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30 November 2006

Upcoming Lucy TV Interview

  • Lucy is scheduled to be appear on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on CBS for 13 December 2006. Click here to view schdule
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Ticket info

Lucy Battlestar Galactica Episode Stills

AUSXIP Auction Update

There's been a slight hitch with Renee's autographed pictures...they took a slight detour to AUSTRIA instead of AUSTRALIA. Someone at UPS needs a geography lesson. Not to worry the pics have arrived safe and well (and with more frequent flyer miles) and will be scanned in on the weekend in time for the auction start on Monday 4 December.

Lucy Articles - 2006

Lucy In Concert Update

News from the Sharon Delaney's Official Xena Fan Club Page

We're creating some terrific merchandise for Lucy's concert. Bags, jackets, posters, t-shirts and other apparel. Here's a sneak peek at the logo (tentative).


The following is from Creation's Ticket Information section

There are also 60 VIP seatings for Sunday's show which are in raised booths at the back of the theatre and these are available for $140 each. The ONLY way to order these tickets is by telephone (using a credit card) and calling 818 409 0960 x216 during BUSINESS HOURS PACIFIC TIME WEEKDAYS. We will take these in the order in which they come in until sell-out.

As a courtesy to those attending The Official XENA CONVENTION at The Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel we have arranged for buses that will leave from the hotel (at the main lobby entrance) at 6:30 pm and return to the hotel after the show. The Roxy has food and beverage on sale for early arrivals such as our group. BUS TICKETS are $12.00 each and MUST BE ORDERED BY DECEMBER 4TH so we can reserve as many buses as required.



To order any of these go to: Creation's Ticket Information section

Justice League Animated Movie Update

The following was posted on Sharon Delaney's Official Xena Fan Club Page

  • Lucy did the voice of Wonder Woman for an upcoming Justice League dvd. She says the art isn't done yet so the release date may be 2008.

Ghost Town Movie Update

  • New Renee Pictures
    Stella now has a webpage up for Ghost Town with pics including one cutie with ROC and and a baby (possibly Iris)  Check it out at
    Many thanks to Gabsfan for the link

29 November 2006

Lucy In Concert Update

The following was posted on Lucy's official list by Sharon Delaney:


This is the final night! There will be no additional nights added!!! Go here to order tickets --

Order Tickets / Creation Entertainment

Lucy Video & Screencaptures

Added video and screencaptures from the TV1 News segment of Lucy at Coupeland's Bakery.

Click here to download


Last two days for submissions to the Art and Video Competition! If you haven't submitted your artwork or music video, you need to put your skates on and hurry up <g>

For more info about this go to: AUSXIP 10th Anniversary Art & Video Comp Rules and Submission guidelines - To submit your artwork/video - send a message to

2007 Xena Convention News

For members of the Talking Xena Message Board, EZ Ryder has just announced that there will be a meetup for all members at the con:

This will be the 3rd annual TX meet up at the con, and I for one am very much looking forward to it! The meet up time and day will be Friday Jan. 12th, 10am to 11am in the Burbank Hilton hotel lobby.  We have quite a list of people going so far, and to all you lurkers out there who are going to the con and reading this, we'd love to meet you! We are a friendly bunch, so feel free to post on the TX Message board and introduce yourself, or just come on down to the meet up. You'll be glad you did.


28 November 2006

New Lucy Interview - IF Magazine

Xena actress gets down and dirty about Cylons, spirituality, and James Callis in the buff - Contains Spoilers

Click here to read interview

Lucy Battlestar Galactica Episode Stills

Lucy Articles - 2006

Lucy Radio Interview

Lucy was interviewed today KPFK - radio show. The big news is that Lucy will be appearing at the Dinah Shore Weekend on March 30, 2007 to sing a couple of songs (confirmed on Lucy's site). She also talked about Battlestar Galactica, Celebrity Duets and the upcoming Cracked Xmas 9 / Trevor Project Event.

Many thanks to Brandi and Roger for the news

New Subsite

Lucy UK VCR Alerts

27 November 2006

AUSXIP Auction Update

In a few days I will be posting the auction catalog, FAQ and other details about the upcoming AUSXIP Auction that will start on 4 December. There are HEAPS of goodies like autographed pictures from Lucy and Renee (autographed especially for the auction), Juicy Flawless T-shirt autographed by Lucy, Renee autographed goodies, Renee autographed t-shirts and artwork especially created for the auction by Lucia and autographed by Lucy and Renee, autographed scripts, non autographed pictures...heaps and heaps of things.

