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31 March

Lucy News

Aussie News: Foxtel will repeating the Celebrity Profile of Lucy. (Arena) Channel 22 (cable and satellite) on 20 April 2003 at 4:30 pm.

Lucy News Archive / Flawless Graphics

Lucia's Corner

The following is from Lori from Lucia's Art site

I have posted two new items from Lucia. One is called Amazon Bride and  the other is Into the Well Again.
Lucia redid the piece that I do believe may have been the first piece posted on Mary D's site.
Amazom Bride is a portion of the picture taken from the Wedding print.

If anyone is interested the Robert Trebor Little Sal prints are now back from Brazil and Lucia has made some great Certificates of Autheticity to go along with them.

Also tomorrow is the last day to buy raffle tickets for the Little D & K print. The tickets are $1 and the money will go to benefit the Starship Foundation Safe and Sound Appeal


30 March

Lucy and Renee Pics for Sale

The following pictures are for sale and IMO pretty awesome :) The photos are from the recent NZ Pre-Oscar Party held March 21, 2003. The photographer is Ellen If you're interested in purchasing these, please contact Ellen at


 thm_R10.jpg  thm_R11.jpg  thm_R12.jpg

Flawless Graphics

29 March


In honour of Lucy's birthday - Lucy has created a special birthday greeting for Lucy - click on the smaller image for the large version.






Flawless Art

Lucy News and ROC News

The Official Xena Fan Club page has some new photos that will be released soon from the convention taken by Wendy Sparks. Check them out at


  • The Official Xena Fan Club page has a really cute drawing that Lucy drew of Xena. The Warrior Princess is looking a little skinny <g> The following is from Sharon about the drawing:
    That little Xena drawing was done by Lucy on a note she was writing to someone while standing in a parking lot.  It's only about 1" tall.  Doncha just love the little tiny kneepads!  I'll have to see if I can get her to do one for the newsletter.  I wonder if Renee draws.  Maybe I can get a matched set <G> Check it out:

  • News from the Non-Sport Magazine Volume 14 Number 2 - April/May issue
    Coming out this month is the X-Files Trading Cards by Inkworks. On card 9x02 which is from the episode "Nothing Important Happened Today" featuring Lucy in her role as Shannon McMahon. So if you're a card collector - check for that card. The whole set is 90 cards. Each pack will sell for $2.99 US.
    Many thanks to Arianne for the news

Starship Foundation News

The following is via Sharon Delaney from Andrew Young of Starship Foundation:

A huge thank you to the Creation Entertainment team and all the convention attendees who bought auction items in support of the Starship Foundation. You are all such fantastic people! We are always so grateful for the support we get from Lucy's many fans on your side of the world. On this side of the world, I can report that our fundraising is as challenging as always and we have a huge list of goals and targets to help our sick children. Our big mission this year will be to complete our fundraising for the Starship Heart Unit, which is due to open in October.  Lucy attended our Starship Charity Ball, which had a strong hearts theme late last year. Photos of her, Craig Parker and Jennifer Ward-Lealand at the ball are on our website at in our Foundation Supporters -- Celebrities section. Our warmest gratitude again. We are so fortunate to have Lucy on our Board of Trustees, who is both generous and dedicated to our cause. We couldn't do it without all of your help.

My best regards,
Andrew Young
Starship Foundation

Lucy News Archive

The adventures of 16th century Pirate Sea Queen Grace O'Malley are to feature in a special TV series exploring history's most fearless female warriors. Born around 1530 she ruled Clew Bay, Co. Mayo with an iron fist from her castle on Clare Island. The O'Malleys had been known for their sailing prowess since 1123 and traded regularly with Scotland and Spain in their galleys and three-masted caravels. The series, Warrior Women, to be broadcast this autumn, will be presented by Xena: Warrior Princess actress, New Zealand-born Lucy Lawless.  Click here to read more of the article from The Sunday Mirror - 16 March 2003

Lucy Credits

Kevin Smith Memoral Page

The following is from Sharon Delaney about the Kevin Smith Trust and Robert Bruce

Thank you so much for all the money Creation and the fans raised for the Trust.  Sue is so overwhelmed at the generosity as are we all!  It will help so much with the schooling of the boys.
Cheers, Robert Bruce

