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Lucy & Renee
Pasadena Con 2003

Lucy scans
NZ Fashion show from NZ New Idea
2 Nov 2002

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Subtext Virtual Season 8

Episode 2

Coffee Talk Photos

LL-SundayStarTimes-27102002.jpg (146156 bytes)
Lucy from the Sunday Star Times

Upcoming DVD Releases

Region 4
Season 1
Box 1 & Box 2
Available Now

Season 2
Box 1 & Box 2
9 October 2002

Season 3
Box 1 & Box 2
28 February 2003

Region 1
Season 1
pre-order now
Nov 30, 2002

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Artwork by Lucia Nobrega
Created and Maintained by MaryD


29 November

I want to take the time to wish the American Xenites a Happy Thanksgiving!

On that note I also wish to ask that people remember those who are not as fortunate as yourselves or who are sick. One of those who is ill and I'm sure would love to know you are thinking of her is Susan Mullarky. Susan is dying of cancer and you know it would be super super cool if she could know that today of all days for Americans, she is also kept in your thoughts. She doesn't get onto her computer as much but Ana will pass on your greetings. To send Susan a note please email Ana on ana_l_lugo@msn.com

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


28 November

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Dark (Classic / Complete) by Carola Eriksson



Kevin Smith Memorial Page

Xenaverse News

  • Karl Urban (Julius Caeser) has been been mentioned as one of the Sexiest Men Alive in People Magazine - 2 December 2002 Issue.
    ACTOR AGE: 30 HEIGHT: 6'1" STATUS: Has a girlfriend and a 2-year- old son RESIDENCE: A home in Auckland, New Zealand BREAKTHROUGH ROLE: Eomer, a warrior in this month's The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers BACKGROUND: Growing up in Wellington, New Zealand, Urban got a taste of role-playing as Han Solo in neighborhood games of Star Wars: "I was 5, and I remember thinking, 'Wow, this is exactly what I want to do.'" By 1996 he had made a career of it, landing parts on two syndicated TV shows--Cupid on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Julius Caesar on Xena: Warrior Princess. "Karl is ruggedly heroic yet imbues his roles with sensitivity," says Rings director Peter Jackson, who cast Urban because "we needed someone who could hold their own against Ian McKellen." WINNING WAYS: "Karl has a confident charm that allows him to be tousled without seeming unkempt," says Melissa Blake, a writer on Hercules and Xena. The trick, Urban points out, is "putting on the clothes I had on the day before--if they aren' t too dirty."

The following is from Creation Entertainment

  • Due to continued demand, Norwegian Cruise Lines has extended our payment period for cabins to January 20, 2003! That means those of you who want to come on the cruise but have been unable to do so until this point have almost two more months to get in your payment in full to secure your place on this first-ever cruise! At that time our new block will be released and we will TRY to negotiate yet another small block. Even if we are able to get an additional room block, prices will raise yet again, so we urge you to buy your cruise fare before January 20th to insure availability and price. Thank you to all for your tremendous support of our first annual Strong Women of Sci-Fi Cruise! http://www.creationent.com/cal/

The following is from The Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club

  • Adrienne can be seen in the movie Interceptor Force 2 which will be premiering Saturday November 30th on The Sci Fi Channel!  For more Interceptor Force 2 news, be sure to check out the Interceptor Force official website at http://www.scifi.com/if2/.   After the premiere, join us on the OAWFC message board to talk about the movie. Visit the Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club website for upcoming news and info at: www.adriennewilkinson.com

26 November

The Bard's Corner

A few years ago, DJWP wrote a fanfic piece that has become a classic in Xena Fan Fiction. It's called Seven Days in Pompeii. There is a 'lost' or 'hidden' chapter in this story. Please read the disclaimer on the story before you proceed to read it. DJ said: Thanks to recent, new excavation in the city of Pompeii, the Lost chapter has been "found" :-)

The Bards' eBook Corner

Added the following titles by Brigid Doyle:

Added Second Chances by Lynne Norris

24 November

Artwork Section

This section has been closed down for new submissions and will no longer be updated. I want to thank all the artists who contributed their work to the artwork section and to Mesh for looking after it for so long. Mesh will be looking after a new section that will open soon as well as the e-books.

The Bard's Corner

The following stories have not been indexed as yet.

