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By Pauline


Kevin Smith was one of the greatest actors out there in the world. He played Ares the God of war wonderfully. Gave him an edge. From the very begining he was one of my favorite guest stars.
He will be missed among the Xena and Herc fans for his awesome work. Also for being a wonderful human being inside and out. 
We love you Kevin!
Rock on!


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Lady Leonie


The loss of Kevin Smith has left so many of us kicked in the gut, and we sincerely mourn with his family and friends.

If any of the cast and crew from Xena ever doubted the loyalty of the fans, I believe they are now seeing how we truly feel. My good friend Shana and I have visited online about this tragedy, and while it humbles us and saddens our hearts, the beauty I find in it all is the common ground we all seem to share. How odd that a television show brings such a diverse group of people together, but the people this show captivates obviously are people who care about Love.

To his dear wife and sons, I send my heartfelt condolences and prayer for comfort in the days ahead. His life was much too short, but none of us are guaranteed a future. All we have is this moment. Let's use it for good, and leave no meaningful words unspoken.



Kevin Smith was my favorite actor since the first time I saw him on Xena, in the episode "The Reckoning." He was an amazing person. Just watching him always made me feel better on a bad day. Whenever I was sad I would pop in "Ten Little Warlords" and feel a million times better. One of the best times in my life was when I met him at the Xena convention in NYC. He will always be remembered and live on in my heart. He is greatly missed and I wish him and his family strength and my deepest apologes.



I was shocked to read about the death of Kevin,he was a great actor. I liked him in the show xena. I will miss him lot but I have the Xena shows on tape and I can watch him there. I also have some Herules shows

Carol Davis


A big thank you to Kevin for the memories. A sad day that there will be no more!
Rest in Peace!



I am saddened to hear the death of Kevin Smith. I found out what happened just when I returned from my Vancouver trip with my parents. It is so unbelievable he left us. Though I am not a big fan of Ares, I always admire the portrayal of Kevin as Ares - a cool bad guy! I realize now that life is short and we should enjoy life as much as we can. I now treasure my lovely relationship with my parents, my friends, and my dear cousins. I sincerely say my heart goes out to Kevin's wife and his children. May Kevin rest in peace.



Kevin Smith Musical Video Tribute by Darth Annaud


i'm very shocked by this. i can't believe it happened. i didn't know anything until i read about it on maryd's site. it's very hard to know this. he was a great actor, and he was also a great friend to many. i never had the pleasure of meeting him, but i always wanted to. i send my deepest sympothies out to his family, friends, and all of the cast and crew of xena. this is a big shock. he will be missed very much. i can't describe how i feel about it, coz it's still surreal to me.

you'll be forever in our hearts kevin. always. there won't ever be another like you, and no one will be able to play ares the way you did. it won't be the same without. god speed kevin.

xena: warrior princess fan always and forever

Misty Mabe


I found out about the death of Kevin this morning, and could not speak for about 30 minutes.  Stunned and shocked do not begin to cover my reaction.  I never met him in person, something I shall always regret, but the man I saw on screen, whether in 'Xena: WP', or in the blooper reels from that show,
was a tremendous actor, full of warmth and humour.  He could play farce, slapstick, seduction, tender romance, action, musicals and tragedy. As a person, he seems to have been simply the best.  I grieve for his  family's loss, and for all the friends that knew him and loved him.   Simply  as a fan, I shall miss him terribly. Goodbye Kevin, I'm sure you're in a wonderful place, and you shall be in my
thoughts, always.

Battle On!
With love,
Jo Poole (aka cesario21)


I just want to express my deepest condolences to to Kevin Smith and his family he truly was a man of talent and he will be greatly missed. I was a loyal fan of hercules and zena and ares was my favorite bad guy. My deepest sympathies to Sue and the boys.

A faithful fan
joanne wolforth
jamaica plain, mass


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