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What's New on AUSXIP

So how about it? I scratch your back, you stab mine.

-- Psycho Callisto


31 March 2006

Starship Foundation board trustee, Lucy Lawless, helped to launch the new project at Starship by assisting children with some of their rehabilitation exercises.  Lucy was proud to be the first Mercury Energy customer to join the Star Supporters Club when it launched in 2004 and says, "It's been great that Club membership has continued to grow and we've been able to raise funds to purchase three vital pieces of equipment for Starship."

Click here to read article and view pics


Lucy Attends Concert in New Zealand

Lucy went to the Russell Crowe and The Ordinary Fear Of God in Concert at Skycity Theatre in Auckland - March 31, 2006
- March 31, 2006. Many thanks to Rose for the news



Lucy TV Alert for Kiwis

  • Lucy will be interviewed on kiwi tv show called Holmes on Prime 5 April at 7:30 pm Many thanks to Calli for the news


30 March 2006

Lucy Videos

Lucy was mentioned on Entertainment Tonight in the birthday section with a quiz about which female action star was behind various styles (pics of Lucy minus her head and different outfits)
Click here to download video clip - Clips by Roger


Lucy Articles

  • Xena Princess of Merit - Stuff.co.nz 30 March 2006 It may not have the glitter of Hollywood awards but it did have a regal touch. Actress Lucy Lawless, otherwise known as Xena Warrior Princess, was among numerous Kiwis honoured at investiture ceremonies at Government House.

Lucy Lawless - Classy Lady

I received an email from Norma via Ken who wanted to share a story of Lucy's kindness and generosity. Ken also wants to thank Lucy for doing this special thing for him. Thanks Ken and Norma! Click here to read the report and view the Lucy picture


Xena Music Videos

I'm very pleased to announce that CindyT/Forevaxena had her creative juices flowing when she created her first music video. I think it's one of the best videos I have seen for a newcomer or an oldtimer for that matter.


29 March 2006


I am very proud to announce that AUSXIP has entered into a new affiliate
relationship with another very large and active site, MediaBlvd. MediaBlvd is an online magazine which features entertainment articles and actor interviews. Mediablvd is completely fan based and one of the most important aspects is it's charity work.

We all know in the Xenaverse, the Greater Good is one of our passions and it's important to Lucy and Renee who go out of their way to help when needed. I'm thrilled to learn that Mediablvd is of the same opinion. Also similar to the Xenaverse, the demographics of the members of MediaBlvd are from all over the world, from various backgrounds and lifestyles.

In addition to the online magazine, Mediablvd hosts websites (eg Battlestar Galactica, L Word and other shows) who also share the goal for reaching out and helping others with their charity work.

Their media forums are quite special as well (and we all know how Xena fans just love to talk...hopefully we won't crash their servers). In the coming days MediaBlvd will add forums for Lucy and Renee to their vast entertainment forum line-up. This will be a first for them because they hadn't had any for the dynamic duo before.

Lucy Lawless Forum:

Renee O'Connor Forum:

The affiliation between AUSXIP and MediaBlvd is a win/win - we need more fans to learn about Xena, Lucy and Renee. For those of us who aren't Battlestar Galactica fans, now would be a good opportunity to mix with other fans who have no clue about Lucy - sharing information, getting that fan base bigger to make that huge impact for the Greater Good.

I have found that the owners of MediaBlvd share my goal to reach out and help others. Using a fan website to achieve that goal is one of the reasons AUSXIP exists: It was born to give back to a show that was amazing and still is amazing. What better way of doing that than by affiliating with another huge site with the same goals.

Okay so you're sitting here reading this and wondering what the heck does that mean for AUSXIP?

How will this affect you? AUSXIP will stay the same. Same format, same what's new page, same tweaking the site as I've always done, same old, same old. I still own AUSXIP and will be running the sites till they pry the keyboard from my fingers and send me to webmaster heaven (also known as the Heavenly-themed Frys Electronics) <g>

The difference will be the co-operation between myself and the owners of MediaBlvd. This affiliation will give fans of other genres the chance to have the Xena/Lucy/Renee experience. It will enable both AUSXIP and MediaBlvd to harness the fan backed power for the Greater Good.

Two huge sites combining in cooperation for the Greater Good is a thing of beauty <g>

Battle On!

Lucy is awarded her Order of Merit.

