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What's New on AUSXIP

October 2005

30 October 2005

  • There is a great comment from Marton Csokas (Borias) about Lucy and working on Xena. It's in the current Starlog #350 November 2005 Issue.

    "Doing Xena was a fabulous experience. My overriding memory of that time was the camaraderie that was present on the set and another strong woman in the person of Lucy Lawless, whom I admire very much....Click here to read more

Battlestar Galactica

Vampire Bats

29 October 2005

Vampire Bats Articles

Vampire Bats Update

  • The Vampire Bats Commentary on Lawless Ink has also been updated (6 commentaries in total). Lucy gives a running commentary on each of the Vampire Bats PR photos.
  • CBS has launched the Official Vampire Bats Site which is located here.
    Many thanks to AnnieTheMighty for the news
  • You can also download 3 clips plus a behind the scenes clip.  You have to make
    sure under Movies and Specials you choose Upcoming Movies. Click here to view
    Many thanks to Jenn from XWPOnline for the news


Lawless Ink Updates

Lucy Lawless and Tim "Eli" Omundson

Lucy is in Vancouver (Battlestar Galactica is filmed in Vancouver and they are currently shooting the rest of Season 2. Lucy is scheduled to be in another two episodes of BSG for Season 2) and met up with Tim "Eli" Omundson. Check out the full size pic on Lawless Ink.
Click here for more information about Lucy in Battlestar Galactica

Ghost House Pictures Update

Rob and Sam Raimi's production company Ghost House Pictures is to get it's own official site! ComingSoon has reported that the new site will be live on 31 October 2005 and called (naturally)

If you would like to know more about the movies currently being produced by Ghost House Pictures - go to - it's been online since October 2004 and it's a news site about the movies (run by you-know-who).


Xena References / Media

  • Xena Is Everywhere...Or at least part of the theme. The first part of the Xena theme song figured into a scene on today's As The World Turns, a CBS soap opera. It ended before the vocals started.
    Many thanks to MET for the news

LUCY LAWLESS Performs At Girl Bar / The Factory Nightclub
"Girl Bar's 15th Anniversary Extravaganza"
11 November 2005

Lucy will be singing her new song "Come To Me"
Click here for larger scan of the flyer and other details


New Lucy Videos and Screencaptures

Entertainment Tonight  26 October 2005 -  Two Video Clips (in mov and wmv formats)

Two clips available - #1 is the Lucy introduced ET segment
and #2 clip is the interview.
Click here to download videos
Click here to download 62 screncaptures
Videos and Screencaptures created by Roger


Inside Edition 26 October 2005

Lucy Lawless on Inside Edition

Inside Edition 26 October 2005
Interview witth Lucy promoting Vampire Bats
Click here to download videos
Click here to download screencaptures
Videos created by Roger

New Lucy Picture

High resolution pic of Lucy can be found at the address below:
Lucy is seen here with drummer Jordan Plosky backstage on the Jimmy Kimmel Show - December 2004. -
Many thanks to Saul for the link


27 October 2005

Vampire Bats

Reminder: Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight - 26 October (US/Can) / 27 October (Aust / NZ) promoting Vampire Bats. Please check your local tv guide for the time in your area.



  • Added review of Vampire Bats from 26 October 2005 - If you are keeping spoiler free, this review will reveal more than you want to know.
    After eliminating Locusts, Dr. Maddy Rierdon is on the trail of a deadly new predator—and this one has fangs.
  • Lawless graduates from locusts to vampire bats - New Zealand Herald 26 October 2005 Actress Lucy Lawless is taking on vampire bats in her latest role, rather than confronting the vengeful gods of her former Xena: Warrior Princess series.

Tarzan News


26 October 2005

Lucy TV Alert:

Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight 26 October / 27 October (Aussies and Kiwis). Please check your tv guide for the time in your area. For Aussies, Foxtel is showing ET as is TCN9.


Lucy Videos - Vampire Bats Promos

Added 4 different versions of the Vampire Bats Promo
in two formats - mov and wmv

Many thanks to Roger for the videos



25 October 2005

Vampire Bats - Promo Pics

Vampire Bats - Articles

Photoshoots - 1997

Older Articles

24 October 2005

Lucy on ET 22 October 2005

  • As previously reported, Lucy was going to be on Entertainment Tonight (Weekend Edition) on a segment about Princess Diana. She wasn't. So if you were waiting for the segment, it didn't appear. She got bumped.

