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Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars - CD (Lucy sings "Little Child")


31 January 2006

Battlestar Galactica Press Release

Just received the following PR - Battlestar Galactica (both Classic and New BSG) will have it's own comic!

New Comic Series Based On The Classic Battlestar Galactica Series On Schedule for ‘06

Runnemede, NJ, January 31, 2006 – Dynamite Entertainment announced today its agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to produce comics based on the classic Battlestar Galactica series.  Recently Dynamite Entertainment signed a deal to launch a comic series based on the new SCI FI Channel Battlestar Galactica series. The comic series based on the new season of Battlestar Galactica is tentatively scheduled to launch 2nd Quarter 2006 with writer Greg Pak penning the ongoing series.... Click here to read more


Articles - 2006

Flawless Images


Lucy Video Clips

Air New Zealand Holiday Show

Added new Lucy video clip from the episode on: Waitomo Caves, NZ (1992)
Lucy goes underground looking at the limestone formations, marvelling at the glow worm grotto, tubing through the underground caves, abseiling down to the Lost Word and hiking out of it.


Articles - 1998

  • Impact Magazine December 1998 - Hit & Myth
    Xena: Warrior Princess has been setting young men's hearts aflame for several years now. After a successful spin-off series from the equally enjoyable Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, it was only a matter of time before the lady made her way to British screens. Now she can be frequently found on both Channel 5 and SKY battling legendary monsters and sword-wielding maniacs. Nice work if you can get more - Scans contributed by Sally Nabil

The Bard's Corner

Here's a bard from the past - L. Fox has submitted his latest fanfic. Leonard has been absent from the Xenaverse for quite some time and has returned! Welcome back Leonard :) Be sure to check out his other great fanfic here

  • Added Adventures of Young Ephiny - Episode 5: Two Journeys by L. Fox
    This story is the fifth entry in the Adventures of Young Ephiny series and contains references to characters and events from the earlier stories. It is not necessary to read any of those in order to follow along with this latest effort; however the reader will find that many of these references are presented "as is" and without any further amplification.


30 January 2006

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Seattle Space Needle Event

  • The Seattle Space Needle Event was to raise money for the Seattle Men's
    Chorus. Lucy signed and took pictures with fans. Mark Weeks was the
    official photographer and he now has new pictures from this event
    You can purchase the pictures as 5 x 7 or 8 x 10.
    Many thanks to Roger for the update

Magazine Alert from Lawless Ink:

There will be a new Lucy interview about Battlestar Galactica in Entertainment Weekly magazine this week or next week.

Reminder for NZ Fans: Lucy Lawless - Five Days in Bangladesh is at 7.30pm Tuesday 31 January on TV2.

Articles - 2006

2006 Xena Convention Music Videos

I'm very pleased to welcome Jodi to AUSXIP Music Videos. Jodi created "Better Sweet" which was the music video which introduced Lucy at the 2006 Xena Con. It's an absolutely brilliant video and so very clever. Set to the song of "Summer Nights" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John from Grease.

29 January 2006

2006 Xena Convention

I've been meaning to post this ever since Mesh unveiled it and my apologies to Mesh for not sharing this funny advert - a Hudson Leick advert inspired by her performance at the Xena con where she was a little too hyper after taking some sudafed. This was created by Mesh <g>


Australian TV Alert:
Boogeyman is currently showing on Foxtel's Box Office (pay per view) for the week.

Articles - 2006

World Vision New Zealand Lucy Lawless Meets Bangladesh 27 January 2006 The well-known New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless is usually seen on the small screen dressed in leather with a bronze breastplate, brandishing a spear and fighting the enemy. This Tuesday night (January 31), on TV2, we’ll see her in Bangladesh, battling her own emotions as she confronts poverty and child labour in Bangladesh. Read more...


Articles - 1996

Just Shoot Me

Added Screencaptures of Lucy as Stacy from the Just Shoot Me episode "The Auction

Added five Video Clips of Lucy as Stacy from the Just Shoot Me episode "The Auction

28 January 2006

2006 Xena Convention


Xena Music Videos

I am very pleased to welcome Debbi and Selena to AUSXIP Music Videos. Their two videos Kill Yodoshi and Be My Yoko Ono were featured and won at the Xena Con. Now I will say if you hate FIN you will love Kill Yodoshi - this is the correct translation of the Friend in Need Scroll :) I absolutely LOVED it. Rob got the translation of the scroll all wrong :-) Be My Yoko Ono is a fun video as well that will have you laughing.

