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MAY 2006

31 May 2006

The following is from Nann Dunne / Editor of Just About Write:

The June issue of Just About Write is posted at www.justaboutwrite.com, and because of a hard drive loss, those who wish to be notified of each month's posting will need to subscribe once again on the web site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lucy Snippets in the News

  • What the Kiwi Gossip Mag Says - 1 June 2006
    Source: Stuff.co.nz
    WW takes its life into its hands by visiting Lucy Lawless at her Los Angeles home. The former Xena actress' son Judah let the family's pet snake out late one night, and she hasn't been able to find it since. "Judah used to do terrible things," Lucy says. "Once we found him sitting naked with the snake on his lap." At least he didn't release the family's pet tarantula.

Lucy UK VCR Alert
Many thanks to Jan for the news


30 May 2006

Lucy on ET Update - once again ET has bumped Lucy's interview and it won't be on today's show
Many thanks to Jenn for the news

Reminder: Lucy will be on ET Today

Lucy and Daisy Interview - Queer Edge Interview

Received a very nice note this morning from John Edward at Queer Edge about the recent Lucy interview they did which also included Daisy!

Check out the Lucy interview on You Tube and Daisy  Part 1 (with Lucy) and Part 2 with Daisy (who looks more and more like Lucy every day)

Lucy Articles - ET Music Online

Xena Sings! May 30, 2006

She's blonde; she's beautiful; and she can belt out a tune. LUCY LAWLESS is just full of surprises as ET's MARK STEINES discovers when he drops by the recording studio where the "Xena: Warrior Princess" star is laying down tracks for her song on the star-studded soundtrack, Unexpected Dreams: Songs From the Stars.
Click here to read more and view the video clip
Many thanks to LB for the news


Xena Comic Update

Dynamite Entertainment Xena Issue #1 by John Layman and Fabiano Neves (1st issue colored by Richard Isanove); cover art by Billy tan (50%), Fabiano Neves (25%) and photo cover (25%)!

Xena's back and Dynamite's got her! This month, Dynamite launches a special Xena event, featuring writer John (Red Sonja/Claw) Layman and artist Fabiano Neves! Issue #1 covers featuring great creators and a photo of the leading lady herself - one by Billy Tan with colorist Peter Steigerwald, one by interior artist Fabiano Neves and the other a photo cover of the stunning Lucy Lawless - Xena and her well-loved cast of friends and villains get in between a feud that reaches all the way up to the heavens as they fight in the "Contest of Pantheons" featuring Xena, Gabriele, Joxer, Autolycus and the return of Callisto! As part of this special launch, Dynamite is ensuring ON-TIME Delivery, with a special offer that guarantees the first issue to ship on time or it's FREE to retailers (RETAILERS: check with Diamond Customer Service for more details)! BE SURE TO ASK YOUR LOCAL RETAILER ABOUT THE XENA #1 BILLY TAN SKETCH COVER! BE SURE TO ASK YOUR LOCAL RETAILER ABOUT THE XENA #1 BILLY TAN ART NEGATIVE ART COVER! ALSO AVAILABLE XENA #1 PHOTO FOIL COVER AT THE MSRP OF $19.99 EACH!

29 May 2006

Lucy TV Alert

Lucy will be interviewed on Entertainment Tonight

Date: 30 May (US)  31 May (Aust/NZ)
Please check your tv guide for time in your area
Many thanks to Julie for the alert


Lucy Video Preview

Lucy on Entertainment Tonight - Preview Download video clip - 600k wmv format
Many thanks to Roger for the video clip


Anyone Want to Buy Lucy's Car?

Not sure if this is correct or not but someone is selling Lucy's Mercedes S series - CL600 1997 online on NZ Trademe :) Check it out at here - got a spare NZ$40,000? <g> Many thanks to Mike for the link

Xena is selling her Chariot!! 1 lady owner - Lucy Lawless; extremely
low mileage - immac. condition. With side and rear sensors, perfectly maintained, kept in garage. Maintenance history available.


Battlestar Galactica

Added a new D'anna wallpaper to the BSG Wallpaper Gallery by Mary Kirwan

Click here to view



Xena As The Mona Lisa

I was sent a 'heads-up' email from a non Xenite friend yesterday - I have them very well trained in the art of Xena / Lucy spotting <g> Many thanks Jason!

