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31 October 2006

Lucy Premieres & Other Events - 29 October 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Episode Stills

WARNING: Articles contains spoilers and images from upcoming episodes.

New Articles and Lucy Scans

Linked Articles

30 October 2006

Lucy Premieres & Other Events - 29 October 2006

High Res Photos

Added four high resolution photos from the Griffith Observatory Re-Opening Galactic Gala 29 October 2006

Click here to view the images

Medium Res Photos

Lucy attended the Griffith Observatory Re-Opening Galactic Gala
October 29, 2006 - Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles, CA USA

Click here to view medium resolution images

Other Pics - Links
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the following links:

News about this event

  • Stellar night for observatory
    L.A.: Luminaries mark attraction's reopening this Friday.
    By Dana Bartholomew, Staff writer
    Article Launched:10/29/2006 10:17:56 PM PST

    Stars gazed upon stars Sunday at a Galactic Gala at Griffith Observatory to honor this week's re-opening of Los Angeles' No. 1 landmark. Hollywood stars, city officials and supporters of the $93 million makeover sailed across a heavenly blue carpet to hail the observatory's Friday public launch.
    Click here to read more

Lucy site Update

  • There are 3 videos of Lucy carving out a pumpkin for the boys for Halloween - pretty good result. There is also some pictures that were taken backstage at Duets which show Lucy and her daughter Daisy showcasing their prowess in using funny filters on their camera <g>
    Click here to view

28 October 2006

The Darkroom Movie Update

Fangoria Magazine is reporting that Lucy's movie The Darkroom will be released on DVD on 2 January 2007.

  • January 2 sees the release of THE DARKROOM, the latest from the HOUSE OF THE DEAD II/ROOM 6 team of Michael Hurst (writer/director) and Mark A. Altman (writer/producer). This one stars XENA’s Lucy Lawless and ALIAS’ Greg Grunberg in the story of a boy who believes his stepfather is evil, and a man who has escaped from a mental hospital who helps him discover just how bad his stepdad is. This disc will include commentary by Hurst and Altman and the THE DARKROOM Exposed featurette; retail price is $19.98. 
    Source: Fangoria Magazine Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Battlestar Galactica

Video Clips and Screencaptures for Lucy's role as D'anna Biers on the BSG episode Collaborators

Video clip of Lucy's scene
Previews of next week's episode "Torn"

Click here to view

Xenaverse News - Steve Sears

Xena Fan Club News

New Video Clip

  • Sharon has posted a short video clip of a roundtable discussion roundtable discussion between Renee, Liz and Chris for the Xena Fan Club Kit #12. (The movie starts off silent) click here to download clip

2007 Xena Calendar

The preview of the 2007 Xena Calendar photos is now online. Gorgeous Xena and Gabrielle pics - the centerfold is Xena in the white dress from Return of the Valkyries on the beach.

Click here to view



27 October 2006

Ghost Town Update

  • Added new articles about the movie

New Lucy Pic Links

Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 (Complete with extras) in Australia

Battlestar Galactica (2005) - Season 2 (6 Disc Box Set) (787854)
Price Reduction! - Pre-Order Now - Available Wednesday, 01 November 2006  - $44.83 AUD

Click here to order



26 October 2006

Condolences to Aleida Santiago's family and friends on Aleida's passing from cancer. The following is a blog entry of Lucy attending the funeral of her friend. Many thanks to Barbara Davies the news.

  • There's a touching blog entry about Aleida Santiago's funeral, which Lucy attended, here. I felt it was too personal to cut and paste, but I recommend that you go and read it and see what Lucy did/has done:

Xena Comics News

Xena Comic #5 Press Release

October 25, 2006, Runnemede, NJ – DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT released images and information today regarding the release of Xena #5 and the beginning of a dramatic new story arc for the Warrior Princess as writer John Layman explores Xena's "Dark Side!". Xena #5 features the return of Dark Xena and is scheduled to ship in November with covers by Aaron Lopresti of Incredible Hulk fame, Dynamite fan favorites Stjepan Sejic and Fabiano Neves, and a photo cover!

Click here to read more

Xena Fan Club Kit #12 from Creation Entertainment

It's time to renew your membership by signing up for THE OFFICIAL XENA  FAN CLUB KIT #12! The exclusive fun of being a member of our great club continues onward with a great new kit filled with collectibles and access to our "members-only" on-line club site and YAHOO members message board. 

