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28 February

ROC TV Alerts

  • Danielle Steels Changes with Renee O'Connor in is on 4 March 2005, channel 5 at 3.35pm.... UK Only
    Many thanks to Grace for the alert


Lucy Update - 

Two and a Half Men Update

  • Added mini synopsis for the episode and credits for the show


Xena Update

Articles - 2005 Newspapers

Articles - 2002 Magazines

Articles - 1997 Magazines

Xenaverse News

Rebekah Lynn's Artwork

Rebekah does some amazing artwork and now her work can be found on custom made cue balls. They are currently being sold on ebay and on Rebekah's site
Check them out:

Xena Cue Ball 1
Xena and Gabrielle Cue Ball 2
Lucy Lawless Cue Ball 1
Xena and mate, Gabrielle Cue Ball 1

27 February

Rob and Renee were at the 4th Annual Celebration of New Zealand Filmmaking and Creative Talent  (no sign of Lucy - she's off filming Locusts!)

Rob was the keynote speaker.
Two images on WireImages - one of Renee and Rob and one of Rob by himself. Look under "Bob Tapert" and Rene O'Connor. There are also some under Renee O'Connor



From Reuters

U.S. actress Renee O'Connor, who acted in "Xena: Warrior Princess", poses before a dinner to celebrate the New Zealand film industry and films nominated in the 77th Academy Awards in Beverly Hills on February 25, 2005. The Oscars will be held February 27. REUTERS/John Schults

Xena Music Videos

I'm very pleased to welcome SherrieB to the Xena Music Video Section

  • Added "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias (Xena & Gab w/FIN content)

  • Added "One True Friend" by Bette Midler (Xena & Gab)

  • Added "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones (Gab Video)

Xenaverse News

Jay Laga'aia: Celebrity Host for Celebration III
Stage and screen star Jay Laga'aia will command the Sagamore Ballroom stage as Celebrity Host for Star Wars Celebration III this April 21 -- 24 in Indianapolis. From Thursday afternoon through Sunday, Laga'aia will welcome stars from the casts and crews of the Star Wars film saga, as well as entertain audiences with his quick wit and -- you never know when the mood will strike him -- his spectacular singing voice.

25 February

Two and a Half Men Update

Another episode name change for Lucy's episode :) The following comes from TVNow.com

Lucy Lawless: Charlie Sheen's character (Charlie Harper) on the CBS hit sitcom Two and a Half Men seems to have a sexual conquest almost as often as he brushes his teeth. His hunt for the great lay seems to be the main reason that Charlie gets most of the attention on the show. Expect things to be a little different for him during the March 7 episode titled "It was 'Mame,' Mom." Lawless, that former butt-kicking Xena warrior chick, guest stars as the ex-wife of a gay advertising executive who makes Charlie's heart skip a beat. If anybody can tame Charlie, or at least put him in traction, Lawless can.



The ROC site will be disappearing for a very brief moment in the next few hours. It will be back with a nifty new design by Mesh and I think it's rather special. So if you can't find the ROC site...that's why.

Alien Apocalypse News

The Unofficial Alien Apocalypse site is a joint venture between AUSXIP and SherrieB from ROCnet.us.

Scifi.com has added Alien Apocalypse to it's site, along with an official montage graphic for the movie.

Alien Apocalypse is scheduled to air on Saturday, March 26, 2005, at 9 pm
Eastern Time on the SciFi Channel.  An encore presentation is also scheduled for midnight Saturday/Sunday morning.  Check your local listings.

Ghost House Pictures Update

  • Rob Tapert will be a keynote speaker at the 4th Annual Celebration of New Zealand Filmaking and Creative Talent on 25 February 2005 at the Beverly Hill hotels
    Read More ...
  • The Grudge in LA
    "The Grudge" will be shown in LA and both its screenwriter and Ted Raimi will be appearing afterwards.
    Read More ...

24 February

Xena DVD News

  • Review of Season 6 DVD from Zap2it
    All good things must come to an end and "Xena: Warrior Princess" ends after six seasons and a big fan following. The 10-disc final season is among the best, according to fans and Anchor Bay and Davis-Anderson Merchandising brings the final 22 episodes together in a nicely packaged collection.
    This season finds Xena, played by Lucy Lawless, in her continuing quest to find out about her dark past and fight evil.
    Click here to read more

Xena Movie Update

  • Xena: To Be Or Not To Be?
    Xena is one of those characters who appeals equally to lesbians and gay men—both camps know a quality ass-kicking babe when they see one. So Romeo was heartened to learn that Katherine Fugate, screenwriter of the “When Fates Collide” episode of the now-dormant Xena: Warrior Princess, along with the series’ executive producer Robert G. Tapert, is working on a script for a big-screen Xena feature. But don’t get too excited just yet. Right now it’s only a script, and there’s no way of knowing if that script will become a bought script and then a greenlighted script and then a shooting script. One thing’s certain, though—if it all comes to pass, it shouldn’t be anyone’s but Lucy Lawless’ to turn down first.
    Source: Windy City Times