There are some very unique / rare items in this auction....Stay Tuned!

Upcoming Lucy Radio Interview

The following was posted by Sharon Delaney on the Official Lucy list:

Message from Rita Gonzalez who did a radio interview with Lucy. The interview is this evening -- approximately 7:28 pm PT. We also stream on the web at

The show is

KPFK 90.7Fm Los Angeles
and 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara

Monday evening

7-8 pm


Lucy Interview - We Love Lucy -

There is this absolutely WONDERFUL interview at where Lucy talks about Battlestar Galactica (there are some minor spoilers), Celebrity Duets and the news that Lucy has voiced the character of Wonder Woman in a new Justice League DVD.

“I'm drawn to spicy roles,” the perennial badass says. Besides playing a warrior princess, the 38-year-old actor was recently in the studio voicing the character of Wonder Woman for a Justice League DVD. “I've turned down just about every cop or journalist TV series,” Lawless admits. “I cannot chain myself to boredom.”

Read the full interview here

Upcoming Lucy Event - Cracked Xmas 9

  • It has been confirmed on Lucy's site that Lucy will be singing two songs at the Cracked Xmas 9 for the Trevor Project Event. For more information about tickets and news of this event go to Cracked Xmas 9 subsite.

Tarzan TV Series Update

  • For Italian fans, tv station Italia1 in Italy will air Tarzan staring from episode 1 and 2 at 22.55 on 7 December 2006. Many thanks to Xandrella for the news

Ghost Town Movie Update

  • Producer/Director Dean Teaster wrote a thank you to the people of Haywood County that was printed in The Mountanier 27 November 2006
    ‘Ghost Town’ producer extends thanks for help with film by Dean Teaster
    I wanted to take this time to write the editor and thank a few folks in helping make the movie “Ghost Town” in Maggie Valley and Canton. Read more
    Many thanks to Mike for the news


26 November 2006

Lucy in Concert Update

  • It seems the tickets for Lucy's concert at the Roxy is not sold out so if you are going to the con and would also like to see Lucy do a stage dive (she may do a stage dive) you can book here:

Lucy Articles - 2006

Ghost Town Movie Update

New Renee Pics

  • More Renee pics - these are from the personal photographer hired by Renee, Ed And Oenita - Photographers, which she was filming in North Carolina.
    Many thanks to Kristina and Gabsfan for the news

New Lucy Message & Song Lyrics

Xena on Itunes

  • For those in the US, you can now download Xena episodes on Itunes for $1.99.  Many thanks to Mesh for the news


25 November 2006

Lucy Interview - NZ Radio 25 November 2006

  • Lucy was interviewed on NZ Radio station Viva Radio. The interview was about Lucy's involvement with Starship, the World T-Shirts to the Circle The Earth trip that her cousin is doing. An interesting comment at the end was Lucy saying that concert in LA has been sold out and they may be another concert for those that missed out. Jo emailed Sharon and asked her about this. If/when the decision is made to add another show, Sharon/Creation will let everyone know.
    Many thanks to Jo for the news

Lucy Magazine Alert

  • SFX Magazine #151 has a Lucy interview and some cool pics. Many thanks to Rose and the Xenaville Message Board for the news

Ghost Town Movie Update


  • The Mountaineer - October 2006
    Movie takes center stage
    There’s more to ‘Ghost Town’ than meets the eye
    People from all over the country, some from other parts of the world, are trickling into Haywood County day by day to take part in a project they believe has tremendous potential. In simple terms, they call it film-making. But looking back on the first week of actual shooting, those involved said there is much more taking place on the set of Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town” than meets the eye....Read more

24 November 2006

Lucy Interviews - Close Up (NZ TV1)

Lucy's interview with Susan Wood on NZ TV1 Close Up is now available to download - two video clips and screencaptures. Many thanks to Calli for the video tape.

Click here to download clips and screencaptures


Ghost Town Movie Update

Ghost Town Movie Interview

Q & A with Writer, Producer and Director Dean Teaster

Dean answers questions about the movie, Renee and upcoming projects.



23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans :)


You have 6 days to submit your artwork or music videos to AUSXIP'S 10th Anniversary Art & Video Comp!

Click here for rules and how to enter

Battlestar Galactica


Older Articles - 2000

Lucy in Concert Update

The following is from Creation Entertainment

  • We wanted to let all know that this is most likely a final call for tickets for the Lucy Lawless Concert scheduled for the world famous ROXY THEATRE on Sunset Strip in Hollywood on the night of January 13th. An amazing 90 minutes of our fave gal on stage singing (how long have we waited for this!!). You know Lucy like we know Lucy and we all know she is gonna knock our socks off! CLICK HERE SO YOU DON'T MISS THIS EXCITING CONCERT EVENT!