Congratulations and happy birthday Lucy.

In June 2004, Lucy was awarded Order of Merit in the Queen's Birthday Honour List for 2004. Lucy has been given this honour for services to entertainment and the community. In a classy move, the NZ Governement gave Lucy her Insignia as a Member of the NZ Order of Merit on the 29 March (NZ) which is on her birthday.
Click here to find out more about these awards

Today a press release was issued by the Governor General of NZ:
Lucy Lawless displays the Insignia of a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit at Government House in Auckland. Her citation reads: "For services to entertainment and the community. Lucy Lawless has had a long film, stage and television career in New Zealand, Canada and the Unites States.

Click here to read more and get a larger scan of the picture



28 March 2006


The absolutely fabulous and talented Faith Prince will be heading to Australia for performances in Sydney and Melbourne. Faith played opposite Lucy in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and she was magnificent. Don't miss this opportunity to see Faith live. Click here to read more!


Reminder: It's Lucy's birthday tomorrow and a solar eclipse! Rob and Lucy's wedding anniversary falls today. They have been married since March 28, 1998.
Happy anniversary to the Taperts!

If you wish to Lucy a happy birthday there is an online petition:

To:  Lucy Lawless

Happy Birthday to our friend, our mentor, our lady! Lucy, you have touched us all in so many different, and yet one unifying way. You have shown us the meaning of the greater good, and what it is to be human. Today, we give praise and thanks for the light and spirit you possess and the day you were brought into this world.
Happy Birthday and a blessed year our Lady!

Click here to sign

*Sharon has indicated she will alert Lucy to both petitions (one for well wishes for Mr Ryan, Lucy's dad) and for her birthday.

Starship Foundation - Star Supporters

Mighty River Power News - May 2005 Star Supporters Club rockets ahead. The Star Supporters Club has almost reached its first goal of raising $160,000 for the Starship Foundation. Scan of Lucy with a young child


NOVA newsletter June 2004 - Lucy signs on the dotted line for Starship
Lucy Lawless, the Starship Foundation and Mercury Energy are hoping that customers will get in behind a new scheme to help raise more funds for new equipment at Starship Children’s Health.

Mighty River Power News - May 2004 Star Supporters’ Club launched!
Xena - Warrior Princess star - and Starship Foundation Board Trustee Lucy Lawless became the first Mercury Energy customer to support a new scheme to help raise more funds for equipment at Starship Children’s Hospital.


Upcoming UK Convention

The following is from Julian from the organising team of the Xena and Strong Women on TV Convention:

Tickets are now available for this event on Saturday May 13th in Walsall.  It is a day dedicated to enjoying our favourite ladies (or Bad Girls!) in the company of fellow fans.  The tickets cost £10 and this includes a buffet supper.  The event takes place at the County Hotel in Walsall from 12 o'clock to 8pm.

This is a fan run event, being organised in aid of the Walsall Breast Cancer support group.  It is a day for fun in a friendly and supportive environment.  We have our own event room and our own all day bar as well as our usual charity auction, the Super Quiz, raffle etc.

This is our 15th event and this is a new venue for us, so anyone who wants to check out the new venue or get a map can do so at


To book tickets or for further information, check out our website http://www.xenaville.com/fest.html

or e-mail



Xena Props

Here's an interesting site - has an extensive Prop section of Xena goodies. It's a free online museum for props

Click here to view



26 March 2006


Video Clips

Kevin Smith, Lucy and Renee at the 1998 NZ TV Guide Awards

  • Added video clips from Kevin, Lucy and Renee's presentations.
    video clips are in mov and wmv formats.


Lucy Lawless Fanlisting Update

The Lucy Lawless Physical Fanlisting has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 381 members from 49 different countries.

The Xena Physical Fanlisting has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 163 members from 31 different countries. Click here to join!

Renee O'Connor Fanlisting Update

Renee O'Connor Physical Fanlisting has been updated with new members. Current membership stands at 190 from 30 Countries. Click here to join


24 March 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Press Release: Battlestar Galactica Comic

Dynamite Entertainment announced today that artist Nigel Raynor will be joining writer Greg Pak (SOLD OUT Planet Hulk AND Phoenix Endsong) on the all-new Battlestar Galactica comic book series, a license of Universal Studios Consumer Products Group, as well as cover artists Steve Mc Niven (Civil War, New Avengers) and Michael Turner (Wolverine: Origin and Civil War cover artist), with more to be announced! Click here to read more


Older Lucy Articles - 1997

NZ Woman's Weekly 7 July 1997 - Lucy Outshines Rachel. Americans are going nuts over the sword-wielding, leather-clad Lucy, opting for her down-to-earth approach rather than Rachel's model lifestyle.



