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"This is gonna be the best thing of your young lives! Come on, Gabrielle, let’s get wet! Come on, Gabrielle! Get your gear off!

-- Xena to Gabrielle, Fins Fems and Gems"

31 July


Reminder: The REAF Xena Costume auction will start on Ebay on 1 August (US Time)

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Warrior Women News

Not Xena related but about Warrior Women. This is for Canadian fans

Secrets of the Dead: Amazon Warrior Women airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on PBS (check local listings).

For centuries, the myth of amazon warrior women has endured, even in the absence of any proof of their existence. But now Secrets of the Dead uncovers telling evidence: the 2,500-year-old remains of a nomad woman in Russia, buried in a battle position, with swords and arrowheads among the bones.
This is the discovery of an American scientist, Jeannine Davis-Kimball, who follows a trail of artifacts to a remote village in western Mongolia, then finds a living descendent: a nine-year-old girl with an exact genetic match to the ancient remains.


30 July

On all three sites there is a nifty little orange XML RSS image. What does this mean (Other than the colour clashing with the deep purple)? Well Ausxip, The Lucy Lawless Files and The ROC Files have now got a RSS syndication. What the heck does that mean I hear you ask.

People can get BBC, CNN, Yahoo, Google, National Geographics, basically any and all types of news with RSS without having to go to the site or to a newsgroup. Now that includes AUSXIP.

Your Yahoo Page that usually contains news from papers and such can now bring you the latest news from Ausxip as well. That doesn't mean the content goes offsite - the content remains on the site, just the headlines are displayed. 

While this won't replace the daily email updates via yahoo, it adds another benefit to visitors.  Many thanks to Mesh once again for this innovative new addition to AUSXIP.

Alien Apocalypse News

Josh has finally added more pics from the set of Alien Apocalypse, but unfortunately Renee isn't in any of them. There are a few of Bruce in his astronaut uniform, which would be like what Renee had to wear. ere are also a couple of better pictures of the Aliens from the movie.
Many thanks to MET for the link and info

Ausxip Artwork

Added another new artist to the Gallery, IO Walls

TV Alert - Repeat

On Saturday, July 31 -  "I Love the 90s: 1995"
    Highlights of this year include: Showgirls; Party of Five; Snapple with
Wendy the Snapple Lady; Clueless; Xena & Hercules; Sony Playstation; Internet
Chat Rooms -- IM and more. (Airs at 8:00 p.m.)

You can now download the video of the Xena segment from the Video Section

Xenaverse/Hercules News

They're making Hercules again - Angie Harmon as Alcmene? Oy now there's a dubious casting if ever there was one...the following is from Zap2It

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) Sean Astin, who played big-hearted hobbit Sam Gamgee in the "Lord of the Rings" films, is stepping into another project steeped in myth. Astin, along with Leelee Sobieski and Timothy Dalton, will star in NBC's four-hour miniseries "Hercules," according to The Hollywood Reporter. British actor Paul Telfer will play the title role, and Angie Harmon is also in negotiations to join the cast. The miniseries, tentatively scheduled for May 2005, begins filming in late August in New Zealand. Veteran director Roger Young ("Jesus," "Murder in Mississippi") will helm the Hallmark Entertainment project. Charles Pogue ("The Fly") wrote the script.
Read more


Lucy News

Lucy Attends Mini Emmys - the following is from nola.com

TV Critics hand out their own awards
Thursday, July 29, 2004

HOLLYWOOD -- Pausing briefly from the network hype parade that is the Television Critics Association summer press tour, the TCA handed out its annual awards at a gala ceremony in the Century Plaza Hotel attended by Lucy Lawless (of Xena: Warrior Princess") and Larry Hagman (of "Dallas").

...Rob Salem, the flamboyant Canadian critic who wangled Lawless as his date, was already a legendary character in the TCA, but TV critics now speak of him as a demigod

Read more

Magazines - 2001

Magazines - 1999

Double Dare News

Speaker & Event Profiles
Tuesday 10th August

3.30pm ZOE BELL (USA/NZ) Zoe Bell has worked as a professional stuntwoman since 1997. Between 1998 and 2001 she worked as a double for Lucy Lawless on the hit television series Xena. After Xena died, she landed the role of Uma Thurman's stunt double in Quentin Attention’s two-film epic Kill Bill. For her work on Kill Bill Vol.1 she was nominated for 2004 Taurus World Stunt Awards in the categories of Best Fight and Best Stunt by a Woman. Since finishing work on Kill Bill she has doubled for Sharon Stone in Catwoman, which will be released in late 2004. Zoe is also the subject of a documentary, Double Dare, which has been screened at a number of international film festivals. For more information please go to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/films/2004/04/16/zoe_bell_kill_bill_interview.shtml

29 July

Xenaverse News

Claire Gets Married!

Claire Stansfield gets married! Congratulations to Claire and John. Victoria has given me some photos from the wedding to post. Claire looks postively gorgeous!


Help is the On the Way Benefit

The dates of the REAF costume auction have changed to 01/08/04 thru 08/08/04,  and the Lucy Lawless Beanie Baby is also on the live auction page now. 
Many thanks to Julie for the information

Lucy Print Library & Images

Grease Program Guide

Magazines - 1994

Double Dare Update


28 July


I've made arrangements for a very special advance ticket purchase to Lucy's 5 performances next May with the Seattle Men's Chorus!  IF, and ONLY IF, you will be attending ALL of the 5 scheduled performances May 13-15, you may now purchase your tickets AHEAD of single ticket buyers (those tickets don't go on sale until 10-30-04!).  That means that you will get preferred seating; it's almost as good as being a season ticket holder!!

Contact Kevin Carson at 206-323-2992 (or 00111 206-323-2992 for those in Australia) to get your tickets today.



