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28 April 2007


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 Aug 3-5, 2007

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31 May - 2 June 2007
Lucy NY Concert

2 June 2007
NY Xena Convention

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Xena ◊ Lucy Lawless ◊ Renee O'Connor

Updating Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Fans Since 1996
Created 15 December 1996 and maintained by MaryD


MAY 2007


31 May 2007

First pictures in from the concert! - There are more to come, the connection between NY and the AUSXIP server is SMOKING!

Wow!! First pictures from Ann - check them out here - I'm working on quite a few photos so I'll be posting for a few more hours!



Lucy Concert News

Sharon has posted a couple of new clips up on Lucy's site and also the Creation Xena site. The following was posted to the Lucy list:

  • I grabbed some footage from two Sirius radio appearances that Lucy did today. First she was on the Jim Breuer show. Then she popped in to The Wiseguy Show. See the Breuer clip on the Xena Fan Club page. See the Wiseguy clip on Lucy's website

Dinah Shore Weekend

  • Charis has created an absolutely ADORABLE Lucy toon from the Dinah Shore Weekend. Check it out here

Army Wives News

  • Added new articles and a review of the premiere episode. Click here to view
  • Added new A Tribe Is Born (premiere episode) video clip

Ghost Town Movie News

  • The Mountanier site has an article / review of the movie. There is a very brief mention of Renee - Many thanks to Mike for the link

30 May 2007

A Rocking Good Weekend...

I want to wish everyone a very safe journey to wherever you may be travelling. This is going to be one heck of a weekend on so many levels.

For those going to Lucy's concerts - I'm sure you will be in for a rip roaring time! Rock on Lucy! Lucy will be in Borg mode and as you all know...RESISTENCE IS FUTILE! Hopefully I'll get some photos from those attending to liven things up back here.

For those going to the convention - always a great chance to meet up with friends and see some very talented, entertaining people as a bonus.

Renee's movie Ghost Town will have it's premiere on Sunday 3 June and I'd like to wish Dean Teaster and all those associated with the film all the best!

Katherine Fugate's series "Army Wives" has it's debut on Lifetime on 3 June - may it rate it's socks off. It's a very good show and congratulations to Katherine and the rest of the team.

Carpe Diem!




29 May 2007

Radio Interview Update

The following is from Lucy's site and posted by Sharon:

Lucy will be appearing on Jim Breuer Unleashed – Sirius Radio interview -- Wednesday, May 30, 4 – 6PM ET, Rebroadcast 9 – 11PM ET. Lucy will be on about 4:30.

Lucy will be appearing on the Mancow Muller Radio Show on Wednesday, May 30 at 9:30-9:35 am ET. It's a live call-in show.


New Lucy Interviews

  • Blogzarro Q&A: Lucy Lawless 29 May 2007 - Lucy Lawless has been proving that she’s much more than a warrior princess. She showed the world she could belt out tunes with the best of them after placing second on last season’s “Celebrity Duets.” She continued her brilliant role as the Cylon Number Three on the third season of “Battlestar Galactica.” And next up, she appears on Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” voices Wonder Woman in the animated movie “Justice League: The New Frontier,” and takes her singing career a step further with three shows in New York this weekend. It seems blondes really do have more fun. We recently chatted with Lucy and she gave us the scoop on a few things — including a possible return to “Battlestar Galactica”; working with Larry David; and doing a live-action Wonder Woman movie. Read More
  • 60 SECONDS: Lucy Lawless - 29 May 2007 -  Actress Lucy Lawless came to stardom in the late 1990s as the eponymous heroine in Xena: Warrior Princess, an all-action spin-off from the Hercules TV show that also made Lawless a lesbian icon. Since then, she has appeared in The X-Files and Battlestar Galactica. She is embarking on a singing career. Xena series one and two are now available in a DVD box set. Read More

Renee Promotional Images

Added a 1989 promotional image from the Disney movie "Teen Angel".
Renee was 18 years old. Click here to view

Many thanks to LB for the scan



28 May 2007

Lucy Radio Interview Update

The following was posted on the Official Lucy List by Sharon:

Lucy will be appearing on the Mancow Muller Radio Show on Wednesday, May 30 at 9:30-9:35 am ET. It's a live call-in show

Lucy Concert Update

Update: I do believe Lucy wants to kill her fans. She didn't do it when she took her shirt off at the Roxy but NY seems like a good place that it will be done :) Just kidding folks but if you all wander over to Lucy's site and have a look at the outfit she will be wearing...I'm channelling Robin when I say...HOLY HEART FAILURE, BATMAN!
I sure hope she doesn't get hot in that...

click here to view FOUR pics of Lucy in THAT outfit....

