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21 January

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Region 2 - DVD News

  • Xena - Warrior Princess - Series 5 (Box Set 2) will be released 3 February. This sees the final box set to complete the entire six seasons on DVD for Region 2 and 4 (the DVDs can be played on Region 4 DVD Players as well). To order go to

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CloneFic Fanfiction Contest


20 January

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

The following is from Waiheke Marketplace Online
Yes, our Zena can sing. Of course the Americans know that already, having seen her on stage in Grease, but Waihekeans were pleasantly surprised by Lucy Lawless's performance as Dave Dobbyn's 'Special Guest Vocalist' on his Summer Holiday Tour last weekend.
Click here to read entire review of Lucy's performance from the Waiheke Marketplace Online and also see a larger version of the pic [left]


News Archive

MOST WOMEN SHUN VIOLENCE. Combat is uncouth, unfeminine, and most women are completely incompetent at it. We honor women in non-contact sports like soccer, softball, or tennis, but we haven’t yet accepted women in the trenches. Or haven’t we? Xena: Warrior Princes, the popular fantasy TV show about an ancient, lethal beauty with sword in hand, enjoyed unprecedented global success. Xena showed how potent the dream of a fighting woman really is. Click here to read full article on Frontpage Magazine


19 January

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Antony Girl and Dio. Their first fanfic on The Bard's Corner is downright hilarious. I suggest you keep liquids away from the keyboard for this one. It's a FIN Parody and just so wickedly good. "Mother, May I Sleep with Thracians? A Musical Homage to Love, Redemption, and Gratuitous Violence - Part 1" is just about the funniest parody I have read since "You've Got Scrolls" by Advocate, Fanatic and T. Novan

Post FIN Fic


18 January

The Bard's Corner

Fan Fiction Contest

With the recent 'airring' of Cloning Around - Episode 7 for the Subtext Season 8 Virtual Season that deals with those wonderful clones of Xena and Gabrielle in the 21st Century. Lunacy has thrown down the gauntlet (so to speak) about creating a new genre of Xena Fanfic - The Clones.
To aid in this endeavour I am opening a new section on The Bard's Corner - CloneFic AND a new contest. Write a clone story, submit it to me and it will be posted on the new section. It will then be voted on by the readers and Lunacy. The contest will run till the end of February. So if you're a bard get that thinking cap on and contact your muse.

Send your story to with the subject line: CloneFic Contest. It has to be the Clones in the 21st Century from the episode "Send In the Clones), not Uber.


2003 Xena Convention

The 2003 Xena con is fast approaching and Creation has released further information about the con. This will be my first time at the annual Xena con. I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends again and of course Lucy and Renee (for the first time).

The following info is from Creation Entertainment

  • Well, the annual bash is approaching (February 7-9) and are we ever excited!  Fans are once again coming from around the world to welcome Lucy and Renee and other sensational cast members (writer Katharine Fugate is the latest addition to our guest list). Tickets are still available for the convention: visit us at: to grab 'em!
  • HUDSON LEICK YOGA CLASS AT PASADENA CONVENTION:  Join Hudson at her Yoga Class on Saturday Morning of the convention.  These always sell-out immediately so get in on the fun: order your spot in the class now at:
  • FRIDAY EVENING we are proud to present "THE PIANO LOUNGE" a cabaret style show featuring favorite Xena performers really strutting their stuff: in song and dance, and surprises! Here's where we get to see the stars we love doing what they do best: entertaining audiences! The exact bill of stars will be announced shortly, but in the past these evenings have been quite memorable!