22 November 2006

Lucy Premieres & Other Events - Coupeland's Bakery

Lucy was serving biscuits and pies at Coupeland's Bakery in Christchurch New Zealand - 22 November 2006 as part of her deal when she was "auctioned" off at the Starship Charity Ball in March 2006.

Call went to Coupeland's Bakery and met Lucy. Read her report and pictures.

TV One News - Lucy Baking Pies

TV One News also has a behind the scenes look at Lucy baking some pies and wearing a lovely pink hat :)
Click here to view video cliip

Upcoming Lucy Event - Cracked Xmas 9

Lucy will be attending a Trevor Project Charity Event - Cracked Xmas 9

Battlestar Galactica Update

  • BSG won't be on next week and the following week Unfinished Business will be shown - Lucy is not in this episode. Next Lucy appearance will be The Passage on  December 8, 2006 - Click here to view schedule

BSG moving to a new timeslot....

  • Ausiello Report Scoop! Battlestar Galactica on the Move!
    A Sci Fi Channel rep is now confirming what I've been hinting at for
    weeks: Battlestar Galactica is saying "Frak you!" to Friday. The galaxy's best space epic ever is heading to Sundays at 10 pm beginning Jan. 21, when the show returns with the second half of Season 3.
    Many thanks to LB for the news


  • - Sci/Fantasy
    Lucy Lawless - Number Three - Number Three - Vital Stats: Lucy Lawless first appeared as the take-no-prisoners reporter D'anna Biers in "Final Cut." She seemed fair for all her toughness, however, so it was something of a shock at the end of the episode to find out she's a Cylon... Read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Pictures Links

  • The Celebpixel blog has high res pictures of Lucy taken by papparazi of her at The Hyde. Click here to view

Lucy In Concert Update

  • IFMagazine has an article about Lucy's upcoming concert.
    THE SKINNY: All right Lucy Lawless fans, its time to come to mama! Lawless will be performing for one night only as part of a XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS convention being held by Creation Entertainment in January. This is the perfect time for fans of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, XENA and all of Lucy’s works to turn out and support the lady as she takes the stage and wows all with her crystal voice! Here’s the details... Read More

Xena Trading Cards Update

Rittenhouse Archives has released information about the new Xena Trading Card Set

Xena's Back in all all-new trading card set, Xena: Dangerous Liaisons! Relive the danger, the excitment, the intrique of this ground-breaking television series.

The all new Xena: Dangerous Liaison trading cards will feature 2 Costume Cards Per Box! Collectors will be delighted to find both single and dual costume cards of their favorite Xena characters in this series with an all-new costume card design. Click here for more details and how to order
many thanks to LB for the news


20 November 2006

Lucy Pictures - Griffith Observatory Re-Opening Galactic Gala

Added high resolution scan of Lucy at the Griffith Observatory Re-Opening Galactic Gala.

Click here to view

Lucy Interview Update

Lucy On Close Up, TV One with Susan Wood

We hear a lot about the downside of fame but there are some times when celebrity status can do a lot of good. Lucy Lawless is still best known to the world as Xena but she's also well known for her charity work, supporting the likes of World Vision, the Breast Cancer Foundation and the children's hospital Starship. She's in town to catch up with family and fulfil some of her Starship obligations, including one in Christchurch on Wednesday when she'll spend the day working in Coupland's bakery, after she was auctioned off at a Starship fundraiser earlier in the year. Lucy Lawless joins Susan Wood live in the studio.

View the Video of the interview on TV One Site
- Many thanks to Calli and Jo for the news / Roger for the link

Lucy DVD News

The Darkroom DVD Cover has been released. 
A teenage boy befriends an escapee from a mental institution who sees
visions of horrible murders being committed.  Starring Lucy Lawless, Shawn Pyfrom and Greg Grunberg Mindfire Entertainment / CFQ Films  Mike Hurst and Mark A. Altman

To Be Released: 2 January 2007

Xena Mentions

  • PopMatters - Queer, Isn't It?: Gay Icons: Judy Who?
    Our choice for icons is about more than just high camp and melodrama; it's about who we are in a fundamental way.... Perhaps the qualities of a lesbian icon are best represented in the character of Xena, Warrior Princess, who was must-see TV for many lesbians during her six seasons on the air. I couldn’t possibly count the number of times that the lesbian who lived next door to us called in a panic, “I have to work late. Can you go next door and set my VCR to record Xena?” There wasn’t a man or god whose ass Xena couldn’t kick and look good doing it...Read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news/links

18 November 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Episode Hero: Video Clips

Added 4 video clips from the episode Hero.