Two more video clips of Lucy singing/rehearsing for the concerts are now online at Lucy's site and also at the official Xena fan club page.

Lucy Interviews - 1998

Army Wives Update

Cast Biographies:

  • Drew Fuller (Trevor LeBlanc)
  • Catherine Bell (Denise Sherwood)
  • Sally Pressman (Roxy LeBlanc)
  • Brigid Brannagh (Pamela Moran)
  • Brian McNamara (Colonel Michael Holden)




26 May 2007

Lucy Interview - mp3

Ghost Town Movie Trailer & Screencaptures

The trailer for the movie is now online and it is AWESOME! Go and have a look! Renee is featured in this trailer :)

Click here to view the trailer

I've created some screencaptures from the trailer and you can view them here


Army Wives Update






25 May 2007

Lucy Article

The Toronto 24 Hours Magazine has a brief mention of Lucy and pic from the Starter's Wife premiere.

Simply Chic Lucy Lawless DRESS LIKE A STAR Toronto 24 Hours
(Vol 4, No 137) 25 - 27 May 2007
Lucy Lawless keeps it simple and classy.

Renee Update

Renee has a new message up on her site and three new pictures for sale from Ghost Town! Gorgeous.


Video Update

I've been toying with the idea of streaming video for the site and I'm still trying to work out some issues and the right format etc. In the meantime, I'm adding video clips to YouTube and also making the video clips available for download here. If you have a suggestion about streaming the videos, the best format etc, please feel free to email me at

Lucy Concert / Xena Convention Update

New Lucy Message

  • Lucy has a new blog entry about upcoming gigs...sounds very promising. When one door closes...another door opens so we're not sure what's in store for Lucy but I bet it's good. Check out her site for news

Lucy Radio Interview

Sharon has posted the following news to the Official Lucy List:

  • Lucy will be on Fangoria Radio on Sirius, Friday night, May 25, at 11:30pm ET. She will be on for approximately 25 minutes with Dee Snider and Debbie Rochon.

23 May 2007

Lucy Premieres & Events

Lucy attended the premiere of "The Starter Wife" TV Series 23 May 2007
Los Angeles Premiere with Marissa.

Check out the pics


More high resolution pics can be found here:

More pics can be found here:
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links

Lucy's NY Concert Update

The following was posted on the Official Lucy List by Sharon:

Here come the rehearsal clips for the Canal Room! This was the first time Lucy had sung these songs as she and Michael Orland, her musical director and arranger, came together to start working on the playlist. First up is "Take Your Breath Away." -- You're going to see quite a mix of songs over the coming days. Some made the cut, some didn't. And
from the sound of things, I think there will have to be more concerts so Lucy can sing all the songs she loves. Check out the Official Xena Fan Club page --  for more clips and more songs.

Ghost Town Movie Update


  • Smoky Mountain News - 23 May 2007 Ghost Town goes silver screen - Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town “The Movie” will premiere at the Eaglenest Entertainment Center in Maggie Valley at 7 p.m. on June 2. The movie was filmed at Ghost Town in the Sky, North Carolina’s top western theme park attraction that opened originally in 1961 and is re-opening on May 25. Read more

2007 NY Convention News


The Official Xena Convention returns to the East Coast in less than two weeks: be with us June 1-3, 2007 at The Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel. Additional guests have been added in addition to Lucy, Renee, Rob and Steven: Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite), Brittney Powell (Brunnhilda), Meighan Desmond (Discord/Sturgina) and Charles Keating (Zeus)

Battlestar Galactica in New Zealand

  • Battlestar Galactica Series 2 will be on NZ TV as of Tuesday 29 May on
    TV3 at 11:15pm. - Many thanks to Jo for the news

Xenaverse News

Zoe Bell

From stunt double to star
The Dominion Post | Thursday, 24 May 2007
New Zealander Zoe Bell has graduated from playing a stunt double for Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill to being one of the stars of his new movie, which has premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Read more

