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   November 1999

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30 November

MaryD's Montages Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

The following is from the Century Awards

The Century Awards has concluded the nomination phase of the balloting and the top four nominees in each category are now listed at the website. All the fans have to do now is just vote, no nominations needed. We had over 2500 hits for the nominations and hope to surpass the 5000 hits mark for this stage. We also would like for the fans to mention in the feedback area how the show has influenced or affected them or just simply list why they love the show. We hope to pass this info along to the cast, as well as awarding some sort of prize to the overall winners in each category.


29 November

The ROC File Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

I am very pleased to announce two new additions to The Bard's Corner - Teagen2 and Barker.

The Claiming of Ford Updates

28 November

Minotaur Books in Melbourne is selling Season 1 videos for (aren't you glad you are sitting down for this?) $57.95 per single tape. The UK based tapes can be bought for $25Aussie dollars (approx) with no shipping costs from the UK from Black Star Videos which I featured here last month. You can reach them via their web site  and do a search for "Xena".

The Bard's Corner Updates

I am very pleased to announce the newest member to The Bard's Corner - AH-Ladis with two of my all time favourite stories.

There is a great new index service now available - it's called CasaUber. Check it out ... All the uber stories indexed.

26 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP News Archive

25 November

Happy Thanksgiving to all American Xenites

Season 4 - EndGame
Steve Sears forwarded to LJ Thompson a segment of the script for EndGame...which never saw the light of day! check it out at:  (The script is titled End of Caste but Steve tells me that it is indeed for EndGame. Why did Steve Sears release this? To quote "Just because it's been an issue."

The Bard's Corner Updates

All those who have asked me about Sharon Bowers and what has happened to her - Sharon has emailed me and asked me to pass this on:
It's an explanation of why she has quit. Sharon has not requested that her stories be taken off TBC.

XIP Artwork Section

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures by Lucia

24 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP News Archive

XIP Artwork Section


23 November

The Aussie Protest Page Updates

Upcoming Convention News

The following is from Melissa Good:

I realize June/July is a long time away, seeing as I was just doing some Xmas shopping, but DragonCon 2000 is scheduled for June 29 - July 2, 2000 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. We're planning an interesting Hercules and Xena track this year - so far our guests are:(confirmed)

Alexandra Tydings
Claire Stansfield

And... possibly others. (g)

We'd like to do some interesting fan panels this year - so I'm throwing the floor open to suggestions. Last year we had fanfic panels - where everything from good sex to bad hygiene was discussed, but thepossibilities are as endless as there are different opinions in the Xenaverse.

Fan conventions are known for their participatory nature - the con is what you make it - so if there are any ideas for fan panels, or if you'd like to particpate as part of the con staff, drop me a line. (it's )


The Bard's Corner Updates

I am very pleased to announce a new additon to The Bard's Corner - Brigid Doyle

The following is from Joseph Connell


There will be a special brunch get-together of bards and readers on January  22, 2000, in Pasadena, California. At present over 30 bards and artists have committed to attending, with more invited. This guest list includes

Melissa Good, Llachlan, Tonya Muir, Cruise, JA Bard, Joseph Connell, Miguel  Cura, Lunar, XWP Fanatic, T. Novan, DWJP, Sword-and-Quill, and Susan Smith. This event is completely fan-organized and run, and is independent of the Official Hercules/Xena Convention run by Creation Entertainment that  weekend. It is not for profit and all procedes will be donated to Sword And Staff charities.

Additional information and directions can be found at the following website:

Any bards and/or readers interested in attending should contact the organizers either through the website or at

Hope to see you all in California!


22 November

XIP Multimedia Section

The Bard's Corner Updates

XIP News Archive Updates


20 November

AXIP is involved in a small that is way overdue...the following message is from Jacquee:

To celebrate Argo and we are having an Argo Poetry/Story/Artwork contest with special prizes and great judges. With the thousands of poems, stories, and all the artwork in the Xenaverse relatively few feature Argo in a central role. We would like change that.

Let your creative juices flow! Argo needs you! For further information and details on the contest visit:

Okay folks, go write, draw, and create. We have prizes waiting just for you.



