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28 February 2007

Renee Interview DVD Captures

Fan Club Kit #12 Screencaptures

Taiko from has sent me the screencaptures from Fan Club Kit #12 interview with Renee (and iris).

Click here to view the grabs


Rob Tapert Screencaptures

Added screencaptures from the Xena Season 2 DVD commentary by Rob. Screencaptures by Sally

Click here to view the grabs


Football Wives Update

I received the following note from David Fuller from Hollywood Minute:

Hello from Hollywood!

Thought you and your site’s readers might like to know that Lucy Lawless is being mentioned on tomorrow’s edition (Wednesday the 28th) of Dave’s Hollywood Minute. There’s a quick story about the new show Football Wives and a mention that Lucy’s set to star in it.  You can visit to hear the show.

Hope you’re having a fantastic day.

All the best!
David Fuller

27 February 2007

Lucy Autographed Monopoly Games Available

There are a limited number of Starship Monopoly Games available from Sword and Staff. Each has been personally autographed by Lucy Lawless, and they are available in exchange for a $100 NZD donation to Starship Children's health.

Anyone interested should contact Mist at Sword and Staff at  for further details.

Six Degrees From Lucy: Mama Rose Gets Her Own Show

  • Actress Winokur gets 'Fugly' at CBS
    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Tony-winning actress Marissa Jaret Winokur will star in CBS' comedy pilot "Fugly," The project revolves around three siblings -- identical twin sisters and a brother -- who buy one sister an extreme makeover and move to Hollywood to cash in on her good looks.  Winokur will play the sister who didn't get plastic surgery. The actress, who won a Tony for "Hairspray," recently co-starred on Fox's short-lived "Stacked."  Reuters/Hollywood Reporter - Many thanks to LB for the news

Lucy Mention

  • iF Magazine has an interview with Michael Muhney on life after VERONICA MARS. The actor talks BATTLESTAR, SUPERNATURAL, and Joss Whedon

    I’ve got a few connections to BATTLESTAR. The first is my friend Mark Sheppard, who is going to be in the final three episodes of this season, and then there is Lucy Lawless who I went head-to-head with in Neptune. I’ve survived one-on-one with a Cylon. The car I’m driving right now, I purchased from a Cylon. I was at an audition and I told him his car was beautiful and he offered to sell it to me even though he had just bought it, because he wanted to get a Cadillac. So the next day I met him and bought it from him. So after all of this involvement with Cylons I just might have to become a Cylon myself.

    Click here to read the entire interview

26 February 2007

Lucy Trading Card Update

Lucy gets another trading card from the Veronica Mars series. She was only in one episode but she is featured in the Veronica Mars Season 2 Trading Cards.

  • PIECEWORKS® CARDS - ONE PER BOX!  Twelve cards featuring pieces of actual costumes worn on-screen during the filming of season two of Veronica Mars (12 cards inserted approximately 1:24 packs):  Shirt worn by Lucy Lawless as Agent Morris - Click here for more info about these cards
    Many thanks to LB for the news

Football Wives Update

Casting News

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Lucy's husband on Football Wives has been cast and the actor chosen is Eddie Cibrian (Jason Austin)

click here for more about the casting


Lucy Mentions:

The William Davis Centre blog has several Lucy mentions. Lucy studied drama at the William Davis Center for Actors Study, under William B. Davis in 1991.

  • Blog excerpt:
    Lucy Lawless went back to her native New Zealand - not famous for its many and various internationally successful tv shows - and jumped in to star in something that put NZ's television on the map (so to speak).

Click here to read the rest of the blog
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

25 February 2007

New Lucy Video Clip

Lucy has a new video up on her site about how her Come2Mama CD came about.

Video clips of the process will be added to the site.

Click here to view (the clip is after Lucy's latest blog entry)


Lucy Behind The Scenes on Vampire Bats

  • Yesterday I posted the link on the AUSXIP Update list two photos on Flickr of Lucy from Behind The Scenes on Vampire Bats. Unfortunately...they have been removed today. What a shame.

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

More pictures of Lucy from this event can be found on these sites:
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links:

Renee Photo Galleries

2007 Lucy Lawless Concerts

Xena Episode Guide

As many of you know there were two scripts written by Missy Good that were never filmed (for different reasons). The script for the episode "Fallen" were auctioned (and a raffle) and raised $8000 for the American Cancer Society (and Summer Camp for Kids). A request was made that no copies of this script be posted to a site or copied in any way.

I've added a copy of the title page and the letter which explains about the auction. As per Missy's request, none of the script pages are available nor Missy's notes about the episode.