Update on the fan gathering before the REAF Benefit

A place has been found for Sunday night dinner, and that if anyone has not received an email from Crystal about the arrangements and would like to attend - please let Crystal know before Wednesday 5:30 PST or before. Crystal's email is: CrystalMichallet@aol.com  

I have to say the quality of the artwork being submitted is absolutely fantastic! There are so many talented artists in this fandom. Onya guys!


Articles - Magazines 2001

27 July



Lucy Print Library

Newspapers - 2004

Lucy Images

3126360.jpg (4005 bytes)Lucy Attended the GLAAD Summer Party - Absolut Hancock Park July 25, 2004 - Private Residence Los Angeles, California United States - Check out the images at www.wireimage.com - do a search for Lucy Lawless

Many thanks to Tobias for the news

For more info about this event go to: http://www.glaad.org/events/detail.php?event_id=100


- High Resolution Scans

Help is the On the Way Benefit

Fan Gathering - the following is from Crystal

 I just wanted to let all of you who will be in SF for Lucy's performance know about a gathering that some of us are doing. A group of us fans are getting together the night before the event on
Sunday, August 1st, for dinner. We will be having dinner in Chinatown and then will take a stroll through The Castro. We will be ending the night at a desert cafe near The Castro. If you're going
to be in town on this date and would like to join us, please email me no later than Weds so that I can make the reservations at the restaurant and add you to the info list.



26 July

Ausxip Artwork

  • Added 2 new pieces by Minu
  • Added 14 new pieces by AmazonMine
  • Ausxip Articles

    Magazines - 2003

    The Bard's Corner

    Classic Fiction

    Original Fiction

    Xenaverse News

    The following is from NZ Herald - 16.07.2004 and many thanks to MET for the update

    The makers of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe have confirmed the New Zealand actors who are taking supporting roles in the film.

    Judy McIntosh (Arriving Tuesday, Ngati) plays the matriarch of the Pevensie family and Elizabeth Hawthorne plays Mrs MacReady, the caretaker of the mansion. Patrick Kake is the centaur Oreius, and Shane Rangi is General Otman, the minotaur leader of the White Witch's army.
    Elizabeth Hawthorne - (from IMDB)

    Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994) (TV) .... Queen Omphale
    "Cleopatra 2525" (2000) TV Series (voice) .... Voice

       1. "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)  playing "News Reporter" in episode: "Send in the Clones" (episode # 6.16) 23 April 2001
       2. "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995) playing "Jocasta" in episode: "Rebel with a Cause" (episode # 6.3) 16 October 1999
       3. "Young Hercules" (1998/II) playing "Hera's Voice" (voice) in episode: "Herc's Nemesis" (episode # 1.36) 10 November 1998
       4. "Young Hercules" (1998/II) playing "Hera's Voice" (voice) in episode: "Down and Out in Academy Hills" (episode # 1.13) 10 October 1998
       5. "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995) playing "Alcmene" in episode: "The Warrior Princess" (episode # 1.9) 13 March 1995
    Patrick Kake -

    "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995) TV Series (stunt double) "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995)  playing "Lynk" in episode: "Hercules, Tramps & Thieves" (episode # 6.5) 1 November 1999
    "Cleopatra 2525" (2000) TV Series .... Mauser
    Judy McIntosh -

     "Cleopatra 2525" (2000)  playing "Cara" in episode: "Mauser's Day Out" (episode # 2.4) 30 October 2000
     "Young Hercules" (1998/II) playing "Leda" in episode: "Dad Always Liked Me Best" (episode # 1.30) 6 November 1998



    Lucy Print Library

    Magazines - 2003

    Magazines - 2002

    Magazines - 2001

    25 July

  • Added 29 new pieces by Julie
  • Added 3 new artists to the Gallery, NormaWP, Gabby and GabbyLu
  • www.lucylawless.info

    Double Dare Movie


    REAF News

    Lucy Images




    23 July

    Update on the transcript of the Lucy interview with Jennifer Pizer, Julie sent me some info that sheds light on what Lucy said in Maori. Many thanks to Julie for that :)

    "Lucy responded with "Kia ora, Tena tatou katoa," which is used as a formal inclusive greeting to everybody present, including oneself.  It sounds as though Lucy may have changed "tatou" to "katou," -- (there is a similar Maori greeting "Tena koutou," -- which means the same thing but is pronounced differently). If anybody is interested in learning more, there is a great website called "100 Maori Words every NZer Should Know,"  located at the following link: http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/Gallery/tereo/words.htm

    Clicking on each phrase opens a QuickTime file that gives the proper pronounciation.  A nifty little site!



    Lucy Images

    Outfest Images

    Lucy has been out and about again. This time "Hairspray" Opening Night Los Angeles - July 21, 2004 - Pantages Theatre Hollywood, California United States

    Lucy Lawless - Hairspray Opening 7 pics here:
    [Search for 'Lucy Lawless' in the following links]:

    _lots_ of photos here:

    7 photos here:

    5 photos here:

    Many thanks to Corxy & Barbara Davies for the links and the info

    Lucy in the News

    New Lucy Interview - The following is from Lesbianation

    Lucy Lawless Talks About Her GLBT Charity Fetish

    Working for gay, lesbian, bi and trans rights has been a big part of Lucy Lawless' life ever since the community established itself among her most loyal subjects during her reign as television's "Xena: Warrior Princess." Her efforts recently brought the New Zealand native to Los Angeles for a special Pride event. While she was there, Lawless took the chance to talk about her work with GLBT charities on "This Way Out," a radio program for the GLBT community.
    Many thanks to Alexis for the news

    • Added audio file (mp3 and wma) of Lucy's interview from This Way Out Program
      Many thanks to Ann for the audio file 

    • Added transcript of the interview by Jennifer Pizer from Lambda Legal on This Way Out radio program - this is such a great interview. Kudos to Jennifer Pizer - very insightful, interesting and shows Lucy to be the intelligent and thoughtful woman that she is.
      Absolutely wonderful interview.