Karl Urban

  • McTiernan Directing Urban in Run
    Source: Variety May 23, 2007 John McTiernan will direct Run, a $30 million action-thriller to star Karl Urban ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, The Bourne Supremacy), reports Variety. Read more - Many thanks to LB for the news

22 May 2007

Lucy Concert Pics

Battlestar Galactica

  • Battlestar Galactica Season 1 will start showing in Belgium 27 May on Channel VT4 at 11 pm. - Many thanks to Martine for the news

Football Wives Update

Holley's blog has an account of Holley working on the set of Football Wives and having a Lucy moment or two <g>

  • Well, found out Football Wives was not getting picked up as a last minute decision. Very disapointing. The good news is I did get to work one day on the pilot as a bar patron. A lot less glamorous than it sounds but still a wonderful day in my book! As many of you know I admire Lucy Lawless very much and have nothing but respect for her. So when I got booked on Football Wives I was extatic! This is how the day went... Read more.  - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Army Wives Update

Exclusive opportunity for TV Guide readers. Be one of the first to see the series premiere of Lifetime's Army Wives. Watch the premiere episode FREE at your local Landmark Theatre before it airs on television. The locations are: Atlanta, Chicago or Philadelphia
Click here for more info - Many thanks to Pat for the news

Promos & Adverts

21 May 2007

Army Wives Update

Watch Premiere Episode


20 May 2007

Renee Interview Video and Screencaptures

Renee is interviewed for E! News October 1997 about the 1997 Xena and Hercules Convention at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, 18 October 1997.

Video and screencaptures are now available for download

Ghost Town Movie Update

Press Release

  • MAGGIE VALLEY, N.C., May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 2nd, Dean Teaster's Ghost Town "The Movie" will premiere at the Eaglenest Entertainment Center in Maggie Valley, North Carolina..Read more


  • 20 May 2007 - Maggie Valley cheers Ghost Town’s revival after 5-year hiatus, hopes for boom. MAGGIE VALLEY — Along the streets of downtown Maggie Valley, hotels and shops display signs of hope for a great tourist season ahead: Ghost Town is back. Read more

Army Wives News


  • Catherine Bell, Kim Delaney and the rest of the cast of "Army Wives" recently broke from filming in Charleston, South Carolina to meet nearly two dozen military families involved with Operation Homefront... Read more


Cat Crimins news...

The following is from Cat's MySpace Blog:

I got a call this week from the Moonshadows Comedy Night MC. He asked me to be apart of their end of the month show. Thursday May 31st from 8-10. This is not an open mic night. This is an official booking. I'm excited about it. Details below. Hope you can make it. I had a blast at Moonshadows last week and I am looking forward to performing there again.

10437 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

19 May 2007

The birth of a new site: AUSXIP Army Wives News and Multimedia Fan Site.

Click here to view the new site

Army Wives is the new show that will premiere on Lifetime on 3 June 2007. It has a great cast that includes Catherine Bell and Kim Delaney.

A very familiar name to many Xena fans is Katherine Fugate who is the Creator and Executive Producer. This is going to be a fantastic show and the pieces are there for some great storytelling.

Tune in on Lifetime at 3 June 2007!

18 May 2007

REAF Lucy Tribute Ad Update

You can now donate for the tribute ad by going to the REAF site and a quater of the way down you will see this banner

You can then pay through paypal.

Please go to

You can also order the program

To pre-order a commemorative Gala Program at $10, shipped to a US address

To pre-order a commemorative Gala Program at $10, shipped to a non-US address

Lucy Concert News

Creation will have a tv advert for the upcoming concerts and also the con to be shown on Oxygen:

There's going to be a TV ad for Lucy's NY Canal Room concert and the NY convention with Lucy and Renee running on Xena on the Oxygen channel May 23 and May 24 7-8 AM ET/PT time. 

There will also be a poster that New Yorkers may see around the place advertising Lucy's concer

Click here for the video clip of the TV advert.


NY Xena Con News

The following is from Creation Entertainment

The East Coast Official Xena Convention, June 1-3, 2007 at The Crowne Plaza Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey is the place to be as today we are happy to announce two more sensational guest stars for the event....

