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Contact me if you are interested

Sharon/Creation is aware that I am selling these tix.

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29 March 2007
Dinah Shore Weekend

Ghost Town Movie
Boogeyman 2
Diamonds and Guns







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31 March 2007

Reports from The Dinah Shore Weekend

  • The Advocate Insider on PlanetOut site has some pics of Lucy and a report about her performance. Check it out here - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Renee at the Dinah Shore Weekend Event

Michelle sent me some GORGEOUS photos of Renee from the White Diamonds party. Renee wore a gold top and white skirt (we've seen that outfit before in one of her stunning photos Renee sells on her site and also she wore it at the 2005 Saturn Awards). GORGEOUS.

Click here to see more photos


Lucy at Dinah Shore Weekend

First Pic and a mini report from Teresa Ortega. Teresa was tired so she fired off a mini report..more to follow

crowd was loud, hard to hear at times
more xenites there than i expected, met several at the stage
third song was rag doll by aerosmith
she was wearing a chainmail halter over a bra

Click on the thumnail for the larger photo

*Many thanks to Teresa for staying up in the wee hours of the morning to fire this pic off to me!

Renee Update

  • Renee looked great--saw picture of her in beautiful white and gold top


30 March 2007

New Lucy Video - Rehearsing for The Dinah Shore event

Sharon has posted a new video to Lucy's site. It's Lucy talking about the Dinah Shore weekend (there is a spoiler for Football Wives in there as well). Lucy will be singing a Melissa Etheridge song and she is seen perfecting the dance moves with a choreographer. Click here to view (just under the blog entry)

Lucy on ET 29 March 2007

Lucy was featured on Entertainment Tonight 29 March 2007 for her birthday. Check out the clip and screencaptures. They used a really nice pic of her which Roger and I have never seen before.

Click here to view video and screencaptures

BSG Downloaded Nominated

  • Battlestar Galactica episode Downloaded has been nominated for a 2007 Hugo Award. The Hugo Awards are science fiction's highest honor for professional and fan work. The winners will be announced at the Hugo Awards Ceremonies during the 65th World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama, Japan, on Saturday, September 1st. The ceremony will begin at 6:00 p.m. JPT. The Worldcon will be held in the PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Convention Center on August 30th - September 3, 2007. Click here for more info - Many thanks to Roger for the news

Zoe Bell Grindhouse Clip

  • Two of the stars from the Gindhouse movie were on The View and they showed a clip from the movie featuring Zoe.

Click here to download clip


29 March 2007

Happy Birthday to Lucy on her 39th birthday. If you haven't signed the birthday book yet, hop on over and send your birthday greetings

It seems our goal to get 2000 votes on Lucy's birthday on the Best TV Show of All Time poll was short by just 11 votes! So here's the goal today - because it's Lucy's birthday and we really want to achieve the 2000 votes, the aim is to do it today. Click here and vote!
many thanks to Mac for the news

The following was posted on ET Online today.

ANSWER: Lucy Lawless
BIRTHDAY: March 29, 1968
HOROSCOPE: This tough girl originally wanted to be an opera singer as a teenager in New Zealand. As an actress, Lucy Lawless wasn't afraid to take on anyone she needed to in her role as "Xena: Warrior Princess." Aries don't usually give in very easily, and Lucy is just as determined in real life as her character was onscreen.
Many thanks to Pat for the news



28 March 2007

Lucy Blog Update

  • Lucy has updated her blog/site with news about FW and the name of the football team and what she will be singing at the Dinah Shore Event. Check it out here

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Distracted Movie Premiere - 25 March 2007

The Daily News site reports:
GETTING 'DISTRACTED': A proud Tom Hanks was front and center as wife Rita Wilson wowed 'em at the world premiere this week of Lisa Loomer's "Distracted" at the Mark Taper Forum. Also there to cheer her on was an A-list lineup of celebs that included Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, Arianna Huffington, Rob Reiner, "The West Wing's" Allison Janney and Janel Maloney, Eugene Levy, Martin Short and Lucy Lawless. Read More...

You can find pics of Lucy at:


New Lucy Video

New video of Lucy signing autographs and being photographed by the papparazi outside the Ladies Home Journal event 6 February 2006 at the Cabana Club, Hollywood.

