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October 1998

30 October 1998

Hey snuck in some time :-)

Sad News: The Official Renee O'Connor Fan Club is closing down. Momma ROC (aka Sandra Wilson) has been sending out letters stating that from 31 December 1998 the club will no longer be around. This, folks, is NOT a rumour - it will be happening.
Please go to the Official Renee O'Connor Fan Club Page

26 October 1998

I will be taking a week off - got visitors from overseas coming and also heading for a very busy week and weekend. So what this means is that I won't be able to update the site until Tuesday, 3rd November. I did manage to get a quick look at A Family Affair and a little bit of SNL in between cleaning the house :-) I'll be adding AFA review with the montage when I get back! If anyone has sent me email - my server has been down so I'm way way way behind in mail and it looks like I'll be playing catchup until Tuesday!

25 October 1998

MaryD's Fan Fiction Recommendation: Must be my week for Uber stories :-) Folks I've just added In The Shadow of an Eagle's Wing by Jamie Boughen and IMO it's a fantastic story! Highly recommeneded!

Also congratulations to Mr and Mrs Boughen (aka Jamie and Laura) on their recent wedding!

24 October 1998


23 October 1998

I've decided to add my own reviews of the episodes together with the montage.

Regarding the rumours that Renee is engaged to Steve: NOT TRUE. This is from Sharon Delaney who has checked.

I am very pleased to say that Melissa Good's Uber Xena story "Tropical Storm" can now be read on TBC! Do yourselves a favor...READ IT!

Voyager Fan Fic:

22 October 1998

MaryD's Fan Fiction Recommendation: I don't read alot of Uber Xena stories but I was advised to do so by a good friend of mine (thanks Spikey) to read Melissa Good's Uber Story called Tropical Storm. Folks this is magnificent! I absolutely adore the characters and in her own style Missy has made me want to get to know these characters better! I highly recommend you read Tropical Storm if you haven't already!
Check it out on Missy's site - http://www.merwolf.com/tropical1.html

20 October 1998

GREAT NEWS FOR AUSSIES: Foxtel will be screening XWP starting from November on TV1. For those that are sick and tired of Channel 10 cutting the episodes this is welcome news!

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Simpson on their recent wedding! Tom Simpson and Betsy Book got married! Check out the pics at Mistopholees web site

19 October 1998

18 October 1998

17 October 1998

MONTAGE ALERT: Just added A Family Affair - The Reunion

NEWFLASH: Lucy will be on the Channel 11 News at 10 pm (NY area) to talk about SNL.

I've just added screen captures from Entertainment Tonight - 16 October 1998
Click here for screen captures

16 October 1998

I would like to welcome a new talent to the Xenaverse. Her name is Sword’n’Quill and she has produced a stunning piece of fanfic - an epic tale (I'm a sucker for a good long story). Check it out - I highly recommend it! It has become one of my favourites!

15 October 1998

For those going to the San Fran Con - bad news NO Hudson BUT Sharon Delaney announced that Claire Stanchfield (who is that? - None other than the wild Alti from Adventures in the Sin Trade!). So all those Xenites going to the con - be gentle with Claire :-) I'm sure she will be having her first taste of the Xenaverse :-)

ROCAward98.jpg (11850 bytes)

Denis' Renee O'Connor Fanpage

14 October 1998

Added the 124th bard to The Bard's Corner - JL Peterson

13 October 1998

12 October 1998

11 October 1998

MONTAGE UPDATE: I've just added Adventures in the Sin Trade - #2

ROC Alert: There is an article on Renee in the magazine Seventeen. Small article on Page 84.


10 October 1998

NEWFLASH #1: According to ClickTV - Lucy will be on ET on the 16th October to discuss her hosting SNL!

NEWSFLASH #2 - Movie with Renee: The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children.
20 October 1998 - Please check your tv guide for local time and channel.

NEWFLASH #3: Hudson Leick has cancelled her appearnce for the convention in Sf on the 18th October.

Hudson will not be able to appear at the San Francisco convention Oct 18.

As many of you may know, she is filming a movie. The studio originally thought she could fly to SF to do the show on Sunday. They were even providing a car to take her to the airport. Unfortunately, they are now going to be filming on Sunday and Hudson is scheduled to work that day.

For the actors, acting work must always take precedence over doing a convention. Creation has never held an actor to a contract when it would conflict with any filming they have to do -- even if it means a last minute change.

We are in the process of finding a replacement. I'll post as soon as I know anything definite.

Sharon Creation Ent.


09 October 1998

The Old XIP-Update Information list has died a horrible death. If you were a member of the old list - please resubscribe to the new list. The New XIP Update List is now operational :-)

I am very pleased to announce a new bard to The Bard's Corner - Tonya Muir

NEWSFLASH: Channel 10 have decided NOT to show Sacrifice Part 1 on October 24. They have replaced XWP with Hercules. I have contacted Programming at Ch. 10 and will let everyone know what is going on! *sigh*

SEASON 2 tapes: News just in (thanks Wendy) Real Entertainment has announced that The Season 2 tapes of Xena: Warrior Princess will "be released in the beginning of November of this year."


8 October 1998

7 October 1998

6 October 1998

5 October 1998

There has been some promos on the TV (in the US - don't I wish they were here) and Judi caught an absolute beauty of a shot. Now this pic is NOT and I repeat NOT from A Day in the Life because if it were I would have remembered it!!!

Now for those that REALLY want to see it - think bathtub, think Xena & Gabrielle...now see what the heck I'm going on about! Boy am I looking forward to Season 4 :-)))))

Promo Shot for Season 4 Episode

4 October 1998

3 October 1998

I would like to welcome BladeMast to The Bard's Corner (Bard #123)

1 October 1998

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