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30 November

Reminder: If you wish to participate in the Friend in Need greeting card drive for survivors of Katrina - please see the following message.

Older Articles - 2000

Boogeyman Movie Update

Lucy Lawless Boogeyman DVD
Boogeyman has been released in Australia and is available to purchase from DVDOrchard.

Click here to order

Click here to go to Boogeyman Movie Site



Xena Music Videos

I'm very pleased to announce the addition of Power of Xena to the Music Video Section.

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Worth The Pain (Complete) by Iseqween
    Xena’s obsession with Alti’s fourth-season vision of Gabrielle’s death severely tests the soulmates’ bond during CRUSADER, PAST IMPERFECT and PARADISE FOUND.

29 November

Xena Videos

Lucy Lawless as Xena Video clip

TV1 in Australia is showing Xena again starting from Sins of the Past last night. They also have the funniest Xena commercials.

Added Foxtel TV1 Xena Commercial - 28 November 2005


Lucy US TV Alerts for November (TV Now Listings)

  • Eurotrip Mon  Nov 28  10:00A on Cinemax #2
  • The X-Files Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 1
    Wed  Nov 30  12:00A on TNT
  • The X-Files Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 2
    Wed  Nov 30  1:00A on TNT

DVD & Movies Update

The X Files Super Soldiers (Four Disc Mythology Collection)
Features Lucy's appearance as Shannon McMahon in the season 9 episodes "Nothing Important Happened Today - Parts 1 and 2"
Available to order from

*Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news*


28 November

Xenite Watch

Terrina & Linda visit CindyT & Sandra in WAJust wanted to share this wonderful picture that was taken yesterday. Terrina and Linda paid CindyT and her partner Sandra a surprise visit as they were passing through WA!!

They are doing well and their spirits are as upbeat as ever. :O) Today they were actually planning to participate in the Seattle Marathon!! LOL

Cheer Up Hurricane Katrina Survivors Card Campaign

Taipo has a great idea to lift the spirits of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. It involves a woman who started an aid distribution center all on her own in New Orleans. Find out how you can participate.  

27 November


Renee's site has been updated

26 November

Lucy Back from New Orleans

Lucy and Sharon are back from New Orleans. They "left pieces of our heart and soul in New Orleans".  The site will be updated with images and video footage. There is a new pic of Lucy in The Ninth Ward looking at the devastation. Click here to go to Lawless Ink


Lucy Pictures

Lucy at the Factory - Added 24 Pictures by Dan Sloane


Added scan of Lucy and Quentin Tarantino to Double Dare Page


Added high resolution scan from The 31st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner / House Of Blues.



25 November

First Pictures of Lucy at the The 31st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner / House Of Blues - on stage and dancing!
 Lucy Lawless Dancing
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 23: Deacon John (L) plays guitar while actress Lucy Lawless dances as Sheriff Marlin Gusman's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner honors first responders to Hurricane Katrina on November 23, 2005 at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
More Images on Getty Images  - do a search for Lucy Lawless.
*Many thanks to Morwen for the news


I posted yesterday an old article from the Daily News dated 19 August 1996 and there was this gorgeous Lucy photo in b/w (and not in excellent quality) so I went hunting to see if it was still available from the Daily News paper.

It is :) - do a search for Lucy Lawless and you will find a few pics there including the pic above.

Priced at $35 for the 8 x 10

Lucy Crossword Puzzle

24 November

The Bard's Corner

Uber Fiction

Articles - 1996

Articles - 1997

23 November

Upcoming Lucy Events:

A couple of tough days ahead for Lucy as she heads back to New Orleans to lend her support to the fundraising efforts. It's going to be a very tough ride back but not as tough as the people that have lost their homes and have lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers go out to those people and to Lucy and Sharon.

How can you help? By donating money so you can help someone have a thanksgiving dinner:

The following is from Corps of Compassion:

Bring Thanksgiving back to New Orleans - help us provide an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner for 5000 people who need your help.

