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Artwork by Lucia Nobrega
Created and Maintained by MaryD


27 February

Lucy News

I'm really chuffed to see the support coming together for Lucy and Rob. I've been asked about my comments a few days ago and why the support is needed...

Lucy has been subjected to vitriol, stalkers, hate mail for her portrayal of Xena from Season 3 to Season 6 - it appears through the Metro Magazine interview that Season 6 was especially vicious. Long time fans would remember the SUSA netforum and the absolute hatred and vitriol that spewed forward from that forum; as I said it was VILE. I won't go into the chronicle of abuse that originated on that forum but this hate mail didn't start after FIN aired when everyone was especially upset but it had it's beginnings with Season 3 and the rift. It continued on throughout Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6. Season 6 had it's own special brand of ickiness. This is from what I saw on the net; Lucy had another view of it because she was the intended target. Imagine yourself in her position.

Why do we need to support Lucy? Can't she take care of herself and "get over it"? All of us need encouragement and support. Lucy isn't any different and neither is Rob. You may disagree with FIN (which I do) and you may think the ended the show on a bad note but nothing warrants being attacked like Lucy and Rob have. Not over a TV show. When it boils down to brass tacks -  it's a TV show. Xena is not real and is a fictional character. Real people die, fictional characters don't.

That said I know how hurt I was by the end of the show and it affected me deeply - we have all  invested emotionally in this show and thus the end was a double blow: the show ending and our heroes ending on a bad note. No one is saying that your feelings are wrong but the vitriol and the angst directed at Rob and Lucy has to end. I'm not naive to believe it will but a little moral support for Lucy and Rob would be cool. You can still dislike FIN and that is your right but think of the six glorious years that we had; the absolutely wonderful performances by Lucy and Renee. No other show had two leading ladies who were absolutely MAGIC together.

Now I wasn't aware yesterday (thanks Kat) that Missy had offered to forward emails and snail mail for anyone who wishes to send them to her and that's is majorly cool of her to offer (I fear for her poor postman <g>)

If you are overseas  and would like to send a snail mail instead of email you can send them to Missy at 625 NW 170th Terrace, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028, USA. If it's a letter, you can send it as a doc file to Missy at and she will print it out and forward it on (thus saving the cost of sending it airmail or taking forever and 10 days (thus the term snail mail) If it's a card, send it to the address listed above. If you are in the US and want to send a card/letter just send it to the address above. If you prefer email - forward it to Missy's addy.

Just so you know: Missy will read the emails/letters/cards to ensure that no one tries anything silly.

This was supposed to be a short note...apologies for the length.


MaryD's Art

Graphics Archive

The Bard's Corner

Verda Foster now has a Yahoo Group! She will post updates of new stories to the list and welcomes feedback. You can subscribe via her site at  or send a blank email message to .

Welcome back to The Bard's Corner - WordWarior.



Original Fiction

26 February

Lucy News

Something quite positive has come from the interview that Lucy did for  Metro Magazine - fans are rallying to her support (yeay!). If you would like to pass on your support to Lucy you can email Sharon Delaney at and she will pass them on to Lucy. Lucy has heard from the vocal minority - it's time for the vocal MAJORITY to get into action.

Lucy Picture Archive

The Bard's Corner




Xenaverse News

The following is from the Xenaversity site about that absolutely wonderful Xena Silent Movie which was shown for the first time at the 2003 Xena Con.

As seen in Pasadena 2003, The Xenaversity of Minnesota proudly announces "The Xena Silent Movie" for purchase!!

The Xenaversity has put together, what we hope the fans see as, a new artistic perspective on our favorite Warrior Princess and Battling Bard!! Only available for a short time, please go directly to the Xenaversity web site at: for purchasing details!!!

The majority of your costs will benefit two local Minnesota charities: People Serving People and Alexandria House for Battered Women. Thank you in advance for making this charity fund-raiser a HUGE success!

25 February

Lucy News

More on the Metro Magazine - Kiwi Attic is now selling this magazine. The following message is from them Kiwi Attic

What an excellent article of Lucy Lawless in the latest Metro Magazine! She is on the cover wearing a frilly bikini number and the article covers several aspects of her career including the ending of Xena, the NZ summer concert tour and where her future lies. Its a really honest look at herself and her fans with a 10 page article littered with pictures! Check it out at the following link.  Please note the shipping is expensive due to the magazine being so big and heavy! Let us know if you would like a copy.
Crispian Stewart
Kiwi Attic 2000 Ltd
PO Box 931, Napier, New Zealand

Xenaverse News


The unofficial swedish Lucy Lawless fanzine Lucy In The Sky will come to an end towards the end of 2003, the fifth issue of the Lucy magazine will be the end. The society was formed in 2000 by Mike Eriksson and the team includes Scott King, Patricia Parker, Kimberly Goss, Lori Joyce, Calli, Deborah Abbott and Helen Pålsson. "It has been a fantastic time but we never broke even" Mike says. "We did it for fun and I´m proud of what we have done".