Click here to view cover sheet and request letter

24 February 2007


Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Lucy attended the 6th Annual Oscar Celebration of New Zealand Filmmaking 23 February 2007 - The Beverly Hills Hotel - Beverly Hills, California United States

You can now download 9 high res pics from this event of Lucy

Click here to view med res images

The following sites also have pictures of Lucy from this event (look out for Zoe Bell, Robert Trebor, Joel Tobeck, and Dean O'Gorman) -  Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links

Articles about this event

Football Wives

  • The New York Blade - 23 February 2007
    Gay men and lesbians both have reason to rejoice with ABC’s upcoming casting moves. ABC is planning a remake of the campy British soap “Footballers Wive$,” a gay cult hit on BBC America and DVD about professional athletes and their devious women. The network just announced that the role of lead diva will be played by none other than Xena herself, lesbian icon Lucy Lawless, who will portray Tanya Turner, the coke-snorting, bed-hopping, man-eating ringleader. Read more
    Many thanks to Jock for the news

Dragonlance Movie

  • The Official Dragonlance Movie Site has an interview with George Strayton, screenwriter for the new animated Dragonlance movie. George doesn't mention Lucy but he does mention Xena and Hercules. There are spoilers in this interview for the movie.

Flawless Diva - Music Site Update

  • 4 All Of Us Article XtraMsn - 20/20 and Inside New Zealand return to our screens this week with two very moving stories, one about living a better life and the other about one man's will to live....Meanwhile, in coming weeks, 20/20 searches out disgraced kiwi music sensation Pauly Fuemana, creator of hit single 'How Bizarre'. "He talks about his success and his failures and his life of crime and guns," says Kamo. "He speaks really candidly about everything. About the success of OMC, riding high and making millions and coming back down to earth with a crash and splitting up with his producer Alan Jansson."  .. As it so happens Fuemana recently hooked up with Lucy Lawless for his latest single and now hopes to kick start his career over again.  Read more
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Official Xena Fan Club News

News from Creation Entertainment:


The 12th edition of the popular OFFICIAL XENA FAN CLUB KIT is now in the mail to members! If you haven't purchased your kit yet NOW is the time to do so!


Here are all the wonderful benefits of being part of THE OFFICIAL XENA FAN CLUB KIT 12, more of what we believe is the greatest fan club ever because of the great access to the stars and production folks of the series! Read More...


23 February 2007

Lucy Premiere & Other Events

  • Lucy will be attending the Kiwi Pre-Oscar bash tonight in LA before the Oscars. There are no New Zealand films nominated this year. According to the New Zealand Herald: Guests will dine on Kiwi delicacies and take home what, by Hollywood standards, is a paltry goody bag containing a bottle of Steinlager, Antipodes facial exfoliator, a Huka Lodge recipe book, New Zealand music CD and the latest Hollywood Reporter, which features New Zealand on the cover. Read more of the article

Beanie Babies Auction Update:

The Beanie Baby Auction has ended, and the donations total US $3246 (NZ$4,604). The proceeds will be split evenly between The Kevin Smith Family Fund and Starship Children's Health.

There will be a second Beanie Baby Auction with the remaining items. News of when that will occur will be posted here.

Lucy Articles

  • SFX Magazine January 2007 The Big Question: Sure, the show's a gripping metaphor for the modern global crisis. But it's time to ask the truly crucial question:
    "Who's the sexiest person on Battlestar Galactica?" Lucy gives her answer.

Lucy Convention Images

Renee Convention Images


22 February 2007

Boogeyman 2 Movie Update

New Behind The Scenes Video

  • The official Ghost House Pictures site has a new video up from the set of Boogeyman. HALFWAY HOME Things are getting a little bloodier on the BOOGEYMAN 2 set as production reaches the halfway point. No Renee.
    Click here to watch -

Xena Articles

Football Wives

Cast Update

  • The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Ving Rhames is set to star Football Wives. Rhames will play the GM of a football team.

New Lucy Subsite: Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • Added information about the show and posted previous news regarding Lucy's involvement in the half hour improv show.

Lucy Scans - Promotional Images

World Vision

Lucy Scans - Photoshoots


Flawless Diva Update - Lucy Music Site

4 All of Us

The following was part of the IMNZ Newsletter for February

  • OMC's first single in several years, 4 All of Us, has been released in
    time for the Human Rights Commission's Race Relations Day on March 21.
    The single features Lucy Lawless on backing vocals, as will one of the
    other tracks. OMC's Pauly Fuemana has gifted the track to HRC and Lucy
    is donating her proceeds to Starship.

Lucy Concert Merchandise News & Video clip

If you missed going to the concert and would like to pick up some Lucy Concert merchandise, head on over to Creation's web site. Lucy and Creation are working together to get these items out to people. Included in the range:

  • Lucy Lawless at the Roxy" autographed poster

  • Lucy Lawless at the Roxy" poster - not autographed

  • Lucy concert microfiber tote bag

  • Lucy concert hooded fleece

  • Lucy concert embroidered vest

  • Lucy Lawless concert t-shirt

  • Lucy Lawless concert long sleeve shirt

There is also a video on Lucy's site about the merchandise. Check it out here

21 February 2007

Football Wives


Lucy's Role

  • Lucy's character has a name change from Tanya Turner to Tanya Austin.

Character Info update


Flawless DIVA Music Site Update

Lucy at the Roxy


Lucy MySpace Blog Update

  • Lucy has updated her MySpace Blog with a new entry about working on Ted Raimi's internet pilot. She is going to be playing an executive with a nasty problem to solve that involves polaroids going to the wrong recipient.
    Check out the full message here

Xena Returning to Oxygen

Xena has been taken off Oxygen but the good news is that Xena will be back. Christine wrote to Oxgyen and this is their response:

Thank you for taking interest in the Oxygen Network. We are currently testing out a new program strategy by airing various marathons throughout the week. We are told by the programming department that Xena will air the morning of Friday March 9; they are just not yet sure if it will stay in this timeslot.
Many thanks to Christine for the news



20 February 2007

New Spiderman Trading Cards - Lucy Card in April 2007

Rittenhouse has announced the new Spiderman 3 Trading Cards and Lucy as Punk Girl is one of them!