Xena Merchandise

News from the Non-Sport Magazine Volume 14 Number 2 - April/May issue

  • Rittenhouse Archives are planning a new Xena: Myths & Legends Set. No date has been set for this release.
    Many thanks to Arianne for the news



28 March

Flawless Graphics (was Lucy Picture Archive)

The Bard's Corner


27 March

Flawless Art (was Lucy Montages)

Lucy Picture Archive

Lucy News

Lucy was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight on March 21, 2003 about her singing gig at the NZ Pre-Oscar bash. It was revealed that Lucy's next project is a movie called "The Ugly American" which is a teen/on the road type movie that will start filming in Prague in April. Added information section for the movie "The Ugly Americans" to Lucy News Section

Updated Lucy Credits

Xenaverse News

The following is from Julia from Meow Mix

Xena Night at Meow Mix in NYC!

June 10th 2003 is our Summer of Love event, bringing back the spirit of 1967 in our own special way! Come celebrate Love and check out our Various Entertainments: a screening of Deborah Abbott’s Season 7 video “True Love Never Dies,” summer-related, Love-laced episodes of XWP, plus MORE MORE MORE! Another low-tech multimedia extravaganza from the Overlord Julia and her Princely Princess brown bettie. Check out the web site for bar info, etc.

26 March

As mentioned in the update earlier ET will be showing the footage they shot at the NZ Pre-Oscar Party TODAY for US Xenites (Please check your local time. The blurb reads:

March 25, 2003 | Former "Xena" star LUCY LAWLESS took to the stage over the weekend at a pre-Oscar bash to celebrate New Zealand's film contributions. The country's nominees, including the talents  behind 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,' looked on as Lucy and her band performed some of rock 'n roll's best. Lucy also   revealed she has a new movie in the works tentatively titled, 'The  Ugly Americans.'

For more info on the movie


Lucy News / Lucy Picture Archive

More on Lucy's singing gig at the NZ Pre-Oscars bash in LA.
I received a note from Anne who was at the event and took video footage of the event (this is not a bootleg copy - they were permitted to film). The following is Anne's note about the screengrabs and the video which will be available for sale:

"They are actually screengrabs from a digital video. I will be offering the video for sale and I want to make it clear that it is not a bootleg video. Video taping and photography were _not_ prohibited that evening. It was more like a party - Lucy even looks right in my camera, smiles and gives me 2 V signs at the end of the video. This is much the same as the video that Kiwi Attic has for sale of Lucy & Daves summer tour.  The video includes footage of Lucy & Rob going up onstage to get an award - tho there was a glitch and they didn't have the award there, so the presenter offers them his tie and best wishes - saucy Lucy undoes his tie and makes off with it!

There are also two brief bits of Lucy & Renee talking to the press.

The music part includes Lucy singing Maxine & Brass In Pocket solo, then singing 8 songs with Dave Dobbyn.  I was sitting in a front row table for most of the shoot, so I was very close to the stage. 

Anne -

To purchase the video: $30US plus postage. - Make check or money order payable to:
Anne Haskin - email for further details


25 March

The Bard's Corner / The Next Chatper

Original Fiction

24 March

In the US today the Academy Awards are going to be held and one of my favourite actresses will be up for the Best Actress award - Nicole Kidman. Nicole is a classy lady and extremely talented and I hope she wins it! Australia is behind her and wish her well!

On another note about the Oscars - kiwi director Peter Jackson has opted not to attend.

Subtext Virtual Season

This episode is a special - it's a behind the scenes look into what happens to bring together an episode of the Virtual Season. 10 of us from the US, Brazil, Australia & New Zealand. I think it's majorly cool



MaryD's Art

Lucy Picture Archive

Lucy News Archive

Three news reports about the NZ Pre-Oscar Party that Lucy attended:

  • Kiwi entertainers attempt to raise profile of NZ film industry with pre-Oscars bash in LA hosted by Consul-General -
  • The movers and shakers of kiwi entertainment have attempted to raise the profile of the New Zealand film industry with a pre-Oscars bash. The New Zealand Consul-General in Los Angeles Darryl Dunn hosted the party, ahead of tomorrow's Academy Awards ceremony.,,3882-2231538,00.html
  • The movers and shakers of kiwi entertainment have attempted to raise the profile of the New Zealand film industry with a pre-Oscars bash. The New Zealand Consul-General in Los Angeles Darryl Dunn hosted the party, ahead of tomorrow's Academy Awards ceremony.,,3882-2231538,00.html

The Bard's Corner





23 March

Lucy Picture Archive

The New Zealand Consulate hosts a pre-Oscar Party for the New Zealand film making and creative talent March 21, 2003 - Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, California USA
The NZ pre-Oscars party was held and Lucy & Renee attended the event. Lucy sang with Dave Dobbyn and she looked great and still being unique in her outfits <vbg> Onya Lucy!

