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October 1999


31 October

Updated Season 5 Episode Spoilers with synopsis from Them Bones Them Bones - don't read if you don't want the whole episode spoiled for you!

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29 October

MaryD's Montages

The XIP News Archive

Magazine Alert for Kiwis:
Woman's Day has some exclusive pictures of Lucy and (I think) Julius. So if you're in Kiwiland...go grab a copy or two

The Bard's Corner Updates

This is an alert for all fanfic lovers out there...something I will be adding VERY soon that is very special. It's by one of my favourite bards and this new series I'm sure will keep you entertainment...stay tuned!

28 October

News from Phil Dodd, the Drama teacher at Wanniassa High (High School) in the ACT (The Australian Capital Territory - where our nation's capital is) that is doing The Bitter Suite stage musical

Cheers from Wanniassa High School, Home of the first live-on-stage Xena Production in the Xenaverse! Rehearsals continue to gain momentum as production dates draw near. In recognition of the work done by the students in transferring this wonderful episode from the screen to the stage we are planning to have a Gala opening night on Wednesday, November 17th. at Erindale Theatre with an emotional closing night on Thursday, November 18th. One important fact to remember is that NO student involved in this tremondous educational exercise is over the age of 16, and many haven't even been to see a live stage-musical before.

From the design of the poster to the stage design & construction to the make-up & costumes, they have done it all. Interest in the local community is running high with many advance bookings already being taken.

With just 3 weeks till opening night, fear & nerves start to take over as there are still many things to be finalised.

Until next despatch,
Phill Dodd

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP News Archive

Magazine Alert:
People Magazine - November 1, 1999 - mentions the birth of Julius with a small pic of Lucy and Rob

Heard yesterday that The New Zealand New Idea will have the baby pic of Julius and Lucy in their next issue so for all the kiwis - look out for that.

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventure Comic strip

If you haven't caught up with this comic strip let me recommend this to you - it's funny and it's the tales of Little Xena and Little Gabrielle. The comic strip is being drawn by a very well know Brazilian artist Luciada Ascenção de who also happens to be a xenite!

XIP Graphics Archive

27 October


Foxtel will not be showing Xena on Monday's anymore. Foxtel was showing Season 1 (I think they replayed it 8 times). I have been told that "they may" show Season 2 but they have to negotiate with channel 10 *sigh*

Now here is the EXTREMELY BAD NEWS: After contacting channel 10 various people have been told that "Xena will not be shown on Channel 10 anymore". This means that we won't be seeing "The Way", "Ides of March" or "Deja Vu All Over Again". They stopped the show before the season ended even though they had rights to those episodes! There have been rumours that Channel 7 will pick up the show but the programming department at Channel 7 know nothing about it. So bottom line is this: No Xena in Australia AT ALL.

Perfect :-(

Chat Alerts:
Ted Raimi Presented By America Online 7:00 PM - 8: 00 PM
October 26, 1999

Join TV Guide on AOL on Tuesday, October 26 at 10PM ET as we chat with actor Ted Raimi. Ted is best known for his role as Joxer on both "Hercules" and "Xena: Warrior Princess." In addition to roles in films like the recent "For Love of the Game," directed by his brother Sam Raimi, Ted also was a regular on "SeaQuest DSV."
Many thanks to Jacquie Jacob for the alert


Bruce Campbell will be chatting live from New Zealand on Tuesday
26 October 1999 at 9:00pm EST, 6:00 pm PST
(US Date/Time)
For more info go to: The Web's Entertainment

The Bard's Corner Updates

Okay folks time for a fanfic alert...now Saul did say that Braving the Inner Storm was his last fanfic story (yeah right and the last montage that I did was my last one too... but I digress, Saul has created yet another fanfic story (oh what a surprise <g>) and it's called A Taste of Deja Vu. In my opinion is as good if not better than Braving The Inner Storm. Also in my opinion I haven't seen anyone write Joxer and Meg this way and this by far my favourite story based on Joxer and Meg. So despite what Saul says...I think I'm gonna make more room for fanfic by Saul Trabal :)