Xena Merchandise News

The following is from Creation Entertainment

  • The video presentation included in Official Fan Club Kit #6 has now been approved by the "powers that be" and are being manufactured!  We should have the kits starting to be mailed within two weeks!  We appreciate your patience and promise that you are going to absolutely flip when you see the tape (and of course all the other goodies included within the kit!)
    For those that haven't yet ordered the kit: jump on the bandwagon and get in on the initial mailing.  Check out the details at:
  • XENA OFFICIAL CALENDAR 2003 UPDATE:  Well, it was our fastest selling calendar ever and the "Photographic Xena Calendar" for this New Year is already sold out!  Thanks for the tremendous support (and to Sharon for doing her usual excellent job).  The good news, however, is that we still have a couple of hundred left of the second calendar we do each year, which is the "Art Collage Version".  Don't miss out on these: order today for immediate shipment at:



17 January

MaryD's Art

Lucy News Archive

AUSXIP News Archive

  • For Michelle Ang fans (are there any Akemi fans out there?) - Michelle has landed a role in the long running show Neighbours on Channel 10 (Australia) She was asked about her role on Xena in NW Magazine - 20 January 2002

    "18-year-old Kiwi Michelle Ang is "Neighbours" newest starlet. And what's more, she killed Xena!"

    Question: We heard you killed Xena: Warrior Princess.

    Well, I didn't physically kill her; but I'm the reason she ended up dead! In the last episodes, I played a Japanese princess who Xena visits, and she died as a result of something I did...much to the hatred of all her lesbian fans.

    Question:  What was Lucy Lawless (Xena) like?
    She's just a typical Kiwi chick - very cool
    Many thanks to Dana for the article

Aussie Xena News

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Subtext Virtual Season 8 -

Cloning Around - Episode 7

Alive and well in 21st century Los Angeles, it hasn't taken Xena and Gabrielle long to figure out the future is a far more difficult place to live than the past.


15 January

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

  • The following is from Leanne at Kiwi Attic
    As you know I went to a second concert in Palmerston North of the Dave and Lucy Summer Tour, and this time took my video camera along.  Managed to get a few songs and would be happy to make this available for those interested. My main interest in this email though is to find out what form people would be most interested in purchasing these in.  Since my video-guy left, I've been sourcing a new person and as it turns out both are in another town (which means a small delay in copying time).  I have a couple of options however, and all depend on quantities ordered at the time, also there is the option of putting the footage onto a VCD, playable on your computer or DVD player. It turns out that the new NTSC dubbing costs are likely to be around US$22 per VHS tape + shipping, whereas the VCD would be around US$15 + shipping.  Shipping costs are not yet confirmed, but the VCD would definitely be the cheaper option.  I haven't seen the quality yet and am waiting to see this before making any further decisions - but I would be more interested in what you guys think about a VCD more preferable, or just stick with the VHS tape?  If you have the time to let me know, I'd love to hear from you soon.
    Kindest Regards
    Leanne Stewart / /


Lucy News

  • The publishers of Lesbian News are a tad upset with people selling Lesbian News magazine with the Lucy interview on ebay.
    Click here to read letter to anyone who is selling the LN magazine
  • The "Am I Annoying" web site has listed the most and least annoying people of 2002. Lucy came in at #14 on the least annoying list. The most annoying person of 2002 was Martha Stewart. Read the full list at
  • There is a small mention of Lucy and the cult status of Xena in an article in the Mumbai Newsline - Powerpuff women of Planet television
    Mumbai, January 12: MULTIPLY the effect of saas-bahu and Ally McBeals on women several times over to figure out the effect that superwomen have on the not-so-fair sex. Yes, we’re talking Alias, Black Scorpion, Dark Angel and La Femme Nikita. Though none of these women have managed to recreate the Lucy Lawless euphoria, with an entire cult following for Xena: The Warrior Princess, they’ve not done too badly for themselves.
    Click here to read entire article

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14 January

Added new section: Xena Movie News & Rumours Section

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn


There are two absolutely wonderful photos from Kaitaia Community Centre online paper of
"Dave (or David Joseph, as he was referred to in the formal announcement) Dobbyn has had a big start to 2003, first being named as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (for services to music) in the New Year's honours list then a sell-out concert (with Lucy Lawless and Anika Moa) at Kaitaia's Far North Community Centre. There was standing room only, fans of all ages turning out on an uncharacteristically wet summer's night to hear one of the legends of New Zealand music and two of its rising stars. See the full size version of the photo at:

"Dave Dobbyn, in high spirits after Sunday's concert in Kaitaia, with Anika Moa and Lucy Lawless. He will be solo when he takes the stage at Wagener Park on Saturday week."
See the full size image at:


13 January

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn


Graphics Archive

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Original Fiction

12 January

Lucy News

For those interesting in buying a copy of the Lesbian News magazine with Lucy on the cover. You can order it by calling 1-800-4589888 (or if you are in Australia 00111 800 4589888). The price is $7.00 and that includes shipping within the US (you will need to check for other countries)

News Archive

I have finally archived and updated the listing for all the magazine articles from 2000 and January 2003 (phew!). They can now be accessed from the Magazine archive. I've also fixed broken links to some of the articles.


11 January

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

New articles/reviews:

Yoda and Xena show sparkled. 
The Regent on Broadway It was a strange combination. A funny looking guy with ginger hair who is a New Zealand rock icon and a female action hero babe who is better known for wielding a sword than a microphone. But Dave Dobbyn and Lucy Lawless looked like old touring buddies at their gig at the Regent on Thursday night.
Read more of the article online at The Evening Manawatu Standard -

The Daily News has an article on Lucy and a short interview about her singing tour with Dave. Gorgeous picture to go with it.,2106,2182798a6554,00.html




10 January

Xenaverse News

There is speculatioin starting to circulate about a possible Xena movie. Lucy mentioned a movie in the latest Lesbian News magazine interview and yesterday she was on 91ZM in New Zealand. She indicated a movie was in the works. According to Sharon Delaney from Creation Entertainment

"Rob would love to do one and has been working toward that end.  But nothing definite has been set yet.  It's still in the "3 or 4 years down the road" stage."

So it looks as if we are to wait just a little bit more for that movie.

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

  • Added 9 high resolution scans of Lucy at the Taupo Great Lakes Concert (previously small versions of the photos from Kiwi Attic) - Scanned by Judi Mair

Lucy Picture Archive

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Featured Author - Radclyffe

Above All, Honor- Revised Edition - Autographed
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In an all new, expanded edition of the first in the Honor series, Above All, Honor revised edition introduces single-minded Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and the woman she is sworn to protect—Blair Powell, the daughter of the President of the United States. Cam’s duty is her life and the only thing that keeps her from self-destructing under the unbearable weight of her own deep personal tragedy. However, she hasn’t counted on the fact that the beautiful, willful first daughter will do anything in her power to escape the watchful eyes of her protectors, including seducing the agent in charge. Both women struggle with long-hidden secrets and dark passions as they are forced to confront their growing attraction amidst the escalating danger drawing ever closer to Blair.


Love's Tender Warriors

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Drew Clark, ex-Marine and martial arts master, is the new instructor at the Golden Tiger dojang. Intense and aloof, she hides dark secrets and unhealed wounds beneath her warrior's exterior. Sean Gray is the young psychologist and senior student who threatens to bring down the barriers Drew has erected around her heart. Battle hardened and world weary, Drew discovers that Sean wields a weapon she has no defense against--tenderness. Together, two women who have accepted loneliness as a way of life learn that love is worth fighting for, and a battle they cannot afford to lose.

This story was previously on the web as The Golden Tiger but has been expanded with new material.

Love's Melody Lost - 2nd Edition
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A secretive artist with a haunted past and a young woman escaping a life that proved to be a lie find their destinies entwined.


Victim of a terrible accident, famed composer and pianist Graham Yardley loses her sight, her heart and her soul. Wealth and fame mean nothing after the devastating loss of her beloved music; her life is reduced to silence, darkness and bitter regret. In a bleak mansion atop windswept cliffs, the blind woman withdraws from the world, her once consuming passions now a source of anguish and fear. Then Anna, a lost woman seeking a place in the world, comes into her life and awakens feelings she thought were dead forever. A fragile melody of love is played between these damaged souls, a song made sweeter and stronger by the day... but will their blossoming romance be destroyed by an outsider's greed or will it succumb to the discord of Graham's tormented heart? Can she find happiness with Anna, caught up in the fiery overtures and darkly gothic strains of... Love's Melody Lost.