Check Lucy & Renee out

and yahoo has also got some great Lucy Pictures from the pre-Oscar Party

ROC Graphics


Click here for Renee pics and also Renee & Steve




21 March

MaryD's Art

ROC News

  • Updated ROC Media Alerts with tv movie repeats for the movie The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?

Lucy News

Graphics Archive

The Bard's Corner


20 March

Lucy News Archive

  • On Friday, Mar 21, there will be a New Zealand reception for 300 people from the Hollywood film industry at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. A similar event last year, which Mr Hodgson attended, was successful in raising New Zealand’s profile in Hollywood.  Mr Hodgson will speak briefly at the event, which will feature New Zealand stars such as Lucy Lawless and Dave Dobbyn. Later, he is also due to meet key ICT investors in Silicon Valley to foster high technology investment relationships.
    For complete article go to:

The Bard's Corner / The Next Chapter


Original Fiction

I'm very pleased to announce the addition of Sarah to the Gen-Fic Section

  • Added Untouchable (Complete) by Sarah
    With the world already destroyed and the remaining inhabitants either immoral elitists or subhuman foragers, is there any hope for redemption? This detailed and enigmatic work focuses on the not so human journey of a woman named Nyx. Nyx doesn't fit in anywhere and while she thinks she has people down to a t, there is one person she doesn't know at all - herself. Her survival instincts lead her to discover a relic from the Beforetime, and perhaps emotions she didn't even know she possessed. If you ever fought for a futile cause, or if you ever wondered if people could arise, then this is the book for you.

  • Added The Grave Robber (Alt) by Jane Fletcher
    Corrine doesn't believe in ghosts. So what problem could there be with
    retrieving a box of treasure from a crypt?

Xena Movie News

The following is from Sharon at Creation Entertainment

XENA MOVIE RUMORS -- There was a message going around from Dark Horizons
that ITV reports the film will go ahead with not only a soundtrack from Joe Lo Duca, but a special Xena and Gabrielle relationship theme song called "When I Look at You" by Mariah Carey.  I checked with Rob and although his answer is unprintable <G>, it boils down to there's no truth to this latest rumor.

Xenaverse News

The following is from Sharon at Creation Entertainment

  • PASADENA CONVENTION CHARITY FUNDRAISING -- Over $47,000 was raised for the
    Kevin Smith Trust Fund, Starship Hospital, the James Ellis Foundation and the Hollywood Horse Show Children's Charities. That's heaps of good deeds from all the Xena fans that attended the convention. Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity.

The following is an update for the Kevin Smith Trust Fund Auction

Well, we are for week three. Can I just first thank you all for your patience and tolerance of what seems like our constant announcements and updates? And can I also say, from the incredible growth of this auction, how much you all rock? <g> Wow...I you all so much for your generosity.

This auction features some wonderful donations from Liandra, Dragon and Owlharp!

That said, the next set of items have been listed - yes, 95 of them!! Granted, this includes about 50 Official Xena magazines, so you can easily round out that collection, but there is also a customized Jerry doll omplete with wheels, an Ares mug lovingly made and donated by a fan, theatre programs, LOTS of Xena and Herc related books (including On Top Down Under plus a few that have nothing whatsoever to do with the shows! LOL), various
other related magazines, some difficult to find now, candid photos of Kevin Smith, heck - candid photos of Michael Hurst!, and....please be kind <g>....some A-Team and Battlestar Galactica memorabilia I've collected. As always, the link to the auction can be found here:

or directly at
Once again many thanks to all of you for your immense patience and overwhelming generosity!
Mary Sauers (& Linda, Lori Beth & Julie)