Xena Fan Club News

Latest News from Sharon's Xena Fan Club Page

  • Coffee Talk 5 starring Lucy and Renee is on its way into production for Xena Fan Club Kit #11.  Just confirmed their schedules and we'll be filming our dashing duo together in two weeks.  Last time was at Renee's house, this time we'll be at Lucy's.  The girls have been trying to get together for weeks, but real life kept getting in the way.  This provides the perfect excuse to say, "Clear the schedule, Sharon needs us!"  (grin)
  • Photo Op images with Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick, Tim Thomerson and Vicky Pratt are now posted at:

Official Renee Site

  • Renee has updated her site with the last Q&A on the Ask Renee section
    Would you be content never acting again and being an artist or director?
    Click here to read more

Reporting Home

  • Greetings from baby central!  It is funny how my mind is working now.  I am either re-reading parts I have already memorized from "What To Expect When You're Expecting," or I am looking at paperwork from Screen Actors Guild agreements from Diamonds and Guns, and working on spotting cues for extra dialogue replacement for the here to read more

Renee Mentions:

Alien Apocalypse

The Lucy site has a new banner (inspired by the change in the AUSXIP main banner)

Eurotrip Promo Videos

  • I'm not quite sure if I had posted this when Eurotrip promos were going on but if I did...well rewatching Lucy is better than no Lucy :) Click here to view

27 January 2006

Lucy CD News

Just received the press release from Rhino Records (and in part): Lucy will be singing "Little Child" (Eric Vetro/Alan Rich) Click here to read the press release

  • Rhino Records is releasing a CD called Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars . Lucy is one of the stars that will be recording a song for the CD. According to USA Today, the CD is due for release on 7 March 2006.
    Click here to read more about the CD
  • Lawless Ink has also just been updated with news about this release - Lucy will be releasing a note about it shortly.

Lucy Screencaptures

Veronica Mars

  • For those in Canada - Lucy's episode will be shown on WSBK on 28 January 2006 at 10 pm and repeated 31 January 2006 at 9 pm.
    Many thanks to Earl Brown for the news
  • For those in the US - Lucy's episode will be repeated on UPN on 31 January 2006 at 9 pm - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Articles

2006 Articles

1997 Articles


26 January 2006

New Lucy Interview - Video (

Interview with Battlestar Galactica star Lucy Lawless. Lucy talks about life, working on Xena, gives away a spoiler for Downloaded (so if you are keeping spoiler free...there's a tiny bit you will find out) and what are her plans for the future - Click here to view video clip
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Click here to read the tiny spoiler for Downloaded

Veronica Mars Video & Screencaptures

Added five video clips from the episode "Donut Run"
Video clips created by Roger



Added 244 screencaptures from the episode
Captures by Roger



New Xena Comic Book Series


Official Press Release

January 25, 2005, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment announced today its agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to produce comics featuring new adventures of the ultimate warrior princess, Xena. Creative teams, definitive launch dates and marketing efforts for the new comic series will be announced in the coming weeks.
Click here to read more of the press release


Reminder: Lucy will be on Veronica Mars tv show tonight (US)

Lucy Mentions:

  • What the Kiwi gossip mags say 26 January 2006
    Meanwhile, Woman's Weekly has a snoozy feature written by Lucy Lawless following a recent charity trip to Bangladesh in which she worries about her diet: "I didn't want to come home with a belly full of worms".
  • Times Union 26 January 2006
    * Fans of self-assured female characters should not miss tonight's "Veronica Mars" (9, UPN) when the high school private eye gets a visit from an FBI agent played by "Xena" herself, Lucy Lawless.
  • Best bets on TV San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
    Written and directed by show creator Rob Thomas, the episode features a delightful guest star turn by Lucy Lawless (``Xena'') as an ambitious FBI agent brought ...
  • What to watch Wednesday USA Today - USA
    ... Lost on ABC and Veronica Mars on UPN. And tonight, Veronica joins forces with another beloved warrior woman: Xena's Lucy Lawless. ...
  • Gannett News Service - Burlington,VT,USA
    ... "Veronica Mars," 9 pm, UPN. Lucy Lawless guests. She's investigating a kidnapping by Duncan and figures Veronica was involved. "Bones," 9 pm, Fox...
  • TV tonight: 'State' and hoops are tops Hub - Lansing,MI,USA
    ... "Veronica Mars," 9 pm, Channel 18 (UPN). Lucy Lawless guests. She's investigating a kidnapping by Duncan and figures Veronica was involved. ...