Xena Merchandise News

  • The Last Dance DVD by Creation is being shipped out this week. This contains extra footage in addition to the previously released footage of Lucy and Renee at the 2001 Xena convention.

21 November

DVD Episose Grabs

The Bard's Corner

The Next Chapter

19 November

The following is from CN about the Carole Giorgio Auction:

Due to heavy traffic we've changed the address of the Carole Giorgio Auction. Thanks to MaryD our temporary home is http://ausxip.com/~carolegiorgio If you experience any problems please contact CN Winters at cnwinters@hotmail.com. Happy bidding!!

18 November

DVD Episode Screengrabs

The Bard's Corner

Lucy News

  • The 25 November 2002 Issue of People Magazine has an article about James Bond and they polled some long time fans of the series. Lucy is quoted as saying about Pierce Brosnan (the 5th Bond since 1995): "He has a very sexy accent and he fills out a tuxedo nicely." Lucy Lawless

Fan Events

The following is from Michelle regarding the upcoming DCBardFest:

  • Planning for the inaugural DCBardFest is under way!  Mark your calendars for October 4 - 5, 2003 and join us in Alexandria, VA for a gathering of stars and bards. Our web site (http://www.dcbardfest.com) lists the bards currently scheduled to attend - including B.L. Miller in her first convention - and the DCBardFest Yahoo Group keeps members updated (dcbardfest-subscribe@yahoogroups.com).   This will not be your ordinary convention ... stay tuned for details!

Xenaverse News

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES reports that Hilary Bader, nominated for Emmys twice for work on two animated superhero series, passed away on November 7 in Duarte, California, of breast cancer.  Hilary was the writer for the Xena episodes Been There, Done That, The Quill is Mightier, Forget Me Not and Locked Up and Tied Down. In additio to Xena, she wrote for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyaer and The Next Generation, Silk Stockings and Lois & Clark.
    Contributed by: AlciBIades

16 November

Follow up to the announcement below about the Carole Giorgio auction - it seems everyone wants to contribute/bid which is fantastic. CN sent me this note if you have been having trouble getting to the site, this is the reason why:

"Many thanks to all of those who've visited the Carole Giorgio Auction ( http://carolegiorgio.tripod.com ). Response has been great! In fact...too great. If you've visited and have gotten a timed out error we apologize. We got nearly 1000 hits in the first six hours of opening, most of which are peak hours of the day (meaning before work, lunch time and after work). We're at the most bandwidth we can buy at the moment so we're afraid we can't make any further changes or do any further upgrades. We expect things to slow down in the next few days or so. If you'd like to view the pages we suggest doing so very late in the evening or early in the morning. We realize it's a bit of an inconvenience but the response has been overwhelming so thanks for your patience and your continued support in the coming days."

  • Redesigned Links section


The Bard's Corner

Subtext Virtual Season 8

s8e03.jpg (51607 bytes)

Episode 3 - A Muse In The Hand - Part 1

Xena and Gabrielle finally meet Sappho, but what will the meeting with the Tenth Muse cost the Bard and the Warrior?

Fan Events

  • The following is regarding the Carole Giorgio auction
    Bidding will start for the Carole Giorgio auction tomorrow at 10 am and run until Dec. 1st. I'll be doing some more uploads tonight of new items so make sure to check back before you hit the sack. You can visit the auction at http://carolegiorgio.tripod.com  Once the auction starts I might be unavailable for awhile. With over 145 items that's a lot of emails/bids I'll be keeping track of so bare with me. I promise I'll get back to everyone eventually.

    Thanks for your patience and hope to see you out at the auction!
    BardKC and CN Winters

13 November

Aussie Xena News

  • Added Foxtel schedule for Season 4 with the last 2 remaining episodes and then they switch back in showing the eps they missed: A Family Affair and In Sickness and In Hell - the schedule is up to the 9th December 02.

CD, DVD & Video News

Region 1 (US/Canada)

  • Updated info about the Season 1 DVDs for Region 1 (US/ Canada)
    The Season One DVDs of Xena are going to have 5.1 Dolby Digital Suround Sound, unlike the 2.0 stereo sound on the Region 2/4 DVDs. The 24 episodes will be on six discs, while the seventh disc will contain Scripts. Screensaver, Xena Chronicles, Photo Gallery, Poster Gallery
    Release Date: November 30, 2002 http://www.adarastore.com/cgi-bin/xena-herc/OVT-X1311?ioXKHjxg;;66

Lucy News

Xenaverse News

12 November

Aussie Xena News

  • News for those with Foxtel Cable / Sat Service
    Season 5 will be shown in February 2003. Until then reruns of Season 4 will be airred through November and December.