22 March 2006

Lucy Articles / Scans

Rocketts and and Christine Lonewolf David have created a petition (of sorts) to wish Renee all the happiness on the birth of Iris. At the moment there is 161 signatures.

If you wish to sign, please see below:

To:  Renee O'Connor

Renee may the great spirits bless you and Iris Sura and wrap their wings of protection around you from this day forward. May the love and light that you have shown so many of us be sent back to you and Iris ten fold for it is that positive energy that has changed the lives of so many you have touched. May Mother Earth be under your feet to ground you and Iris at all times as you have done for us and may Grandmother Moon be at your head to bless you at the end of each day. Renée we can’t thank you enough for all you have given to all of us, but we can give you all our positive energy and let you and Iris know at this time you are loved and blessed.



22 March 2006

Ann (ampsearcher) on the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club list came up with a great idea on how to show Lucy that we are thinking of her and her family. Christine Lonewolf David came up with the petition reads:

To:  Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless fans around the world unite to send positive vibes to the father of the person we call our friend and our mentor. She who has made us laugh, cry and look at life in a whole new positive way. It is this “way” that we now are sending to you–Lucy, your father and your family as a whole. This petition is to the spirits and energy of the universe to feel our vibrations and hear our call for the “way.” We wish that the universe hear us as the names attached attest and carry all positive healing love and light to the point on this mother earth that Mr. Ryan is and to spread it to both he and his family as is needed.

If you would like to sign the petition please go to:

There is currently 146 signatures.

Lucy in the News

  • There is a brief mention of Lucy in the Times Leader
    He owns a yoga studio on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, California. Lucy Lawless (Xena the Warrior Princess) just renewed her annual membership. He also gave Joe Walsh from the Eagles private lessons. Other celebrities of note include Bonnie Raitt, Michael "Kramer" Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Katy Segal, Gene Simmons and William Shatner.

21 March 2006

Thanks to everyone that emailed to ask if my family and I were okay after Cyclone Larry ripped through. I don't live in Queensland where Larry struck but I do have friends over there. They are okay although their home was damaged and their livelihoods as banana growers was destroyed.

The army and the State Emergency Services (SES) have started to come through and aid is getting in. The cane and banana growers of the region are devastated. 45,000 homes are without electricity and 1000 were left homeless.

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. We haven't seen anything like this in Australia since Cylone Tracy came roaring through Darwin and wiped it out back in 1974.

If you wish to help:

Hotlines (calling from overseas add 61 for the country code)

- QLD Police (for concerned relatives): 1800 100 188

- Cyclone appeal (donations): 1800 150 411

Donations can be made at any Commonwealth Bank branch. Cheques can be
made out to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal fund, account number

An appeal hotline 1800 150 411 will accept donations by credit card.


Starship Foundation

Mercury Kicks off New Star Supporters Project 21 March 2006
Mercury Energy recently kicked off its latest project for the Star Supporters Club. The project will aim to raise $300,000 for an upgrade of the Starship gym, physio and other therapy areas...The new project was opened by the original Star Supporter and Starship Foundation board member Lucy Lawless in a small ceremony in the gym on the 20th of March.

Lucy Shines for Starship Once Again - Starship Foundation
14 March 2006

While most of Hollywood was preparing to shine at the Oscars, LA based New Zealand star Lucy Lawless raced home to support her favourite cause. As part of the glamour and fashion of Auckland Cup Week (March 4-11) Mercedes-Benz sponsored the Auckland Cup Charity Ball in support of Starship Foundation on the evening of Monday 6 March.
Click here to read the report


20 March 2006

Official news from Katherine Fugate:

Renee has given birth to a baby girl on Sunday 19 March 2006! Congratulations to Renee and her boyfriend, to young Miles and their families.


Lucy Articles

NZ Herald 21 March 2006
Starship on mission to refit therapy gym
Actor and Starship Foundation trustee Lucy Lawless launched the new fundraising project, helping some children with their exercises. "I'm excited about our new project," she said. "I hope more people join the Star Supporters Club to help us reach this important goal."
Many thanks to Carolyn for the news

19 March 2006

Lucy was interviewed on Australian TV last night on a show called Where Are They Now. It was quite a good interview which was filmed in late 2005.