Here's all the wonderful benefits of being part of THE OFFICIAL XENA FAN CLUB KIT 12, more of what we believe is the greatest fan club ever because of the great access to the stars and production folks of the series! Click here to read more

25 October 2006

Lucy Interview with the Smithsonian Magazine

  • Smithsonian Magazine November 2006. Lucy Lawless, star of Xena: Warrior Princess, which aired from 1995 to 2001, has given her signature costume to the Museum of American History. She spoke with the magazine's Katy June-Friesen

Vampire Bats DVD

The DVD is now available for Region 4 (Australia / New Zealand)  - Lucy Lawless and Timothy Bottoms take on a voracious horde of blood-seeking vampire bats in this squirm-inducing terror-ride from the producers of TV's Miami Vice and Frankenstein.

There are no extras.

Click here to order from DVD Orchard (Australia)

Vampire Bats Movie


24 October 2006

Lucy Pictures

Lucy Pic from Comic-Con

There's a new pic of Lucy with Eddie Olmos and an unidentified person from Comic-Con - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link Click here to view pic

Lucy Pictures from Grudge 2 Premiere

IF Magazine has some exclusive pictures of Lucy, Ted and Sam Raimi at the The Grudge 2 premiere

Click here to view



University of Southern California
Public Diplomacy Fall Speaker Series: Steven Sears

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2006 12:00PM

Join the USC Center on Public Diplomacy in welcoming Steven L. Sears for a presentation on lessons learned during his career as co-executive producer of the internationally syndicated hit series, “Xena: Warrior Princess.” Sears will discuss the controversy he faced when certain factions of the Hindu community protested against an episode that aired in March of 1999. Sears also co-created the television show "Sheena." Lunch will be served.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
12:00 pm Annenberg, Room 207

Xena Calendars Are Now Available To Order
from Creation Entertainment

Xena reigns supreme in 2007 as Creation Entertainment is proud to announce our two gorgeous all-new calendars! Every day is special when shared with the show that changed the face of television forever! As in previous years we have two different calendars to choose: The first is done by the Creation Art Department and consists of collages and images designed by our talented team. The second is designed with photos selected by Sharon Delaney, Editor/Manager of The Official Xena Fan Club.

Our calendars will ship approximately December 1, 2006 but because they sell out and we print based primarily on placed orders we appreciate your ordering as quickly as possible to avoid missing out

Click here to order

23 October 2006

Xena Multimedia

Xena Screencaptures

Added new video section to Xena Multimedia - Xena Episode Dailies

Dailies refers to the raw, unedited footage shot during the making of a motion picture. It is so-called because usually, at the end of each day, that day's footage is developed and printed in a batch for viewing by the director.

Season 2

  • Gabrielle meets up with Iolaus on her way to bury Xena

  • Gabrielle fights to save Xena's body from being taken

Season 4

  • Ides of March - Gabrielle chooses her path when Xena is down

Season 5

  • Chakram - Xena talking to Joxer about his love for Gabrielle

  • Chakram - Joxer talking to Xena about his love for Gabrielle


22 October 2006

Celebrity Duets

New Photos from Anne Pizotes of Lucy with the fans at the Celebrity Duets finale (29 September 2006), Daisy meeting the fans and Renee and Rob at the 28 September 2006 show

Lucy Promo Images - Vampire Bats

Added a high resolution promo scan from Vampire Bats


Lucy Donates to Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Race...

Didn't think Hillary was going to run but according to the LA Times, it appears that Hillary Clinton hasn't declared what she will do but stars have being donating to the cause. One name popped up that caused this update to made here (why else would I post it? <g>) and it's Lucy Lawless <g> Lucy donated $1,000.
Click here to read the LA Times Article

Xena Playstation 2 Game Update

  • More news about the upcoming Playstation game. Mike from Sweden has informed me that the new game will be released in Sweden on 28 November 2006.