Join Sheriff Marlon N. Gussman, The Corps of Compassion and Feed The Relief to feed the elderly, displaced and First Responders - who are also now the victims - homeless and away from their families. You can sponsor an individual, a family or full tables - donate money and gift-cards today:

  • Individual Dinners $20

  • Family $100

  • Full Table $200

Corporate Sponsorship Available - call for details 702-544-1400

If you wish to donate you can do so through paypal through the Corps of Compassion site

Lucy Attending New Orleans Fundraisers Nov. 23 and 24

The following is from Sharon Delaney / Official Lucy Fan Club

  • Lucy's headed off to New Orleans tomorrow to attend a couple fundraisers on Nov. 23 and 24.  One is the New Orleans Louisiana Sheriff's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration at the New Orleans House of Blues.  Another one is in Jefferson Parish on Nov. 23.  She wants to help raise awareness that there is still much to be done in New Orleans and on Thanksgiving, this is the time to find a way to do some giving ourselves.
  • Further to the announcement above Sharon indicated she will be going with Lucy and filming thier journey: Iam going with her and the video camera is powered up and loaded with tapes.  I'll be documenting every part of the trip I can.  I don't know that we'll have any internet access so I may be offline until Thanksgiving night.  I don't really have any words for what I'm feeling right now.  Both Lucy and I just hope some good will come of it. Everyone take care of yourselves and each other.

Tickets for the New Orleans Louisiana Sheriff's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration are not available. According to the press release:

"On Wednesday, November 23, the night before Thanksgiving, the House of Blues has offered the venue, upon its return since being closed following Hurricane Katrina, to have a free concert for the first response team as its first event. Tickets will be distributed by lottery."

Sharon wasn't sure if Lucy was to perform at the free concert.

Battlestar Galactica News
  • Final Cut Deleted Scenes - Video Clips has released video of the deleted scenes from Battlestar Galactica episode "Final Cut" starring Lucy as D'anna Biers Check them out at -
    Many thanks to Jenn from XWPOnline for the news

Circle of Passion Event

Lucy at the Factory Pictures

Added pictures from Angela who was also in the front row watching Lucy perform.


Veronica Mars Update

  • Lucy has just finished filming the Veronica Mars episode "Donut Run". This episode is scheduled to air in the US on 18 January 2006.
    Source: Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club / Sharon Delaney
  • Veronica Mars To Be Shown On Aussie TV
    According to Channel 10 website "Veronica Mars" Pilot episode will air
    28 November 2005 at 7:30 pm. Lucy's episode "Donut Run" is Season 2 Episode 11 so we have a ways to go before being shown in Oz but if you all want to get into the mood and see what this show is about - now's a good time. I have been told it's an excellent show. *Many thanks to Sue for the news*


Faces of the Fans DVD Update

Hello everyone!

This is just to let you know that FOF is ready!  You saw the trailer on Auxip, now it’s time to take a look the final product!  If you would like a copy, please let us know. 

As we said before, we will not charge anything for FOF, just the necessary to cover postage and the material we used - the same you’d pay if we were sending you a blank dvd and cd both in a double case.  Anything you send above that (if any at all) will go to the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation - after all it wouldn’t be a Xenite project, if it wasn’t directed to the Great Good too.  If you have another charity you’d like to support, just send us the money to cover material and postage and let us know which charity you sent a donation to, so that we can put it on our website/newsletter as well.  

For more information, contact us at .  Or go to to know more about the FOF - Faces Of the Fans project.

We hope you like watching it as much as we liked working on it!

FOF on! 

The Canberra Xena Gang


22 November



  • Locusts will be shown on Aussie TV on Channel 7 at 9:30 pm on Sunday night 27 November 2005. - For Melbourne and Sydney fans it's on at 9:30 pm and 10 pm for Adelaide fans. Please check your tv guide for the time in other States.
    Many thanks to Mazzy for the heads up
  • Locusts Trivia: The local tv guide "TV Week" Magazine is listing Locusts as Locusts: Day Of Destruction. What's wrong with this title? Channel 7 or TV Week have mixed up their movies! Category 6: Day of Destruction and Locusts got a switcharoo in titles!

Promo Pictures

Lucy Premieres and Events

2002 - Added four high resolution images from Lucy's attendance at the 2002 Post Emmy Awards Party.



21 November

Vampire Bats Update


Lucy Lawless Fanlisting Update

The Lucy Lawless Physical Fan Listing has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 287 members from 40 countries. Click here to join the fanlisting


20 November


Veronica Mars Update

There is a brief mention of Lucy on the Kristen Bell blog about working with Lucy on the upcoming Veronica Mars episode "Donut Run":

...On the up side? I've been getting to work with Lucy Lawless! Who... yeah. Let's just say that having 5'11 Lucy and 5'0 me in the same show together has made Don yank out his hair insofar as fancy camera tricks go. *grins*

Click here to read more of the blog


Lucy Photoshoots



Added high resolution scans of Lucy from Make Up Magazine


Lucy Magazine Covers - 2005

Added new high resolution scans of Lucy Magazine covers for 2005
Added new high resolution scan of Lucy Magazine covers for 1999


Lucy Articles


19 November

ROC Auction

Renee has one of her Xena portraits on auction on Ebay.