Battlestar Galactica


  • David Eick has posted another BSG video blog, and this time it's about
    Lucy's ep, Downloaded. She appears briefly in the clip. Go to this page and select video #15 (It's a gooey job but somebody has to do it): 
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Official Site Update

  • New message from Renee in the Reporting Home section along with a translation of the prayer in the box she talked about at the recent Xena convention. Click here to read


25 January 2006

You all may have noticed the new banner up the top :) A little hard to miss. That gorgeous banner was designed by Calli :)

Xena Episode Guide

  • Added episode review of Season 1 - Episode 11 The Black Wolf by SLK
    Here’s a quick test. Have you ever watched Black Wolf more than twice on a home-owned copy? If yes, was it willingly? If yes, was alcohol involved? If no, was it only to watch the ever-cool Salmoneus? If no, was it for a bet? No?! Man, you are just freaking me out. You should probably skip this review and immediately cease operating heavy machinery and get a lab to check what’s in your brownies. Everyone else, read on – it’s plot-splatting time. - Read more of the review
  • Added episode review of Season 1 - Episode 10 Hooves And Harlots by SLK. Three things you need to know about Amazons: 1. They can’t dance for Centaur droppings. 2. They urgently need to bulk order some fake tan (it’s what happens when you save all your best rituals for moonlight). And 3. They make for one helluva good more of the review

Xena Music Videos

I am very pleased to welcome Arianne to AUSXIP's Music Video Section with her first music video:

We Want a Xena Movie Update

New Banner with updated contact information - Bev has got the latest addresses for Rogue Pictures. Click here to find out more - Please take the updated banner.

Veronica Mars

  • Shows worth tuning in this week: - Hackensack,NJ,USA
    VERONICA MARS -- Lucy Lawless guest stars as a whole new type of warrior here -- Agent Morris, head of an FBI team that's called in to pursue Duncan (Teddy Dunn ...

24 January 2006


Current issue of the New Zealand Woman's Weekly
Lucy Lawless: My life-changing journey
Her career is bubbling along with a regular guest role on Battlestar Galactica and plans to record an album. But for Lucy Lawless, last year’s highlight was a trip to visit the child whose life she helped save. Read the moving account of her journey to Bangladesh in the latest New Zealand Woman's Weekly – on sale now.

Many thanks to Carolyn for the magazine alert.

You can purchase these magazines from (the current WW cover is not displayed but they do have the issue). They also stock NZ Listener Magazine. They are based in New Zealand. They also have the current NZ Listener Magazine which features a small article and pic on Lucy on the Bangladesh documentary.


  • TVNZ 23 January 2006
    Lucy Lawless takes us on an exotic and compelling journey as she travels to Bangladesh and meets some of the world's poorest children and their struggling families.

23 January 2006

  • The Corvallis-Gazette Times has an article about the Luna Short Film Festival which illuminates women’s issues, raises money for their causes. The article features a review of Renee's short film "One Weekend A Month"

Flawless Print - Articles - 2006

Lucy Wallpapers


Added new Lucy wallpaper from Charis


2006 Xena Convention Update

Con Photos - Added con pics by AmazonMine

Con Pictures - Added con pics by Ro

Con Pictures - Added con pics by DJ

Con Pictures Links

If you have con pics on your site and would like it listed here - please email me.


We Want a Xena Movie Campaign

Jody (Site: WarriorPrincessNerd) has created a postcard that you might like to include in with your letter to Mr Andrew Rona for a Xena Movie.