21 October 2006

Rock the Vote and Keep Xena At the Top

Time to Vote for the 5 Best TV Shows of All Time! - Vote for Xena Warrior Princess -  - Many thanks to Judi Mair for the news

Darkroom Movie Update

  • This movie is becoming a real mystery - not in the plot line but for info about it and when it will be released. There was some speculation earlier this month when it was reviewed (8 October 2006 - click here to read) that it might be a DVD release. News from the official Mindfire Entertainment site is that the movie has had "Official Selection International Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror". Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Battlestar Galactica

Episode Video Clips - Exodus Part 2

Added five video clips from the Episode "Exodus Part 2"
Added preview video clip for the next episode "Collaborators"

Added 85 Screencaptures

BSG Promo Pics - Spoilers abound

  • The promo pics for the episode "A Measure of Salvation" are now available. There are 4 Lucy high resolution images from the episode.


20 October 2006

Lucy TV Reminder: Battlestar Galactica is on tonight - Exodus Part 2.

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Promo Images - Vampire Bats

Added two high resolution scans from the movie Vampire Bats.
I scanned one in colour and then converted it over to b/w. Gorgeous photos. Only the first 3 images are new (despite what it says with all of them being new). I moved the Vampire Bats promo pics and thus they all became new.


New Lucy Blog Entry / Lucy Official Site

  • Lucy's site has been updated with a new mesage from Lucy about her plans for a show early next year in LA. She's thinking of doing a "duelling blues songs" with another singer. Should be absolutely fantastic. The other portion of the message is about Lucy's friend who is passing away. We should treasure what we have in this life and the friends we make along the way.
    Click here to read Lucy's message

Xena Mention in A New Book

TOP OF THE POP by Ian Gould

19 October 2006

Lucy Interviews - E! News 18 October 2006

Interview - E! News 18 October 2006
Lucy is interviewed at the Allure Magazine Event about her singing on Celebrity Duets and how she wants to pursue her singing career.

Video clip and screencaptures now online


Xena Playstation Game Update

  • As reported on the 16 October, the Australian release of the Xena Playstation 2 game is scheduled for 16 November 2006. The Belgian release of the Xena Playstation 2 game is scheduled for January 2007 . For more info abou this go to the official site
    Many thanks to Martine for the news


17 October 2006

Lucy Pictures

Allure Magazine Benefit

Added more pictures from this event (Bruno Press) of Lucy and Marissa.
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the pics


Getty Images

If you were looking for the Getty Images of Lucy at Allure magazine's on location event to benefit 'Clothes Off Our Back' on October 14, 2006 - it looks like Getty Images has removed the images from the website but they haven't. If you do a search for Lucy, you won't find them but if you go to the Allure Image section you will find them - they are just hiding.
Pic #1  |  Pic #2  |  Pic #3 Pic #4


The Grudge 2 Premiere

Added 10 high resolution images of Lucy at the Grudge 2 Premiere



Battlestar Galactica


2008 Xena Con for Las Vegas?

Creation was taking a poll to see how many people would like to go to Las Vegas for the 2008 Xena Con. Looks like Burbank is the place to be (I have the Green Acres theme song running through my head...this isn't good).
Click here to see the results of the poll

The current guest list for the 2007 Con are: Renee O'Connor, Michael Hurst, Robert Trebor, Sheeri Rappaport, Claire Stansfield, Patrica Fabian (Rafe in episode King Con), Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Zoe Bell.

For more info about attending go to the Creation Con Site

16 October 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Episodic Photography / Stills

Season 3 (Courtesy of AUSXIP affiliate Dark Thoughts BSG Site)

Season 3 - Episode 05 - Torn

Celebrity Duets Reviews

Reviews by Marion Miller

Xena Prop House Newsletter

Australian Xena Playstation 2 Game

UK Con - Xena & Strong Women of TV

  • Yes it is that time again when our minds turn to thoughts of Christmas J So with celebrations and parties in mind, I am pleased to announce our latest fest. Book your diaries for Saturday November 18th for the party you have all been waiting for. For the usual price of £10, including a buffet supper, we will be celebrating all our favourite TV ladies, with all the usual events.  We have our ever popular mega quiz, raffle and the charity auction, as well as the chance to see or see again favourite moments and episodes. We will be at the Walsall County Hotel in Walsall again, near junction 7 of the M6. For those having to travel a little further, it is possible to book rooms for the night, so you can stay to the end J To book or for further details, e-mail us at

    Last year the con raised £1,993.50 (about A$4,930 or $3,700),
    Many thanks to Julian for the news

15 October 2006

Premieres & Other Events

Lucy Lawless attended the Allure magazine's on location event to benefit 'Clothes Off Our Back' on October 14, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Getty Images for Allure Magazine)