This is a cool site. What they have done is create artwork based on well known artwork. Xena is featured as the Mona Lisa <g> It's cute.

Click here for the full size version

The rest of the images can be found here


28 May 2006

Lucy Article in Current NZ Woman's Weekly - At Home With Lucy Lawless

There is a Lucy article in the current NZ Woman's Weekly - available until 4 June. The pictures are from the recent OK Magazine photoshoot issue of Lucy at Home which was published back in January. Three images are different  It also appears to be a different article that the one that appeared in OK Magazine. The larger image of Lucy on the stone bench is the same as the Australian version but that was small compared to the full page version.

The article covers her homelife, details of how she sings on a new lullaby CD called Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars, what she is working on right now, and her charity work. You can purchase the magazine from ShopEnZed

Order the magazine online from shopenzed:


27 May 2006

Renee UK VCR Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the following alerts

  • The Flood: Who Will Save the Children? - Living channel - 29th May at 03.45 in the morning.
  • The Adventures of Huck Finn - Disney Cinemagic - June 3rd (21.00) and 22nd (20.30) and July 8th (21.00) and 24th (20.30)

Lucy UK VCR Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the following alerts

  • The Living Channel is about to start airing Veronica Mars season two - Jan will let me know when Lucy's episode will air
  • Warrior Women
    Discovery Civilisations is showing The Real Mulan on 10th July - 8.00, 13.00, 20.00 and Grace O'Malley on 3rd July - 8.00, 13.00, 20.00
  • Eurotrip: Sky 8 - 31st May - 22.40 / Sky 6 - 14th June - 23.00 / Sky 4 - 17th June - 22.00

BSG Lucy News

  • Lastest news from Lucy (via her official page) is that she will be finishing up filming her Season 2 episodes in August. Lucy has also done photoshoots for upcoming articles in TV Guide and Maxim which may due out in June and October. This is in addition to the one she did for Entertainment Weekly.

Lucy Messages


Lucy Videos - Tarzan

Tarzan - Season 1: Episode 8 "The End of the Beginning"
The last episode of the series

The police capture Jane, forcing Tarzan to turn himself in to Richard in exchange for her freedom

Click here to download video clips


Xena on TV - Schedules

Xenaverse News - Paris Jefferson (Athena) News

The following is an article about Paris' new role in The Constant Wife in Ireland

26 May 2006

Xena Comic News

NewsArama.com has an interview with the team that is creating the new Xena comic.
This July, Dynamite Entertainment is putting a new addition on its house of licensed properties with a new Xena ongoing series. We caught up with writer John Layman, artist Fabiano Neves and colorist Richard Isanove to learn about the return of the Warrior Princess. The series will feature covers by Billy (Uncanny X-Men) Tan, Neves along with a photo cover. This article contains 3 sample pages from the Xena comic too Click here to read more - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Battlestar Galactica News

BSG In Australia

  • The BSG Season 2 DVD will be released in Australia (it looks like Part 1 and 2 unlike the US / Can version) in August 2006. Season 2 contains Lucy's episodes "Final Cut" and "Downloaded". You can order Season 2 from EzyDVD - Many thanks to Bradley for the news

Lucy Videos - Tarzan

Tarzan - Season 1: Episode 6 "Surrender"

The police capture Jane, forcing Tarzan to turn himself in to Richard in exchange for her freedom; Richard attempts to have Tarzan declared legally insane so he can claim legal custody of him.
Click here to download clips

Welcome To The Pleasure Dome

You can now download a clip of Lucy singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for the movie "Welcome To The Pleasure Dome" on Lucy's site.

Click here to download clip


25 May 2006

For those who were after the Aust Woman's Weekly with the Lucy cover and article - Lesley from ShopEnZed has told me that they have sold out.

Battlestar Galactica

BSG Comic - First Issue Cover Released...

Press Release:
Michael Turner Art Featured on Dynamite’s New #1 

May 25, 2006, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment released the final cover image today for Battlestar Galactica #1. The piece – by superstar artist Michael Turner and colorist Peter Steigerwald – will ship in equal ratio along with a cover by Billy Tan, interior BSG artist Nigel Raynor and a Photo Cover from the hit SCIFI show!
Click here to read more

BSG Emmy Consideration...

BSG Articles

  • If Magazine has the fourth part to an interview with David Eick on Season 3 of BSG. The article contains a Lucy mention. Only read if you want to be spoilt for Season 3.