There is no preview for next week's show as Lucy will not be in that episode.

Episode Hero: Screencaptures

Added screencaptures from the episode Hero


New Lucy Message

  • Lucy has a new message on her site about thanking her fans and asking people to forward a note to five women that we know. Click here to read


Ghost Town Movie Update

Promotional Images - Official Ghost Town Poster

First Look At the Official Ghost Town Poster

(C) 2006, Ghost Town "The Movie" L.L.C. All Right Reserved - Photographer Dean Teaster


Behind The Scenes Pictures

More behind the scenes pics of Renee courtesy of Dean Teaster.
There is also a picture which was taken in the early morning just above Ghost Town In the Sky Theme Park which is just one of the most gorgeous landscapes I've seen in a long time. Breathtakingly beautiful.

View the new ROC pics  |  View the landscape

Q&A With The Ghost Town Director

Dean Teaster co-wrote, produced and directed the movie Ghost Town with Renee.

If you would like to ask a question about the movie or Renee's involvement with the movie, you can now send an email with your question. Please have your question emailed to me at by the end of Sunday.

17 November 2006

Lucy In Concert Subsite


  • The 60 tickets for the VIP area (seated at the back of the Roxy) have been sold out. Standing room only tickets are still available.

Behind The Scenes Pictures

This has to be one of my favourite pictures of Renee from the behind
the scenes of Ghost Town (so far). She is so cute with that cheeky grin. Dean sent me some pictures that I have posted in the Behind The Scenes galleries including a couple of Eric Jones, the 1st assitant director.
Click here to view the Renee pics
Click here to view Cast and Crew pics

Battlestar Galactica

  • Upcoming Episode: Hero

Episode Stills

  • There is only one episode still from this episode of Lucy as D'anna Biers.
    Click here to view

External Links - Video clips

  • AOL Television has a preview of the episode up on their site. Click here to view
    Please remember than this will spoil you if you are keeping spoiler free.


Ghost House Pictures / new Rob Tapert Short Video0

  • 30 Days Crew returns from Snow Farm
    Director David Slade and Producer Rob Tapert are glad to be back on
    the stage as production keeps rolling.
    click here to view video clip

16 November 2006

Ghost Town Movie Update

I received a very nice email from Dean Teaster, the director for Ghost Town which I was asked to share with all Renee fans. Dean describes working with Renee.

Click here to read the note "A Word From The Director"


Ticket Information for Lucy Live At The Roxy - Info from Creation Entertainment Site:

JANUARY 13, 2007
9009 W. Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, California

The Roxy is a standing room facility which will create an intimate 90 minute performance. All tickets sold through this site on-line are standing only. There are only 425 tickets available and if, by chance, your order is received after we sell out your card will be refunded immediately. Tickets are only $65.00: please order quickly!

Additionally we can offer 60 VIP seatings which are in raised booths at the back of the theatre. They are priced at $140 and can be ordered ONLY by telephone at this number (818) 409-0960 x 216 during business hours Pacific Time. We will process these in order of receipt until this section is sold out.

Click here to order tickets

The Roxy Theatre Website

If you want to see what the layout of The Roxy is go to their website and check out the Production Link.


Ghost Town Movie Update

Movie Stills

Behind The Scenes Images


Lucy In Concert Subsite

Lucy To Sing 18-20 Songs!

  • Lucy's site has been updated with some news about the concert in January. For those going it will be an absolute treat - Lucy will be singing 18-20 songs! Tickets will be on sale soon at Creation's website.
    Source: Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club Page

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy's Site has been updated with a new Lucy blog entry - it's a Q&A about working on Battlestar Galactica:

  • SD: What did part did Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials play in your discussion with the Battlestar producers?

    Lucy: At first I was attracted to the role of D'Anna Biers, because she examines some major philisophical questions about the afterlife, re-incarnation, the nature of God, within and without. These are also central to His Dark Materials. I bought this trilogy up with David Eick in particular, because it's just so darn heretical in parts and it forces you to examine your own beliefs in much the same way as BSG does. Of course you can get away with these musings in fantasy and Sci-fi, but we geeks know there is a whole lot of truth hidden in a good joke.

