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What's New on AUSXIP

Lucy Lawless - My Life Changing Journey (NZ Woman's Weekly)
Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars - CD (Lucy sings "Little Child")
People Magazine 13 February 2006 - Lucy mention/pic about Two and A Half Men

28 February 2006

Lucy NZ Media

  • For those who are wanting to pick up the latest newspaper and magazine articles dealing with Lucy's upcoming visit to New Zealand, contact Lesley from http://www.shopenzed.com/ to reserve your copies.

Upcoming Lucy Events for March

  • Where Are They Now? - Aust Only - March 2006
  • The Darkroom Movie | Role: Cheryl - March 2006 (according to the NZ TV Guide - nothing else has been heard about a release date for this movie other than the TV Guide article)
  • Auckland Cup Charity Ball - 6 March 2006 in New Zealand
  • Auckland Cup Day - Guest of Ellerslie - 8 March 2006 in New Zealand

Battlestar Galactica

  • Jenn from XWPOnline has created a new forum for those interested in discussing Battlestar Galactica now that Lucy is on board for Season 3.
    Check out the Battlestar Galactica Combat Information Center

Starship Foundation

Lucy Articles

OK! Magazine - March 2006 Actress, Singer, Mum, Gay Icon - Lucy Lawless - The ex-warrior princess on life in LA and the lure of Celebrity Love.

The OK magazine article which features Lucy at home  is in the March issue which is out now in Australia. The interview is shorter (from the US Version) but also contains different questions and answers.

The Adventures of Lucy "Lumberjack" Lawless...

It seems Lucy has been up to a bit of mischief and someone was there to record it :)

Check out the pics on Lawless Ink



Lucy TV Alerts for March

UK Fans:
Many thanks to Jan for the following:

  • Two and a Half Men (It was Mame, Ma) is going to be shown on the UK's Paramount Comedy Channel this coming Saturday (March 4th) at 19.30
  • Final Cut - 5 March 2006 (Repeat)
  • Tarzan will also be getting a showing - check your tv guide for times

US Fans
Many thanks to Cassie for the following


27 February 2006

Lucy Races Home To New Zealand

I've been asked by Starship Foundation Events & Communication Manager
to let all Kiwis know about this event and for you (if you are in NZ) to attend! So go and support the Starship Foundation and Lucy :)


Lucy Lawless Races Home For Auckland Cup Week

New Zealand's own Hollywood star chooses Starship Foundation over Oscars
While most of Hollywood is preparing to shine at the Oscars, LA based
New Zealand star Lucy Lawless is racing home to attend an inaugural
event for the Starship Foundation and the Auckland Racing Club.
Click here to read more

Battlestar Galactica

Downloaded Reviews

Lucy VCR Alert for Greeks
Many thanks to Pany for the following alerts:

  • X-Files: Nothing Important Happened Today II will be on next sunday 00:30 night the second X_FILES episode
  • Tarzan is every sunday noon 15:30.....


The Bard's Corner


New Published Novels

The following is from SX Meagher

I'm pleased to announce that I'm now taking orders for the following books:

Arbor Vitae, Awakenings, Beginnings, Coalescence, and Disclosures

I'm self-publishing these books, and I've named my tiny company Brisk Press in honor of my dear friend Anne.  My printer has promised that I'll received these books by Friday, March 3. I'll begin shipping on Saturday, March 4. I've ordered plenty of books, so if you want one and can't swing it right now--don't worry. I'll
have enough to go around. I'll be out of town from Sunday, March 5 until Sunday,
March 12, so there will be a short delay in shipping during my absence.

The previous draft of all of the books will remain available on my website. www.sxmeagher.com - Go to www.briskpress.com to order.
Thank you for your support.

Xenaverse News

VCR Alerts for US (Bruce Campbell)

  • Army Of Darkness, Alien Apocalypse & Man with a Screaming Brain back to back to back.  Starting at 7 PM & 9 PM & 11 PM Tuesday 28th.
    Many thanks to Lee for the news

Adrienne Wilkinson

  • News.leader.com has an interview with Adrienne
    Adrienne Wilkinson fell for cute rocker-doc Ray Bennett (aka actor Shane West) in last year's "ER" season finale. Well, a stunt double actually did the falling. But it was Wilkinson who spoke the lines as Ray's flirty friend when a high-rise deck collapsed. She's also played roles recently on "Charmed," "Days of Our Lives" and "Angel."  Click here to read more and a Q&A with Adrienne - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