ROB TAPERT: Executive Producer of Xena: Warrior Princess
ZOE BELL, Lucy's stunt double on Xena who is now starring in GRINDHOUSE.

Rob and Zoe join the convention line-up that includes series stars LUCY LAWLESS and RENEE O'CONNOR along with BRITTNEY POWELL, MEIGHAN DESMOND,

Miles The Director...

The following was posted on the Official Xena Fan Club Page:

  • Miles O'Connor Muir Mini Burn Relay Movie Now on Kit 12 Website (You need to be a subscriber). Renee participated in the 2007 Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay benefitting the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Her son, Miles, was with her and the burgeoning director had his trusty videocamera with him to film Mom at work.

17 May 2007

Tribute to Becky Calvert

Lucy TV Shows - Shark In the Park

Lucy guest starred in this short lived 1990 New Zealand tv series (there was only 3 episodes made). Lucy was in the third episode Double Or Quits.

The Bard's Corner


  • Echoes Of The Past - Parts 1-6 (Unfinished) by J.M. Dragon & E. O'Reilly
    J. M. Dragon has collaborated with E. O'Rielly to write Echoes of the Past which is the third story in J.M. Dragon's storyline When Heaven Meets Hell and Fatal Hesitation. Olivia and Amelia are living together in a platonic relationship when an old love asks for Olivia's help. Will the old feelings Olivia had for her first love reemerge or will she stay with Amelia? This fast moving story has twists and turns and some you won't see coming.


16 May 2007

Lucy at REAF Benefit

Football Wives Fallout...

The outcry of ABC's decision not to pick up Football Wives has been met with disbelief (and not just from fans). There are also some suggestions/rumours/chat that TPTB may be trying to find a new home...keep your fingers crossed.

Lucy's conspiracy theory isn't so out there since many people are now voicing those same concerns. If ABC knew that having this show would annoy the heck out of the NFL (and it seems they have the NFL contract and the little darlings are so thin skinned that they find a campy drama too much for them...give me a break. Soccer didn't have a problem with Footballer Wives)..why did it give it a go ahead to film the pilot?

Something is not quite right here. Either someone at ABC is beyond dumb and heads will roll over this stupidity OR someone at ABC decided to nab the show before anyone else got it and thus they would have lost just seems so very very odd. I have zero knowledge of how it works in Hollywood but to someone living on the other side of the's just plain obscene about wasting so much money. Spending millions on a pilot, hiring some great actors and all that talent only to shelve it because they got weak at the knees when the NFL got all uppity? Didn't they know they had the NFL contract?

Check out the following news sites:

  • Barry White's My Space Blog on the non pickup and his thoughts about working on the show
  • Cyber Hermit ABC, NFL End FOOTBALL WIVES Season Before It Begins
    ...Various sources are indicating that word began filtering down to ABC
    from the gods at the NFL that they were not pleased. No, not pleased
    at all. They did not think that a fictional television show would
    create a good image for the league. Yeah, forget the fact that they
    have non-fictional players getting busted for drug use, spouse abuse,
    assault, weapons charges and DUIs. No, the NFL apparently was more
    concerned about the fictional acts of fictional characters in a
    fictional television show. Word came from the gods that they were
    displeased enough that their displeasure might influence future
    football contracts for ABC and ESPN, the sports sister of ABC. So, the
    mere mortals of ABC grabbed their balls, tucked them neatly into their
    bags, broke their date with "Football Wives" and cowered away....
  • Did NFL lean on ABC to scrub football soap?
    USA Today - USA
    We know that the cast included Ving Rhames, Lucy Lawless, James Van Der Beek and a real football wife, Holly Robinson Peete. ...
  • Wives Drop-Kicked Out of ABC
    Stage - London,London,UK
    ... British indie producer Shed, who were in the throes of birthing Footballers’ Wives for the Disney owned ABC network across the pond as Football Wives. ...
  • AOL Sports - Disney Backs Down to NFL, Won't Show 'Football Wives'


A Fond Farewell to the Gilmore Girls

Tonight I watched the series finale of one of my all time favourite shows The Gilmore Girls. I loved it's small town American quirkiness and the AMAZING characters. I was so sad to hear that this was going to be the final season and I won't be getting my Gilmore fix. NO more Lorelai, no more Rory, no more Luke, no more Sookie or Michel or Lane or Emily or that absolutely delightful Paris or kooky Kirk. No more Gilmore Girls.