Click here to get the hi-res version


Xena Music Videos

Xenaverse News

Danielle Cormack News

  • Danielle's new movie "River Queen" will premiere in New Zealand on 24 Jan 2006
    The River Queen is an intimate story set during the 1860s in which a young Irish woman Sarah (Samantha Morton) and her family find themselves on both sides of the turbulent wars between British and Maori during the British colonisation of New Zealand. View Trailer for the movie on imdb
    Many thanks to MET for the news

Vicky Pratt News

  • Vicky's new movie "House of the Dead 2 (LBX)" will premiere 11 Feb 2006 on the SciFi channel in the US - time 9/8C
    When zombies overrun a small town, a squad of elite soldiers battle the undead while racing against time to develop a vaccine to stop the fiendish affliction from spreading. Emmanuelle Vaugier (Painkiller Jane), rapper Sticky Fingaz (Dead Presidents) and Victoria Pratt (Cleopatra 2525) star. This page for the promo poster:
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

22 January 2006

New Documentary: Lucy Lawless - Five Days In Bangladesh

VCR Alert for NZ: 31st January,  TV2 at 7.30pm to 8.30. 'Lucy Lawless - Five days in Bangladesh'.  New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless spends time in some of the poorest areas of Bangladesh and meets the boy she has sponsored through World Vision. Many thanks to Calli for the news

This documentary was filmed in January 2005 - Snippets of this was shown at the 2005 Xena Convention - Click here to view pictures I had taken of the doco

Flawless Print - Articles - 2006

Lucy Commericals / Adverts Images

Darkroom Movie Update

  • According to the NZ TV Guide interview with Lucy, Darkroom will premiere in March 2006.

Veronica Mars Update

  • Added excerpt from Chicago Tribune - 20 January 2006 'Veronica Mars' scoop
    In this massive post, Rob Thomas, creator and executive producer of
    "Veronica Mars," talks about the Wednesday episode of his UPN show,
    "Donut Run" (which he wrote and directed), and much more. A warning: parts of this interview contain spoilers about upcoming episodes (here's one harmless -- but fun -- little spoiler from the interview: Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera from "Arrested Development" are guesting on "Veronica Mars" soon).


2006 Xena Convention Pictures

Added con pictures from gabEgrrl

The Bard's Corner

Post FIN Fic

  • Added Enough (Complete) by Iseqween
    Xena faces hurdles from the past and present as she tries to adjust to the life Gabrielle created before the warrior’s resurrection in Japa. This story makes reference to events and characters introduced in "A Fly in the Ointment," "Suns of the Passed" and "Love's Therapy"



21 January 2006

The following is from Karen Muleski:

This is to all the Xenites out there who were in attendance at the Charity Breakfast this past Sunday during the Xena Con.  On behalf of Anita Ellis, and her foundation, I'd like to personally Thank all the raffle ticket buyers, auction (silent and live) particapants,  volunteers, and the people who donated all the wonderful items. Of the auction money raised, 75-80% was directly related to items donated by Xenites. Even the smallest of donations fetch a good amount when its for a good cause. I'd also like to Thank anyone who has ever participated in some way over the years. The generosity of Xenites never fails to amaze me!
Karen Muleski 
a.k.a THE Marquessa 

Veronica Mars Update

Battlestar Galactica

More Info about the UFFD from CN Winters:

The first day we're up the links within the UFFD site might not work because they still say .com. The links going out (like to stories) should be in working order. The old pages are still on the server. The new pages are finished but they won't work until I can get in and upload them, which is the reason for the linkage problem so nobody freak and write us that none of the pages work - at first they might not<G>.

But we'll let everyone know at the what's new page when we're at 100%, so if there are any problems after that point we can address them each individually. But I'm crossing fingers that it will be a smooth transition. I don't foresee any other problems from this point forward and we should be up Friday or sometime this weekend as HB said.

2006 Xena Convention Music Videos

Added another Creation Music Video contest winner by Rocketchick- this will get your foot tapping :)

  • Added Everybody Dance Now - it's just that, about dancing on the show and it's fun! The video was created by Rocketchick and was featured in the opening of the convention.