18 March

Ausxip Magazine & Newspaper E-Library

The Bard's Corner


Lucia's Corner

Xenaverse News

The following is from Julie for the Kevin Smith Trust Fund Auction

Just a reminder that our Kevin Smith Trust Fund Auctions, Week 2, are ending tomorrow night (Sunday 3/16), between 9-10 pm EST. Bid often and bid high! All proceeds to benefit Kevin's family. And thanks so much to those of you who have been placing bids and winning stuff. We're raising *A LOT* of money! Your support is *greatly* appreciated. And I'll be watching to see what that SYTA album goes for. Make me proud! <g>
Ebay seller: kstrustfundauction

And you can keep track of the money raised by going here:

Coming up next... Lots of official Xena magazines, other magazines (Xena-related), Xena and non-Xena books, an Ares shot glass, candid photos of Kev from the Burbank 1998 convention, and a wonderful custom engraved Ares mug (with the Ares symbol on it). These special mugs were not mass produced. Only a limited number were made, designed by fellow Kev fan, Kelly Jones, and they're really terrific. These auctions begin on Tuesday evening (3/18), and - as always - will end on Sunday.

Best wishes,
Julie (and Mary, Linda, & Lori Beth)

16 March

Lucy News / Lucy News Archive

Looks like Lucy is off to an Oscars party and will be singing with Dave Dobbyn again in Los Angeles according to two NZ Herald articles:

15 March

Lucy News Archive

Ausxip XWP News Archive

The Bard's Corner / The Next Chapter

I'm very pleased to announce the addition of First Lady - the much anticipated sequel to Madam President by Blayne Cooper & T.Novan. The novel comes in three flavours: html, rb format (ebook format) and PDF (Adobe) and a zipped version of the html files.

Xenaverse News

  • The next Official Xena convention (in Burbank instead of Pasadena) will be held January 30 to February 1, 2004. Creation is now offering Gold Weekend Packages (150 packages have already been sold). For more information go to


14 March

Lucy News

Movie Alert:
March 14, 2003 - Ginger Snaps
12:45AM-2:35AM, Friday, Mar 14 - ATMAX Channel
Dysfunctional teenage sisters (Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle) survive an attack by a ferocious creature, but one begins to turn into a werewolf.
Lucy is the Announcer on the School's PA System (she wasn't credited with that). So if you haven't seen this before and want to catch it to hear La Luce...well here's your chance :)

The actress who plays Xena in the television series posed for this Telecom phonecard to lend her support for Handicapped Children. 7600 cards were produced in 1998 to raise money for this worthy cause. The price of a mint card is $US15 which includes airmail postage (in NZ)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the IHC at the end of 1999, Telecom produced a card showing a montage of scenes from previous cards and advertising. Lucy is shown dancing with a number of children. The price of a mint card is $US15 which includes airmail postage. For more info about obtaining the phone cards Email: 

13 March

Lucy Art & Montages

The Bard's Corner

Clone Fiction Contest
1st Place - Black Daemon and the story This Time Around.
2nd Place - Nance Gice and the story Every Clone's A Critic
3rd Place - Mickey and the story
Old Friends

Many thanks to those who contributed their work and those who voted!





11 March

The Bard's Corner

Voting from the The CloneFic contest has ended. Votes will be tallied and the winner announced shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated and to the bards for their stories!

News Archive

Xenaverse News

The Messenger is hosting an art contest for the month of April. The theme is completely up to the artist, though there are some rules. There will be a video contest as well. Those interested in competing in the contests should read the submission guidelines at

The Submission Guidelines also has a list of prizes available to the winners for first, second and third places.


"Curse of the Furious Femmes!"  The Xena Silent Movie autographed copies are up for auction, Monday March 10, through Sunday, March 16, 2003!!!!

Continuing in the battle for the Greater Good, the Xenaversity of Minnesota, , will be DONATING ALL PROCEEDS from  this auction to the Minnesota Chapter Guide Dogs of America.

The auction ends at MIDNIGHT, March 16th.  Each day, the current highest bid information will be updated at midnight and noon, possibly more often. The final two days, Saturday, and Sunday, it will be updated more frequently. Check the webpage throughout the day.

WINNING bids will be posted on the auction page, April 1, 2003. NOTE: Times listed are CENTRAL STANDARD TIME - USA!