    22 July


    Lucy in the News

    Magazines - 2004

    REAF - Help Is On the Way Benefit

    • Backstage.com reports on the upcoming REAF Benefit which is now sold out:
      The Richmond/ Ermet AIDS Foundation presents Help Is On the Way IX-- Red Hot Broadway, a black-tie gala event benefiting AIDS service agencies in the Bay Area. The gala will include guests such as Lucy Lawless, Lucie Arnaz, Florence Henderson, Sean McDermott, and more. The Palace of Fine Arts, 3301 Lyon St., San Francisco. 5:30 p.m.-11:45 p.m. Aug. 2. $75-150-plus. www.helpisontheway .org. (415) 273-1620.


    21 July


    FicPick of the Week

    Is there anyone who hasn't read Exposure? Well if you haven't - it's time :)

    Exposure by XWPFanatic, T Muir & T. Novan
    This is a continuing series based on a look behind the scenes of news team. Two people come together - it's hate at first sight. Kelsey is a successful anchor woman ready for big things in the new biz and Harper is a hot shot, harley driving, reporter with alot of flair! Mix them together and you have one of the best teams since Xena and Gabrielle <g> I enjoyed this series from the first episode.

    Newspaper Articles - 2004


    Lucy in the News

    Zap2It has an article about the Outfest awards and Lucy is mentioned as a presenter with lucky Lee Freidlander getting a kiss

    The other big winning film of the night was "Girl Play," which won Best Lesbian Feature for director Lee Friedlander, who won $1,000. Outstanding actress went to the leads Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon, who play their real-life love story in the film which also stars Dom Deluise.

    "If I knew I'd get to come up here and kiss Xena, then I'd have made this movie years ago," laughed Friedlander, who kissed celebrity presenter Lucy Lawless at the closing ceremonies held at the John Anson Ford Theatre in Hollywood.

    For the full article go to Zap2It Movies

    Zap2It has more information about the Outfest Film Festival and the Awards

    Magazines - 1999

    Lucy Image Library


    20 July

    Newspaper Articles - 2004


    Lucy attended the Outfest Film Festival Awards Night
    HOLLYWOOD - JULY 18: Lucy Lawless attends the Outfest 2004 Awards Night during the 22nd L.A. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on July 18, 2004 in Hollywood John Anson Ford Amphitheatre Los Angeles, California United States - Lucy looked GORGEOUS in white! Check out the photos on www.wireimage.com - do a search for Lucy Lawless!

    And a great shot at Getty Images as well


    Judi's Creations

    Added new section to Renee Wallpapers/Art - Hope

    Season 6 Art

    19 July


    Lucy Print Library

    Magazines - 2004

    Boogeyman News

    18 July


    Lucy Print Library

    Magazines - 2002

    • NZ New Idea - 19 January 2002 - The most fearless woman on TV, former Xena star Lucy Lawless, is taking a really scary step. Kiwi actress Lucy is preparing to become a mum for the third time, putting her high-flying career on hold as she fulfils a long-held dream.

    • NZ Woman's Day - 7 January 2002 - small scan about Lucy's pregnancy

    Magazines - 2000

    • Added transcript and scan from In Style Magazine - 1 June 2000 - Action Figures: The gods may have blessed them with athletic prowess, but TV's superwomen still have to do their share of crunches. Check out how these tough, beautiful babes stay ready to rumble.

    Magazines - 1996

    Magazines - 1995


    17 July

    Apologies for the popups that were happening - a side effect of having a bravenet poll on the page - they had to advertise their free service somehow :\ The poll has ended so no more popups.

    Ausxip Artwork


    Xena DVD News

    The following is from Region 4 - New Zealand

    PLEASE NOTE: These sets DO NOT have the extra goodies that Region 1 versions have. These just contain the episodes and nothing else. To get the extra goodies, you will have to buy them from Amazon.com or another store that will ship to NZ or Australia OR get a friend to send them to you.

    The site Moviestars.co.nz has Season 3-6 available for pre-order for Kiwis (or anyone else who wishes to buy from them). Each 6-disc set costs $80.95 NZD

    Season 1 and 2 pre-order are NZ$35.96 per 6-disc set

    Shipping costs are as follows (all in NZ Dollars):

    Auckland, NZ: $3.95 (1-2 days)
    North Island, NZ: $4.95 (1-2 days)
    South Island, NZ: $4.95 (1-3 days)

    Australia: $6.95 (3-6 working days)

    Many thanks to Donna for the news


    REAF - Help Is On the Way X Concert News

    More Lucy goodies to bid on! Added to the Silent auction list is Beanie Baby “Lucy Lawless at Velma in Chicago”: A hand-crafted beanie baby by Donna Richards representing Lucy Lawless as Velma from “Chicago. Signed by Lucy Lawless. The photo of the autographed Beanie Baby is up on the REAF site just yet but will be shortly. For more info go to:

    This auction will take place on 2 August and is different from the Xena Costumes which will go up on ebay between 4-11 August.

    Many thanks to Murphy for the update


    16 July


    This is pretty cool :) The Lucy Lawless Files wins another award :)

    The Movie Site Awards has given TLLF a Fan Favorite Site Award - It seems my site was in the running for a Movie Site Award - alas it didn't win but I received a very nice email and button :)

    In recognition of the all attention your site has had and the impressive effort you put into creating and maintaining it, we would like to offer you this Fan Favorite Site seal to place on your site. 