Lucy Images - Photoshoots

New Lucy Videos

Lucy's site is going to be updated daily with a new video of Lucy going through the Vampire Bats Promo Pics.

The first video is now available in mov and wmv formats
click here to download videos

23 October 2005

Lucy Videos and Audio files - Lucy Singing

Help is On the Way - Broadway and All That Jazz - 2 August 2004
Lucy sang a special combined version of two songs
"They Say It's Wonderful" and "I Got Lost In His Arms"
Click here to download the full version of Lucy singing the song.
Contributed by Tom - avi format 18 mb - or download the mp3

Lucy Videos - Commercials

Lucy Lawless Holiday Show Promo
TV One 28 April 1994

wmv format - 1.8 mb
Contributed by Carolyn S

Lucy Pictures

Find out about Lucy's four legged friend on Lawless Ink.

News also that the Lawless Ink t-shirts may be available in time for those going to see Lucy perform at The Factory. More info about that on the site.

Xena Suburu Advert
There's a gay-lesbian channel in the states called (LOGO) and there's a car commercial that makes a reference to Xena on a
cineplex marquee---says Xena-thon...Video contributed by Jenn / XWPOnline Click here to download wmv

22 October 2005

Greece TV Alert: 22 October 2005 at 10:00 pm on Filmnet 1 Eurotrip
Many thanks to Pany for the news

UK TV Alert: Sky One (UK) is showing Tarzan again. Saturdays at 10 am and a repeat at 4 pm. The pilot was shown last week.

Vampire Bats

The Darkroom Update

Lucy TV Alert - Entertainment Tonight (22 October 2005 - US)

  • Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight on 22 October 2005 (US).
    In Australia this is shown on Foxtel (Fox 8) channel 108 (digital) and channel 8 (analogue) at 12:00 am off the satellite.

    This won't be PR for Vampire Bats but a piece on Princess Diana.
    Source: Lawless Ink

Vampire Bats PR Update

  • In the TV Guide for Oct. 24 - 30, Vampire Bats is in the "HOT LIST - 21
    Shows You've Gotta See" which is on the first page after the contents page.
    Includes a small pic of Lucy. - Many thanks to Janice for the news

Upcoming Lucy Interviews - Source: Lawless Ink

  • Entertainment Tonight next week
  • Syndicated News Interviews
  • TV Guide Online



I was contacted today by Marcos Aurelio, a professional illustrator from Brazil and a Lucy fan. He has done a caricature of Xena from A Friend In Need for a contest. Check it out. I think it's majorly cool.

His other work can be seen here:


Xena Videos

21 October 2005

Reminder: Bardcon is on this weekend in Orlando with special guest Renee. Unfortunately they might also have one uninvited guest, Hurricane Wilma. So for those going to Bardcon, keep safe and don't let Wilma spoil the party.

New Lucy Event

  • Lucy To Sing at The Factory In West Hollywood 11 November 2005
    Lucy has announced via Lawless Ink that she will be singing at The Factory nightclub in West Hollywood on Friday, 11 November 2005. She will be singing a couple of songs and may even arrange to have one of her own tunes performed.
    Click here for more info

Vampire Bats

Xena Videos

Added Xenaween Oxygen Promo for the upcoming Xena Marathon during Halloween 31 October 2005. Many thanks to Jenn / XWPOnline for the video!

Click here to view Episode List for the Xenaween


20 October 2005

New Lucy Pictures

New Lucy Photos at Rosie's Smart Blog

Many thanks to Barbara for the link



Promo Update

  • If you are having problems viewing the CBS promo, you may need to upgrade your Real Player. There is also another version of the promo (without the "oh my" bits) available here:

    On the right top of the screen there’s a box with “Movies and special” click there to Upcoming movies, below will show a list of movies, including Vampire bats, just hit play. Many thanks to SanLnRfan for the link

Vampire Bats Update

Lucy Lawless in Vampire BatsOh my. If you haven't seen the Vampire Bats Promo over at CBS you might just want to take a look see. If you have a weak heart...brace yourself and I'm not talking about the chomping vampire bats <vbg>

Added some screencaptures from the trailer.

Authentic Vampire Bats Props...