The sale of non-autographed copies CONTINUES through March 31st.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Xenaversity has been experiencing email problems Anyone who has placed an order, and not yet received a confirmation, please, ORDER AGAIN. Fill out the order form and note "second attempt" in the subject.

Thank you, and GOOD LUCK!
The Xenaversity of Minnesota.



10 March

News Archive

A few years ago there was an interview on ET (April 1999 - it was during the taping of The Convert) where the cicadas were making an awful racket while Lucy was talking. There is a new insight into how bad these little insects can be on filming from the Sunday Star Times: A part of the article refers to Xena

David Madigan, who worked on Whale Rider and Xena, has labelled the noise "the wall of death".

"They can render dialogue impossible to use. It is very difficult to get rid of them and I am often seen running around beating trees with a microphone boom.

"On Xena we were shooting in an orchard where day after day I lost masses of sound. I got in the mode of bumping cicadas out of their environment, which is usually successful, but I ended up breaking a boom in sheer anger because of the noise they were making."

To read the entire article: Hosed off movie makers want insects to bug off,2106,2316988a11,00.html

Lucia's Corner

This Little Dar & Kerry print was done as an 11x17 original watercolor to help raise money for the Starship Foundation and the Safe and Sound Appeal but at auction it did not meet its minimum bid. Lucia has requested that the watercolor be raffled to raise money for the Foundation
Click here for information on how to bid on this print



Xena CD, DVD & Video News

The following is from Raven regarding the Anchor Bay Xena DVDs:

I was involved in a discussion recently about the absence of Close Captioning in the Xena tape and DVD offerings. Since Anchor Bay is about to re-release the DVDs for Region 1, this is a great time to ask them if they would include Close Captioning. If you can, please take a moment of your time and drop an email to them at: (their site states that they will reply to emails sent to this address) They have another email address if you do not want a reply:

Lucy News

Updated TV Alerts (US) for Lucy in March

  • Lucy Lawless: Celebrity Profile (Repeat)
    ``Xena'' star Lucy Lawless recalls her life and career, and what set her on the path from struggling actress to her popular role as a warrior princess.
    Tue Mar 11 10:00A E!- Entertainment Television
  • Saturday Night Live (Repeat)
    Host: Lucy Lawless. Music guest: Elliott Smith.
    Thu Mar 27 12:00P COME- Comedy Central

Xenaverse News

The following is from Julie about the Kevin Smith Auction

Just a little reminder that the first leg of the Kevin Smith Trust Fund auction will end tomorrow evening, March 9 (9-10pm EST). Anyone thinking of bidding, now's the time. Bid high, bid often, and bid for a good cause and lots of good stuff!

The next set of auctions start on Tuesday, March 11, and include many New Zealand magazines and newspapers, all having Kevin Smith clips, photos and in some cases articles and interviews. A few also feature Lucy Lawless, Danielle Cormack, and other NZ entertainers. Also, huge "Blue Room" and "Streetcar Named Desire" posters - the first one of Kevin & Danielle, the second one signed by Kevin (a limited edition of 50 were signed), and a "Who's That" album by Kevin's 1980s band, Say Yes to Apes. All proceeds to benefit the Kevin Smith Trust Fund.

Upcoming TV Alerts for Xena cast members

Melinda Clarke - Mon 10 8:00 PM Everwood: Till Death Do Us Part 5 KHTV
Alex Tydings - Fri 14 7:45 AM The Sunchaser 68 MAX
Adrienne Wilkinson -   Wed 19 8:00 PM Angel: Orpheus 5


8 March

The following is from Betsy Book and the Warrior Palace Chat

Saturday, March 8 at 5pm ET / 2pm PT / 10pm UK, 11pm Spain
Sunday, March 9 at 9am Australian Capital Territory / 11am Kiwi Time

Join us for a chat with TJ Scott! TJ has been involved in the writing and direction of many great TV shows like Hercules, Cleopatra 2525, Young Hercules, Mutant X, Andromeda, La Femme Nikita, The Magnificent Seven, Spy Game, and of course....Xena: Warrior Princess!

This chat will be held at the Warrior Palace, a visual chat space where you are represented by an avatar and your speech is displayed in cartoon bubbles. Warrior Palace has been chatting up the Xenaverse since 1998. Visit  for information about how to visit us and participate in the chat.

This chat will be a moderated event. Go to  to find out how this works. See you there!