The XIP News Archive

26 October

The XIP Multimedia Section

First pictures of Julius and mum. Many thanks to Andrew for the scan and Thelonius for the transcript. Click to see larger photo and article from NZ Herald

There is a website that is taking nominations for "The Century Awards" It's a ballot for nominations on XWP. Was notified about this from the Chakram mailing list and thought I'd pass it on for those that may want to participate. The winners of each catgegory WILL be notified and actually receive their trophies. So come on...this could be fun, let's participate. Winners will be announced the week of the 100th episode. Let's get our nominations in and vote for your favorites! We fans can show our support even if the award shows don't. The site address is: http://www.geocities.com/xenavote 
Sent to me by Dawn Fowler

There is a report about the Xena fan meeting in Germany that was held during September 17-19 and the conversation with Steve Sears

The Bard's Corner Update

The XIP News Archive

Magazine Alert:
Entertainment Weekly there's a small article about the birth of Lucy's baby. It's in the 'Monitor' section, page 10, under the subheading 'Births' and reads as follows:

'An 8-pound, 13-ounce boy, Julius Robert Bay, to bodacious butt-kicker Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess), 31, and her husband, Xena exec' producer Rob Tapert, 44, Oct. 16, in Auckland, New Zealand. She has a daughter, Daisy, 11, from a previous marriage.'

A small, 1-inch by 1 1/2-inch picture of Lucy accompanies the article.
Many thanks to Maggie for the transcript


25 October

The Bard's Corner Updates

New Additions to The Bard's Corner: Sandakat and Willowluvyr

XIP News Archive

The XIP Multimedia Section
(Updated by Judi and Carol)

23 October

I've been in this fandom for three years and in that time I've encountered some of the most talented people...artists and writers are amongst them. One of the best artists I've seen is Rebekah Lynn. This woman is amazing. Check out her latest work callled "Stillness". It's absolutely breathtaking.

For Kiwi Xenites there is a campaign to get TV3 to get Xena back on the air...For more information check out this website

For Aussie Xenites - there is a petition being organised to get Xena back on air here. We are having way too many problems with channel 10! So if you would like to support the Aussie push - check out this web site!

XIP News Archive

Magazine Alert:
Now folks I am NOT going to go out and get this magazine...I draw the line somewhere with this obsession of mine...

The November issue of Penthouse Magazine - Australian version (not the previous alert I gave a few days ago... that was the October Issue) has a Lucy article and pics. See below for scans of the article. Many thanks to John Stirling for the scans

The Bard's Corner Updates

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite bards and a good friend...L. Fox...Happy Birthday old man :-) (Actually it's the 23rd October and its a tad early :) Leonard has written some of my favourite stories. His email addy is annod@scottsburg.com - go and wish him a happy b/day!

Another one of my favourite bards has recently got one of her Ubers released in book form - Bel-wah! Darkness Before The Dawn is now available. You can order it from The ordering site is: http://www.atlasbooks.com/marktplc/00395.htm

Also available is LUCIFER RISING by SL Bowers...yee gods this is a magnificent story and a must read! Available through Justice House Publishing and on sale from Amazon.com

22 October

Ratings for XWP:
Ides of March - 2.3
Fallen Angel - 4.1
Chakram - not yet known

Many thanks to Kym Masera Taborn for the updated information...