26 February 2006

New Film For Lucy! - Welcome the Pleasure Dome

Lawless lands raunchy role in camp caper

26 February 2006  Kiwi actress and gay icon Lucy Lawless is preparing to star in a raunchy and "high camp" film set in New York. Insiders say the script for Welcome to the Pleasure Dome is the hottest seen in New Zealand for some time. Set in a nightclub, the sexy and edgy storyline delves into issues of betrayal.
Read more here

Battlestar Galactica

Official Magazine News - from scifi.com

Win with The Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine! For a chance to win a really cool prize package, buy the next issue, a special 100-page yearbook, on sale March 28.

Screencaptures - Downloaded

You can never have enough Lucy captures <g>

2006 Xena Convention


Steve Sears has put up a whole bunch of pictures from the 2006 Xena Con!
Gorgeous pics as usual - check them out:

Many thanks Steve!


25 February 2006

Lawless Ink has been updated with a new message from Lucy.

Battlestar Galactica

Video Clips - Downloaded
Added 7 clips from the episode in wmv format
Clips created by Roger

Screencaptures - Downloaded
411 Screencaptures by Roger


BSG Downloaded Feedback:

If you saw the episode and would like to tell Lucy what you thought, Sharon is collecting the feedback and will give them to Lucy. Email your feedback to lucylawlessfanclub@dslextreme.com or if you are on the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club List - you can post your thoughts there.

Here's a review from the episode (read at your risk if you haven't seen the episode yet)

  • SignOnSanDiego.com...But Friday night's episode, "Downloaded," refreshingly succeeds on so many levels as we head into the season finale.
    Read more

Added a new poll - check it out


24 February 2006

Battlestar Galactica

The podcast for Downloaded is available for download (links to scifi.com)

Teaser   Act 1   Act 2   Act 3   Act 4   or   Full Episode

  • Updated Episode Guide / Spoilers with more info about Downloaded

The following articles contain MAJOR spoilers for Downloaded.

Unexpected Dreams CD Update

  • The release date for the CD has been pushed back to April 25 (according to Amazon.com email I received).



AUSXIP XenaMedia - Pictures

Added Xena Photo Club Images for January 2005
Scans contributed by Gerry


23 February 2006

Sharon has posted a snapshot from the Coffee Talk #5 video - Lucy and a now blonde again Renee. They do look seriously cute together. Check the larger image on the Sharon's Official Xena Fan Club  Page


Battlestar Galactica

  • Updated Episode Guide / Spoilers with more info about Downloaded


Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

Added DVD screencaptures from the 1993 movie "The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior"


Warrior Women

Warrior Women Video Clips

Warrior Women Episode #5 - Boudica
Click here to download Video Clips in rm format
Clips created by Morwen

In 62 BC, most of England was under the thumb of the Romans. Queen Boudica was married to King Prasutagus of the semi-autonomous Iceni tribe in the east. When the king died, he bequeathed half his kingdom to his young wife and her two daughters, and half to Emperor Nero to appease Rome. Thinking they could intimidate the young woman into complete submission, the Romans promptly flogged Queen Boudica, raped her daughters and stole her lands. Boudica took up the sword, rallied her Iceni warriors and went on a rampage.


Film Market: Independent Film and Music Exhibition

What do you get when you cross a hip haircut, a synthesizer, and a reel of 8mm film? Independence that never looked or sounded this good. Bottom of the Hill hosts an evening of short films, including the winner of the Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at Sundance 2005, One Weekend a Month, directed by Eric Escobar and starring Renee O'Connor (best known as Gabrielle, Xena the warrior princess's sultry playmate). Also showing is I Need My Mocha, winner of the Best Short Film at the 2005 Latino Film Festival. Local psychedelic-experimental outfit D.W. Holiday kicks off the music portion of the night, followed by SF rock sweetheart Jen Chochinov and her band Schande. (Jenny Miyasaki)

8 p.m.
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., SF
Price: $7 

Source: SF Bay Guardian
Many thanks to Julie for the news



22 February 2006

Battlestar Galactica

  • Reminder for UK Fans: "Final Cut" will be shown in the UK on Sky One - Tuesday 28 February.