Seattle Convention News


  • We are very excited to welcome one of our all time favorite guests STEVE SEARS to our upcoming SEATTLE WASHINGTON convention, May 13 to 15. We're saluting Strong Women of Television at the convention and Steve has written so much great television with wonderful female characters. Steve joins previously announced guests RENEE O'CONNOR, PARIS JEFFERSON, ADRIENNE WILKINSON, KATHERINE FUGATE, MISSY GOOD, and SHARON DELANEY.  We are gonna have an absolutely marvelous time at the convention and seeing Lucy Lawless in a musical production of GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES during the weekend!

Xenaverse News

Xena Cast News Updates

Gina Torres

  • LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) Fresh off her return engagement to writer/producer/director Joss Whedon's futuristic Western world in "Serenity," the upcoming film version of his short-lived FOX science-fiction series "Firefly," Gina Torres is getting together with a few more old friends when she reprises the role of K-Directorate agent Anna Espinosa in two episodes of ABC's "Alias."
    Click here to read more
    Many thanks to LB for the news

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

  • The writing team best known for their work on the ABC television series "Alias" and the syndicated show "Xena: Warrior Princess" are providing the latest rewrite on the script for the upcoming "Transformers" feature film, according to the IGN FilmForce Web site. Click here to read more

23 February

Seattle Convention News

From Creation Entertainment

Renee had so much fun doing the photo opportunities at The 10th Annual Official Xena Convention in Burbank she has graciously agreed to do likewise for her many fans coming to the upcoming Seattle Convention (Fri., Sat. & Sun. May 13-15, 2005 at The Renaissance Hotel).

These photo ops are to be done on Saturday and are available now in
limited supply at: http://www.creationent.com/cal/xesea.htm

We've also today placed on sale all the other types of tickets for the convention: single days, general admission weekend packages, autograph tickets for those signing at the convention, and other photo opportunities!

Lucy Update - Two and a Half Men

  • The lastest news from Sharon on Lucy's appearance in Two and A Half Men is that the episode (which was to air 28 February) has now been pushed back to March 7. TVGuide.com reports that CBS will air Two and a Half Men and CSI Miami against NBC's The Contender. More....
  • Update on the earlier news: The episode name for Lucy's guest appearance is "I'm Not Your Concubine" and not "Yes, Monsignor". "Yes, Monsignor" is a re-run for the 28th Feb. "I'm not your Concubine" will air March 7.

XenaMedia - Magazines

Magazines - 2005

  • Added scan from NZ Woman's Weekly - February 2005 - Lucy Lawless wowed fans at a Xena convention in Los Angeles when she popped out of a
    birthday cake in an Afro wig and skimpy outfits and peformed a song and dance routine with co-star Renee O'Connor to celebrate the event's 10th birthday.

Magazines - 1995


22 February

Lucy PR / TV Alert (US)

The following is from Sharon Delaney

Lucy on Extra for Two Men PR

She was interviewed by Dayna Devon -- who did a small cameo on the show -- for the entertainment magazine show Extra which should be airing this week. Not sure of the day. Here is their home web page and the page to find out when it's on in your town.


She may have done some other interviews so keep an eye on the entertainment magazine shows. I'll see what I can find out.

Locusts! Update

Extras being sought for movie

A movie production company is seeking extras to appear in "Locusts," production officials said. The movie will be shot in and around Husser, New Orleans, Edgard and Bush. Interested extras should submit a nonreturnable self-photograph with their name, address, two contact phone numbers, height, weight, age, sex, race, date of birth and measurements to Attn: Extras Casting, 660 Distributors Row, Suite A, New Orleans LA 70123 or e-mail to ladavid96@yahoo.com - Source
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


19 February

Heartbeat To Heartbeat Women and Heart Disease

Lucy Lawless on Heartbeat to Heartbeat Documentary

Added two video clips from the documentary

Added screencaptures

Alien Apocalypse News

  • from SciFi.com
    Alien Apocalypse (Premieres March 26)
    A team of astronauts returns from a deep-space mission to find that, while
    they were away, Earth has been conquered by aliens and the human race has
    been enslaved. Bruce Campbell (the Evil Dead films, Army of Darkness, Escape
    from L.A.) and Renée O'Connor (Gabrielle on Xena: Warrior Princess) star.