Ted Raimi Presented By America Online 7:00 PM - 8: 00 PM
October 26, 1999

Join TV Guide on AOL on Tuesday, October 26 at 10PM ET as we chat with actor Ted Raimi. Ted is best known for his role as Joxer on both "Hercules" and "Xena: Warrior Princess." In addition to roles in films like the recent "For Love of the Game," directed by his brother Sam Raimi, Ted also was a regular on "SeaQuest DSV."
Many thanks to Jacquie Jacob for the alert

ROC File Update

The Bard's Corner Updates

This week's XIPPY Awards have been awarded to:
Wishes, WordWarior, Zzelami and Della Street

XIP News Archive

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures Comic Strip

21 October

The XIP Multimedia Section Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP News Archive Update

20 October

Xenaverse News

Xena 2000 Float

XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Update

The long awaited sequel to Lucifer Rising by SL  Bowers is now available! The sequel is called PAST THE POINT and you can read Part 1 on  SL Bower's home page. It's an excellent read and it starts off in the same great storytelling way that SL Bowers is known for. A MUST READ.

For all those fans of T. Novan you may be interested to know there is a mailing list where you can discuss the latest Raising Melosa segment and other TN fanfic goodies. Check
it out Click to subscribe to the TNRG Mailing List

Also for those that loved the first episode of EXPOSURE this a mailing list where you can also discuss the series and catch up with latest episodes.
Click to subscribe to the EXPOSURE Mailing List

XIP Artwork Section Updates
(Updated by Dee)

19 October

Xenaverse News

The XIP News Archive

ROC File Update

The Bard's Corner Updates

18 October

The XIP News Archive

Xenaverse News

The Bard's Corner Updates

I have created a new section for T Novan's series "Raising Melosa".

I am very pleased to welcome Andreas Hloupy to The Bard's Corner. Andreas is doing a series (in the same vein as THE series) starting with Episode 1 from Season 5. Check it out - it's very interesting!

17 October - 3:00 am AEST

Okay first things first...

To all Californian Xenites who are in the Earthquake Zone...hope everything is alright!

To all the Xenites in the path of the latest Hurricane near Florida - I'm thinking of you and hopefully everyone is okay. Property can be rebuilt - so take care of yourselfs


New reports have stuck with Julius so the TV3 news may have got it wrong.

The news reports of Julius' birth have started to arrive...

Here is the latest from Sword and Staff

First and foremost, my congratulations to Lucy, Rob and Daisy on the birth of Julius. I think I speak for all fans when I say we are absolutely delighted for you. ;-)


We all want to send our congratulations and best wishes to Lucy, Rob and Daisy, but I would suggest that in stead of sending gifts for the baby that you please consider making a donation in his name to one of the charitable organizations designated by fans from around the world. Send a check off to one of the addresses listed below, so that we can include your gift in the Sword and Staff group donations.

The names of the charities we are contributing to in celebration of Julius's birth are listed below, along with mailing addresses for S&S international liaisons. PLEASE BE SURE TO MAKE YOUR CHECKS PAYABLE DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION and not to Sword and Staff.

For additional information on how you can participate, please visit the Sword and Staff website at http://sword-and-staff.com/baby.htm

In the U.S.: For All Kids Foundation and Starship Children's Hospital Foundation. Send donations in US dollars to Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224, Floral Park, NY 11002.

In Canada: Starlight Foundation. Send donations in Canadian dollars to Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224, Floral Park, NY 11002

In Australia: Starlight Foundation. Send donations in Australian dollars to

Mary Draganis, P.O. Box M4, Missenden Road, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia

In New Zealand: Starship Children's Hospital Foundation. Send donations in New Zealand dollars to: Sylvia Ovenall, 116 Balmacewen Road, Wakari, Dunedin, New Zealand

In Germany: Medica Mondiale. For information, contact Hans Jorge Stanger of the German fan club at hans_joerg_stangor@csi.com

In the Netherlands: Motherhood. Make transfers to Giro 7869941 (DAHX in Vlissingen) and indicate "contribution Motherhood" with your transfer.

In Great Britain: Great Ormand Street Hospital and Booth Hall. Send donations to XenaNet, PO Box 259, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN8 7ZZ England

In Italy: Red Cross For information on making a donation in ITALY to benefit the earthquake victims in Turkey, please contact Storm at e-stefani@usa.net


The Sword and Staff auction currently underway to benefit For All Kids Foundation and Starship Children's Hospital Foundation will run until 9:00 P.M. EST on Sunday, October 24th. All donations will be made in celebration of the birth of Julius. Auction can be found at http://sword-and-staff.com/auction.htm


Sword and Staff is a fan run organization. It is not affiliated in any way with Universal Studios, StudiosUSA, Renaissance Pictures, Creation Entertainment, Lucy Lawless, Robert Tapert, or any other person or entity associated with the television show Xena:Warrior Princess.