2006 Xena Convention Pictures

Added con pictures from Michelle



20 January 2006

UFFD Update

The UFFD  will be up and running again, we hope by Friday 1/20/06. We were lost there for a while, but we did find ourselves. Please fix your bookmarks to note the new addy will be Its the same as the old addy but no longer a .com. Looking forward to posting and emailing with everyone.
Heartbrkn Bard


2006 Xena Convention Pictures

Added pictures from DJ:

Veronica Mars Update
  • More Lucy promo pictures from VM on this site

TRAILER:  "Donut Run" Wednesday, 01.25.06
An FBI team headed up by tough, seasoned Agent Morris is called in to pursue Duncan after he breaks up with Veronica and flees with Meg's baby. Lucy Lawless guest stars.
*Many thanks to Morwen for the following*

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette 19 January 2006
    TV TIDBITS Veronica Mars will finally return to UPN on Wednesday, and we have a treat. Lucy Lawless, cult favorite from Xena : Warrior Princess, will play an FBI agent who comes to town looking for Duncan after he takes off with comatose Meg’s newborn baby. Lawless also has a recurring role on Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galactica. More on that later.

19 January 2006


Lucy Articles - 2006

New Lucy Pictures

  • Added a gorgeous new Lucy Agency / Headshot which was sold at the 2006 Xena Con - Many thanks to LB for the scan

  • Creation had a new Lucy montage photo with the opening message from Lucy which appeared on her website: "I am irreverent, a little wacky and I cuss like a sailor. Shine On, You Crazy Diamonds" Many thanks to Roger for the scan

Xena Convention Photos - Lucy

Renee Pictures

2006 Xena Convention

Dessert Party

18 January 2006

More Con Pics


Photos by Carol Lowe




2006 Xena Con Videos

Lucy Images - Agency Photos

Added new black and white photo of Lucy that was on sale at the Xena Convention - gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. - Contributed by Roger


2006 Xena Convention


Battlestar Galactica News


  • Added brief mention of Lucy re-joining the cast of Battlestar Galactica from
    Toronto Star Newspaper - 17 January 2006
    In other geek news, though not yet officially announced, Lucy Lawless informs me she will be rejoining the Battlestar Galactica cast (a storyline she herself suggested) in her recurring role as a muck-raking reporter with a hidden agenda — introduced in an upcoming episode of the cult hit's second season, which has only just started on Space.

  • Added link to article about Lucy's upcoming BSG episodes from Flight Deck of the Hollywood North Report 15 January 2006


17 January 2006

2006 Xena Convention

  • Lynn Krause would like to thank all those that bought her music video off her at the con - the money raised ($210) will be donated for the Lily Duke Independent Disaster Relief.

    You can find out more about this on the A Friend In Need Campaign Page


Music Videos

The following is from Jody whose video was a winner in Creation's Video Contest Burbank 2006*

*When Fates Collide set to Elba by E.S. Posthumus (this album is awesome)~ [WFC, FIN rating: 0!] Don't have 45 mins to get your WFC fix? Get it right here in 8 minutes! Because the vid is 8 mins long, it is a large file (both of them) but I hope you find it well worth it! (p.s. go for the big one <g>)

13 mb zipped (.rm), 25.7 mb zipped (.rm) (Videos by Warrior Princess Nerd)

Xenaverse News

The Washington Post has an article written by Alex Tydings (aka Alexandra Luzzatto) about Yoga.

Rock-and-Roll Yoga Instructor December 18, 2005

Many thanks to Will for the link

Lucy VCR Alerts


  • Eurotrip will be shown on MOVIE ONE (Foxtel) 27 February 2006


  • Locusts will be shown on Sky One in the UK, at 10pm on 18th of Jan 2006!
    Many thanks to WarriorBard1 for the alert


    Former XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS star LUCY LAWLESS is planning a singing career after performing for fans at a West Hollywood gay club. ...

    (Please note: Sharon has posted a note about this article which states:
    There are a couple factual mistakes in this story.  Lucy has not yet released her recording of "Come To Me."  Hopefully it will be a hit in the gay clubs when/if she does so.  And Eric's last name is Vetro.

    Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club

16 January 2006

Lucy Articles


Okay more info about the movie campaign. it seems it's a LETTER WRITING - that means SNAIL MAIL rather than email campaign. If you can snail mail it, the better - faxes will clog their fax and they won't be too happy with us. Make sure to tell Mr Rona you will going to the cinema to see the movie ON THE DAY IT OPENS.

Here are the addresses again:

New York Office

Rogue Pictures
65 Bleecker St., 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012

9333 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210



2006 Xena Convention Update - Pictures from Saturday Guests

The supremely gorgeous and talented Renee O'Connor looking positively radiant was at the convention today.