Lucy Articles - 1998

Lucy Mention/ Articles

  • The eMaxHealth site has an article about Hairstyles and Face Shapes with a Lucy mention. Choosing Hairstyles According to your Face Shape and Personality May 24 2006 17:50:28
    Lucy Mention: Heart shape faces should wear hairstyles that are either chin length or long hairstyles and short hairstyles should be avoided. Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucy Lawless, and Claudia Schiffer all belong in the heart shape face club.

Vote for Xena

  • Over at teavee.com there is a poll - vote for your favourite show. If you wish to nominate Xena go to: http://www.teavee.com/xena-warrior-princess/ The contest ends on 1 June and Xena is currently sitting in at #2. Many thanks to Chris for the reminder.


24 May 2006

Naked Eye Auction - Lucy Camera Update

Just got another update from the organisers of the Naked Eye Auctions:

Lucy herself just called today (5/24) to say that she's sending them off right away. So as soon as we get them they'll go up. The cameras (she's sending 2) are coming from Canada, so it might take a week...

Lucy's TV Guide Covers

A new book as been released that has all the covers of TV Guide including Lucy's covers!

Never before collected in one volume! Every TV GUIDE cover ever published since since the beginning in 1953, until 2005 when the digest sized magazine ended. This one-of-a-kind book gives a nostalgic look at the history of television, while providing collectors with a valuable source for pricing and evaluating their magazine collections. Over 200 pages of full-color of incredible reproductions of TV GUIDE covers! The perfect gift book for every occasion!

You can purchase the book from the AUSXIP WebStore
Many thanks to Mike for the update



23 May 2006

Naked Eye Auction - Lucy Camera Update

Lucy's camera is on the way to the MIX who will be putting it up on Ebay together with the rest of the 150 celebs who were given cameras. According to the Lucy Lawless Fan Club, Lucy shot all the film from the disposable camera on the 20th May and it's now on it's way to MIX.

As reported earlier (see update for 16 May 2006, the auction is to benefit the gay and lesbian film organization MIX NYC.

Lucy Articles

  • Sunday News (NZ) Lucy drawn to fame - 21 May 2006 Kick-butt babe Lucy Lawless is being immortalised in comic. The star who played Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess will grace the first cover of an all-new comic book series named after her sci-fi character.

Judi's Wallpapers

22 May 2006

Lucy Articles - Battlestar Galactica


Xena DVD News - Sweden

The following is from Mike in Sweden. I have to say the Swedes get snazzy DVD covers for the Xena boxsets <g>

Season 2 will be released in 23 August 2006 in Sweden.
Season 3 will be out before the end of the year. There isn't any word on whether they will contain the extras/interviews but Mike tells me that the distributors are looking into it.


Vote for Xena

  • Over at teavee.com there is a poll - vote for your favourite show. If you wish to nominate Xena go to: http://www.teavee.com/xena-warrior-princess/
    The contest ends on 1 June and Xena is currently sitting in at #2.
    Many thanks to Jenifer for the update.


20 May 2006


I'm very pleased to announce the AUSXIP WebStore is now online. In affiliation with Amazon.com, Power Star Collectibles and CafePress. The store will have products from Xena, some of my favourite shows on tv, fiction, gifts, soundtracks etc. Suggestions are most welcome to improve the store or add products to it :)

If you buy from the store you will be helping keep AUSXIP up and running.

19 May 2006

MaryD Fiction Update

I was recently interviewed (I had my author hat on) for the latest issue of the MediaBlvd Magazine about my book "In the Blood of the Greeks" and the upcoming new book "Where Shadows Linger" - check it out at MediaBlvd


Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Videos - Tarzan

Tarzan Episode 5 - Emotional Rescue

Added episode clip and promo for the episode in wmv format

When a friend of Jane's (Sarah Wayne Callies) sister Nicki (Leighton Meester) goes missing, they suspect a man (guest star Marcus Chait) she met over the Internet may be responsible. Meanwhile, as the search for Michael's killer continues, Jane begs Tarzan (Travis Fimmel) to keep out of sight for his own safety, but when Nicki lands in grave danger, Tarzan finds it impossible not to help.

Renee Sketch Design T-Shirt


17 May 2006

Naked Eye Auction - Lucy Camera Update

If you have been trying to find Lucy's camera on ebay for the Naked Eye Auction, stop looking.