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Yahoo News reports:

Xena lives

In a major press event this past Wednesday, February 26th, Anchor Bay Entertainment unveiled their plans to launch Xena: Warrior Princess on DVD.  This unprecedented multimillion campaign will launch when Xena: The Warrior Princess Season One DVD becomes available to consumers on April 29, 2003, and includes the $100,000 "Quest for the Golden Sword" Sweepstakes. Grand prize will be Xena's "Golden Sword," which is being coined "The most remarkable and impressive Xena collectible ever created." Meticulously hand- crafted in Spain by Marto, the world's finest master swordsmith, this legendary blade has been forged out of ten pounds of solid gold and has an estimated value of $100,000. 

"This campaign is indicative of the tremendous growth Anchor Bay Entertainment has experienced in the DVD market," commented Kimberly Kisner, Senior Brand Manager of Anchor Bay Entertainment. "We are delighted to be able to offer our consumers a chance to win one of the most unique prizes ever offered, while forging a terrific partnership with our licensor, Davis-Panzer."

Specs for Xena: Warrior Princess - The Complete First Season includes all 24 first season episodes presented in their original 4:3 full screen aspect ratios and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, plus a bonus CD-ROM with a Xena screensaver, a still gallery, the "Xena Chronicles," Xena trivia, and talent bios. Retail is $89.95, and expect future Xena sets to be announced in the coming months

and details more information about the contest

The promotion begins April 29, the Xena set’s street date, and continues into July, when the grand-prize winner will be picked at a drawing during the annual Video Software Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas. Entry forms will be included in the “Xena” boxed set. Each set will also include a six-question trivia contest, which does not have to be completed to qualify for the sweepstakes, as well as a “Xena” commemorative coin and an order form for a coin holder. The holder will contain slots for six coins -- one for each season. The sword is being handcrafted at Marto, a company in Toledo, Spain, said Peter S. Davis, president of Davis/Panzer Productions Inc., which produces “Xena” as well as “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Highlander.” In addition to the one grand-prize winner of the sword, which is valued at $100,000 and will contain 10 pounds of gold, 10 first-place winners will get handcrafted Warrior Edition “Xena” swords valued at $300, 25 second-place winners will take home official “Xena” satin crew jackets, and 100 third-place winners will get “Xena” Warrior Edition hand-forged stainless steel letter openers. The “Xena” promotion will roll into a major sweepstakes for “Hercules,” due from Anchor Bay in June. Details of the “Hercules” sweepstakes have not been announced. The ambitious promotional campaign will comprise television, radio, online and print initiatives, said Kimberly Kisner, senior brand manager for Anchor Bay.
For more of this article go to:

Xenaverse News

The movie Lawless: Beyond Justice is a movie starring Kevin based on the tv series Lawless shown in NZ. The movie is about two private investigators discover the truth behind a gangland drug deal gone wrong

Buy from (Region 1 - US & Canada)

7 March

Lucy Picture Archive

  • Added screengrabs from the 1995 movie "Peach"

Lucy News

The following appeared in the NZ Sunday News gossip section,2106,2301332a5620,00.html

Lucy Lawless is proving a boon for breast cancer research. Pictures of the former Xena star wearing a Karen Walker T-shirt that's being sold in aid of breast cancer research have ended up on Xena fan sites worldwide. Xena-mad Americans are bombarding NZ's Breast Cancer Research Trust asking how they can get one of the Ts. Glassons sell the tops here at $29.95 each.
Heh - not just Xena-mad Americans are buying the t-shirts <g> If you want to purchase a Lucy designed t-shirt here are the details:

You can call 011-643-3660-164 (US) or 00111 64 3 3660164 (Australia) and place your order using a credit card. or email the store at  or contact a department store in Auckland on 00164 3 3486999 (US) or 00111 64 3 3486999 (Australia). Shipping to Australia is $10NZ and I'm not sure about shipping to the US.

More news from one of Lucy's favourite charities - The Starship Foundation.