Click here for more details

Many thanks to LB for the news
Lucy Radio Interviews

Lucy on Bob Guiney On the Radio 19 February 2007 - Lucy discussed about various topics: download mp3 - 6.1 mb | download wma - 3.2 mb  - Created by Roger

  • Lucy Concert - Lucy is hoping to do another concert in June in NYC - some details have to be ironed out

  • Kevin Sorbo - Lucy was asked how it was like working with Kevin Sorbo and she said tha Kevin was "very professional and very focused on what he was doing"  Classy response Lucy.

  • Welcome To The Pleasure Dome  - there is some funding and some script issues and she doesn't know the answer to when it will be filmed.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm - Lucy plays herself on the improv show. Her character really wants to pitch an idea to Larry David. The relationship gets sticky and it comes to no good. Something bad happens to Larry.

  • Football Wives - Lucy said she turned down the role for weeks. She doesn't play wives. Lucy knew it's going to be a hit and she didn't want to go long term so she kept turning it down. She said she usually chose roles that she knew wouldn't be successful. She knows Football Wives will successful. They chased her so hard and Lucy liked the people and she decided to say yes. She is playing an extremely hard, tough woman and she pushes her husband to be a big football star. The characters do everything that is repugnent to Lucy and finds she finds the women repellent. it was another reason she turned it down because the women were so bitchy but in the end she had to do it.

  • Celebrity Duets - Lucy said she couldn't afford NOT to do and she went for it.

  • Xena Movie News - Nothing is getting in the way of a Xena movie not even Football Wives but if it takes too long to get done, someone else will be playing Xena.

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Images - Magazine Covers

New Lucy Blog Post

  • Lucy has posted a new blog post about working Curbing Your Enthusiasm, Football Wives and going to see Evil Dead The Musical in NYC with Rob. Click here to view

The Bard's Corner - Bards In Print

  • Earl sent me a reminder about a missing author -  me. Well the news about my novels is that they will be released in March. In the Blood of the Greeks 3rd edition and Where Shadows Linger are the novels. Once they are available I'll add the info about how to get them.

  • Added two new authors and news about their new books: KC West & Victoria Welsh and Mickey Minner

19 February 2007

The Bard's Corner

New section: Bards in Print

Bards In Print is a section of The Bard's Corner of authors who started out writing Xena Fan Fiction and who have ventured out into the publishing world This section will have updates from these authors about their upcoming novels.

If you are a published author and would like to submit your news - please email me


  • Community Service (Complete) by KG MacGregor
    Just in time for Valentine's Day, Alice and Bren teach us a little something about how to build relationships.

Steven Sears Online


  • Added picture of Steven with Hudson  - Steven sent this pic to me which I found absolutely fascinating - Hudson is sure stronger than she appears to be <g>


  • Official Xena Magazine #24 - 2002 Sooth Sears Former Xena writer and co-executive producer Steven Sears discusses his contribution to the show and reveals what other projects he's turned his hand to in recent years. Interview by Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomes

New Trading Cards - Dangerous Liaisons

  • Non Sport Update Magazine March 2007 Let's Relate Dangerously. Rittenhouse Archives developed Dangerous Liaisons as a thematic title illustrating tension-filled relationships among characters within many ongoing story frames. The 72-card base set centers on actor Lucy Lawless' role as the nomadic fighter in her most intriguing personal encounters. Also featured is Xena's cohort Gabrielle, portrayed by Renee O'Connor.

Lucy Images - Magazine Covers


A Helping Hand

Bridget from UpBeat Magazine has sent me a note saying they are auctioning off some items and 50% of the proceeds will be going to The Spina Bifida Foundation in Pittsburgh.
So if you would like to help a very worthy charity, check out the items on ebay.

Some of the items are:

They also have NON Xena goodies that you can check out - click here to view


18 February 2007

BSG Minimates - No D'anna

Ah well it was good while it lasted - the D'anna Mimimate is not D'anna...

TimeSpaceToys lists the blonde in the white dress is Shelley Godfrey - Shelley is another version of Number 6. In the episode "Six Degrees of Separation", a copy of Number Six in the fleet using the name "Shelley Godfrey" appears. Godfrey attempts to frame Baltar for betraying the human race with supposed photographic evidence. In addition, she attempts to seduce Commander Adama. She disappears abruptly after her "photographic evidence" is proven to be fake. As her appearance coincided with the temporary disappearance of Baltar's Inner Six, it is often wondered (and indeed voiced by Baltar himself) whether she was a physical manifestation of Inner Six posing in a dual identity  - Info from the Wikipedia on the character

Many thanks to Jeanne for the latest update

2007 Xena Calendar Scans

Added scans from the Creation 2007 Xena Calendar - scanned by Roger

Xena | Gabrielle | Xena & Gabrielle | Behind The Scenes


17 February 2007

New AUSXIP site: Steven Sears Online. I've been a Steven fan for such a long time and thought it was about time I did the site that popped into my head in 2001. Now it's not so crowded up there <g>

Check it out here -

BSG Minimates (With D'anna)

Well there is a D'anna minimates/bobblehead - and although it's not as cute as the Xena bobblehead.