I emailed the organisers / seller and this is their response:

"The Lucy Lawless camera has not been returned yet. She was a late addition to the line up, but we hope it will be up soon. We'll try to keep you posted.

Thanks for your interest!"

I guess we wait for Lucy to return her camera :)

Lucy Videos - Tarzan

Tarzan Episode #4 Rules of Engagement

Added episode video clip and promo for the episode
wmv format - zipped. 17 mb

Richard Clayton starts to lose his cool when he realises that his sister Kathleen is not only after John's trust fund, but also Greystoke Industries. Meanwhile, Jane attempts to stop an agoraphobic named Donald, who witnessed a death from his window, from testifying and possibly incriminating Tarzan.

New Lucy Picture from Lawless Ink

Lucy Lawless and Ted Raimi in Vancouver

Sharon as updated Lawless Ink with a new pic of Lucy and Ted Raimi in Vancouver. Also added is a funny story about a guy who recognised Ted but didn't recognise Lucy. I bet he's going to be kicking himself when he finds out <g>

Check out Lucy's message about the pic on the site

Battlestar Galactica News

Received the following from Sean from IFMagazine - these are so cute!

Diamond Select Toys is proud to announce a partnership with Art Asylum and Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to manufacture products based on the SCI FI Channel hit original series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Click here to read more on IFMagazine

Unexpected Dreams CD

Received a nice note from Andrew at Rhino records about the Unexpected Dreams CD and wanted everyone to know about the following:

The sale of the Unexpected Dreams CD goes to: “Music Matters” is a program of the Los Angeles Philharmonic that reaches more than 120,000 children, educators and adults each year.  Its innovative initiatives include the School Partners Program, Music for Educators, Toyota Symphonies for Youth, SummerSounds at the Hollywood Bowl, Master Classes and Kent Kresa Symphonies for Schools.

Order your copy from Amazon.com

Xena Articles


Xena Comic News - Press Release

Xena's Back, and She's Dyanamite

Plus: Issue #1 Is On Time Or It’s FREE!


May 17, 2006, Runnemede, NJ –



Xena’s back and Dynamite’s got her! This month, Dynamite launches a special Xena event, featuring writer John (Red Sonja/Claw) Layman and artist Fabiano Neves!


Issue #1 covers featuring great creators and a photo of the leading lady herself – one by Billy Tan with colorist Peter Steigerwald, one by interior artist Fabiano Neves and the other a photo cover of the stunning Lucy Lawless – Xena and her well-loved cast of friends and villains get in between a feud that reaches all the way up to the heavens as they fight in the “Contest of Pantheons” featuring Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Autolycus and the return of Callisto!


Click here to read more

16 May 2006

Renee Video Clips

The Vibe

Renee appeared on The Vibe TV show on September 26, 1997 - it was a really nice interview and also showed off Renee's Xena Rap which she wrote and performed for the first time. There's also a clip of Renee as she demonstrated a stunt performed on Xena and also her dancing skills.

Lucy Video Clips

Tarzan TV Series

Tarzan TV Series Video Clip
Episode 3 - Wages of Sin
Synopsis: Jane and her partner are at a dead-end while investigating a young boy's kidnapping. Jane enlists Tarzan to help find the boy by using his tracking skills.

Battlestar Galactica News

Press Release

Millions To Be Exposed To New Comic Book Series From Dynamite
May 15, 2006, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment announced today that TV Guide is offering an exclusive sneak peak of their all-new Battlestar Galactica comic book series. Click here to read more

The Bard's Corner


Spanish Edition


15 May 2006

Tarzan TV Series

Added the following video clips to the Tarzan Subsite
Video contributed by Judi Mair / Clips created by MaryD

Tarzan Advert #1 promoting Lucy as Kathleen Clayton
Tarzan Credits
Episode 2 - Secrets and Lies - only the Lucy sections


14 May 2006

Lucy Charity Event - May 16, 2006 - Ebay Auction

The Naked Eye Celebrity Benefit is having an auction to benefit Gay and Lesbian Film Organisation MIX NYC and the The 19th NY Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Festival. Lucy has contributed to their celebrities who were given a disposable camera. You can bid for Lucy's camera and her photos.

The following is from their website

We've asked 150 celebrities & artists to shoot a disposable camera. Now we're auctioning off these cameras-before they're developed! You get the camera containing the unique mystery photos (& negatives!) from your favorite celebrity!