Staff at the Starship Hospital  yesterday welcomed the second new oxygenator machine, costing about $100,000 and purchased by the Starship Foundation using money donated by Mercury Energy customers. click here to read the entire article about these new machines at the NZ Herald web site

The Bard's Corner



6 March

Lucy Picture Archive

The Bard's Corner



Xena Movie News

The following is from Katherine Fugate's web site -

THE XENA MOVIE: at the pasadena convention, i was asked whether there would be a xena movie and whether or not i was being considered as the potential writer of the movie. i answered that there had been talks about a potential xena movie, and that rob tapert and i had met about potentially working together on one - SHOULD it come to fruition. as i said at the convention, every movie takes this path. and it's rob's job, as the producer, to find a writer and suggest that writer to the studio. at the convention, i was very cautious to state any xena movie, as i understand it, is in the inchoate stages of birth and anything could happen - as it often does. i would also like to add that i was honored rob spoke with me about potentially writing a movie. as i said at the convention, rob is the biggest ally a xena movie has and he's a loyal man to those he's worked with. if a xena movie gets made - it will only happen because of rob and his belief in one..

Xenaverse News - Kevin Smith Trust Fund Auction

An avid Kevin Smith collector, Lori Witt, has recently decided to downsize her collection - in an amazing feat of exuberance, she collected not just one of everything she could, but 2, 3, or 4....sometimes more. This created a huge storage problem and she kindly gave most of it to Julie Stoller and me, Mary Sauers. We've decided to auction it off in stages and collect the funds in a special account that would, in the end, be given to the Kevin Smith Trust Fund. So, it is with great pleasure that our USA Kevin Smith Trust Fund Auction on eBay is announced.
and for more information about this auction email or

4 March

The ROC File

  • Updated ROC Links with link to Renee O'Connor and The Women of Science Fiction

Kevin Smith Memorial

Xenaverse News

The following is from Xenite and Herculean Webmasters Association


The time has come for a new Board of Directors to assume the responsibility of running the XHWA and its website. At this time we would like to ask that any active member interested in volunteering to serve on the Board for the2003 year should email the current board with your "resume" as sorts. (see below for details) The XHWA has been a free site listing for all its members for a good number of years. It has provided links to your sites and has helped to promote all the sites of its members, thereby generating traffic to each of your sites. It has done so without requesting a fee for the service, as other places are beginning to. All we've ever asked of our members is that they place our logo on their site to show they are a member, which generates more members. The XHWA now requires the assistance of all those we have helped generate traffic to. Not by requesting funds to keep the Association alive, but in the form of volunteers to help run the site and serve as the Board of Directors for the new year. For without your assistance, the site will surely cease to exist. So please, volunteer your services and help the XHWA stay alive so that it may continue to serve the fandom. As always, if no viable Board is formed for the new year, the XHWA will retire from existence, something we are sure no one wishes to have happen. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the Association function, making decisions on regular business that does not require a membership vote, appointing Officers such as the Membership Secretary/Webmaster/Newsletter Editor (or performing these functions themselves if necessary), monitoring website functionality and any design or content changes, administering any membership votes that must be held, and any other business related to Association leadership. The term for a Board is 12 months and the Board shall consist of no less than 3 members (current charter does not quite accurately indicate previous changes to this policy).

If you are interested, please email  with the following information: -Real name and any nicknames/handles (real name will not be shared with the membership unless by you) -XHWA member number, site name, and site URL (all applicants must be active members)
-Email address
-Basic overview of your involvement in the fan community, your reason to wish to be on the Board of Directors, and any pertinent skills or experience that would benefit the XHWA and the Board.

Thank you,
The 2002 Board of Directors

Turn the Page

Cold by Alison Carpenter
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A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. But Joanna Holbrook-Sutherland senses that the photograph she encounters at an exhibit in a trendy London gallery could change her life - if only she can locate the homeless woman whose haunting face has been captured within it --- a face that has also been haunting her dreams. Jo knows it's completely unrealistic to believe that she'll be able to find one beleaguered blonde among the thousands of men and women trying to stay alive on the cold, hard streets of London. It's also completely out of character for Jo to even try - the spoiled socialite is noted for her bed hopping and bad behavior, not her good works. Unfortunately, dropping the search doesn't seem to be an option. Jo painstakingly assembles the crumbs of information that eventually will lead her to a frigid park in Whitechapel and to Rocky, a young woman with fearful secrets. She has no idea that the hardest part is still ahead, dealing with the debilitating physical and mental consequences of living on the street for five years; and with the horrors that drove Rocky there in the first place.