Fan Events

The following is from Michelle from the DCBardFest in October 2003

We are pleased to announce authors Radclyffe and Alison Carpenter (Midgit) agreed to join us at DCBardFest!

During the weekend of DCBardFest, there will be off-site events on the evenings of Friday, October 3 and Sunday, October 5. We have selected five events and would like your input on chosing the final two. Please go to  and review the choices, then vote in the poll. Thank you!


24 February

Lucy News

Okay folks this is way too funny but I'm going to post what Mesh and Bev got back from the Sony Exec about the Dave Dobbyn CD with Lucy Names will be collected and sent to JP Hansen instead of everyone spamming JP Hansen <g>


I will advise our managers & A&R department of the interest shown in the Dave Dobbyn live CD from the Lucy Lawless fans. You do realise that Lucy only sang 3 songs on that tour with Dave?

Can you please instruct everyone to stop spamming me with CD requests now? A better idea would to have been to gather the names, and just send me the one email showing your interest.

Also, are you aware you can already get Mrs Lawless singing voice on CD, as part of the Children's Book / Songs on "The Underwater Melon Man"? (US) (NZ)

Kind Regards,

JP Hansen
Sony Music Digital Services NZ

Lucy News Archive

Lucy's in the news again in New Zealand. Metro Magazine has a feature on Lucy. Metro - March 2003 - Lucy A Go Go, Ms Lawless and The Lure of Hollywood. A very indepth interview - the best I've read on Lucy.

This was a MONSTER of an article (set out in 2 pages with scans of the photos in the article) to transcribe but IMO it's worth it. This interview goes from fun Lucy had on the Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn to some very serious stuff about her personal safety, her life during Season 6 and the idiots in this fandom that were vicious in their condemnation of Lucy and Rob from Season 3 through to Season 6. It was disgraceful the way they were treated by some fans - the vocal minority - and it hurt Lucy and her opinion of Xena fans. This fandom has produced some truly remarkable stuff - the charity work being one of them. But it also created a seedy underbelly which was truly revolting to watch. It's one thing to disagree with the direction of the show and have opinions on how it should go or whatever. It's another thing altogether to attack and denigrate it's stars or the producers of that show.

This is one of the best interviews/articles on Lucy I have read in all my time doing this site. it's insightful, informative and it sheds light on who Lucy is, what she wants and her past. Don't judge this interview based on the amusing cover - it's very indepth and the best interview/article on Lucy.

And yes that is the outfit from Lyre Lyre <g>



23 February

It's my great pleasure in announcing that Lucia's artwork is now for sale. The artwork ranges from Subtext Season 7, Subtext Season 8, Eva and Zoe, Missy's Dar & Kerry,  Missy's Dori of Amphipolis and Little Xena and Gabrielle. As many of you know Lucia has been showcasing her artwork on Ausxip since 1999 and she has entertained us all with her talent. You can now order your very own prints - to view the catalogue of her work and ordering info go to:


Lucia has created another what's new logo - I loved the picture of Lucy from the Breast Cancer Research t-shirt advert that I thought it would look great to incorporate it into the logo. Cool eh?

Lucy designed Breast Cancer Research T-shirts

  • Lucia has drawn two versions of Lucy wearing the t-shirt. One is the one she designed with the breastplate design (I think it looks like her Xena breastplate) and the other is the design at the back of the t-shirt which says "Lucy Lawless For The Breast Cancer Research Trust"

The Bard's Corner


Just a reminder: The Clonefic Contest ends 28 February. If you wish to submit your story (even if you don't have fiction already posted on AUSXIP, you can send your story to )


2003 Xena Convention

Kevin Smith News

The following is from web site about one of Kevin's last movies (which isn't his last - Warriors of Virtue 2 was his last which hasn't been released yet)- Riverworld which has a world premiere on Sunday, March 22 at 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm ET/PT