    REAF - Help Is On the Way X Concert News

    A new item for the Silent Auction on 2 August is a Grease! Playbill that was autographed by Lucy and all the cast. The following note is from Rachelle Yates:

    It is a playbill from Grease during Lucy's run that is autographed by the entire cast! Everyone but Lucy is in pen, her's is in black marker on the lower right hand corner.  It includes Sean McDerrmott (Danny Zucco) who will also be there and Lucy's good friend, Tony award winner and also one of the nicest people you could ever meet, Marissa Jaret Winokur. To name a few. I  went to the first five performances and had the entire cast sign it, and on the final night I had Lucy sign it, she was very touched by this.



    Xena fan group climb of Kilimanjaro in 2006

    To those interested in a Xena fan group climb of Kilimanjaro in 2006, please join us on a Yahoo list to start planning & discussions:

    Subscribe: xkili2006-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 

    Even if you aren't considering the climb for yourself, feel free to join the list and take part in the preparations. All of you couch potatoes -- come along for the training and preparations! In two years, you'll feel like you're on top of the world.

    AUSXIP Artwork


    In keeping with the rapidily-increasing size of this section, MaryD has given me her blessing to rename it "AUSXIP Artwork" to reflect the diversity of art found here. It's not limited to just "Xena" work, so the name shouldn't be either, right smile

    Remember, I'm currently still in the process of revamping and am looking for your submissions to keep us growing! Just send your work to forevaxena@ausxip.com


  • Added a new artist to the Gallery, Lucylfan
  • Added 16 of my FanFic Covers - ForevaXena
  • Added 10 new pieces by Linda Lockwood
  • Added a new piece by Sherry


    Xena DVD News

    The following is from Barbara Davies

    There's a review of the Herc Season 4 DVD set here:

    It includes a pic of Lucy and Renee with the caption: 'Hey, what are we doing on this show? We have higher ratings.' And also one of Hudson that says 'Another Xena refugee isn't happy to pull double duty.' LOL

    The Xena mention is:

    'The number of standout episodes in season four can be counted on one hand: [...] the two-part Armaggedon sequence, which sticks out largely for the appearance of Lucy Lawless as Xena (the evil version)'


    14 July

    Ausxip Artwork
  • Added 2 new artists to the Gallery: Blitzgal and Bratty
  • US TV Alert

    I Love the '90s - VH1 - Video Hits One Jul 14 09:00pm  Limited Series/Music, 60 Mins.

     1995", Episode #6.
    ``Friends''; ``Party of Five''; ``ER''; Xena and Hercules; ``Braveheart''; ``Toy Story''; Budweiser commercials; pogs; Playstation; ``Show Girls.''  Original Airdate: July 14, 2004.

    check for the time in your area
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news


    Lucy at LA Frontrunners

    REAF - Help Is On the Way X Concert News


    Julie has donated another great Lucy costume!

    Xena's Roman Noble Costume
    , a very regal looking costume, a long dress over a long skirt with gold sandals and lots of jewelery. From the sixth season episode Legacy.

    That will be auctioned between 4 August - 11 August on ebay for REAF. For more details go to:



    12 July

    Xena Artwork

    If you would like your work in the AUSXIP Artwork section please email Cindy at forevaxena@ausxip.com - PLEASE NOTE: All submissions are subject to staff review. It is the policy of AUSXIP not to post nudity or excessive violence. Submissions of that nature will not be accepted.

    The Bard's Corner

    Fanfic Alert: Judith is looking for a fanfic reader - but not just any fanfic reader. Seems the 6th part of planet-solin's Conqueror series was almost complete when it was lost in a hard drive crash. Planet-solin recalls sending it to a reader privately for a bit of feedback. She has since lost touch with that reader. But, thought perhaps that reader may have filed the story away. If you are that reader and would like to help out a bard (it is absolutely icky to lose your work like that) please contact Judith on meshugge_pup@yahoo.com

    The following is from Phil/Bardcon Committee / Project Literacy

    <.looking around for BardCon Staff Members.>

    Whew...nobody here.



    I got to tell you something...

    I know y'all won't tell, right?

    If y'all would like to get in on a "top secret-I can't tell you or they will kill me" special project that BardCon and, the one and only, Lucia are cooking up for the Lucia Of The Month Club...

    You need only answer one important question...
    the question poised on every person's lips...
    the essential question at that special moment in life...

    Hey Darlin', what's your sign?

    Just send me your zodiac sign...I don't need your exact birthdate or the year, just your sign. And your online name (how you ID yourself online), please.

    If you don't know...here is a list:
    Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 19
    Aquarius Jan 20 to Feb 18
    Pisces Feb 19 to Mar 20
    Aries Mar 21 to Apr 19
    Taurus Apr 20 to May 20
    Gemini May 21 to Jun 20
    Cancer Jun 21 to Jul 22
    Leo Jul 23 to Aug 22
    Virgo Aug 23 to Sep 22
    Libra Sep 23 to Oct 22
    Scorpio Oct 23 to Nov 21
    Sagittarius Nov 22 to Dec 21

    Oh and one more thing...
    <.looking around again.>

    Don't buy any 2005 Calendars yet ;o)

    Send your info to me at PHIL728@aol.com  and make sure you put Zodiac Sign as the subject line. I will acknowledge the information I receive with a return email. Cool? Very.
    Deadline, for inclusion, is August 22nd, please---but send me the email ASAP anyway...I know people forget things and have short atten...ummmmm...what were we talking about again? <.g.>

    BardCon2004+1 Staff

    Oh yeah...the BardCon Postcard Project is currently in creative production. Our original idea took an unexpected turn and took on a new life of it's own. ;o) I think y'all will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Also, for those of you coming to nex...ummm...the BardCon gathering after the last one (whenever that may be <.g.>)...you will be able to see all the original postcards we collected, as well.