16 October - Updated: 4:50 pm AEST

What a rush - Congratulations again to the Tapert Family on their new addition.

TV3 in New Zealand reported the birth with one change...seems the baby is called Julian not Julius? Well we await confirmation from Sharon Delaney on that.

So Welcome to the world Julian (Julius) Robert Bay Tapert and hopefully his first words won't be "alalalalalalalala" although that maybe happening right now :-)
Also welcome to the xenaverse - is JT our youngest member? <g>

I lost the Baby Stakes by 7 hours and 1 minute but I did predict it was going to be a boy! ;-)


16 October

This is not Xena related but heck it was a good read. if you are a Sara Paretsky fan..check out her new novel HARD TIME. An Excellent read - it's a VI Warshawski Novel (I prefer to think of her as Uber Xena (without Gabrielle) - hey just found the link to Xena <vbg>) It's a very good read and I think it's Sara's best novel so far.

Here is the latest rankings for LL/ROC and Xena - Many thanks to Fran for the info!

LL is now 11 and the ROC is 17 for the 100 top female stars


Xena #7 on top 100 television shows



For US Xenites:

The USA Network has decided to show Baywatch (blech) instead of Xena every day...I guess it's time to sharpen those pencils/pens/keyboards and write to the USA Network urging them to put Xena back on every day. Email USA Network and let them know how you feel -
USA Network Email - Baywatch instead of Xena...someone is't thinking straight.
Many thanks to Missy Good for the email and Cayld for the information above


Amanda Johnson wrote to me about Xena Books:

There's a site called BookCloseOuts.com, that has a wide variety of books for very cheap prices. I just ordered the Xena Scrolls book and the Xena postcard book for $3.99 each. Now, they may or may not have the books people are looking for, because they take books that bookstores didn't sell (or something like that). But the books ARE new.


The Bard's Corner Updates

The Official Exposure Web Site is now online. Exposure is a Uber series created by
XWP Fanatic, TNovan and Tonya Muir.


15 October

Xenaverse News

Lucy has been nominated for Best Actress in the New Zealand Television Awards to be held in Wellington on November 20, 1999 - Onya Lucy!

The XIP News Archive Update

Magazine Alert:
Spectrum #20 has a Xena cover (shared with Tom Cruise). The article recaps Season 4

Aus News Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

New Bards to TBC: Jenah

14 October

MaryD's Montages & Reviews

Happy Birthday to Jennifer Sky (Amarice) today (13 October in the US) who turns 24 years of age

Official Xena Magazine Information Section

Xenaverse News

The book "Accidental Love" written by BL Miller is now available for purchase - BL Miller has written a fantastic story. It's available from:

AMAZON.COM or in your local Book store - the ISBN is 0-9638231-3-2)

OR CALL 1-800-247-6553

For more information go to the Justice House Publishing Web Site

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Advetures by Lucia

13 October

XIP News Archive

New Magazine Alerts:

t120_cover.gif (29571 bytes)TV Zone # 120 - Out October 14, 1999 in the UK

Mark Wyman of TV Zone emailed me with this wonderful cover The upcoming issue has exclusive interviews with RJ Steward and Steve Sears about their reflections on Season Four, with news about they see Season 5 developing. There is also an interview with Doug Lefler about working with a pregnant superhero.