I was also so glad that the show went out on a such a high. It was just a perfect ending. 

Thank you Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and all the cast of this amazing show for 7 glorious seasons.


15 May 2007

Upcoming Lucy Event - REAF Help Is On the Way XIII

Lucy is listed on the REAF Page as a performer at the REAF Help Is On The Way XIII Benefit!

Sunday, AUGUST 5, 2007, 7:30pm
The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

"Help is on the Way" is an elegant evening of fun designed to raise funds for Bay Area AIDS service provider agencies.

Broadway (Grease) / TV (Xena: Warriour Princess, Celebrity Duets) star

MARISSA JARET WINOKUR: Broadway (Hairspray) / TV (Stacked) star


AIDS Legal Referral Panel
Vital Life Services, Oakland

"Help is on the Way" features an extensive silent auction coinciding with the pre-performance gala and concluding at the end of the intermission

Tickets can be bought from

Xena Prop House


14 May 2007

Football Wives Update...

The Jeers of the Week goes to ABC for not picking up Football Wives. Normally I wouldn't care if a soap got picked up or not (I don't watch them - soaps and reality TV - ick!) but this was Lucy in the lead role so I cared. Ah well what can you say. It was just not meant to be. We don't know what's in store for Lucy but we sure as heck will watch and follow her to find out. Upward and onward Lucy!

Check out Lucy's site for a message from Lucy about ABC not picking up FW.

IGN also can't believe it - click here to read their article


13 May 2007

Football Wives

Rumours, rumours and then some more rumours...don't you just love this waiting around for news if FW will be picked up? The lastest rumour is from the Television Without Pity forums. Read more

Lucy Interviews - 1996

  • Late Show With David Letterman 9 April 1996 - Lucy is "interviewed" by David Letterman which was rather short, lame and uninspiring. The interview covered Lucy's role on Xena, if kangaroos lived in New Zealand and if Lucy's family knew she played Xena. Letterman was rather dismissive in the whole "interview" and kudos to Lucy who was fun and put up with the silly "interviewer". This was Lucy's one and only appearance on the show.




12 May 2007

The funeral arrangements for Becky have been posted to the Becky Calvert Condolence Page and a little background on Becky for those that didn't know her.

Lucy Videos

The following video clips are of Lucy in her first commercials on New Zealand TV from 1988. Click here to view

  • ASB Bank - Advert #1
  • ASB Bank - Advert #2
  • Meal Mates Advert

Lucy NY Concert Update

The following was posted on the Official Xena Fan Club Page

  • Lucy's preparing for the New York show and I filmed her first rehearsal with her musical director, Michael Orland. I'll get that ready to upload this weekend. She's putting in 5 new songs and new costumes -- one of which she described as "liquid metal"!

11 May 2007

Becky Calvert Condolence Page

Football Wives

  • There has been some speculation on what the ABC fall schedule will look like over on the TV Guide site. If the rumours are correct...Read more here

Battlestar Galactica

  • iF Magazine - Interview with Edward James Olmos - no mention of Lucy
    The man behind Adama gives us hints of what to expect and tells about
    the 2 hour movie as well...

Renee at Burn Relay

10 May 2007

I'm very sad to announce the passing of a long time Xenite - Becky Calvert has passed away from respiratory arrest today. Becky had a long battle with her health and she was a true fighter. My condolences go out to her partner, Shirl, their families and their friends.

Rest in peace Becky.

Arrangements of where to send flowers/donations will be posted soon.


8 May 2007

Football Wives

The following is from

  • Football Wives (ABC) — This trashy, campy British dramedy is finally making its way over to American shores. There's no guarantee it'll get lesbian on us, but you can all take heart: Lucy Lawless plays the series' ruthless diva, Tanya Austin.