Click here to view video clip


DVD Commentary Screencaptures

Added screencaptures from the Season 2 DVD commentary for A Day In The Life  with Lucy, Renee and Rob. Screencaptures created by Sally

Click here to view

27 March 2007

Upcoming Events:

Renee will signing autographs on Friday, March 30 at 9pm during The White Diamonds Party at the Doral Hotel.

Lucy will be singing on Friday, March 30 at midnight at the PURE WHITE Party at
Hotel Zoso 150 S. Indian Canyon Drive- $60 at the door

Lucy mention and pic...

Where Have All My Sci-Fi Heroes Gone?

Sitting and watching Lucy Lawless star in the TV movie Locusts last week caused me to ponder the fate of my sci-fi heroes. It's hard to imagine Xena being frightened by bugs. And not even giant bugs, just every day regular more
many thanks to Saul for the news

Football Wives


Battlestar Galactica

26 March 2007

Battlestar Galactica

  • Updated the BSG main page with some news of a possible D'anna return. Don't read it if you are keeping spoiler free

Football Wives

First Pic of Lucy as Tanya Austin

Lucy has sent in the first of her as Tanya Austin - the photo was taken in her trailer. This reminds me of the time Lucy guest starred on the X-files and how she went into the wrong trailer thinking it was hers. Click here to read about that (the quote is on page 2)...wonder what this trailer is like...

Click here to view the larger scan on Lucy's site

Casting News

Renee Interviews

Vibe Interview - 15 September 1997

Added four video clips from the interview. Included in the subsite the words to The Gabrielle Rap

  • Renee talks about Xena & her trip with her mom to Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Renee does the Porky Dance, sings The Gabrielle Rap and Demonstrates a Gab stunt and
  • dances with guests
  • Standalone video: Renee performing the "Gabrielle Rap" which she wrote during Season 1


25 March 2007

Lucy Birthday Portrait

In honour of Lucy's birthday on the 29th March, Lucia has drawn a Lucy portrait. This is taken from one of my all time favourite pics of Lucy with some changes - going from the dark blond/reddish hair Lucy was sporting at the time the photo was taken to the blonde that she is now. Many thanks to Lucia for this brilliant artwork.

This is to honour Lucy for her 39th birthday :) Click on the thumbnail for the larger version.


Lucy Trading Cards
Scanned by Roger

Battlestar Galactica

Veronica Mars

Hercules Xena Trilogy

Lucy Articles

Outlook Magazine

Outlook Magazine official site has an exerpt of the interview which is in the March / April 2007 issue of the magazine

Check it out here
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link


24 March 2007

New Renee Message

Renee TV Movie - Mickey Mouse Club Movie - Teen Angel (1989)

After waiting 30 years, fledgling angel Buzz Gunderson finally gets his first assignment. The one-time biker is assigned as the guardian angel to Dennis Mullen, a teenager who is enamored with the lifestyle of the '50s. Renee is Dennis's girlfriend Nancy.


Renee Interviews - Mickey Mouse Club (1989)

Renee was interviewed after the movie Teen Angel about the movie and what her plans were. She was going to her high school prom (Renee was 18 years old when this interview took place).

Renee is so adorably cute in this interview

Football Wives

Casting News

  • In Soap Opera Digest this week it says the Kelly Monaco(currently Sam on General Hospital) will have a guest starring role in the pilot.
    many thanks to LB for the news

Lucy Concert Tickets Update

  • The Friday night ticket for Lucy's concert has been sold.



22 March 2007

Celebrate Lucy Day

The following is from Cheri and has Sharon's blessing

For anyone that is interested in doing something special to celebrate Lucy's birthday it is my honor to be putting together a Celebrate Lucy Day charity list.

Please email me at with your "birthday gift" for Lucy by March 27.

  • List your name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Your birthday gift ( Volunteer work, charitable contribution, etc)
Be sure to put Celebrate Lucy in the subject line so your contibution isn't overlooked.

I will put the list together and send it to Sharon who will in turn deliver it to Lucy. Your gift should be done at any time within a week of Lucy's actual birthday on March 29. You will be on your honor to actually do whatever you promise.