The Bard's Corner

The Next Chapter

Lucy News

Leanne from Kiwi Attic has these great Lucy 5 x 7 photos for sale:

I have just managed to get hold of the photographer from the NZ Fashion Week and secure photographs .......yyyyaaahhh!! I have picked out 3 photographs (the best ones of course) none of which I have seen published anywhere else, including the Herald. I have attached black and white copies of these 3 photos to this email for your perusal. The actual copies are being printed up in Auckland and are 5x7 glossy prints, full colour. The only non-exciting thing about this was the US $19.00 per photo price, but if you are wanting to order all 3, I will ship them to you for free, otherwise shipping will be US$6.00 A quick photograph summary:
www.kiwiattic.com / leanne@kiwiattic.com

LucyTC.jpg (33627 bytes)
LucyTC is at the Trelise
Cooper show

LucyNB.jpg (33288 bytes)
LucyNB is in drag at the
Nicholas Blanchet show

LucyDS.jpg (31342 bytes)

LucyDS is with daughter Daisy, and in the wig mentioned in last weeks magazines.

Xenaverse News

  • The following appeared in the Sun Herald (Melbourne, Australia) - 10 November 2002
    (First she slayed Xena, now Michelle Ang and Jay Bunyan hope to slay Australian audiences.) Although Michelle Ang considers landing a role in Neighbours her big break, the 18 year old already has a claim to fame. "I killed Xena", she says with a giggle. Ang played Akemi, a Japanese princess, in the last two episodes of the popular sword and sworcery series. In a complex storyline, Ang's character sends Xena (Lucy Lawless) on a death mission, where she has to die to save everyone.
    "I got so much hate mail on the web", Ang says.

    Many thanks to Graz for the transcript

XXE Updates

10 November

DVD Episose Grabs

The Bard's Corner

The Next Chapter

  • Kiera Dellacroix has informed me that she has an announcement only list to provide readers wth information and publication updates of her novels. For more information go to:

Subtext Virtual Season 8

Lucy News

  • UK Alert
    9 November - Sat, Channel 5, 5.25 pm - Hercules and the Amazon Women

    10 November - Sun, BBC2, 11:00 pm - The X Files (Nothing Important Happened Today, pt2)

Xenaverse News

  • Added small blurb from the letters section of the US TV Guide

7 November

MaryD's Art

The Next Chapter

The Bard's Corner

Xena Con 2003

  • Creation Entertainment has announced that tickets for preferred seating for individual days are now available. This option offers you reserved seating in sections directly behind Gold and Preferred Weekend Patrons. For those coming a single day and/or evening, this gives you the very best option available. These seats do not include guaranteed autographs from those stars signing at the convention.
    FRIDAY: $61
    SATURDAY: $61
    SUNDAY: $61
    FRIDAY NIGHT: $61 (Something very special is planned: to be announced)
    SATURDAY NIGHT: $71 (Theatrical performance by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor)

    For more information go to: http://www.creationent.com/calendar_frame.htm

6 November

Lucy News

The Bard's Corner

Fan Events & Auctions

  • Added information auction to help Carole Giorgio's daughter by an online auction.
  • Added information about the Bardcon 2003 Auction and Raffle to aid the Shakespeare By the Sea Theatre company


The following is from Karen Muleski:

Anita Ellis (of Creation Entertainment Charity Breakfasts) and I are heading up a global charity event.  It is called GET IN STEP! 2003.   This event benefits homeless and abuse shelters by donating new  footwear.   This event is being organized through the internet, but its intent is to benefit LOCAL shelters.   One organizes groups to make collections, or simply purchases a pair of shoes and/or socks and donates them to a local shelter, on or near JANUARY 15, 2003. This is not a "Xena Only" collection, but Xenites are leading the charge. A world wide tally is kept track of, and the total number of donations will be announced at the Creation Entertainment's Xena Convention in Pasadena in February. Then, the tally will be announced on the web.  For more information email Karen on kmuleski@baneng.com

3 November

Graphics Gallery


  • I've redesigned the section
  • Added scan of article from Woman's Day - July 1997 about Lucy's involvement in Grease

Lucy Articles

Lucy TV / Movie Screengrabs/Multimedia

2 November

Xena Con - 2003

Lucy News

  • Added small blurb from Des Moines, IA (USA) Sunday Register - October 25-27, 2002. A Q&A about Lucy and what she's up to now that Xena has stopped filming.