Check out the D'anna Minimate here | The rest of the Minimates are here

many thanks to Heather for the update


Xena Prop House

Upcoming Lucy Radio Interview


    You are invited to be part of an exclusive virtual live studio audience on Monday evening when Bob Guiney sits behind the microphone for two hours to record a live demo of the Bob Guiney Show. We would appreciate having you join us on the Internet for this sneak peak at a new daily radio talk show. All you need to do to listen is go to  on Monday and follow the instructions for listening to the LIVE show. Bob's special guests will include actress Bonnie Somerville, who played Mona on "Friends," and who starred in "Wedding Wars" with John Stamos. He'll also be joined by former "Xena: Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless, whose other credits include Battlestar Galactica and the upcoming TV drama, "Footballers' Wives."
    Listeners will be invited to call and ask questions of our guests, as well as adding perspective to our conversations on a variety of topics that affect you in everyday life. The audio stream will begin approximately 15-minutes prior to the start of the program. Before that, there will be other content on this stream. For the 15-minutes preceeding the Bob Guiney Show, there will be music by the Bob Guiney Band.
    SHOW TIME: 3 to 5 pm Pacific, 4 to 6 pm Mountain, 5 to 7 pm Central, 6 to 8 pm Eastern. MONDAY, FEBRURARY 19, 2007
    If you have any questions prior to Monday at 12 pm Pacific, 3 pm Eastern, you may address them to:
    Many thanks to Rebecca Budig for the news

Lucy Articles

BSG Minimates (No D'anna)

  • Similar to the Xena bobbleheads (which were very cute), these are odd looking (and that's being nice about it) Check them out here

    Battlestar Galactica Minimates
    , based on the Sci Fi Channel show (toys out this summer from Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum). From left: Kara ''Starbuck'' Thrace, Admiral William Adama, Gaius Baltar, and an old-school Cylon
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Vote for Xena - Best TV Show of All Time Update

The following is from Marlyn Crossland (aka Mac)

Good morning gang!

Well, we had another good day in the Xenaverse.  Xena is now at 207,517 with 1019 votes yesterday.  That was down a bit but still a good showing.  We should be at 210,000 on Sunday if the votes stay over 1,000 per day.  Sooner if the votes jump <g> Firefly is now at 155,150 with 1109 votes yesterday and they seem to be holding steady the past few days.  Xena is still 52,367 votes ahead of Firefly and with this lead we should be able to usher her into the Hall of Fame on March 29th. There have been a few comments that it would be a great thing to have Xena in the Hall of Fame by Lucy's birthday, which happens to be March 29th.  Looks like we may have two goals to achieve <g> Let's keep at it folks and go for a two for one win...Xena in the Hall of Fame on Lucy's birthday!

Mac your friendly neighborhood VTL <g>



16 February 2007

Message from Renee about her Birthday Wishes from all her fans

Thanks to Missy for being the messenger, to Mary D for being the inspiration, and especially, to all you beautiful, kind souls. I appreciate the time you each made in your day to wish me a Happy Birthday. I did have one I will cherish.


Ghost Town Movie Update

Movie Update from Dean Teaster

Lucy Lawless Music Update

Added a new subsite to the Flawless Diva subsection - 4 All Of Us

Added the music video clip which was aired on NZ TV and
contributed by Calli

Added screencaptures of Lucy from the video clip


Lucy Articles

Faith Prince Online

Faith Prince to Star in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in Dallas 15-17 March 2007 and before anyone gets excited - Lucy is not Dorothy in this version. Denise Lee takes on the role of Dorothy Shaw. I would have loved to have seen Lucy in that role again...

15 February 2007

Missing Kevin

In 2002 we lost Kevin Smith on 15 February 2002 after an accident in China. Kevin lost his life after an accident in China while he was there filming his latest movie. I never had the good fortune to meet Kevin but from what fans and friends have said about him, he was a gifted and extraordinary man.

If you would like to help his family, Sword and Staff is holding an auction to raise funds for the Kevin Smith Trust Fund.

Happy Birthday Renee!

Wish Renee a Happy Birthday on the new ROC Birthday Guestbook and new Renee Portrait by Lucia!

In honour of Renee's birthday (15 February - 36 years old this year and looking gorgeous as ever), Missy suggested a site where fans can send in their well wishes and eventually Renee will read them all <g>

So if you feel inclined and would like to wish Renee all the best for her birthday, please do so here:

Lucia has drawn a new Renee portrait for her birthday and it's included on the page. GORGEOUS.