  • Reminder for US Fans: Lucy's second episode "Downloaded" will be shown Friday 24 February 2006. Click here to "Downloaded" Trailer

New Articles

Warrior Women

Added video clips (rm format in zipped files) of Warrior Women - The Real Mulan. Videos by Morwen

Click here to download clips

Also available are video clips from Joan of Arc, Grace O'Malley and Lozen
The Boudica clips will be up shortly.

For those unaware of this series:

Lucy hosts 5 one-hour episodes in this documentary series produced by October Films production - Discovery Networks Co-production. This series of five films bring to life History’s most charismatic women warrior. Shot on location in France, Ireland, Britain, China, and New Mexico, the stories are a heady mix of historical sleuthing and provocative reconstruction brought to the screen by television’s most famous women warrior: Lucy Lawless, star of the television series Xena, Warrior Princess.  Each story investigates the intimate, gritty details of the life and times of these real women and celebrates the popular mythology that surrounds them a popularity that has grown exponentially in our zest for Hollywood-sized depictions of these iconic heroines.


Xena Auction To Benefit Trevor Project
(Suicide Prevention Hotline for Gay and Lesbian Youth)

I received the following from Ariel of Planet Femme:

"Planet Femme is hosting an upcoming Xena props  auction to benefit the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline for gay and lesbian youth.  Ariel, the founder of Planet Femme, has a number of items from her personal collection that she got from Turner Auctions in New Zealand and a prop house in Burbank to auction to fund the important work of the Trevor Project. These items include the shoes worn by Lucy Lawless in "Warrior, Princess, Tramp" signed by costume designer Nigla Dickson, an Amazon  mallet, a Horde ax probably held by Lucy in "The Price."   The items will be auctioned during a St. Patrick's Day fundraiser on Saturday, March 18th at the Art Center in Pasadena, California.  The evenings festivities will feature a rough cut screening of Amber Benson's ("Tara" from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")new film "Lovers, Liars & Lunatics" which she wrote and directed.

The event will be followed by a St. Patrick's Day buffet and the Xena auction.  You may also put in a proxy bid if you can't attend in person. For further details, please visit the Planet Femme web site at: www.planetfemme.net and click "Upcoming Events." From this page, you can follow the link to the auction page."



19 February 2006

I've added a sidebar which has the latest multimedia that has been added to the
site(s). With all the news and updates I have on the what's new page, they tend to get lost very quickly so this will make it easier to find the various multimedia.

New Lucy Photos (from Lawless Ink)

Lucy VCR Alert - Australia

  • Lucy's interview on "Where Are They Now" - a new show on Australian TV is on 26 February 2006 on channel 7 (6:30 pm in Sydney and Melbourne. Please check your tv guide in other areas). I'm not quite sure if Lucy's interview will be on the first episode but I will be checking with channel 7 today to find out. Stay tuned. Thanks to Lyn for the heads up.

Battlestar Galactica

BSG in France

  • Lucy's first episode episode "Final Cut" ("La dernière Séquence") will be aired on the new french SCI-FI chanel (cable/sat network) on Sunday the 19th at 8.50 PM (rerun at 10.20PM the same night, at 10.50 PM on Monday the 20th and at 3.50 PM on Wendsday the 22th). There is a brief mention (and pic) of Lucy as D'anna Biers in the French TV Guide "Télé Cable Satellite Hebdo".
    Many thanks to Catherine for the news and the scan

New Lucy Subsite - The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

Please be aware that clip #1 contains recollections from a nuclear bomb victim that may be distressing. He was exposed to the effects of a bomb being tested with no warnings or precautions taken by the French Government to the Islanders.

18 February 2006

Battlestar Galactica

These trailers contain spoilers - avoid if you want to keep spoiler free

Added trailers for BSG "Downloaded"
available in both mov and wmv formats
(short version)

Also the longer AOL Downloaded trailer
is available...for download <vbg> I'm sorry I couldn't resist. I tried. Really I did. Heh.