18 March 2006

Please keep Lucy and the whole Ryan clan in your  thoughts and prayers - news from New Zealand is that Lucy's dad, Frank Ryan is in the critical care unit at Auckland City Hospital after cancer surgery.
Click here to read the report from stuff.co.nz


Today would have been Kevin Smith's 43rd birthday.  To honour his birthday, Katxena has created a new Ares montage.
The world lost a beautiful soul.


 Older Lucy Articles - 1997

Esquire Magazine - August 1997 Lucy Lawless - Thank You, Xena. May We Have Another? Lucy Lawless has been the subject of more frenzied exegesis than any actress in the history of prime-time syndication. But there's nothing particularly complicated about why her character, Xena, is so wildly popular.


Xena Fan Club News

The following is from Sharon on the Official Xena Fan Club Page

Had a fantastic time last weekend at out Sci-Fi Summit listening to Jay Laga'aia sing in the convention cabaret and talking with him about working with Renee on Xena.  Got some video which I just uploaded to the Kit 10 website. Membership to Kit #10 required - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


17 March 2006

Lucy Lawless Fanlisting Update

The Lucy Lawless Physical Fanlisting has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 355 members from 48 different countries.


Lucy in the movie Locusts - Reviews (Germany)

Added scan from Hoerzu #12 (Germany) 17 March 2006
(scan contributed by Esther)

Added scans from TV Movie (Germany) 18 March 2006
Added scan from TV Direkt (Germany) 18 March 2006
(Scans contributed by Juergen)

Older Articles - 1997

The Bard's Corner



15 March 2006

Lucy Photoshoots

Added two high resolution scans from the NZ Herald photoshoot of Lucy trying on dresses for the Starship Charity Ball.


Lawless Ink Update

Guess who has been playing making shapes out of balloons while holidaying in New Zealand?

Check out the latest pics on Lawless Ink


New Book with Xena Reference

The Modern Amazons - Warrior Women on Screen

The Modern Amazons: Warrior Women on Screen documents the public's seemingly insatiable fascination with the warrior woman archetype in film and on television. The book examines the cautious beginnings of new roles for women in the late fifties, the rapid development of female action leads during the burgeoning second-wave feminist movement in the late sixties and seventies, and the present-day onslaught of female action characters now leaping from page to screen. The book itself is organized into chapters that group women warriors into sub-genres, e.g., classic Amazons like Xena Warrior Princess and the women of the Conan films; superheroes and their archenemies such as Wonder Woman....
Many thanks to Haleema for the news


The following is from the Canberra Xena Gang on the Faces of the Fans DVD/CD Project II

“Hello everyone!

The Canberra Xena Gang is back to business with a new site (www.cxgang.com ), much cooler than the old one (we think!) and we invite you to drop in for a visit!!  There you will find some cool pics and updates on our FOF (Faces Of the Fans) dvd/cd-rom project.  What???? You don’t know what we’re talking about????  Well, that’s easily solved: just go to our site and take a look!!!  Those who were at the Convention on Sunday afternoon had the chance to see a little bit of it, since Creation was kind enough to show three segments of it on the big screen (there’s 14 on the dvd alone). If you still haven’t got a copy and would like one, please contact us at canberraxenagang@hotmail.com

Also, we have already started putting together the 2006 edition of FOF!!!! But we can’t do it without you, so checkout the FOF II link on our page to see what we are planning for the new pack and how you can submit your items.  Remember, the more the merrier!!!  It is a great project (even if we say so ourselves… J), and fans all around the world have sent us lots of stuff for FOF I. We, of course want to make FOF II even better, so go through your pics, or your videos, or your writings etc, etc, and send them in and be a part of a dvd/cd-rom that fans everywhere will love!!! (while helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia at the same time!  So, what’s there to lose??!!)  We hope to hear from you soon and we can’t wait to see your submissions!

