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April's Angel Film Clips

Many thanks to NZJester for the rm files!

Neil Finn recorded a song for the All Black Rugby Team for the upcoming World Club
Lucy was invited to be a part of the music video and she accepted. The first rm file is the actual music video with Lucy in it (she appears briefly a few times) and the second rm file is the interview that TV2 (NZ) did with Lucy about why she was in this music video.

Both files are in Real Player format and require Real Player G2 or Real Player G2 Plus (you will have to purchase Real Player G2 Plus but Real Player G2 is free)

For those wishing to purchase the CD of the music video - this is from Liz Wilson

Lucy in CD/Video

It is a song dedicated to the NZ All Blacks (our national rugby football team) by a leading NZ song-writer - Neil Finn (formerly of Crowded House). Lucy appears several times, as does her battle cry. She looks gorgeous as usual. But not very pregnant. If you would like a copy of the CD with the video on it, let me know. The cost of the CD is $10, plus $1 for packaging plus $5.50 postage to the US. Total US$16.50. Details on how to send $ (to my Arizona mate) when you send me your details!

A detailed explanation for the ethnographers amongst us will be available on request!

Liz Wilson

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Neil Finn music video

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Interview with Lucy about the
film clip

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