15 January 2006


Katherine Fugate read Rob Tapert's email, and they both ask that we all email Andrew Rona and Rogue Pictures (a part of Focus, that's a part of Universal) to let him know that the fans want a Xena movie. If they get enough emails, they will see that there IS large group of people willing to pay for tickets.

If someone has an imdb pro account, they can find his contact info here:

2006 Xena Convention Music Videos

Added the SUPERB Lynne Krause video called Promise and We Go On - Salute to the 2nd Decade of Xena and a celebration of Lucy and Renee. This video was used as the opening to the Xena convention on Friday. Click here to download video


2006 Xena Convention Update - Pictures from Friday Guests

Pictures from the Con - Friday Guests: David Franklin, Adrienne Wilkinson, Tim Thomerson, The Cabaret, Autographs and Tsianina Joelson. Pictures are from Carol Lowe

Click here to view Carol's Photos


Xena Planet Update

USA Weekend has an article about Planet Xena but with an astrology twist.

  • Added link to USA Weekend 15 January 2006 With the discovery of a new "planet" in our solar system, some people may wonder: Will this affect my horoscope?
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

14 January 2006

Lucy and Rob

New Lucy Article - OK Magazine

OK Magazine - January 2006 - A Really Loving Family Is What Matters
Lucy Lawless, The Warrior Princess turned singer on Love, Raising Kids and Living in a Former Party Mansion.

Scans / Transcript - Scans contributed by Twink


13 January 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Lucy To Appear in More Episodes

This is EXCELLENT and exciting news for Lucy fans. Lucy has revealed she will be in a further 10 episodes (to be filmed later this year) of Battlestar Galactica.
Check out her latest message on her site Lawless Ink


12 January 2006

Sneak peek at Lucy from OK Magazine in the Current issue

At home with the former star of TV hit Xena: Warrior Princess. Lucy, utterly transformed from her days as a scantily clad weapon-wielding superwoman on TV, invited OK! into her gorgeous Spanish-style house in Los Angeles where she lives with her three children and husband, producer Rob Tapert. She laughs at the idea that they’re a romantic couple: “We’re terrible! We forget Valentine’s Day. We are not even that good with birthdays or wedding anniversaries. We’re just not concerned about it. Rob is thoughtful and loving in many other ways.”
*Many thanks to Gerianne for the alert*


The following goes under MaryD has lost her mind and if someone finds it, please ask it to come home department....

A few days ago I mentioned an idea Roach and I had about fan created con tidbits...seems I loved the idea so much that I had forgotten that I thought the idea was great when the Canberra Xena Gang had the same idea some time ago for a DVD for charity. Whilst the Roach idea is for online con offerings, the DVD is for charity and has been worked on quite a bit by the Canberra crew. You can see their updates on my FOF Section (which makes my forgetfulness even worse since I host the page) - My apologies to the Canberra Gang for forgetting the great work that they are doing and I've been told that FOF2 DVD will be available.

Anyone looking for a Gold Ticket for the Xena con this weekend?

CindyT unfortunately can't make it and would like to sell her ticket. So if you are interested send her an e-mail at .  She is asking the price she paid for the ticket plus next day delivery charges.  If you are interested you can discuss the details with her.

Planet Xena and her Gabrielle moon....

Veronica Mars Update


Promo Images

Added three more promo pics from "Donut Run"  - Many thanks to Craig from NeptuneSite - Veronica Mars site for the images.

Click here to view

Lucy Videos - TV Shows

Air New Zealand Holiday Show where Lucy was a presenter back in 1992/1993

Lucy takes in the sights of New Zealand's Queenstown, takes a skiing lesson, a tube ride down a mountain, takes a skidoo for a ride and the famous bungy jump off a helicopter.
Click here to download video clip - wmv file - size: 32 mb

Renee TV Alert for UK Fans

  • The Flood: Who Will Save the Children is due to be shown on UK TV in the early hours of Sunday 15th January at 03.45 am on Living.
    Many thanks to Jan for the news


Friend In Need Campaign

From Taipo:

"Good news!  Lily Duke has turned herself into a non-profit corporation!  This means that she can legally collect money as well as donations.  If you wish to contribute money, please make checks payable to:  Duke Independent Disaster Relief.
Mail them to :  Lily Duke/DIDR, 833 Eliza St., New Orleans, LA 70114 USA.  Lily is currently working very hard to supply 19 schools with things they desperately need.  Your donation will be a huge help in her efforts.  Thanks to all of you!"