Getty Images has 4 pictures of Lucy from the event
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link


New Lucy Video - Lucy Site

  • There's a new video and picture of Lucy (with Marissa) on Lucy's site from the Allure Partners with Clothes Off Our Back event. Lucy talks about her desire to do some singing and maybe perform during the weekend of the Creation Xena convention in January. She won't be performing at the convention but maybe do something while all the fans are gathered together.
    Click here to view video clip and pic

Unknown Lucy Photoshoot

This is a rather interesting photoshoot - I've put in the 2005 Photoshoots section because in March 2005 the image first appeared in the Daily Mirror article about Boogeyman - that image was in b/w - these are colour. I first thought these were part of the Self Magazine photoshoot in 2004 but I'm not certain. Lucy appears to be in a bath but the background is different from the Self Magazine Photoshoot

Celebrity Duets

High Resolution Episodic Photography / Stills

Added 16 high resolution images from Celebrity Duets - these are HUGE and of course have Lucy in them.

For those with slower connections, the smaller images are on the Celebrity Duets Promos Section.

many thanks to LB for the images


Xena Back on Air in NZ

  • Xena is back on the air on Sky TV in New Zealand. Sundays at 2:30 pm on Sky One. Many thanks to NZJester for the news

Marissa Gets Married!

  • Congratulations to Marissa and her new hubby Judah Miller on their wedding last week. There is a report about the wedding and who attended (Lucy is mentioned) on the Stage Notes Blog. For more info go to Stage Notes Blog
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news



14 October 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Episode Clips

Added five video clips from the episode "Exodus Part 1" - these clips are only Lucy / D'anna)

Video clips created by Roger


Battlestar Galactica - Screencaptures

Added 246 screencaptures from the episode "Exodus Part 1"


BSG Promo Pictures

Episodic Photography / Stills

Season 3 (Courtesy of AUSXIP affiliate Dark Thoughts BSG Site)

Lucy Photoshoot - OK Magazine

Updated OK Magazine (2006) Photoshoot with five new high resolution images


Celebrity Duets

New Little Lucy Avatar


Renee Movie Update - Ghost Town

  • Updated Ghost Town Subsite with a message from Renee about her character called "Little Jack".

13 October 2006

Renee Update - Ghost Town Movie

“Ghost Town the Movie” directors Dean Teaster and Jeff Kennedy are calling for budding actors and actresses to audition for a limited number of roles in the upcoming feature film, scheduled for release next spring.

Pre-production is underway and shooting is set to begin Oct. 16 at locations in Canton and Maggie Valley.

The movie, set in 1870, will depict a western theme with touches of Appalachian folklore and will chronicle the life of Haywood County native Harmon Teaster. Many of Ghost Town theme park’s famed gunfighters will be featured.

Click here to read more

New Articles - no mention of Renee but it's about the movie

Renee Article Mention

  • Hometown Horns: Katy, Texas 13 October 2006- USA ... As well as producing track and field standouts, Katy is apparently a breeding ground for actresses named Renee. Katy has produced Renee Zellweger and the lesser-known Renee O’Connor (Gabriella in Xena: Warrior Princess). Click here to read the article

Upcoming Lucy Event

  • Allure Partners with Clothes Off Our Back!
    Lucy and Marissa Jaret Winokur will be attending this event. On Saturday, October 14, the fourth annual Allure on Location will be an all-access pass to the best in beauty with proceeds to benefit Clothes Off Our Back. Complimentary makeovers, brow shaping, style tips, hair styling, manis and pedis, skin care consultations and more!
    Saturday, October 14
    1:00 - 6:00 PM
    Tickets $40
    To order tickets, go to
    Source: Sharon Delaney / Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club

New Horror Series for Rob Tapert & Sam Raimi

  • - Raimi Eyes CW Horrors
    Director/producer Sam Raimi is developing a hybrid horror/reality series House of Horrors for The CW network, Variety reported. Raimi and his longtime producing partner Rob Tapert are executive-producing. CW executives told the trade paper that the show could be on the air as early as next summer once it gets a green light. Click here to read more

Lucy Photoshoots

Added 5 new Lucy photos from the Warrior Women 2003 photoshoot.