Cheers from downunder!
The Canberra Xena Gang”


Xenaverse News

VH1 is showing the 6th season of 'The Surreal life'. This show's first episode is being aired March 19th. There is a couple of people in it from Xena and Hercules. Alexis Arquette (Caligula) Tawny Kitean, (Hercs first wife, Deianeira) For more info go to: http://www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/the_surreal_life_6/98543/episode.jhtml
Many thanks to EZRyder for the news


14 March 2006

Lucy at the Auckland Cup Race

Added video of Lucy at the Auckland Cup on March 8, 2006. The video clip is in mov and wmv format. She wore a gorgeous blue dress (I'm not a fashion expert so I won't even try to describe it. It looked gorgeous). She talks briefly about Starship and how they she auctioned herself off as a waitress.

Added screencaptures from the video of Lucy at the Auckland Cup



Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Spoilers

Interview video

SpaceCast Site Video Clip
Battlestar Galactica - "Final Cut"
BSG writer Mark Verheiden gives us the inside scoop on his episode entitled "Final Cut"
Many thanks to Tracey for the news


Xena Promos / Adverts

Added two new advert scans - "We Play Rough Wanna' Watch"  magazine adverts (Village Voice 6 October 1998) for the new season of Xena and Hercules.



13 March 2006

Lucy TV Alert for Aussies

  • Lucy's interview on the Aussie tv show "Where Are They Now" will be shown on March 19, 2006 at 6:30 pm on Channel 7. They will also feature an inteview with Lynda Carter.

Lawless Ink Updated

New message from Lucy while relaxing back home before she heads for Vancouver.  There is also a very cute picture of Lucy just before she goes out to the Match Point premiere.
Click here to view


Xena Fanlisting Update

The Xena Physical Fanlisting has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 131 members from 31 different countries. Click here to join!


Kit #11 Now Available for Ordering

It's time to renew your membership by signing up for THE OFFICIAL XENA FAN CLUB KIT #11! The second decade of Xena is in full swing and The Official Xena Fan Club #11 keeps the party going...

Here's all the wonderful benefits of being part of what we're sure is the best television series' fan club ever!  Read more

Jay Laga'aia (Draco) To Attend All-Con 2006 in Dallas

Fans of Xena will want to attend All-Con 2006 in Dallas, Texas the weekend of March 17-19. Jay Laga'aia, the actor who portrayed the warlord Draco in three different episodes of Xena will be one of the celebrity guests in attendance at All-Con. Recently completing starring as Mufasa in the musical "The Lion King" in Sydney, Australia, Jay Laga'aia was also featured in Star Wars Episodes II
and III as the intrepid Captain Typho.
Many thanks to Cassie for the news



12 March 2006

Lucy Lawless Fanlisting Update

The Lucy Lawless Physical Fan Listing has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 336 members from 46 different countries.

Click here to join the fanlisting

Lucy Articles

Battlestar Galactica

  • There is a brief mention of Lucy in an interview with Grace Park (Sharon/Boomer) from BSG. It's quite an interesting interview.
    Click here to read the article (Lucy mention on page 2)
    Many thanks to The Greak Link for the news
  • Final Cut Review:
    IGN has a review a DVD review for the 2nd season of BSG
    "The stand-out episodes for season 2 are Fragged, The Farm
    and Final Cut." <snip> "The Final Cut, however, may be the best of Season Two. Lucy Lawless guest stars as DiAnna Biers, a TV news reporter
    Click here to
    Many thanks to BanCu for the news


Xenaverse News

Awakenings: The New Xena

The bitch is just getting started." – Pez "Awakenings"

For nearly five years there has been a void in the female action hero genre ever since "Xena" concluded its run in 2001. Many imitators have come since then, but both on the big and small screens, but no series, no movie, has come close to what made "Xena" so great. Most later comers gave us a great leading, ass-kicking woman, with great action and, sometimes, even a good story. Yet "Xena" had a uniqueness that has still remained untapped – a story that follows two warrior women in their personal journeys, their action adventures as well as exploring the friendship between them.



11 March 2006

Lucy Pictures

Added two new Lucy candids


1996 Articles

Lucy Videos

NZ Holiday Show

Lucy visits Berlin and samples German nightlife, a visit to the biggest department store and the 6,000 sq meters of food.

Click here to download video


9 March 2006

New Lucy Video

New video clip from Lawless Ink. Sharon has posted a clip of Lucy singing a snippet of "Little Child" which was recorded for the ET segment.