The money raised will go to gay and lesbian film organizations MIX NYC and The 19th NY Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Festival. Admission is $20; the party starts at 7 pm with performances starting at 9:30 pm.

The Naked Eye Celebrity Camera Benefit Leslie/Lohman Gallery 26 Wooster Street $20 donation

Lucy Interviews - 1997

The Daily Show - 22 October 1997
Lucy interview where she discusses her recent engagement, Xena and answers five general knowledge questions.
Very funny interview with Lucy very relaxed and goofy.
Screencaptures and video clips are now available to download

Lucy Articles - 1997

The Bard's Corner

Classic Fiction

  • Added As I Am (Complete) by Iseqween
    Based on her near-fatal experiences in the third episode DREAMWORKER, Gabrielle questions which has more value – her "blood innocence" or the weapons Xena warned her against wielding.

13 May 2006

Lucy on Entertainment Tonight

Did Angelina Jolie have her bub and that's why Lucy got bumped off? In any event the Lucy interview on ET didn't happen (thanks to Twink for letting me know).

Lucy Interviews

I received a note from Lesley at ShopEnZed - they sell wonderful kiwi goodies AND they still have some of the Australian Woman's Weekly with the fantastic Lucy interview in stock. They will be available until 26 May. If you want it, you can order it from http://shopenzed.com  - Make sure you give them the order item #NZM002 - there has bean a little confusion with people ordering the NZ Woman's Weekly instead of the Australian Woman's Weekly.

 So if you still want the magazine, contact Lesley at http://shopenzed.com

Battlestar Galactica News

  • The Winnipeg Sun has a brief mention of Lucy as D'anna for a mini review of Downloaded: Number Six and Sharon are alive and well in some form back in the Cylon fold on Caprica but they can’t stop thinking about their human lovers. In fact, Sharon is so distraught that Cylon villainess D’Anna (Lucy Lawless) considers putting her on ice, while President Roslin has plans for Sharon’s baby on Battlestar Galactica, on Space Ch. 39 at 7 p.m. Alisen Down (Mysterious Ways) guests.

Xena Fan Club News

The following is from Sharon Delaney on the Official Xena Fan Club Page

  • I'm wrapping up finding the dailies for the Raw Footage part of Kit 11.  The two episodes I searched through are "Past Imperfect" and "The Greater Good."  That footage, along with Coffee Talk 5 and bloopers, are the contents of Kit 11.  As we go into the editing stage, I'll keep you updated over on the left.  And I'm going to make a couple trailers, as I did for the convention dvd, so you'll have an idea the kinds of fun things I'm discovering.


11 May 2006

I want to mark an event that occured here in the last few days. You may all remember the "Eternity" and Arthur Stace story which I wrote about. For those that can't remember, he's a brief recap. Arthur was an alcoholic. One day he walked into a church and listened to a sermon. Like Saul on the road to Damascus he converted to Christianity. What was special about Arthur Stace was he would write ETERNITY in beautiful script all over the footpath - it became a trademark, of sorts - his love for what he learnt moved him to write about what was in his heart. His life was one of inspiration. He was honoured during the 2000 New Year's celebrations with Eternity being emblazoned on the Harbour Bridge

A little of bit Sydney history went up in flames in the early hours of May 10th. St Barnabas' Church burned down. St Barnabas was the church Arthur walked into and found his faith.

St Barnabas was also a favourite of mine - every day when I worked in town for over 10 years, I would ride the bus in and every week St Barnabas would have a sign outside welcoming everyone to their services. What was special about those signs were they were funny. What was even funnier was the pub across the street from the church would match the sign of the week with one of their funny quips. It was a very friendly rivalry that made the commute nicer. That church burned down but the sign board remained. There are plans to rebuild the church but a little bit of Sydney history was destroyed.

and now back to regular programming:

In Search of a Xena FANatic!

You are a Xena FANatic? Well the following might interest you - Jenn from XWPONline sent this over to me. Thanks Jenn. Now this is open to
US and Canadian Xenites only.
You can write to Jenn for more info at info@xwponline.net.

By way of introducing myself, my name is Jennifer and I'm coordinating an upcoming Canadian television series called FANatical. FANatical is a new television series about the world s most obsessive television fans.

As the host of the of a popular Xena website, I was hoping that you may be able to point me in the direction of the ultimate Xena Fan.  We re looking for 2-3 fans from Canada and America.  They should be obsessed, have collections, know all the words to any given episode, maybe even have themed homes!