The following appeared in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (available next week)

  • Xena's Back! 10-11PM
    Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi Channel, TV-14-LV)
    Lucy Lawless guests! Okay, breathe. That's it...nice and slow.
    (Entertainment Weekly) - Many thanks to Jen for the news



17 February 2006

New Lucy Interview

  • Lucy Lawless on Playing the Purest Cylon Feb 17 2006
    A few days ago, the Sci Fi Channel provided the good news that Lucy Lawless' character on Battlestar Galactica will be featured in a ten-episode arc at the start of the show's third season. Lawless plays a fiercely dedicated investigative reporter D'Anna Biers... (Contains Spoilers)
    Read the interview here: http://scifi.about.com/od/bgsonscifi/a/lawless2.htm
    Many thanks to Justine for the news

Lucy Video - 2006

New Lucy Video from IESB - they interviewed Lucy outside the Warner Bros Grammy Awards After party. You can view the video or download it - Thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Contains minor spoilers for Battlestar Galactica Season 3:

To view via streaming video:
http://www.iesb.net/videointerviews/lucylawless.php (Win Media)
http://www.iesb.net/videointerviews/lucylawlessqt.php (mov format) 

To download:
http://www.iesb.net/video/lucylawlessbsg.wmv or                                  http://www.iesb.net/video/lucylawlessbsg.mov

Added a tv commercial about Lucy in Grease!
September 1997

wmv format (zipped) 1.6 mb


Battlestar Galactica

It's a Small Acting World

  • John Heard (last seen as the mad scientist who bioengineers mutant locusts on America and where Maddy Rierdon saves the day) will be the next Pegasus commander on Battlestar Galactica in episode #17.


Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars - CD (Lucy sings "Little Child")

  • ET Online 16 February 2006
    Stars Show Off Their Musical Side
    ....Other famous folks lending their voices include JENNIFER GARNER, JOHN STAMOS, LUCY LAWLESS, ERIC McCORMACK, JEREMY IRONS and JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS. They'll be covering tracks by such artists as SADE, BOB DYLAN, BILLY JOEL and THE BEATLES.
    Many thanks to LB for the link
  • Film, TV actors take the mic on 'Unexpected Dreams'
    Billboard.com Feb. 15, 2006 04:40 PM
    NEW YORK - Actress Scarlett Johansson, "Moulin Rouge" star Ewan McGregor and "Desperate Housewives" principal Teri Hatcher are among the actors that have been tapped to put their own spin on famous tunes on "Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars."  Read more...


The Bard's Corner

Conqueror Fiction

Uber Fiction

  • Added Twenty Four Hour Valentine (complete) by D
  • Added Tempus Fugit - Part 1 (Unfinished) by Mavis Applewater
    In part one of Mavis Applewater's new series, the story begins in 1956 giving a glimpse into the life of Ellen Druette a seventeen year old cheerleader who thinks she knows herself. That summer she learns that she knows nothing at all.


16 February 2006

This is sad news. I am a big fan of Babylon 5 and SciFi.com is reporting that Andreas Katsulas has passed away. Andreas was the wonderful Ambassador G'kar on the show. He was one of my favourite characters.

Babylon 5's Katsulas Dies

Andreas Katsulas, the character actor known to SF fans as G'Kar on Babylon 5 and a familiar face from Star Trek and other SF&F TV shows, died Feb. 13 of lung cancer in Los Angeles, his agent, Donna Massetti, confirmed to SCI FI Wire. He was 59.

Katsulas, a longtime resident of Los Angeles, played the Narn ambassador G'Kar for five years in the syndicated cult TV series Babylon 5, starting in 1993. He reprised the role in subsequent Babylon 5 telefilms.
Click here to read more on SciFi.com

Battlestar Galactica

  • Redesigned the site a little bit with a new banner and some tweaking
  • Production on season three of Battlestar Galactica will begin in April in Vancouver.

Episode Guide


The following articles contain spoilers:

New Lucy Subsite - E! Celebrity Profile

Added video clips and screencaptures from the E! Celebrity Profile Lucy Lawless - Wife, Mother, Warrior Princess which aired on
15 November 2000. The show interviews Lucy, Lucy's friends, her family and her co-workers (including Renee O'Connor and Marissa Jaret Winokur (Lucy's co-star in Grease and friend). Traces Lucy's life from Auckland to her rise to fame in Xena.


15 February 2006

Today in History:

Evelyn Renee O'Connor was born on

15 February 1971 in Katy, Texas, USA.

Happy Birthday, Renee!





14 February 2006

Battlestar Galactica


  • TV Guide 20 February 2006 - Battle-Startling. Article discussing the episode "Downloaded" - Contains MASSIVE spoilers and promo pic from the episode.
  • PlanetOut - 14 February 2006
    Lesbians suffering from Lucy Lawless withdrawal since the demise of "Xena" now have a reason to get up every day. Lawless will become a recurring cast member in season three of Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica" series. The lesbian icon will play the role of D'Anna Biers, an investigative journalist who isn't exactly who she appears to be.