11 January 2006

For those going to the convention this weekend, Creation has released the schedule. Renee will be appearing at 4:55 pm on SATURDAY and Lucy will be appearing at 2:40 pm on SUNDAY. For the complete schedule go here

Renee Tribute Video

Added a Renee tribute video that was created for Bardcon in Orlando where Renee was present. Set to the song by Pink "Get The Party Started"

Created by Linda and Tara - Click here to download


Veronica Mars Update

Lucy Lawless on Veronica MarsVeronica Mars Promotional Images:
Just received the following promo pic from UPN/CBS Publicity: This is the second Promo pic from the episode "Donut Run" on Veronica Mars - to air 25 January 2006.
Click here to see the larger version and the rest of the promo shots.

Lucy Multimedia - Screencaptures

Added screencaptures from Lucy's Interview on the Official Xena Fan
Club Kit #10 DVD.


Older Articles - 1996

Xena Episode Guide & Reviews

Fixed links to Season 1 reviews for:

10 January 2006

Veronica Mars Update

Just received news from UPN Publicity that Veronica Mars will be not be shown on the 18 January as previously mentioned but has been rescheduled to 25 January.

Added promo pics of Lucy as Agent Morris - the image does contain a caption that contains spoilers for the episode.

Lucy Articles

Lucy Premieres & Other Events - 2005

Added 6 high resolution scans from the premiere of Match Point Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles, California 8 December 2005 - Many thanks to Roger for the scans


Upcoming Lucy Interview

Xena Episode Guide & Reviews


Added episode guide and review for Season 1 Episode 9 - Death In Chains. Review by SLK


Articles - 1996


9 January 2006

An interesting Video Project...

Roach from Roach's Realm and I were discussing videos and Roach came up with a great idea. This is how it works:

Year after year, there are so many that don't get to go to the cons, and reading a report, and checking out a few pictures here and there, doesn't quite give you the full "experience from a distance".  There's got to be at last 300 cameras in the building at burbank, and even a few seconds here and there of "a moment" can be shared and enjoyed by so many.

We're not talking about the con guests (because that's a big no-no) but the other fun stuff that happens at cons that gets videotaped by fans.

So if you have video footage from the various cons, are willing to share it with others, Roach is willing to put it all together (since she is a video goddess <g>) and make it available for everyone to download and enjoy.

You can email her at

We think it would be a super way for non con attendees to get a feel of what fans do when they don't have bums on seats watching the various guests.

Battlestar Galactica

  • Added spoilers for Lucy's episode "Downloaded". DO NOT read if you don't want to to be spoilt.

  • SciFi has another BSG marathon starting with FINAL CUT (Lucy's first appearance as D'anna Biers) on 7 February 2006 at 8 AM.

Lucy on TV Videos

Lucy on the TV Show "Marlin Bay" - Season 2 (1993)
Added three video clips from the show.


Older 1996 Lucy Articles

8 January 2006

Battlestar Galactica News

  • Lucy's episode "Downloaded" is now episode #18 instead of #17 and has a definite date and will be shown as originally planned - there was talk about it being removed from the schedule because Ron Moore wasn't happy with it. It is now scheduled to air on 24th February 2006.
    Many thanks to Gateworld and San

Lucy Fan Club Update

The Amazing Juicy Flawless :) Sharon has posted a new video of Lucy talking about the design of the Lucy silliouette which will be used for a new LLFC T-shirt. <g>

Check out the video and the pics on Lawless Ink


7 January 2006

Lucy Images

Lucy Videos

Christmas in the Park - December 1997
Lucy in the background, sways to the music and also sings along as "Santa" sings Dreaming of a White Christmas
wmv format - 6.4 mb

Xena Articles - 1996

XenaMedia - Video Clips

Added video clip of Kevin Smith and Jennifer Ward-Lealand singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" at the
Christmas in the Park concert - December 1997


6 January 2006

New theme added to the site. The design features photos from ROC Productionss eBay auctions. Textures from tre textures. Created by Mesh. Click the thumbnail below to set this as your new default skin.

New Journal Icons

Added new journal icons to the site. Photo, texture and brush credit on the journal icon page. Please credit Mesh upon use. Do NOT repost these on ther sites. Thanks!