Welcome to legendary author Philip José Farmer's Earthlike afterlife, where people from every era have been reborn young and healthy — and where an astronaut and a motley assortment of allies battle an ancient Roman emperor and a Viking warlord for the soul of humanity. In the year 2009, a meteor shower above Earth claims the life of astronaut Jeff Hale (Brad Johnson of the Left Behind movies, Steven Spielberg's Always and TV's Soldier of Fortune, Inc.). He awakens in an ocean of jade-green geodesic bubbles, as a mysterious cloaked figure pierces him with a pike. Dazed and in pain, he soon finds himself crawling onto a beach littered with canisters of clothing. Soon dozens of people from different lands and eras emerge from the water. Remarkably, they understand each other's language — all except for the lone Neanderthal man, who is killed by the ancient Roman Lucius Domitus Ahenobarbus (Jonathan Cake, First Knight), who became infamous under another name....Suddenly: hoofbeats! The warlord Valdemar (the late Kevin Smith of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, in his final role) thunders in with an army, to announce that he is the ruler of Riverworld and that the newcomers are to be soldiers, workers or slaves. Soon Hale and a motley band of compatriots — among them the now beautiful and young octogenarian Alice Liddell Hargreaves (Emily Lloyd, A River Runs Through It), a famous writer and Mississippi riverboat captain named Samuel (Cameron Daddo, star of F/X: The Series), concentration-camp victim Lev Ruach (Jeremy Birchall), stunning African priestess Mali (Madonna dancer Karen Holness, Atomic Train, Rated X) and the alien Monat (Brian Moore), who died on Earth — fight for their freedom and to learn the secret of RIVERWORLD.
[click here to read more from the web site]

Xenaverse News

  • The following is from the Playbill site:
    Ted Raimi, a Detroit-area-bred actor who was a regular on TV's "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Hercules" and "seaQuest DSV," returns to his roots in the title role of The Foreigner at Meadow Brook Theatre, Feb. 12-March 9. The cast of Larry Shue's The Foreigner includes Paul Hopper, Mary Benson, John Biedenbach, Robin Lewis-Bedz, Kristopher Yoder and Joey Bybee. Meadow Brook is Michigan's largest professional theatre, located in Oakland County (where the Raimis attended high school), in Rochester, MI, 20 miles north of downtown Detroit. For ($19-$38) ticket information, call (248) 377-3300 or visit
  • The Detroit News has a review of The Foreigner and Ted's performance.

Turn The Page

  • Updated the Links section and a list of publishers with their websites

Irrefutable Evidence by CN Winters - Buy this book from

Real estate broker, Sara Langforth, gets lost on the city streets of Detroit and inadvertently becomes the key witness to a murder. Enter Lt. Denise VanCook. She is sworn to uphold her duty as an officer and keep Sara safe from a city gangster whose other witnesses have a habit of 'disappearing'. While Denise covers three different countries to keep Sara safe, back at home her dedicated partner Sgt. Angie Michaels tries to uncover the reason why Denise and Sara continually get discovered. Soon Denise must juggle bounty hunters, police protocol, dirty cops, and a growing attraction to her witness before it all destroys them.

Wall of Silence by Gabrielle Goldsby

Buy this book from

It was supposed to be an average bust. Minimal backup. Minimal trouble. But everyone has their limit and Foster Everett has just reached hers. In a blinding rage she made the first mistake that she couldn't talk her way out of. A cover-up ensues, and Foster's guilt is left to fester. Ultimately, the death of a close friend proves to be her undoing and Foster begins numbing herself at a neighborhood bar. There she meets 26-year-old Riley Medeiros, the one person strong enough to see Foster's painful secrets and not turn away. And when Foster is forced to run, it's Riley who offers her sanctuary. A small cabin on the California coast becomes Foster's safe haven, and it is there that she begins to get to know the extraordinary woman that is Riley Medeiros. But, like all secrets, Foster's will come back to haunt her. And like even the most carefully built walls, the ones surrounding Foster will eventually crumble and she will find that not all secrets are what they seem.

Omega's Folly by Carla Osborne

Buy this book from

Benton Basilis has come into her inheritance and it is nothing like she expected. It isn't just the fact that she had to get there riding in a plane with men in chainmail. It isn't even the fact that the house she inherited is a bit odd or that she has to share the residence with two very strange women and a snake. It isn't even the fact that she had to travel hundreds of miles from her home to Turkey. It is the fact that her new home sits on a mountainous piece of land in the center of the Amazon Nation. Benton had always believed in Amazons but, like others, she half believed they were long gone images of a storyteller's imagination. It seems that others want to make that so. They did not, however, count on the fighting spirit of the Amazon Nation or one Benton Basilis who seems to have a knack of inventing ... and her specialty is explosives.