    Air Times:
    9:00 pm 3/26 (Eastern time)
    1:00 am 3/27 (Eastern time)
    Many thanks to Sherrie for the news

2005 Xena Convention

Con Reports

Xena Music Videos

I am very pleased to announce that Destroyer of Nations has joined the Music Video Section. His first music video is just fantastic.

  • Added Destroyer of Nations Music Video Section
  • Added "You Take My Breath Away" performed by Sarah Brightman from her album "Harem". Xena and Gabrielle. Set in the India Arc episodes. NO Fin Content.

Xenaverse News

Ted Raimi News

  • Ted Raimi will be on CSI NY next Wednesday. Please check your local guide for times in your area.
    Many thanks to Norma for the news

17 February

2005 Xena Convention

The Bard's Corner


Xena Music Videos

Updated Jen Stamey Videos

  • Added "Written In The Stars" from Elton John's Aida
    A tribute to "When Fates Collide"
    From the 2005 10th Anniversary Xena Convention
  • Added "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)" from Annie Get Your Gun
    A humorous look at Xena and Gabrielle's relationship
    From the 2004 Xena Convention - Revised version
  • Added "Could It Be Any Harder" by The Calling A tribute to Kevin Smith
    From the 2005 10th Anniversary Xena Convention

Renee DVD Updates

Danielle Steel's Changes - due for release on DVD 19 April 2005 (US)
Available to pre-order

Renee appeared in this movie in 1991 alongside Cheryl Ladd as her daughter.

16 February

Heartbeat To Heartbeat Women and Heart Disease
Documentary with Lucy Lawless

Lucy is interviewed on a documentary called Heartbeat to Heartbeat: Women and Heart Disease.

Emmy Award-winning executive producer Helene Lerner hosts HEARTBEAT TO HEARTBEAT: WOMEN AND HEART DISEASE, an urgent wake-up call for women to improve their cardiovascular health. The documentary reveals useful information on risk factors, symptoms and prevention of heart disease, while exploring the emotional impact of the number-one killer of women in the United States. HEARTBEAT also addresses the need for women to ask their physicians questions and to reach out for support. Interviews include heart disease advocate Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) and Kathy Kastan, president of WomenHeart.

For a list of States/dates and times please go to

You can also purchase the VHS tape of this from Channel9store.com for $14.95
The program is available on VHS for $14.95, plus $5.00 shipping and handling (in the US - Overseas it's $10.00 shipping)

To order, please call 1-800-937-5387 or send a check to:
KCTS Television
4612 Union Bay Place
Seattle, WA 98105



15 February

Happy Birthday Renee! (Technically it's tomorrow but since tomorrow is today in Oz...<g>) May you have a wonderful birthday!

Lucia has once again invited Little Gab to the party but she's started a little early :) Many thanks to Steve Sears for the use of his pic of Renee at the recent Xena con <g>

In time for Renee's birthday, March 1 sees the release of Follow The River to DVD -  Renee starred in this movie in 1995 as Bettie Draper.

You can catch the movie in the US on the Hallmark Channel at 9:00 pm 15 Feb 05
US Time

The video has been out for a while but the DVD is due for release on March 1. For those interested in the true story there is couple of books about Mary Draper (Bettie Draper's sister in law) available at Amazon.com called Shawnee Captive: The Story of Mary Draper Ingles (Women of the Frontier) and Follow The River

The Bard's Corner

The following is from Advocate/Blayne Cooper:

Unbreakable by Blayne Cooper is now available for purchase at StarCrossed Productions. I hope you guys enjoy it. Cindy Cresap did a wonderful job with the editing and I'm very pleased with the final result.


If you have questions ... Lemme know.

14 February

TV Alert for NZ/Australia - Foxtel

19 February 2005 at 6:00 pm for both Australia and New Zealand
Cartoon Network

6.00pm Hercules & Xena: Battle for Mt Olympus
Animation. Featuring the voices of Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless, the well-loved high-kicking Hellenic heroes Hercules and Xena star in this animated adventure - and the fate of Olympus itself hangs in the balance!

XenaMedia - Articles

Xena Episode Guide

The Bard's Corner


Boogeyman scares up $33 million at the box office

Speaking of Boogeyman, Sony’s next release in the top ten finishes second, giving Sony the number one and two spots at the weekend box office. Boogeyman grossed a larger than expected $10.8 million, down a not-bad (for poorly made horror) 43%. Last weekend we heard that Boogeyman cost Sony and Ghost House Pictures $20 million to make, but now sources are saying that the production cost was more like $7 million, which only increases the profits on this one. So far, the horror flick has grossed $33.3 million, and will be another successful title for Sam Raimi and the staff at Ghost House Pictures, producers of the very successful The Grudge (which debuted on home video last weekend).
Source: BoxOffice Prophets

13 February

Some time ago I had a page up dedicated to Missy's characters of Dar and Kery on prohosting.com - unfortunately I lost that account. Today I was searching for something and I found an old CD with the site on it <g> So the DaKverse is back up :)

Xena Artwork

Xena DVD News

This month's issue of New DVD World (Italian) has an article about the release of FIN The Director's Cut. The DVD is Region 2 (which means Region 4 DVD players can also view it). It's in English or Italian with the same extras as the Region 1 version.

