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Quotable Quotes
"Wouldn't it be great if Xena came out of the closet in the final episode?
Lucy Lawless - 4 June 1998 Age Newspaper."

30 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Lucy Lawless on CMT

Lucy was on CMT (US Country Music channel) talking about Tanya Tucker and her "bad a** attitude" - 29 October 2004

Added screengrabs and video of the short segment

Xenaverse News

Xena Actor News...

Kate Elliott played Yakut on Xena and Sarge's sister Lily on Cleopatra 2525 and has won best actress award for her portrayal of a solo mother strugging to bring up her baby son when her family is falling apart - the movie is called Fracture

PERFECT CREATURE, directed by Glenn Standring, a vision of a futuristic world where vampires and humans have learnt to co-exist, with an international cast including Dougray Scott and Saffron Burrows, and guest starring New Zealanders Scott Wills, Craig Hall and Lauren Jackson and in supporting roles Brett Stewart, Jon Brazier, Danielle Cormack, Alison Bruce and John Sumner. Release date is for 2005.

IN MY FATHERS DEN, directed by Brad McGann, starring Auckland Actors Colin Moy, Jodie Rimmer and Jimmy Keen. Also starring Matthew Macfadyen, Miranda Otto, Emily Barclay, Vicky Haughton.
A disillusioned war journalist's return home is blighted when he becomes implicated in the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl he has befriended. Based on the book 'In My Father's Den' by Maurice Gee, and adapted for screen by Brad McGann. Brad McGann’s gripping psychological mystery is a tragedy, reverberant with New Zealand life. It’s a story about human frailties and strengths.
“One of the best New Zealand films in years” (Galye Lake, Sydney Film Festival director)
'Sydney Film Festival opens with a corker of a curtain-raiser from the other side of the Tasman. Not only is In My Father's Den one of the best films to hail from this part of the world, but also it's one of the best films I have ever seen'. (The Australian, June 2004)
Winner of the International Critics Choice award at the Toronto Film Festival, 2004.
Many thanks to MET for the news

29 October


This is so awesome, because we now have two dates with our fave ladies in 2005. There's the big 10th Anniversary Xena Celebration Convention in Pasadena of course, but there's something else coming further into 2005.

We're bringing a special convention into Seattle at the same time that Lucy Lawless is starring live in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, the musical comedy classic. This is a major musical gig for LL and you know we all had to be there.

We've arranged for a block of primo tickets for Friday evening's (May 13, 2005) performance and then we roll into a great convention on Saturday and Sunday starring RENEE!

The attendance for the musical is limited since much of the theatre is already pre-booked by subscribers so please visit our site now to reserve your GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES that include everything!

It's gonna be great to cheer Lucy on and also see Renee in her first Pacific Northwest appearance. And there's lots more planned to.

Grab our very best seats by visiting us online for full details.


Your friends at Creation Entertainment

The Bard's Corner


Added Cloning Around At the Polls (Complete) by Cath, Bard

Xenaverse News

For those interested in a unique gift for the upcoming holidays or to spoil yourself, have a look at this: Xena prop Gabrielle main hero costume journal book

This book has 100 archival and acid-free pages with light brown lines printed professionally (by a professional printer, NOT on a home computer printer!) using soy-based inks. The pages are 8.5 x 11 inches and were sewn together by hand in signatures (folded sections) using 100% cotton thread. This is the ideal way to sew together a book. It lays open completely flat. It has very natural-colored tan, textured endpapers and there is a photo of Gabrielle in her classic hero costume at the front of the book, and another photo of her in her season 5 costume with her sais at the back of the book (same as the photos below). The cover is made of very dark green pigskin leather over archival binder’s board and tag board. There are two raised sai designs on the front and a single, recessed, slightly larger sai design on the back.

The main feature of the cover are two squares of the REAL fabric used to make Renee O’Connor’s classic Gabrielle main hero costume. The top square is a piece of her green embroidered sports bra/top fabric and the bottom square is a piece of her brown wrap skirt fabric. Both of these materials were purchased from Mark Butler in New Zealand. He bought them at the original Turner’s auction in the spring of 2001 after the end of the series. He bought several boxes of materials from the Pacific Renaissance costume department, and these materials were found in Renee’s personal costume fabric box. This material was used only for Gabrielle’s main hero costume.

For more info and pictures of the book go to

28 October

2005 Official Xena Convention News


Congratulations to producer ROB TAPERT on the phenomenal success of his feature film THE GRUDGE! As the number one film in America Rob and his partner Sam Raimi just keep on making show business history!