    Please feel free to pass on the info to anyone you think may be interested in participating. It's painless...honest. Really. Well there is always the possibility of getting a papercut later but the chances are very tiny.

    Take the risk...you know you want to.

    In keeping with BardCon PHILosophy, I want EVERYONE to play...bards/writers, fans/readers, webmistresses (isn't that a great word?) and artists. The more the merrier...besides you don't want me to keep flooding your mailboxes with these silly emails, now do you?
    I didn't think so. Good, now that we understand each other...send me the info.

    Xena Xena Everywhere!

    It seems Xena is making her presence felt all over the place - I've read several reviews of the movie "Arthur" that mention either Lucy Lawless or Xena when comparing Keira Knightley's (how apropos is her surname to this movie?) Guinevere to Xena. Today I was reading the paper and another review of this movie with a caption under Keira that simply said "Warrior Princess". As Lucy said recently "This show has legs" :-)

    Updated the TV Shows mentions with a mention on "Whose Line Is It Anyway" (US Version)


    DVD News

    Region 1-  Hercules Season 4 has been released on DVD. The episodes Stranger in a Strange World and Armageddon Now 1 and 2 feature Lucy and Renee.
    Purchase from Amazon.com $48.99


    The digitallyobsessed site has a review of the boxed set which also includes reviews for Stranger in a Strange Word and Armageddon Now

    Xenaverse News

    Fan Convention News

    Warriors & Legends Convention - The upcoming Xena (10th Anniversary) & Hercules event
    taking place in Manchester, UK in March 05, 2005. A full weekend event for fans of TV Hits Xena & Hercules and celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Xena. For more information go to:


    Eurotrip News

    Double Dare News

    Double Dare will be screened at the upcoming Comic-Con convention on 22 July.  http://www.comic-con.org/Pages/CCI04-ProgThu.html
    5:30-7:00 Wonder Woman DVD—Television's amazing Amazon has a new boxed DVD set from Warner Bros., but the celebration doesn't end there. Now get a sneak preview of Double Dare, the feature film documentary about Wonder Woman stuntwoman Jeannie Epper and Xena stuntwoman Zoe Bell, both of who will attend! Plus, see special rare WW footage from the collection of moderator Andy Mangels and view one of the real Wonder Woman costumes. Sponsored by www.wonderwomanmuseum.com  and  ww.amazing-amazon.com. Door prize giveaways include DVD sets from Warner Bros., Back Issue #5 Wonder Woman specials from TwoMorrows, and Double Dare promotional items! Room 6AB
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news



    11 July

    Site Announcement:

    I am very pleased to announce the re-opening of the Artwork section. There are 165 artists listed in the Artwork section - Cindy has redesigned the section and it looks fantastic!

    If you would like your work on AUSXIP you may now submit it to Cindy at forevaxena@ausxip.com - no nudity is allowed.  You can submit wallpapers, line art, drawings etc. A huge thank you to Cindy for her work on this.

    Mt Kilimanjaro Trip

    Anybody out there interested in a group climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa? This is not an "official" Xena gig; it's just a couple of fans who thought it would be fun to make the trip with other Xenites.

    Who?  You and dozen or so other Xenites.  If we get enough for two groups, we’ll make the tour company very, very happy.

    When?  July 2006 (That’s 2 years to raise the cash for the trip, lose that extra weight, quit smoking and get in shape!)

    Where?  Book the entire trip from your front door, or meet up with the group in Tanzania for an 8-day hike to Uhuru Peak & back.

    How?  The trek to the summit does not involve technical climbing.  It’s a rugged hike and if you’re fit you have a good chance of reaching the top.

    How much?  Man, you ask tough questions!  The trip could cost as little as ~$4,000 or as much as $6,000, depending on airfares, add-ons, & inflation.  The $6,000 would include a 5-day/4-night camera safari in the Serengeti.

    Why?  Because it’s there!  Because ROC did it!  Because you can do it!  Because it will be the adventure of a lifetime AND you get to share it with other Xenites

    Are you interested? Take the poll and let us know!


    Lucy Articles

    Lucy Wallpapers

    I'm very pleased to announce the addition of Charis to the wallpaper section. Charis does amazing work and I'm really chuffed she has added her work here.

    • Added wallpapers/artwork by Charis

    New Artwork by:


    Judi's Creations

    10 July

    Wow this is exciting news - and congratulations to Patricia Parker and Rebekah Lynn - two VERY talented Xenaverse artists for getting their work recognised by Rittenhouse Archives! Rittenhouse Archives has announced a new card set - Art and Images of Xena: Warrior Princess and to top it off - Renee has done some art and these will be available in the set: The following is from SciFic Hobby site

    For the first time in a Xena trading card set, Rittenhouse Archives presents collectors with one of the hottest chase cards in today's market. Each box of Art and Images of Xena: Warrior Princess will contain one hand-drawn sketch card! Artists for this series include Warren Martineck, John Czop, Cris Bolson, Sean Pence, Emir Ribeiro, Patrick Hamill, Eduardo Pansica, Joe Corroney, Scott Rosema, Steven Miller, Patricia Parker and Pablo Raimondi. Fans can expect to find their sketches of their favorite characters including Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Argo, Ares, Callisto, Aphrodite, Hercules, Borias and others highly detailed in pencil, ink and color!

    Continuing the theme of art in this series, collectors will find artwork from three different artists. Artists Rebekah Lynn and Patricia Parker, both Xena enthusiasts themselves, have lent their stunning artwork to this series. Their artwork truly captures the danger and passion of the show. Artist Douglas Shuler will be creating nine new pieces of artwork exclusively for this series that when put together form one large image.