This is just too creepy but if you want to buy authentic Vampire Bats props used in the movie (why? I don't know. You may like bats or something) and you have some money to spend...check
them out


19 October 2005

Vampire Bats Articles

  • Added interview with Lucy about Vampire Bats from Gannett News Service
    Gannett News Service - 14 October 2005 - CBS uncloaks 'Vampire Bats'
    "Vampire Bats" seems cozily distant from the harshness of realism and real life. "It's good fun," says Lucy Lawless, who stars in the CBS movie on Halloween eve. "Not everything has to be deep and meaningful."

bro town TV Show

bro Town - Season 2 Episode: Touched By A Teacher
Air Date (NZ): 5 October 2005

Video Clip and a couple of screencaptures - Lucy rescues her friend the head teacher from being strung up after a mob comes after him whilst he is in jail. The head teacher is accused of molesting a young boy which proves to be wrong as the kid made the story up.

Vampire Bats Update

Lawless Ink has a few more high resolution Vampire Bats Promo Pics as well as a few of the other cast.

Click here to view



Lucy Lawless Vampire Bats

Angie Larson has sent in a cool looking wallpaper based on the promo pics for the Vampire Bats movie

Click here to view



18 October 2005

New Lucy Images - Lawless Ink Update

Lucy's page has been updated with five new pics of Lucy out shopping for the official Lucy Lawless Fan Club t-shirts.

Click here to view all five images


Lucy Videos

Added video clips from Ray Bradbury Theatre
Episode 56: "Fee Fie Foe Fum"

Video clips contributed by Angie


17 October 2005

Vampire Bats Update

Elevate Hope Foundation / Circle of Passion Event

Lucia's Artwork


Added new Dar and Kerry artwork by Lucia




14 October 2005

Upcoming Interviews for Vampire Bats

News from Flawless Ink is that Lucy has conducted several interviews for various news organisations like: New York Daily News, New York Post and AP.
Check out a photo of Lucy while she's being interview looking very relaxed

AUSXIP XenaMedia - Video Clips

Great Things About Being Queer on Bravo
Xena and Gabrielle are mentioned in this video clip - couples that people thought were gay but weren't. Someone must have forgotten to tell them that's old news...
Video contributed by Angie

This show can be seen on Bravo in repeats
Tue, Nov 8 3:30 PM & Wed, Nov 16 3:00 PMGreat Things About Being Queer
Many thanks to Jenn for the news


13 October 2005

Vampire Bats

Added press release from CBS about Vampire Bats

Added high resolution Vampire Bats publicity photos



12 October 2005

bro Town Update

  • Lucy's second guest spot - Season 2 Episode 12 Touched By A Teacher - Aired on 5 October 2005 in New Zealand.
    When Mack tries to impress his mates by inventing a story about being abused , Brother Ken gets thrown into jail and a witch-hunt ensues. Lucy appears as the friend to the high school head teacher.
    Many thanks to Carolyn S for the news

Lucy Lawless Video Clips

Added four video clips -  Lucy Lawless was a guest commentator on the US show Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher in the US - 14 April 2000.

Contributed by Angie


11 October 2005

Circle of Passion Event

Battlestar Galactica


10 October 2005

Lawless Ink Update

  • New picture of Lucy working on her graphics for her site - she's wearing her favourite Seattle T-shirt. You can't see the front of the shirt but that brown and white t-shirt is quite familiar by now :)


9 October 2005

Lucy Lawless in Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats Update

The Just Jared blog has some gorgeous pictures of Lucy from the movie Vampire Bats! Check them out at justjared blog
many thanks to itisbatgirl for the link


Older Articles

8 October 2005

New Articles

Battlestar Galactica News

Lucy DVD News

Battlestar Galactica DVD

You can now pre-order the Battlestar Galactica Season 2 - Part 1 DVD Set from

Click here for more information


7 October 2005

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Fan Club Update

  • The last two days I have been visiting t-shirt wholesalers to find garments I'd be proud to put my name on. My best friend, Marissa, and daughter, Daisy, came along and gave invaluable advice about what they look for in a tee, given our differing and glorious body types.  Click here to read more
  • New "Messages From Lucy" page has been added to archive Lucy's tidbits found on the top of the page that keep changing. Different to the Captain's Blog section.