Show Lucy that you celebrate her birth by participating in Celebrate Lucy Day. Also, don't forget to go over to AUSXIP and sign MaryD's birthday book.

Lucy Magazine Cover + Interview

New Lucy Interview

Outlook Magazine March/April 2007 Edition
(US Gay and Lesbian Magazine)

scans to be posted shortly.


Lucy Concert Tickets

The following was posted by Sharon to the Lucy FC List:

Heads-up for anyone who thinks they are getting Lucy concert tickets from
Lana Summers.

I don't know whether Lana is deliberately scamming fans or she is being scammed, but if she has tickets, they are not legitimate. If you don't have tickets that come directly from the Creation office, you will not be allowed into the concert.

Sharon Delaney
Creation Ent.

21 March 2007

Xena has reached the Hall of Fame with 250,000 - it's gone over that with some very enthusiastic voting (we left everyone else in the dust) There is now a new goal:

We are going to keep voting until Lucy's birthday even tho we will hit the quarter million mark before then and that we want to put in 2000 votes on 28 March....that is the new goal. Many thanks to Judi Mair for the update


Renee on TV Shows - FBI: The Untold Stories

Episode: Millionaire Murderer

After a string of shopping-mall kidnap-murders in 1984, the suspect picks out another victim, who's with him when he strikes again in Upstate New York. Christopher Wilder: Rex Linn. Tina Marie Risico: Renee O'Connor. Steve Gates: John Lawlor.

  • Added 6 video clips from the episode (Renee Only)

  • Added screencaptures from the episode (Renee Only)

Football Wives

Lucy Concert Update

The following is from Creation's Lucy Concert page

  • Saturday night premiere seating is now sold out and very few premiere seats for the other two nights remain: please order these quickly!

  • Standing room only is available


The following was posted on the Lucy Fan Club List

If you bought tickets to Lucy's concert from anyplace other than Creation, please contact me at It seems someone bought some from a ticket agency and neither Creation nor the Canal Room have released any tickets to be sold by any third parties. This does not include fans selling tickets to each other because they found out they can't use them, i.e. Mary D.

Official Xena Fan Club
Creation Entertainment

Lucia's Artwork Update

For all you 'Bad Girls' fans out there, Lucia has started a series of drawings based on the show. The first one is now online

check it out


The Bard's Corner - Bards In Print Update

A New Book by KG MacGregor…
I’m excited to announce the release of Sumter Point, a romance available from Bella Books (ISBN 978-1-59493-089-8, $13.85). I’ve been working on this one for a couple of years, and it’s a bit like pushing a teenager out of the nest. I hope you enjoy it.
Audie Pippin is a 24-year-old veterinary technician at the animal shelter in Sumter, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. Her carefree life includes friends, marijuana, margaritas, and casual sex—until all of it is jeopardized by her grandmother’s failing health. Beth Hester, 33, is a nurse at the long-term care facility where Audie’s grandmother is admitted after a serious stroke. She’s down to earth and mature, her career and financial investments meticulously planned. Compared to Audie, Beth doesn’t know the meaning of fun.  Read more


19 March 2007

Dinah Shore Weekend

Fan Meetup

If you are going to the Dinah Shore Weekend to see Lucy or to see Renee (or both) and would like to meet up with other fans - I'm going to be posting a list and then everyone can get together (if they wish). If you are going and wish to be included in the list please email me at and let me know whether you are seeing Lucy or Renee or both.

New Lucy Blog Entry

  • Lucy has updated her blog about working on Footy Wives (for those who don't get that - Aussies and Kiwis just shorten EVERYTHING so Football becomes Footy...I was wondering when Lucy was going to do that <g>) Anyway she's done it and it's funny. She also talks about working on the show - she's obviously enjoying it A LOT. Check it out here
Xena Voting...

The 250,000 is fast approaching and that means Xena will be in the Hall of Fame but we have a new goal...we are going to keep voting until Lucy's birthday (29 March)even though we will hit the quarter million mark before then and that we want to put in 2000 votes on Lucy's birthday....that is the new goal! So this is the address:  - Many thanks to Judi Mair for the news

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Mention

  • iF Magazine has an interview with David Eick about what's in store for BSG and his new show Bionic Woman. If you want to be spoilt, go to iF Magazine - there is a Lucy mention whether Lucy will be in Season 4.
Xena The Rat....