21 February

This is majorly cool - AUSXIP has won an award :-)


"La Taberna de Rogue"  a site devoted to Xena the Warrior Princess in Spanish has awarded this award to AUSXIP as the "best international site" in the contest "Lo Mejor de Xena en Español"  "The best of Xena in Spanish" 


Aussie Xena News

  • Melinda Clarke (Velaska) will be on Charmed - 27 February at 7:30 pm
  • 11th Gathering of the Fans of Xena: Warrior Princess this Saturday, 22nd February starting 5 pm at István's Café at 298 Bronte Road, Waverley 2024 (Sydney, Australia)
    E-mail if you would like to attend

The Bard's Corner / The Next Chapter

Clonefic Contest

  • Added The Forest (Complete - Clonefic Contest Entry) by Ri
  • Added a revised version of Every Clone's A Critic (Complete - Clonefic Contest Entry) by
    Nance Gice



  • Added Mulligan (Complete) by KG MacGregor

Original Fiction

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

More about the Xena DVDs by Anchor Bay Entertainment

'Xena,' 'Hercules' Swing DVD Distribution
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - DVD distribution shingle Anchor Bay Entertainment has bought the home video rights to syndicated TV sensations "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys."  The company also has inked a deal with Davis-Panzer Prods. for subsequent seasons of "Highlander." Last year, Anchor Bay released the first season of "Highlander" as a boxed set along with a special edition of the 1986 feature film.  "Hercules" bowed in 1994 as a made-for-TV movie and went on to six seasons across 100 episodes. "Xena," a spinoff that debuted as a series in 1995, aired 130 episodes, also through six seasons.  The "Highlander" feature has spawned three sequels and 140 TV episodes. Dimension is planning a fifth feature film in 2004, and an animated series is also in the works.

Episode Screengrabs

I have redesigned this section making it easier to find the grabs and removed the separate DVD grabs section and combined them.  If new DVD grabs have been done, a red DVD logo will be next to the episode name. If not, the original screengrabs from the tv airred episode will be available.

Xena Merchandise News

The following is from Creation Entertainment:

Due to popular request, and thanks to Xena's two amazing superstars, we are able to finally release archival videotape of the earliest convention appearances of Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor! This exclusive videotape is almost two hours in length and we know that fans around the globe will treasure this video as a major part of their collections! You'll see Lucy and Renee amazed at the enthusiasm of sold-out crowds that turned up for their early appearances: and you'll capture these wonderful moments in time: perfect if you were there and even better if this will be your first introduction to this historically warm, funny and moving footage! This product will be shipping in March, so please place your orders with us now to insure delivery to your homes! 

Price: $29.95 US for NTSC + $8.50 postage to US and $10.50 to Canada
Price: $89.19 AUS$ and $95.74 NZ$ with postage
Price: £33.18 UK (including postage)

Click here to find out more about the video and what it contains

Xenaverse News

The following is from Creation Entertainment

  • We have super-hot news for fans in Great Britain (and throughout Europe!) The sensational Danielle Cormack and Claire Stansfield will be on-hand at our Strong Women of Sci-Fi Convention coming to London's Hilton Metropole on August 29-31, 2003.  You know Renee O'Connor is also on hand!!!!   Plus more to come: this is gonna be a wonderful weekend: come on aboard and support this convention so we can make it a regular annual visit! Grab the very best gold weekend seatings (which include lots of extras) by visiting us at:

XXE Update

The following was contributed by: Kimly

I found the following quote on under the ncaa women's basketball section - I'm not sure if this falls as a reference to X:WP but I thought I'd send it along none-the-less

background: Alana is a junior at Duke University in NC which spent the first 1/2 of the season at #1 before running into the University of Connecticut. Duke is still near the top of the polls. She, personally, is in the running for the best women's player this year.
"I guess the strategy of some teams is to knock me down a few times. But I'm tough, I can handle it. I'm a warrior, not a princess.''
-- Duke's Alana Beard, who attempted 13 free throws Monday against Virginia


20 February

Lucy News

The following is from the Light Speed web site:

Light Speed is pleased to announce that on Valentines Day, Friday, February 14, 2003 a signing session took place at Universal Studios with the Warrior Princess herself - Lucy Lawless. We also wish to thank our many patient customers who have anxiously awaited this day. We are also pleased to announce that a limited number of Xena lithographs and chromographs signed just by Lucy and with other cast members are now available for immediate delivery. As most fans know, Lucy's signature is one of the most difficult to obtain. Scroll down for price and availabilty of these extremely rare signed limited editions.

Click here for details and how to order the lithographs

The site has some pretty gorgeous pics of Lucy & Renee (with blond hair) and other cast members including Kevin.


Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

Aussie Xena News

  • Added an editorial and a challenge to Xena fans from the editor of TV Week Magazine to prove if they are as loyal fans as Farscape and All Saints (a tv show here in Oz). I'm not sure this editor knows what she's doing by issuing the challenge to Xena fans <g>

Xenaverse News

The following is from Helen/mmorgaine:

I raised some money at the Pasadena convention a week and a half ago to help replace Shakespeare by the Sea's stolen sound equpiment, and would like to let everyone know that a total of $600 was given by generous Xenites. I'll be giving that money to Lisa from SbtS Wednesday night.