The magazine is 8,90 euro. Inside the magazine there are two pages of presentation of the dvd, with a lot of emphasis on the lesbian success of the show (and of LL in particular). For (I guess) European fans who fancy this dvd, the editor's website is www.ndw.it If you would like a copy of the magazine please email me and I will pass it on to Storm who has volunteered to purchase for anyone who wishes. Postage plus cost of magazine.

For scans of the magazine you can view them on Xandrella's website
Many thanks to Storm for the news and Xandrella for the link

Two and a Half Men Update

  • Filming for Two and A Half Men was cancelled because Charlie Sheen was sick. Sharon also reports that Lucy's last part was eventually filmed at 10 pm that night.
    Many thanks to Sharon Delaney for the update

Lucy Articles

12 February


The following is from Creation Entertainment - this is an absolute MUST get for all fans. The con was just fantastic. Lucy and Renee rocked the house down.

The 10th Anniversary Official Xena Convention is now but a treasured memory but surely it was the best gathering yet! Everyone could feel the spirit of celebration in the air: this event had it all: our amazing superstars Lucy and Renee, and an equally wonderful line-up of supporting stars and production folk, including Rob Tapert. And in more good news, over $30,000 was raised for some very worthwhile charities!

The response from attendees was unbelievable and we have gotten such a huge amount of favorable e-mails that this event will be hard to top ever (but we sure are gonna try!) Until next year's convention, we are happy to offer two great brand new DVDs covering the 2005 event, shot and edited professionally!

The first DVD covers LUCY and RENEE's once in a lifetime performance, including that kooky and fabulous singing and dancing entrance out of the giant cake! The second DVD offers up clips of the rest of the guests and some cool backstage interviews.

Two new products we are very proud to offer: place your order today at our online Xena shop!

11 February


The deadline for this is TOMORROW for those who are interested (in the US).

LOCUSTS CASTING -- 02.10.2005
LOCUSTS CASTING Interested in being in the movies? Here is your chance to be an extra for Locusts! You can submit a non returnable self-photograph with your Name, Address, 2 Contact Phone Numbers, Height, Weight, Age, Sex, Race, Date of Birth, and your Measurements;


Attn: Extras Casting
660 Distributors Row
Suite A
New Orleans, LA 70123
or e-mail:
or both.

Best if in by Friday, February 11, 2005

Many thanks to Barbara for the news


Two And a Half Men

The following is from Sharon with an update about the filming of Two and a Half Men

  • For those of who have already gotten tickets or thinking of getting same to watch the filming at Warner Bros. studios, Lucy just let us know that her scenes are being filmed earlier on a separate set and will not be part of the normal shooting. She will be coming to the show on Friday (when the regular filming takes place) to take a final bow with the cast and say hi.

Boogeyman Update

According to Bloody-Disgusting.com / E! News, Boogeyman is set to get a sequel:

  • Barry Watson told the reporters "I'm trying to convince Sam to make it in New Zealand again"! - short and sweet. 'Boogeyman' made an estimated $19.5 million this past weekend. Set in Pennsylvania, the story tells the haunting tale of a young man traumatized by memories of terrible events he experienced in his childhood bedroom and who, years later, reluctantly returns home to face his fears of a monstrous entity that could be real or merely a figment of his imagination.

9 February

Two And a Half Men

Tickets for the taping of the show

  • I just looked on http://www.tvtickets.com for 'Two and a Half Men' and it looks like there is a show taping at Warner Bros Studios on the 11th Feb at 7pm (if I've read the pesky american date format correctly <g>). Whether this is the one Lucy will be at, I have no idea. click here to order tickets
    Many thanks to Barbara for the news

Boogeyman Update


Lucy or Renee Designed T-Shirt for Sale from Creation Entertainment

  • At the Official Xena Convention a couple of weeks back we introduced a t-shirt designed by LUCY LAWLESS and pre-offered another featuring art by RENEE O'CONNOR. Buy your own Lucy or Renee designed t-shirt from


8 February

Lucy to guest star on Two and a Half Men tv show - the following is from Sharon:

Lucy just let us know she will be filming a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men this week.  Not sure when it will air, but probably pretty soon.