    Probably the most exciting pieces of artwork in this series will be those created by series co-star Renee O'Connor. We all know that Renee can act, but did you know that she can draw as well? Renee has drawn 9 new pieces of artwork of her friends from the show including Lucy Lawless as Xena, Kevin Smith as Ares, Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite, Ted Raimi as Joxer as well as self-portrait of herself as Gabrielle.

    For more details go to

    Many thanks to Holly for the news!


    Lucy On TV

    Australian Update - Bernie Mac Show - 31 July 2004 on TCN9.

    Barring any other big international sporting events occurring in the next few days, the episode of Bernie Mac starring Lucy Lawless ,"Keep It On The Short Grass", will be shown at 3:30 AM  Saturday the 31st of July.
    Many thanks to Mark "Brownies" Allen


    I'm very pleased to announce a new addition to the Wallpaper/Artwork section - Tane. Tane has created gorgeous artwork that I have admired for a long time. Welcome Tane!

    REAF - Help Is On the Way X Benefit News

    Here some pretty cool news (thanks for passing this on Warren).

    Help is on the Way X benefit is SOLD OUT and according to the REAF newsletter this is the earliest they have ever sold out <g> I suspect quite a few Lucy fans had something to do with this :) They are now adding people to their waiting list in case they get some tickets that are returned. So if you haven't bought your tickets - you're out of luck.

    Commemorative Program Books available for pre-order -

    this is what they said about the program books:

    We’ve had a number of inquiries from people unable to attend the benefit, primarily Lucy Lawless fans, about the possibility of ordering program books so we’re making them available for pre-sale on our website now.  Commemorative program books within the US can be ordered for $10 each which includes shipping. International orders are $15.  Program book orders will be mailed out about a week after the benefit. We’d also like to offer our thanks the many Lucy Lawless fans who have contributed to her tribute ad in this program. If anyone else is interested in placing an ad in the program book, our ad deadline for camera-ready art is July 15. Advertising in our program book is not only a great way to reach a prime audience, it’s also a way of supporting REAF and our beneficiaries in our fight against AIDS. Information about ordering programs as well as other details about “Help is on the Way X” can be found at: http://www.richmondermet.org/reaf10.1/help10.html.

    Silent Auction Preview

    The silent auction portion of “Help is on the Way X” is shaping up to be a great auction featuring great travel packages with hotel accommodations all around the US and Hawaii, quality artwork, local hotel and dining packages, great wines and other merchandise as well as fabulous celebrity memorabilia. Two full “Xena: Warrior Princess” costumes, worn by Lucy Lawless on the hit series, will be previewed at the benefit and offered in a special online auction the week following the show. We are still accepting silent auction items up until July 16 so it’s not too late to make a donation. Auction donations are listed and previewed on our website and updated on a regular basis as new items come in. Check it out at: http://www.richmondermet.org/reaf10.1/help10.html.

    9 July

    ROC News

    The following is from Sharon

    Renee's back from Bulgaria and I've got an interview scheduled for next Monday.

    Xena DVD News

    The release dates Season 5 are 12 October 2004 and  9 February 2005 for Season 6. The FIN ll commentary is different to the version that was released with the Director's cut version of FIN according to Sharon Delaney who posted the info to the Xenaville message board.
    Many thanks to XWPWeb for the info

    Xena Fan Club News

    The following is from Sharon

    Newsletter #27 started shipping 6/28.  Remember they go bulk mail so it can take 4 - 8 weeks to get to everyone.

    I received the sample 2004 Convention DVD this morning.  Sat right down and watched it and it's perfect.  We'll start shipping 7/16.



    REAF - Help Is On the Way X Benefit News

    The following is from Crystal about the REAF Benefit Programs

    I know that there are a lot of you who will not be able to attend the upcoming performance that Lucy will be singing in in San Francisco.  When many Lucy fans from other groups asked for copies of the program I emailed Ken Henderson, one of the coordinators of the event, and suggested that they might want to make the programs available for sale to the fans who cannot attend.  This is what he replied:

    "Your suggestion about making programs available for sell after the event is a good one. We can certainly do that. We can actually probably presell them now to make sure we print enough if there is a big demand. It would also help offset the cost of printing them. That would also take the burden off of those of you who are attending to try and take multiple copies and distribute them. I'll try and get that option up on the website by Monday so if you wanted to let people know they can preorder programs there, that would behelpful."

    So for those of you who would like copies of the program for your own collection, keep an eye on their web site so that you can order however many copies you'd like. And remember, all proceeds will be going to the organization and I bet once they tell Lucy how many of you have preordered the program, it will bring a bit of a smile to her already beautiful face.  :-)

    Help is on the Way: 

    Honourable Lucy mention in relation to the movie "King Arthur"

    King Arthur review by Ron Reed | posted 07/07/04
    We even get a damsel-in-distress Guinevere (a feisty and fetching Keira Knightley, the best thing about the movie), and though she definitely fits the "fair maiden" bill, this warrior princess is more Lucy Lawless than Vanessa Redgrave. Kinda fun.
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the excerpt

    The movie Double Dare - a documentary about Zoe Bell (Lucy's Xena double) and the stunt double for Wonder woman will be screening between 10 - 15 August at The Michigan Womyn's Musical Festival - For more info go to www.michfest.com 


    8 July


    REAF - Help Is On the Way X Benefit News

    Confirmation was received today that Lucy will be at the benefit from Creation.
    Click here to read Ken Henderson's note about the generosity of Lucy/Xena fans and what a drawcard Lucy is becoming.