Amazing Race All Stars

The racers had to use African Giant Pouch Rats that are trained to find land mines in Mozambique to find a flag that was buried on top of a deactivated mine. Some of the names of the rats were mentioned - Norman, Tupac, and Xena.

AUSXIP - News and Multimedia even of the Rodent kind...
Many thanks to MET for the ratty news...<g>

16 March 2007

Dinah Shore Weekend

  • I think there is some sort of confusion about the date of Lucy's performance at the Dinah Shore Weekend. It was initially announced that Lucy would be performing on the 30th March, then Lucy said she was moved to the 29th and now she's back on the 30th March. The official Dinah Shore page has her performing on the 30th. All very confusing. Renee will also be at the event but not singing. She will be signing autographs.

Lucy Articles - 2007

  • She Magazine February 2007 - Added scans of the interview with Lucy where she discusses everything from Xena, Celebrity Duets, Dragonlance movie, Battlestar Galactica and her new singing career.

  • SciFi Magazine - April 2007 - Lucy Lawless keeps a lookout for fellow Cylons at the Galactica Gala to celebrate the reopening of the Griffith Observatory.

Lucy Pictures

There's an old photo of Lucy with Cory Everson on the Official Cory Everson fan club.
Check it out - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link


Lucy Birthday Guestbook:

Is now open for submissions

Lucy's 39th birthday will be coming up on March 29. As I did for Renee's birthday, I have set up a birthday guestbook if you wish to send Lucy birthday greetings. As with Renee's book, all comments will be moderated. The guestbook will stay open until March 29.

Please pass this on to any other list/forum

15 March 2007

Xena Prop House

  • Redesigned the subsite

  • Added March 2007 Newsletter and one off article

The Bard's Corner


  • Added The Heart of the Matter - Part 1 (Unfinished) by Caina Fuller
    Augustus Caesar has retaken power in Rome, and he wants Eve to return, either as his wife, or as his warrior. To make sure she will give in to his demands, he orders Ledricles, a promising warrior who wants everything Eve walked away from in Rome (especially Caesar), to kidnap Virgil. Now Eve must return to fight in the Arena, or agree to be Augustus’s wife. If she does not choose, Virgil will pay the price with with his life, and so will every Elijan in the known world.

Xena TV Schedule / US

  • Xena is back on Oxygen. It will start airing next week at 7am et/6am ct. It picks up in the fourth season with The Crusader.
    Many thanks to MET for the news
14 March 2007

A Place For Sarah (Early Renee movie)

Renee mentioned at the 07 Xena con that one of her first films was a movie called "A Place for Sarah". I think everyone was shocked to find out that no one in the Xenaverse had known about this. Renee couldn't believe it. Gabsfan has managed to track down the video and had some news about the movie (the screencaptures were up for a short time but were removed)

The following was posted on Talking Xena ROC Chat

I was in contact with the owner of the film to ask if the film was available anywhere for you guys to see it or get it. The possible good news. I was told that they are considering putting the film on their website for people to view either for free or for a fee. The possible bad news. I am waiting to hear back from them with their decision as to whether I can post any screencaps for you guys to see. Hopefully I will get a and I can post the pics.

Lucy Screencaptures

Lucy Interviews - Official Xena Fan Club

Added screencaptures from Lucy's interview (backstage on Celebrity Duets) from the Official Xena Fan Club Kit #12 DVD

Click here to view 100 screencaptures from the interview


12 March 2007--

Football Wives

Holly Robinson Peete will be on Oprah tomorrow (and she may talk about Football Wives) - the following was posted on her blog

  • Oprah Show tomorrow!!!
    "Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete"; Two Determined dads never give up; the hectic lives of football player. March 13, 2007 3pm ABC television (check your local listings)

Boogeyman 2 News

  • Matt Cohen Gets the Lead in Boogeyman 2
    MovieWeb - 8 Mar 2007
    Matt Cohen has landed the lead role in the horror/thriller, Boogeyman 2 for Ghost House Pictures. Tobin Bell and Danielle Savre also star in the film about ...