9 January

Lucy News / Media Alerts

  • Saturday Night Live (Repeat) - US
    Wed Jan 15 12:00 pm Comedy Central
    Sat Jan 25 03:00 pm Comedy Central

ROC News

Media Alerts

  • Follow The River
    A courageous mother and her sometimes volatile companion make a hazardous bid for freedom from their Shawnee captors.
    Tue  Jan 14  09:00 pm  VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey
    Fri  Jan 24  12:00 am   VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey

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Xena Con 2003

The latest news from Creation regarding the 2003 Xena Convention

  • DAVID FRANKLIN (Brutus) will appear on stage and will be signing autographs for a nominal fee.
  • Steve Sears (Co-Executive Producer and writer)
  • Allison Bruce will be unable to appear at this year's event, due to the birth of her new baby!
    Be creative! Put scenes from Xena to your favorite song and enter our
    competition. The rules are simple and as follows:
    Please submit no more than 2 entries per person on VHS tape only- tape is not returnable. Be sure your audio track is recorded at a good, clear level. Tapes are rated by video quality as well as content. You are giving permission for Creation to use your video in perpetuity at our conventions, and in particular at the Official Xena Convention in Pasadena. At the convention we will announce and present the winners. Winning entries will receive a $100 gift certificate either by mail or at the event if present. The deadline for entries is January 29, 2003. Send tapes to:

    Video Contest
    1010 North Central 4th Floor
    Glendale, CA 91202

    Tapes can not be returned.

  • FRIDAY EVENING we are proud to present "THE PIANO LOUNGE" a cabaret style show featuring favorite Xena performers really strutting their stuff: in song and dance, and surprises! Here's where we get to see the stars we love doing what they do best: entertaining audiences! The exact bill of stars will be announced shortly, but in the past these evenings have been quite memorable!

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Region 1

  • Updated information about the Season 1 and Season 2 DVD for Region 1

Xena Merchandise

beautyp1.jpg (29643 bytes)The Xena Beauty & Brawn trading cards are available for purchase. The following is from Powerstar about these cards:
This 72-card set will be printed on Silver Gemkote™ Reflective paper stock and features 1 autograph and 2 costume cards per box! Fans can look for autograph cards signed by Vicky Pratt as Cyane, Jeremy Callaghan as Pompey, Darien Takle as Cyrene, Erik Thomson as Hades, Meg Foster as Hera, Marie Matiko as both K'ao Hsin and Pao S'su and more! Dual Autograph Card Collectors should also keep an eye out for two different dual-autograph cards. The first signed by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor as Xena and Gabrielle and the other signed by Hudson Leick and Renee O'Connor as Callisto and Hope. These cards are the "good" versus "evil" and continue the theme of duality.
Dual Costume Card Sample This set boasts the most costume cards Rittenhouse Archives has ever done in a set and these aren't your standard costume card either. We have included three levels of costume cards; single costume cards, double costume cards and autographed costume cards! The dual costume cards contain either two pieces of material from a single costume (i.e.: Pants and shirt) or material from two different costumes from the same episode (i.e.: Xena Heavenly costume and Gabrielle's Archangel costume from "Fallen Angel"). Autographed costume cards are a Rittenhouse Archives first and will be signed by Claire Stansfield as Alti, Megan Desmond as Discord and Hudson Leick as Callisto!
Beyond the costume and autograph cards fans will find several chase sets to increase the excitement. First is the Footsteps of a Warrior that allows fans to follow in Xena's footsteps as she travels across the globe. These cards can be found one in every four packs. Next is the Amazon Warrior set found one in every ten packs that spotlights some of the great Amazon Warriors including Cyane, Ephiny, Melosa, Varia, Velasca and more. In a tribute to the late Kevin Smith, a great actor and an essential part of not only Xena but Hercules as well, we have included a 9-card Kevin Smith Tribute set that covers his career on these two great shows. To top off these great chase subsets is the two-card Beauty and Brawn set found 1 in every 480 packs. These special cards will be printed on plastic using metallic inks and will be individually numbered.
To order the cards go to: Powerstar Xena Merchandise