    Lucy will be singing a special combined version of two songs from Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun -- "They Say It's Wonderful" and "I Got Lost In His Arms"

    There will be a silent auction on 2nd August and 2 autographed 8 x 10s will be auctioned. For those interested in bidding for the Xena "Valkerie" costumes - that auction will take place on ebay from 4 - 11 August. Click here for more details

    Lucy Videos

    The following videos have been contributed by Cindy/Forevaxena

    Lucy Lawless on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (October 19, 2000) Real Video files - 20 mb - click here for the
    Late Night With Conan O'Brien Video and Screengrabs Page

    Jay Leno's monologue about Lucy giving birth (October 18, 1999)
    Real Video file (1.39 MB)

    Lucy Lawless on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (April 11, 2000)
    Real Video file (12.7 MB)

    Fixed broken link to:

    21 September 1999 Lucy in April Angels Song video honouring the All Black Rugby Team sung by Neil Finnand Interview with Lucy on the April Angels Show about the film clip

    7 July

    The Bard's Corner


    • Added Fifty Winters Ago (Complete) by Iseqween
      A middle-aged Xena and Gabrielle find themselves reprising roles from their past, after receiving a mysterious invitation from Cleades, the baby-to-man monarch of season four’s "Key To The Kingdom."

    6 July

    The Bard's Corner

    FicPick of the Week

    Me Myself and I by Annemaart
    This is a riotous short story. We've seen Xena clones - Meg, Diana and Leah (Pwaise Hestia!) but we haven't seen THREE Warrior Princess all at once! Great read and an interesting story with Aphrodite doing her magic!


    Judi's Creations

    Music Videos

    I'm pleased to welcome lil_wicca_grrl to the Music Video Section with a very angsty video of Xena and Gab.

    • Added Smoke - 18.9 mb - wmv - FIN Content
      An angst-heavy video showing the difficult choices Xena and Gabrielle made throughout the years - and all centered around the biggest decision of all - Xena's choice to stay dead and Gabrielle's final acceptance of that.

    Updated Music Videos by Myopia

    I have to say I had a great time reviewing this video - it was just plain fun. A real toe tapper

    5 July

    Lucy on the tv show Entertainers - 3 July 2004 - Lucy talks about why she did Eurotrip, what the movie is about. Videos contributed by Ann

    Video clips available for download


    4 July

    The main index page has been changed to reflect the recent mergers into Ausxip. There is now a Ausxip Merger FAQ for those who wish to know more about the recent changes.

    Lucy On TV (US TV Alert) - 5 July

    Lucy will be on a show called ENTERTAINERS. It airs on the East Coast in NYC Monday July 5th Channel 7 ABC. It's 60 minutes and is on at 1:35am. Please check your tv guide for time in your area

    60 mins.

    Ashley Judd; Snoop Dogg; Christine Baranski; Viggo Mortensen; Christina Ricci; Lucy Lawless; Master P.

    Release Year: 2004
    Rating : TV-PG (Parental Guidance Suggested — This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children.) Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. The theme itself may call for parental guidance and/or the program contains one or more of the following: moderate violence (V), some sexual situations (S), infrequent coarse language (L), or some suggestive dialogue (D).

    Many thanks to Victoria for the news

    Frontrunners Update

    The following appeared in the Insequence blog at http://www.insequence.org/
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

    Dear In Sequence,

    The board of L.A. Frontrunners decided not to have Ms. Lawless trapped behind a table away from the crowd so that she could interact with the participants. As you can tell, that method was a huge success and Lucy was a great sport and really enjoyed meeting her fans. I hope to see you
    all at next year's Los Angeles Pride Run, although we are not decided on next year's celebrity host. And I agree with you, lesbian fans often get nada from Hollywood. I'm glad we could adress that this year, at least at the Pride Run. Thanks for your support.

    Tanya S. Haney
    Director at Large
    Los Angeles Frontrunners


    Renee O'Connor


    • There is a great Renee interview in the latest issue of Dreamwatch Magazine issue #119 - The Way of the Warrior - where she talks about her life after Xena, her family, her upcoming movie Alien Apocalpyse and the chances of Xena movie and why she's not fussed about whether a Xena movie is made or not.
      Many thanks to Velda for the scans.

    Xena DVD News - Region 1

    The list of goodies (and there are quite a few) in the upcoming releases for Seasons 5 & 6 have been released by the Xena Circle website. Many thanks to Jen for the news

    Judi's Creations

    Added all of Judi's artwork in the following galleries

    • Added Xena Galleries 1 - 6
    • Added Gabrielle Galleries 1-3
    • Added Xena and Gabrielle Galliries 1 - 7
    • Added Lucy Lawless Galleries including art from Tarzan, Warrior Women, X-Files
    • Added Renee O'Connor Gallery
    • Added Lucy & Renee Gallery
    • Added Subtext Virtual Season Gallery
    • Added Ares Gallery


    The Bard's Corner


    3 July

    Lucy News/Updates

    Lucy News

    Lucy attended the New Lines' Hairspray Shoes And Champagne Party on 30 June with her friend Marissa. Check out the photos at Getty Images - Lucy looks gorgeous in white.
    Many thanks to Alexis


    2 July

    #2 Site Announcement

    I have the great pleasure in announcing that Judi Mair's site "Judi's Creations" will be merged into Ausxip and part of The Xena Multimedia Page - the Xena Photo Club Images will also have a new home :)

    I'm quite sure everyone knows Judi from her tireless work in producing episode screengrabs and interview screengrabs since 1998 at Ausxip. She is also a gifted artist and her work will be an absolute delight to have here. Over the coming days, I will be adding Judi's creations to the site.


    Lucy News/Updates

    REAF Benefit News

    This note is from Ken Henderson and I must say Lucy/Xena fans have lived up their reputation once again :) The total is amazing and the generosity of fans is incredible. I am so proud to be part of this fandom.

    To date, you have $855 donated towards the ad plus some additional funds ($300) "in honor of Lucy Lawless."

    Lucy has been our biggest ticket seller over all 10 years, from what we can track. Her fans have been great and so supportive of her. We really appreciate the support you all give us in honor of her. She's been terrific to work with all long as well, a really terrific lady.