Episode Images

Episode Guide

Updated BSG Episode Guide with the latest on Lucy's upcoming episode Downloaded:

  • Updated Spoilers
  • Added credits for the episode
  • Added video blog from the episode

Click here to view the episode guide page - please be aware that the page does contain spoilers.

Lucy Video

Lucy arriving at the Warner Bros Grammy after party
Click here to view

Many thanks to rj75 and Barbara Davies for the link



Official ROC Site Update

  • Renee has updated her official site with an update to the Ask Renee Section
    Are you the type of actor that stays in character between takes, given the busy, bustling nature of a film set? (I'm thinking of the prison scene in 'Ides of March' for example.) Or does it depend on the emotional content of the scene, the actors you work with, and the script? – Read Renee's answer on her site
  • Reporting Home has also been updated:
    Greetings from baby central!  It is funny how my mind is working now.  I am either re-reading parts I have already memorized from "What To Expect When You're Expecting," or I am looking at paperwork from Screen Actors Guild agreements from Diamonds and Guns, and working on spotting cues for extra dialogue replacement for the film... Read more on Renee's site
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the update

The Bard's Corner

Post FIN Fic

  • Girl With A Chakram - Parts 1 & 2 (Unfinished) by Caina Fuller

  • Eve summons Gabrielle, who has been fighting in Egypt since Xena’s death, to Amphipolis. Greece is falling apart under strange storms caused by a threat that no one may be able to stop, not even the new carrier of the Chakram.

New Published Books


Taipo has got her first story published in an anthology "The Perfect Valentine"  Her story"Rose-Colored Glasses," is finally available from Bella Books

Click here to read more and to order




13 February 2006

Update on yesterday's site problems: All fixed. <g>

NZ Holiday Show

Lucy travels to the Asian shopping mecca of Hong Kong.
added video clip


Lucy Articles - 1996

Video Clips

Lucy and Kevin Promax Promo
mov format - 5.3 mb

Advert for upcoming Promax Luncheon
June 2005


Xena Articles - 1996




12 February 2006

New Lucy Subsite - The Adventures of the Black Stallion

Lucy guest starred in this tv show (which was shot in NZ and features a well known black sanded beach) in 1993.


Lucy VCR Alerts - US

If you missed the documentary "Heartbeat To Heartbeat" which features Lucy, you can catch it at the times below or you can download the Lucy interview part:

Sun, Feb 12, 2006 -- 4:00 pm
Mon, Feb 13, 2006 -- 1:00 am
Sat, Mar 25, 2006 -- 11:30 pm
Sun, Mar 26, 2006 -- 5:00 pm

Lucy VCR Alerts - Greece
Many thanks to Pany for the news:

  • Tarzan will be starting in Greece TODAY at 3:30 pm and continuing every Sunday (8 episodes in total). It can be seen on the Star Channel.


Xena Episode Guide

Season 1

  • Added review for Episode 12 - Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts by Sheryl-Lee
    It must have sounded great in the pitch meeting: "I know, Xena helps Helen and liberates Troy. Oh and Gabrielle discovers one of the soldiers is her former fiancé. AND he’s got good hair now." But there’s many a slip betwixt cup and lip as Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts shows only too well.....

The Bard's Corner


  • Soul Food (Complete) By IseQween
    Xena cautiously accepts a traveling companion as she prepares to journey away from SINS OF THE PAST.

Xenaverse News

Bruce Campbell

  • They Call Me Bruce - Best news I've heard all day
    Bruce Campbell is getting ready to go into production on what could possibly be the single greatest motion picture in the history of mankind. Screw gay cowboys and hobbits and Shawshanks... to hell with them all. "They Call Me Bruce" is the name that will echo through history!  Read more here
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


11 February 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Lucy VCR Alerts - UK
Many thanks to Jock for the following:

  • Just Shoot Me ; Ep: The Auction
    Monday   13th Feb - 08:25 - Channel 4

  • Boogeyman
    Friday 10th Mar - 20:00 - Sky Movies 2
    Friday 10th Mar - 21:00 - Sky Movies 6
    Wedensday  22nd Mar - 21:30 - Sky Movies 2

ROC VCR Alerts - UK
Many thanks to Jock for the following:

  • Darkmam II: The Return of Durant
    Monday   13th Feb - 23:30 - Sky Movies 5
    Friday     17th Feb - 23:25 - Sky Movies 3
    Saturday  18th Feb - 01:35 - Sky Movies 3
    Tuesday   21st Feb - 23:30 - Sky Movies 5
    Monday    27th Feb - 00:45 - Sky Movies 7

Articles - 1999



10 February 2006

Update on World Vision Project -

The total money raised over a day and a bit was $461.08 USD which was pretty nifty. That money has gone to World Vision and is going to sponsor a child in Bangladesh. His name is Juwel.