And, speaking of history, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Rob's series' XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is getting ever closer and we're thrilled that Rob has agreed to join us on-stage in a rare appearance on Saturday!

We're just a day or two away from announcing specific days of all the great guests we have already (and we're still working on more). At that time we'll be able to offer single day admission tickets as well.

MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW to be with fans from around the world: The Official 10th Anniversary Xena Convention takes place JANUARY 21- 23, 2004 at The Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel!

Visit us online for full details.
Creation Entertainment

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women


Updated News and Rumours with a brief mention of Lucy from The Calgary Sun - 24 October 2004 as to why Lucy wasn't in The Grudge. Also brief mention about the upcoming Boogeyman movie. The article also details the upcoming movies that will be produced Ghost House Pictures.

27 October

Ghost House Pictures

Added news about upcoming movies The Grudge 2, Dubbuk Box, Scarecrow and 30 Days of Night to Ghost House Pictures news site - Ghost House Pictures is Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's new production company for horror movies.

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

The Grudge Premiere

Added scan from The National Enquirer - 1 November 2004 from The Grudge Premiere.

26 October

2005 Official Xena Convention News

It's official! Lucy will be attending the January 2005 Official Xena Convention!
Click here to read the official Creation Entertainment announcement

To order tickets for the convention go to: Creation Entertainment

Xena Music Videos

Added videos by Myopia

They Can’t Take That Away From Me” is made more in memory of the ten “unforgettable” years of XWP. - No FIN Content

"Sometimes When I'm Dreaming" performed by Annie Lennox to the twin dramas of The Debt and The Price. No FIN Content

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Warrior Women

India will get to see Warrior Women next year according to Indiatelevision.com
Discovery to focus on 'Warrior Women' next year - 25 October 2004

24 October

Good news for sbcglobal.net / Verizon customers. The problems with connecting to the server have been fixed. There has been some glitches here and there but the major problem with sbcglobal.net have been resolved.

Xena Articles

The Bard's Corner


  • Added In the Shadow of Tyburn  (Complete) by Barbara Davies
    The second and final instalment of Rebeccah and the Highwayman.
    The only person who can help Rebeccah's sister is 'Blue-Eyed Nick'. But
    helping her has dire consequences for the unusual highwayman.

Xenaverse News

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women


bro Town Update

  • Monster onboard 'South Pacific Simpsons'
    Following ratings success in New Zealand, the distributor of Kiwi adult animated sitcom Bro' Town has high international hopes for what it is calling 'The Simpsons of the South Pacific'.


23 October

Less Than Perfect


Lucy Lawless

Added 58 screengrabs of Lucy from the episode Ignoring Lydia on Less Than Perfect - screengrabs by Judi Mair



Lucy Lawless

Added video (edited with just the Lucy bits) from Less Than Perfect - contributed by WarriorNerd


Boogeyman Movie Update


There are two images of Lucy from the Boogeyman Movie Trailer - she doesn't look too healthy <g> The images are at the top of the screengrabs page



Lucy TV Alert reminder

  • Lucy will be on Less Than Perfect - 22 October (US)
    "Less Than Perfect," 9:30 p.m., ABC, Channels 4 and 10.

    Lucy Lawless, of "Xena" fame, plays a publicist. She's promoting an autobiography by Will Parker (Eric Roberts), an anchorman who happens to be her former lover.
    alerts from enqurier.com | Lansing State Journal

The Grudge Premiere

US VCR Alert - Repeat

  • I love the 90's on VH1 - Xena and Hercules are features
    October 31, 2004 - please check your tv guide for time in your area
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news
    Click here to download video


21 October

A Friend in Need....

We can be proud to say that as fans in the Xenaverse,  being a part of the greater good is one of our "Many Skills." In various times of need, Xena's fandom proven that our sense of charity knows no bounds. We hope to continue that on that path and help one who has helped so many others...

In August of this year, Anita Ellis, founder of the James Ellis Foundation,  host of Creation's Charity Breakfasts, Dean of Students at Hofstra University, as well as family member and friend to so many, discovered that her own mother Marie was diagnosed with leukemia, an acute type of cancer
labeled APL. Since that time, Anita and Marie have been combatting this  illness and both of these strong women have been facing this obstacle with stern determination. Now, we'd like to help the ones who have helped so many others...