FANatical acknowledges that there exists all levels of fandom out there but we only want the most passionate   the most serious and also the ones who have the most fun with it. We can t wait to laugh with them and join in their extreme enthusiasm.

If you have any suggestions as to who might be the most extreme Xena fan
around or would like more information, please don t hesitate to drop me a



Battlestar Galactica News

Lucy DVD News

DVDTalk has a review of Saturday Night Live: The Best of Cheri Oteri.

The DVD features Lucy in the hilarious Judge Judy skit:
Judge Judy (with Ana Gasteyer, Tracy Morgan, Judy Sheindlin and Lucy Lawless): Oteri does a great Judge Judy, and has a great case in front of her, with Lawless as a stripper clown, but it's an appearance by the real Judge Judy and the way that Oteri plays off her that makes the sketch enjoyable. Click here to order from Amazon.com

10 May 2006

Rob Tapert News

  • The Dominion Post has an article about the next movie to be shot in New Zealand, a Ghost House Pictures production called 30 Days of Night. 30 Days of Night is an adaptation of a horror comic series, set in small-town Alaska, where it is completely dark for one month a year.

Spirit of Xena Announcement

The following is from Wendy Woody and Deborah Abbott

"After a little burnout and a lot of procrastination :), we are happy to announce that Spirit of Xena, the latest fan film by Deborah Abbott and Wendy Woody, is finally ready to order! The DVD also contains:

  • Bloopers from the film;

  • Xena TV Themes 2 video;

  • The Dating Show - a film by Deborah Abbott for the official Star Wars contest that features a certain Warrior Princess we all know and love;

  • Behind the Scenes Pictures.

In recognition of Lucy's involvement with New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as well as the fact that Deborah is from the city and her family still lives there, this year the proceeds from the DVD will go to New Orleans' Covenant House. It's a homeless shelther for runaway kids and teens and has also been active in helping those displaced by Hurricane Katrina as well as doing what they can to help the city rebuild. For more information, you can visit www.covenanthouseno.org.

The cost is $15 and payment can be made either by writing Wendy at wwoody@vistatex.com to get a mailing address and sending the money there,
or through PayPal by sending the money to wwoody@vistatex.com.

Thanks again,
Wendy Woody & Deborah Abbott"

Polls - Go and Vote Time
Many thanks to Jenn for the following:

Just a reminder post: http://www1.teavee.com/xena-warrior-princess/
Vote every five minutes

And also on the other TV vote http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/
Xena reached 100K over the weekened. Far, far, far head of Farscape and
the rest of the pack.


2006 Xena Convention DVD Update

The following is from Sharon Delaney (originally posted on the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club List 09/05/06):

Just popped up a clip each for Lucy and Renee to show what the 2006 convention was like.  The Lucy one includes a bit from the soundcheck of the song she sang at the convention.  It's on the Xena Fan Club page

Episode Montages

Mortal Beloved - by MaryD

Xena is summoned to the Underworld by the ghost of her beloved Marcus to help defeat the madman Atyminius who has stolen Hades' Helmet of Invisibility.

Subtext Virtual Season Cover Art by MaryD

Added cover art for three scripts

Ocean of Fire
Demons in the Dark
The Gift



9 May 2006

Lucy VCR Alert for US & Australia

Lucy will be on Friday's Entertainment Tonight - 12 May 2006 for the US and 15 May 2006 for Aussies. Many thanks to Sue and Jenn for the news

Lucy VCR Alert - France
Many thanks to Catherine for the news

  • Warrior Women is airing on the Discovery Channel in France. The next episode is Mulan and will be shown on the 9th May at 13:40.
  • Battlestar Galactica - Season 2 (the last 10 episodes) will be airing on the French Sci Fi Channel next month on the 21st June.

Battlestar Galactica News

  • There is a very brief mention of Lucy in the recent IGN interview with Grace Park (Boomer/Sharon/Number Eight). It's an interesting interview about what's coming up in Season 3. Don't read if you don't want to be spoilt.
    Click here to read IGN Interview

Lucy Interviews - 1997

Lucy Lawless on The View

The View - 18 October 1997

This is one of the best interviews Lucy has done. The interviewer, Meredith Vieira, allowed Lucy to finish what she had to say without interrupting and asked intelligent questions. A very good interview that touched on Lucy's life, her just announced engagement to Rob, her appearance as Rizzo in Grease and of course Xena. Lucy also had her mum and dad in the audience.