Juwel lives with his parents and 1 sister. His parents struggle to provide for the family. His father is a factory worker and his mother takes care of the household. Despite their efforts it is difficult to meet the family's needs. He is growing up in a crowded slum community in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. A typical home in the community is made of bamboo, with a metal roof and a dirt floor. The local population survives on rice, fish and whatever vegetables they can afford. The climate in this region is variable, with temperatures as high as 90 degrees and as low as 48 degrees. His birthday is December 17, 1999, his health is good, he likes to play football, he's not in school yet and his chores are housework

Over the coming weekend a donation page will be added to the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club Page where you can donate money (snail mail it or electronically) so we can sponsor more kids like Juwel. You won't have to be a member of the fan club list, you just need to be eager to part with your money (and as little as $1 will do). AUSXIP has 7,000 unique visitors a day...let's do some math here. If everyone donated $1 that would be $7,000 and that $7,000 can take care close to 15 children IN ONE YEAR. Imagine that. Your $1 can go to changing someone's life forever. How cool would that be? Just $1. Hey if you want to give more than $1 - by all means go right ahead. Just remember $1 will change a child's life forever.


Lucy VCR Alerts

UK Fans: (Many thanks to Jan for the news)
  • Lucy's original BSG episode (Final Cut) is due to be shown on Sky One on Tuesday 28th February - 21:00 - 22:00 - repeated on Sky Two on 2nd March at 20:00 - 21:00

Lucy Videos

Entertainment Tonight

The "Blink and You Missed Her" Lucy moment on Entertainment Tonight is available for those that blinked and missed her <g>
Entertainment Tonight 9 February 2006 - wmv and mov formats
Many thanks to Roger for the video clips



ROC UK VCR Alerts - (Many thanks to Jan for the news)

  • ROC's - The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? Sunday 5th March, 01:55 to 03:40 on Living TV


9 February 2006

Lucy TV Alert:

Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight briefly (TODAY) as part of the Grammy Awards party coverage - please check your tv guide for the time in your area - Many thanks to Aleida for the news

For Aussies:
Bad news for Aussies not on cable- due to the first final of the Cricket one dayer between Australia and Sri Lanka, ET will not be shown on Channel 9

If you have FOXTEL you can get ET on at 11:30 am on Fox8.



Lucy's role as a Celebrity model on the Circle of Passion / An Evening With Lloyd Klein Couture / Elevate Hope Foundation Event will not take place. Lucy will be not be participating in this event according to Lawless Ink

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Lucy attended the Grammy Awards Party (8 February 2006) -
Gorgeous as ever (and the hair extensions are back).

Added high resolution scans from this event
These images are pretty large so they make take some time to download for those on dialup.

Added medium res pictures from Wire Images

You can also find smaller images from the following sites:
Many thanks to Roger for the following links:

The Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars - CD (Lucy sings "Little Child") can now be pre-ordered from Amazon.com for an 6 April 2006 release

Lucy Lawless 5 Days in Bangladesh

If you are unable to view the Five Days in Bangladesh video clips in mov format - please upgrade your Quicktime software to Quicktime V7 which is available here

The Windows Media Versions (wmv) are now available to download from the video clips page


Battlestar Galactica

  • Cablefax Daily 7 February 2006 Volume: Vol. 17, Issue: 25
    Lucy "Xena" Lawless will join Sci Fi's "Battlestar Galactica" as a human- looking Cylon for 10 eps next season; her guest appearance in season 1 as that character was tremendous. She guests again Feb 24. --
  • Hollywood Reporter 7 February 2006 Lawless follows arc to "Galactica" Former "Xena: Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless has signed on for a 10-episode story arc on Sci Fi Channel's red-hot "Battlestar Galactica."
  • Lucy lawless back in space
    Stuff.co.nz - Wellington,New Zealand
    Former Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless will soon be taking her New Zealand accent back into space. She is joining the permanent ...