The following information just pleases me no to get Steve back and all will be right with the xenaverse. The following was on the netforum

R.J.Stewart back as Xena Head Writer Well, it looks like Orci and Kurtzman's time on xena was quite short. As from now on R.J. Stewart is back. He just finished the first 14 episodes of Cleopatra 2525. In a short message to the German Xena Fan Club he said:

"Orci and Kurtzman were just not a good match for Xena. They're good writers and will reemerge soon elsewhere. My working on Xena won't hurt Cleo because it's on hiatus now."

[MaryD does a little dance (and it's lousy but I'm happy so there]

The Bard's Corner Updates


19 November

For Aussie Xenites: The Xena Playstation game is available at Big W for $68.85.
Many thanks to Becky for that information

Will there be a sixth season of Xena: Warrior Princess? According to Lucy there will. So folks AXIP won't fold after this season ends ... we sail for another year/season of the show. I'm not going to be unhappy about another far 4.5 seasons of this show has given me an enormous amount of pleasure and without this show I doubt I would have met so many great friends both online and offline. See...there is a method in this madness!

MaryD's Montages & Reviews

The Bard's Corner Updates

Okay it's here. Desert Storm is here folks. I've created a new page for it.

The XIP News Archive

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures

18 November

I've turned into a Buffy fan and just watched the final episode of Season 3. Anyone out there know a good web site for episode reviews and pics? Please email me and let me know. I haven't watched all of seasons 1 - 3 yet - I've got a few tapes to go through. My favourites seem to be Giles and Willow. And before anyone I'm not doing a Buffy way :-)

MaryD's Montages & Episode Reviews

The Bard's Corner Updates

This message is from T. Novan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written me of the course of the last week or so for your kind words for my work and my 1st anniversary on the web.

I have received hundreds and hundreds of letters and it would just be impossible for me to get through them all, so MaryD has been kind enough to agree to post this reply to everyone for me.

Ah, MaryD does take good of her Bards<g>. Thank the Gods!

It has indeed been an interesting year and I have been very fortunate to have made many wonderful friends and found many dedicated readers in that time.

I have really enjoyed writing and continuing the story of Xena and Gabrielle in the world that has become Raising Melosa. I smile every time I start a new segment, because I remember a time when that story was suppose to be two segments long.

I've been fortunate enough to work with some very talented writers in this last year. CN Winter's and I absolutely had a ball writing "Something to Talk About" and I hope we can find another project to collaborate on. Now I'm currently working on Exposure with XWPFanatic and Tonya Muir. I consider Exposure to be one of my best works and a lot of the credit goes to my writing partners. I get a lot of mail about this series and I'm glad that once again I've managed to be a part of something that has entertained you.

My newest venture, "The Claiming of Ford" seems to be very popular and I hope that you all are enjoying it as much as I am enjoying creating a unique and alien world for our heroines.

For all of you who have been asking. I'm not planning on ending Melosa until the muse tells me to do so. When that will be I couldn't tell you, but for right now Mel and company are quite safe from going away anytime soon.

I look forward to continuing writing as long as my muse stays with me and allows me to give you stories that you enjoy. I hope as long as you are entertained you will continue reading my humble offerings.

My best to you all,

Columbus, Ohio
November 17, 1999

The XIP News Archive Update

The XIP Artwork Section Updates
(Updated by Dee)

17 November

New Feature on AXIP - a Search Engine. Type in what you are after and it should find it for you.

Magazine Alert for Aussies:
New Weekly magazine has pics of the Tapert family - it's an article about Famous Babies!
Click here to view scans

The Bard's Corner Updates


16 November

MaryD's Montages and Reviews

The Bard's Corner Updates

15 November

Do you all want to see what happens when I'm updating the site? Well Lucia got it right with this cartoon of me updating AXIP ;-)

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP News Archive Updates

Artwork Section Updates
(Updates by Dee)

13 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

Okay - you can all stop sending me votes for Desert Storm (PLEASE!) ;-) Okay here is what was decided. Desert Storm will have the same upload pattern as Redemption. To all those who want it all in one go..I don't think it's feasible. I know how everyone feels about stories in parts but Sue is quite good at updating so that won't be a problem apart from waiting for me to update the site fast enough ;-)

There will be a new section that I will create for Desert Storm - similar to the Raising Melosa and Exposure sections.