Diamonds and Guns

Lucy Trading Cards - Veronica Mars

News has been released of Lucy's trading card from the show Veronica Mars:

Card PW-11 - Shirt worn by Lucy Lawless as Agent Morris

For more information about this card and all the rest in the series, go to: Inkworkcards
Many thanks to LB for the news

The Bard's Corner


  • Tartarus - Chapters 27 - 40 (Complete) by M. Parnell
    The story contains violence. It also assumes that Xena and Gabrielle are in love with each other. If any of that offends you, please choose another story. Tartarus takes place after ORIGINS. It is not necessary to read ORIGINS first, but some references will be puzzling to you. I began this story before season three. Given all that has happened, I find it hard to continue without allowing season three to intrude in some places. If that doesn't fit with the first fifteen chapters, well, (picture me shrugging my shoulders here), it can't be helped. The last chapters. This was written in fits and starts over the past ten years or so. I hope there are no glaring inconsistencies. Above all, let me apologize for the exceedingly long delay to anyone who has been waiting for this story to be finished. With the best of intentions I just couldn’t get it done until now.

  • Tartarus - Chapters 1 - 26 (if you wish to catch up on the story)



10 March 2007

Cracked Xmas 9 Event

Cracked Xmas 9 Lucy Interview

Here ! News has a video clip of the Cracked Xmas 9 Event - Lucy is interviewed and there is brief scenes of her on stage (no audio of her singing)

If you are in the US you can view the video clip online - click here

You can download the screencaptures from this video clip

Lucy Pic / Mention

There's a pic of Lucy with Eric I haven't seen before

ERIC VETRO SUPERHERO? An Exclusive metroG Interview ...
August 18, 2006

Who surprised you and why?

After seeing Lucy Lawless kick serious butt as XENA PRINCESS WARRIOR I was surprised to find how sweet and playful she is in person and what a gentle mom she is. - Click here to read full interview



8 March 2007

Lucy Concert in New York

The Come To Mama tour rolls along and it's hitting New York at the end of May.  Creation has released the following information regarding the concerts:

Lucy's concerts will be held at the famous CANAL ROOM, (285 WEST BROADWAY on CANAL). Please note that The Canal Room policy is 21 years or older only. They (THE
CANAL ROOM) do not have any information or tickets for the CONCERT

Click here to book for Lucy's three concerts

2007 Xena Convention - "The East Coast Visit of Lucy, Renee and Friends"

To coincide with Lucy's concerts in New York, Creation will be having a Xena con
Lucy and Renee will be there and more guests will be announced. To order tickets (gold tickets at the moment) - click here
SECAUCUS, NJ Fri., Sat. & Sun. June 1-3, 2007, Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel  2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, New Jersey (minutes from Manhattan)

Football Wives Update

The following is from Holly Robinson Peete who has been cast in FW. Holly wrote the following in her MySpace Blog:

I've begun filming on a new pilot for ABC which is a US version of the UK hit series, Footballers' Wives! A subject I know all too well!!! :-) Below is the press spot on the new show and the cast. I play the mother of Brian J White's character and mother in law to the beautiful Gabrielle Union's character!! Stay Tuned for more info to come!
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Click here for more Football Wives News


7 March 2007

Lucy Lawless in Concert DVD - Ready to Order

"Come to Mama"

Filmed live on January 13 and 14, 2007 to a sold out crowd of delightfully screaming fans from around the world, the one and only LUCY LAWLESS made her concert debut with a knock-out two night show that made history at the world famous ROXY THEATRE in Hollywood. If you were there you know the electricity was unprecedented: performer and fans connecting on a night that will always be remembered. Lucy was simply sensational, a powerhouse live performer every bit as incredible as she is on film and wait till you see the audience reactions. The Roxy itself never had such wild fans and they have quite a history! Please note that music licenses for DVD production are not easy to get and we were unable to clear the two Beatles' songs, but the rest of Lucy's dynamic singing performance (and RENEE O'CONNOR's amazing dance surprise) is on this professionally shot multi-camera production. You'll LOVE it, including some VERY SPECIAL extras you'll find on the DVD!

Delivery in early April, please order today to insure your delivery in the initial batch.