The following is from Creation Entertainment:

We are still getting requests from people who have just found out about our Strong Women of Sci Fi Cruise to see if they can get on the cruise even though our block is now officially closed. The answer is: call Leticia at our ticket office at 818 409 0960 ext. 225 and give her your name and cabin preference (cabin types are listed on our Web site at )and we'll try to see if we can still get you aboard. Prices are variable as we must check Norwegian Cruise Lines on a case by case basis.


19 February

Xena Movie News

The rumours are starting to come in thick and fast. Here is the latest one but keep in mind that as of last Sunday (9th Feb) nothing was concrete and unless someone in Hollywood has moved fast, this is still just speculation.

This news is from from the Dark Horizons web site 
"Xena: The Movie: ITV reports that the film will go ahead with not only "a stunning soundtrack provided by the series' original composer - Joseph Lo Duca" but a special Xena and Gabriel relationship them called "When I Look at You" by Mariah Carey.

 Lucy News

Breast Cancer Research T-Shirt Information

  • Created new page with information about purchasing the t-shirts that Lucy designed and the others currently available.
  • Added link to Send a Trend for Life about the new t-shirts in support of Breast Cancer Research that Lucy is involved in.

Starship Foundation Information & News

The Bard's Corner / The Next Chapter



Original Fiction

Turn the Page Online Bookstore

Lorimal's Chalice by Jane Fletcher

 Buy this book at Open Book, price $18.99
or Libertas, price £12.99
The quest for the stolen chalice is just a sham - an excuse to get rid of Tevi, and save her clan further embarrassment. She finds the outside world a dangerous and confusing place, especially once her arrival triggers a chain of events she has no control over. Monsters, sorcerers, murder and a long hidden secret all await her. If this isn't enough, Tevi will have to overcome her own inner demons and figure out exactly what she wants from life.

The World Celaeno Chose by Jane Fletcher

Buy this book! at Open Book, price $16.95

or Libertas, price £8.99

In a world without men, imprinter Lynn has a vital gift --- the ability to link strands of DNA to create new life. Owned by the Temple, protected and effectively held prisoner there, she leads a life of quiet despair, shut away forever from her family and the world outside. Then into her life comes Kim; tough, worldly and courageous. Haunted by a tragedy in her own past, Kim is quickly drawn to the lonely young imprinter. But as the two women grow closer, they know that they are putting themselves in grave danger. For in a world where the Church rules the State, there are people who will stop at nothing to make sure that Lynn can never escape.


18 February

Lucy News

Lucy has long been associated with Breast Cancer Research - she did a TV advertisment on behalf of the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation (screengrabs) or the RM file of the advert in October 2000 and now a t-shirt is available that Lucy designed to help in the research in finding a cure for breast cancer.

The following is from the NZ Breast Cancer Research Trust Web Site

When you get dressed this summer, make the fashion statement that speaks social volumes. Join Lucy Lawless and wear the BCRT T-shirt with pride.

International fashion designer Karen Walker has designed a limited edition T-shirt in support of this worthwhile charity. The BCRT T-shirt identifies you as a crusader in the fight against breast cancer and is fashion savvy to boot! The T-shirt is for men and women. A funky design, a fabulous designer and a fantastic cause - this T-shirt is guaranteed to be a must have item!

A variation of Karen's design will be sold at all Glassons stores from February 2003, alongside other designer T-shirts from Lucy Lawless, Otis Frizell, Anika Moa and Pavement Magazine - all for BCRT! Profits raised by the sale of the T-shirts will be used for breast cancer research.


To purchase a T-shirt it costs only $29.95 NZ and a whopping $10 from every T-shirt sold will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Profits raised by the sale of the T-shirt will be used for breast cancer research.

You can contribute to the fund by sending donations to

The Breast Cancer Research Trust
PO Box 91 127
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland, New Zealand

0800 BCRT CURE (0800 227 828)


The following is from Kiwi Attic

Breast cancer awareness is well supported by several kiwi personalities and it is no surprise to us that Lucy has again contributed to such a worthy cause. The latest campaign is the availability of T-shirts designed by kiwi personalities to raise funds for the cause. Lucy has created a design on a shirt both black and white.
Check these out at:

$10 from each shirt goes to the Breast Cancer Society.

They are available in black or white t-shirts

ROC Graphics

Lucy Montages

ROC News

Media Alerts (US) - please check your tv guide for times in your area

  • Renee's episode of NYPD Blue will be on Monday February 24 and Tuesday 25 on the Court T.V. channel (U.S.A.).
    Many thanks to Amanda for the news

ROC Con Chronicles

  • Updated the section and also added information about ROC's appearance in London in August. If anyone is going to that con, would they please email me at

AUSXIP News Archive

Xena Merchandise News

The following is from Creation Entertainment:

  • We are thrilled to present a whole new series of exclusive autographed plaques signed by our superstars: Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor.  Lucy and Renee: they are the best!  And, they graciously signed a small series of items for us along with appearing at our recent convention in Pasadena. Much of what was signed was sold to attendees at the convention, but we saved some for our equally loyal fans around the world on-line.  Grab them fast please as they are sure to fly! Visit us at:  and check 'em out!