"I am doing Two and a Half Men this week.  I am playing a chick who Charlie fancies but who is not interested in him, which drives him crazy."

The show airs on CBS on Mondays, 9:30 ET/PT. No date for Lucy's episode yet.

Boogeyman Update


AUSXIP Artwork

Subtext Virtual Season

Life in Paradise

Tara’s daughter has married and run off with her husband. Is there trouble in paradise? Only Xena and Gabrielle know for sure.



Intertwined Souls - Eva and Zoe


Added new Lucia Artwork based on the novel In the Blood of the Greeks - two new pieces and they are just gorgeous




7 February

This is cool - AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Files has been given an award :)

It won one 2004 Sais Award, which are given by the Spanish website, Los pergaminos de Xena y Gabrielle


Boogeyman Update

  • The following is from BoxOffice Prophets - Friday Box Office Analysis
    5 February 2005

    As it happens, the massive and relentless marketing campaign combined with the smart tactic of attaching the aforementioned Raimi's name to the film helped Boogeyman to manage an impressive $8.5 million this weekend. Traditionally, Super Bowl weekend has not been kind to new releases, and this year should be no exception. A 2.4 Friday-to-Sunday multiplier would give Boogeyman a $20.4 million debut weekend. It should be noted that a smaller number isn't out of the question, though.


  • Added review of Boogeyman from Filmstew.com
    Boogeyman - You know what’s really scary? Raving about a horror film to your professional colleagues and then watching its aggregate RottenTomatoes.com rating tumble into the single digits.
  • Added Lucy mention/excerpt from San Francisco Chronicle - 5 February 2005
    Cheap thrills overcome big holes in 'Boogeyman'
    Lucy "Xena: Warrior Princess" Lawless isn't as distracting as one might think playing Jensen's mother, but most of the other actors in this film are either forgettable or memorably bad. Then again, most people don't go to movies called "Boogeyman" for the acting, or the realism. They go for the Boogeyman.
    Read review
  • Added another Lucy mention - for the record Lucy is 37 in March <g>
    Review from Richmond.com - 4 February 2005
    Then there's his mom, who's played by "Xena" star Lucy Lawless. Lawless only makes it five minutes into the movies before dropping dead. And for some reason, even though she couldn't be older than 50 years old, she's made up to look like she's 143. Must be some sort of reverse Botox or something

MaryD's Art

Added Dancing Queens montage - Lucy and Renee dancing at the 2005 Xena Con


Xena Music Videos

Three Bards Video Update

  • Last Dance (a Music Video winner at the 2005 Official Xena Con) to the music of Donna Summer by Denise Byrd & Linda Crist
  • Forever & Always to the music by Shania Twain - video by Denise Byrd
    No FIN content - 7.87 mb mov file
  • You're Still Here to the music of Faith Hill - Story Idea by Missy Good, Teleplay by Denise Bird & Linda Crist
    Some FIN content - 5.12 mb mov file

Xenaverse News

  • There is a new Bruce Campbell Interview at pixelsurgeon.com. Bruce talks about his film Bubba Ho-Tep, working on Xena and Hercules and the remake of Evil Dead amongst other things.

6 February

ROC Multimedia

Boogeyman Update

Articles - Magazines

Articles - Online news / newspapers

  • Added article and Lucy on Boogeyman from Dominion Newspaper 3 February 2005 Horror Role for Lawless. Kiwi actor Lucy Lawless, who fought monsters from ancient myth in Xena: Warrior Princess, has to deal with the modern kind in a movie that opens in the United States today.
  • Added article from the Associated Press - 4 February 2005 - Boogeyman” is one of those horror movies in which everyone would be fine if they just turned on the light.
  • Zap2It has an article about Barry Watson and there is a Lucy mention
    "Xena Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless plays Watson's mother, and off camera, he'd do the high-pitched Xena call every morning for her. "She's a blast to work with, she likes to goof off a bit, and then get to business and say 'Let's shoot' like me," Watson says. His best scenes with Lawless, however, ended up on the cutting room floor, but will be on the DVD.
    Click here to read article
  • Added article from  New Orleans Channel 4 February 2005 - about Ghost House Pictures and there is a brief mention of Boogeyman with a Rob quote about Lucy
    "Boogeyman" also features a face familiar to Tapert in Lucy Lawless: His wife and of course, star, of "Xena: Warrior Princess." "She had to come in and ham it up -- it was a chance for her to be a monster," Tapert cracked.
  • Brief mention of Lucy in the review on Horror.com - 4 February 2005
    When Tim’s mother (played by the woefully underused Lucy Lawless) dies, he must go back to the unhallowed halls of his childhood home where dark memories — and a certain boogeyman — await him. Read entire review
  • Boogeyman [2005] [PG-13] - Kids-In-Mind Fri, 04 Feb 2005
    A man (Barry Watson) is tormented with the memories of a story that his father told him when he was young about a Boogeyman who hides in closets. The subsequent disappearance of his father confirms his fears, and he think it's the Boogeyman who's responsible for taking his father away.
  • Added Lucy mention from Boogeyman review on Tahoe Daily Tribune - 4 February 2005
    ...And his mother? How can you have a scary movie when your mother is Xena: Warrior Princess? Lucy Lawless (who still looks great) plays his, mom who worries too much what it is dad is reading as bedtime fodder nightly to their son.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