This is an oil painting i made of 'Xena Warrior princess". I wanted to express both sides of the character, in the way I saw her throughout the years. one side of her had the untamed, warrior within, the red side. I wanted to get her distant, yet challenging self in the red eye. the other, the yellow side, is the more cool and calm part of xena. i still wanted to get a sense of her feeling slightly unsettled in the blue eye. to me, both parts make up who she is, and I hope you enjoy it! the painting is 8 inches by 10 inches and comes unframed. the original oil painting is for sale, but roc productions will maintain the copyright. thanks, renee


Battlestar Galactica News

Lucy's Upcoming BSG Episode News

  • Updated news about Lucy's episode Downloaded. Downloaded has been put on hold and Lucy's part moved to another upcoming episode.
    Click here to read more

Official BSG Magazine with Lucy Interview

The Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine #2 has a Lucy interview.

The OFFICIAL BATTLESTAR GALACTICA MAGAZINE. Nothing but Battlestar Galactica! Feature interview with Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff ". Interview with Lucy Lawless. Interview with Mary "President Roslin" McDonnell. Interview with Richard "Tom Zarek" Hatch. Interview with Aaron "Chief" Douglas. TONS MORE Loaded with Full Color Photos front to back. Centerfold Pull Out Poster, one side is President Roslin the other a Starbuck.

You can order it from Powerstar Collectibles (look under Battlestar Galactica) for $6.95 (US)

Lucy mention:

  • NZ Herald - $12m theatre project gets go-ahead
    The curtain will rise on a new theatre project in the Aotea arts quarter today with seed funding of $4.6 million from the Auckland City Council...The New Theatre Initiative, whose patrons and champions include a former mayor, Governor-General Dame Cath Tizard, Roger Hall, Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand, have raised $1.5 million.


Hudson News

  • The Dutch Star Con which was scheduled for 3-4 December 2005 has been moved to May. Unfortunately, with the change in date, they are going to lose Hudson as a guest.  Click here for more info
    Many thanks to Barbara for the news

18 November

Lucy Lawless Fanlisting Update

The Lucy Lawless Physical Fan Listing has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 275 members from 40 countries. Click here to join the fanlisting
Added more screencaptures from the videos by Cindy. Screencaptures were done by Cindy.



Xena Music Videos

  • Added Let It Whip - Video by gabEgrrl
    A tribute to the dancing queens of the 2005 Xena Convention Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. Set to the song Let It Whip, this is a really feel good video. Episode footage from Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire, A Tale of Two Muses, Old Ares Had A Farm and still images from the convention.


16 November

UK VCR Alert

  • For UK Fans - Locusts will be screened on 7 December 2005 at 10 pm on Sky One
    Many thanks to Jan for the news

The Factory

15 November

New Lucy Articles


Added a new subsite dedicated to Lucy's singing career bringing together all the various mini sites dedicated to Lucy's various singing and theatre roles.


Feedback / Suggestions are always welcome

Added more Factory screencaptures from Cindy's videos to the site
Screencaptures created by Cindy




14 November

Updated the Cool Sites section with the addition of Power of Xena website. It's a cool new site with music slideshows.

Update on the news about the Factory DVD: The show was filmed and they hope to release it on dvd (not definite as yet).

Video Update: Video clip #1b - Lucy singing Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves - ride side up... Teri did some editing and managed to get Lucy right side up. A tough job I'm sure but someone had to do it <g>




Renee's Ebay Pics are now being auctioned. Some from Bardcon.
Check them out.


Added pictures of Renee from Bardcon by Ro.



13 November


Added new wallpaper based on Michelle's gorgeous images



Lucy At the Factory - Updated 12:00 am AEST

Video clips and Pictures by CindyT

Two video clips - Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (wmv format)and Down On My Knees (avi format)

Added Cindy's pictures


Lucy At the Factory - Updated 9:45 am AEST

Check out more of Michelle's pics from the soundcheck and the actual performance! Lucy looked FABULOUS!



Lucy At The Factory - Updated 9:15 am AEST

Added pictures by Michelle from the soundcheck. These are large images so they make take some time to download for those with slower connections. More pics to come!


