suffering. I thank all the Xenites who have been there for me these past several years, most especially Virginia and Lourdes Sanchez (the twinxenas), Deborah Abbott and all my many friends at Warrior Lesbian, MaryD and ForevaXenites. Iíd also like to thank Hudson Leick for her angelic inspiration. Iím facing some shoulder surgery next week so I hope you will all send out those healing warrior vibes to me. This is my story of how "I Was Touched by an Angel Callisto."


I have an incredible story to tell you. In December of 2002, I sustained a serious injury. For a time, I could not walk, was in a wheelchair and became disabled. Having been the former Exec. Dir. of Variety Club Childrenís Charity and former Development Coordinator for the Arthritis Foundation, I found it scary being on the other side of the fence.

A friend gave me a meditation tape to listen to that included a visualization that went something like this:

I was on a beautiful sunny beach and one of my Inner Guides approached me. I realized it was Angel Callisto. She came to sit beside me in the sand with the most radiant smile. I asked her many questions and she gave me many answers, the essence being Ė she understood how difficult the lesson was; I had yet to master it; but there was a purpose and a meaning. Then, she took me into her arms, cradled and held me in a loving embrace, and said, "Itís okay. Everything is going to be alright." In subsequent meditations and still now, Angel Callisto comes to me when I summon one of my inner guides. Her words are always inspiring and comforting. I canít tell you how much these visitations mean to me and how healing they are.

In September of 2003, I grew sicker and was admitted into hospice. Several days prior to my admission and during my admission, two angels floated above my bed Ė one of them was Angel Callisto and the other I now know to be another inner guide, Angel Aurelia. Perhaps as you read this, youíre thinking, "Okay, this girl is nuts." But I tell you truly, yes, I was on the brink of death, but I was not delusional. My Angels were real. I was not afraid, I felt comforted by their presence, particularly Angel Callistoís. The Angels had their arms open to me as if to say, "Come with us." I was so sick and the vision was so beautiful, I said, "Take me." Now I know that the Angels were there to protect me and bring me back. I guess I can say Iím one of the few people that went into hospice and came out alive. By the gods, I was humbled!

I am still being challenged, but I have progressed from that wheelchair to a walker, then a cane, and now I walk without one, a bit wobbly perhaps. I am able though, to do some very gentle yoga, tai chi and Qigong several times a day, mediate twice daily (as stated, Angel Callisto still appears), go to sound therapy and take two daily walks. When I feel tired and weak, I invoke the powers of Xena and Gabrielle and call upon my Angel Callisto. When I get better, I will go back into the non-profit sector and follow the path of the greater good once again.

I Was Touched by an Angel Callisto.

"Love is the Way,"

Zeta, Warrior of the Spirit