    Click here to read more

15 November 2006

If you all have nothing better to do (after you've read the lastest update) you might want to wander over to the Xena Scrolls and read A Day in the Life segment that I wrote for the Online Xena Convention. Just a little look behind the scenes of AUSXIP.


Ghost Town Movie Update


Added Lucy subsite

  • Lucy In Concert 2007 Lucy Lawless In Concert subsite is dedicated to Lucy's upcoming concert in Los Angeles in January 2007. It will have the latest news, links, venue and ticket information and later pictures and other multimedia.


Dragonlance Movie Update

Goldmoon of the Que Shu (Lucy Lawless) Dragonlance Book/Movie Fanlisting

The Goldmoon of the Que Shu (Lucy Lawless) Dragonlance Book/Movie Fanlisting has now opened.
If you are a fan of the books and the character of Goldmoon as well as Lucy who voiced the character, you can now join. It's free!


  • - Lawless Channels Xena In Dragons
    Lucy Lawless (SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica) told SCI FI Wire that she lapsed into her old voice from her Xena: Warrior Princess days while recording dialogue for the upcoming animated movie Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Based on the popular Dragonlance role-playing game and novels and their fantastical world of dragons, warriors and magic, the film features Lawless as the powerful female barbarian Goldmoon... Read more

Lucy Video Clips - Links

Lucy Out and About...

Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the following:

Lucy In Concert

The following was posted on Creation's Con Page:


November 15, 2006 update: You've heard the rumors and now we can confirm conclusively that the amazing Ms. L will be performing in concert (a full 90 minute show) during the convention weekend on Saturday Evening! Performance venue and ticketing information will be announced soon but we wanted all Lucy's worldwide fans to be able to make plans to be on hand for this incredible night! Note that we've opened up Saturday night by moving our dessert party to Friday late night so our attendees can see Lucy live in performance. The venue is located about 20 minutes away from the convention.


We're over the top happy today to announce that Lucy has graciously accepted our invitation to join our annual bash!

An internationally acclaimed superstar, Lucy recently wrapped up a run on CELEBRITY DUETS while starring in the fan favorite award-winning BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA! Lucy will be appearing on Sunday! We have a new unique format to showcase Lucy and Renee: both will appear separately and then on-stage together: "Best of Both Worlds" we say!

Grab the available tickets today (Preferred Weekends are the best we have available at the moment). Other ticket options will be on sale soon!


14 November 2006

New Lucy Video has a video clip of Lucy out and about with David Foster (Celebrity Duets producer). The blog doesn't really know much about Lucy (and it's a bit snarky) but the video is interesting. click here to view - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy Premieres and Other Events - Starship Charity Ball

Added high resolution scan of Lucy at the Starship Hospital Charity Ball New Zealand 6 March 2006. Many thanks to Geoffrey for the image

Lucy Premieres and Other Events - Happy Feet Premiere

  • Photorazzi site has two photos of Lucy from this event. Image #1 and Image #2
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links

Lucy Premieres & Other Events - Griffith Observatory

Xena Prop House Newsletter

The Xena Prop House is dedicated to Prop and wardrobe collectors everywhere for Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules Legendary Journeys. The newsletters contain a wealth of information for the prop collector.

Xena Movie Trailer - Music Video

  • Jenna sent me this link for a music video which she created that I thought you all might enjoy. It's a music video which focuses on the upcoming (hopefully soon before we enter another decade) Xena movie. This is REALLY a fantastic video. Click here to view it online

Babylon 5 News

During the last millenium one of my very first sites was a site dedicated to John and Delenn from Babylon 5 (I should resurrect that page one day). I LOVED B5. Why am I mentioning this? has announced that there will be a B5 DVD Movie

New Babylon 5 DVD Film Begins

Warner Home Video and Warner Brothers Television announced the start of production on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, a made-for-video movie that will tell two new stories set in the B5 universe. WHV will be the home-entertainment distributor for the made-for-DVD release, which will include two new stories under the collective subtitle "Voices of
the Dark" in one film, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes content. The stories will be written and directed by executive producer and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. Executive producer Doug Netter also returns in that role. Actors from the original series that have signed on to participate in the project include Bruce Boxleitner
(President John Sheridan), Tracy Scoggins (Capt. Elizabeth Lochley) and Peter Woodward (Galen).

The Lost Tales picks up several years after the events of the original Babylon 5 TV series and follows several of its major characters in new adventures set against the backdrop of the B5 universe. The movie will be released sometime in 2007.