Battlestar Galactica Subsite

Lucy Mention - National Ledger

  • National Ledger - 13 October 2006
    A TV icon in her own right, Lucy Lawless has had no trouble fitting into the sci-fi world with her current guest spot on "Battlestar Galactica," says series regular Tricia Helfer. "I don't think she was too worried about stepping back in the sci-fi mold. It's done well for her," Helfer points out about the former "Xena" star. "She's got two young kids, and she's definitely kept quite busy so she looks at it as just enjoying working on the show." Helfer adds, "Lucy's got a realistic approach to things and she's got great energy." (With reports by Stephanie DuBois and Emily Feimster)

Update on the Lucy Attending Peace March

  • It has been confirmed by Sharon that Lucy won't be attending this peace march and didn't know anything about it.
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

12 October 2006

Juicy Lucy Photoshoot Update / Lucy Message

There is a new Lucy Message on her site about the Juicy Lucy (I should stop calling it that) photoshoot. The photos are also on the site and will be available for purchase soon.  As Lucy says - please don't buy them from anyone else except the fan club. It's not fair on Darrell the photographer and not fair on Lucy.

Click here to read her message


New Lucy Pictures - Seattle Space Needle May 2006

After the spectacular (and hilarious) closing of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in Seattle back in May 2005, Lucy attended a fundraiser for the Seattle Men's Choir at the Seattle Space Needle. Faith and Lucy signed autographs and were very generous with their time for the fans.

Click here to view a high resolution image of Lucy with Faith
image contributed by Roger


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The following is from Michelle De La Rosa:

Need a new suitcase or backpack for the Xena convention? :-)

"Year-round, eBags donates 10% of the retail sales price of any pink product purchased on our site to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Look for the pink ribbon next to pink bags included in this program."


11 October 2006

Juicy Lucy Photoshoot Update

Since the internet express train has left the station with these pictures being posted on various forums, usenet etc, Lucy has decided to sell these images (According to Lucy's site: 10% of the profits from the sale of all merchandise will be going to a charity of Lucy's choice.).

The following has been posted on Lucy's list by Sharon Delaney

These photos were from a photo shoot that Lucy and Darrell did. They were not released publicly. I just talked with Lucy and we're going to post the images and also release them for sale. I'll put the images up tonight and get them ready for sale in a few days. Please don't buy them on ebay or from any other seller.

More Lucy The Grudge 2 Premiere Photos
thanks to Barbara Davies for the links

  • Photorazzi they have pictures of Lucy at the Grudge 2 premiere


Boogeyman Sequel

It has been announced that Ghost House Pictures will be producing a sequel to Boogeyman (which starred Lucy as a very dead mother who haunts her son when he goes back to the house he grew up in). Boogeyman 2 is the sequel. No mention if Lucy will be in this movie). Lensing for the sequel begins in LA next month

For more information about Boogeyman, go to the AUSXIP Boogeyman Subsite

For more information about Boogeyman 2 (and synopsis) go to Production Weekly

More Lucy photos from the Grudge 2 Premiere has some fantastic Lucy photos in their exclusive look at The Grudge 2 premiere. Includes pics of Lucy with Ted and Sam Raimi

Click here to view


Lucy to Attend Peace March?
The following is from Barbara Davies

[Is this true or a wind up? I can't tell. The URL given doesn't work. The real URL should presumably be And that site does indeed list the march, but I couldn't find any mention of Lucy's participation.]
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Forum Discussion: March for World Peace
On Saturday, October 28th, 2006, starting at 12 noon on the corner of Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, California, will be the first in a year-long series of international parades for peace. This commemorative event will be be led by none other that the 72 year-old grandson of Gandhi, and will include other famous people and intellectual dissidents of our time, such as Doris Roberts, Edd Begly Jr., Lucy Lawless, Mimi Kennedy, Darryl Hanna, Sharon Stone, and many more. Featuring support for environmentaly and socialy concerned corporations such as Harrison's Hell Raisers and The Association of Hollywood Liberals, this promises to be a monumentous event, dubbed as "The largest think tank ever gathered, led by sages of all ages, the brightest brains on the planet." If you are in the Los Angeles area or otherwise have the means, please attend. Not only will you be supporting a great cause, but you will also be a part of history.

Visit  for more information.