Click here to download clip


Battlestar Galactica

  • THE TV COLUMN : Peace with the Cylons? - Arkansas Democrat Gazette
    9 March 2006 ... Meanwhile, Battlestar fans can rejoice that when production of season three begins next month in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lucy Lawless will be on board for a full 10 episodes. Lawless, adored by millions as Xena, the warrior princess, has been in a couple of Battlestar episodes as journalist D’Anna Biers....(contains spoilers for Final Cut)

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Surreal (Complete) by KG MacGregor
    A Valentine's Day story


8 March 2006

Battlestar Galactica

  • Now Playing Magazine 8 March 20006 reports that production on year three begins in Vancouver next month, and 20 episodes of the show have been ordered for the season. The network press release promises “even more of the drama, intrigue, and action that viewers have come to expect from the series,” which sounds like typical PR talk – until you remember that Battlestar Galactica has so far provided us with more drama, intrigue, and action than we could ever have hoped for.
  • Don't miss the Season 2 finale on Friday. It's a special 90 minute episode.



Lucy at the Races

Lucy was interviewed on NZ National Radio (8 March 2006) from the Auckland Cup racecourse on what she was wearing, who she was with and her tip for the race. Lucy said she resembled her grandmother in her 1940's style dress and she was schmoozing with the Prime Minister and other government ministers.
Many thanks to Roger for the audio files and to Carolyn S for the news

The brief interview can now be downloaded in three formats:

Lucy was also featured on TV3 News coverage of  the Auckland Cup race. Very good interview with Lucy at the end of the race. Explains how she got to be auctioned as a waitress & shows off her dress.
Many thanks to Carolyn S for the news

The Bard's Corner


  • Skipping Stones (Complete)by Ali Vali
    It's been a few months since Julian and Kiki Lowe stood under a canopy and promised to spend the rest of their lives together. Skipping Stones is the next chapter in the Lowe family series visiting these characters as they start their married and family life with their two children, Summer and Tiger. There is a new love brewing, a Valentine's Day to be celebrated, but will they achieve what Kiki and Julian want most?
  • Tomahawk'd (Complete) by Di Bauden
    A coming of age story that takes place at a Wisconsin resort. Follow Jackson and Erin from the time they meet as children, through their turbulent adolescence that finds them separated from each other until an emergency in Jack's life brings them back together in adulthood. Tomahawk'd is full of suspense and twists that will make you want to read from cover to cover in one sitting. You'll find characters to love and hate. You'll find the parents that every child wants and the ones that shouldn't have had kids. Most of all, you'll find an entertaining story with two girls you will wish you could know in real life.


  • I Am Woman - The biggest milestones in pop feminism. Xena is mentioned (and there's a pic of Xena). Feminism may seem to have as much connection to pop culture as, well, a fish has to a bicycle. But since the beginning, the women’s movement has had a savvy grasp of the power of pop: think about the punk rock antics of the protest of the 1968 Miss America pageant, or Gloria Steinem’s stylish mini skirts and aviator glasses. And the feeling was mutual: no sooner had The Feminine Mystique author Betty Friedan identified the “problem that has no name” than entertainment industry executives wondered if there was money to be made in solving it. In honour of International Women’s Day, March 8, here’s a look at some of the most significant convergences of feminism and popular culture. Read more - Many thanks to Cathy for the article

6 March 2006

Starship Hospital Charity Ball

Added five wire image photos (size: 400 x 600) Starship Hospital Charity Ball - March 6, 2006 Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
The Starship Hospital Charity Ball was organised to help raise funds for cardiac monitors for Starship.

Added two Getty Images


You can now purchase the Lucy pic from the NZ Herald - Lucy's trying on a dress for the ball. There's also another pic from the fitting

Click here to order both pics (do a search for Lucy Lawless)
Many thanks to Roger for the links


Battlestar Galactica

Episode Guide Update

Added synopsis/review of Downloaded by KT



Gaywired has a really cool March calendar with Lucy as our favourite Fleet Reporter, D'anna Biers.

Check it out here
Many thanks to Mazzy for the link

Lesbianation Loves Lucy

Hollywood Celebrity Buzz 3 March 2006 Bad Ass of the Week: Lucy Lawless We loved her on Xena, and now, audiences can rejoice in the glory that is Lucy Lawless all over again with her recurring role on Battlestar Gallactica....
Many thanks to Mazzy for the link


5 March 2006

New Lucy Article - Lucy glams up for the Cup
NZ Herald - 6 March 2006
The glamour of Auckland Cup Week gets a Hollywood injection tonight with the arrival of Lucy Lawless for the Auckland Cup Charity Ball.