Please be aware that all comments are moderated and your message will take a bit of time to appear since I'm doing the moderating :)



14 February 2007

Sword and Staff Beanie Babies Auction

The Sword & Staff Beanie Babies Auction is now online - just added them to the AUSXIP Auction site. The auction is to raise money for Starship and The Kevin Smith Trust Fund

Lucy Lawless #1 - Autographed Puppy
Lucy Lawless #2 - Autographed Bear
Renee O'Connor - Pablo Picatsso
Zoe Bell Designed Beanie Baby
Steven L. Sears Designer Beanie Babies
Meghan Desmond
Robert Bruce - Kevin Smith's Manager and Friend
Michael Hurst
Lucia Nobrega: Gabrielle Battling Bard Bear
Lucia Nobrega - Xena Bear
Lucia Nobrega - Argo
Kevin and Sam Sorbo
Katherine Fugate
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Hudson Leike
Gina Torres
Deborah Abbott
Darien Tackle
Alison Bruce
Adrienne Wilkinson

Sword & Staff Beanie Babies Auction

There are a few more items to be added.

Football Wives

Casting News

  • "Lost" co-star Kiele Sanchez is in final negotiations to join ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives," which revolves around women whose lives are transformed when they marry NFL superstars. Sanchez will play the pregnant wife of a rising football star, a good-natured woman with a secret. The casting is in second position to her role on "Lost," which she joined this season in the recurring role of Nikki.
    Click here for more about the casting of Football Wives


Battlestar Galactica News

BSG Renewed for another season

  • SCI FI Channel announced that it has renewed its Peabody-winning
    original series Battlestar Galactica, ordering 13 new episodes.
    Production will resume this summer in Vancouver, Canada, with an eye
    toward a January 2008 premiere. Click here to read more

13 February 2007

Diamonds and Guns

Football Wives

  • Added some background info on Lucy's role as Tanya Turner - now this may or may not apply in the US version of the show. The info is from the official footballers Wives site for the UK version.

More news reports of Lucy's new role as Tanya Turner in Football Wives

  • - Best. Lesbianish. Day. Ever. Blog
    Lucy Lawless Now a Footballers Wife. Hot off the presses: the former Warrior Princess has just been cast as the scheming, bitchy Tanya in the ABC drama series pilot Footballers Wives. In the hit British series of the same name, Tanya is the alpha wife who terrorizes everyone - the Joan Collins character, in Dynasty-speak. The press release describes her character simply as sexy "but not as sophisticated as she thinks she is." So like Victoria Beckham. But sexy.
  • Lawless and Singer team up for Brit adaptation
    The Advocate - Los Angeles,CA,USA
    Lucy Lawless is slated to play an athlete's spouse in an upcoming ABC series from out director Brian Singer. According to Variety, Lawless will play Tanya, ...
  • 'King,' 'Queen,' Win Big at BAFTAs
    Entertainment Weekly - USA
    Former Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless has been cast in the pilot for Football Wives, ABC's version of the hit British series Footballers Wive$. ...

Time to Vote for Lucy and Renee again...

  • Lesbianation is having another vote on The Women We Love. Lucy is #7 and Renee is #6 Check it out here  

Upcoming UK VCR Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the news

  • Veronica Mars - Donut Run - is being repeated on Living on 9th March, albeit at 03.55 in the wee small hours.
  • The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror X is on Sky One at 18.00 on 25th March
  • Warrior Women is being repeated on Discovery Civilisations on Saturdays at 08.00, 13.00 and 20.00

The Bard's Corner


  • A Valiant Option (Complete) by D
    The final chapter in the Valiant series - and the Storyteller's Cardinal Rule finally comes back into play for Randi and Gwen as their story draws to a close.

Xenaverse Bards in Print - Update

CL Hart to Re-Release of Facing Evil

I’m delighted to announce the re-release of Facing Evil. With a few changes, and added poetry, this newer version of Facing Evil embodies a much sleeker and more refined story. I am very appreciative and pleased with what PD Publishing has done to bring this captivating story back to life. For all those involved at PD Publishing (and a special shout out to Day), I graciously tip my hat to you. Thanks to everyone that purchased the initial release, I appreciate your patience and continuous support.

For those of you who don’t know the story, a short synopsis; A serial killer stalks the police officer that almost brought him to justice. Haunted by her failure, Detective Abby Stanfield retreats to a mountain resort where she meets Sarah Murphy, the beautiful woman in the cabin next door. What follows is a string of events that will have both women fighting for their love and their very survival.

CL Hart


12 February 2007

Football Wives Update

  • Variety Magazine - 11 February 2007
    ABC: Casting
    -- Lucy Lawless has been cast in one of the lead roles for Bryan Singer's Touchstone-produced "Football Wives." She'll play Tanya, who in the original Blighty skein was the ruthless, bitchy spouse of bad boy Jason Turner. Lawless, who broke through in the States as the star of "Xena: Warrior Princess," more recently has had a recurring role on Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica."
  • Reuters 12 February 2007 Lawless in a sporting mood for ABC pilot - Mon Feb 12, 2007
    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Lucy Lawless, also known as "Xena: Warrior Princess," has been tapped for one of the leads in ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives." Her character, who's married to a professional football player, is sexy but not as sophisticated as she thinks she is. Lawless recently appeared on the Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica."