New Lucy Photos - Concert Tour with Dave Dobbyn

Lucy toured with Dave Dobbyn across New Zealand in the summer of 2002 through to January 2003. Lucy performed on stage and sang a few songs including "Maxine" The subsite features photos, reviews from the performances and other multimedia

Added pictures by Deb from Lucy's performance in Taupo Great Lakes 26 December 2002

Celebrity Duets DVD News

For those interested in finding out if there will be a Celebrity Duets DVD, Mac sent the following from the Fox website - you can email them and let them know you are interested in seeing CD on DVD.

  • For more information on new and upcoming DVD or VHS releases, please email  or call 1-888-223-2FOX. You can always pre-order movies in advance at . All pre-ordered items will be billed and shipped on their respective street dates.

More Lucy at The Grudge 2 Premiere

Medium images

  • - Click on the other pics at the bottom of the page
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Smaller images

  • Rex Features also features some Lucy pictures from this event.
    Many thanks to LB for the link

Battlestar Galactica Subsite

Just received the following from Elizabeth at AOL Television
New Feature on AOL Television:

The Bard's Corner


  • Like You (Complete) by Iseqween
    The following takes place between the early first season episodes CHARIOTS OF WAR and DREAMWORKER, shortly before Gabrielle sneaks off to practice with Xena's sword and buy the breast dagger Xena confiscates and turns into her own signature concealed weapon.

10 October 2006

Juicy Lucy Photoshoot

The photos have been removed at Lucy's request. It seems these photos were not
authourised to be released (someone isn't going to be very happy once Lucy gets through with them) and they were on Usenet newsgroup and Charis passed them on to me.

So giving due consideration to Lucy's feelings about this, I have removed these

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Lucy Lawless Attends The Grudge 2 Premiere
The Grudge 2" Los Angeles Premiere
Knott's Scary Farm Buena Park, California USA
8 October 2006

Click here to view pictures from this event

You can find more pictures from this event here:
thanks to Barbara Davies, Charis and LB for the links

Locusts to Air on the ABC

Little Lucy Avatars


9 October 2006

Battlestar Galactica

New Renee Movie Subsite

I'm sure everyone has heard the great news that Renee is in a new movie.
It's called Ghost Town. I have created a new Renee subsite

Renee O'Connor Ghost Town News & Multimedia Fan Site

It doesn't have much at the moment, just info about the movie, Renee's
role and production information. Enjoy

Xena Warrior Princess Season 6 Press Kit

  • Renee Clip 2 - Renee compares her acting technique to Lucy’s
  • Renee Clip 3 - Renee discusses her athletic background
  • Rob Clip 1 - Rob talks about his marriage to the star of Xena, Lucy Lawless
  • Rob Clip 2 - Rob describes the elements of Xena’s international success
  • Smith Clip 1 - Chloe Smith, Producer, talks about the collaborative process in production
  • Vesey Clip 1 - Grant Vesey, Props Master, discusses prop acquisition
  • Vesey Clip 2 - Grant Vesey, Props Master, shows props designed for an
  • Vesey Clip 3 - Grant Vesey, Props Master, talks about Kate Lang, a sculpture that works with polystyrene
  • Lang Clip 1 - Kate Lang, Sculpture, explains how she came to her unique craft
  • Holland Clip 1 - Jane Holland, Costume Designer, talks about the influences on costume design
  • Gillies Clip 1 - Rob Gillies, Production Designer, explains what a production designer does
  • Gillies Clip 2 - Rob Gillies, Production Designer, talks about the design process
  • Dawson Clip 1 - Shane Dawson, Stunt Coordinator, talks about how he came to be a stunt coordinator
  • Dawson Clip 2 - Shane Dawson, Stunt Coordinator, talks about the Lucy Lawless technique with a sword
  • Dawson Clip 3 - Shane Dawson, Stunt Coordinator, demonstrates moves with a sword
  • Dawson Clip 4 - Shane Dawson, Stunt Coordinator, explains Renee O’Connor’s use of her weapon

8 October 2006

Celebrity Duets

Interviews - Fox News 29 September 2006

Lucy was interviewed at the end of the finale by Fox News. Added video clip and screencaptures. Video contributed by Anne

Click here to download video clip and screencaptures


Music Videos

This is a merger between Lucy singing on Duets and a Xena Music Video

SherrieB Videos

  • Xena and Gabrielle Forever - (Music: Right Here Waiting sung by Lucy Lawless & Richard Marx)

Battlestar Galactica




Darkroom Movie Subsite Update

Darkroom Movie to Go Straight to DVD?