The following is from my friend Roach who has been busy having somewhat of a real life <g> She would love some feedback on the following projects: (right click and save to your hard drive)

-- The Third Party! -- Roach is AD (assistant Director) and Second Cam (and sometimes Second Unit) on this project for the NW Actors Studio. This is just a promo since we're still actually shooting it.  but download, watch, enjoy and be enticed to see more. 

-- "That's My Baby".  -- The full on Short.  And let me tell you, this thing ROCKS!  and we all know how rare those recommendations come out of my mouth.  So uhm, why this one?  what does it have that allows it to grace Roach's Website, especially on the home page?  Huhm, written and directed by the very Awesome Staci Bernstein, stars my buddies Alyssa Tomoff and Danielle Reierson (who will be coming to you via a Roach's Realm production later this year).  So you see? it's all connected.


4 March 2006

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Lawless Ink has been updated with a video clip of Lucy singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (the Bonnie Tyler classic) for the movie "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome". Lucy said that they have funding for the film and now they are looking for a "bankable" male star. Click here to download video clip


Rob turned at the NZ Pre Oscar bash with no Lucy (Lucy's off to New Zealand for the Auckland Cup Charity Ball)

Check out the one pic from Wire Image -
do a search for Rob Tapert

Also one pic from Getty Images
many thanks to Roger for the links


Lucy Articles

Battlestar Galactica

  • Winnipeg Sun 4 March 2006
    Lucy Lawless kicks off a guest run on Battlestar Galactica, playing a Fleet News Service reporter who's invited to interview the military personnel onboard the big ship as part of a PR campaign launched by Adama and Roslin. The story gets sticky, though, after Lawless stumbles upon a major secret and happens to on the scene when a stoned pilot crashes a fighter jet, on Space Ch. 39 at 7 p.m.
  • One of my favourite sites has added their review of "Downloaded". Television Without Pity is one of the funniest sites around and I love their reviews so go check out their "Downloaded" review

Xena Fan Club Update


2 March 2006

TV Guide & Sci Fi Press Release 2 March 2006

TV Guide Magazine and SCI FI Channel Offer Unprecedented Giveaway on iTunes

1.4 Million Free Downloads of Battlestar Galactica Episode Available Exclusively in the March 6 Issue of TV Guide Magazine (On Sale Today)

TV Guide magazine and SCI FI Channel announced today an exclusiveoffer in which 1.4 million downloads of an episode of BattlestarGalactica will be given away in TV Guide. Each newsstand copy of theMarch 6 issue (on sale today) will feature a unique 12-digit code onthe cover, which readers can enter on the iTunes Music Store(www.itunes.com) to receive their free download. Complete instructionswill be provided in the magazine.

Click here to read more - BEWARE SPOILERS FOR DOWNLOADED

The following is from Sharon via the Lucy Fan Club List:

Lucy's doing a photoshoot with Entertainment Weekly tomorrow and I posted some footage I took of her today in a recording studio.  Pop over to the fan club page at http://www.lucylawlessfanclub.com and have a peek.

Lesbianation Poll Update

  • Lucy rocketed to #1 with 800 more votes than her nearest competitor - Jennifer Beals.  And Renee debuts at #6 and they say they're looking forward to see who will win March - Lucy or Renee.
    Many thanks to MET for the news



1 March 2006

Battlestar Galactica

  • The Houston Chronicle has a great review of "Downloaded". Downloaded is as mind-blowing an episode as any in the first season.
    Many thanks to Bev for the news

Poll: Did You Like Lucy on BSG? (3436 voted)

  • Fantastic - 72% (2458 votes)
  • Great - 8% (280 votes)
  • Okay - 1% (42 votes)
  • Don't Watch BSG - 4% (145 votes)
  • Didn't Like It - 15% (511 votes)

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NZ Woman's Weekly 27 October 1997 - Wedding Bells for Lucy. Marriage a second time around holds no fears for New Zealand's best-loved international TV star, Xena princess Lucy Lawless.


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NZ Holiday Show

Lucy travels to the Cook Islands where she samples Island night life, Sunday church services and does a bit of dancing, Polynesian style.
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Added Xena Photo Club for June 2005 from the episode "Crusader"


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