What's New for February 1999

28 February

What a busy day today! Okay just interrupting the telecast of the Mardi Gras to fill you in on some of what Lucy and Renee mentioned during their 15 minute chat with the host


The Dyanamic Duo at The Mardi Gras!

nat0228b.jpg (17714 bytes)Added Sunday Telegraph picture of Lucy and Renee at the Mardi Gras with short blurb from the article!

Added Sun Herald article on the parade and Lucy/Renee - fashion statement!

Added Where Have We Seen Those Dresses before that Lucy and Renee wore at the Mardi Gras? Okay I'm being cheeky today :-)

Added article from TV Guide magazine from the Sunday Telegraph - cover photo and article


I would like to announce that I have an assistant now on The Bard's Corner. BL Miller will be assisting me in maintaining the huge archive. If you are a bard on TBC and would like your email changed or any other corrections made to your work - please email BL Miller on BMiller@banet.net. BL will also be streamlining the stories that in parts - on occasions you may get faulty links - BL will be working on those as well. If you find a faulty link with any fanfic story please email BL with the name of the story and the part where it didn't link. I will be added new fanfic as it comes through and trying not to get my assistant's ire up by incorrectly linking parts :-)

I would also like to announce that Dee who is currently doing the Artwork on XIP will also take over my Star Trek Fan Fiction site. If you would like to have your Star Trek/B5 stories added to the site please email Dee on dee@preferred.com with your stories. Dee will not add any links to artwork sites from the main Artwork Section on XIP.

New Additions to XIP:

I would like to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner - Protek

27 February

I was reading the paper this morning and up popped this headline on the PAGE 13 column in the Daily Telegraph "Mardi Gras set to be a LAWLESS affair". It was about tonight's Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and Lucy Lawless. Click here to read article - they claim that Renee will also be present. This isn't what I've heard and I sure hope her sources are right :-)

If you want to watch out for Lucy you can see it on the web
http://netcast.mardigras.com.au The parade starts at 8:00 pm Sydney Time


Due to hard disk failure, Stirling Entertainment has lost records of customers that have yet to receive invoices for their orders. Would those customers please call (03) 9853-7586 in Australia or email stirling@vic.bigpond.net.au

26 February

Magazine Alerts: Hello (Feb 6 Issue) has a small blurb about Lucy - click here to read and Lesbians on the Loose (March Issue) has a blurb about Lucy and that bulimia article plus a book review of "Xena Warrior Princess" by Robert Weisbrot

A HOT SPOT in the Xenaverse!

I guess everyone has heard of Meow Mix...and if you trully are a hardcore Xenite you would know that Lucy has paid a visit or two to this club in New York! Well I just got word that they have opened their doors..on the web!
Check it out - it's an awesome looking web site!

Xena Night At Meow Mix

25 February

Artwork Additions by Dee:

NON XWP Work - Updated by Dee

24 February

Added gorgeous photos taken through the lens of Wendy Sparks! These photos are exclusive to the Xena Information Page and I'm very excited to be showcasing them.

The Bard's Corner additions:


Season 2 Tapes: Okay to those who have the tapes I did a triple take on the cover for Warrior Princess Tramp...the people at Real Entertainment did a major boo-boo. They have the picture of the PRIESTESS Leah instead of a pic of Meg! LOL! It's a pic of Leah from where they are about to burn her. Now I know I'm obssessed about this show but it's quite obvious to any fan that it's the wrong pic!! Okay enough laughing at Real Entertainment :-) Pwaise Hestia!

23 February

For Aussies: Entertainment Tonight used to be shown on Channel 9 but TPTB have decided that Aussies would like a locally produced show so Richard Wilkens will be hosting this show. What this means for Aussie Xenites is that we may never see the Lucy/Renee/Xena segments on the new ET because...the show is on Channel 10 and ET (Aussie version) is on Channel 9.