Lucy & Renee "Two For the Road" DVD - 2007 Xena Convention
starring Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor

A DVD Presentation of the Appearance at The Official Xena Convention 2007 in January in Burbank, California. Every year The Official XENA Convention is a weekend to truly hold in your hearts but 2007 was extra special for all in attendance from around the world. Of course it was a "family reunion" as we like to refer to it because folks come to see friends made to last a lifetime that started with a first meeting at these conventions.

This year, though, was especially unique, with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor both on hand, appearing separately, back to back, and then together. To us, this convention film illustrates new roads for the two superstars that we all love so much. Lucy was doing her very first musical concert that weekend at the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood and Renee had recently wrapped her "Calamity Jane" style character in the indie film GHOST TOWN. And, their on-stage chemistry is clearly as evident as it was on Xena.

This approximate 1 1/2 hour DVD, watchable worldwide, has been professionally filmed and edited, and will be shipped in April.

Click here to order


Renee to be at the Dinah Shore Weekend Event - 30 March 2007
Many thanks to Michelle for the news



LOS ANGELES -- Mariah Hanson, the founder of the modern day Dinah Shore Weekend has announced more additions to her star-studded line-up for the upcoming Dinah Shore Weekend 2007: The Fashion Statement Dinah taking place in Palm Springs March 28 thru April 1....Also announced is the sexy star of "Xena: Warrior Princess" Renee O'Connor who will be signing autographs on Friday, March 30 at 9pm during The White Diamonds Party at the Doral Hotel. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with Xena's "Gabrielle."

Lucy will be performing on Friday, 29 March and Renee to be signing autographs on 30 March.

Where? The Wyndham, Doral Hotels and The Marquis Suites are now completely sold out but there are select rooms still available at the Hilton Hotel and The Palm Mountain Resort. For ticket and hotel packages please visit the official website at

Football Wives Update

  • Updated Cast Information with the addtion of Holly Robinson Peete to the cast.

Lucy and Ted Raimi Pilot - Outsourced

The following is from the VidJot Blog

  • Will Alex Albrecht be the next Seinfeld?
    March 6th 2007 @ 8:06 pm Diggnation
    During this week’s episode of Diggnation, Alex Albrecht mentioned that he was recently involved in the filming of a new sitcom pilot named “Outsourced”. Alex developed the sitcom along with a friend of his who was a writer for Malcolm in the Middle (Alex didn’t mention his name). Alex also has a lead role in the pilot along with Lucy Lawless (A.K.A. Xena), Ted Raimi (who also directed), and Henry Lubatti. The show is about a tech support group for a failing movie studio. The editing of the show has not been completed so I will be closely watching future episodes of Diggnation to find out when we might be able to watch it.
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


6 March 2007

Steven Sears Online

Photo Galleries

  • Added new photo gallery - Young Steven. Steven sent me a cute photo of himself as a toddler. Check it out.


Football Wives


The Bard's Corner

Between The Lines Series - Season 2 by Linda Crist

Faith Prince News



4 March 2007

BSG Mini-mates - Spectrum

Okay confirmation on the D'anna Minimate and it's cute but very odd. Annie went to WonderCon on the weekend and came back with Diamond Select Toys - Spectrum Volume 6 Issue #1 Winter 2007 that features all the BSG Minimates. News is that the D'anna Mini-mate will be released in the Series 3 Release - In Stores Fall 2007. D'anna looks like she has red hair instead of blonde - she also has the gun from the episode Downloaded.
Click here to view the scans

Lucy Mention - NZ Herald

  • NZ Herald 3 March 2007 - Song for race relations day
    South Auckland singer Pauly Fuemana, whose hit single How Bizarre made $11 million before he went bankrupt, has teamed up with actor Lucy Lawless to release a song promoting race relations. The single, New Zealand Aotearoa: 4 All of Us, will be released on Race Relations Day, March 21.

The Bard's Corner


  • Roxy (Complete) by Iseqween
    Early in the fourth season, Gabrielle and Xena encounter a market that leads each to wonder if the other has taken browsing a little too far. In honor of a real-life self-shopping devotee, who committed to unwrapping another of her many gifts during the January 2007 XWP Convention.