And now on to one of my other favourite bards - T. Novan - who BTW just had her first anniversary on the web! It went off with a whimper because I forgot! I am sorry TN! So if you would like to drop TN a note at and let her know how much you appreciate her work - I think it would be a cool idea :-)

Also the following story by T. Novan is so beautifully written and the first post Animal Attraction/Baby News story I have read. It's very moving.

Official Exposure Web Site Updates

12 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

Okay - now I have a question. Sword 'n' Quill  has asked me whether if I added Part 1 of Desert Storm (you know the story I raved about a few days ago and teased you all) now or wait until Part 2 is a little bit more ready. I suggested I put it up for a vote :-) This story is going to be a true epic in length. So here is the question:

Do you want to see Part 1 of Desert Storm NOW and then wait for Part 2


Do you want to wait until Part 2 is ready and then have Part 1 and Part 2 together

Email me on with your vote.

Fanfic Recommendation:
Tragedy88 has this wonderful story called Shattered Innocence that I found absolutely fascinating. It's a Uber story but with Uber Xena being an 18 year old in high school and Uber Gabrielle a few years younger. It's an excellent story. It's not finished yet but check it out

11 November

The Bard's Corner

XIP News Archive

Just got my copy of the Official Xena Magazine #2 - December 1999.

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures Comic Strip

10 November

Now here is something special from Judi who does the screengrabs. She's done a montage of some very special moments for Gabrielle from Back In the Bottle which is coming. Now you can only view this if you really want to be spoilt and you feel like seeing something that was missing from Gabrielle since the India Arc :-)

XIP News Archive Update

The Bard's Corner Updates

9 November

8 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIPPY Awards are going to be a tad late this week...I will be announcing them on Wednesday.

The XIP News Archive Updates

For US Xenites. I've been told the UK Edition of FHM has the Renee article and pics. It's the November issue (Many thanks to Mark Alger)

6 November

The Lawless Files

Magazine Alert
The latest issue of The Advocate features Lucy as one of the stars that lesbians love

Updated Lucy in the Media

The UK's Channel 4 TV has the following brief interview with Lucy on its teletext page 118 today:

The Bard's Corner

Hey folks - you all remember how I raved about Redemption by Sword 'n' Quill well this bard has produced another SPECTACULAR fanfic that I can't rave enough about. Unfortunately for all of you - it's only in beta stage (yes I know I'm such a tease). Lets just say that Desert Storm will rock your socks off...I've read part 1 and a little of part 2 and oh boy oh boy oh boy! Desert Storm will be coming up soon...Think Xena and from where she started and then turn it into a Uber tale that rocks! So stayed tuned for DESERT STORM by Sword 'n' Quill...

DaKverse Page Updates - The Dar Roberts and Kerry Stuart Fan Page

Official Exposure Web Site

5 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

4 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

XIP News Archive Updates

The Little Adventures of Xena and Gabrielle

3 November

XIP News Archive

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XIP Artwork Section
(Updated by Dee)

2 November

The Bard's Corner Updates

XIP News Archive Updates

Magazine Alert:
Pavement Magazine has articles on Kevin Smith and Kevin Sorbo. This may be a New Zealand Magazine but I'm not quite sure.

XIP Multimedia Section

1 November

Xenaverse News & Upcoming Events

The Bard's Corner Updates

I promised something special this week and here it is. Everyone is aware of the Raising Melosa series by T. Novan - well TN has started another series called
The Claiming of Ford - it's a science fiction Uber tale that I am very excited about it. When I read this first installment I had the same feeling I had when I had read Raising Melosa. It's a great read and it promises to be quite special. The "Logs" will be updated once a week.

XIP News Archive Update

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Julius Robert Bay Tapert - Born 16 October 1999
Julius and Lucy in the NZ Herald - 25/10/99

Click here to read article and see Julius with Mum

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