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Since the end of Xena, the show has been featured in celebration
of the cult status the show achieved

CBS News report about Planet Xena and whether Planet Xena and Pluto is really a planet. Many thanks to Roger for the video clip.

wmv format - 8.8 mb - Click to download

Great Things About Being Queer on Bravo - 927k wmv format
Xena and Gabrielle are mentioned in this video clip - couples that people thought were gay but weren't. Someone must have forgotten to tell them that's old news...
Video contributed by Angie

Celebrity Deathmatch - Lucy Lawless & Callista Flockhart (from Ally McBeal) in a one side fight. - 23.7 mb in mpg format
Very funny video - February 1999
Video contributed by: Sally Park

Inside TV Land: Ticked Pink | This one-hour special takes an in-depth look at celebrated television personalities and characters that gay viewers have either gravitated towards or closely identified with.
Clip 1 - Liz Friedman and Renee talk about Xena and what the show meant to the lesbian community - Download video 4.2 mb wmv format
Inside TV Land: Ticked Pink

Clip 2 - Renee has a bit of fun watching and commenting on the lesbian relationship on Buffy.
Download video 1.43 mb wmv format
Entertainment Tonight
31 May 2005 about Double Dare
. Interviews with Lucy and Lynda Carter (taken from the DD DVD) and shows Zoe in action on Xena and Jeannie Epper on WW.

Ultimate Super Heroes, Villains and Vixens on Bravo TV 27 May 2005
Video: 4 mb - wmv format - click to download | Contributed by Roger

Bravo's special celebrates the heroes, villains and vixens who have created powerful impressions on fans throughout the years.

Xena Convention footage from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
3 February 2005 - video contributed by Jody
mov format - 11.1 mb

Lucy has appeared on the Bravo TV 100 Characters show again but this time Lucy commented on 3 of the top 20 characters, Carrie Bradshaw, Tony Soprano, and the Seinfield crew

I Love the '90s - VH1 - Video Hits One" that looked at Xena and Hercuels -  9.95 mb - mpg
Takes a look back at what made Xena and Hercules so special
Video by Mary
Bravo TV show TV Revolution
Out of the Closet - Maids, Babes and Mothers - Xena/Buffy  -  Maids, Babes and Mothers - Xena/Sex and the City
Body Count
Many thanks to Angie for contributing the video clips
101 Reasons the '90s Ruled - #87 Xena: Warrior Princess
101 Reasons the '90s Ruled count downs what was hot in the 1990s and Xena is rated #87
Video format: wmv format Size: 3 mb
Contributed by: Natalia