5 February

Boogeyman Update

Review from Michelle:

  • Bonni and myself had the opportunity to attend a pre-screening of Boogyman last night.  In my opinion this movie scared me more then the Grudge.  If you were scared of the dark as a child, then this movie will remind you of what you were afraid of.  The cast was most excellent in this film.  The music was great.  The male parts of our audience were jumping in their seats at the scariest moments.  I really recommend this film to all who are fans of old fashion horror and suspense.  It is rated PG-13 but if you have kids that are scared of the dark you may want to wait to take them to see it.   I felt the need to share this little review due to I enjoyed the movie so much.

One Weekend A Month Update

  • Renee's short film is now available to view on the Sundance web site
    If you have not registered, you are asked to register, then go to films, select shorts and
    scroll down to One Weekend a Month. This is an excellent short film, very powerful and Renee shines in the role of Meg.


Xena Convention Update

Creation T-shirts - From Sharon's site:

Here are the three new shirts that made their debut at the convention. The first is Lucy's salute to the 10th Anniversary of the show. Don't forget to check out Renee's nose. Lucy worked very hard on that The second is Renee's oil painting of Xena. Just finished the interview I did with her about the stages this painting went through. It's now online in the kit 8 site. The last is the convention shirt. These three shirts, along with all the other 10th Anniversary logo merchandise that was available at the convention -- i.e., laptop carrying cases, duffel bags, tote bags, fleece jackets, new photos, Lucy and Renee convention photos, etc. -- will be online for ordering in about two weeks. I'll put up the link as soon as it's ready to go.


AIDS Bracelet Update

  • We just wanted to give you all an update on the “For the Greater Good” bracelets. 
    First of all we would like to extend our deepest and most sincere thanks to all of you!  We have done way better than we had hoped and it is still not over!  When this started it was thought that we would sell about 100,  those first 100 went like hot cakes, so Jackie ordered another, bigger batch.  We hoped that if those sold we could raise about $400 for The Actor’s Fund – AIDS Initiative. To date, we have sold about 475 bracelets,  and yesterday, Jackie sent The AIDS Initiative a check for $800 - For the Greater Good!!!  with more to come - Wahoo!!!!  We are in our 4th batch and will continue selling them until we find that everyone who wants one has one. Jackie is planning on heading to Seattle in May where she will have them there, or you can still order them through Papal at Xenarocks@people.com.   We are so thrilled with the response that we received, you all rock!!!
    With Heartfelt Thanks!
    Xenarocks and amp searcher

4 February

Just got this note from Ashley from the DreamCatchers Foundation:

The DreamCatchers Foundation Presents:

INSPIRATIONS A Student Fundraising Auction!
This Celebrity Auction will help to raise funds for college students that are struggling to stay in school. Our goal is to make sure all of the students are able to attend school and do not to drop out due to lack of financial resources. This is a very important event for all of our students and we are very grateful to the many people have come together to help. Special thanks to the producers and associates who made this celebrity experience possible. Thank you for participating in our event!

Auction Schedule: January 21st - February 21st

The auction will include over a hundred and fifty autographed Posters, Scripts and Wardrobe Items.

Starting January 28th Xena Items are: An original prop sword used by Lucy and other guest actors.

Xena Convention Update


Ellen has once again taken some absolutely GORGEOUS photos of the dynamic duo.
Check out her pics and you can purchase them as well - click here to see more pics


XenaMedia Updates - Videos


Upcoming Event: Boogeyman is released tomorrow in the US. For those waiting for Red Carpet Lucy - it's not going to happen. Sharon Delaney has spoken to Rob and there will not be a premiere for Boogeyman. So, no red carpet Lucy.


  • There is a brief mention of Lucy in the Ventura County Star newspaper
    Ventura County Star - 2 February 2005 Tumor named 'Frank' to be tested
    Boy to undergo dangerous biopsy to see if growth is still malignant
    At 10 a.m. today, 9-year-old David Dingman-Grover, a frail wisp of a boy, will go to sleep at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. While he is under -- possibly dreaming of Lucy Lawless, the Princess Warrior who gave him a thrill at Christmas 2003 with a surprise phone call -- doctors will insert sensitive instruments through his nose to the tumor at the base of his skull, a tumor he has named Frank. They will snip bits of the tumor, which will be examined in a biopsy.