Next Chapter - MaryD's Fiction Site

In the Blood Of The Greeks - 2nd Edition is no longer available. The 3rd Edition, published by PD Publishing will be available before the end of the year. Where Shadows Linger (the sequel to In the Blood of the Greeks will be published early next year).  I'm currently writing Book 3 - Hidden Truths (was Full Circle). This is a completely new story with elements from Full Circle but it has new material, a great deal of fleshing out and some new characters). I don't want to post in parts because at the moment it's going in fits and starts because of my schedule but it's humming along nicely.

13 November 2006

Ghost Town Movie Update

No Renee mention but more about the film and the stars:

  • The Mountanier 13 November 2006 Hollywood greats make ‘Ghost Town’ memorable With 24 days of filming behind them and a feature film well on the way, actors starring in Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town” are hanging up their holsters and returning home. But no one is leaving empty-handed. What Ghost Town stars are taking with them, they said, goes well beyond a new addition to their resume. “It’s been life changing,” lead actress Princess Lucaj said of playing Violet, a role that was her first lead in a feature film. Read more
    Many thanks to Mike McDonald for the news

Lucy Premiere & Other Events Pictures

Added more high resolution scans - Lucy Lawless Attends Happy Feet Premiere Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California United States 12 November 2006 - many thanks to LB and Geoffrey Hill for the images.

More pics of Lucy at this event can be found at:
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links

Darkroom Movie Update


  • Lucy Lawless Interview 13 November 2006 Lawless Pictures The Darkroom. Battlestar Galactica star Lucy Lawless told SCI FI Wire that she's completed production on an upcoming horror film entitled The Darkroom. Lawless, who plays D'Anna Biers on SCI FI Channel's original series, assays a supporting part in The Darkroom, which was directed by Michael Hurst (the SCI FI original movie House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim) and also features Greg Grunberg (NBC's Heroes).  Read more

Battlestar Galactica


12 November 2006

Lucy Naked Eye Camera - Message from Edgar

Dear Fellow Lucy Fans,

I just wanted to say how blown away I've been with all the nice emails I've received about sharing the Naked Eye Lucy pictures and say thanks for brightening my days with your words. Whether to share them or not was an extremely easy decision because of the wonderful example Ms. Lawless herself has presented in the giving of herself to her fans. I also want to say thanks to those who offered to help with the overexposed pictures from the 1st camera, they were much appreciated even though it had already been determined that there was nothing that could be done. Remember to pay it forward.

Best wishes,


Ghost Town Movie Update

Behind The Scenes Pictures

Behind The Scenes Report

MaryD's Art

Added new art of Xena riding Argo on the beach. Many thanks to Iseqween for the inspiration.



11 November 2006

Ghost Town Movie Update

Battlestar Galactica

Video Clips

Episode Video Clips - A Measure Of Salvation
Two video clips are available featuring Lucy as D'anna. Please be advised that clip #2 contains acts of torture.

  • Added preview clip to the next episode "Hero"


Added 107 screencaptures from the episode - A Measure Of Salvation



10 November 2006

First Xena Online Convention - 10-12 November

  • November 10-12 sees the first Xena Online Convention. You don't have to travel for endless hours to get to it. This event will run through Sunday & is open for access 24 hours a day. For more info go to: The Xena Scrolls

Ghost Town Movie Update

The scheduled released date for the movie is May 2007, in conjunction with the reopening of the Ghost Town Theme Park according to the article in the Citizen-Times.


  • Citizen Times 4 November 2006 Ghost Town shooting ends today
    MAGGIE VALLEY — “Ghost Town,” a full-length motion picture — an Eastern Western, if you will, based on Western North Carolina people of long ago — will complete shooting today at Ghost Town in the Sky, a theme park with Western atmosphere that has been closed since 2003.. Read more

Behind The Scenes Photos

  • Behind The Scenes on Ghost Town Movie Set - Mike McDonald was an extra on Ghost Town and these are his photos from the time he spent on the set of Ghost Town - Contributed by Mike Donald. No photos of Renee.

Battlestar Galactica

Next BSG episode tonight - A Measure Of Salvation (Episode Stills - warning you may be spoilt)

Lucy Articles - 2006

Lucy Wallpapers / Art


New wallpaper by Charis - Juicy in Red


The Bard's Corner


  • Stolen Souls (Complete) by KG MacGregor
    The tale of Vonne Maglio, who signs on for a two-week vacation at a working ranch in the Colorado canyons. Nothing at Sky Ranch is as it seem-but then, neither is Vonne.