Now until January of 2005, the Xenaversity of Minnesota would like to ask for your donation to help battle this disease. As many of us know, hospital visit bills, medication, transportation and normal every day living adds up fast and every cent donated with help alleviate some of those burdens. Your
donation can be $1.00, it can be $100.

If you can't afford to donate, that is ok too. We are also sending positive energy Marie's way through our WING and A PRAYER page, where your name can be added to yet another set of fluttering wings spreading hope and strength to New York!


Thank you for reading this and I hope that we can make a difference in someone's life that has made a difference in ours....

Thank you
Xenaversity of Minnesota

You can read more about the James Ellis Foundation here:


Xena & Gabrielle Sock Monkies...<g>

These unique little guys are being sold on ebay to raise funds for a couple of xenites that are in need of some money for health reasons. If you feel so inclined you may wish to bid on them and help out.
All of them are on ebay.

Gabrielle Sock Monkey
Xena Sock Monkey
Joxer Sock Monkey

Callisto, Ares, Alti and Ephiny are being created.

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women


Boogeyman News

20 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women


The Bard's Corner


  • Added I Found My Heart In San Francisco - Book 14: Nurture (Complete) By SX Meagher
     It’s been 3 months since the trauma of Karma, and both Jamie and Ryan would love nothing better that to return to the halcyon days before their lives were turned upside down. But, the return to normalcy isn’t as easily obtained as they’d wish

Xenaverse News

The OAWFC auction has started! It began today ( Monday October 18 ) at 9am PDT. To see the items and to make a bid go to www.ebay.com  and  search items with OAWFC in the title or simply go to:

Among the items being listed are

  • Adrienne's green Eve Costume
  • Eve's desert bikini costume
  • hand signed orginal shooting scripts from Xena, IF2
  • and many of Adrienne's projects
  • rare media kits and promotional packages
  • autographed photos and OAWFC merchandise
  • wardrobe items from Adrienne's personal collection
  • rare bonus items and MORE MORE MORE!

Visit Adrienne's official website at http://www.adriennewilkinson.com  for more details.


19 October

Hana returned from Auckland recently and she sent me this picture she took from The Auckland Museum - it's a tribute to Kevin Smith and it featured in a section dedicated to Famouse Kiwis.

Lucy is also featured and her picture is the one from the Metro cover photoshoot of her in the go-go outfit

Xena Merchandise News


The new Xena 2005 Photo and Art Montage calendars front covers are now available to view on Sharon's page


Renee Picture Archive

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Starship Charity Ball

Lucy US VCR Alerts

  • Saturday Night Live
    Host: Lucy Lawless. Music guest: Elliott Smith. 60 minutes- (CC), SS,
    Wed Oct 27 04:00P on E! Entertainment TV


18 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Less Than Perfect

Premieres / Photoshoots / Events

Lucy attended the Starship Foundation Charity Ball - 16 October 2004
Added article from Sunday Star Times - 17 October 2004. Article talks about Lucy's 30 hour quick visit back home for the Starship Ball

Added pictures from the Ball and Lucy out and about in Auckland
Many thanks to AK182 for the article and scans

Added 11 images of Lucy from Clasos pictures of Lucy attending the
premiere of The Grudge



Renee's film "One Weekend A Month" will be shown at:

AFI Fest Los Angeles -

  • Wednesday November 10 - 9:30 pm
    Saturday November 13 - 4:00 pm
    Many thanks to MET for the news


17 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Ghost House Pictures subsite has a new addy - ghosthouse.lucylawless.info

Less Than Perfect


Boogeyman Movie Update

Xenaverse News

  • Danielle Cormack is listed as being in the movie River Queen, currently being filmed in New Zealand. The movie stars Samantha Morton and Keifer Sutherland.
    Many thanks to MET for the news

16 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Upcoming Lucy Events

Lucy Videos

Added video from Entertainment Tonight - 13 October



Lucy Picture Archive

Added screencaptures from Entertainment Tonight - 13 October 2004
Lucy Attending The Grudge premiere



2005 Official Xena Convention News


She's amazing, creative, startling, and unique! There's only one HUDSON LEICK and she created one of the genre's greatest villains ever: CALLISTO! Our 10th Anniversary Xena Convention is coming January 21-23, 2005 to Burbank, California and Hudson will be joining the fun! There's never been a convention guest quite like Ms. Leick and you'll see why when you make your plans now to be part of this weekend. Hudson's autograph and photo ops are available now at our site, as well as convention tickets. Pick up the best ticket packages still available by visiting us online.