    If you would like to add to this total...you have until 15 July to contribute. We've reached the $800 mark for the full size ad but if you want to contribute to this worthy charity in honour of Lucy...here's the details

    By check to:

    The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (REAF)
    942 Divisadero Street, Ste. 201
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    Be sure to mark your donation "in honour of Lucy Lawless"

    To make a donation in honor of Lucy or contribute towards her tribute ad through PayPal, Please indicate how money is to be designated. http://www.richmondermet.org/reaf10.1/help10.html - It's near where the ticket order info is on the "Help X" event page.

    Lucy Aussie TV Alert

    An update to yesterday's TV Alert - Bernie Mac won't be on because of the tennis from Wimbledon. So don't tune in if you want to see Lucy, you won't. You'll see Serena or Venus or Martina instead <g>


    • Gerianne sent a larger version of the UK Enquirer pic of Lucy from the Frontrunners Pride Run


    Site News

    That was an interesting day yesterday...to allay everyone's fears, Ausxip won't be moving or changing. The following is an FAQ about the merger that answers some questions:

     1. Will the colour scheme on Ausxip change
     No. It will remain the same until I get another urge to tweak <g>
     No major change on ausxip other than the additional help of Cindy  and her talents. The major change has occurred on FX. FX is now a portal to  AUSXIP linking to The Bard's Corner, The Ebook section, The Lucy Lawless Files - Lawless Lair (Cindy's Lucy section has been merged into TLLF), The ROC Files and various other sections including the  what's new page. You will see a link to ForevaXena on the what's new page. Similar to The Lucy Lawless Files & The ROC Files, FX has now become an AUSXIP umbrella site.

    2. Will the fan fic sections merge
     No. Those bards on ForevaXena that are also in The Bard's Corner  will be  merged into ausxip but those not in TBC will remain on FX. FX will retain a fan fic section.
     3. Music Videos
     They will be merged. Details will be posted about that shortly.
     4. What is the significance/advantages of the merger
     As Cindy has outlined - we won't be doubling up on info and both  sites will benefit from the combined talents of their webmasters and contributors. It's a win/win situation. Ausxip gains the talents of Cindy and FX resources and FX gains the combined resources of all the sites under Ausxip.

     5. When can I start sending in my artwork?
     Not yet. Cindy has just got over her shock at seeing the amount  of art in the artwork section and I don't want to scare her <g> An announcement will  be made when the artwork section is back up and accepting  submissions.

    1 July

    Major Site Announcement


    I have the great pleasure in announcing a merger between Ausxip (and the Lucy and ROC sites) and Forevaxena which is run by Cindy.

    Cindy (Forevaxena) and I have come to an agreement where the Forevaxena site will merge into Ausxip. That doesn't mean forevaxena will disappear off the Xenaverse radar, it just means that Cindy will alter the focus of Forevaxena and merge some aspects of Forevaxena into Ausxip.

    What this also means for Ausxip is that Cindy has volunteered to maintain the artwork section on ausxip. Now what that means for artists is that they can now submit their artwork again. The Xenaverse is chock full of talented people. One of those talented fans is Cindy. Having a dedicated webmaster like Cindy join Mesh, Judi, Ann and the regular contributors at AUSXIP will only benefit the Xenaverse.
    I have always admired Cindy's work and it's an honour to have her join AUSXIP, The Lucy Lawless Files and The ROC Files.

    A word from Cindy/ForevaXena:

    I must preface this by saying that MaryD and her site have always been an inspiration.  “The Australian Xena Information Page (AUSXIP)” has been my favorite site from the very beginning; one which I eventually tried to pattern my “ForevaXena…” site after.

    Over the years I have tried to bring a similar variety and quality of content to the visitors of “ForevaXena…”.  I knew from the beginning that I didn’t just want to “copy” what Mary was providing, but rather etch out a unique type of site with it’s own character and offerings, and certainly make it is “subtexty” as possible!  I never expected that it would grow to become the massive site that is has.  For that, I am very grateful to all of you from the bottom of my heart J

    Unfortunately, due to the limitations on my time in the past couple of years, my (at one time) daily updates have suffered greatly.  While I still believe that “ForevaXena…” should remain online for everything that is unique to it, I also feel that my efforts and online time would be better spent helping Mary continue to expand and maintain “AUSXIP”.  It is, without question, THE site to find all things Xena!

    Rather than try to duplicate material on “ForevaXena…” (which will remain online in some form) and have both of us spending time posting the same info, Mary and I are teaming up to consolidate our efforts.  Hopefully this will take “AUSXIP” to an even higher level (if that’s possible!) of achievement.  I look forward to helping her bring even more varied content to the site, all the while allowing each of us a little more time for RL

    Lucy News/Updates

    A note from Anne about the Lucy / Frontrunners video - a portion of the cost of the video will be donated to GLASS - Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services

    Aussie TV Reminder for 3 July
    Lucy will be appearing in the Bernie Mac Show episode "Keep it on the Short Grass" also starring Matt Damon on the 3nd of July on Channel Nine at 3:30 AM   (i.e. Saturday morning) Bernie plays in a celebrity golf game to improve his image, and ends up having team up with his wife against Lucy and Matt.

    LA Frontrunners Images

    We had the reports, we had the images and now ..the video <g Anne has the video of Lucy at the Pride Run/Walk including the Presentation and the meet and greet with the fans. The video is 1 hr - 25 minutes total. Email PIZOTES@aol.com  for more details.

    Lucy Wallpapers

    I am very pleased to announce three new artists to the Wallpaper section - Cindy/Forevaxena, Angie Larson and Deborah Abbott. All three are superb artists and I'm seriously chuffed to have them here.

    MaryD Wallpapers


    Click here for June Updates

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