The Official Visimag website should have excerpts up soon



New Weekly (NW) (Aust) has an article about Stars without makeup. Lucy makes an appearance. Scans up soon

Xenaverse News

XIP Artwork Section
(Updated by Dee)

The Bard's Corner Updates

12 October

Screengrabs for Fallen Angel, Chakram, Succession and the preview for Animal Attraction are now back online

Xenaverse News

MaryD's Montages

The XIP News Archive

Magazine Alert:

Cult Times Special #11

Has a feature on Cult TV Spin-offs. The intro article mentions a bunch of original and spin off shows including Hercules, XEna, Cleopatra 2525 and Jack of All Trades. Has a photo of Herc and Xena/Gabrielle.

Page 42 has a full page photo of Xena from The Warrior Princess and the article continues with two other photos from TWP and The Way.
Many thanks to Julie for that information

The Bard's Corner

11 October

Review for The Official Xena Magazine for Titan Magazine

I just got my first issue and let me tell you folks - this magazine is absolutely fantastic. It's got great articles and the pictures are very sharp. There are major spoilers which is very interesting! I'll have a larger review of the magazine in tomorrow's update!

Baby Watch: Still no news yet....

One on One Interviews

The XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Updates

10 October

Folks - the baby is still to be born and Brendan Robert must belong to someone else :-) According to Sharon Delaney the baby has NOT been born yet...oh poor Lucy...at least it's not hot and humid. The Baby Watch is still on.


9 October

Has the rumour that has hit the xenaverse of Lucy already given birth true? Some mysterious things have been happening with Sharon Delaney...she with all the secrets..well I guess we will find out on Tuesday (Aussie time)...Monday (US Time). We wait and see .. The Baby Watch is on folks :-)

Media Alert:
TV Guide (US) and Monday (US) USA Today will have something to watch out for  - News from Sharon Delaney

The Bard's Corner Updates

Xenaverse News Update

October 8

XIP News Archive Update

Xenaverse News Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

New additions to The Bard's Corner: C Paradee, Vivian Darkbloom, Rachel Hahn

White Trash Series by Vivan Darkbloom (XIPPY Award Winner)

October 7

In The Xenaverse Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

The following story by T. Novan in the Raising Melosa series I found to be very timely and she deals with a subject that is very common today (sadly and tragically) Domestic Violence. It's not between Xena and Gabrielle but others. TN tells me that October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. If someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please speak to someone - it's available. In the US call 1-800-799-SAFE and in Australia call  1800 656463 (it's a free call and open 24 hours).

I am very pleased to announce the additon of Joseph Connell to The Bard's Corner. Joseph has written one of my favourite stories - it's set in the Blood and Roses series that Katrina has on her site - http://bearblue.simplenet.com/ Check out the series - it's fantastic - especially Dark Promise that is on Katrina's site...very good fanfic! The Feast Of All Souls by Joseph is set in that series. It's an EXCELLENT read. It's a long story but it's well worth it and Passover is quite good as well...a double treat!

The XIP News Archive Update

Stirling Entertainment is auctioning off some promotional posters from FHM - one is the alternate cover with Renee on the cover instead of Lucy. To bid on the item go to
FHM Promo Poster


October 6 (Back to Aussie Time)

Hello folks - I'M BACK! Had a great holiday. I want to thank Carol and Shari for looking after my baby whilst I was away and of course Judi who has done an absolutely fantastic job with those screengrabs! - I had severe XWS withdrawal whilst away. But it has been proven that I can be pried away from my computer for more than a few hours :-)

In the Xenaverse Updates

Upcoming Xena Magazines

XIP News Archive Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP Artwork Section Updates
(Updated by Dee)

October 3

Added scans from the November 1999 issue of FHM Magazine featuring Renee and a special bonus of Lucy on the cover and a new photo that was not in the US edition. (Many thanks to John at Stirling Entertainment for the scans.)

The XIP Multimedia Section

Screengrabs created by AXIP Staffer Judi Mair

October 2

In the Xenaverse

October 1

Hi this is Shari again.  Due to some medical issues, I unfortunately will not be able to do any more updates while Mary is gone.  Please send any new items directly to Mary.  Mary will be back on October 6th.  Sorry about the inconvenience!

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