Click here to download video clips
Click here to download screencaptures


Lucy Articles - 1997


Xenaverse News - Hudson Leike

  • Review of Hudson's new movie
    Hudson Leick is wasted playing the nothing role of the sociopathic Randall "Tex" Cobb look-a-like robber's doting girlfriend who is literally glued to the guy's hip in every scene. - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


8 May 2006

9 May 2006 (AEST)

They're FREE!

TRAPPED Tasmanian miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell walked out of Beaconsfield gold mine this morning to cheers from locals. They had been freed about an hour earlier - just before 5am (AEST). "Both Brant and Todd are out of the tunnel and well," mine manager Matthew Gill said. Australian Workers Union national secretary Bill Shorten said: "Today we've had unbelievable news. After 14 nights at 4.47am, Brant Webb and 4.54am Todd Russell, were freed. Click here to read the reports!


7 May 2006

Update on the trapped Aussie Miners: The guys are still trapped. The rescuers have blasted their way to the wall separating the miners from the rescue crews. They should be out by Monday (Aussie time). God willing nothing goes wrong. On a related note, a well respected reporter, Richard Carlton from 60 Minutes on Channel 9 suffered a heart attack outside the mine and died.

Lucy Interviews - 1996

Lucy Lawless on the tonight showVideo clips of Lucy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
30 October 1996. Lucy's guest appearance after her accident on the 8 October 1996 while filming a skit (which is featured in this episode of the tonight show). Lucy talks to Jay about the accident and how it was predicted by a Turkish woman while Lucy and Rob were on holidays in Turkey.


Xena Articles - 1997

Xena Comics


Added Topps Xena Comics - Xena Warrior Princess and Joxer, Warrior Prince Issues 1 - 3





6 May 2006

Update on the trapped Aussie Miners: They are STILL digging to get them out. It's a very slow process and they are now digging with a modified a range of equipment including a diamond-tipped chainsaw, pneumatic jacks, picks and other hand tools for use in the tunnel's confined space. This is DAY 12.
Click here for more news on the rescue

Lucy Photoshoots - 2006

Added high resolution scans from the recent Australian Woman's Weekly (NZ Edition)

Updated 2006 Lucy Magazine Covers

Battlestar Galactica News

BSG episode "Final Cut" is going to be shown this Tuesday 09th May on cable channel TNT for Latinamerica. The rerun is next Saturday 13th. This is the episode where we are introduced to Lucy's character D'anna Biers. The schedule for Venezuela is Tuesday at 23.00 and Saturday at 18.00. Others countries in Latinamerica have to check TNT web site at http://www.tntla.com
Many thanks to Romelia for the news




5 May 2006

Progress on the trapped Aussie miners: They're still digging. Click here to read on the progress


Renee Update - Photos, Art and Autographed Pics

Renee's site has been updated:

The Let's Go Shopping link is now working.  You will find candid photos of Renee as well as photos of her artwork, signed and unsigned.


Xenaverse News - Hudson News
Many thanks to William for the news

Last year Hudson shot a movie called Shockwave, well, that has been re-titled, "A I Assault," and it will air on may 6 in the US on Sci Fi. There is an article about it, here: http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=2&id=35462
And it has a web page, here:

4 May 2006

If you haven't been following this story, I think you will find this inspirational. At 9.30pm on Anzac Day (25 April 2006) an earth tremor measuring 2.1 on the Richter scale causes a rock fall at the Beaconsfield (Tasmania) Joint Venture gold mine trapping 17 miners underground Fourteen reach a safety chamber, but Todd Russell, aged in his 30s, Brant Webb, aged in his 40s, and Larry Knight, 44, are trapped 925m underground. Larry Knight lost his life but Brant and Todd were saved by the cage they were in. They are still underground, 10 days later. They are being dug out by their mates and it's just one of those stories that makes you sit back and not think of all the crappy things going on in this world. Check out the progress of the digging - they should be out by Saturday (Aussie time).

and other reports about this disaster and the recovery of the two men.