Lucy Articles - Battlestar Galactica
Both articles contributed by Gerianne

Flawless Diva Update

Lucy singing "Maxine" - 9 January 2003 with Dave Dobbyn at
Palmerston North.Regent in New Zealand


Mysterious silliouette Lucy image revealed...

Sharon from Lawless Ink has been teasing everyone with a silhouetted pic of Lucy. The mystery is somewhat solved. The Official Xena Fan Club kit #10 site has a behind the scenes look of Lucy at Creation's office working on the design. According to the Xena Fan Club page:  Latest Kit 10 upload is now online.  Lucy came for a visit to our offices to work on a new shirt design.  Thought you'd enjoy being a fly on the wall.
Click here to go to the official Kit #10 subscription site


New Article about FanFiction with X&G pic

Excerpt:...female/female slash, or femslash, has historically been quite rare. It was not until Xena: Warrior Princess, with its often quite overt subtextual homosexual relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, that the amount of femslash approached male/male slash in volume. Click here to read full article
Many thanks to MET for the news

The Bard's Corner

I'm pleased to pass on the news that The Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory will be back online shortly

Classic Fiction

  • Added Part Deux (Complete) by Iseqween
    Xena and Gabrielle work through some post-obsession issues following Aphrodite’s mischief in the third season episode FINS, FEMMES AND GEMS. I dedicate this fish … um … story to "Momma ROC." -- IQ


Mesh would like to invite those interested over to The Abydos Gate's websites:


Sam & Janet Shipper Site,
Teryl Rothery Site,
Amanda Tapping Site,
Rachel Luttrell Site and
Torri Higginson Site.



5 January 2006

Lucy at BloodRayne Premiere

The following is from Sharon about Lucy's attendance at the BloodRayne movie premiere (posted on the Lucy Fan Club List)

  • She's not attending the premiere of the movie BloodRayne tonight.  She doesn't know why she was listed as going.

Battlestar Galactica

  • For UK Fans - Season 2 will be shown on Sky One from Tuesday 10th January at 9 pm. Many thanks to Gerianne for the news

There's a new pic of Lucy with Flick Harrison and the BSG Video department. Flick is the actor who was D'anna Biers cameraman in the BSG episode "Final Cut" You can read about his experience working on the episode on his blog - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Flawless Diva Update

Lucy, Kevin and Jennifer Leland-Ward sing as a part of the 12 Days of Christmas (on the 7th day of Christmas...) at the Christmas in the Park December 1997

wmv format - zipped 16.4 mb


Lawless Ink has been updated with the first video of Lucy's thanksgiving trip to New Orleans to attend a couple fundraisers on Nov. 23 and 24.  One is the New Orleans Louisiana Sheriff's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration at the New Orleans House of Blues.  Another one is in Jefferson Parish on Nov. 23.  The video is available in mov and wmv formats - click here to download clips


4 January 2006

A Friend In Need Campaign

Aileen sent me her report and video of her trip to New Orleans. I've got them now available for download. One of the videos is of Lilly thanking Aileen and all the Xena fans who donated the toys and other gifts. There's a special message for Lucy from Lilly as well.

Flawless Diva Update

Added video clip of Lucy singing "Oh Come, Oh Emanuel" from the Christmas In the Park concert - December 1997


Lucy Articles - 1996


Xena Articles - 1996


3 January 2006

Lucy Lawless in Maimi

Lucy's in Maimi. Check out the larger pic on Lawless Ink


Lucy Articles - 1995

Xena Articles - 1995


2 January 2006

Lucy to Attend Premiere

  • According to sidheag Live Journal blog, Lucy will be attending the premiere of the BloodRayne movie on 4 January in Hollywood. Click here to view blog entry


Xena on LOGO

  • In addition to Oxygen, Xena will now be shown on LOGO in the US. Xena will be shown from Monday to Friday at 7 am and 1 pm (repeat of the 7 am episode) EST - Many thanks to Jenn for the news

Xena Articles - 1995

Renee Interview - 1998

Xena Music Videos


1 January 2006

Celebrations in Sydney last night - we have a heart on the Harbour Bridge this year :)

Happy New Year to everyone.

Lucy Articles - 2005

Lucy Articles - 1996


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