Xena TV Schedule

  • In Belgium they started tu re-run Xena:warrior princess, each Satruday 16.00-17.00 and sunday at 16.45-17.45 on channel Kanaal Twee.
    Many thanks to Ria for the news

8 February 2006

Lucy Lawless 5 Days in Bangladesh

  • I'll be converting the video clips to wmv format in the next day or so for those that have been unable to view the mov files

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Third Annual "Funny Ladies We Love" Awards

Added 18 high resolution scans - these are pretty big so they will take time to download for those with dialup or slower connections

Added medium resolution scans from Wire Image
Added Getty Images

Many thanks to CorXy, Geoffrey and Roger for the scans


Lesbianation Poll - Women We Love

As reported on the 1 February - Lesbianation was going to have a poll on Women we Love - The poll is now underway - Put your hands together girls for the hottest lady to ever wear leather on screen as we welcome none other than Lucy Lawless to our Women We Love Top Ten List! Lucy's newest gig on the Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Gallactica (as well as a recent appearance on Veronica Mars) has her fans e-mailing us in droves! We must obey your wishes, so her she is, our former Xena goddess out to conquer our list! Lucy will be back on Battlestar this month, so keep a look out - meanwhile, cast your vote now!

Lucy is placed sixth so go and vote:
Many thanks to MET and Bonni

Lucy Videos - Interviews

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Videos - Battlestar Galactica


More articles on Lucy getting the Battlestar Galactica role (the following articles are links)

  • Lucy Lawless to get more ‘Galactica' appearances
    Malaysia Star - Malaysia
    According to SCI FI Channel, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) will reprise her role as D'Anna Biers in a 10-episode arc in Battlestar Galactica's
  • Lucy Lawless hops on `Battlestar`
    Monsters and Critics.com - Glasgow,UK
    LOS ANGELES, CA, United States (UPI) -- Lucy 'Xena: Warrior Princess' Lawless is joining the permanent cast of the Sci Fi Channel`s 'Battlestar Galactica,' it ...

ROC Site Update by Mesh

One Weekend A Month Artwork by AmazonMine

AmazonMine made a wonderful presentation for the Burbank Con's Charity Breakfast as a tribute to Renee's One Weekend a Month short film.

She was kind enough to go along with my request and wrote up how the idea and the creation of this case came along. Those who couldn't attend the breakfast will now have the chance to see and read about this amazing and unique item. 

2006 Xena Convention

The following video have been cleared with Brian from Creation. The video was created by the Marquessa and they are of the costume contest. Enjoy.



7 February 2006

World Vision:

Yesterday I had a brainstorm (happens occasionally after a full moon) and I put the suggestion out there to the Lucy fan club list about a group sponsor of a child through World Vision.  The final plans haven't been ironed out yet but the idea is thus:

To sponsor a child through World Vision it costs @ $450 a year. If people donate $1 or $2 or $50 (whatever you want to give), it can be a collective thing. This is done mainly under the wing of the Lucy fan club but whoever wants to can join. At the moment PowerofXena has set up a page with the particulars and such. If you would like to donate, you are more than welcome. As I mentioned all the details haven't been ironed out yet but when they are, I will post them here.

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Third Annual "Funny Ladies We Love" Awards Hosted By Ladies' Home Journal, February 6, 2006 - Cabana Club
Hollywood, California United States  Pictures can be found here: Wire Images * Celebrity Photos * Getty Images * ISIFA * Daily Celeb *
Many thanks to LB and San


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Battlestar Galactica

  • It has been officially confirmed by a SciFi Press Release that Lucy has signed on for the third season of Battlestar Galactica.
    Lawless Joins Galactica Cast
    SCI FI Channel announced that Lucy Lawless joins the cast of its original series Battlestar Galactica in the upcoming third season. Lawless will become a recurring cast member, reprising her role as D'Anna Biers in a 10-episode arc. The third season begins production in Vancouver, Canada, in April.
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BSG Images

  • First images of Lucy on BSG episode "Downloaded" are now available to view on the ravenclawdrew blog - Please be aware they do contains spoilers. Images also from The Captain's Hand and Sacrifice (do not have Lucy in them)



6 February 2006

Lucy Lawless Five Days in Bangladesh Video and Screencaptures

This is one hell of a moving documentary. Yes it tugs at the heartstrings but it also shows how privileged we all are - even if we don't have a lot of money or materially own alot of possessions but we do have enough and after seeing this documentary, I think we all live like queens and kings. This documentary will upset some people - especially in videoclip #3 - Lucy meets a family that has not benefited (yet) from the World Vision program. It is truly heartbreaking. Please be aware that it will hit you in the gut (as it's supposed to do). Lucy lost it completely in this clip. 