3 March

Lucy News & Media Alerts

Updated TV Alerts (US) for Lucy in March

  • Lucy Lawless: Celebrity Profile (Repeat)
    ``Xena'' star Lucy Lawless recalls her life and career, and what set her on the path from struggling actress to her popular role as a warrior princess.
    Wed Mar 5 10:00A E!- Entertainment Television
    Tue Mar 11 10:00A E!- Entertainment Television
  • Saturday Night Live (Repeat)
    Host: Lucy Lawless. Music guest: Elliott Smith.
    Thu Mar 27 12:00P COME- Comedy Central

ROC News

Updated TV Alerts (US) for Renee in March

  • Renee's episode of NYPD Blue will be on Tuesday, March 4 on the TNT channel in the U.S. Please check your tvguides for times in your area.
  • Darkman II: The Return of Durant
    A mutilated scientist's search for a synthetic skin formula is hampered by the return of a presumed-dead crime boss.
    Wed Mar 12 09:00A USAE- USA Network
  • The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?
    Rescue workers struggle to save summer-camp youths caught in a flash flood near Comfort, Texas. Based on a true story.
    Sun Mar 2 12:10P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
    Mon Mar 10 10:30A TRUE- Encore's True Channel
    Mon Mar 10 06:20P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
    Fri Mar 21 06:20P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
    Sat Mar 29 01:45P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
    Sat Mar 29 02:45P PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex
    Sat Mar 29 11:30P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
    Sun Mar 30 12:30A PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex
  • Follow the River
    A courageous mother and her sometimes volatile companion make a hazardous bid for freedom from their Shawnee captors.
    Wed Mar 5 12:00A VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey

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The following is from Cavalier Press

A New Publisher
Brings Innovation to GLBT Literature

Cavalier Press is something new in the publishing world – a small GLBT press with the values and reach of a large house.

In the last 20 years, most of the original GLBT publishing houses were bought up by the big boys – and over time, their imprints were simply allowed to die on the vine. A few valiant survivors struggled on, and in the last couple of years, a number of new small press companies have opened, with varying success.

But the GLBT community deserves choices, deserves good fiction, and deserves a publisher with the sense to reach out, to market effectively, to work hard to get books that we like in the mainstream bookstores. That’s what Cavalier is committed to – providing good stories for the GLBT community that they can easily find, buy, read and enjoy!

Over the next few months, Cavalier will be accepting submissions and will be bringing some outstanding books to market, some from authors you already know and love, others from new folks with talent and skill.

As they say, watch our space at  to see what’s new, where you can find our books, and to give us feedback on what you, our readers, would like!


2 March

Lucy News

The following is from Missy about the support letters:

Just wanted to say thanks to those who have already sent in letters of comment and support for Lucy, Rob, and the rest of the Xena team. - I received over fifty today, from many different countries and many different facets of Xena fandom. Some of them were FIN lovers, some FIN
haters, some of them were Gabrielle fans, some Xena fans, and some were people who just loved watching the show and missed it. Keep them coming!


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Xenaverse News

The following is from Creation Entertainment

Over the past few years we have received countless requests to re-release the video contents of our earlier Official Fan Club Kits in DVD format. So now, for the very first time, we are doing so: but we're not stopping there!

Here's what OFFICIAL XENA FAN CLUB KIT REISSUE #1-#4 will contain:

1) FIVE absolutely new, never before seen, full color lithographs from Xena
2) ONE official full color poster
3) A brand new full color collector's box
4) A DVD (regionless so good in any country) that includes:
Part One (1 hour long) "BEHIND THE SCENES OF XENA: The Making of Who's Gurkhan" narrated by Sharon Delaney

Grab your KIT REISSUE today by visiting:

1 March

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Xena CD, DVD & Video News

Region 4 (Australia/New Zealand)

  • The release of Season 3 has been delayed for a few months (possibily May). Reason has been given - Many thanks to Bradley for the additional info

The Bard's Corner

CloneFic Fanfiction Contest
The contest ends today (US - 28 February)

  • Added This Time Around (Complete - Clonefic Contest Entry) by Black Daemon
  • Added Clonefic (Complete - Clonefic Contest Entry) by Phantom Bard



  • Added Road Trip (Complete) by Mavis Applewater
  • Added Bedlam (Complete) by Mavis Applewater


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