Xenaverse News

  • Sci-Fi Wire reports:
    DreamWorks has signed the Alias writing team of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to a two-year first-look deal to write, produce and direct films for the studio, Variety reported. The duo, who are expected to work with Alias creator J.J. Abrams on a new Mission: Impossible 3 script, are also slated to work on an untitled movie based on an idea generated by Steven Spielberg. Many thanks to MET for the news

14 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Lucy Pictures -  Premieres

Lucy attended the premiere of The Grudge - 12 October 2004 in Los Angeles. The Grudge is the first movie to be released from Ghost House Pictures - Sam and Rob's new productioin company. In attendance at the premiere were Lucy, Renee and Ted Raimi.

Pictures can be found at:
DailyCeleb.com - 4 pics of Lucy (one with Rob)
Film-Magic.com - 14 pics
London Features - 2 pics
Wire Image - 2 Pics

Added mini report by Michelle & Bonni who attended the premiere


13 October

Added two more new sites to the AUSXIP Group of Sites - Auspix.net and Bright Shinies

AUSPIX.NET is a collection of sites designed and hosted by Mary D Brooks and Emese Felvégi. Our sites feature a wide variety of screen captures, wallpapers, icons, various downloads featuring Xena: Warrior Princess stars Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit stars Mariska Hargitay and Stephanie March, and Star Trek: The Next Generation star Gates McFadden. We also have numerous Yahoo! Messenger skins, AOL Instant Messenger icons, and a large collection of Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction eBooks for the Rocket eBook Reader. Auspix.net is also home of the Texas Merpups' website, and screen captures collections for Zone of the Enders and Vertigo.

Bright Shinies is a collection of magazine and screencaptures from various shows like Xena, 24, Buffy, Babylon 5, Stargate SG1 and many more

Xena Season 5 DVD Review

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Lucy Print Archive


12 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

No WB Series for Lucy

  • According to the futoncritic.com site the unnamed show Lucy was working on with WB has been dropped for the 2004/2005 season.
    Many thanks to Gracie & Saul for the news

Less Than Perfect TV Alert (US)

  • Less Than Perfect episode "Ignoring Lydia" will be shown 22 October 2004 at 9:30 ET
    Lydia drives Jeb crazy with talk of wedding plans, so Jeb offers to pay Claude to listen to her; Will's new publicist (Lucy Lawless) turns out to be an old flame.
    Many thanks to Lida for the updated news

Lucy Print Archive

2004 Magazine Articles


Xena TV Schedule

US VCR Alert

  • 15 October - The Battle for Mount Olympus - Animated feature with Hercules and Xena
    Cartoon Channel at 3 pm ET.
    Many thanks to IO for the news

1997 Magazine Articles

The Bard's Corner


9 October

UK VCR Alert

  • Ray Bradbury Theatre featuring Lucy Lawless is being shown at 6:00 am UK time tomorrow morning (Saturday 9th Oct) on the Sci-Fi channel.
    Many thanks to Norma for the alert

Lucy Print Archive

7 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

'Bro Town Update

Added screencaptures and video of Lucy from the new animated series
'bro Town - Episode: Sione-rella
Air Date (NZ): 29 September 2004

Format - wmv format
Size - 11.7 mb 

Official Xena Fan Club News


Someone asked if there was a group for discussing the interviews, clips, drawings, etc., that we're putting online for The Official Xena Fan Club Kit #8.  So we thought of starting a Yahoo group for kit 8 members.  Here's the URL:


You need to be a member of yahoo -- which is free, and of course a signed up member of our Xena Fan Club (#8).  When you go to the page, click on the "join this group" button.  Then there will be a place on the Kit 8 group registration page where you can include a comment.  Please put your real name there so we can check it off on the membership list when we approve you.

Fan Club Editor/Manager Sharon Delaney says: "Not sure what kind of shannigans we'll get into, but anyone interested in giving it a try, come and join us!"

If you wish to sign up for XENA FAN CLUB KIT #8, visit us at:

Your friends at Creation Entertainment


5 October

Xena Multimedia

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Boogeyman Update

  • Coming Soon.net has updated their information about the movie:

    UPDATE: Sony Pictures has told us that the film will indeed go to theaters first
    on February 4, 2005!


