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Fan Fiction Listed by Genre

Classic It's Xena & Gabrielle fiction based on the timeline of the series


Mel & Janice It's about Xena & Gabrielle descendents Janice "Mad Dog" Covington (Gabrielle descendent) and Melinda Pappas (Xena descendent). The only time they appeared in the series was the episode "The Xena Scrolls"


Uber The essence of the characters transplanted in other time periods but still retaining the characters of Xena and Gabrielle.


Conqueror Tales of the evil warlord Xena who conqueors the world. What would have happend had not Hercules changed Xena. First seen in the Hercules episode "Armageddon Now Part 2". Gabrielle is a rebel.


Post FIN Fic Tales after the events of the series ending episodes "A Friend In Need". Fans finish the series the way it should have finished.


CloneFic Based on the Season 6 episode "Send in the Clones" - Xena and Gabrielle are cloned by an evil Alti. The two clones set off on their adventures in the 21st Century at the end of the episode.



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