AUSXIP and Sword & Staff Auction

Coming soon will be the Designer Beanie Babies auction. This auction is run by Sword & Staff on the AUSXIP Auction site. You will be able to buy beanie babies designed by Lucy (designed and autographed) Renee, Adrienne, Allison Bruce, Darien Tackle, Deb Abbott, Gina Torres, Hudson Leike, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Katherine Fugate, Kevin and Sam Sorbo, Lucia Nobrega, Michael Hurst and many more. These are unique items.

All money raised from this auction will benefit Starship Children's Health and The Kevin Smith Trust Fund.

If you have registered for a previous AUSXIP Auction then you won't need to register again.

A Frequently Asked Questions has been created to fill you on how the auction will be run

2007 Xena Con Reports

2007 Xena Con Pictures

Pictures by Hayley (Canberra Xena Gang)

Pictures by Joolz (Canbera Xena Gang)

Pictures by Leila (Canbera Xena Gang)

Lucy At The Roxy 13 & 14 January 2007

The Bard's Corner

Xenaverse News

Jennifer Ward-Lealand will be in Australia late March and April. For those in Canberra you can go to see her at the following shows:

  • 30 March 2007 | Jennifer Ward-Lealand Falling in Love Again, The Street Theatre, Canberra, Australia
  • 31 March-1 April, 2007 | Jennifer Ward-Lealand Falling in Love Again
    Castlemaine State Festival, Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, Australia

11 February 2007

2007 Xena Convention

Added photos by Roger

2006 Xena Convention

Added photos by Chas

Lucy Articles

  • Curve Magazine Vol 17 #2 has a brief article about Lucy being at the Trevor Project event - Cracked Xmas 9  Celebrities Support the Trevor Project Written by: Candace Moore Photographer: Kevin Parry Order this Issue of Curve: Vol. 17#2 Among the collection of comedians, singers and actors who performed at the fundraiser was Lucy Lawless, a lesbian icon ever since her role as Xena. Lawless supports the Trevor Project because she is “tired of our children being shamed to death. This is the only nationwide hotline they’ve got that tries to catch kids before they’re at the bottom of a cliff, “ she says.
Lucy Music Site Update

OMC - 4 All Of Us

A larger version of this video will be online shortly for download (just waiting for the postie to swim across the ditch with it).

Football Wives

Cast Update

  • FOOTBALL WIVES (ABC) - Brian White ("Stomp the Yard") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, a U.S. version of the famed U.K. soap. He'll play Kyle, the wide receiver fiance of Gabrielle Union's character.
  • FOOTBALL WIVES (ABC) - "Night Stalker" alum Gabrielle Union has joined the cast of the drama pilot, a U.S. version of the popular British soap about three ordinary women's lives as they are transformed by the celebrity and fortune that come with marriage to sports superstars. She'll play Chardonnay Lane, a rich Park Avenue model-turned-recording artist who is engaged to a star wide receiver. Union's casting stems from a talent holding deal the actress signed with ABC and producer Touchstone Television earlier this year.

Lucy's Hairstyles...

TheHairStyler site can get your hair looking just like Lucy's - why? I dunno but someone is interested in all of this <g>

Check it out here
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link


Encounters of the Lucy Kind

  • This is a hysterical blog entry about someone meeting Lucy for the first time at the Evil Dead The Musical...just too funny. Click here to read
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

10 February 2007

New AUSXIP Network Site

I've very happy to announce a new site has joined the AUSXIP Network - ROCWeb from Germany is one heck of a great site for German ROC fans. Welcome to Ralf, the webmaster of ROCWeb. This addition has been a little late in the announcing with all the stuff that's been happening lately.

What this means for visitors to ROCWeb is that Ralf will be able to utilise the resources of AUSXIP. Nothing will change in the way Ralf updates his site but it will give us both ways to exchange material and offer support.


New Lucy Subsite - Football Wives

I've created a new site dedicated to news and multimedia for Lucy's new tv series "Football Wives" I didn't have much to go with for the logo as yet <g>

Other than Lucy, one other cast member has been cast and that is Gabrielle Union - [role: Chardonnay Lane]

The sections are:

About The Show
Episode Guide

There isn't much news at the moment but I do have some links to Variety Magazine and a few other places that mention the show.


9 February 2007

New Show for Lucy!

The following was posted on Sharon's Official Xena Fan Club Page:

Lucy just signed on to star in an ABC-TV series called Footballers Wives!  Directing the pilot will be Bryan Singer.  It is based on the British series of the same name.  She plays the head wife who, as she just told me, is the brains behind the brawn.

Some articles about this show

It appears the American version will be called FOOTBALL WIVES instead of Footballers Wives which is the British version.


Special offer from the editor of DOT Magazine for Xena/Lucy fans

Change of plans - poor Shanon is getting swamped so she sent me the following message:

This is now the best way to get a copy of the Lucy cover:
If interested fans want an issue have them visit our web site, Fill out a subscription form stating that fans only want a single issue--the Lucy Lawless issue. Also, send $5 with the subscription form to cover our costs, primarily mailing. 

They are a very small staffed magazine, despite their growing readership and interest. They do not have the staff to handle the Lucy Lawless issue in any other way. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THEM.