3 February

One Weekend A Month Update


Wire Image has some seriously cute pics of Renee with Eric
Many thanks to Vazquez Liliana for the news





Locusts! Update

  • The following is from TV Now - Celebrity News - 1 February 2005
     Celebrity News Date: Tuesday, February 1 Lucy Lawless: If the "Xena" star expects to survive her next film shoot, she'll need a gigantic can of Raid insect repellant. Later this month, she'll head down to New Orleans to begin filming Locusts!, a new CBS movie about a deadly breed of bio engineered locusts that form multiple swarms and cause hell on Earth earlier than predicted in the Bible. The thriller's executive producer Robert M. Sertner is a big believer in special effects that put his actors in the middle of the action. When I interviewed him about his last CBS disaster flick, Category 6: Day of Destruction, he told me that a bank of wind machines couldn't create the force he needed to show the power of hurricane winds, so he had a jet engine delivered to the set so they could blow actors and props all over the lot. Come to think of it, Lawless will need more than Raid to survive this Sertner project. Locusts! will debut on CBS Sunday, April 24 at 9pm. Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Xena Artwork

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Mouraali to the AUSXIP Artwork Section.

Xena Convention Update

Over the coming days I will be posting some of the music videos that had been submitted to the Creation Video comp - many of them won awards (congrats to those that did).


Deliver X Video by Deb Abbott & Wendy Woody (Message from Wendy)

  • Deborah and I are working on the DVDs of "DeliverX" to send out for those who have asked about them.  We're adding some extra features so it might take a little bit but not too long.  We're not sure about the cost yet but whatever the amount ends up being, after we take out the cost of actually making and mailing each DVD, the rest will go to World Vision, the company Lucy just did a video for, and their Tsunami relief.


2 February

Lucy's Locusts! Update - A note from Lucy about Locusts! (via Sharon Delaney)

Message from Lucy:

"I chose it because it was surprisingly well written and looked like  a lot of fun. The unexpected pleasure was meeting the producers in person. Not only do I feel they know how to turn out a good show, but they will set up the kind of atmosphere where I, and all the crew can do our best work. Also this is the kind of classic family fare that I grew up on. I remember the appointments my family made with 'Fantastic Voyage' and 'The Birds' and 'Triffids', and I'd love to be part of that."


From the producers of "Category 6: Day of Destruction" -- CBS's most watched scripted movie event since May 2000 -- LOCUSTS!, now in pre-production in New Orleans with production to start in mid-February.

LOCUSTS! will air Sunday, April 24 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), starring  Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess," "Tarzan") in a thriller about a deadly breed of bioengineered locusts that form multiple swarms, covering thousands of square miles, creating a new and unimaginable threat to the United States. Frank von Zerneck, Robert M. Sertner and Jill Tanner ("They Shoot Divas, Don't They?") are the executive producers for von Zerneck/Sertner Films.

Renee's One Weekend A Month Update

One Weekend A Month - the following is from Joseph Beyer the Associate Programmer at the Sundance Film Festival Many thanks to Tracy for passing this along

Hello, this film WILL be added, unfortunately we had a problem with the master and we've been working to re-encode it, it should be available no later than next week, cheers.
Joseph Beyer
Associate Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
Manager, Sundance Online Film Festival (SOFF)


Xena Convention Update

  • The footage that was taken during Friday at the con will be shown on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on 3rd February for those in the US / 4th February for Aussies on Foxtel. Boogeyman is due for release on the 4th Feb. Many thanks to Minu for confirmation of the news



AUSXIP XenaMedia

  • Added transcript and scan from Woman's Day - 7 February 2005 - To and 'Fro. Strutting her stuff in a giant Afro wig and skimpy, fringed hotpants, Lucy Lawless was barely recognisable when she jumped out of a giant cake at the 10th Annual Xena Warrior Princess convention at the Burbank Airport Hilton in California.
  • Added transcript and scan from NZ New Idea - 5 February 2005 - Party Princess - Lucy Lawless proved she's stil got the legs to keep men looking when she popped out of a giant birthday cake at a Xena convention. The warrior princess emerged in a skimpy bikini and a black afro wig, closely followed by Renee O"Conner, who played her sidekick Gabrielle on the show.