Added five Video Clips in mov format
Added screencaptures from the documentary



5 February 2006

Virus Emails:

Okay folks seems everyone on my AUSXIP update list is getting a ton of mail from me. It's not me. It's the Kama Sutra bloody virus which is also running rampant through the net. I NEVER send out attachments with any of the updates so if you see any updates with attachments DELETE it immediately.

Lucy Subsite - Something So Right

Added new Lucy subsite/info page for the TV Show Something So Right. Lucy appeared on that show as herself which was aired 29 April 1997


Video Clips


Xena Comic Update

  • Http://comicbookbin.com/news507.html
    Dynamite Entertainment will make comics based on Universal Studios's Xena. Creative teams, definitive launch dates and marketing efforts for the new comic series will be announced in the coming weeks.

    “We’re very happy to be working on the new Xena comics, as she is a great character that had one of the longest runs in TV syndication. We’re launching BIG on this one, with a BIG story from a writer who will take Xena on bold new adventures,” commented Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. “I’ve read the breakdown of the opening arc and the first script, and this guy, let’s call him John for now, has really nailed it!”
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


4 February 2006

Lawless Ink Update

Lawless Ink has been updated with a new message from Lucy and a new page design

  • Lucy has officially signed on to Battlestar Galactica (yeay!)
  • Lucy will be attending two functions in the coming week:
    Grammy Party
    Good Housekeeping Party - in honour of Teri Hatcher

Go to LAWLESS INK for Lucy's message and the new design

Battlestar Galactica


3 February 2006

VCR Alerts for February

  • For UK Fans:
    Tarzan is being repeated weekly on UK TV's Sky Three starting from Thursday, 23rd February, 20.00-21.00 - Many thanks to Jan for the news

Lucy Articles

Elevate Hope Foundation / Circle of Passion

Lucy Videos

Added Lucy's interview from Hollywood.com where she talks about Xena, Battlestar Galactica and where her life and career are headed. - Contributed by Twink

mov format 12.2 mb

Renee Images

Xena Articles


2 February 2006


The Bard's Corner


  • A Family Repair (Complete) By IseQween
    Gabrielle and Xena aren't the only ones dealing with the aftermath of the fourth season's A FAMILY AFFAIR.

2006 Xena Convention


Pictures by Annie

Articles - 1997

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Lucy Video Clips

Air New Zealand Holiday Show

NZ Holiday Show - PRAGUE, Czech Republic
Lucy travels to Praque, Czech Republic and samples the nightlight, the outdoor entertainment and the historic city.
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1 February 2006

  • Lesbianation has been doing a Top Ten list of Women We Love and Lucy is joining the list for February. - Many thanks to MET for the news

Lucy Lawless Five Days in Bangladesh

  • Added review of the documentary by Carolyn S
    I watched this documentary last night.  I learnt a few things; about the nature of poverty in Bangladesh, about the survival of the human spirit in dire circumstances, and about how World Vision works.  It was moving and thought provoking. It set me thinking about some of the contradictions we all live with...read more

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2006 Xena Convention


What can we say: "the girls" were incredible as always at the 2006 Official Xena Convention. This year we had Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor appearing on separate days so we had a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with each lady. And they both were sensational!

Today, we have put up for ordering, the exclusive DVD of LUCY and RENEE's appearances. We call this new offering "LUCY and RENEE LIVE: A WEEKEND IN BURBANK 2006" And it is 150 minutes long: pretty cool if we do say so ourselves and YES it does include Lucy's unforgettable musical number and Renee's hilarious reading about the birth of her son.

PLUS, we also have a second DVD offering up for ordering as well, this one entitled "SUPPORTING STARS OF XENA LIVE IN BURBANK 2006" Here you'll see faves like Adrienne Wilkinson, David Franklin, Tsianina Joelson, Tim Thomerson. the amazing Michael Hurst and wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Steven L. Sears, Katherine Fugate, Victoria Pratt and husband TJ Scott and the always unpredictable Hudson Leick.


Price: $29.95 (US) Does not include postage
Price: $39.77 (AUS) and $43.71 (NZ)


Photos by Annie
Photos of the other guests will be added shortly


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