This is from the soundcheck video - Sharon has posted video clip in wmv / mov  from the sound check. Click here to download clips

Click here to download some screencaptures from the video clip



Lucy Lawless Sound Check


Lucy's site has been updated with a pic of Lucy at the sound check!
Check it out :)



12 November 2005

Reminder: Lucy will be performing at the Factory TONIGHT in LA. To all those going, have fun. To those not going I'm sure we will be seeing photos and video of the event soon <g>

Premieres & Events

Added 28 larger images of Lucy at the screening of World Fastest Indian
from wire images, yahoo and getty.



Lucy On Veronica Mars TV Show

For those wanting to play catchup with this show, Season 1 is now available on DVD from

I've been told it's a brilliant show.


AUSPIX.NET Group of Sites Update

Irresistible: The Angie Harmon Fanlisting is now open. You may remember Angie Harmon from Law and Order, LAO: SVU, Baywatch Nights, Agent Cody Banks or the short-lived drama Inconceivable. Membership is free, so why not join if you're a fan :D


11 November

Xena Images


Added scans from the Creation 2005 Calendar.
Scanned by Roger


Lucy To Guest Star on Veronica Mars

The following information is from E Online Forum


Just found out that Lucy Lawless (you know, the Warrior Princess) is guest starring in the Jan. 18 episode of VERONICA MARS, entitled "Donut Run," written and directed by EP/creator Rob Thomas. She's going to play Agent Morris, a tough, cool, seasoned FBI agent who comes to Neptune to take lead on a kidnapping case that hits close to home with the Mars family. Lamb and Agent Morris will seriously clash during the investigation.

Lucy films her episode next week.
Click here to view the Lucy Lawless on Veronica Mars Subsite

Click here to discuss Veronica Mars and Lucy's appearance

Battlestar Galactica Update

  • Updated BSG subsite with news about BSG Mini Marathon on 20 December 2005.
    Click here for more info
  • More details are out on the Battlestar Galactica Season 2 DVDs coming out in December. The episode Final Cut (DVD Disk #2) will have producer Ron Moore's
    podcast commentary (also available on the SciFi BSG site) and deleted
    scenes according to the report just posted on the tvshowsondvd
    Many thanks to Annie for the news

The Factory Update

  • According to the lastest info on Lawless Ink, videotaping will be allowed (as well as cameras) for Lucy's performance! Cool beans for those going and for those not going, hopefully we will see it on video! For those going, keep your eyes peeled for AUSXIP's CindyT in the crowd :) Lucky gal.

Lawless Ink Update

The following is from Lawless Ink:

Lucy was invited to the GLAAD Garden Party this Sunday, but doesn't think she's going to be able to make it.  However, she wanted to contribute something to their auction so she's designing a piece of slogan art.  And here she is hard at work!

Click here to view pic of Lucy hard at work


10 November

Lucy Premiere Events

HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 08: Lucy Lawless arrives at the screening of the film "World's Fastest Indian" during AFI Fest presented by Audi at the ArcLight Theatre on November 8, 2005 in Hollywood, California.
Click here for more images of Lucy at the event from Daily Celeb and Getty Images

Many thanks to Jane for the news

Lucy at The Factory Event Update

Lucy At the Factory - Fan Meet Up Before Lucy's Performance

The following is from Taipo for those going to the Factory event where Lucy will be singing at midnight.

Poll still stands at 40.  Three of us are planning to have dinner at  The Flavor of India on Santa Monica, just a couple blocks from the Factory.  I'm thinking 7 pm, but that may change a bit.  Reservations are strongly recommended! So I'm going to make a reservation for 3 as soon as I get the time sorted with my buddies; I will include more people if you e-mail me by Wednesday afternoon to say you will definitely be there. 

If you want to know more about the restaurant- prices, food choices, etc., they have a great website- (310-274-1715)

It looks like a nice place with a wide range of choices and prices!  So drop me a line if you're sure you want to come.  taipogau @ (remove the blank spaces between the @


8 November

Lucy Lawless on Vampire Bats
Vampire Bats - Promo Pictures

Added one more Vampire Bats promo pic to the Gallery. Had to clean it up a bit because it was on the cover of TV Times and not in the batch that was sent to me from CBS Publicity.



Lucy Articles - 2005

Lucy Magazine Covers


7 November 2005

Older Articles - 1997

Xena Music Videos


6 November 2005

Lucy at The Factory / Girl Bar Event

Lucy Articles

Lucy Lawless Fanlisting Update

The Lucy Lawless Physical Fan Listing has been updated with new members. Current membership to the fanlisting stands at 249 members from 38 different countries.