Xenaverse Bards In Print

Now available through

Undercover Tales by Blayne Cooper, KG MacGregor, SX Meagher

From Blayne Cooper, author of Unbreakable, The Last Train Home, Madam President, and many others, comes Quicksand, a story about sinking into trouble so deep, there's no way out. Deceit, betrayal, and resisting sexual temptation were never part of private investigator Belinda Blaisdell's daily life. Until now. KG MacGregor, author of Shaken, The House on Sandstone, and Malicious Pursuit, presents Stolen Souls, the tale of Vonne Maglio, who signs on for a two-week vacation at a working ranch in the Colorado canyons. Nothing at Sky Ranch is as it seem-but then, neither is Vonne. From SX Meagher, author of I Found My Heart In San Francisco, comes Narc. The dark side of Chicago is a cauldron of crime. Drugs, sex, blackmail, bribery and corruption so deep you can swim in it. And that's just the cops. How does an honest detective wade through this muck to do her job?

9 November 2006

Upcoming Lucy Premiere Event

Happy Feet World Premiere - 12 November 2006

According to a press release issued by Warner Bros - Lucy will be attending the Happy Feet Movie World Premiere. She is not in the movie but is listed as being a guest celebrity at the premiere.


Sunday, November 12, 2006
Crew Arrivals: 8:30AM

Celebrity Arrivals: 10:00AM

Screening: 11:00AM

Grauman's Chinese

6925 Hollywood Blvd.




If you have not submitted your video or artwork for the Art & Video Competition, you have 20 days to do so before voting begins. If you would like to submit your art or video please refer to the following:

All submissions must be sent to

Lucy Magazine Covers - 2000

  • Added magazine cover of TV Week (Australia) 9-15 September 2000
  • Added magazine cover of TV Zone #130 (UK)
  • Added magazine cover of The Hollywood Reporter 4-10 January 2000

Older Lucy Articles - 1997

Steve Sears News

Congratulations to Steve Sears on his award from the Florida State University

  • Steve receives an award: Distinguished FSU alumni, faculty, staff to receive awards at Homecoming - Florida State University
    Among the honors to be announced at the Nov. 17 Awards Banquet is the FSU Alumni Association's highest, the Bernard F. Sliger Award, which recognizes a member of the university community who has, through his or her efforts, made a major contribution to the fulfillment of the institution's mission....

    Steven L. Sears (B.A. '80, theatre) is a successful Hollywood writer and producer with credits that include "The A-Team," "JJ Starbuck," "The Highwayman," "Father Dowling Mysteries," "Swamp Thing" and "Walker, Texas Ranger." He has been involved in numerous television pilots, features, interactive movies and animation projects. Sears also was co-executive producer of the hit syndicated series "Xena - Warrior Princess," and co-created and was executive producer of the Columbia/TriStar series "Sheena."

    He credits much of his success to guidance provided by former FSU School of Theatre Dean Richard Fallon. To help students avoid interrupting their education to make money (as he had to), Sears recently established the Steven L. Sears Scholarship in the School of Theatre to assist undergraduate and graduate students in maintaining "academic continuity."
    For more information about FSU's 2006 Homecoming events, visit and

7 November 2006

Lucy Article Scans

Lucy Photoshoots - 1997

Starship Children's Health

Battlestar Galactica - UK News

  • Just a quick reminder that Lucy's second season BSG episode, Downloaded, is due to be shown on Sky One in the UK at 23.59 on the 8th (or the 9th since it's past midnight) - Many thanks to Jan for the news
New Lucy Photos - Links

Lucy Lawless

Fom the tags that this rather nice pic of Lucy was taken at
the Bowling Alley 'do' after Celebrity Duets wrapped:
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Click here to view larger image

Ghost Town Movie Update

There is a report and pictures on the Waynesville Live Forum from the set of Ghost Town. The moderator of the forum, Mike, was an extra in the movie. Unfortunately No Renee pictures. Many thanks to LD for the link
Click here to view images and read a report


6 November 2006

Coming in December: AUSXIP'S 10TH Anniversary Charity Auctions

Coming Soon will be the biggest auction ever held on AUSXIP. Huger than HUGE!.
In celebration of the site turning 10 years old, we will be having auctions for the following:

  • Lucy Lawless autographed and non autographed items - 100% of the proceeds will benefit Starship Children's Health
  • Renee O'Connor autographed and non autographed items - 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
  • Special Auction in Memory of Aleida Santiago (Lucy autographed Items) - 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project
  • Steven Sears, Adrienne Wilkinson, Katherine Fugate, Melissa Good (autographed scripts, pictures, props etc) - Proceeds will be divided up between the Starship Children's Health and Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

I will have a full catalog of items that will be auctioned off up on the site towards the end of the month. Many of these items have been autographed especially for this auction/s.