XXE Updates


17 February

Kevin Smith Memorial

A year ago on the 15th February we lost Kevin Smith to a terrible accident which left his family, his friends and his fans in shock. A talented actor and a decent hard working bloke. NZJester has made available the special presentation that appeared on NZ TV called

Remembering Kev - A Tribute to Kevin Smith- Click here to download

This is a fairly big zipped file that contains 5 wmf files - the file is 32 meg is size.
You will need WINZIP to unzip the file. -

or you can order the video (in NTSC) from Kiwi Attic -

AUSXIP News Archive

This is an amusing Con story - normally I have people email me with scans or transcripts they have found in magazines or newspapers. This time it was different. I was in the elevator going back to my room at the Sheraton and a Xenite was in there with me with the Pasadena Star News. She pointed out the Xena article and told me they had only a few copies so left and I should go and get one :) I didn't catch that person's name but thank you to that Xenite who alerted me to the article <g>

Lucy News

  • This has a rather strange Lucy / Xena twist to it - from the Ottowa Sun
    Lana Clarkson, who was found shot to death in Phil Spector's foyer this week, from Friday to Sunday she was scheduled to appear at a national Xena convention in Pasadena, a throw-in pseudo-celeb at an event that featured the real Xena, Lucy Lawless. The veteran Roger Corman ingenue, whose role in the movie Barbarian Queen was said to be the template for TV's Xena.
  • From People Magazine - 10 Feb 03
    The show may be off the air, but "Xena: Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless, 34, still attracts a crowd, as evidenced by the estimated 5,000 fans who showed up to hear a lecture by Lawless at a weekend Xena convention in Southern California, reports the Associated Press. Appearing with Lawless Saturday evening was Renee O'Connor, who played Xena sidekick Gabrielle. During the day, groups of mostly young and middle-aged women mingled around tables of "Xena" merchandise, scripts and autographed pictures.

Xenaverse News

  • Xena Silent Movie - I saw this at the con and it's just about one of the best I've seen. It was funny and well put together. Awesome. Check out a teaser of it on the Xenaversity web site
  • The following is from Scifi Wire web site
    Mehdi Norowzian will direct the horror film Boogeyman for Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, a unit of Senator International, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Principal photography begins in May in New Zealand. Boogeyman tells the story of a young man who returns home to face his childhood fears of a monstrous entity that may or may not be real, the trade paper reported. Eric Kripke, Juliet Snowden and Stiles White wrote the screenplay, which is being produced by Spider-Man director Raimi and his Xena: Warrior Princess producing partner Tapert. Steve Hein and Gary Bryman are executive producing the film. Raimi and Tapert founded Ghost House in April 2002 with Senator to produce horror, SF and fantasy movies. The company is also producing 30 Days of Night, based on a comic-book series.

TV Alerts - US Only

  • Melinda Clarke - Fri 28    7:00 PM  Spawn  4  KTXH 
    Claire Stansfield - Sun 23    2:00 AM  Darkdrive  60  SCIFI 
    Alex Tydings - Sun 16  12:45 AM  Red Shoe Diaries: Love at First Sight  63  SHO 
    Alexis Arquette - Mon 17    1:00 PM  The Wedding Singer  34  WTBS   
    Sat 22  12:00 PM  Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg  40  LIFE 

16 February

Happy Birthday Renee! (15 February)

This lovely lady is now 32 years old (Not 33...blame it on the head cold I have acquired from Pasadena...that's my excuse <g>


On a sadder note - it's also the one year anniversary of Kevin's death. I can't believe it's been a year. Good thoughts go to his wife Sue and her boys and the rest of Kevin's family and friends.

2003 Xena Convention

15 February (Back to Aussie time)

G'day folks - I'm baaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk!

I had a glorious time in Pasadena - many many thanks to Mesh for looking after my baby. I also want to thank all those people who thanked me for the site - feedback is always good but this was feedback on steroids :) Very much appreciated. Seeing all my friends and creating new ones was a real joy and the added bonus of seeing Lucy and Renee :) Plus all the other guests which was just marvelous :-)

A special thank you to Taylor Rickard & T. Novan for taking care of me in Pasadena and to Joyce McNeill, Jacquie Thompson, Teri Ochieno, Joyce Roberts, Marilyn Crossland and to Creation Entertainment for a wonderful experience.

2003 Xena Convention

Lucy News Archive / Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn


February 13, 2003

2003 Xena Convention

  • Added convention reports, more photos of Lucy and Renee, Darien, Melinda Clarke, and loads of costume photos by the TwinXenas. Restructured the photo page.