Xena CD, DVD & Video News

The Bard's Corner

The Next Chapter

  • Added Duende (Alt Fic / Complete) by April Hladis
    A private detective is hired to look into a 'vanishing' of two people. The somewhat flaky client then insists on joining her in the eerie investigation.
  • Added Guilt (Alt Fic / Complete) by Ali Vali
    A little Halloween ditty

Fan Events

  • The Czechoslovak XenaCon 2002 took place from August 9th to August 11th in the village called Borac. It was un-official, non-commercial, purely fan-organised.   It was the second meeting of Czechoslovak xenites. The first one took place just one year ago at the same location, but it was "only" a projection of complete season six, which still wasn't aired in Czech Republic nor at Slovakia. But this year it was quite different. Click here to read about the convention and view the pics

XXE Updates

Non Xena related

Cagney & Lacey was one of my favourite shows in the dim dark 1980s <g> so I was really chuffed to see this on the Universal Playback site

Cagney and Lacey set for 2002 release

Cagney and Lacey, the New York police detectives played by Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly, make their way onto VHS this year. Playback is releasing a nine episode box set of the series which ran from 1982-1988. The box set will be available to purchase from the web site for 19.99.

1 November

The following is from Creation Entertainment

LUCY LAWLESS and RENEE O'CONNOR have graciously accepted our invitation to attend this year's convention, pending work commitments. Lucy and Renee look forward to seeing everyone and sharing time with fans from around the world! Lucy and Renee will also be starring in Saturday Evening's Show:

A Theatrical Celebration

What a treat for us all: Lucy and Renee, live on stage together, in a true performance! Experience first hand the magic that made this incredible team part of worldwide television history! A once in a lifetime event, not to be missed! For more information go to: http://www.creationent.com/

Lucy News

The Bard's Corner

  • As a Halloween book release promotion, Advocate has organized a quick and easy contest where winners will receive a free trade paperback copy of "Echoes from the Mist." For more information click here http://midgit.co.uk/echoescomp.htm   and good luck!
  • "Castaway" (2nd edition) by Blayne Cooper (Advocate) & Ryan Daly (Fanatic)is now available for pre-order from Fortitude Press.  Books are expected to be in stock and ready for shipping on Dec. 3, 2002.  Credit cards will NOT be charged until shipping.  For more information go here  http://midgit.co.uk/advocate2.htm

Subtext Virtual Season 8

Episode 1 - Virtual Season

s8e01.jpg (37879 bytes)
The eighth season of Xena: Warrior Princess opens with Xena and Gabrielle looking for a bath and winding up with a lot more than they bargained for.

Xena Merchandise News

  • Last Dance in Pasadena DVD is being shipping on the 15 November 2002 according to an invoice I received last night. For more information about ordering the DVD and the contents - http://www.creationent.com/xena/

Xenaverse News

  • The movie "Ghost Ship" has a Xena regular on board - Karl "Caeser" Urban.
    Click here a screenshot.
    Many thanks to Cassie for the information

The following is from BardKC & CN Winters

  • We're organizing an auction for Carol Georgio's daughter who's going through expensive medical treatments for her battle with cancer. It's taking a toll on this Xena bard both emotionally and financially. Myself and another Xenite are trying to get items to auction off that will go to Carol to help pay these hospital bills. She's not a non-profit organization so you can't 'write off' your contributions but it would be wonderful if people would look past that and donate to this cause. Things are still in the planning stage. At this time we are looking for fellow bards who will donate books, tapes, autographed story covers, you name it. Also if there are any fans out there that would like to
    donate any personal items to the cause that would also be appreciated. You can contact CN cnwinters@hotmail.com and BardKC kmcmage@aol.com


Search the web for:

Australian Red Cross Bali Appeal & WorldVision Australia Special Bali Appeal,
will help to assist Balinese burns victims and families, including orphans, following the tragic Bali bombings

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