New Lucy Message

There's a new Lucy message on her site:

  • I have been in a long dark tunnel. I really allowed myself to get drowned by world politics, the war in Iraq and our head-in-the-sand attitude to the health of Mother Earth. I have to say your birthday card and the Celebrate Lucy Birthday list, with all the kindnesses you fans have laid out upon our table, was a turning point for me. I want to thank you all for your incredible generosity. You guys had me bawling at my computer! How's that for cheering me up? I even recognise some of the names and was so pleased to find that I have such incredible fans spread right across the world, from Brazil, to England, to Aussie. God bless each and every one of you.
    Read more of the message

Rob Tapert Update

  • Variety 7 May 2007 Ghost House, Vertigo bunk in 'Asylum'
    Ghost House Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment are teaming to make horror project "Incident at Sans Asylum" and signed Spanish helmer Daniel Calparsoro to direct. Vertigo's Roy Lee and Doug Davison will produce alongside Drew Crevello ("The Grudge 2"). Ghost House's Rob Tapert, Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane will exec produce with Vertigo's Sonny Mahli; Kelli Konop and Nicole Brown will co-produce. Read More

For Aussie Fans - 10th Anniversary DVD Set and a chance to win Xena's Sword

Pre-order the Xena Warrior Princess 10th Anniversary Collection and you’ll automatically go in the chance to win a Xena 10th Anniversary Gold Accented Warrior Sword! We've taken the beautiful warrior sword wielded by Xena herself and given the pommel and cross a stunning gold plate finish to celebrate 10 powerful years of "Xena: Warrior Princess". This sword's true beginnings are not known. There are stories, but we know that the true origins vanished the moment Xena emerged, beaten and dazed, from the physical and mental torture of Draco's Gauntlet. The secrets are hers alone, but as you wield this amazing Anniversary edition sword, you just might get a glimpse into the sword's past. Xena's profound, if not prophetic, words to Gabrielle are inscribed on the blade, in gold—perhaps as a warning to us all. As with each sword in the anniversary collection, the base of the blade is etched with a line of character-specific dialog, a detail that distinguishes it from any other in the world. - Many thanks to Bradley for the news


For Cat Crimins fans...check this out if you are in the LA area

This was posted on Cat's MySpace Blog

"I'll be performing at a open mic night in North Hollywood this Thursday, May 10th. I'll be doing a 5 minute set between 7pm and 9pm (sorry, I don't have my time slot yet). I'll be performing all new material. 

10437 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601



7 May 2007

Football Wives

  • Hollywood Reporter - 7 May 2007 -- ABC, which is rumored to pick up four to six one-hour pilots, is said to be proceeding with high-level staffing on two dramas, "Pushing Daisies" and the untitled Jon Feldman project -- a sign that the shows might be joining the "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff on the schedule next season. Also hot is drama "Marlowe," which recently received an order for two additional scripts and is now lining up series directors, as well as "Dirty Sexy Money." "Cashmere Mafia," "Eli Stone" and "Football Wives" also are believed to be in contention. "Sam I Am," "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office," "The Thick of It" and "The Middle" are getting buzz on the comedy side. Read more...
    Many thanks to LB for the news

Renee Scans

Older Articles - 1998

Older Articles - 1997

  • The Okanagan Newspaper 22 February 1997 Fun with fantasy. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the heroic TV fantasy series Hercules must be getting a swelled head. In recent months, such fantasy adventure shows have popped up faster in syndication than Friends clones hit the networks.



4 May 2007

Renee Article

  • has an article on Renee attending the Burn Relay
    Renee O'Connor loves us - In January, I had the grueling assignment of going to Los Angeles for the Xena convention, where I got to interview Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor. Photographer and Renee fan KT Jorgensen came with me, and took some great shots of Lucy and Renee backstage, and also at Lucy’s concert at the Roxy.... Read more of the article - Many thanks to KT for the news

Renee Pictures - Burn Relay

You've all seen the Renee's comes the picture of the girls interviewing Renee by KT Jorgensen :) I love this photo. How many stars do you know who would be on their knees on the pavement giving an interview for a fan site? Amazing. Generous and classy. Check out 7 more of KT's gorgeous pictures (some are featured in the AfterEllen article above)


Renee US VCR Alert

If you missed Alien Apocalypse on the scifi channel the first time it was shown you can now watch it again on June 16. If you don't want to sit through the whole rivetting giant termites with green blood enslaving earth thing, you can download the clips and watch Renee's clips only - Click here to download


Lucy Mention/ Josh Becker Interview

  • has an article/interview with Josh Becker where he refers to Alien Apocalypse and his upcomng projects. Interesting insights about kiwi directors and upcoming projects. There is a Lucy mention - the prehistoric parody It's a Lost Lost World. Click here to view - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Concert Tickets / RAFFLE Update

The following is from Jamester at the Xenaversity:

CONGRATULATIONS to Lucia and Ann! Their good friend Joan won the tickets and gave them to her two friends Lucia and Ann, who were not able to see the concert otherwise! They were very thankful! ~ "We have already thanked Joan profusely and will do so again and again and of course to everyone who makes this possible." 