The Bard's Corner


Renée O'Connor News

The wonderful Renee O'Connor has graciously agreed to make her first overseas convention appearance at our upcoming LONDON "STRONG WOMEN OF SCI-FI CONVENTION" scheduled for August 29-31, 2003.

Renee will be performing in a stage play on the Saturday daytime of the convention. Grab the very best seating for the weekend and make your hotel reservations now through us (and you'll get a complimentary hand signed autographed photo from Renee O'Connor if you reserve through us!) now at our site at:

February 12, 2003

2003 Xena Convention | Xena Movie News

  • Katherine Fugate, writer of fan fave season 6 episode "When Fates Collide" spoke of the possibilty of penning the Xena movie herself. Katherine told at the Pasadena Convention last weekend that while the Xena movie is far from going into production, meetings between the studio and herself are a strong indication that there IS going to be a movie. Look for Katherine's panel in the convention reports for more details soon.
  • Lucy and Renée are in an article about the Pasadena Convention in the Monday, Feb 10, 2003 issue of Houston Chronicle. Lucy, Renée and the Xenaversity Silent Movie are all mentioned.
  • Article on the Pasadena Convention: "Xena Actress Still Attracts a Crowd" from Netscape News.
  • Your input needed! The "powers that be" have asked for the Creation audience's input on a Xena feature film. Please check out the pop-up poll at our site and register your vote today!

Lucy News Archive

  • There is a little picture of Lucy in this weeks New Weekly magazine singing into a microphone. The pic is on one of the last few pages.

Renée O'Connor Media Alert

  • Renee O'Connor's movie "Changes" will be on Thursday February 13 on the Lifetime channel, (U.S.A.). Check your local listings.
  • The German TV station RTL 2 is showing "Follow the River" starring Renee O'Connor on Thursday. The movie is divided in 2 parts. First one is at 16:10 and the other one at 17:10. There are 5min of interruption between the parts.

Adrienne Wilkinson Media Alert

  • Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve) will be on WB's Angel in March in an episode titled "Orpheus". She'll (probably) be in a flashback scene from the 1920s. Check your local listings.

Xenaversenews | TV Alerts

  • Melinda Clarke (Velasca) will guest star in a two-parter "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" episode this Thursday evening. If you're in the US, check your TVGuide for a blurb on the episodes with a picture of Ms MC (should be around p170). Check your local listings.
  • TV2 in NZ is to air a Tribute to Kevin Smith this Saturday at 8:30pm and is to be followed at 9:30pm by the Cop Drama "Lawless" staring Kevin Smith Just saw the advert for it on TV Lucy will be in it and clips from his roll in Xena as well. So if you have a kiwi contact you swap videos with get in touch with them and make sure they get you a copy.
  • Musetta Vander (Ilianus) will be on Stargate SG-1 episode "The Changeling". She will also guest star in Natasha Henstridge's comedy/action show, "She-Spies". Check your local listings.

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

  • This is from ILS (IloveSydney33) "I am a big XWP fan from Germany. I recently visited the beautiful country NZ and had the great luck to see Lucy live in concert. I send you some (many) pics (I took) of the concert in Auckland and Waiheke.


February 11, 2003

Lucy News Archive | Lucy TV Alert

Lucy Lawless will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight folks. Check your local listings:


February 10, 2003

2003 Xena Convention

  • Added more photos from the convention :: Photos of Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor, Claire Stansfield, Adrienne Wilkinson, Jay Laga'aia, Darien Takle, Meighan Desmond, Hudson Leick, Dave Franklin, Katherine Fugate, Victoria Pratt.



February 8, 2003

2003 Xena Convention


February 6, 2003


The  Ultimate Artist "ANYTHING GOES" Contest ---- Out of 20 entries, these 5 finalists have been selected.  Please vote for your favorite piece of Xena atwork. Vote at The Xena Scrolls.



February 4, 2003

2003 Xena Convention


If you'd like to lead a small discussion this weekend at the Official Xena Convention (50 seats), drop us an e-mail on Tuesday or Wednesday and if we are able to add you to the schedule we'll be happy to do so. We have limited times open. Let us know which day you will want to speak and a short description of your topic. We'll get back to you with a specific time if we can work it out.

Write to:


Subtext Virtual Season 8

Since alot of folks are heading to Pasadena this week, the SVS staff decided to air My Fair Dite, the 10th episode a bit early this week ;-)

s8e08a.jpg (69568 bytes)
My Fair Dite - Episode 10

In an effort to help Aphrodite deal with the death of her brother, Xena and Gabrielle invite her along on an adventure.