Eurotrip Contest

  • Win a DVD of comedy film Eurotrip (15) Oct 4 2004
    IcSolihull has joined forces with Universal, the makers of Road Trip and Old School, in a competition to give away 10 copies of the DVD Eurotrip.  - UK Fans only
    Click here for more details

4 October

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

Boogeyman Movie Update

The following is from Comingsoon.net

The Boogeyman to Scare on Video
Source: Alex Bond October 3, 2004

Boogeyman, which was originally intended to be the first film for Sam Raimi's recently established Ghost House Pictures, will be skipping theaters and heading directly to DVD and video. Sarah Michelle Gellar horror remake The Grudge, opening October 22, will now instead be Ghost House's first feature.

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, Boogeyman was originally planned for a mid-2004 theatrical release but was forced to undergo reshoots in January, and has subsequently been pushed back to February.

Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment will be releasing Boogeyman, which has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of horror and terror/violence, and some partial nudity. The film stars Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Lucy Lawless, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Charles Mesure, Tory Mussett, and Louise Wallace.


The Ten Commandments - Opening Night

Added 22 images of Lucy from the event from Clasos



Broadway.com has a funny pic of Lucy and Marissa

Also available on broadway.com is a photo of Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman) & Barbra Eden (Jeannie - I Dream of Jeannie)
Many thanks to LB for the news


AUSXIP Image Archive

Xenaverse News

Rob Tapert & Sam Raimi (Ghost House Pictures) News

  • Wizard magazine will host a special midnight screening of the upcoming horror film The Grudge in New York Oct. 19 with special appearances by stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Behr. Fans can win passes by visiting Fearsmag.com.
    Many thanks to MET for the news

US VCR Alert

  • Hercules & Xena -- The Battle for Mount Olympus (1998)
    TOON Oct 10 Movies, 120 Mins.
    The two join forces when, in a fit of jealousy, Zeus' wife Hera releases the four Titans after eons of imprisonment. Animated. Adult Situations.
    Please check for the time in your area
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news

Robert Trebor News

  • Robert Trebor (Salmoneus) he will be in a movie that has Hilary Duff in movie "Raise Your Voice" it will come out on Oct 8th 2004. He will be playing Mr. Wesson.
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news

1 October

This is quite funny. The following is from Myopia who lives in Hungary.

The Hungarian channel Viasat3 is broadcasting the syndicated series Tarzan with Lucy Lawless. Our country is famous for quality dubbing, however this time something interesting happened  that would make Xena fans worldwide trilled (or horrified). For some reason Lucy Lawless voice was dubbed with the voice of Erika Kiss who was the Hungarian voice of Gabrielle. Thus the Hungarian Xena fans have an odd experience of watching Xena with the voice of Gabrielle, so to speak :))

2005 Xena Convention

  • Claire Stansfield (Alti) has joined the guest list for next years Official Xena Convention.

AUSXIP Print Archive

2001 Magazine Scans

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Files - Xena Boogeyman Warrior Women

REAF Help Is on the Way X

I received the following email from Ken Henderson, Executive Director, Event Producer
The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (REAF)

I just wanted to let you know that we gave out the checks last night to the beneficiaries of "Help is on the Way X."  The total amount distributed was $145,000 ­ a $5,000 grant to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and $28,000 to each of the five beneficiaries of our event. The checks were handed out at a special reception at Louis Aronow Gallery downtown in the Union Square
Area.  Each agency reported what the funds received from REAF have done or will do for their agency. Carolla Detrick, Exec. Director of Meals of Marin, told the crowd that these funds will provide over 6,600 meals to people with AIDS in Marin County and Peggy Bush, Exec. Director of Center for AIDS Services in Oakland, reported that, without the funds they have received
from REAF, they would have had to close their doors. She expanded to say that funds from REAF were used to rebuild their kitchen which previously had been completely inadequate to feed the hundreds of clients they see each month.  People got to see and hear for themselves that the money they spend on tickets for our events, while providing great entertainment, truly do
touch people's lives and, in many cases, keep people alive.

I'll be posting photos from the event and a brief review on our website as soon as I get them back this weekend.

Thanks again for all your support.


Print Archive

2002 Magazine Scans

  • Added cover from the Swedish magazine "Lucy in the Sky - 2002"  - the Unofficial Swedish Lucy Lawless Fan Club magazine



Click here for September 2004 Updates


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Intertwined Souls Series
MaryD's Fiction
and Lucia's Artwork

In the Blood of the Greeks
by MaryD - Due for release
in March 2005

In the Blood of the Greeks
Artwork by Lucia


The Greater Good

Asia Earthquake and
Tsunami Appeal
Red Cross  

Sword and Staff Tsunami Disaster Auction

For the Greater
Good Bracelet
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