The following is from the BLFOFILMCO Blog:

  • I did a featurette for CFQ's THE DARKROOM. Mark Altman is the man who runs the CFQ empire (including Cinefantastique magazine)...What I really liked was that it's entertaining but informative. It's not just a bunch of b.s. It delves into the various facets of the script and the filmmaking and it's not just fluff which DVD promo material so often is. I think when the fans start posting reviews when it comes out you'll be gratified by the result. -- M.A.
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


7 October 2006

New Movie for Renee

Renee's site has been updated with news of a new movie called Ghost Town  and she will be playing a "Calamity Jane" type of role! Yeahaa! <g> Check out Renee's message on her site - Many thanks to Judi Mair for the news


Lucy Records Song

The Celebrate the Child and Youth Campaign includes a launch event, the establishment of strategic networks and support via media owners and corporate citizens to underwrite the commercial requirements for the event, and the establishment of a platform to launch the OMC song 'Aotearoa 4 All of Us' sung by Pauly Fuemana and Lucy Lawless.

Click here to read an article from Sunday Star Times - 8 October 2006
Many thanks to Michele for the news


Battlestar Galactica Subsite

Episode Video Clips

Added 4 video clips from the Season 3 opener "Occupation" and "Precipice"



Added 128 screencaptures from Season 3 opener "Occupation" and "Precipice"


Episode Promo Pics

Promo pics for Episode 4: Collaborators are now online and there is one absolute stunning pic of Lucy.



Celebrity Duets Interviews

Geraldo At Large 10 September 2006
Lucy was interviewed after the 7th September 2006 Duets show about Duets.

Click here to download video clip and screencaptures

Lucy Lawless Celebrity Duets Charity Auction

The Lucy Lawless Celebrity Duets Costume Auction has closed for both costumes.
I am VERY happy to say that both costumes have been sold and the proceeds will be going to Starship directly. The amounts were:

Armenestra - $810
Pelia - $500

for a total of $1,310 USD which converts to $1,988 NZ$

Many thanks to Julie for being extremely generous and to the highest bidder OpusOne.

6 October 2006

Battlestar Galactica Podcast

Battlestar Galactica Promos

New Lucy Audio Interview

  • Lucy was interviewed on the OutQ channel today on the Derek & Romaine show. Please be aware that profanity (1 word) is uttered during the interview (not Lucy)  Download mp3

New Lucy Pic has Babes of Galactica pics and it's got Lucy photos from various events she has been at. There are two that haven't been seen before  It was during Lucy's photoshoot for her Warrior Women PR Many thanks to Alicia for the link

Click here to see pics from the same photoshoot as the first pic
Article #1  Article #2

Click here to see pics from Warrior Women Promo Shots

Lucy Radio Interview

The following is from Windborn

Just a heads up :) I heard this on the radio this morning. If you have Sirius radio, Lucy will be on the OutQ channel today on the Derek & Romaine show. If you don't have Sirius you can get a free 3 day trial to listen on the internet! :)

Here's the schedule from their site( ) :

Friday, October 06, 2006
7:20pm: Xena and Battlestar Galactica star Lucy Lawless

5 October 2006

Xena Warrior Princess Season 6 Press Kit

  • Lucy Clip 2 - Lucy discusses her work with Renee and their differing acting styles
  • Lucy Clip 3 - Lucy talks about seeing herself dubbed into French
  • Lucy Clip 4 - Lucy discusses her costume and Xena’s look
  • Lucy Clip 5 - Lucy discusses her athletic aptitude
  • Lucy Clip 6 - Lucy discusses her marriage to Executive Producer Rob Tapert
  • Renee Clip 2 - Renee compares her acting technique to Lucy’s
Celebrity Duets

Duets Finale Promo Pics

Little Lucy Avatars

Battlestar Galactica

BSG starts it's Season 3 tomorrow!


Please note the following articles contain Season 3 spoilers

Xenaverse News

Jennifer Leland-Ward News

  • Jennifer has a CD called FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN out. For details go here:
    She's also doing quite a lot of gigs of various kinds this month. For
    details go here:
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news
Affiliate News

Stargate SG1 (run by Mesh)

TERYLICIOUS.NET Contest Submission Closes October 9!