Artwork Updates - Updated by Dee

20 February

I'm pleased to welcome Dana "Amazon Girl" Cory to The Bard's Corner

In the "Where Has He Gone Department"

Dan Ma from XenaMedia.com has informed me that XenaMedia.com is not dead..only appears that way as his web host yanked his site! You can reach
XenaMedia.com at

In the "Will We See it or Won't We" Department

It seems Renee's picture Rubbernecking has run out of money! It needs another $350,000 to be completed. Anyone with spare change? Many thanks to Aleca for that piece of news!


19 February

Magazine Alert: Xpose #31 has small segments on Xena

I would like to welcome Sonia C. Barrera to The Bard's Corner!

Bad News Time: Rebekah has decided to remove her stories from TBC and the web. This is most unfortunate and a great loss to the xenaverse.  Her story All Through The Night is considered an absolute CLASSIC in Xenaverse fanfic. A great loss.

Many thanks to Venator for this piece of news: There is a website promoting licenced Xena swords (without scabbard) for sale. They will be available at the end of the month for $225 (shipping included). The website is http://tuscanytrading.com/   and it's at the top of the page, under the heading "Xena is Coming!"

17 February

16 February

The XIP News Archive Updates

15 February


Ebay Xena Stuff if you have the dinars to spare:

The Bard's Corner Updates:

Lord Nelson's Reviews

The latest Sword and Staff auction is up on the S&S website. This one features some jewelry and other items donated to Sword and Staff by Hudson Leick. All proceeds will benefit the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County. In addition to a necklace and earrings donated by Hudson, there are numerous other items (most autographed) available for bid. The auction can be found at http://sword-and-staff.com/auction.htm

Merchandise specials at www.mania.com


For a limited time only only save up to 50% OFF over 40 Hot items, including Xena Figures, X-Files Figures, Star Wars Collectibles, Limited Edition Statues and more:

Xena Cold-Cast Porcelain Bust -- 50% OFF:


14 February

Magazine Alert: Lucy Lawless Cover of STEPPIN' OUT MAGAZINE
JANUARY 27,1999 - click here to go to ordering info

Magazine Alert #2 - Lucy is in Star Magazine...scan of the photo will be up shortly.

Magazine Alert #3 - Xena Article in The Advocate

Magazine Alert #4 - Article about Liz Friedman also in The Advocate

It seems the ratings have improved for XWP! Wahoo. Check them out at
Daily News

Rerun of the Deathmatch between Lucy and Callista for US Xenites
Sat Feb 13 05:00pm EST MTV

For those Missy Good fans - check out the Hurricane Watch artwork by Barbara Maclay at http://www.geocities.com:80/Hollywood/Bungalow/8725/HW.html

Many thanks to Petra for this news:

There are two small Xena mentions in the latest issue of SF Report (a Dutch sci-fi/fantasy mag). It's issue number 13 and features 13 Top 13's Top 13 Best Screams:

1. Elliot's sister Gertie discovers ET and doesn't stop screaming.
10. Xena's Battle Cry

Top 13 SF stars with whom you'd like to share a bed:
1. Natasha Henstridge: irresistable in Species
4. Hudson Leick: delicious blonde and deadly as Callisto in Xena

12 February

New Montage: Daughter of Pomira now online

First I would like to thank Melissa Good for her help yesterday. Some "person" hacked into my main page. Thanks to Missy it was back up the same day. Missy you're my hero :-) To the hacker...I hope one day you get the Rurik treatment...click here to read excerpt

And now for some good news! The Psycho is Back! This info comes from The Official Hudson Leick Fan Club. I've REALLY missed Callisto, they tried with Najara (wacky woman but not close to Callisto). Imagine...Alti and Callisto teaming up? WHOA! Pyschos R Us!