Battlestar Galactica - Exclusive Interview with David Eick

Warning: Contains spoilers for Lucy's character in Season 3

Exclusive Interview: DAVID EICK TALKS CAPRICA & BATTLESTAR GALACTICA SEASON 3 - PART 3 - iF MAGAZINE gets the goods on season 3 and fresh off the presses info on the new GALACTICA spin-off series

Season three is just around the corner for SCI FI Channel’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and producer David Eick is hard at work picking up after the year long jump forward at the end of season two.  Taking time out from his absolutely swamped schedule Eick gave iF Magazine the exclusive scoop about the upcoming CAPRICA prequel series (which the editors here at the office have nicknamed GALACTICA: B.C.), and the return of Lucy Lawless and Dean Stockwell in season three. Click here to read full article


Lucy Video Clip - Lawless Ink

Sharon has posted a new Lucy clip on Lawless Ink:

5/3 -- I've been browsing through some of the video I've been shooting and came across Lucy playing the piano during the filming of the ET segment on Unexpected Dreams (which doesn't seem to ever have aired!).  Here she be. 
Click here for the video clips in wmv and mov formats


Great News from Creation Entertainment

[Message from Sharon: You may have seen the recent announcement that we have more material from the convention than originally thought so that it is now going to be a two dvd set of almost 3 hours of material including Lucy's soundcheck of her song which was filmed Thursday afternoon.  Because the dvd now has two discs, the price has gone up. If you've already bought the dvd at the old price, you will not be charged for the difference.]

Finally, we have an update on the eagerly awaited DVD of Lucy and Renee appearing at the 2006 Official XENA Convention...

While we've been editing this new DVD for release we found that we had a lot more footage than we realized!   The finished DVD comes to almost three hours!  Renee was on stage for one hour twenty minutes and Lucy for one hour ten minutes.  We also shot behind-the-scenes footage and made two bonus featurettes.  Lucy did a soundcheck of her song on Thursday afternoon and she's allowing us to include footage from that.  Her featurette also includes behind-the-scenes before and after her stage appearance.  Renee's bonus featurette includes behind-the-scenes before and after her stage appearance and some of her photo ops session. SO WE'VE ACTUALLY GOT ANOTHER APPROXIMATELY ONE HALF HOUR OF BONUS MATERIAL ON THE DVD: NOW IT IS A TWO VOLUME DVD SET!!!

Xenaverse News

I received the following from Jenn at XWPOnline:

We've got this topic going on the XOC about where Xena aired throughout the world. We've got about 40 countries right now, but we know that Xena at it's height aired in 115 counties. (Hercules submissions are also encouraged.)

This is what we have so far:

Holland (Netherlands), Germany, Belgum, Luxembourg, Switserland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Poland,
The Balkans, The former Yugoslavia, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland,
Southern Ireland, Greenland, Canada, Quebec, Mexico, Peru, South America, South Africa, Egypt, Botswana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tonga,
Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, United States.

If people could let me know if XWP aired in their country, it'd be great. Some of us are really curious. Drop me a line at info@xwponline.net

3 May 2006

Polls - Lesbianation

Renee has dropped to #3 on the Lesbianation Poll.
Many thanks to MET for the news


Lucy Videos - Holiday Show

NZ Holiday Show - Aitutaki Island

A visit to the Aitutaki Island - Lucy goes snorkeling, take a canoe ride and fishing island style in the lagoon
click here to download video clip

Lucy Articles - 1997

The Bard's Corner - Uber Update

  • Twice Reflected  Uber/Alt/Complete/ by Aurelia
    This is the sequel and continuing adventure of Reflected Passion. One day Dale Wincott took a little unexpected trip.... through the looking glass. A mirror provides the means for reflection BUT sometimes reflections are returned in the direction from which they came. What was twice reflected besides a passion powerful enough to encompass more than two centuries. And what are the reflections in the mirror now?


2 May 2006

Unexpected Dreams CD

  • Win an Autographed Unexpected Dreams Lithograph
    Who wouldn't want Hollywoood's biggest stars to sing them to sleep?" Some of the most surprising voices in Hollywood, accompanied by musicians of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, lend their talents to a new album, "Unexpected Dreams: Songs from the Stars," to be released by Rhino Records on April 25. It's the perfect soundtrack for quiet evenings at home, with your children…or without them. Click here for more and to join -
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Lucy Articles - 2006

  • Added article from NZ Listener Magazine - 22-28 April 2006. The article is yet another review of Paul Holmes' new show "Holmes" and reviews his guests from the first episode (including Lucy).
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Articles - 1998


Xena Related Articles - 1998

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