Boogeyman 2

Behind The Scenes Video & Screencaptures

Ghost House Pictures has released a new video of behind the scenes on the set of Boogeyman 2 - this time it's Renee talking about her character and also a look at the very inviting hospital. Renee plays Dr Jessica Ryan in this film.
Many thanks to H3 Hummer from TX ROC Chat for the news

Click here to view screencaptures 

Click here to view the video clip (on Ghost House Pictures site)


8 February 2007

Lucy at the Roxy

Posters and Promos

  • Added Lucy at the Roxy Promo Photo

  • Added Commemorative Ticket scan

  • Added Lucy at the Roxy Poster

  • Added Lucy at the Roxy Flyer

Lucy Music CD - High Res Scans

Got my bundle of con goodies today and of course Lucy's new CD! I love it.

I've scanned the cover, the cd face and the inside info for those that haven't got a copy yet. Ordering info is of course from Lucy's site where you can listen to a little of each song: Come2Me and Let It Whip


Lucy Articles - 2007

  • NZ TV Guide - 17-23 February 2007 - Show Kills Off Kiwi Alien.

  • Curve Magazine #17 - February 2007 Mingling with the Red Carpet Crowd
    Among the collection of comedians, singers and actors who performed at the fundraiser was Lucy Lawless, a lesbian icon ever since her role as Xena. Lawless supports the Trevor Project because she is “tired of our children being shamed to death. This is the only nationwide hotline they’ve got that tries to catch kids before they’re at the bottom of a cliff, “ she says.  Read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Diva Magazine

Xena Comics - Press Release

Dynamite Entertainment Press Release

Rob Tapert Online

Fangoria Magazine - 2 February 2007

February 2: SAW veteran et al. join BOOGEYMAN 2 cast

Principal photography on BOOGEYMAN 2, editor-turned-director Jeff Betancourt’s sequel to Ghost House Pictures’ 2005 $46-million domestic grosser produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, has begun in and around the Los Angeles with a script by Brian Sieve.

Tapert tells Fango, “Brian’s script is filled with scenes of outrageous terror that will redefine the BOOGEYMAN franchise. We are thrilled to introduce Jeff’s vision for this to the horror crowd.”

Click here to read more of the article


7 February 2007

Boogeyman 2 Update

Lucy Articles - 2007

New scans and transcript - DIVA Magazine March 2007

DIVA Magazine March 2007 Goodbye Xena, Hello Lucy Lawless
From Warrior Princess To Pop Queen

Scans contributed by Kirsty

Another Lucy Magazine Cover & Interview

She Magazine - February 2007
LUCY LAWLESS: READY TO ENTERTAIN! You can read a portion of the interview on the SHE Magazine website Full interview is in the magazine. - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Where to get a copy of LOTL?

If you wish to get a copy of LOTL with the Lucy cover, you can call in at any of these places and pick up a free copy (if you are in Australia)

:In Sydney  | For those elsewhere in Oz

If you can't get to any store/outlet in Australia or you are overseas - You can get a copy by calling The Feminist Bookshop in Sydney but you will have to send them a self addressed stamped envelope with enough money for postage or if you buy something from the shop, they will include it with your order. They do have limited stock.


Phone: International: +61 2 9810 2666

Fax: International: +61 2 9818 5745

Lucy At The Roxy

Pictures from Saturday Concert (13 January 2007)

Pictures from Sunday Concert (14 January 2007)


2007 Xena Convention

The Canberra Xena Gang were out in force at the 2007 Xena Convention - quiet bunch that they are (shy retiring hardly hear a peep out of them. The Aussie gang made quite an impression by winning the Creation Centerpiece contest - they were to design a table centerpiece and they won!

Pictures & Scrolls

Xena Music Video

The following video "The End of the World" is by Hayley from the Canberra Xena Gang and it opened the con for the Friday session - congratulations Hayley. Have a tissue ready for this one.

The following is from Bridget from UpBeat Magazine

We actually received a fan request for this particular article so we decided to do a limited print run and auction it off as well! We would like to thank everyone for continuing to participate in our little auction, thus far we have raised over $500 for our Mockumentary film, Shopping Cart Commandos!
Saying Farewell To 'Xena Warrior Princess'— A Final Tribute
This editorial originally ran in March of 2001

A printed version of our "original", editorial tribute composed during the final season of Xena Warrior Princess. This poignant tribute is printed on high-gloss photo paper and runs 3 full pages!  This is indeed an absolute must-have for die-hard Xena fans! The article itself includes full-color photos and comes encased in a full-color high-gloss UPBEAT Entertainment News Press Folder. This piece was written by UPBEAT Entertainment News Publisher Bridget Petrella and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. This is a Limted Edition Collectible as we will only be printing a small run. Each article will be numbered.  For more information on UPBEAT Entertainment News Syndicate, please be sure to visit our web site:
FYI: We are auctioning off all of our items to help fund our Mockumentary Film entitled "Shopping Cart Commandos". You can find more information about Nite Owl Productions at


6 February 2007

Lucy Articles - 2007

It's Lucy month - there's another interview and magazine cover with Lucy - we had an American (Dot Magazine), an Aussie (LOTL) and now a British interview (DIVA)

Diva Magazine March 2007 - Goodbye Xena, Hello Lucy Lawless - From Warrior Princess to Pop Queen.