Click here to join the fanlisting

The Bard's Corner



Judi's Wallpapers

Xenaverse News

This is for those who collect magazines (ST and Xena in particular). Ann is giving the following magazines away. If you are interested please contact Ann on

ST:Communicator------Jan '96, Mar/Apr 96,  Jun/Jul 96,  Jan/Feb '97, May/Jun 97, Noc/Dec '97 and Feb/Mar 98 (this has an exclusive interview with Jeri Ryan)

TV Zone:  Nov '99 (Xena on cover) Feb 2001 (Ditto)

Cult Times:  Jan 98 (X/G on cover) June '99 (Herc on cover)

Sci Fi Entertainment: Oct '97 (ST:NextGen complete ep guide)   Oct '98 (TOS stars speak-Shatner/Nimoy)


Added season 5 screen captures courtesy of Michelle.

509 Control [121 pictures], 510 Shaken [32 pictures],
511 Escape [109 pictures], 512 Brotherhood [70 pictures], 513 Hate [78 pictures], 514 Ritual [52 pictures], 515 Families [76 pictures], 516 Home [77 pictures]


4 November 2005

Vampire Bats Trivia

Here's some trivia from Jane (click on the thumbnail for a closer look)
Upon further "examination" of Maddy's red tank top near the beginning of the show, the pattern at the center of the tank is actually 2 chinese words linked together and they mean "luck."  The words are surrounded by 2 fish, which are Chinese symbols for luck

Alien Apocalypse

Josh Becker's Official Site "Becker Films" has a behind the scene look at Alien Apocalypse. There is a picture of Renee together Bruce and other cast.

Check out at


XenaMedia - Videos

Added CBS News report about Planet Xena and whether Planet Xena and Pluto is really a planet. Many thanks to Roger for the video clip.


The Bard's Corner

Uber Ficton

Xenaverse News

Swedish News

The following is from Mike from Sweden

This is the cover of SLICE magazine, the 2006 issue. Pictured on the front cover is Tarja Turunen, former lead singer of Nightwish (she was actually fired from the group about 10 days ago). As you can see she is posing with a latter day Xena chakram on the cover, which is pretty cool. Photographer Michael Johansson took the picture in the recordingstudio two years ago when the band recorded their last album "Once" (a million seller in Europe). The shot fits this issue well because the fifth season in our Xenaguide is included in this magazine.


2 November 2005

Lucy's New Logo Shirt

Lawless Ink has been updated with the design of Lucy's new logo shirt "Who's Yo Mama?" Lucy explains why she chose that for the shirt. Lucy and Sharon model the t-shirts (Lucy wearing the small version of the sleevless version is a sight to see...she looks like she can't breath).

For those going to The Factory, special arrangements have been made. For more info go to: Lawless Ink - Logo Shirt section


1 November 2005

The Vampire Bats screencaptures are now online. Many thanks to Roger for doing these grabs. They took a lot of time and effort (with a recalcitrant server getting uppity) and I want to thank Roger for the work that was done. Awesome job. There are 1357 captures. The screencaptures are located at Screencaptures Page

In the meantime, ratings news for the movie are located on zap2it - VB got a 4/0.7 and came up against Greys Anatomy (I love that show). They are the "fast nationals", or overnight ratings. They are preliminary because they only take into account the big city markets.,1002,272|98312|1|,00.html
Many thanks to LB for the link

For Locusts:

CBS' first hour of "Locusts!" had an 8.1/12 and the second half was second, beating the 5.8/9 for "Crossing Jordan" on NBC--

Online Memorial Service to be held for LJ Maas. The following is from Ana:

I will host a memorial/remembrance service for Virginia Good (Missy Good's mum that recently passed away), LJ Maas and pups who have passed away. I will create a meeting for this purpose so that we can use the chat feature.  Some of you know that even though I am a pastor (Presbyterian to boot) I don't think we have the market cornered when it comes to religion, faith, etc..  I am doing some research because it is my
intention to incorporate not only Jewish and Christian traditions, but  pagan, budist, and muslim to name a few.

Time and date:  NOVEMBER 5, @ 9 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Many of you are in diferent time zones.  Please, please, make sure to figure the correct time and date for you so you can participate. You can join the list located here

Vampire Bats Videos

Added 18 video clips from the movie Vampire Bats.
Screencaptures will follow

Videos created by Roger.



31 October 2005

More Scanned Articles / Magazine Covers


Reminder: Vampire Bats 9 pm on CBS for US Fans



Links to Articles




Click here for October 2005 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates


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14 January 2006

Official Xena Convention
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