4 November 2006

Server Announcement

The change to the new server took longer than I thought. Within the next 24-48 hours you should all be seeing the sites at the new server (hopefully)

The sites affected are:

Some links may not work properly for a day or so but it should be up and back to normal within 24-48 hours.


Battlestar Galactica Episode Clips - Torn

Added 4 video clips featuring Lucy as D'anna
Added 1 preview clip for the episode "A Measure of Salvation"

Click here to download clips


BSG Screencaptures - Torn

Added 101 screencaptures from the episode "Torn"

Click here to view captures


Lucy's Naked Eye Camera #2

Lucy's naked eye camera auction was won by Edgar who generously donated the pictures for all to share. The auction ended 9 September and the final bid was $3,550!

Naked Eye Camera #2 Pictures
Naked Eye Camera #1 pics are also available

Ghost Town Movie Update

New Articles

3 November 2006

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Lucy attended An Original Penguin Party November 2, 2006 in West Hollywood, California United States

Added high resolution scans from this event


Lucy Movies Update - The Darkroom

Pre-order for Lucy's movie The Darkroom can now be placed with and to be released 2 January 2007

The Darkroom [DVD] (2006)
An amnesiac mental patient is given an experimental drug that causes him to have disturbing visions of young women being murdered. Escaping the hospital, he comes into contact with a troubled teenager whose mysterious past may be illuminated by the man's newfound psychic abilities...or, the gruesome hallucinations might lead them both to their ultimate doom! Shawn Pyfrom, Reed Diamond and Lucy Lawless star.
84 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround stereo; audio commentary; featurette; more.Category: Horror Director: Michael Hurst
Cast: Julian Berlin, Reed Diamond, Greg Grunberg, Jesse James, Lucy Lawless, Melissa Marsala, Shawn Pyfrom, Richard Riehle, Damian Young vailable: 01/02/07 Rated: NR Color

2 November 2006

Adrienne Wilkinson Charity Auction

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to remind you that our HUGE benefit auction begins today. Thanks to Adrienne's donations as well as donations from many of her friends in the industry, we have some truly incredible items to offer. Stop by ebay and see what we have and maybe even place a bid if you see something that you like and want to support the cause.  Most importantly, please help to spread the word to others about this event!
The auction runs for the next 10 days or so. We are adding new items daily (sometimes even hourly!) so be sure to check back for new items and exciting surprises. You can find us at:  Ebay
Message from Adrienne about the auction:
Thank you for your continued support!
Your friends at OAWFC ( )

Lucy Articles

Lucy Pictures

New Lucy Video

  • Sharon has posted a new video on the Official Xena Fan Club page which is a preview of the interview that was conduced backstage at Celebrity Duets. The full interview will be available on the Kit #12 DVD. Click here to download in either wmv or mov formats.

Renee Reigns Supreme

  • Women We Love Poll on LesbianNation site - Renee is still #1
    Women We Love The Ladies of November '06
    We've got a stalemate on our list this month, with former Xena star Renee O'Connor continuing to hold a lock on our #1 spot, The L Word's Rachel Shelley at #2 and Lucy Lawless rounding out the top three again. Newcomers from last month Lousie Lombard and Katherine Brooks also managed to hold on to their top five slots. Will any of the newest ladies on the list manage to shake things up? Many thanks to MET for the news

Ghost Town Update

  • Renee has a new message on her site from the set of her new movie Ghost Town. There is also a picture of her and DJ Perry, writer, producer and actor. Click here to read Renee's message and view the picture. If you are subscribed to Kit #12 you can view another pic on the Kit #12 site. - Subscription required.

Boogeyman Movie News

The following is for Italian Fans

  • The Italian magazine DVD Movie of November has the dvd Boogeyman free with the magazine. The DVD is region 2 and the price is 9.90 euro.
    Many thanks to Storm for the news

1 November 2006

Lucy Photoshoots - 1998

The Bard's Corner


  • Halloween Panic (Complete) by D
    (Xippy Award Winner 10/31/06)

    Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons for a festival
  • The Molting (Complete) by Iseqween
    (Xippy Award Winner 10/31/06)
    When Xena goes over the top to show she’s not too over the hill, Gabrielle provokes an examination of what’s important about re-creating themselves at this later stage in their lives.  In celebration of 60 winters.



Click here for October 2006 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates

Click here for more Archived News



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