6 October 2005


Should the new planet be officially called Xena? CNN Poll

There is a poll on the CNN website asking if we should offically name the 10th planet "Xena". We need to vote and bring up the "yes" numbers! Right now there is an overwhelming 46% "no" and 36% "i dont care".
Many thanks to DiAnn for the news

The Bard's Corner


  • Added The Checkered Flag (Complete) by Mavis Applewater
    Female race car drive Jorja finds her new boss' demands unbearable.
  • Added Making The Grade (Complete) by Mavis Applewater
    Making The Grade is the sequel to Lessons Learned, Sharna and
    Kellie are back trying to begin their lives together.

5 October 2005

Lucy Premiere Pictures

Lucy Lawless - Double Dare PremiereLucy attended the Double Dare Premiere on Friday (22 April 2005) at the Sunset 5 Theater, West Hollywood

Added high resolution scan from the event.
Scan contributed by Roger


Lawless Ink Update:

Lucy's page has been updated with Lucy's reaction to having a planet and moon named after Xena and Gabrielle:

  • Everytime Sam Raimi hassles my husband, Rob Tapert, about loving making television so much I say, "Aww gee, Sam, is there a planet named Superman? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!" I rang the Mike Brown at Cal Tech today to thank him for this senseless act of beauty. Fancy naming a planet and her moon after your characters?! That is just craazy! Renee was at my house yesterday and Sam too and we were all just in disbelief. I had heard 'Xena' was the unofficial name, but didn't dare hope it would stick. God bless us all. That's just CRAAAZY!!! Click here to read more

4 October 2005

I've opened a AUSXIP Store - if you want the AUSXIP logo on your t-shirt or mousepad and such, it's now available :)

For those who are interested - Cavalier Press also has a store dedicated to In the Blood of the Greeks merchandise - my first book. Speaking of my books, my second novel "Shadows of the Past" will be out next year in the Spring (US)

Ever been to a party and someone is wearing the same outfit you own or are wearing? Hmm. Okay an eagle eyed fan has found one of Lucy's outfits being worn by another actress...Click here to compare the two and to vote :)

Lucy Fanlistings Update

Articles on Planet Xena and Her Moon Sidekick Gabrielle

Older Articles

3 October 2005

Lucy Fan Club News

  • There is now a yahoogroup you can join for the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club
    This is different to the proposed Members Only fanclub and is open to everyone although it does need moderator approval
    The blurb for the group says:
    This is a group authorized by Lucy. If you've checked out her Official Fan Club page, Lawless Ink -- -- you know she's a freewheeling spirit and we're along for the ride. If necessary, I'll post the rules. But just remember to be nice to each other and there for each other.

Older Articles

Lucy Pics - Photoshoots

Xena VCR Alert for the US

October 2, starting at 6am on LOGO (a gay and lesbian channel in the US) is having a Xena marathon until 6pm...

These are the eps (in the order of airing)

The Xena Scrolls, Giant Killer, Antony & Cleopatra, A Good Day, Endgame, Destiny,
Bewere Greeks Bearing Gifts, When In Rome... The God You Know, Back In the Bottle
One Against An Army, When Fates Collide, Ides of March

The channel is on DirecTV, channel 263.
Many thanks to Jenn / XWPOnline for the news


1 October 2005

Lucy has updated her Fan Club Site with the following information:

9/30 or, if I type slowly, 10/1 -- Yep, this is Lucy's page. Yep, it's the real Lucy Lawless, so that will be at the top of the FAQ cuz I don't want to wake up every morning and answer that question 396 times. Even if I can use cut and paste. Right now, it's all the news that's fit to print on this page. We'll start putting up the other ones shortly, er, in the near future, well, as we figure out what we want to do. There will be a club to join. There will be an exclusive password protected section with thoughts Lucy can't put anywhere else. There will be goodies as well. Lovely shirts with pieces of Lucy's imaginative, wicked mind on them. I've shown her some of your siggies with her sayings and we decided to emblazon them on your front, back, pocket and maybe a few butts.  Click here to read more


Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Season 2 DVD News

    TVShows on DVD reports that Universal has announced that they'll release Part 1 (10 episodes) of the second season of Battlestar Galactica on 20 December. There's isn't a lot of information about the set but it will be 3 discs (single sided) Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1), and it'll have English Dolby Digital 5.1 audio (with English and Spanish subtitles). Currently there isn't any information on bonus material other than podcasts.

    The discs will come in 3 slim cases, along with an outer box, and sell for a suggested price of $49.98. Read More...




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21-23 October 2005

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14 January 2006
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