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XENA LIVE! - Episode Three - Apocalypse Now - Or Later

There will be a workshop reading that is going to be open to the public on Tuesday, March 4th at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chicago, at 8pm. If you want information or tickets, please call the About Face Theatre at 773-784-8565. Ticket price is $8.

This is just a READING - meaning - No costumes, just script in hand reading through the first draft They will incorporate a couple songs into the reading. You will recognize everyone there. They have all played a part in Xena Live I or II at one point. The show has not been officially scheduled with dates. When that happens I will make sure to let you all know, I promise. There is only ONE scheduled reading for March 4th. There are only 70 seats in the space, so please call NOW if you want to be there. When you call the theatre, make sure you speak to a person regarding tickets.
Synopsis of Xena Live III - Apocalypse Now - or Later. Written by Claudia Allen. Conceived by Amy Matheny. Directed by Scott Ferguson.

This final episode in the XENA LIVE trilogy takes our warrior princess and her battling bard Gabrielle on a journey against the elements of the world: combating wind, fire, and water to save the earth. Elizabeth Laidlaw and Amy Matheny return to play our heroines joined by Alexandra Billings as Xena's daughter Eve. Brought to you by the same award-winning team behind episodes 1 and 2, this world premiere musical epic is filled with the passion and fun that is XENA LIVE!


February 3, 2003

Artwork by Lucia, montage by Judi Mair

It is with great sadness that I write this. Susan Mullarky has lost her battle with cancer and died this morning at her home. We all knew this day would come, Susan battled until the end. I have made many friends in this fandom that have enriched my life and Susan was one of them. Her kindness and generosity at a time that was greatly needed is a memory that I will cherish. She's no longer in pain but at peace.

Rest in Peace Susan.


2003 Xena Convention

Deborah Abbott's Season Seven Fan Fiction Movie, "True Love Never Dies" will be shown at the Pasadena Xena Convention.

"Seven years after Xena's death, Gabrielle remains sickened by the loss of her soulmate. An unexpected reunion with the ghost of Xena may be the only thing that can help her turn her life around."

Deborah's and Wendy Woody's "Trip to New Zealand" movie will also be shown. These two gals visited all the locations of the television series they could find in NZ, and rode the chariots used during the production of Xena.

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Many thanks to Matt Savelkoul for submitting the following information.

Anchor Bay will be releasing the Xena season by season boxed sets, I called them up and spoke with Mike Felsher, the Film Information Manager with Anchor Bay. He confirmed that the Anchor Bay DVD releases will be different than the Davis/Panzer mail order releases.

Unlike the D/P releases, these releases are sporting newly remastered transfers of each episode, including brand new Dolby 5.1 surround tracks and bonus features yet to be determined. He gave me an April 2003 release for Xena season 1 and a June 2003 release for Hercules season 1.

Anchor Bay is committed to presenting the show in the original aspect ratio. He said, in part: "We will be presenting the show in the original screen format whatever it may be. If the show legitimately went to 16x9 in future seasons, then that is what will be released to DVD."

Starting with Xena Season 3, episode 3 (since the first two eps of season 3 were shot during the tail end of season 2 and held over), this will be the first time ANYWHERE that the 16x9 widescreen version of the show will be available. (The worldwide sets put out by Universal in regions 2 and 4 were pan and scan, not widescreen.)

Freelance Xena/Farscape music video artist for Creation Entertainment

February 2, 2003

Lucy News Archive | Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

WARRIORS ON TOUR: She may be best-known to millions as Xena the Warrior Princess. But actress Lucy Lawless, who recently undertook a 15-- date tour of New Zealand with local music icon Dave Dobbyn, says she has long been a frustrated singer. "I don't want to be kicking myself as an old lady, saying, 'I coulda, shoulda, woulda,'" she says. "It doesn't matter if I go down in flames, as long as I had a crack at it." Lawless joined Dobbyn on his annual tour over the Christmas and new year period, performing backup and singing lead on such covers as "Brass in Pocket" and "Oliver's Army." Dobbyn's profile is currently high in New Zealand, as his 1988 hit "Loyal" has become the anthem of the New Zealand America's Cup defenders. Several shows were recorded, and Dobbyn's management say that a live album is a possibility. Global music pulse. , Billboard, 02-01-2003, pp 55.

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Region 1 (US & Canada) - DVD News

  • Xena - Warrior Princess - Season 1 (Region 1) DVDs can now be ordered via for $67.49 US ($22 less thatn Panzer). Click here to order.

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1 February

We are all shocked by the accident that occured with the Columbia Space Shuttle and our prayers and thoughts go to the family and friends of the crew. Space travel isn't safe even though we take it for granted that space shuttles and space stations are being built. A few more stars have appeared in heaven today and we all know their names: David Brown, Rick Husband, Laurel Clark, Kalpana Chawla, Michael Anderson, William McCool, Ilan Ramon.


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