One Weekend A Month Update

  • Mercury News - 24 January 2005 ``One Weekend a Month'' shows Meg (played by Renee O'Connor of ``Xena: Warrior Princess'') making a series of increasingly desperate phone calls to try to find someone to take care of her children while she's at war. With increasingly long National Guard deployments in Iraq, this under-documented problem has become a looming crisis in the military's ranks. Escobar's film powerfully illuminates the problem.
  • The Park Record - 29 January 2005 2005 Sundance Film Festival Winners
    The Shorts Jury awarded Honorable Mentions in Short Filmmaking to ONE WEEKEND A MONTH; RYAN (Canada), SMALL TOWN SECRETS,TAMA TU (New Zealand) and VICTORIA PARA CHINO. 

ROC VCR Alerts US Only

  • Changes
    Sat Feb 12 02:35P on Lifetime Movie Network
  • Follow the River
    Tue Feb 15 09:00P on Hallmark

Locusts! Movie Update

Lucy VCR Alerts - US only

  • The X-Files Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 1
    Wed Feb 2 04:00A on TNT
  • The X-Files Nothing Important Happened Today II, Part 2
    (CC) Wed Feb 2 05:00A on TNT
  • Eurotrip
    Thu Feb 3 05:00P on Cinemax
    Fri Feb 4 12:40A on Cinemax
    Sun Feb 6 02:30P on Cinemax #2
    Mon Feb 7 02:45A on Cinemax #2
    Wed Feb 9 02:30P on Cinemax
  • Just Shoot Me
    Tue Feb 8 11:00A on WOR New York

Ghost House Pictures Update

  • Raimi Holding Quite a Grudge
    Sam Raimi, who produced "The Grudge,' is wondering about Japanese humor. His horror films, including "The Evil Dead,' are laced with black humor, but "The Grudge,' which was based on a Japanese film, "Ju-on,' and made by the same director, Takashi Shimizu, is downright creepy.
    Click here to read more (brief mention of Xena and Hercules)


1 February

Lucy News Update
This information has just been released and Locusts with Lucy is confirmed (Lucy wasn't sure about the movie at the con)

LOCUSTS!, Sunday, April 24 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT CBS), stars Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess," "Tarzan") in a thriller about of a deadly breed of bioengineered locusts that form multiple swarms, covering thousands of square miles, creating a new and unimaginable threat to the United States. Frank von Zerneck, Robert M. Sertner and Jill Tanner ("They Shoot Divas, Don't They?") are the executive producers for von Zerneck/Sertner Films.

GabEgrrl's XtoG site and AUSXIP:

I am very pleased to announce that GabEgrrl's XtoG site will be merged into AUSXIP. GabEgrrls gorgeous music videos are well known to visitors of the Music Video Section. I will be incorporating her beautiful artwork, wallpapers, fiction and her Renee section into AUSXIP, Lucy Files and Renee Files sections. Many thanks to GabEgrrl for contributing her work to AUSXIP.

Intertwined Souls Update -
Eva and Zoe Fiction by MaryD, Artwork by Lucia Nobrega

I am very pleased to announce that Lucia has started on new artwork for the Intertwined Series beginning with In the Blood of the Greeks, the first novel. These are absolutely gorgeous.

One Weekend A Month Update


Subtext Virtual Season

The fifth episode of Season 10 , "The Gift" is now available!

After a lot of discussion on the SVS staff's part, we have decided to bring Season 10 to an early close. We will be airing the next 3 episodes but will be ending Season 10 on February 13th.

The past several months have seen real life interfere with all our staff and it's just become too difficult for us to continue and still keep the quality that we all demand from ourselves. After airing the last 3 episodes of Season 10, we will have 'aired' 55 episodes and hope y'all have enjoyed them as much as we have.

This isn't the end though because we have decided to produce 2 to 4 'movies' a year starting this summer. This will allow us to continue something we really enjoy but also give us time to take care of real life too!

We hope you will join us as we continue Xena & Gabrielle's adventures this summer.

Lucy Articles

Lucy Charity Update

2005 Newspapers

  • Added scan from the Toronto Star - 30 January 2005 - in Stargazing, two pictures of Lucy from the con. Plucky Lucy Lawless does the funky chicken at the 10th Annversary Xena: Warrior Princess Convention at the Burbank Airport Hilton & Towers

Lucy Magazine Alert

The following is from Kiwi Attic

Lucy's in our mags again with some awesome sexy pics with her and Renee performing at the latest Xena Convention.

The New Idea mag has 4 photos of the party princesses as they sing along in their "frilly" bikinis!


The New Idea is US$16.00 including packaging and shipping. (this is a heavy mag!)


The Womans Weekly mag has the one pic of the Lucy and Renee in full dance and singing mode!

The Womans Weekly is US$10.00 including packaging and shipping

If you would like both mags, the total is US$24.00 shipped.

Leanne Stewart
Kiwi Attic Ltd
17 Chaucer Place, Rotorua, New Zealand


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