Hudson WILL be returning to New Zealand, the first of next month, to film another episode of Xena. AND, YES, SHE WILL, ONCE AGAIN, BE PLAYING CALLISTO! That's all the information that we have, right now, but we'll be sure and keep everyone updated when we hear more. "

10 February

Many thanks to Carrie for the Xena Logo above - I just love it :-) Isn't it cute? I wonder if Xena would consider having the boomerang instead of the chakram...they both come back :-)

KIWI Alert: *Many thanks to Jester for the following information*
A Sky1 Video Warning for all those in NZ that have Sky TV and get Sky1 8:30pm Sunday February 14th Topless Woman Talk About Their Lives A Danielle Cormack Fan Must See!

For Aussies wishing to purchase the CINEFANTASTIQUE VOL. 31 #5 with the Xena cover - Stirling Entertainment has a super offer! Click here to find out her to purchase your copy 2 days after it's release in the US.

Foxtel Information: It seems that Foxtel only have Season 1 at the moment and they will be repeating Sins of the Past starting in March. So for those that haven't caught all of Season 1..now is a good time to start taping!

The Ultimate Fan Fiction Index has a new look and a new addy!
and they have a nifty search engine for the fanfic index which I'm sure will be a great asset! Lots of new stuff on there and these xenites have worked really hard on the new site! Check it out.

Archived headlines

The Bard's Corner Updates:

XIP News Archive Updates:


9 February

Magazine Alert: CRACKED #16 Summer 99 features Xena and Hercules on the cover

I would like to announce that Dee who currently maintains the XIP Artwork Section will also be doing the Fan Fiction Trekkin Section. Fan Fiction Trekkin is a fanfic site for Star Trek: Voyager, DS9, TNG and Babylon 5.

The Bard's Corner Updates



8 February


Looking for a Star Trek fan to maintain my Star Trek Fan Fiction Site. If you are a trekkie and would like to take on this job please email me on kira@zip.com.au. I would prefer someone with html experience and if you have a site up all the more better.


The Bard's Corner is going to get a face lift on a major scale. Stories that are in parts (ie Tropical Storm - Part 1) and have not been linked to the next part will now be all linked. As from today, BL Miller who maintains The Bards of the Xenaverse section on XIP will begin this mammoth job. Now personally I just think it's a good reason for BL to reread these stories and have an excuse for it <vbg> Seriously folks this will make The Bard's Corner much easier to navigate. I want to thank BL for taking on this mammoth job. So in the coming weeks and months you will be able to see a more streamlined TBC taking shape.

7 February

The Bard's Corner Updates

I am pleased to announce two new bards to The Bard's Corner - Froggles and Koddiake

Now I made an error on the 5th February update. Circle of Life which I attributed to Mythmaker was incorrect. The correct bard is Koddiake. Apologies to Koddiake and Mythmaker.

5 February

The Bard's Corner Updates:


4 February

News for Aussies: Entertainment Tonight used to be seen at 11:30 am and repeated late at night. There has been a change - No more ET. We will get a locally produced show that will have ET segments similar to E! on Channel 10. Now what does this mean for Lucy/Xena segments? My guess is that we won't be seeing them. Xena is on Channel 10 and ET is on Channel 9. Now can anyone see Channel 9 promoting a show on Channel 10? Not in this millienium or the the next.

Magazine Alert: CINEFANTASTIQUE VOL. 31 #5 - US$5.95 (Aus $10+)
By popular demand, this month's cover girl is none other than Xena,
Warrior Princess. The behind-the-scenes look includes exclusive interviews with Lucy Lawless and her husband( and executive producer of XENA ) Rob Tapert, series creator and chief writer R.J. Stewart, and co-star Amanda<?> Tydings. (Info from the latest Previews Magazine)

Aussie Reminder: The start of Season 4 in Australia is coming up on Saturday with Adventures in the Sin Trade - Part 1. Read the review by SLK which is now up on the Australian Episode Guide


3 February


2 February

Aussie Magazine Alert: New Weekly (Feb 8 Issue) has a gorgeous photo of Lucy from the NAPTE Convention.

