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Season 6
Episode Screengrabs

22 Episodes

Please note:  All screengrabs and other multimedia files present here are exclusive to The Australian Xena Information Page. If you have a web site you may place a link on your site to take visitors to XIP to view the screen captures or other multimedia files but you may NOT place these pictures or other content physically on your site. Alot of hard work goes into not only creating and maintaining XIP but the various content that is placed here. Screen captures take many hours to capture, produce and code for placement to the site as do avi files and rm files. 

If you have any queries you can email MaryD at kira@zip.com.au, Carol Stephens (avi/rm files) at stephens@xenamultimedia.com or Judi Mair (screengrabs) jmair@xenamultimedia.com


1.  Coming Home

2.  The Haunting of Amphipolis
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