Diva is a UK magazine and it's in the March issue of Diva. Their website has a copy of the cover and a some of the interview. The full interview is in the magazine. You can order the magazine from the Diva site - price is £3.15 (which works out to be $8.00 AUD or $6.17 USD - does not include postage which is extra)

Lucy at the Roxy

Pictures - Saturday Concert

XenaMedia - 2007 Calendar

Added scans from the 2007 Photo Calendar
scanned by Roger

Lucy DVD - Five Days in Bangladesh

  • You can now order the DVD of this World Vision documentary that Lucy did back in January 2005. Lucy goes to Bangladesh to visit her sponsored child (who is now a young man) and also to see how World Vision works in the community. Check out the Lucy Lawless Five Days In Bangladesh subsite for more info.


Click here to order the DVD (which is priced at $50 NZD) or the video - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

The Bard's Corner


Xenaverse News

Danielle Cormack News...

5 February 2007

Lucy Articles - 2007

LOTL - Australian Lesbian Magazine

  • LOTL - February 2007  We Love Lucy - After Xena, Lucy Lawless seemed to disappear. Now she's back with a new look and she's swapped sword swinging for singing. Merryn johns catches up with Lucy Lawless on the eve of her rock concert debut in Hollywood. many thanks to my non-Xena mate Jason for the magazine.

Rob Tapert Online

Articles - 2007

The following is from the LA Times and about Rob's movie The Messengers:

  • reports: Messengers Is Tops 5 February 2007
    The Messengers debuted as the top movie on the Feb. 2 weekend, taking in about $14.5 million in ticket sales domestically, the Associated Press reported. The Messengers bumped off the previous weekend's number-one film, Epic Movie, which slipped to third place with $8.2 million, raising its 10-day total to $29.4 million.

  • LA Times 4 February 2007 - Sony scores again on Super Bowl weekend
    The studio takes the weekend for the seventh consecutive year with the horror film "The Messengers. You can't stop the Sony Pictures team on Super Bowl weekend. You can only hope to contain them. For the seventh consecutive year, the weekend's No. 1 movie belonged to the studio, as the horror flick "The Messengers" topped the romantic comedy "Because I Said So" to lead the U.S. and Canadian box office.

Articles - 2006

  • On Film Magazine (NZ) - 1 May 2006 Screen sector enjoying solid slate: Philip Wakefield provides an update on how the New Zealand screen industry's production schedule is shaping up


4 February 2007

Lucy Blog Update

  • Lucy's latest blog entry is up on her site...seems like she's had one of those days. Go check it out.

Lucy Music Update

  • Lucy's long awaited debut single "Come2Me" is now available to order. It was available at the 2007 Xena Convention for those lucky enough to have attended. It's now available to order online through Lucy's official site.
    Lucy's CD "come2me"
    You can also listen to a snippet of each song: "Come2Me" and "Let It Whip"

    The CD sells for $19.50 (for Australian and NZ orders). See Internationl Orders for other areas

    For US / Canadian orders it's $15.00

    10% of the profits from the sale of all merchandise will be going to a charity of Lucy's choice.


Lucy Articles - 2007

Dot News Magazine has a cover and an interview with Lucy.
Celebrity Insider: Lucy Lawless. Former Xena Warrior Princess is one hot mama! Find out about her latest acting/singing career, everlasting lesbian following and her upcoming Dinah Shore Weekend performance

Added the full interview scans / transcript of the Dot SoCal GLBT News Magazine interview with Lucy.

Lucy Music Update

Rob Tapert Online

Added an articles subsection to the Multimedia page. The articles are varied an they range from 1995 - 2006.

Multimedia Update

Updated the section and redesigned it into three sections:


2 February 2007

Lucy At the Roxy

Concert pics

  • Steve Sears has just posted his pictures of Lucy from the concerts. GORGEOUS pics. Check them out here

Concert Reviews

Rob Tapert Online

The birth of a new site...don't you just love the smell of a brand new site being born? :)  This site has been in my head since 2005 when I met Rob and I was super impressed with him. It's taken me some time to get it out of my head and onto the web. Enjoy. Rob Tapert Online

1 February 2007

Lucy Audition Reel

  • Lucy has approved a video reel to be uploaded to her official site - she is using it for an audition of some sort. It's an interesting blend of scenes: Darkroom (that was a really stellar performance by LL), Battlestar Galactica and the cave scene in Downloaded), one Xena scene (which is interesting that this scene was picked) of Lucy singing during The Bitter Suite, the tail end of Tell Mama on Duets with the microphone stand flying (heh), a scene from Vampire Bats and ends with Lucy's favourite cult moment - Xena flying off with Simpsons. A very interesting reel.

    Click here to download (available in three formats - wmv, mov and mp4)

Lucy at the Roxy - Pictures

Xena Music Videos

Shenanigen Films Episode Trailers

  • Added Antony & Cleopatra

  • Added When Fates Collide

  • Added To Helicon and Back

Xena Prop House Newsletter

Vote for Xena - Best TV Show of All Time

  • The total number of votes for Xena has reached - 191590 - the goal is to reach 250,000 and can vote as often as you like.

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