NZ Magazine Alert: The NZ New Idea has pictures of Lucy's new house from high above

The Australian Xenite Fan Fiction Repository now online...this site will index Australian bards' stories currently on the web. I think it's a great idea and very useful to Aussies wishing to read other Aussies' stories. The URL is
http://www.seanet.cc/fpayne - Check it out!

Trivia Time:

Petra reports that the Bitter Suite episode that was seen Germany was all dubbed in German including the songs (tricky) but the nicest thing about it was that Lucy introduced the episode in German. Way to go Lucy.

BJ sent this to me: There is a hotel in the city of Mytilene on the island of LESBOS by the name of XENIA. Just thought it would interest someone :-)

Ted Raimi News:


It really upsets me to do this but I have removed Bardwynna's entire fanfic collection at her request. The stories that have been removed were:

The Banshee's Wail (Alt)
Myth Deeds and Daring Do (Alt)
The Devil's Advocate - Part 1 (Alt)
The Devil's Advocate - Part 2 (Alt)
The Sunne in Gold - (Part 1) Book 1 (Alt)
The Sunne in Gold - (Part 1) Book 1 (Alt)
Myth-Understandings (Alt)
The Hour of the Jackel - Part 1 (Alt)
The Hour of the Jackel - Part 2 (Alt)
Reality Takes a Bite or The Honeymoon is Over (Alt)
If Thou Lovest Me (Alt)
Myth-taken Identity (Alt)
The Xenaverse Faery Tales by Bardwynna
The Beauty in the Beast (Gen)
A Swan in Born (Gen)
The Little Red Riding Cloak (Gen)
The Warrior's New Armor (Gen)
The Maiden And The Seven Warlords (Gen)
Beauty Wakes (Alt)
The Happy Princess (Alt)
Golden Hair And The Three Ursae (Alt)
The Sacrifice of Beauty or The Beauty in the Beast ll (Alt)
The Bard and the Beanstalk (Alt)

AND in addition to the above deletions. I have been asked by Llachlan to remove these two stories

When The Wave Breaks
The Once And Future Queen


1 February

ALERT: Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight - Weekend Edition so for those in the US...set the VCR!

She's back! SLK is back to review Season 4 in time for the Australian premier of Adventures in the Sin Trade.

31 January

Magazine Alert: I have been informed (thanks John) that the Sci Fi magazine called Frontiers (available only in Australia) has Lucy on the cover and an article. I will be getting the magazine and adding the transcript/pics asap. Frontiers is a science fiction fan club magazine available at newsagents around Australia.

Santa Monica Convention Updates

Fan Fic Updates:

There is a story here called Ministrations by Candace Chellew that had me chuckling. I don't think I will ever see this word again without thinking of this story :-) The things I suffer for with these bards....<vbg>

30 January

Just added the Lucy Lawless interview from The Good Weekend

How do you keep people in suspense about a story? You don't finish the end...Sorry folks - Part 7 of A Good Day to Die is now all there ... slight problem with server and silly webmaster. I should sack that woman <g>

Attention Aussies: The Melbourne Age Newspaper & The Sydney Morning Herald have the magazine The Good Weekend as part of their Saturday lineup. In today's paper the cover story is Lucy. It will have an article on the rise of the Xena phenomenon. Cover should be Lucy with the bushy thang looking all seductive. I will scan it and have the pics and the article as soon as possible. Not sure if it will appear in any other State.

I would like to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner - Candace Chellew. BladeMast and Candace have written an absolute corker of a story! It's called A Good Day To Die. It's a 7 part story that gets my Highest Recommendation (to borrow Lunacy's term here).

29 January

Now I had a very good chuckle with the new addition to L. Fox's new story...well kinda new story..that's if he ever starts to write it <snicker> Okay you all just have to read it to understand that last piece of sanity on my part.
I just love that Lester! <snicker>


Channel 9 has decided to add LFN to it's lineup for 1999 - starting Feb 9 the new episode of LFN will be shown at 11:15 pm.