The Xenaversity was happy to be a part of this donation through a very generous anonymous donor, who truly deserves the credit.

Xena Mention on CSI

Received a few emails on the Xena reference in CSI - Episode "Leapin' Lizards":
Many thanks to xenaroc, jacquie and iris for the news

  • Among the drawings of reptilian aliens there was a drawing of Xena, Warrior Princess - the cop made mention of that.  Then they found a sword hidden on top of the fridge - the cop says, Hello, xena.  The sword is the murder weapon.
  • Even had an actress dressed as Xena in full battle armor.

3 May 2007

Football Wives

Xena Comic News - Press Release Dark Xena Series

Xena Comics Press Release WARRIOR PRINCESS CONTINUES "DARK SIDE" JOURNEY FROM DYNAMITE Dynamite's Xena Series Receives Great Reviews. May 03, 2007, Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT released images and information today regarding the next issues of their all-new Xena series, Dark Xena, from writer John Layman and artist Noah Salonga. Still available for orders and re-orders, Dark Xena #2 is scheduled to ship in June, and the penultimate chapter, Dark Xena #3, is scheduled for a July release...

Click here to read more of the press release and view the images

Lucy & Renee Article Scans



Lesbianation Poll Update

It seems Lucy is hanging on to #1 spot and Renee cannot be budged from #2. The following was on the lesbianation site:

  • It looks like our voters just love a sword-wielding breastplate clad babe, since Xena’s ladies top our list for another month. Ms. Lucy Lawless continues to show her former sidekick Renee O’Connor she’s the boss since she edged O’Connor out a month ago and clung to the #1 spot for another month. Click here to vote
    Many thanks to MET for the news

The Bard's Corner

Battlestar Galactica

  • The Long Road Home - Part 2 -3 by Joseph Connell
    What if the Thirteenth Colony was real?  What would they look like?  And what would they make of their cousins from the stars?


2 May 2007

Burn Relay Update

  • Stephen Taylor went to the Burn Relay and has written a report of the day's events. - check it out on the Renee Burn Relay Event page

Lucy Articles

Outlook Magazine March / April 2007 LAWLESS - Xena to Diva Lucy Gets Vocal. Xena fans the world over are trading in their TVs for ticket; to Palm Springs this March to witness their favorite 'Warrior Princess embark on a new adventure.

Click here to read the articles / scans

Football Wives Update

  • ABC will announce the new fall schedule on 15 May. That's when we will find out if officially when/if FW has been picked up. - Many thanks to LB for the news

The following was posted on the Zap2It forum. Don't know who the person is but it sounds quite promising for the show - Many thanks to Jenn for the news

  • Posted by ProudBoy - Zap2It Forum
    "I've just received word that the edit of Football Wives went well, and that ABC execs think they have a hit on their hands. Of course, more market research will help to determine that -- but usually if the execs at ABC like it, it is a go."

1 May 2007

NY Con News

For those going to the NY Con and you're a member of the Talking Xena Message Board, there is a meet up at the con. Click here for more news

Lucy Articles

Football Wives Update

  • Updated cast list for the pilot of Football Wives

Lynda Carter News

  • Lynda Carter Goes from WONDER WOMAN to Cabaret Chanteuse
    This is your chance to catch one of America's classic icons in her Plush Room debut as she kicks off a U.S. tour. Many people don't know that Lynda started out as a singer before the classic series "Wonder Woman" launched her career in another direction. Tickets are getting scare but there are still a few available if you hurry. She opens tomorrow night (Tuesday, 5/1/07) at the Empire Plush Room. Order tickets toll-free at 866-468-3399 or online at www.empireplushroom.ocm.


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