This is a friendly reminder for you to submit your fan art, fan fiction and videos to this year's Teryl contest over at TERYLICIOUS.NET by October 9, 2006. You can win loads of nice prizes, among them our grand prize: a gorgeous photo signed by Teryl. Congrats on winning the "terylicious contest"!! Teryl Rothery XOX. So head on
over to the contest page, read the guidelines and submit your icons,
banners, fic, vids etc. Good luck to all! 

4 October 2006

Xena Warrior Princess Season 6 Press Kit

The Season 6 electronic press kit contains 26 video clips - interviewing Lucy, Renee, Rob, cast and crew. A look behind the scenes of this amazing show. Over the coming days and in between BSG Video clips, I'll be adding them to the Season 6 Press Kit section.

  • Xena Intro - Overview of the clips in the eletronic press kit with Lucy/Rob/Renee
  • Behind the Scenes on Set
  • Behind the Scenes Production Crew
  • Lucy Clip #1 - Talk about what makes the show special
  • Renee Clip 1 - Renee discusses her relationship with Lucy

Battlestar Galactica

BSG DVD News - Season 2.5

You can now order Battlestar Galactica DVD 2.5 boxset which is the second part of Season 2. This set contains Lucy's episode "Downloaded" and also has deleted scenes featuring Lucy which were never broadcast. The price is pretty good. it has been reduced from $49.98 to $31.87 with free shipping in the US


2 October 2006

Reminder: AUSXIP AUCTIONS in association with Starship Foundation
100% of the proceeds will benefit Starship Children’s Health

Celebrity Duets has ended and what a show that was! Lucy was absolutely amazing. In honor of that event and Lucy's participation, AUSXIP has joined with the Starship Foundation (Lucy's charity that is dear to her heart) to create this auction for two of Lucy's costumes that she wore on Xena Warrior Princess. These costumes have been generously donated by Julie. The successful bidder will be paying Starship directly to their donation page. Please see the descriptions for each costume for more details!
Happy Bidding!

Battlestar Galactica

Promo Pics for episode #3 Exodus

  • There is a couple of new images from the third episode of Season 3. Unfortunately none of Lucy facing the camera - just her back.
    Promo Pic #1 | Promo Pic #2 - These are extremely high res photos


Preview Season 3

Celebrity Duets

Renee Update

Renee Site Update

Renee's "Green Eyes" On Ebay

  • Renee's auction for her original painting "Green Eyes" has 6 more days to run and it's already up to $5,500! Check it out here

1 October 2006


Hi folks,

In honour of Lucy's wonderful performance on Celebrity Duets (and even though she didn't win first prize, she won a whole lot more) Julie has donated TWO Xena costumes to be auctioned off for charity.

The charity chosen is something very dear to Lucy's heart and that is Starship.

100% of the winning bid will be donated directly to Starship (via their website) with the winner bidder paying postage to Julie. Both costumes are located in the US.


The Pelia costume is from the episode If The Shoe Fits.
It's when Lucy/Xena Pelia is dancing around Prince/Joxer/Ted. The costume is complete, shoes, jewelery etc.

It also has the original costumer tags, labels sewn in the costume, and a coa from It's A Wrap.

Donated by Julie. 100% of the winning bid will be sent directly to Starship. Bidder to pay postage.

The costume is in the US and will be posted from there.


The Armanestra costume was worn in the episode Between The Lines, when Xena was sent forward in time as the Mother of Peace to defeat Alti. It is also complete with the hat, and has Lucy labels and a Certificate of Authenticity from It's A Wrap.

Donated by Julie. 100% of the winning bid will be sent directly to Starship. Bidder to pay postage.

The costume is in the US and will be posted from there.

If you have any questions please email MaryD at

Battlestar Galactica D'anna Biers Subsite Update

The Battlestar Galactica Subsite is where all the info, pictures and video clips from Lucy's role as D'anna Biers can be found. It also includes articles, reviews, screencaptures and other goodies.

Celebrity Duets

  • There's a new Lucy message on Lucy's site about her experiences on Duets, some insights and thanking the fans once again. Way cool. Click here to read

Little Lucy Avatars


Celebrity Duets - Articles

Celebrity Duets - PR Photos

Click here for September 2006 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates

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