Between The Lines Series - Season 2 by Linda Crist

Xena: Warrior Princess ended its six-season run in June 2001, and has been released on DVD. I am re-watching the entire series, and after each episode, writing a short story, usually told in the first person from the viewpoint of one or more characters. The stories may focus on what happened during the episode, or they may reveal thoughts and events that take place between episodes. While you can probably enjoy these without re-watching the corresponding episodes, to get the most from these stories, I strongly suggest you do re-watch them, or perhaps go read the transcript or synopsis for them.

Lynda Carter News

Not Xena/Lucy/ROC related but I know people are interested in Lynda - LB sent over the following news:

An Intimate Evening With LYNDA CARTER May 1 - 6, 2007
Plush Room Special Event! - World Premiere Cabaret Engagement!
TV Icon - star of "Wonder Woman", recently seen as "Mama Morton" in the London production of "Chicago The Musical"

Click here for more details


3 March 2007

Renee Tops Again in AfterEllen Poll

Not to be outgunned by their celluloid counterparts, these girls on TV have firepower of their own.

1. Renee O'Connor
3. Lucy Lawless

Check out the rest on The AfterEllen Blog

Lucy Articles

New Lucy Interview

The following interview is so interesting (and someone is a B5 fan):

  • - March 2007 LUCY LAWLESS Lucy Lawless shot to public attention in the iconic title role of six seasons' worth of the action/fantasy series "Xena: Warrior Princess." More recently, she's gotten a whole new audience as the rebellious Cylon D'Anna on SciFi Channel's hit series "Babylon Five," Read more
    Many thanks to Laura for the news

InStyle Magazine

Justice League: New Frontier

More Casting News

  • The following is from The Superman Homepage
    Kyle MacLachlan will be providing the voice for Superman in the up-coming "Justice League: New Frontier" direct-to-DVD animated feature. 48 year old MacLachlan has starred in many TV shows, and is perhaps best known for his performance as FBI Agent Dale Cooper in "Twin Peaks". MacLachlan can currently be seen playing Orson Hodge in "Desperate Housewives" alongside one-time Lois Lane, Teri Hatcher. While Warner Bros. Animation has made no official announcements regarding casting for either "Justice League: New Frontier" or "Superman: Doomsday", MacLachlan joins other currently known cast members David Boreanaz (Green Lantern), Lucy Lawless (Wonder Woman), and Brooke Shields (Carol Ferris). Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

The Bard's Corner

Between The Lines Series by Linda Crist

Season 1

Xenaverse News



It's that time of year again. The Xenaversity is holding their 9th annual club fundraiser on line auction coupled with their annual Charity movie sale. This year we are proud to offer for auction a wide variety of XWP collectables, original art, con photos and music videos, and more!! For our Charity fundraiser this year we are featuring for sale our movie Xena –V-the Soul Sucker of Japa that was debuted at the 2007 Xena convention.

Please visit the following link to place your bids. All proceeds go to the Xenaversity Of Minnesota.

Please visit the following link you are interested in buying a copy of Xena –v-The soul Sucker of Japa. Ten dollars from every purchase goes to Minnesota’s very own People Serving People.

Thank you in advance for making our club fundraiser/charity movie sale a huge success!

Thank you,
Angie N:)

The Xenaversity Of Minnesota

Please forward this to anyone you may think would be interested thanks:)

1 March 2007

Lucy Article / Magazine Scans

Steppin' Out Magazine

Football Wives Update

Justice League: New Frontier

  • Lucy is voicing the role Wonder Woman in this new animated feature. Comics Continiuum has an update on the movie and an updated cast list which includes David Boreanaz (better known as Angel from Buffy and then his own show Angel and of course as Agent Seeley Booth in Bones. Click here to read the article
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news
Lucy Trading Cards Update

  • Veronica Mars - 2nd Season - Agent Morris Shirt Card
    There will be a Lucy card in the Season 2 trading card set for Veronica Mars. The card will feature part of the shirt Lucy wore as Agent Morris. Click here for more info on the cards - Many thanks to LB for the news
Six Degrees From Lucy: Tig Nataro

  • Thought I'd let you know that Tig Nataro, the former Ren Pics employee who opened for Lucy at the Roxy, is going to be guest starring on the Sarah Silverman Show tomorrow (thurs) night. It's on Comedy Central and you can find a preview here: Comedy Central - many thanks to Teresa Ortega for the news

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