7 January

Lucy Picture Archive

Graphics Archive

The Bard's Corner




6 January

Lucy News Archive

Added scans of Lucy article from the Lesbian News magazine - January 2003

Lucy reveals that Xena and Gabrielle were lovers <g> and that Lucy figured it out during FIN (while subtext fans figured it out in Season 1 and even Renee revealed in an interview that it was "all about the love".) Lucy wasn't sure until FIN and introducing Gabrielle to Akemi (boo hiss) as her soulmate. Akemi was useful for one thing at least (and here I thought she was the most useless character usurping Ulysses for that award).

From the Lesbian News article Lucy thinks there MIGHT be a movie and would like to see it in the present day, fighting wrongs in New York. Maybe she can take on Bin Laden and skewer him into a thousand pieces...

There is a posibility of a Lucy sitcom in the works (half an hour) and could appear in the 2003 Fall lineup. According the the interview: "Lawless is in Los Angeles working with writers and network executives on a new television program. This time she wants to try a half hour sitcom Although she refuses to name the network, she admits to having enough backing that the show could appear in the Fall 2003 lineup.

Many thanks to Wendy the Warrior Princess for the scans.

4 January

Lucy News

Lucy Holiday Singing Tour with Dave Dobbyn

  • Added a review of Lucy's performance at the Silverdale Wade Hotel by Carolyn S
  • Updated the tour dates with two new dates added to the tour
    Thursday 9th January - Palmerston North.Regent &
    Friday 10th January - New Plymouth. TSB.

Lucy Articles/Interviews

  • Lesbian News has an exclusive interivew with Lucy (and a great cover) - part of the interview can be found on their site. Lucy has some VERY interesting things to say about Xena.
    Part of the article reads: our heroines shared one last, dripping kiss, we thought that certainly they had just proven their lesbian love on national television for the world to see. And yet, when Xena, the Warrior Princess and her comrade, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), ended their reign on the small screen, we still weren't completely sure about the full nature of their relationship. Until here to read more of the article

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Region 1 DVD/Videos (US/Canada)

Season 2 on DVD is now available to purchase from the Official Xena & Herc online store. This brand new collection includes 7 discs containing all 24 Season Two episodes remastered from studio-quality digital video. This incredible DVD Collection will also include exciting supplemental material, including: Screensaver, Xena Chronicles, Photo Gallery - Price $99 (US);;2



3 January

Happy New Year everyone!

The Bard's Corner

Uber - The Growing

There is a new Uber series starting from today from SwordnQuil (Sue Beck), T Novan and Okasha. This is a serial, after the fashion of the Green Mile.  It’s an uber/sci-fi/horror/post-apocalyptic piece. 

There is also a mailing list where you can discuss the episodes. Click to subscribe to Thegrowingchat mailing list



Xenaverse News

Who gets your vote for the best female role model on TV? Is strength/fighting ability her finest quality or does charm and intelligence rate higher? Or maybe it's something else - you decide (and feel free to nominate other worthy women if you like!)

The following is from DiAnn:

We are getting closer to our goal our Xena Wax figure petition has surpassed 1400 signatures (patting everyone on the back) YEA! Remember Lucys Manager has been sent the addy for this petition so chances are great Lucy has seen the petition and has read the many messages of support and love sent on her behalf..if you haven't signed it yet the addy is:

Next is the Gabrielle wax figure :( sadly we have only 8 signatures so if you haven't signed or passed this addy on do so now: This petition will be passed on to Renee as well so she too can read your messages of love and support!!

Ok next is the Lucy Lawless Open Love Letter..this too will be sent to Lucy so 14 signatures come on I know we all love Lucy more then that!! Please pass this addy on as well it's:




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